The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1940 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1940
Page 4
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PAGE FOUB (ARK.)' COUIUER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX COURIEIl HEWS 'CO. B TV-' K/totfS,' publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL'F. NQRRIS, Advertising Manager SoM' N»tloo»l Advertising 'Representatives: /Ukanas DslUes, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. " PiibUsried' Every Afternoon Except Sunday " Jqtfre<j "is second class matter at the post- office at Bl^ttievillp, Arkansas, under act of Cou- 0refs,' October 9, 1917. "' Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier" In ttie'City of Blylhcvlllo, 15c jicr week, or 65c per month. By mall,-within'a radius of 50 miles, {3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by map In postal zones two to six inclusive, $650 per >enr, In zone? seven and eight, 510.00 per jear, payable In advance'. Eyes Noith We must try to stop looking at Hie world \vith the eyes of yeslerdny, ami try to sec it with the eyes of tomorrow. We think of the Atlantic its t!i« braid'expanse between New York sind Cherbourg. We must, begin to think of it iis the Grail Circle airplane crossing from Halifax across Green land and Iceland to northern Knrojie. We think of the Pacific as Uio vast reach from San Francisco to Hawaii to Manila to Hong Kong. We must begin to think of it as the hop-skip-ancl- jumi) by air from (lie Asiatic mainland to Alaska. Thus the United States cannot fail to be interested in what happens to Greenland and Iceland. Greenland, largest island in Die world, is populated by only <JOO Danes and 16,000 natives. The United States used to have claims on the northern part of it as a result of Peary's explorations, hut relimiiiished them when the Virgin Islands were bought from Denmark. Most of Greenland lies farther west than Iceland, most ancient of democracies, has 117,000 people, and is definitely eastern hemisphere. If might claim the United States by right of discovery, for it was from here that Leil' Ericcson set sail for Vinlnntl in the year 1000. Both islands have been happy in their obscurity, utterly without defense. But islands that happen to be of military value can no longer be obscure. The world has made it so. And .since it has been made plain that any defenseless neutral country is liable to seizure by a .stronger country which needs it for military purposes, the United States is bound to take an interest in the northern islands. More ami more tire taboo of north is being broken. Access to continents is not only from east west, but from the north, across pole. If has been rumored, for instance, tjiat the German soldiers who seized Narvik came from Murmansk. Both are farther north than Iceland. Alj North America turns eyes north. Neither Canada nor the United Stales can be indifferent to the fate of Greenland and Iceland. the the and the 25 Yearsi Ago pn April 7, 1015, just 25 years ago, this news item appeared: "Norse aviators discover that several German submarines are maintaining a base at Bergen Bay." In a German war wilh ttiurlaml, Norwegian !)<iscij \vcvc iinpoi'tunl 25 years iigo. They are important today. And tomorrow. That IB vliy Uiis same Bci'ycn is the object of bitlo)- struggle today. Times change. Manners change. Geography does not. QtfteM, Publication to UiJi column at r<t^"1«h frao> other n«wsi>aper» doe* *X necessarily me»n endowment but k m idmowledgruKU o< interest to the aibjccta dlscuucd. Paying liic Pension Bill Is No Trouble (or Nazis Not only have the Nazis "rejected « I'lir- ronching old age pension plnn, but they have the answer, or nt Itakl an answer, to the <i«eb- lion of- where Ihe money Is coming from. It's not copyrighted, but it could not be used by the United .Slnlcs. Dr. iloborl Ley, hond 01 Hie airman I.alioi 1 Front, says (lie "plutocracies" will linvc (o provide the needed money »ftcr Genmin.v's urincd forces luivc smashed them, (In the prejudicial term used l>y the Nazis. Client Diitnln mid France arc "jilulcciacii'h," .something nobody would ever uccuse Nazi Germany- of being niter Inking out; look HI its attenuated gulil reserve.) As originally conceived (His O'eriiinn plan ivsemulcd our own federal old a^c insurance system In that participating workers would have been required to contribute to its cost, by paying premiums, JUKI as our insured workers pay a percentage of their weekly or monthly earnings. Another point of similarity seems lo have been tluil the premium payments were counted on to yield "n considerable volume of quick revenue," The American pay roll taxes are being used tis "quick" or current revenue by the Treasury, which deposits nn equivalent amount of its own bonds in the insurance rc- scvvc fund. I3ut the German pension plan has been siieh'- eil tor Ilic reason, it is believed, that the mechanism necc'ssory to opemtc It was found to be too comiillcatcd in view of 'Ilie Reich's wartime (iiiandns problems. To make up Hie revenue looked for from the workers' premium payments, there will be further increases in war income and turnover taxes. The peusions will have to wait for "the plutocracies" to lie smashed and their rlclies shared among (lie workers of a victorious Germany. But Germans should know what it means to wait for Na/l promises to be fulfilled. Many of them have for years been paying installments against the delivery at some Indefinite time in- the future of the "people's cars" Hitler proposed to build by ihc millions. ' —Arkansas Gazette, SO THEY SAY German (roans, therefore, enter Nuwcgiaii' soil uol in hostile spirit. ... Ml resistance would have lo lie anil would lie broken by every available nu'iins.— From Ilic Ucrmun note to Norway just before Ihc invasion. * t * nictation oven by \vell-inlcnlioned groups as to what, pictures .shall or shall not Ijc shown . . . not to mention dictation from groups with nn ax lo gihul, would stultify ti Will nays, movie czar in annum report. - art-- \Vu have never been nguins!. organized labor and no one in the company is against oifian- iml labor.— Tom M. Girdlci', republic Stcx'l picsidcut lo stockholders. * * * That jura development hi j,\vi:ig music lonus au important part of American lolk love and. music. 1 like II.— Leopold StukovsW, .symphony conductor, * •;• * Wu it iv quirk to resent any iiiccUllitiu by other nations in our own a(T:iiis. Hul we arc even quicker to weigh in our own balance the justice in any foreign dispute.— Senator Nyc, N. Dakota. * * * Our freedoms cannot be inherited. They must be .struggled and fonsl't Im coiilliuiousl)'.— President Dykstra of (he Univeiiity of Wisconsin. SIDE GUNCES by C«rt>rtrth Ainuc Ilic: nicest gnimlpa-in all (lie world, itud I jusl (Ion I believe ihose slorics you fell about beintf a had Jitlle boy!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson 7/ic. END PERFECT OF MONDAY, APH1L 15, 1940 SERIAL STORY K. 0. CAVALIER BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COPYRIGHT. ? NEA SERVICE, INC. _. VI-:STP.IU)\Yi Win ii V<|| In »».\)ipj tn T crl>g»ril, 1'dtllr. iilutieett hi uritr her. Hi' ni;lil» ht» uny (u 1119 £lrl, KUiiimtU Iicr until u hunt It nut oil* la «nri! Idem. Hack oil imil t;rl]iil>* ilng hi,,:. 'UK Cirlaic« ci|ilalii h-lrl In all ooooooOOO TWO-HEADED SNAKE, OF BRAZIL., SETS ITS NAME BECAUSE OF THE STUS&y TAIL-, WHICH f?ESE/VlBL-E HEAD/ NATIVES S/\V IT BITES WITH iC. ERIE CANAL CONNECTS WHAT TWO' CITIES' ' NEW VORK STATE J> ANSWER: Buffalo, on Hie Great Lakes, and Albany, on tiie Hudson nivcr. ' ' " NEXT: rrolcetiiiL- Ilic. CIIAPTEn XV pOP GRIMES breathed a sigh of i'clicf next morning \ylien Kddie slid his feel out of bed, fin'tinod aiid inlialcti deeply. "Looks liko (lie storm's over," lie observed, nodding toward the porthole. "Yeah! I'm sure glad," said Pop. "And I'm also plenty gtad you iiidn'1 fake cold or nnylhing. Can't have you going into tliat ring next week on crutches." "Where's Duffy?" Eddie asked, looking avound. They were alone in Ihe crew's quarters. "H's almost noon. They wauled you lo sleep it out nut) you sure did just thai. You've lieen pound- in' your car Tor a good 14 hours." "Say, Pop . . . uh . . ." "Yeah, she snapped out ot it too, iC that's wiliil you're tryiu' lo say. She's still iu bed, lliouuh . . . an' she sent word she'd like to sec yon just as soon's you got up and had somelhin' to eat." t t t J^DDIE got into his clothes and went straight to her cabin. She lay propped up against a couple ot pillows when lie entered. They loolied at each olhcr. His look was ,1 little challenging, and perhaps a bit reproachful. She motioned to a chair. "Please sit down," she said in a low voice. "I'll stand." "No," she said firmly. "Sit down. I can tnlit to you better Hint w;iy." "About what?" He sat down, facing her. "About what a dunce I was for slapping you last night." "Oh . . . thai?" "It's awfully inadequate lo tell you I'm sorry . . . ;md it's iust as inadequate !o tliank you for saving my life." She extended her hand. "But won't you let me try?" He took her hand in his. It was the first time he hod ever touchet her in more than a casual, accidental fashion. He wondered whj lie got Ihe sudden electric shod- hat surged through him. "Sure," he said easily. "I think know liow you feel. You don't wve to cat crow." She shook her head. "I'm not. . . I don't think you'd want me o. But Eddie . . . why did you do it? Last night, I mean. Sieve tansen says ho doesn't know how anyone could live in thai sea." "\Vc were lucky. 'Die ship had Lilinosl stopped and we didn't drift :«i : ." "You haven't answered my question." He shrugged. "I don't know. Ask me again sometime when I've lad a dionce lo Ihink about it.""I will,-' she promised. * * * T>Y the way, wlwt did we run into?" he asked. "Some tanker out of Seattle. Outside of a couple plates stovo in lothiug serious happened. We'll be able lo make port in good shape tonight. Which reminds me," she said t h o u g h t f 11) ] y. "There's nothing lo prevent you 'ram jumping ship ouco we get lo Prince Rupert. Unless we keep you a virlual prisoner below decks," she added. "What do you mean?" "Just what I said. Once you and Duffy and Pop gel ashore"we v.'on't he able lo keep ah eye on you every second. What's to prevent yon from walking out on us? You could grab a train, or even a plane back lo Frisco." "You mean you're giving us our release if we want il?" She nodded again. "Why not? You've earned it, haven't you? Besides, we probably tan pick up isll the men we want in Prince Rupert. We'll be in port for couple of days, you know. Won't be any trouble at all." Must like Lincoln freeing the slaves," he murmured. "That'll be a big sacrifice on your part, you know. What about the stories you're sending back to your office? You wouldn't want to give up a good thing like that, would you?" "Must you rub it in? Why don'l you decide on my offer as il stands?" "Might not Captain Hanson have something lo say about this? "Steve llansen will do anything I say." "That was the trouble in the first place," he reminded her, gelling to his feet. "*)ow iE you don' mind, I'll go get myself., some breakfast." - - - Slic was surprised. "Why, I told i hem to be sure you ale first, bc- ore coming here." I didn't," he said. "See you aler." It wasn't unlil well along in Ihc afternoon that Steve Hanson , r ould permit Val to get up. When he finally came on deck she found tattoo on the still a heavy Mdie beating n bag. There \vas Jiound swell (hat made any sparing impossible. Dufl'y Kelso bit down on his 'igar and jerked his head toward ier. "Here comes (he clghtlj plague," lie said lo Pop. "Sam olden should only know how "lose he come lo promolin' a fu- icral at sea instead of a fight." She looked at her watch. "Sam Golden will be reading the entire itory in about an hour, I'd say. I usl filed a yarn that'll leave him imp with exhaustion when it hit;. he streels." 'J, t * IE wasn't far from Die Irulh. Sam Golden, a fat little fellow with a pair of sad brown eyes, laced back and forth an<5 mopped • perspiring bald spol. Sam had broken out two bollle:; ot his besl liquor but Ihe half dozen sports writers who were cluttering up his oBice at the mo- nenl didn't let up on him for n ninulc. Sam slopped his pacing. "I ask you—could I hetp il, boys? Is it my fault lhat crazy Duffy Kelso Jeeidcs he wants to become ;\. sailor all of a sudden? Is it my 'ault ihis dame falls overboard? Here, Kenny, have another drink." Ken Bradley, boxing writer for Ihe Express, growled in his grog and held his glass out to be replenished. "Scooped within an inch ot our lives. Kvcry day for a week and anoiher week to come. And then tins—" He lapped ihc paper coi'.i, laining Val Douglas' story ot he" own rescue. "Sam," he mouvnod, "we've been jobbed like never before in our lives." 'Don't I know- it," Kaid Sam. Anc! Ihon dreamily: "But already I ain't gol 300 seats left in the. joint. And they ain'l coining to see Massini." A couple news hounds sitting on his desk snorted. The telephone rang and one of Ihem answered. ' "For you, Sam," he said. Sam look it. The parly at the 1 other end had spoken only a Unl! dozen words when Sam Golden' went white as a sheet. "Boys," he gasped, hanging «p.\ "It's awful. They just called Iromj the gym . . . that dope'Massini ... he jusl tripped over a diunbell and sprained his ankle." (To Be Coiitimictl) ALL ABOUT BABIES A B C's for Expcciaiit Fathers OUT OUR WAY Town Hunts Purchaser For Complete Railroad imiDGTON, Me. iUI'1 — For .slightly move than $20,0110 scme- imc can become a railroad niiiK- niHc. Urklijlon wlectmen want to sell 1C miles of narrow gauge (rack, several tiny stations, a' gasoline j engine and a do/,™ assorted curs. The (own tool; over the ioad to prevent- its nbiUKlunlncni. as it. is the only link Bridglon has the Maine Central railroad. Now, however, they want, to gel-j rirt of it because motor trucks are cullliiy into tbe road's profits. 'fawn Uclains Cow Herder EASTHAMPTON, ^iiss'. (UP) — Though .stray cows aic rare in Easthatnpton now. the town still appoints field drivers to round them tip. NOW an honorary posi- I'.V KICHAKI) ARTHUR IlOI/t, iU. n., 1)1!. T. H. Secretary, niulcrunl and Cliilil Health Section of AmcrjkNui I'tililfa Iteallli Association The education of fathers in nra- tcijial. aiut child hygiene has been neglected. Children today may he tanghj. to read without, first learning the alphabet but ex- pcclnnt. fathcr.s for the m o s t- part need to learn Die A B C's of becoming good father. Doctors have not- reported any cases of prospective fathers last from causes connected wit h pregnancy i although nervous exhaustion a n ct even f a i ti t i n g great joy. You should be on th lookout for any unfavorable sign' or symptoms which occur and r port them promptly to your doclu c/'oiisiilt a competent phy? c. help before anci alter the baby comes. Here (hen are a few of the A C C's tor expectant lathers: A Attention to details is all hn- •"•*•• pqrUnt. Study your wife's needs. You can iju a real help as n kind, •cheerful anci considerate husband, encourage her to take the proper amount of rest, recreation nnrt exercise and tliq diet pic- j sample scribed by her physician. ' •'••-••O Be prepared for an;: cincr- gency. Yon can be very helpful in making hospital arrangements or iti carrying out any dc tails wce.swiry for homu confinement. While pregnancy in most women is ;i normal' process, it Is a delicate balance between Ihp functions of the prospective mother and the uiiuorn child. Tills balance may be upset by an infectious disease, unwholesome food, accidents and even by emotional outbursts such as anger, g'r'ict, or "on, the job once was much sought j have been kno\vn to occur. Bui it is recognized now aft PI- and «,i.s giren to newlywcds so Ilii-y could earn extra money. R. Williams OUU / IT'LL 1X3 HIM COOP.' HE'S NEVER. DONE A ' BUT, PA-- "IHIMK'OF 7HE DISGRACE! OUCL SOU v OM1HEROCK PILE-; HELL NEVER. LIVE DAVfe WORK IM HIS LIFE -- HE PLAVED , HIS WAY IM-LET }HIM WORH HIS WAV OUT.' 8QRM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOOM j|p^ EGADjflFPAil-W, I AM AS -m<i, n-jia rcfwiy-uhi- vuOKKS Ab bMOOTH A'a FLEftSED CVS FUNGI OVER THE. HI ft PELICAN D|PP,M6 UP A MOOWPUL OP | Success op THE PIE PROSECTOR^ PISH/ — WE'LL JUST BOLT IT TO THE a OM OUR VOOMG GWMEA PIG.' —-~ (; SHELF, AMD ne'u BE CAUGHT LIKE A } 1C YOUR COOKIE-JAR ARRESTER )( SWALLOW-TAIL COAT l.M A OMLV WORKS AS ALMOST COMPLETED MY TROMK-'I ALLTHOT REMAINS IS TO AtXTOST THE REPEATiMG IVieCHAMlSrA. TO f\ BOARD ATTIC FLOOR.' T- (h;it. eiini skilled in obstetrics early as your wife lets you into ll>- secrcl Ilial some day yon aie to b a proud father. II is advisable •' yon to visit the doctor with yon wife and note carefully the tlircc lions he gives. Take the doctor int your confidence. It, is desirable fo the expectant- rather as \vcll as th mother to have a thorough phy.s eal examination including a Woo test. Your doctor may want of your blood lo chec I will) that from your wife. In til- way he tries to rule out. any sei ions blood disease and also tyr your Mood should il become ncce; .snry lo furnish Wood for your \vi In case of emergency. Having a baby is a joint nll'a alter all and the expectant fnlh> should be maile aware Hint lie l>: certain responsibilities for the \vc In re of the mother, for which should he fully prepared. • NKXT: Why Hfallhy Mulhi Menu Hcallhy Urtics. oxDeclanl rat tiers have needs lor I instruction. They should Ire informed ,->,s to what to expect of their wives and liow (hey may be of HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyo'a Lev/is Announcements: 'I'hc Couvler News has been lor- mally authorized to announce the following candidacies for office subject, lo the action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi Comity Judge IIOL.-VND GREEN Sheriff ami Collector HM.K JACKSON County Treasurer II. I. (BILLY) QAINES d'or Second Tcim> .JACK FIXLliY BOUINSON Couiily antl I'rohatr Clcvli T. VI. PO'ITER (Kor Second Term) Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS (For Second .Term' * * • ltcrrC6Cfitatlvr 'For Ihe sp,il now held by Wood row Hiiltonj J. I.EE BEARDEN t'orjii^i nuvv held by 'Wank Williams FRANK WII.UAMS il-'6r Se'coiKl Term) U''or !»!,t now held by L. H. Autry) L. H. AUTRY <V'or Second 'I'criiO I-VANK t \V. i BUDDY) WATSON U''or Second Term) "Aflcr 1 tluiil;fi! ;is n frfslininit, llti.s ,ji)]> cnnic along and il jiiil iiiilc<l ino-r-;i clianco lo gel away front il all."

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