Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 28, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 28, 1952
Page 6
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• i^f?. JlfL I MOM IT At, MOM, ARKANSAS StJosoph Mwday, July M HOP I STAR, MOFt, ARKANSAS Afitrti Dtmo Tlcktt Wai Hand llrnn N/illnnftl Chnlntitit), Arthur K. SiimrW'rflnlfl, »»y« "»• .O<-mn» crnllr nntlon&l UrkM *«« "hand ricked" by Prcitdfnl Tnmiftn nn»l t rnn'l win In NiiWMnln-r. "The |»"0plf» . . • >»> V " h «'l State's Violent Death Toll Hits a Staggering 20 (BOB) DANIELS \ Condidate for ALDERMAN WARD 1 Your Vote Will be Appreciated '* I / ' Pwl, Adv, f>n!4 for by Bob im.'.ui 1 j"'i'j'lr IN TOWN" TUESDAY-LAST DAY FOSTER'S CIMI.ANNUAL ? • All- h0y« bi«n rifgroupfld and reduced moro :ltaronfjp, B« hero early Tuesday morning, TWO BIG TABLES ass ;r 4g ; ura* TABLE LADfo SHOES i Summer Sho«», .-,, NE TABLE SHOES - •nd ChlMron'i Shooi , Now only $2 * $1 • j ONI IIQ RACK DRESS SHOES $1.00 hioi ladles dross shoes, W,UP. to $9.95, For quick ince ., ,.,,.,. FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOI STORE * "Wto* Good Shoti trc FlfUd CorreeHv" Oil, 2nd St. CorblnFoiter Phono 7-6700 By Th« A«»«el«t«d vlolnnt <lp»Jh total for week rwJffiK rnltlnlght Sumlayj traehfrl n ftingftrrlng 20 with the n |i«n( nf Utl-f*- fnlnllllen yp»ter«lny 'Hti(iflfty). A <'iim|i Chnffce «nlill<>r, 2-Vycnr- r.l<l |«KC Mflrdhall J,. Mimrt of Minnrf(ip"IU, Minn , (i[>[)Br((nlly fell l<> hi>i dr-nili from Ihft »i«cond floor of n Ft Smith hotel cnrly ftiinr- flfiy rrmnilriK' Hi-niily Crtfonor William II. Poll', ruler) (he death nr- i -I't'-tilnl, /(Ichiirrl K. 1'. Ham, flft, new* rrllior at tlie Hnonn County Head- litfhi, died ymiordny when he «|>- pt<r'-nily suffered n hearl ottnck whll" »wini(niri){ In the Duffalo Hlver, 12 rnllfit unuth of HnrrUori. 'Ilip body i,t Otl» CrntlR. (I Bly- lli< vllle, Ark,, f I » h e r m a n, wfid found yeKterd»y on mi Inland nhout 10 mllcii north of Mi'tnphU. C'rnttd, 'p'l, hart bcim mUolnR . RfchtM ttilffttd )!«*ntf»rne. 14,, Of IJttl* nock, drowned Sfttiirriny; ntfm while iwimmtnit at Jennl"**! ld»ke, nbout pf«ht mites noutu of 1 Little Hook, ! P. If. Chonvln. North fJtlli- Hook; WIM injured fatally Saturday when' hi* par rollfd over hi* body rifa.M Hid norno. ; Father Held for Slaying Family HRIDOKPOrtT. Wnsh. <m — Four of this North Central Wa«hln«toft rrimmunlly a bloody Khambfe* was Matthias Swearwm, 27, a laborer. Dead were hi* 2'-y*af-old wtfe, Jr/yce, rind Ihe couple's four young children nnd their young[ ihildirn, Sorhe had been shot, the between cnttlf nn<1 developed by the Crtnodlnn g ment U enllnd n cntlnln. mother Wfrn sliiin n* they prnycil i'nr\y yi'sti'i-cliiy nnd police nrrc'.tt- f'l lh<> fatlifr, who ndniiUwl kill ifijl his family hrr-jntSf "thn rnirtls-l tfr snld Ciotl is ;i square shooter." ; Hckl In ronni'ftion with tho' multiple slnyitiK th.it l"ft the rmvl j f-st fnmlly horrif on tho outskirts! others' threats had been slaxhed. Police Chief Lyle Prothero quot ed Swearson as saying: '"fhe fjard told me to take their liver and "IhSt I would jolrt them later."» KurnmerflpUl sold yculcr- iliiy, "Thi-y cnn HPO through ih«- fnl«i> fnci'M Uuit the pollclul bosson of Ihn opposition pnrly have (lonncil In til* 1 hoped of cnrrylryj ofi their nrfurioiiH hiulncHK-ux-UKiial for another four yt'ttrn." : In hlii firxt rommrnt on the Dem- Rclnclldn of thflr cundl- .Suniinorfk'ld (IUI not men- tif.n by iiiiitu' Oov. Adlnl E. Steven* iton cif Illinois, th<< pri.>Hl(lt,>ntlnl ii'iinlnci', or Hi-n, John J. Spark- innn of Alnbumn, the vlco-pri'nl- dcntlal Legal Notice JN TIIM PROBATE COUHT OF IIIP-MPSTKAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THK MATTKU OF TIIK KSTATI-: OF JAMKS T. rjKNTHY, nrcCKASRD Nn, BIO NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR Notice in hereby j{lven that on inuliiiniiMit dated July 23, llMfi, WUR on the '.Mill day or June, 1832, lid- rnltli-d lo imibntt. 1 In the I'robute (,'uwt of Mi'mptiti'dU, f'mmty nn tlii lnr.l will of the uljove fanned d«-- ervleiit Atii'illnry IHIi-M trstamcn (firy litive lieen iwui'd, to Murlln (tenlry. J. A. Wileox nnd Donna A. (Ifiitry of lllsliee, Art/.on;i. Any object Inns to the probate of the will cnn be erfeelcd by filing a petition with tlilx court within the lime provided by luw. All pt'i-Mons having claims agalnnt the ustale munt i-xhiblt them, duly verified to the nndersiuned uuont within six months from the ditto of the first publication of this notice, or they shnll be forever burred and piwluded from uny benefit In the* estate, Thl.'t nollfe first published on the MlNt day of July, IBM. l.yle Brown, Atfeii •113 Kirttt National Hunk Hope, 'July 21, 2« A LAST MINUTE FALSE RUMOR: It has been told in and around Ozan that illegal poll t$xes have been issued, and that one such receipt was recently delivered to one William Nelson (col) who lives oh the Shirley Robins place. I don't know anything about such alleged delivery, but I DO KNOW that not a single poll tax receipt has been Issued by the Collector's office since the proper dead-line as set by law, ie Truth of the Matter Is: |Thafr William Nelson's poll tax was issued by the ?tor's office on September 26 f 1.951, and is evi- ' by receipt No. 5121, and his name appears.at 'on line 37 of the Official List of Voters.of Hemp- iunty, Arkansas. ' , fvlte dnyone interested to check the oniginal it the Courthouse. hove been no illegal poll tax receipts issued in d County. The people who are spreading such should know better. To say the least, all do is check at the Chourthouse to learn hove to do to learn the TRUTH is to go to the d ask CRIT STUART who keeps the poll have never written a poll tax receipt per' $m», and none has been written by Mr. of (Lstonts since the time prescribed * v A Business Man for a Business Job ELECT CLAUD H. SUTTON YOUR NEXT COUNTY JUDGE For Transportation to the polls Phone 7-2296 or 7-2627 K H U a * * 2 e r D * m M K * u > a Pol. Adv. paid for by Claud II. Sutton POLIO INSURANCE UP TO $5,000 FOR EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY. $10.00 per year Call or Come In ANDY ANDREWS INS. AGCY, • Phone 7-3301 204 S. Main MURRY IS THE BEST o 1 Ikp 'Marry lias a record of 15 ycara of public service unblemished by any r.ct which has brought crilicinm. He hna served six years in Uie Logislature, six years as Assistant Attorney General, and four yean an Attorney General, and is qualified by this experience to make Arkansas c:ia of il:i irrcatc::t Governors. • — .It is a pood sign that all of the oilier candidates for Governor are now attaching Ike Lluny. ( This is evidence that Ike Murry commands the popular support of the people of Arkansas and ij certainly tho leading candidate. 3 Ike Is ,No one hns ever questioned the integrity and honesty of Ike Murry. The endorsement, of tho people of his home town and county and the support he has always commanded at the polls ia evidence that tlie voters consider him an ideal man to serve as Chief Executive. 4. Ike Murry •a lice Murry has never been defeated in any campaign. When he ran for Attorney General in 194C, he carried 72 of the 75 counties in Arkansas. Ho has attracted the attention and support of peopb in all walks of life and now leads the field and is certain to bo ycur no::t Governor. 5. Ike Hurry's Program- The Only Dcflmfc, Positive Program, The OTUGINAL Prcgran: 1. A U per rent out In administrative costs. X, A Tux Iteduotion Fund credited \vltli savin;? In fov- rriimrnt costs. 3. A Kbcal control Board comnoicd of T Constitutional omcers to replace the board now controlled by Uie Governor, 4. Public competitive bidding far state purchases under supervision of a purchaser officer selected by the re- «i'I«nited Fiscal Control Board Instead of by Uie Governor, 8, A Stale Comptroller selected by the reorfanUed Fiscal Control Board Instead of by the Governor. «. Completion of the Hlfhway Audit under tl»o 1951 Act, annual highway audits thereafter. V. Restoration to Public School Fund of the tax revenues ' taken from U by the McMath administration In 1849. I. MS.UDO.uu* n»w highway construction In IBS] and an- •Utr |1J.tt««.»OI) IH 18S4—without boudi-aud while to- bonded deli I J 9. Iitdustrlal expsnslon, which will entail eventual ellra- Ination of double tcxation Iniposed by the state income lax which is Uvlcd on federal Income tax payments. 10. Removal of. tbe Iron curtain that has kept the public and the General Assembly in the dark as to the man- segment of slate agencies. 11. A sound, honest, governmental base for Arkansas* economic growth; honorable, experienced men and women on board* and commissions in top administrative positions. 12. Opening at welfare rolls for Inspection 10 ai to Increase payments to deserving recipients by purging rolls sf political lUMgers-on. 13. A'waiting period before clemency ordert take effect, so as to allow time for protests. 14. Limit of tw* terms In Governor's office, to he • cd by Constitutional .Vmeudtacut. Don't Take e Cftanee-Ike Mvivy Is f lie Candidate Who Will WIJVJ EVERYONE WANTS IKE MURRY for GOVERNOR YoVre We/come on the 1KB MURRY 8awJw8go No Tickets AsMlessary-Nq BACK DQQR Afterword? WtV» Got Victory in Our Hearts - Deter miration in SPECIAL! SOCIETY Pnone 74431 Between • A. M. and 4 P. M. TRIM Washing Powd< 25c Size Calendar ICE CREAM O Ibs. SALT .O For Tuesday, July 29 Invitations have been Issued to miscellaneous shower in honor bf Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect |}f Joe Barrcntinc, Tuesday night July 29, in the homo of Mrs. Ora AIR-CONDITIONED Cox. Hostess Black. will be Miss Fay JELLO All Flavors 4 for 29 • LAST DAY • ICE CREAM POWDERS Pkg. WRISLEY SOAP 8 bars 49< Tuesday, July 29 The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday liight, July 29. at 7::& Mrs. George, Hosnier .ind Miss Jack Porter will.-be hostesses. Wednesday, July 30 The Christian Men's Fellowship of the First Christian Church \vil give their annual watermelon fes tival at Fair Park Wednesda> evening, July 30, at 7:30. Brink your whole family and have good time together. K. E. Ambros president, will be in charge SHWHI tl!M9) GRANGER-PARKER UNIT DEL LEIGH-FERRER PLUS LATE NEWS ng to return to,their home after| •spending their vacation with Mr. Sailey's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A 7 . E. Bailey. Mr. and Mrs. Oecrge Wnlden nnd family and Mrs. I... H. Byrd have returned from n 10 day visit in Port Arthur and Brownsville. Texas, and Did Mexico. They vis-j ited Arnel Byrd in Brownsville. I and Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Neel in: Port Arthur. j Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Purvis and sons, Tom and Joe. oru spc-ndinj;] the week at Petit Jean Mountain, j John Clyde Mill of I ittle Rook was the Kuest of his mother. Mrs Clyde Hill, Saturday. Court Docket CITY DOCKET on POWDERED MILK. Non fat <J Meadow Gold jL for HUNT'S PEACHE Tuesday Only Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey Have Family Reunion Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Bailey, 420 South Grady, were host and hostess to a tamily reunion held at their home Sunday. July 27. j Those present were their six i sons, twin daughters, and four | grandchildren: Mr. and Mrs. 1 Marsvell Bailey of Greenville, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Collin Bailey ol Los Angeles, Calif,., Mr. md Mrs. .Willie Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McKlroy. Mr. and Mrs. James Brownlec, all of Dallas. Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Bail ey, Donald Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Bailey, all of Hope, Mark Brownlee of Dallas. Texas, Janice W. D. Junior and Wayne Bailey, all of Hope. Other guests for the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Grady Murrah and daughter, Ann, and Ennis Murrah of Texarkana. Mrs. GeorKu Waddle, Mrs. S. A. Flowers, Misses Martha and Marjoiie \\addle left this morning for a few days visit in Eureka Sprinys. Miss Carol Wimberly of Atlanta,! Ga., is the house-guest of Mr. and | Mrs. Dick Watkins ;.nd family. | Judge and Mrs. Harry Lemley have as their guests their son. Lt. Col. McRae Latnley 1 , Mrs. Lemley and L-hildren, Kendall and Caroline. After a visit the Leni- leys will go to Ft. Sill, Okla., where Lt. Col. Lemley has been transferred. 15 Oz. Con Limit 2 Cans 19c POTTED MEAT Magnifco Can WRIALTQ Now Showing • JAMES MASON Danielle DARRIEUX Hospital Notes Marvin Warren. No brakes car. Plea guilty, fined $fi. Marvin Warren. Possessing ttn- taxed intoxicating liquor. Plen guilty, fined $.">(). .Tasinis Prater, No state license. Forfeited S10 cash bond. Jewel Wright, Failure to yield right of way. Forfeited $5 cash bond. Hen Davis, Drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Fred Perry. Drunkenness. Plen guilty, fined $10. Perry Campbell, Hazardous driv j ing. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Jim Fulks, Clarence Simpson Cieo. Seoggins IH-njue Owens, Hur ning stop sign. Forfeited $5 cast bond. Isom White. Henry Lile, lllefin parking. Forfeited SI cash bond Claude Boggs. Speeding. Forfei ted $f> cash bond. Jessie Atkins, Drunk while driv ing. Plea guilty, fined $101) an ordered lo serve five days in ja drivers license revoked for on year. Vera Bronson. Disturbing peace Plea guilty, fined $10. Gladys Butler, William Muldro Disturbing peace. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Ruth Pearson, Dan Morrison, Margaret Seotl, Mariah Johnson, Maintaining open toilet. Dismissed. Joe Vance, violating Act 307 of the 1941 Acts of Ark. in-felted $150 cash bond, STATE DOCKET Harmon Williams, Giving overdraft. Plea Rullty, fined $10. Melvin Siurtrt, Drunkenness. For- •ited $10 i:.i h bond. Harry McN.illy, Grand Imveny.j Examination waived. Held to the! Grand Jury. Bond fixed at $.VH). 1 A. Oiler. Driving \\islu-u. a! license. Tried, fined $:'.). Notice' of appeal. Bond fixed fit St.>0. Morelttiul Guider, UleRal use of spotlit. Forfeited $5 eash bond. nnj The folknvlng forfeited $2.> cnsh L d M| R ^^ (lf ov ,,,. loml: 1 chO!(tcl . i, ucus> Tnivis IV Ausmns. | J. H. Pearson, Pn\il Amaro. T. Hari'swell, Tommie tierman, About one-sixth of the world's oil comes from wells in the Nenr F.nst. The Dead S*c« ter of n mile the f The volume of Jupiter is about 1,301) times that of the earth. Julia Chester Fulton, PLUS COLOR CARTOON Mrs. Novalene Hogue Honored with Shower Miss Mary Adele Waddle honored Miss Novalene Hogue, bride- elect of Ernest Arval May, with a miscellaneous shower at her home Friday night, July 25. Arrangements of summer flowers were placed throughout the entertaining rooms. The honoree was presented a corsage of white tube roses and was the recipient ot many useful gifts. After playing several bridal games, the hostess served punch and individual white embossed cakes to thirty-five guests. Mrs. Charles Briant, Mrs. Tom Me- Larty, and Mrs. G. A. Linaker assisted in serving. Admitted: Leon Smith, Mrs. Lee II. Still. Hope. | Discharged: Mrs. Louis Young' and daughters, Linda Sue and Brenda Lou, McNab, Fred Carver, Hope, Mrs. D. M. Greeson, Hope, Mrs. J. B. Caldwcll, III. 4, Hope, Jimmy Allen, Hope. Branch Admitted: Mr. L. M. Goad,; of Hope, Mr. Jim Wakcficld, Hope. Discharged: Katy Ray, Lewisville. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. WE WILL BE CLOSED ALL DAY TUESDAY, JULY 29th TO TAKE OUR ANNUAL INVENTORY Shop Wednesday BIG AFTER INVENTORY SALE Do You Want G t I Elect Fred A. Luck, a ,,Road Builder, your Countyfludge, Tried - Tested and PrcRren. A real road builder. FREDALUCK Candidate for • COUNTY" JUDGE FOR TRANSPORTATION TO POLLS PHONE ... 7-2700 or 7-4381 Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Collin Bailey of Los Angeles, Calif., left this morn SOUR, PICKLE! H W •4 A H O m 1 Qt. Size 29c Jar CURTISS MINTS AND FRUIT O DROPS O for WHEATIE 8 Oz. Box Save up to <3v) /o on Helena Rubinstein's Beauty Pairs ! • ^ --tv W:>A--:---> ^ We Will Be Cloced AH Day TUESDAY, JULY 29th TO TAKE OUR ANNUAL INVENTORY Be Sure and Vote Tuesday Shop Wednesday for Big Bargains Shop in Air Conditioned Comfort 1946 Votes for Governor > i In Hempstead County in Nineteen Hundred and FortyiEi Those voters are saying "WE VOTED FOR JACK HOLT IN NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY EIGHT'AND WE ARE STILL FOR HI^ voters who did not vote for Jack Holi- are saying, "Although we did . vote for JACK HOLT 4 years ago ws are for him T00% now. v l 2 for 35 FREE Coupon Inside Worth... 1!L, KOOL /- *>| O Pkgs. L AID PAY FOR ONE...GET ONE FREE! —LIMITED TIME ONLY' 100% Pure Ground BEEF Ib. 55 CHEESE 2 Lb. Box s: Good Grade BOLOGN Ib. 33< TUIS. - WIO. Hr 9 ^(PwlW^TWPiik 9 2 for Aging Skin ' "Pasteurized" Night Cream plus "Herbal" Extrait. Combination value, 2.38. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.50. 2 for Eye Beauty Waterproof Mascara plus Eye Cream Special. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.00. 2 for Dry Skin "Pasteurized" Face Cream Special plus Skin Lotion Special. Combination value, 1.88. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.2$. 2 for Oily Skin "Pasteurized'TaceCreampJuj Beauty Washing Grains. Combination value, 1.70. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.2$. »» - ' 2 for Coarw Pores Deep Cleanser plus "Herbal" Skin Lotion. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONIY 1-50. 2 for "Lifelest'l Hair Silk Sheen Cream Shampoo plus HeadHner. Combination value, 1.50. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.00. 2 for Daintiness Heaven-Sent Eau De Toilette plus Heaven-Sent Deodorant Cream. Combination value, 1.85. BOTH FOR ONLY 1.2S. 2 for All-Day Make-Up Silk-Tone Foundation plus Silk-Screen Face Powder. Combination value, 2.00. BOTH FOR ONIY 1.50. 2 for Perfuming Command Performance Eau De Parfum plus Cologne Stick. Combination value, 2.55. BOTH FOt ONLY 1.7$. 2 for Body Freshness PerfumeSprayDeodorantp/uj WhiteMagnoliaCologneStick. Combination value, 2.05. . BOTH FOR ONLY 1.25. Vogue ^ FIRST TIME FOR PUBLIC OFFICE U'"" 1 4 1 i & "fejj't- ' \ *' V"* J * ti i M.^t, i»»>£ y M *!• s. 3f»«-' ' <* fV""«. WS-rf j »,- ' •**<<{, J tfMf" 5 ! ; MM / m \ , £4 I ! ,T ,t< I *(**''*• L a :* **,. ''Y, ELECT 411 fnett tku.ttimt M* w*tt Silk StiM C'MM fU«j>M. JOHN P. (OX DRUG (0, DIAL 7.4414 «f 7-441? wi U. G. GARRETT YOUR NEXT COUNTY JUDGE Join The FOR TRANSPORTATION TO THI WU5 TUISPAY — 'J / - vim

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