Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 9, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1937
Page 6
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' ft '#£ & jjrtf tl •vV4v^..iSi ?,.)' PAGESLX HOPKJ, ARKANSAS Thursday, .December 9,1037 Birthplace of George lit to Be Apartment House LONDON— <£"> — Norfolk House, town house of tht Dukes of iNorfolk since flte Mth century, is giving way to London's current craze for streamlined The present Duke of Norfolk, who has used the house only for coronation occasions as hereditary ear! mar- sshal^ has sold the mansion to a firm of contractors. Modernistic apart- iments with curved glass windows and the best of what London calls central heating probably will take its place. The price was not announced, but the Duke, in 1930 withdrew the house from auction when a bid of SI. 250.000 Was reached. 'George III. against whom the American colonies revolted, was born in a back room of Norfolk House in June. 1738. ' New York's Central park is 2t>> miles long and contains 240 acres. SANTA CLAUS and COMPANY (AMUNWWWiWilb By KING COLE 1U60N6S6N1WSLW2 PLAT &40USH THE 6TW6RS HAVfiN'T SOT We PlGHt KINO Or AWMNV^-- AtoTE5! Blackburn Talks (Continued from Page One) A NICKEL DRINK-WORTH A DIME to collect this amount. Payments are made to the Executive Secretary of Teachers Retirement by the school board and the 4 per cent is deducted from the monthly check of warrant of the teacher. The state is to match this 4 per cent with the same amount. "At this time it-is thought that ap- propriaion will bemadc by legislation in 1939 and that the money will have to iomc from the common shhool fund as there seems to be no other source from which it can ccme. However, it is hoped that this will not have to come from the common school fund. No retirement payments or disability will be paid before 1939. It is thought that payments will be available by that time. "Disabled teachers may receive an annuity based on l'/i per cent of average annual salary for ten years preceding, multiplied by the number of years service: annuity to be figured on basis of actuarial estimates. Local district may supplem|nt up to S600 annually. Ten years of service must have been in Arkansas, and five years of this immediately preceding retirement. "Each teacher is to have a separate account which determines his annuity. Same system of bookkeeping is to be used that is used by the Social Security. "The retirement funds are secured by the clause "invested" in government securities or such securities Tis are the general obligations of the state cl' Arkansas. To be invested as it is collected. This money is deposited by teachers as individuals and cannot be diverted by any one person or group of persons for any reason other than teacher retirement. "Upon the death of a teacher, his accumulated deposits are to be paid Phone 266 Gro, & Market Free Delivery ORANGES Nice Size Dozen J«4 W me CARROTS Large Bunch—Each 5c GRAPEFRUIT feU Pinks—Each Ob LETTUCE Large Head—Each 5c BANANAS Golden Yellow—Lb. 5c YAMS Kiln Dried—Lb. 3c PSLLSBORY'SBEST 48 Lb FLOOR 24 BAG 10 Lb. Bag BAG 95 55c Pillsbury Pan Cake lie FLOUR Large Box Pillsbury Sno-Sheen CAKE FLOUR Large Box IJUST RECEIVED ANOTHER SHIPMENT OF FRUIT CAKE INGREDIENTS CANADA DRY GINGER ALE 12 oz. Bottle lOc AUNT JEMIMA 10 L bg 35e SUGAR CURE 10 Pound Bucket PEL MONTE iPPLE No. 2 Sliced 21c F SH and OYSTERS TALL KORN, lb. IOWANA, lb. 29c 35c OYSTERS Fancy ftP Selects—Pint $«Jl For Boiling 1jC» Pound S«9V OLiO V &* *» v -NUCOA—Now Contains Vitamin A—Pound 20c FISH CUTLETS With Sauce Product of Canada No Bone No Waste—Lb. PORK ROAST CHOICE |Q A CUTS—Pound 196 Safe and Sane DRIVING By (he National Safety Council Beware the "Crossing" Motor car deaths ot railroad-highway grade crossings were up again last year. Interstate Commerce Commission figures for the first eight months of 1935 show an increase of three percent over 1934, when 1,325 persons died and 4,099 were injured. Highway signs, warning bells, crossing gates, watchmen waving "STOP" signs, and the screaming of engine whistles, all combined, do not seem to be enough to stop some motorists. Many times they drive pell-mell into the sides of trains. There is a safe way to pass every "crossing." At a single track, if the view in both directions is unobstructed, £ncl if there is no law requiring a full stop, you may approach the rails at moderate speed, prepared to stop quickly. But if the view in either way is partly obscured (as many are), stop, look and listen; shift into second gear to pass over. If ssveral tracks are to be crossed, never drive out upon them until you are sure the way is clear. Never come to any crossing at high speed; breaks do not always hold. And it is a good plan to shift into second gear before you start across any railroad tracks. If you kill your engine you may kill yourself. to his estate; state's contribution in such case to remain in retirement fund, which helps to pay disabled teachers pro rata retirement allowances. "This teacher retirement plan has been studied by the Board of Trustees for 25 years. In 1930 a committee of 100 worked up the standard after studyini every teacher retirement plan in operation in the United States." Clifford Smith, Hcmpstead county agent, spoke briefly on rural home building program, the soil erosion program and 4-H club work. He called for support of school teachers to help promote this work. Prosperity Ahead (Continued from Page One) to the nature nnd permanency of government policies, crippled by labor difficulties, and handicapped by inability to secure sufficient funds from investors. "\7hat this country needs is business confidence. Business will move forward producing more goods, and therefore more jobs—if it is permitted to face the future with only the natural hazards of legitimate private competition." Federal Regulation Opposed While the wording of the platform was restricted to general terms and did not mention specific legislation, it asked; "Freedom from federal control of prices, wages, and hours in manufacturing." Calling for "fair" taxes and the limitation of governmental regulation to the "prevention of abuses inimical to the public interest," the platform continues: "Individuals and corporations will invest savings only if a reasonable profit can be anticipated by so doing." Industry, the platform said, is not opposed to change, per so, since "American industry believes in self- analysis. It welcomes change where change is desirable." While apparently calling for modification of existing federal labor laws, the platform urges labor policies that will "provide for the free interchange of ideas between management and its employes on all matters of mutual interest, adequate opportunity for the consideration and adjustment of all complaints, maintenance of good working conditions, and fair wages to the work performed." 'Legal Co-Operation' -With respect to anti-monopoly laws, the manufacturers suggest the desirability of "co-operation with competitors within legal limits on a basis which wil lassist each unit in the industry to operate under high business, standards and enable the industry as a whole to serve the public effectively and economically." The platform sets forth an elaborate program for fighting depressions including resistance to price rises during periods of expansion, slashing of prices in periods of recession, leveling of seasonal employment variations, i avoidance of over-capitalization. 1 is silent here on the moot point o! gov ernment spending as a depre.ssior measure, but elsewhere advocates bal ancing the federal budget now. The platform opposes child- labo an dsweatshops, recommending stat and federal laws to prohibit the firs end state laws against the second. The platform opposes also "policie which have the effect of redistribut ing existing wealth and income in stead of endeavoring to produce more nations! wealth and income." If industry's program is adopted, factories will prosper, the platform holds, and goes on: "When factories prosper—America prospers. "When fact.irios prosper, the people move on to u higher and higher standard of living." County 'Turnback' (Continued from Page One) ROCERIES MRS. J UCKEH'S SHORTENING OUR PRICE IS RIGHT R 10 u>, 48c WAFERETTE CRACKERS 2 B L ox 15c Quart 9c PEACHES No, 2 Can lOc PHILLIPS PORK & BEANS 1 Can 6C RALSTON OATS 3 18c PRUNES Pound 5c 5 STRING Each 20c K C BAKING MACARONI and SPAGHETTI POWDER 29c kg*. 1Qc Ask About Our KANSAS BEST FLOUR, U Is Guaranteed to Satisfy. Condition your hunting dog on Purina Dog Chow so that he can be at his best 1 Lb. DOG CHOW is equal to 3 Lb. FRESH MEAT in food value, ALL KJNPS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co, The Hope Star Js Apraf9 the Street United States Bureau of Public Roads. The matter will be brought before the annual meeting of the County Judges Association at Pine Bluff, December 16 and 17. The United States Bureau of Public Roads has allocated S-183,000 to Arkansas for the current fiscal year and S437.550 for the 1938-39 fiscal year for construction of secondary roads. The stale has been unable to take nd- vantage of these allocations because the 1937 legislature made no provisions for meeting the dollar-for-dollar matching requirement. State Highway Director James R. Rhyno said counties might match dollar for dollnr federal moneys for construction of secondnry roads provided they put up at least 25 per cent of the total allotment which the United States Bureau of Public Roads has apportioned Arkansas during n fiscal year. "This applies to county turnback funds as well as to any other county money," he snid. "I have been trying to interest counties in puttirtg up money to match federal funds but so far I have been unsuccessful, I am glad to see that the county judges are planning to bring the matter up at their annual meeting. "One county might not bo able to put up the more than $100,000 which would be required to match federal moneys for this purpose but several counties might- very easily go together to put up the amount." County turnback moneys for the entire state amounted to more than $500,000 last year. It accrues from one-half cent of the state gasoline tax. The United States Bureau of Public Roads allotted Arkansas $437,550 for the 1938-39 fiscal year and approxi- Hickory Shade A large crowd attended Sunday school at this place Sunday. Mr. imd Mrs. B. S. Wilson and Gladys called on Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Wilson Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Coffee spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Allen. Mrs. Ed May and Mr. nnd Mrs. Goo. Allen spt'nt Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Allen. Several from this place attended the ball games at Emmet Saturday night. Mrs. C. Rogers was the Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Willit. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilson mnde a business trip to Hope Saturday. Miss Geneva Thomas spent Friday night with Misses Dorothy and Una Stoplis. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. C. Calhoun spent Sunday with Mr. nnd Mrs. John Rogers. Miss Millie Rcc Rogers spent Wednesday afternoon with Miss Gladys Wilson. Miss Uma Stophs attended the ball game at Pntmos Friday night. Miss Mary Wnnda Pet re attended Sunday school at this place Sunday. Mrs. Daisye Korndofcr returned homo Sunday from a visit with relatives in Indiana and Michigan. Mrs. C. Rogers, John Rogers and B. S. Wilson made n business trip to DeAnn Wednesday afternoon. The train- roared past the station. Above the noise the station agent heard a yell. Rushing out to the pint- form he snw n man sprawled ovit alongside the tracks. A little girl was standing by. "Did he try to catch the train?" asked the agent. "He dicl catch it," she replied, "but ft got away from him." The actinomcter is an instrument for measuring the power nnd properties of the sun's rays. mntely thait much for the current fiscal year. Mr. Rhyne said there was no way by which counties could put money to match regular federal aid funds. "Cup of Majesty" Given to King George LONDON~(/l')-King George VI hus accepted a golden "cup of majesty" symbolizing "the majesty and dignity of the throne" mid illustrating the history of the British crown. The royal crest surmounts the cover of the cup and the coat of arms mid the garter decorate the body. The position of handles is occupied by the supporting lion nnd unicorn, sculptured in flat relief. On the reverse are the crown nnd the initials "G. R." and "E. R." 'Die cup stands on n Devon marble plinth carved in nine steps, rcprcsent- infi the dynasties of the kings and queens of Britain since Saxon Egbert. The cup itself symbolizes the house of Windsor. The period in which each dynasty occupied the throne is shown by a small Hold plaque. The cup is the work of Frank Dobson, a British sculptor. It is the gift of the Ifolyrood Amenity Trust, nnd will be kept at tlic Palace of Holyrood- housc in Scotland. The cranberry grows wild from Newfoundland to the Corolinns nnd westward to Wisconsin and Arkansas. THREE NEW FOR BERLIN—(/TV—Germany's beer tnx netted the government $115,200,000 in the fiscal year 1936-,'I7. reports The Angrifi, organ of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda minister, Germans consumed an average of 15 gallons per person. /tC4V 3/4-TON new i-TOM Andy Sleeps Good Now He says "I had to get up 3 or «! times every night. I flushed the kidneys as I do the bowels-. I helped nature drive out waste and excess acids which may cause the irritation that wakes you up, causes scanty flow, burning or backache. I got 25c worth of green tablets made from juniper oil, buchu leaves, etc." Just say Bukcls to any druggist. Locally at Briant's Drug Store, John S. Gibson Drug Co. —adv. INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance /Z42/6/ l'/4-TON nnofi FULL LSI1E iFLOOR AVONDALE Fully Guaranteed 4O Lb. $4.39 •tO Sack I — Fresh Carnation CREAM 24 Lbs. 40c OAT MEAL BUCKEYE 5 PLkb , 19c BRINGS YOU THE BEST OF THE BEST CROP IN YEARS ^AT THE LOWEST PRICE IN YEARS! POSITIVE VALUE-VARIETY APPLES BEANS GREAT NORTHERN 3 Lbs. 17c SOAP Large Yellow Bars 6 For ZOO LARD RICHTEX COMPOUND 8 Pound Carton MILK Country 3 Small Club Cans 20c Winesap Dozen 4j fk BUMPER ft AL m* m 12c as SODA Arm & Hammer 6 Boxes 2§C HELP THE PRODUCER . . . HELP YOURSELF ALAO DRESSING Embasy Quart 25c COFFEE Spotlite—Lb, 19c RICE Ark, Fancy 4 Lbs 15c Large C. C. Can -I f| A PORK & BEANS BUG 14 oz, Fraziers •€ A A CATSUP—Bottle lUC SUDAN SPICES 3 P. lOc Country Club 20 oz Pan Cake Flour and 1 Bottle Puritan SYRUP, Both for Chocolate DROPS, lb. lOo Popular Brands Ofi* Cigarettes, 1 pkgs OvV Holiday Chocolates 5 Ibs 95c APPLES, 80 Size Delicious—Doz. 29c CELERY Crisp Well Bleached Stalk 7c PEARS, Nice Size—4 For . lOc CRANBERRIES Early Blacks 2 Lb, 29c Large Size California Seedless—Dozen 29c PORK SAUSAGE Pound BEEF ROAST Fancy "IjC** THICK RIB—Lb. IDC Nice, Meaty Pound HAMS ARMOURS STAR Whole or Half—Pound 22c FRESSHORE B Swift's Premiur or 33c BACON—Lb. OYSTERS P. 39cr ro °" rsStar SALT MEAT Strips From Best Grade—Lb. 12ie Kroger Stores • Only GMC offers a complete line, including a wide range of fast-duty models! Announcing for 1938 three new light and "light- heavy" models, featuring (l)newgas-savingengines, (2) longest, most spacioua standard bodies available, (3) CMC's famous "Dual- Tone" designed appearance! New cab-over-engine types, capacities l l /a to 12 tons! Buy GMC—at pricescrowding the lowest. Time payments through our own V. M. A. C, Plan at /oweif available rate* LEWIS & MAY MOTOR CO. I'HONE—Night 5U3-J; Uuj S50 GENERAL MOTORS TRUCKS (.TRAILERS

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