Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1935
Page 5
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W|dflegday> Kgygtnbey 6». 19B.S HOPE STAR, MOPE, China Silver Crisis Menaces U. S. Also .......... , fx ' What Will America !bo If Huge Chinese Supply Is Dumped on Her?* WASHlNCTON-Advocnlcs of the present silver policy were frankly worried Tuesday over the possibility thut Cliinn mny abandon the silver standard premanently nnd bog down the American silver program. Ailmlnlstrnlion plans for bidding the world silver price up to $1.29 per ounce might collapse or suffer 11 severe setback if (he Chinese decided to give up the silver standard and turn loose their hoards of the metal on the world markets. The United Slates treasury is the only silver buyer and would have to absorb oil the selling^if it could. An American loan to Chinn to enable It to stabilize its currency and stay on the silver standard appeared to be the only alternative and, although (he possibility was considered no definite action has been taken in this direction. Possible clashes with Japan, officials admit, might result from n Chinese loan. The fundamental question facing the Chinese is the price at which they would value silver. The American goal is $1.29 nn ounce. If the Chinese accept this price at once, they will « ;t have deflation because of de- ement of their currency and then B ...dual inflation as the United States drives the silver price up to $1.39. If the Chinese set any lower price than $1.29 on silver, they would be in trouble again when the United Stales drove world prices above their new price. Grayson Blames Coach Schmidt for Failure of Ohio Defense Many of the children of Chinese fathers and Enplifh mothers in Limehouse, London's Chinatown, are giving up their evenings to learning Chinese. 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We carry the largest and most complete line of Trusses in Southwest Arkansas. Our line is selected from the stocks of the five leading manufacturers of Trusses. WC'giinrnnlce you a fit. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Slore Phone G3 Delivery Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms W. Shiver Harry Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 While the victory over Ohio Scale was sweet, it waa costly to the Irish of Notre Dame, too; for Andy Pllney, halfback star who ran and passed his team to the decision,, suffered a pulled tendon and slight hemorrhage In his ankle just before the end of the game and may be out for the rest of the season. Here Is the Irish luminary on a school hospital cot, the smile of victory on his face. Ueside him Is his proud mother. BY HARRY GRAYSON ~ Sporls Editor. NEA Service CHICAGO.—Three years iigo. Hunk Anderson, then coach of Notre Dame, tabbed three freshmen as fulure All-Americas. Placing that kind of a burden upon®—~ — the shoulders of Andy Pilney, Don El- Dame shock troops, scr, and Tony Mazziolti was unwise nnd unfair. But one of them, Pilney, 175 pounds of v clash and fire from Chicago, finally came through, and therein lies (he real story behind (ho South Bend .'quad's amazing comeback and last- minute 18-13 victory over Ohio State at Columbus. "If Andy Pilney will only turn in the kind of game I know he will some day," remarked Elmer Layden, whose thoroughness as a tutor put the Old Gild and Light Blue back on the right track. Pilney did, and Notre Dame once more is the mightiest name in football. It was Pilney who packed and passed on ignited band of Irish back to the pinnacle.. . Before' goi'rtg Mrito 1 " details of the spine-tingling stretch drive of the young men from the shores of Lake St. Mary's, of which the plucky Pilney was the spearhead, it might bo said that the 1935 Notre Dame varsity was as undcratccl as Ohio State was overrated. The highly publicized Buckeyes, who look the field as 2-1 favorites and who practically everybody picked to win by from 13 to 30 points, were guilty of tactical blunders when the jam came and appeared to lack leadership both on the field and bench. Graybeards cannot recall when opposing teams showed such a pronounced reversal of form from one half to the other. Buckeyes Matched hi Manpower for First Time Ohio State went to the dressing room at the half with a 13 point margin, and tho most ardent Notre Dame rooter feared that the Scarlet and Gray total would be exactly as much as Francis Schmidt's speedy tricksters chose to amass. But Ohio State was being matched in manpower for the first time in two campaigns, and I suspect that Layden starting an entire new line—from end to end—had some effect upon tho erstwhile Scarlet Scourge, the forwards of which had taken keen enjoyment in pushing tiring rivals around in the second half. And, inspired by Pilney, Notre Dame had not yet begun- to fight! It. was this "second" Notre Dame team, with Pilnfcy throwing forwards to Gaul and Francis Layden, that sank Navy with two touchdowns in eight minutes in the second quarter. Tile late Knule Rocknc started Notre WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Onk—Whisky and Oil grade. Ovemip, Tost Oak and Red Oak. For Prices and Specifications Apply t» HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phone 245 Hope, Ark. Elmer Layden i- them to win and pull games out of (he fire. Noire Darne teams are noted for coming from the ruck in the closing minutes, and this one lived up to the finest traditions of the Golden Dome. Although no one suspecled it at the moment. Filney touched off (he spark with the last play of the third quarter, when he returned a punt 27 yards to Ohio State's 12. On the second play of the eventful closing chapter, the Chicago youth passed to Gaul to put the leather on the 1-yard line, and Miller took it over. Notre Dame 'then gained possession of the precious pigskin on its 46. Pilney ran 5 and 9. He passed to Layden on the Buckeyes' 1. And then Notre Dame was the victim of a dishearten- ing break. Miller fumbled at the goal' line. Notre Dame trailed by 7 points with Only 4 minutes remaining when the , Irish again got hold of the hall 'way down on their own 21. A pass, Pilney to Promhart, put the ball on Ohio State's 38. Then Pilney took a pass from Layden and It was on Stale's 29. Flinty passed to Fromhart and it was on State's 29. Pilney passed to Fromhart and it was on State's 15. Pilney passed to Layden and Notre Dame had Its second score. With Notre Dame men willing to fcetllo for a draw the pass from center was bad and Frcmhart's attempted place kick for the extra point bounced off the arms of State bloekers. Only a minute remained. Only a miracle could save Notre Dame even If it had the ball, and there was the pigskin in Ohio State's possession in midfield. Failure to "Freeze" Ball Fatal to Bucks Coach Schmidt says that he sent in a substitute with instructions to "freeze" the ball, but the Ohio State team hadn't been on the defensive in such a late stage of a battle in two years, and plainly felt strange in the new situation. Anyway, the Bucks made the mistake of attempting a sweep around left end, and Beltz fumbled. Pojman, alert "second string" Notre Dams center, recovered, and the stage was set for the most pulse-quickening finish in memory. Giving a phenomenal demonstration of keeping his feet, Pilney, after dropping his feet, Pilney, after dropping back to pass and finding no free receiver, battled his way 31 yards to Ohio State's 19. Pilney pulled a tendon and suffered a slight hemorrhage in his ankle when tackled. No player ever was more entitled to an ovation in being carried from the field on a strelcher, bul Ihere was no time for one. For, before the limp and pain-rid- Sh-h-Ji! Shirley to Wed Briton Seek Reindictment in Scottsboro Case Alabama Prosecutor Moves Again to Convict Negro Suspects MONTGOMERY, Ala. -(/P)- Lieutenant Governor: Thomas Knight, Jr., ipeclal prosecutor in "the Scottsboro case," said Wednesday.he would ask new indictments in the case from the grand jury which meets at Scottsboro, November 13; knight said he would attend the grand jury session and ask it to re- Indict the nine negroes accused of attacks on Mrs. Victoria Price and Ruby Bates aboard a freight train near Paint Rock, Ala., March 25, 1931. Sh-h-hl It's a dark—or-rather a 4 Grey—secret, known' only to one or two people plus American and British movie fans, but Shirley Grey, above, Hollywood charmer, whispers she'll be married by Christmas. The lucky swain Is Arthur Margetson, English actor, who already hai the license. All new automobiles sold in California after January 1, 1936, must be den Pilney was out of sight Millner , , d throughout with safety glass" and Peters, Ihe first string Notre Da-na I ends, and Bill Shakespeare had taken j the field and engineered the winning In the future, Francis Echmidt is quite ' likely to spend at least a little time perfecting the Buckeye defense. He must now realize that some other teams can do a bit of ball advancing pass. Experts couldn't understand v/hy Ohio State maintained a- seven-man line when it was obvious that Notre Dame had to pass to get anywhere. They also could not understand why Heekin and Boucher, outstanding backs, and Wendt, star end, were on the bench when most needed on the defense. Ohio State is a great team, and should be a greater one now that its ambitious coach has learned a lesson. by Robert Bruce _Ol9J» NEA Service, Inc. 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LAItnY GLICN'N. federal acrnt, I. trailing W1NGY LICWIS. bank robber, lie Icnrnn about the bond trnnxnctlon and quritlnnn Bobby. Tho bond* were ntolen. Larry be- llcven the cnr Lewi* boiiRht In armored. llohhr undertaken In flnd out. Jean ROCK home tor a vacation. .Sandy COIIICN to nee her and Mhe uprrceii to a secret enRaeeincnt. The bank of which her father In prexldcnt I* robbed. Lnrry utartx a Ncarclt for the rohbern: Jcaii*i* employer toll* her Sandy ban been Injured In a little town mime dlntnnce nway. He ha> IiapcrH to fiend tn Sandy and Jean deiiarln with them. Rrc I<r\vi» takeM her to Die fnrmluMiie where Sandy and the IjCwlKCM are slaying. NOW «O ON WITH THIS STOUY CHAPTER XXXI step by laborious step, the federal men followed a dim trail Across the middle west. Larry GlfcTi'n nnd his two aides, Tony LaUocco and Al Peters, went up the national pike from the village of Maplchurst like bloodhounds on a trail, asking questions and displaying little rogues' gallery pictures everywhere—In restaurants, tilling stations, drugstores, hotels, garages, barbecue stands, anywhere that the fleeing robbers might hnve stopped. And at last, by slow stages, (heir trail led them toward Chicago. It was not a clear trail: but, as Larry pointed out. the fugitives had a wounded man With thorn, and their first thought would be to got him to a doctor. Ohviuissly—since, as tho federal men had satisfied themselves, they had not taken him to any docto along the way—they were nead ing (or some doctor whom the> knew well, some renegade physi clan who lived on the fringe o the underworld and could be trusted not to give them away It was logical to guess that thej expected to find such a man In Chicago. So, since the trail pointed toward Chicago anyway, the three man-hunters gave up ibeir comb ing ot intervening cities am: towns and headed straight (or the metropolis. Arriving there, they went a once to the Chicago offices ot the Department ot Justice, where Matthews, the agent in charge or tho department's Chicago division, had had his men out for two days trying to lind out It any stool pigeon or tipster had heard anything of the Jackson gang's hereabouts. • • » jMTATTHEWS had two pieces of "•* information for Larry The lirst, not ot immediate importance, came from Washington. The fingerprints Larry's men had goi from the window ol the Maplehurst bank—- fingerprints left there by the wounded gangster, who bad steadied Himself momentarily by pressing ni» hand against the glass—nad been Identified in the department's flies. They were those of Sandy Harkins, who was now, by that identification, definitely branded as a member of the Jackson gang. The second bit of inforuatloo was this: Matthews' men had not found WW tr»ce el U» e Jackson Chicago. But one ot the agents, who had formerly served as a narcotic squad officer with the Treasury Department, had contacted a weak, sniveling little cocaine addict. a>hanger-on on the fringes of Chlcago'a ffSngrland; and this man had told him something that might, just possibly, be important. There was in Chicago a doctor named Jeckers; a twisted and corrupted man who had been -barred from practice and sent to prison; some years before, for selling morphine to a dope peddler. On his release from prison Jeckers had specialized in underworld practice. He would treat a gunshot wound for a gangster, and see that news of It did not reach the police; or he would perform a face-lifting operation for a criminal who did not care to be recognized; or, in short, he would do any of the innumerable little Jobs that the underworld could not safely get done at the hands of reputable physicians. The little cocaine'addict knew Jeckers—wh.o, as It happened, was an addict himself: and he had learned that 'Jeckers, a night or two previous, had been called to a North Side apartment to treat a gunshot wound. That was all there was to the Information; but Ounderson, the agent who had obtained it. thought it a promising lead, and Larry readily agreed with him. He asked Gunderson where Jeck- ers could be reached, "I figured you'd want to know, so 1 got it out of this cokey while 1 was talking with him," Gunderson said. "Jeckere has a little apartment up on North Dearborn, a dozen blocks beyond the river; has his orace in his apartment, aud seldom goes out. The number's 3527—suite two, ou the second floor. You ring the bell, and you don't get in unless you say, 'Tills Is Markus," up the speaklne lube." A ND so, at 10 o'clock on a bright •^ summer morning, nve United States government officers—Larry- Glenn with bis two assistants from Dover, and Matthews and Gunderson of the Chicago office— drove out North Dearborn street to pay a call on Doctor Jeckers. Lurry had with him a hastily obtained warrant charging the doctor with harboring a fugitive. They drove past the 3500 block, turned to the right, and parked on a side street Just off North Dearborn. "Just in case," said Larry, "someone ought to watch the rear. Tony, suppose you slip up that alley—see, it's the third house. If be tries to come out the back way, collar him. Vou won't know him when you see him, of course, but collar anybody that tries to slip out. Maybe Al'd better go with you. The three of us ought to be enough for the front way." Peters and LaRocco strolled up the alley, to stop nonchalantly at a gate in a dilapidated wooden fence. The other three walked around the corner to North Dearborn and went down the sidewalk .o the house. • The three agents went up the iteps, pulled open a massive, time- talned door, and entered a small obby, with the usual letter boxes and call-buttons on one marble wall fcarry bent- to iuspect tUe names on tile bo*e». Tie one ig the price 'tit i 'tt&&" 'authority to i»eg'pri6e&. , Secifetary of State td'ti the vote was taken with agreeing Uiat the state- Witt<,m auhetliy to peg p*iee*. " . *#?<" Bonds tendered In the future be purchased at the l&West £ fcred for the best interest £f i fat All See ' >4 Roy "• arid Company < Arkansas to Quit Pegging of Bonds Will Try Simply to Repurchase Debts as Cheaply as Possible 8O-SA34.. RETAOIN ETAOIN ET EE LITTLE ROCK—(#•)—The State Refunding Board rescinded Wednesday Its resolution adopted October 8 peg- on their own account. 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Larry protruded his lower ilp as he peered at if, then, briskly, he jabbed the button to the dumber two suite. There was n moment of silence. Then, from the speaking tube, came a gruff voice, "Who's it?" "This is Markus," said Larry. Another silence; then a grunt from the speaking tube, and the lock to the Inner door clicked. Matthews had been waiting, and at the first click he jerked It open. The three men strode down a short hall, went up a flight of stairs, and came to a door with a brass number "2" on its upper panel. They waited, and the door opened—just a crack—and a yellowish eye gleamed out at them. • * • f^UNDEHSON had one massive foot against the wood, and the effort to slam the door was unsuccessful. Gunderson bant and pushed, and the door flew Inward with violence. Larry and Matthews dashed in, in time to see a spare, gray-hnired man in a rusty brown dressing gown go spinning across the little foyer, impelled by the force with which underson had thrust at the door. The man collided with the wall with a thud and stood leaning against it, looking sideways at them, one arm raised to ward off a blow, one hand in a side pocket of his dressing gown. He had a lull, pasty color to his skin and )is eyes had an unpleasant yellow- sh tinge in the whites: his tacc- was deeply lined from the nostrils to the corners of the mouth, and there was a mixture of fear and defiance in his look. "Watch him!" snapped Mathews: and at the same moment )undersou's hand shot out, seized he man by the forearm and gpve lim a jerk that spun him across o the other side of the foyer. A small automatic flew out of the <__ hand which had been in the d-'ess- !'H ing gown pocket. Larry pounced on it, while Guuderson pounced on the man like a terrier seizing a rat. slammed him heavily against the wall, and pinned him there with his huge hands. A lock of gray hair, lank anil greasy, fell down over tho man's forehead. He glared at his captors, panting. "What is this?" he asked. "A stick-up—or a pinch?" "A pinch." said Matthews dryly, I Hipping back a lapel to show his badge. The man looked at it ami gave what might have been a sigh of relief; and Larry suddenly realized that this renegade doctor probably lived In greater terror of some of the underworld folk who made up his clientele than of ^11? l;uv which he so consistently deiicd He held out the warrant where the man could read it. "This is a federal pinch," he said. "Want to talk to us here, or down- i own?" Do'. 1 Jeckers read the warrant, then looked up with a contemptuous curl on his MIPS. "Talk!" he said scornfully. "It'll take njore'n a piece of paper like ROBISON'S Present an Unusual Opportunity to make a Real Saving on SHOES During this SAL A Special 10-DAY SALES EVENT On MEN'S/; Better Grade Dress Shoes STARTS- Thursday, Nov. 7th ENDS Saturday, Nov. 16th Wor» with Pride hi Millions F reeman oes that to set me talking.' 1 "Have it your way," said Matthews calmly. 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We have men's and young men's models in black or brown with either a cap toe or wing tip. 40 Calf Skin Styles THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS <3eo, W, Robison 6* Go, HOPE PREJCQTT NASHVIILB

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