Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 7, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1935
Page 4
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fadhlon. 11 Land ilRl t. t2 Not any. U! His nickname. '19 His t'ovmt'l- title. •2i Star-like. 22 Antler knobs. 21 Ten cents (pi.) 25 Fleshy. 2 S Upright shaft, "ii Braiu'h, .".? Sao. ,1t Armadillo Efedttiti Americans 11 is home state -to To make lar». ^.'DUKE GLOUCESTER '!!! f HIEIAIRIT R |$lYbrt and me. '•IS Mongrel/ l*r f .44So-tt Jtootl W'&tf Anesthetic. fe'sSafilc-e gnme ','£3 Poew. "-'» 68 Either 57 Toward vEimr.vi, 2 Consumed .'! Snaky fish. 4 To bark 5 Barometric. 6 To triumph 7 Shin bone 8 To choose 9 Injuries 42 Beret 4!! One 45 Chum 46 Shield 47 Three. 4S Possesses. •10 Roof point covering. 50 Vegetable 51 To accomplish Hi To drink <log ; f. I Company W» , fts a i L ^ ^ |33 48 149 18 ^ £5 ^ 31 57 STANCE. 8.J" I* 499- itt Ordinance En- J drdlhance 'Amending SfiOrdfmmce NO. 469 of : City of Hope, passed'and Approved on and'Amended on ihd for Other purposes. ;V" A 3AINED BY THE CITY F/THE CITY OF HOPE, Thai Section 6 of Or- 'of the ordinances of j ope," Arkansas, as amend- i ancrNo. 495 of the or- ! , of J^ope, Ar- iame is- hereby i follows: jft" ! |hijjl^e unlawful for i^,retail beer dealers to sell fbjeer/within the corporate "ieV* Arkansas, on Sunday fc,A- M. and/or after "That all ordinances \ Ordinances in conflict kre^ffier&'.y ^repealed; and g necessary for the ,y and general wel- fiitants of the City of ._., is hereby de% 6rdinance shall be course, butfect from and after j»ln'ect» •" ^aati/n. « first child is a novid on this 5th I HitiJ ,over the first fof. tbleyclej the first horse tbe Star on this |th"p first work he speaks>,.935. "Vjt taken. His school Haert Graves pm the cradle and oft Mayor 'ef it is, for whom Gtf j nest egg. f" Late Comers HJH le rest «"»2JJ5jL.,.<W. farm breeds *• »« 3nd750 million, goldfish yi' ( These ^EotBume 3000 tons Drape It, Orders Miss America Bent Itl Buy Itl ,/i» the Hope Star IKET PLACE f nber, the more you tell, the v quicker you sell, j time, IQc line, min. 30c utive insertions, mini. at 3 lines in one ad line, min. 50< J'times, 5c line, min. SOc i, Wtc line, min. $2.76 1 5Vt words to the line) t ^ will be accepted fjhfl Understanding that the ' " *' "on presentation of ro the first publi- >•>•/ _--. Her statue in the nude will be well hidden if Miss America ot 1935, Henrietta Leaver of McKeesport, Pa., shown here with it, has anything to say about the matter—and she's saying it It must be draped, she declares, and ner grandmother echoes this order, despite the anguished protests of Frank Vittor, famed Pittsburgh sculptor, who created tbe statue. 200 bal Jiprses, also | suits, costs, todies and all,tods of e and Floyd Mc- 30-6tc RENT adjoin- MW.-W. Pine. ?hone 28-12tc house in per month. Want It Printed RIGHT? ,/** We'll have a printing expert call an you, and you'll have an economical, high quality Job. Whatever your needs, we cau serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing That Makes an Impression" ?-,' ,'>^"'V.' ,\| ' ' HOPE STAR, ' \ -;-;^- ,'47<-^; r-j, 1 , •"' •' '\ \ .November. 7. 1005 OUR BOARDS HOUSE By AMgRN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS ABOUT -PILE--DWER BG»\-feH MAKER WHO HE WAS WRfeSTLE TH£ BOUNDS AND HUMBLE ^ THEY SAx\t3,\F t AA\XEblrt»WTTHWhA, IN BOWS A, K\TESTA\L,1 Al^fe THOSE _ ..... _ . EXCEPT IN H\S s-f+-*s' STILL ON YT, AN' A THINK IT OVER, ' -^ '/Is t. M. «0. U. ». PAT OFF. © 1W5 BY HM »E«>"CE. IMC. They're At It Again HE VOANiT'b ~ VO 6O x ( \F 1 CAN'T MAVCE AT, V ' © 1935_BY_NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT ALLEY OOP Alley Knows Umpa By HAML\ OH, 50 Y'FINALLY GOT HERE, DIDJA? /5IR-\WELL,'SBOUT.TIME.'THIMGS ARE A MESSf TH'-LEMS x REPORTS ' HAVE-CAPTURED /HAW-WOW FOR DUTY/ } QUEEN UMPATEEDLE! I WELL GIT : ' ' A ^ SOME ACTION/ / 1/2 v YAS, THEY HAVE — THEY \ HAVE YOU GOT ANV HAVE 1 SUGGESTIONS AS TO JUST WHAT WE'D BETTER DO? WA6H TUBES FINOS TREASURE/ CEdL SWOOSE PIC39 JMD£R CORWELIUS SldQER'S TENJT—~" MAKES DISCOVERV. CALAMITY \5LE R6JOICES- :eceNTMUROCK- FORGOTTEN. Taking No More Chances HOORAY PER WE BETTER GO OVER \\ AN 1 RESCUE TH' ^ \ LBMIAMS/ J \ HOT ZI66ETX/ £42,000 IM GOLD' /WELL, THAT PROVES ONE THIMG/LULU BELLE. IT WAS SLIPPERY BK3SER WHO STOLE THE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Action in the Stands By CRANE WE'PZE fiUMWER\PAT5 PE STUFF> WIDE FOW TWE SPOT, AN' THERE'S 4 iVWO SfOLE IT BARSOF60LQ EVERVBOCVKIN filTA SAW/ WELL TAKE KEER OF HIS/ AMDS PEOPLE CUT DE BARS IM HALF. YlJfWc. T. M. REG, u. rf. PAT. OFt>, By BLOSSER SHAPYSIDE HASN'T A CHANCE / KINGSTON WILL RUSH 'EM OUT OF THE STADIUM! LOOK AT THAT LINEUP.'/ tr? '/>4 \ r/r THERE'S NOT A KID ON IT WHOSE NAME AW^fONE EVER HEARD OF BEFORE .' JUST A BUNCH OF SCRUB5! MO TEAM CAN BEAT KINGSTON WfTH SCRUBS." AND WHERE'S THIS FAMOUS FRECKLES GUY? HE WAS A BIG SHOT LAST YEAR, BUT THIS YEAR HE'S NOTHING BUT A DUD.' PROBABLY DE- VELOPEP^A YELLOW \ STREAK/ WHY DID YOU HIT THIS MAN WITH ^rOUP FIST? L I'M SORRY, ]OFFICER,BUT I /JUST WASHED MY HANDS AND I 'CANT SEEM TO .DO A THING 'EM/ r^%7» /XT'"''^ .K ^ ', v/yELL, I WAS GONNA SAY, IT'S A SHAME TO WASTE A GOOD FIST, WHILE I HAVE A CLUB THAT'S JUST ITCHING TO BE USED/' $ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom y n Pop} Hand-Me-Downs VES J'M SORE.' SNEAWN' OUT AND LEWIN' NAE. WITH ALL THE WORK T'DO, YOU UOAFER/^ SHE A TOOTH ^OFF THE OLD a WHAT VYAS ALL THE NOISE ABOUT? SOUNDED LIKE A 'NOW? 1 GUESS I WAS TOO BUSV AT THE }-MAY I IN? •*^^*y ^5) ^,- <*-s> THOSE ARE BAD LUN'\P*S TOM GOT ON VOUR HEAD / THEY WERE R»SSE ON TOfVC FROM THE SEQOWD VOU ^AEAN THOSE UMPS 'ARE HEREDITARY, / YCAH--THAT IS-MY WIFE INHERITED HER, =>E& FRON\ H£R OLD 0 mtW «* tE»VICE. IMC. ,T. M. HEP. V. 8. PAT. Of*.

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