Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 8, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1935
Page 4
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''M^ i', j . *** *" "• * 8,1936 #$»**• ^-.^ Demon avi*tor« I* I'rcvtnttii mraaaa mm iontentl; nine. * standard, fees, eh petket. tOiRt "H. ncnoaii. ~. mm Eia a [Daw lla *. burial. Jontrite. fSirset. 50 Sesame. 51 To cause to value, decay. 65 Soft food oration. 58, 53 He was in the Thompson • race. VJ5RTI.CAI, ijy^ea donkey 1 Heated. w Door rug. 19 Auto. 21 To chatter. •JsS Because. 25 Mother. 27 To make lace. 2S Distant. 29 Valiant man. 32 Gun. :!3 By. ;!4 Need. 36 Green films. LSIUA.INIAJ1USJ 37 Most excellent. 38 fo torture. 40 To overlay. 41 Party-colored. 43 Thing, 44 Writing tool. 46 Frost bite. 47'Point. 45 To lament. 50 Peak. 9 Form of "me." 51 Southwest. 10 Midday. 523.1416 11 To doze. 53 Upon. 12 He is a new 54 Within. ——. 57 Behold. 2 Acidity » Either. 4 Quantity. .-. 5 CofoN. fabric. ' C Nostrils;' "•• 1 0therwise. 5 Indian. 17 26 5ftr 53 54 31 43, 45 49 S J 39 46 SS 33 47 e 37 37 14 34 41 HOUSE Sheppard ,, „—,... *Jtee 'Clayton and children l^sperit Sunday witR Mr. and Mrs. Watt, e£?Cornelius and family. llliani-3 Chandler was shopping in j * Saturday and again Tuesday. * T?Chandler was in Fulton ., ^ ?**••* T , ;., Alice Finley was shopping in made a business trip to lornelius has been on the > for-several'days, but is bet> St this writing. ^ „ "" f Laura Hooker was shopping in ^and Mrs. Gen&y and "family, 1 Christeen Cornelius _; Mr. and Mrs. Yeager of fjEtpnfef, jSunday. t^Mr/Emeriy and Mrs. Hatsfield of I Hope , called on Mr. Gentry Sunday ; afternoon arid they made a trip to uilton.', Jjrk. Peart-and Ethel Cornelius call- i^'etf on IV&s. Ah'ce Finley Tuesday. I"'! Harvel and Cecil Clayton were vis- II iiuig> on' Little River Sunday. checks COLDS and FEVER first day- Headaches in 30 minutes •Jackie's- Helen's Fair-Haired Boy Salve-Nose Sett It! Find It! Rent IU Buy It! * ' in the Hope Star MARKET PUCE 1 ( ( Semenjber, the more you tell, the quicker you selL I time, IDc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one a<? 3 times, 6c line, min. 50< 6 times, 6c line, min. 90e ; 28 times, 3%c line, min. $2.76 (Average SVi words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 This sturdy, blond young man is far from being a sissy; nevertheless, at the moment he's mamma's hoy,- "mamma" being Helen Twelvetrces, film actress. Little Jackie Woody may be the center of a custody dispute if, as Hollywood rumors hint, Miss Tweivetroes and her husband, Frank Woody, sep- arato. FOR SALE * FPR SALE — 200 bales of Hay'at one?, mules, horses, also truck. Tom WANTED TO BUY-jOld Batteries We pay top prices. Automotive Supply Co., Hope Ark. 6-3tc 's suits, coats, ladies and coats, and all kinds of Joyce and Floyd Me- 30-6tc FOR RENT RENT—Three room furnished 108 South Washington StFftet. Jimmie Fields, phone 47. 8-3tc "fBfJ RENT—Two heehwojaws, adjoin- hjg ftatlj, privaW •ntranc*. Mrs. W. B, Chandler, 40? South Pine. Phone fT—Fx>ur-room house in addtion. $10 per month. 1Q38-F-4. 4-3tc IT—Boston bulldog, four white Return Ross Spears, White Way Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY That Mak<* an >,T=*QSeOE,t (SOOD SOURCE Tt)BAV, OLSON, TH£ VVt^eSTLB:R,\S 3U^ i t /\ B!<3 >\OOt>LUfv\ BUU^F WHO OFF K?P,M LAST N\6V\T, A'o \t TOOK V-ttrA SEVEN |yA\NUTt^ TO • UP NICK NiGK W&i>.Oin "FOm ^. H/'NU 1 H6\j^>., ^Nt5 P.EPOBT? Pr^OfA TBfc -HOSPITAL-SWtJ \A& WOULti BE \N A CA'ST -POR AT „ LE/\ST A. fv\ONTVA NOVICE OPPONENTS., WK6AO2EAW SCARED BV AND THKT \N NMNiD, SHOULD HAPPEN TO GET YOU A tv\ATCH WITH HirA I HES A TAT-FY-PULL 5(F; 1M% BY NtA SERVICE. INC T. M REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. By&HEftK OUfdimWAY By WILLIAMS , HE ISM1 / KIC THAT15 3D M§ CAM LOOK CV£F? AMD \ S6E MV V MAMD/ ow.trisr PLAVIW \ ABOVE \ ALL — sue HOLLERS/ »'M GHEATIN' / DOVOUGALL ROBBERS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES There! By MARTIN ALLEY OOP ^UVAagg^gc: T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. OFF. A Nice Lil' Surprise for Dootsy By HAMLIN HAS??, HOTZIGGITV/ ^ HOW'D HE DO IT? BOY O BOV O BOY/ HEY, DOOT5V-KING TUNK WANJT5 T'SEE YUH-HE'SGOTCHER MOOViAM QUEEM WASH TUBES MAM, OH MAN-' J IVE WAITED A /' L0MG, LONG /*••«> .f I ME.-FOR ;, X -. J /i ^rCdS -•'• •ciis^ HAH, DOOTSY, VEH -1 KNOW - M'BOY -IVE7 YOU'VE 6OT THAT GOT A BIG < SWELL LIL' MOOVIAM SURPRISE 1 QUEEM FOR ME... FOR VA--/>S WHEPiE IS SHE? Goodby $42,000! THERE SHE IS! HER ROYAL HIGH MESS, THE QUEEN] OF MOO/ BfNEA'g£Ryi6'E.'lNC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT By CRANE lU PAC7', BV JASPER, 1 T'IMK IT IS LEAD/ <3JLOEO LE <3OLP. DE VELLA/ BUT DE IMSIDE'S V WHITE AS- LEAP. / ^«^^. i — r" a\..i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ^NOH,TUT TUT/ Y PIRATES, MR. ^ ^ J IT CAM'T BE.' \SWOOSE '- y«VO.ULDWT BURY A dHEST OF /KMOWN IT ALL LEAP. .A. ALOMO HO/ A JUST LOOk AT THE ., SIR. IT SAVS-," MADE" IM EH? /CZECHOSLOVAKIA". WHEM CZECHOSLOVAKIA FIRST BECAME A KJATIOKJ, PIRATES HAOM'T ROAMEP THE SEAS FOR 100 VEARS. THAT PROVES ' IT/SAL LA FAKE. CE. INC. STOPPED COLD.... THEY'VE USEP THE SAME PLAY THREE SUCCESSIVE TIMES.' KINGSTON IS WISE TO IT, NOW,'-' I SURE WE HA/E.' THOSE KIDS OF OURS ARE TRAINED TO THE MINUTE....THEY'RE BK5, AND THEY KNOW THEIR ASSIGNMENTS/ BUT WHAT GOOD |S POWER IF YOU WAVENT SOME-' ONE TD DIRECT IT ? Floundering By BLOSSER THOSE KIDS ARE ALL ENGINE AND NO STEERING WHEEL _, IF YOU ASK ME // WGSKW ROWTERT HOW TO I'LA^ IIAU'HACK r '| "'HE first qualification of a halfback a coach 1 looks for is looseness at the hips. If a fellow is loose in that section of the body, he can he developed into a running back with the elusiveness of a Ked Grange. A halfback is not necessarily required to hit the line. One of the backs can be a bit heavier than the other for this duty, or the i'ullbaekejgi be relied on entirely for line bucks. But one of the halves must be shifty, able to pick holes, with plenty of leg' drive. One of the most valuable steps a halfback can master is the side-step. In using this way of eluding tacklers, he holds the ball in the arm away from his opponent; shows him a leg, and then by means of the hip muscles, pulls the leg away by jumping to the side. The straight-arm is used with this step to make it more effective. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom y n Pop7 Tea for Two By COWAN f WE. SLEEP IN A SINGLE BED AMD. TOGETHER, WE ARENTT AS TALL AS AND WE ONLY ONE TWITO AS IWJCU.' u^A•^Af TUAT'S RlOUTj !/ NOT? THEY DONT TAKE UP AMY MORE ROOM TUAN A SMALL-SIZED BOY, AND THEY WONT EAT MODE YOU GAVE THEM HALF RATES? DAT AM DE MIDGETS BREAKFAST./ WHERE ABE YOU GOIN' WITH THAT WEEKS SUPPi-Y © 19J5 8V NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT, OFF. t. ^i. t i-. -

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