Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 10, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 10, 1937
Page 6
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* flOPS STAfl, ARKANSAS Friday, December 10,1987 Household Hints A few drop* of Iodine and a tea-? of table salt in a glass of warm makes a fine throat g«rgle. WANDA COLUNS Hope, Ark. Angel Food Pie i clip crushed Pineapple I Cup cold water 1 Cup sugar ^i teaspoon salt JH tablespoon flour 3 egg whites 1 cup cream $4 cup chopped pecans. Mix pineapple, cold water, sugar ami salt Bfld heat to boiling point. Add to this Mixture the flour which has been disolved in a little cold water. When It is thoroughly cooked, set off to cool. Wheft cool fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into crust and cover With whipped cream and chopped pecans. MRS. W. S. GORHAM Patmos, Ark., Route 1. SANTA CLAUS and COMPANY By KING COLE 1HIV HWfi H6W fO GET BiTf TSCU8l.es POPPING UP EVERY DAY, Joseph Ctmrnd, noted English novelist, wns bot-n In the Ukraine of Polish dimity nncl didn't tonrn English until he wns nn ndult. Three Fascist Is Real Story States After Loot and Power Behind 'Anti-Communism' Pact Brings in yourProgra.n AUTOMATICALLY AMAZING Nt WG-I TONE MONITOR If another wi.r r-n-'ps it may well have its origin in tho scene pictured below, enacted in Rome as envoys of three nations signed a pact—obviously aimed at Russia—pledging unceasing efforts fo eradicate Communism. Shown arc Germany's Joachim von Ribbcntrop (1) signing; Italian Foreign Minister Count Galeazzo Ciano (2), and Japan's Masaaka Hotta (3). MODEL F-96 9 TUBES 3 BANDS Touch Tuning (7 buttons). Silent Tun- Ing. AFC. Tonfe Monitor. Louver Dial. Visual Volume Control. Visual 4-point Tone General. Automatic Band fndi- ator. 12-inch Stabilized Dynamic Speaker, Bass Compensation. Foreign- Domestic Reception. R.F. Pre-selector Stage. Handle me Full-length Console. $IC.OO DOWN DELIVERS FREE HOME TRIAL Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 250 By MILTON HKONNKR NEA Service Kuropean Mimnger LONDON—Germany, itniy nnd Ja- p;m have bound themselves into ii p;ict whose ostensible purpose is to fight the spread of Communism. Communism is n blessed cover for their designs. If there had been no Communism, they would have been constrained to invent it. No one of the three allies is threatened by Communism. In Germany and llaily today a declared Communist stands Rood chance of execution or if very long imprisonment In Japan, not only Communism, but Socialism and even trades unionism have been kept down by the military clique. The new partnership of three powerfully armed states, in which the people have no voice in their destinies, has within it wide implications which may affect the history of the world for a good many years to come. Italy Not Satisfied 1—Japan's war upon China without declaring war is nothing but an enterprise to gobble up the best parts of Cliina, particularly those great coal and iron deposits. Italy was her conquest of Ethiopia is not a satisfied state. She wants more power in the Mediteranenn and means to get it—if possible. Germany i^, of course, conducting a thumping campaign for the return of her former African colonies, particularly those England holds. Trouble lit Brazil 2—Interference in the affairs of other .states. The new allies loudly proclaim that the Bolsheviks arc constantly stirring up trouble in other slates. 'Hit 1 Fascists have repeatedly said Fascism was not nn article for export. So have tho Nazis. But all over Euro)*;, where there are Germans, there are Nazi nests and in many states laws have been passed to stop their machinations. Up to ti'iw the most glnrinft example of interference i.s in Spain where Italian and German "volunteers" have largely won the victories for Franco. the rebel leader. There is a danger that some day ; .something of the sort may happen in j Latin America. Then Uncle Sam will sit up nncl lake notice, brushing the j dust off the Monroe Doctrine. In the j old kuiserian days Germany always had a covetous eye on the rich southern states of Brazil where thousands of Germans were settled. Those Germans are still there and most of them are now Nazis. And now Brazil has a dictator . . . and a government leaning to Fascism. 3—Threat to Eng»;tnct and France and daugcr to Russia. The new alliance means that in any war. Russia would be engaged on two fronts—Germany to the west and Japan on the cast. Germany covets the Ukraine with its wheat, coal and oil, and its outlet to the Black Sea. Japan covets Russian possessions which front on the Pacific. It lothes the idea of the Russians having in "Monogfammed" Stationery, Billfolds, Bibles, Brief Cnscs, your nnmc on Fountain Pens, Pencils, Stationery anil Lcalli- cr floods "FREE" when purchased from us. A Complete Gift Line JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxnll Store Photic IK) Delivery Vladivostok a port whence submarines nnd airplanes could imperil Japanese fleets nnd Japanese cities. The threat to Franco is no less real. II will l;e greater if the Fascists and thi 1 Nazis succeed in putting Franco on top in Spain. Then, in case of war, Fiance would find herself threatened on three fronts—Germany, Itnly and Spain. A hostile Spain, plus a hostile Italy, would make untenable the Mediterranean route between France and her North African posseioions. Finally, there i.s the threat to Britain. , A hostile Italy and Spain block her way through the Mediterranean just as effectively as they do France's. Outside of the American, the British naval fleet is still the strongest in Ihe world. But if Britain had simultaneous trouble with the three gangster Mativ;, her navy would not be adequate. It mu.sl be remembered that Britain has things that the three allies want. Germany wants her colonies in Africa back. Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical PHONE 259 Logs, Blocks and Bolts We arc In the market for VVIiltc Oak, Ovcrcup, Rtirr Oak, Red Oak nnil Sweet Gum Logs. Hound Sweet Gum iiiul Blnck Gum 15locks Oak, Ash n»d Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications Apply 10 Hope Heading Company PHONE 245 Ke|> rcacn tallve 1ACK WITT Low Auto Lights Ask Protection In (Continued from Page One) had clear vision of several hundred feet," said Bolin. "Other tests on highways at a speed of 80 miles an hour proved that we could stop our car be- , fore reaching an object looming sev- i eral hundred feet heaecl." ] Legion officials suggested that the lights be raised for night driving and that drivers be required to dim their i lamps upon meeting other cars. Offi- | cers said there was no law requiring | drivers to dim their lights. "If the lights are Kept low to discourage fast driving," another Legion officer declared, "we believe governors should be placed on all automobiles." Tho Legion has always and will continue to sanction uny safety move, the officials said. Ihev s.iid there appeared to be a need for raising headlights. The proportion of ;ile<;liol in beer varies frcrn li ; _. to 7 \n:\ c-unt. girl who really knows her baking Is just the girl who'll soon be taking A WEDDING TRIP (Continued from Page One) worst stumbling blocks to a national get-together." The association adopted a report by its Board of Directors, which said: "Government should protect the right to engage in lawful strikes, by lawful means, buf its primary obligation is protection of the right to work." Tho report urged that both federal and state governments prohibit not only unions but business corporations from making political contributions. It also urged that unincorporated labor organizations such as most unions, and unincorporated association of employers, be legally responsible and suable in the courts. The report condemned the closed shop and check off, and asserted compulsory government arbitration of labor disputes was "contrary to American principles." It urged "all laws against violence, intimidation and co- ercion in the field of labor relations- should bo vigorously enforced." The report called for changes in an- ti-injunrtion laws to permit cour.ls "to dispense preventive justice in labor disputes as well as in other fields of human conduct." Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 383 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters THE "BALANCED" FLOUR —MAKES GOOD BAKING BETTER Blue Ribbon Bread At Your Grocer and CITY BAKERY FOOD PAGE IOO Passes to the New Theater—1O Each Week Here are the rules for the Household Hints Contest. 1. Write any Household Hints that you have discovered that are practical and are a time .saver. These Hints may be in cooking, sewing, cleaning, garden ing, flower raising, etc. Each week the best Hints will be published, and the Best 10 Hints will receive FREE PASSES to the New theater. 2. Clip out any advertisement appearing on Food Page. o. Mail or leave Hints and the advertisement that you haev clipped care Food Department, Hope Star. Look in next Friday's paper for winners of this weeks recipes. RS THIS WEEK NOTE: All household Hints cannot be published this week because of the Tax List All winners will be published next week, Wanda Williams Mrs. W. S. Graham Patmos, Route i Call for your Free passes at City Bakery. EVEN THE PRICE TAGS SAY II rr- *, A GENERAL '?".. MOTORS VALUE \ E )OK the whole length of Motor Car Row, and you won't find a car anywhere that offers you what this stunning new Buick does. No other car, for instance, has its OYNAFLASH engine, squeezing more useful power out of every drop of gasoline you burn. No other car has TORQUE- FRiui SPRINGING — or can match the smoothness»with' safety this new coil*spring rear suspension provides. No other car combines such features as Silent Zone Body Mounting, Valve-in-Head efficiency, Torque'Tube Drive, Tiptoe Hydraulic Brakes, Knee-Action com* fort and safety—in a package so big and handsome, All that plainly says "Better buy Buick!" But just by way of completing the story, we'd like to point out this; The Buick si'iiCi.M. is the lowest-priced straight-eight of its size on the market. At least two sixes carry higher list prices, and others are priced so close that a dollar or two a week covers the difference. Take the stunning four-door sedan shown here. It's sixteen and a half feet long, has 107 horsepower under its hood, and it's yours complete with standard equipment for only $1022, delivered at Flint, Michigan. We don't think you'll find its match anywhere on Motor Gar Row. We're sure you won't for the money! BUYER'S DIGEST OF THE 1938 BUICK it NEW DVNAFtASH VAIVE-IN-HEAD STRAIGHT-EIGHT ENGINE*N£W TORQUE-FREE SPRINGING*TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE IN SEALED CHASSIS * NEW QUIET ZONE BODY MOUNTING -k ANOLITE PISTONS ^-ACROBAT CARBURETOR •*• NEW BULl'S-EYE STEERING ir TIPTOE HYDRUUUC MAKES -k KNEE-ACTION FRONT SPRINGING ir UNISTEEl BOOY BY FISHER * BUILT-IN DEFROSTER CONNECTIONS * AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION OPTIONAL ON SERIES 40 NO OTHER CAR IN THE WORLD HAS ALL THESE FEATURES Hempstead Motor Co, East Third itreet (MAX COX, Owner) Hope, Arkansas

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