The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1940
Page 3
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, APRIL in, 19.10 ; 4-1 W MEET Boys ADC) Girls Sweep First Places in Animal lournamenl OSCICOUA. ArJs., April 15.—linr- Jietle 4-H Club. Lacy Powell, president, and Uiirdctle 4-11 Clnl) Girls nio won first place in Hie annual Drama Tournament held at IJur- deile Hl s h school hist week under Hie direction of l-j. jj. Burns. coim . ty ngem. and M| ss jniv. Kjneaid county demonstration agent for ih<- southern end of the county, in di- ivsloiHs A and ti of tile oratorical contests added ihls year to the lournamenl, Margaret Jiaumox ol Uyess Road Seven tliib and Sam Hoy Hushing of the Wliition dub placed first. lulorexl was high and competi- lion keen among Die 250 boys and girls who attended with their sponsors with 7il contestants taking pint In the various event/, for K'ltk-li medals and trophies wen- awarded. I.. 11. Atltry, stiporliiic.-i- di-nl of the Uurdctle school and siipnsor ol Hut Uurdctle 4-H club, was master of ceremonies during the day to approximately auO guests. .Supporting'Lacey Powell and Loreita Eiibanks In the winning play "The Catalogue" coached bv Mrs. Gordon Psalmond. were Betty Chafin, L. H. Autry Jr., and William Rakestraw. Dorothy McKay, Dorothy Aycock and Patricia Wright made up the girls' trio winning with "The Green Cathedral." In the play division considered the major event in the annual tournament the Wnitton club cqtclied by Miss Rose Auersperg, won .second place with Frances Mooring, Morris Wright, Mary Uuth Rushing. Junior Lee, Wanda Pbu " i ph.v.i, otiii. w> ueiiicT CHID j B 111 which Linvillc Bowls. Ann ' L ' &n niehmond. James Jacobs, Mary Eva y '• N" 4 '™ 1 ' 1 Child Health Walker, Geneva Gillam and pat-; D[1) :' Tlle *'<•'"« will be released ton Pickens were trained in "Wild Cat- Willie" by Miss Marie Reynolds Famous 'Baby Doctor' Writes Scries On Child Health For Courier News :.)'COURIER NEWS '" AinerlCHn Public HoiilDi Assfwu- llon, Is nko chnlrmrm of llieilwillh Section »f the onto Welfare rjon- lermm.. , lmt iissoclale In Hygiene nm I'tt'vcnllvr. Medicine nlu | |,, ledntiiM „(. \Vfstem KesPm , UnlvcislU 1 . Hrolhc'vs, S ' Wednesday, || a 's I,, )i|,s own rK'ht. ,. k | n)I for „ ,, ,,. COIUP.S Arllmr »ol( . pi.ln.s . . . o cars sn.w,,, how lnll , ben, reduced ,„ Cleveland, , v | lfre he is director of the Child || M 1M, Assncialio,,. pria e to charts sln.wi,,, how lnll ,. nillv case dn,l, have Thirty years of intensive work for child health stand behind the series of 15 stories which Dr. Richard Arthur Bolt has written for Pounds and Homer nodgers playin" Arthur Bolt has written for in "In Doubt About. Daisy"- third Service and which will ap- place went to Dyess Center club |!C!U ' cxclllsl ™l>' In Coiirkr News, ill which Linviilc Bowls Ann " L '8i'>'ii»g today and concluding Next in interest to the drama under (he general title of Abotit nabics." "All Dr. Boll's work -has brought )lill! iiiteriiational recognition. He division were the nine original « secretary of the Maternal' and orations given on topics conimcd ] cllil<l Health Section ol" the Ainer- to. agriculture or home economics icl "i Public Health Association and which revealed constructive think-1 contributor to the Child HvJiene ing am! emphasis on the values of ---'=— ' •• farm life and hoine making. Miss Baiimcz discussed "Clothes" to win the medal offered for first, place; Edward Robertson of Whitton paid tribute "To the Farm" for second place ami Wanda Grace Billiard, also of Whitlon, won third place wjth- her discussion of the "4-H''; in « Girl's Life." In the class B division open to boys, and, girls .up^to and including the" eighth Roy '•Rushing of Whitton spoke on "In Arkansas, We're Farmers" to win first; Oncal Roberts, also of Whitton, talked on the familiar character. in every community, "The Ne'er : Do Well" for second; and Junior BnrneL of the Missco club won third with Ills discussion of "What 4-H Means to Me." Among the music contests which were used ns in-between-acts and only added this year, the Reiser girls' trio composed of Cookie Ferguson, Poley Franklin ami Minnie Ruth Wood were given second place and, the Milligan Ridge orchestra third, other numbers entered included a girls trio from Whitton, made up of Emily Smith. Lavern Young and Louise Lindley; mixed quartet from Whitton with John Jackson. Gene Miner, Emily Smith ant) Laveni Young; and an orchestra from Dyess Hoad Fourteen club composed of Roe Woody, Joe Kinsley nnd Herman picrson; and a harmonica solo played by Joe Hincslcy. Other plays entered in the drama division were from Millignn Ridge, Stillman, Missco, and Bnrdeite number two club. Details, rules and regulations ot 'the tournament were worked out by the committee composed ol I,. H. -Aulry. W. H. Bingham, principal. of the Stillmaji school, iind Miss Ruth Hobnail, teacher at l.inney. Miss Cora Lee Colcman of Bly- thcville, Mrs. K. II. Jones and Mrs. M. K. McDearm.iii ol Osccola served as judges. section of the association's Journal. Dr. Bolf.s «wk as director of the Cleveland Child Health Association has showed the way for similar work In many cities and brought recognition as prominent member of the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, and the recent White House conference on Children in, Ijemocrtiey. 1 . }•?-'• _. L..V .mil (;|l[ J .°»f Brawn ciiiiarcn .niid ; t«'o mirslng and other facilities^ at TBiKtahildrefi at'CO testify" that! childbirth have; for • "" lcs M tpon.sible for their health, and I learned how important, prevc-nlii'p and precautionary work can be." Dr. Bolt was just, in time for Hie first Chinese revolution of 1912. nnd as a Itcd Cross surgeon worked freely for both .sides. Later, in Korea, lie saw (lie first Japanese advance on to Die Asiatic mainland. The college he helped to found In Peking Is now a Japanese barracks, he understands. Helm-nine after six years io the United States, he determined to take up public health work and trained for it at Johns Hopkins and California. Baltimore, Washington, New York and Cleveland, have felt the impress of Ills contributions lo child health work, no helped lo form (lie American Child Health Association. Dr. Bolt's present work as 'director of the Cleveland child Health Association has pioneered in instruction or prospective mothers—and fathers. Pre-natal care, " " C '' e e '.- born in China. , d " ldren - : ""«<> '»Kl*"ial faliilllv among . As a young medical practitioner, Dr. Bolt, went out in 1D10 to China with the original group ol teachers and physicians who set up U. S. Indemnity College near Peking. There he not only fought malaria, smallpox and diphtheria, but helped enroll 3000 young Chinese to come to (lie United States for training. Many of them spe- eialiv.etl in medical and public health work. "It, was then that 7 became interested in Ihe preventive side." he says. "We had n slafT of CO. and .wine 700 students. I was re- STRAYED From a O. Shaw's place Z miles north of Viclnri.i, 1 light bay horse mule with white nose, w(. 1000 Ibs., 1 ttark bay marc mule, w l. 1000 Ibs. Notify Smith Gin Co. laixora, Ark. STANDARD TIRES »OTHER SIZES 'XOPORT1ONATEI.Y At Today's LOW PRICES! to c.cs lii a thousand as comiiarcd with 2.U7 for (he city in general. This service, reaching 5000 eases n year has so reduced the general rate that since 1031 it has fallen from seven per thousand to the present 2.67. The splendid rate of less thnn one per thousand among association's clients i •ar from diph- 'last year we. I shows what can be done If similar service could be extended to every prospcclivc: maternity ciise In Ihe country, Dr. Bolt believes. "I remember when lose 300 babies a Ihcrla," he says, lost jusl one. New treatments with sulfapynidine for pneumonia »r< saving infant lives at a sph-n- dld rate. | "Premature birth Is a typical! modern problem. It Is one of the! most prevalent causes of Infant! death. Pic-nalnl care is the best weapon here, and improvement Is being made." Dr, Bolt, in addition to his nationally recognized work with the 1 The hor.M 1 , once .so an item in the iwi-ow miin's IHV has been pinctlcully retired by the rapid iisi'i'iisir>n of Hie aulonioblle. But tlinnks to the circus and Us .•Hlhrrenn- to ancleiit tiadllldii. u vnriety of lioi-ielle.-Oi can still be Been by ttmse who today are as I'UKcr to witm-sr, un exhlblllim by nils intclliijont animal as were their grandparents of two Kenera- lions aco. HUssell llros,' Circus curries « complete horse show, The liiuii .school or ineiiniic horser. exhibit rare lii'imty nnd .skill In ihdr roullne of galls, (rots, marches and dances. The liberty horses perform intricate nuincuvci's wllliom riders, while the n cr y mnstinigs of (lie wild west department poilrav sin of (he Gas Gas All Time ,.1.1..*'. i i . r "V : """" "" "«' «i»m- "v-iii «, "nnl'li' ™" ''"' ° r "''''" """ :;!!"! V.^ I 'lA» > ;|^'k r{»«^'N«^ ^"°| ADLERIKA Wrliy Llros. unm Co. and lloblnson's Drug Co. Do FALSiTTEETH! Rork, Sliilc or Sli]i?j FASTEETH, an improved powder o be sprinkled on upper or lower Plates, holds tnlso teeth more n,-m- l.v In place. Do not slide, slip or gummy voocv tmsfv ' Soi^em^-pA's-iSnis" 1 ^ 1 .RiilliK- inon-acidi. Does not sour. CHecks "plate odor" (dcnturo dm, s,ore: Ct PAS1>EEr " nAc ,f!i I J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Graduate Optometrist in Blythevlllc. Glasses Fitted Correctly I FOR SALE We liuiv carload i'rdlRrrcd I). PI. anil Stnnerllle Si-cil. <\ls" l:n«i' amninit or same klml Dm' has tacn plnntiMl hirre one yviir See or Call Us For Price! L. R. Matthews Ver.y lllicriil iirice iilllnrancc fur your old secil. Gin Go. I'liniie 4HS-W-2 Yartiro, Ark. Low As iJ On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th H'alnul SKIN CANCER Three thonsand persons die of skin cancer, annually which « \ c ,, a i criminal negligence. Types vatj, the causes complc*; lui stlln „."'" ' With ye»rs of study, experience and lieatmcnt of nl <••. wl'tb t D °b) hOS " a '' ! '" m>k ' thl ' slalcmtnt - EmmtniUon free an" DRS. NIES & NIES victs The suiv mi frontier, of imrllctilnr Intctwt to Ilic lltlto folks arc t)u> "liorsi-s In nilnltvlure"— llu> jwnlps. Complollng lciiirn nro n : \>m\ the "con- of the eriulne world. lioreiw inny uo viewed nt. lul i)i)d nfirr |ho lil« show nmiaiK'R'ln coDiu'dlui) wllli n f collccilou oi ulld ,mlnml! r.xhllMltoii In i | U . mciiiieerle 'Itif front doors opi'ii nl I i\uil 7 JI.IM. mi linur In iidviiiiiv «f |li( .stun <if Hi,- arieriKi.Hi i,| l( | Dlglit liorliiniinncc.s. re.s]«vilvely. Utility Employes Attend Convention Euillloyr.s of Die Aikilil.sus-AH.'i- sdiiil IMwr C«i]iorii(liin in )||yi)n.'- vlllo who nr« In nm B))rlii|. s loduy and tomorrow t nv u,,, Ai-kniiMis Dtllllli's AK.socliillon couve n 1 1 on IIIT: Jimii'.s ma j,.., inv.sldciit, mid Mrs. Hill, Cleoiui' Pollock, initl Mrs. I'ulluck. ClHiVKf CJriiss. llowiivd Wll- 5(111. Miss (,'!ara Itiibli 1 , Cupl- Uili\ Wlilltt'Oilli, Miss Miirgurci Wlllliiiiis, Miss Cdinllle liobiiiKOil, .). V. Oiilc.v mid lliinc'iolt. 'Ferry. Tlic pniiinmi Incliides sued notable s|icuki>rs us, j), M. Whi.'i- jli. Mlildle West, Kervlee roin- ininy. C,'lilc';>i(i>; lidwlu Vemmrd, Middle Wt»l Si'i-vlei! Compiiny, <.;. II. M<M, Altornny, Mtile Rorkj II. Kiwiniiii Diirnra, Cli-nernl Klti'tllc C'oiii|)iiiiy, Ck'VC- lnnd; Trunk H. Mum, vice jircsl- dt'iu Oklnlionin Nntuiul C'.n.s Coin- iwny. -fiilsn, and c, H. l.yneli. elilel i'»(;liicei, Aiknnsiis I'cnver nnd I,l|'ln oinjiaoy. I'lnr Illulf, 'n«> curious uinnljoo ciab lives i deep down In the Andaman Ken nl :i depth of 400 falhnms PAGE THREE COURTS T. Hunch wns fined $100 nm! his drivers license revoked In municipal conn today when he pleaded Millty lo a charge of driving while under Die Influence of ilimor us the cllimix io n Main .slrec-l dN- lurtanee .Saturday nljjht Jn whleh the driver's cm- sldeswlpcd ticvernl maclilnes us It careened from side to side, offlci-rs said. 'I'lii' drh-er Is said to have had the doors ol his car locked mid ,ui ol fleer was forced lo Jump onto Ine limning bouril mul crawl (hroiinh a rear window lo overpower Hiincli, it is fuld. The incident, which ly.-eitrod PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Vour Proscription Diutu Fowler Drug Co. Main l'hon« 141 In the business section, created much excitement with n large crow! quickly gathering. I he united Stales-Canadian border Is made up of 2198 miles of water ami only nag miles of land. Face Danger p)ie of the tragic results of ncg- cctcd fistula frequently Is Joss of Dowel control together with nervous el senses and general m health mused by self poisoning. Thous- rtm'?!"' 1 save "'""solves from nil illlntlon BUI) serious illness by taking proper tvcatinenl In time. Hie Thornton ft Minor Cllntc-old- cst known rectal Institution In the. war W-ofTcrs a PHKB ijook wlilc/i explains Fistula .nnd olhcr rccial Ulsensos; Cells how more than 50000 persons hnvc been bonented by llielr mild, corrective Institutional lrem;iie;il — without liospllal eon- nnemonl. Write for tills Free ZJoV< • nnd noterencc List, Address Thornton As Minor Clinic, Suite Ilia 020 Mceico SI,. Kansas City, Mo STONEVILLE 2B RED TOP GIN ll.'llh (11 I![|l,«,j AMERICA'S BUSIEST |M| CIGARETTE Chesterfield goes to bat with the Definitely Milder Cooler-Smoking Better-Tasting . . . these arc the three good qualities thai every smoker wants and every smoker gets in Chesterfield.That's because Chesterfields are made of the world's best tobaccos, blended in the right combination! You can't buy a better cigarette. April When ALL America Sfiops erne/ Saves/ xcited About WARD WEEK! All over (own, people are talking! WARD WEEK IS COMING! WARD WEEK IS COMING! 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