The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1959 · Page 11
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1959
Page 11
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ZMVllDAY, MAY j -tee-, Till, INDIAN'AE'UI.IS PAf L II. I ftp , A : I Afe 1ft i U hi I ...-.a .... i i Even Iron bnrj couldn't keep old Charlie oway from the delicious, tasty Hrnny. Penny Fried Chicken nt the Silver Fountain, l'i pressure fried. And only 95c I .50 :B0B CHAPMAN'S: Silver Fountain RESTAURANT 5720 W. Waihinaton St. COLGATE DENTAL CREAM f0 Your Radio And Television Programs For Saturday Mnrning IB '.VS I ir w (All Program. I.UIrd nn Crnfral H.U li;;ht lime) WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 Wf BM 1 260 WIEC 1070 WXLW 950 Nfhrllnj Hchilma. i.'ifl 8: on :15 :30 :I5 WFBM (6) WISH (8) Silent Silent Silent Silent "Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent WLW-I (13) Tlent Silent Hes; Wlhr. 'Rlnmlrifn) WTTV (4) "Silent Silent Silent Silent Nthrllnf Nrtirllne, Nes Mus. Clad Mui. Clock Newt 9 MM :I5 :30 ill P Hand Iris Hand Arts "WesieriTliei. Wfserii Ihei. Western Thei. Western Thee. Howdy Ooodi Howdf Doodj dull Reddf Dull Redd; Silent Silent Silent Silent look Round Look Round Almanac Almanac Slient Silent Silent Silent News WhlitlliT Whlstlln Whlstlln' Ind. Farmer Ind. Farmer Kangaroo Kangaroo ISP. For The ladlei Univ. Mich. Dull. Mith. Silent Silent Silent Silent Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Soiled fit. . Holmes Jib Holmes Bob Holmes lob Holmes Bob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes lob Holmes form Nets H 41 d K k HanUlcl Hariwkk Hardwlck Hardwick Hardwlck Hardijkk "Hardwlcf Hardwick Hardwlck Hardwick farm Fair faun fair Toast'Coflei Toast -Coffee Toast-Coffee Toast Coffee Toast Collet Toast-Ctfhre Toast-Coffet Toast Coffee Hit Parade Hit Parade Knight Mils. Yit. Hews; VIC. Knight Hews; Vic Knight Spls : Vic WXLW News Knight Knight News; VIC. Knight Program i Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Paridt Hit Parade Xangaree Kangaroo Mighty Mou'.l Might; Mouse 11 MM :IJ Mil :45 Furi Fury Sky King Sky King Stoppers Thru Porthole Churchmouse Churchmouse "Un7leAI Uncle Al Silent Slient Silent Silent Afternoon WFBM (6) 12 2 Regular 53 Tubes 1.06 VALUE WORLD'S LARGEST SILLING TOOTH PASW Have you had your fourth Polio Vaccine Injection? YOtl PHARMACIST HAS . . . An-ol ounnl m f Pliemytiit'i Vfl'tmi nvflilrth' now lor Imtinl I'nmunirniion cr 1H Ifwirth (bftottm) imtction to maintain Sit YOUR PHYSICIAN NOWI These Items Available of All Member Sforei INDIANAPOLIS ASSN. OF RETAIL DRUGGISTS 1 n I 4 5 Night :00 H.Y. -Senators :15 H.V.-Senators ;30 H.V.-Senators :3 N.Y.-Senators :(I0 K.Y. -Senators HV. -Senators :30 N.Y.-Senators :45 N.V.-Senatori 00 N.Y.-Senators :15 N Y. -Senators 30 N.Y.-Senators 43 Circus Boy :00 Circus loy 13 lig Picture :30 lig Picture :15 Olympic Thrills :00 Olympic Thrill" :I5 Cowboy Theater ;30 Cowboy Theater :43 Cowboy Theater :00 Cowboy Theater :13 Cowboy Theater :30 Cowboy Theater :45 Cowboy Theater WFBM (6) Terrytoons Uncle Al Silent Terrytnons Uncle Al Silent Robin Hoot West. Marshall Silent Robin Hood Wejt.Marjhall Silent WISH (8) WLW-I (13) WTTV Heckle-leckle Heckle-leckle Marlon Schools Marlon Schools Cartoons Preview Plrales R. legs Pirates R. legs (4) Incline luckaroo luckarot luckaroo Plrales-R. legs Pirites R. legs Pirates R. legs Plrates R. legs 'Plrales-R. legs Plrates R. legs luckaroo luckarot Action Actlon Action Action Action Action W. W. leery leery Metropol. Hand' W. leery Metropol. Hand's W. leery Service Salute W. leery Service Salute Stu Erwln Shi Irwin Your City Your City lone Ranger lone Ranger WISH(8r W. leery W. leery This Story Paul Winchell Paul Winchell lengal lancers lengal lancers wiwT"i37 Silent S'lenl Silent Slient "Silent Silent Silent Sllenf "Silent Silent Silent Sitent "Silent Silent Silent Jilent Monfagt Montage Theater Jheater Theater Theater Theater Cartoons "WTTV Monitor Monitor '500' Pact 'SOI' Ract OO' Ract 'SOO' Ract 'SOO' Ract '500'Jact "WIRE 1430 'SOO' Race 'SOO' Race 'SOO' Race '500' Race ""'SOO' Race '500' Race '500' Race '500' Race ""'500'" Race '500' Race '500' Race J500' Race Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor News; Spts. Way Out Way Out News; Spts (4) WIRE 1430 6 :00 :13 :30 :45 7 M :I5 :30 :45 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling; Jeff's Collie Jeff's Collie Funny People Funny People Annie Oakley Annie Oakley Without Cun Without Sun Death Valley Death Valley Perry Mason Perry Mason Tugboat Annie Tugboat Annie Id Hayrlde Jcj Hayrlde (c)layr'lde (cl Hayrldt Dick Clark Dick Clark Bud Lot) Bud-Lee , loston llacklt toston llackie Hl-Tlme Hl-Time Jlmmle Fldler Patti Page lob Holmes News '500' Ract ' '500' Race T500'"Race '500' Race '500' Ract 500' Race "WISH 1310 ""'500' Ra"ce '500' Race '500' Race '500' Race "'500' Race '500' Ract '500' Ract '500' Race "'500' Race '500' Race '500' Race JS00 Race Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music Saturday Music MiTMker Outdoor Indian Rolling Along Sports "WisHjiuF Rolling Along Rolling Along Rolling Along Rolling Along Program 4 News Pronram 4 Hit Parade '500' Race '500' Race J500' Race '500' Race '500' Race '500' Ract '500' Ract '500' Ract '500' Ract - '500' Race '500' Ract '500' Race "WFBM T260 WIBC News; Records Rate Records News; Records Records; King " News; Vic. Knight News; Vic Knight News; Hits Yesterd.y's Hits News; Como Perry Como 1070 WXLW 950 '500' Roce '500' Race '500' Ract '500' Race OORace" '500' Ract '500' Ract '500' Ract "'500'" Race" '500' Roce '500' Race '500' Race Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 News '500' Race '500' Race '500' Race jOORace '500' Race" '500' Ract '500' Race j500J(ace '500' Race '500' Race '500' Race '500' Ract WXLW News Sots; land Wayne Kinf Top Tunes News; Art Roberts News; Art Roberts Newss Art Roberts News; Art Roberts Week End Week End Week End Week End News; Art Roberts News; Art Roberts Week End Week End Week End Week End Program 4 Week End Program 4 Week End Program 4 ' Week End Program 4 Week End "w F BM1 260 WIBCT670" News-Stars 7 Stars News; Start 7 Start WXLW Newt Spts; Art News; Art Roberts WXLW 9S0 Program 4 Program 4 Sports; News Program; News Science Fiction Science Fiction City Dick City Dick Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor News Rolling Along Dugout Dope Indpls.-Houston Program 4 Program 4 Sportt News 8 :oo :13 :30 :45 S :()( :15 :30 :45 13 :43 11 :I5 :30 ;43 (0 Perry Come ICI Perry Come 10 Perry Coatt 10 Perry Comt '500' Hllltes '500' Hllltes Cimarron City Cimarron City ' Cimarron City Cimarron City D.A.'s Man D.A.'s Man ' Champ, fowling Champ, lowllng Champ, lowllng Champ, lowllng Perry Mason Perry Mason Wanted Wanted Jubilee USA Jubilee USA Jubilee USA Jubilee USA Fact st Danger fact ot Danger Have Gun Have Gun I. Welk 1. Welk I. Welk I. Welk Gunsmoke Cunsmoke Highway Patrol Highway Patral Sammy Xaye Sammy Kaye (c) SOO Wrap Op (cl SOO Wrap Up 4 On The Aisle 4 On The Aisle 4 On The Aisle JOnTheAlsle 4 On The Aisle" 4 On The Aisle 'SOO' Hllltes jontilllei H'wood Movlt H'wood Movie H'wood Movie H'wood Movlt Monitor Monitor Monitor Monitor Indpls. -Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Monitor Monitor Rendezvous Rendezvous Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Lopez lopet Program ( Program 4 Twelk I. Welk Program i Program 4 News Week End Harlan Irot. Harlan Iras. "WeTkTnd Week End Week End Week End Week End Week End Week End Week-End Week-End Summertime Summertime Summertime Nlte leaf Nite leaf Nite leaf Nite leaf Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Indpls.-Houston Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Program 4 Summertime Summertime Summertime Supimertimt News; Wthr. '500' Summer late Shoe late Shoe News (old Thei. Gold Thei. Sold Thei. H'wood Movie H'wood Movlt H'wood Movlt H'wood Movie Nile leaf Nite leaf Nlte leaf Nite leaf Scareboard Music At LaRues Music At LaRues Music At LaRues Hiway Safety Program 4 Progrim 4 Progrim 4 Summertime Summertime ' Summertime Summertime Dinner Dale Dinner Dale Home Edition Home Edition Home Edltlai Sign Oft wAJc-rM utlw Unlvtnlhl 104 S Mt"yclt A.M.. 1t:4S-Nwt P M. ' II OO-Synphwitli 1:00-M. Muilc Th. 3 SS-Ntwi 4:0OShw Wjndu I15-I"dll S'30-?imw M 7 00-HI-r-l Ind' T :.10Cnlrt 10 OO-Jail 1l:30-Niw IMO-S'in Off U:OU Armchair Ik. Armchair Tk. lite Show lilt latt Sktw News Nite leat Music To lawi Progrim 4 Summertime Nile leat Sign Off 1 i.i. till laker Shoe Id Denotes compatible color snoe: STAR ind HEWS Quick-Action WAHT ADS Get Fist Results NEW FORMICA CABINET TOPS AT CUT PRICES Frt lilimatM Hoosler Paint 1 Linoleum JI1 I. Wo. St. Ml s ins i-i OPEN MEMORIAL DAY 3 to 8 P.M. Mcloughner'i Is "the plaet) to eat" in Indianapolis. You'll enjoy The pleasant friendly atmosphere. en Tou II love The food. You'll be pleased with The very reasonable prices. OPEN MEMORIAL DAY 3 to 8 P.M. 2121 E. 62nd Nior OitflOoi JBth and Sherman lost el Polrgreundt Arlington end Tenth OlO I. Tanth Cuban Sugar Action Delayed Havana (UPI) The revolutionary government of Premier Fidel Castro plans no immediate expropriation of large sugar cane land holdings and probably will take no such action this year, Labor Minister Manuel Fernandez Garcia has announced. He said the decision to delay the expropriation and redistribution of cane lands was taken in order to keep up sugar production and avoid increasing joblessness. TEN DAYS ago Castro announced a sweeping agrarian Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE THE FAMOUS 500-MILE RACE TONIGHT 9:30-10:00 CHANNEL 4 PRESENTED BY THE INDUSTRY'S FINEST "FUSED ENAMEL" ALUMINUM SIDING "STRATOLUM" MANUFACTURED EXCLUSIVELY FOR ROBERTS W. TOPE CORPORATION 3545 SUTHERLAND AVE. WA 4-261 1 reform law intended to strip large land-owners of much of their acreage and parcel it out among landless peasants. "We face the dilemma of not obstructing sugar production, and it will not be obstructed" Fernandez said in a "Meet The Press" program Thursday night. "I was discussing the entire problem with the Prime Minister and we arrived at definite conclusions about it," he said. THE FIRST is the agrarian reform institute does not seek the immediate distribution of sugar lands and probably will not do it this year." Fcrnancjez then called on cane growers both those who grow cane for their own sugar grinding mills and those who grow it to sell to the mills to keep up production in order to assure the required amounts to meet Cuba's export and domestic needs. WGEE Log SATURDAY PROORAM (Central DoylloM Ttmo) W KILOCYCLIt A M. t (10-Sotriluoll Spiritual J 'tI ftp . i 1 CSaish P T 7 30-Wokl)p I ? .' .' v I 7.4S-wokUp V .hi I if Ntwi ,Vf . " A 1 1 OO-Wok Up V"f& it TU l.l-WokUp H ,yS f 130-TopTunt ' :1i-Si(ly Tol :30-Tunt Tolly This may run Into a little ;JctcoU.!ry,w, money. ivaicumK-n wr Believe It Or Not ACTUAuy comprisis Z10WSP5 1 TQ 7111"'? OJ6 BUIlT AT TV SAME TIMS At ilWll A 1 If I T"t CMUPCM AMO TME OTWtR M viLl J '1 i CONSTRUCTED CtMTWRIIS IATC? VI IP C 2hL. i IHSIOS THt WHGIML TOi AuO V ' S-. M 11 I Tffff TWMt I III Te ...iOCM I '- lift AMO"ri P M. ll.OO-Country CloMlri It-ClotUci; Niwi tJJO-Counlry - ClOMlfl MVClouicti Newt Clotilcl I lVCiottict: Newt 7 JO-llvt jive 1 IS-Jlvt; N(w( 1 JO-Llvt Jive 4 IS-Jlvt; N 4 JO-Llve Jive 5. IS-Jlvt; Sportt 5 JO-Llvt Jive t OO-Mutlc t IS-Miicj Newt I 30-Mutlc 7 IS-Muiic Newt 7J(V-MuIC 7 4Viqn 0 rtRNANDEZ mentioned only the decision to postpone until next year the expropri ation of cane lands. He did not refer to tobacco or other large holdings of land which come under the terms of the agrarian reform program. Kadm-TY Highlights in i:imon p. a neb a 11 (Wl BM TV. 12 .m Channel 6) Thn New 'ork Yankees will Like on he Washington Senators. ' Baseball (WISH-TV, 1:30 p.m., tnannci uul 111 the National league comes the Pittsburgh Pirates to meet Cincinnati on the Red Legs home ground. Perry Como (WFBM-TV, p.m., Channel 6) Headlin ing the guest roster win re Andy Griffith and vocalist Betty Johnson. Jubilee U.S.A. (WI.W-T. S p.m., Channel 13) Georgian songstress Brcnda Lee, one of Foley's discoveries will guest. Lawrence Welk (WLW-I, 9 p.m., 'Channel U) cnam-pagne Music Makers will high- ight songs from World Wars and II honoring Memorial Day. Cimarron City (WFBM-TV, 9:30 p.m., Channel 6) A onetime gunman will nearly lose his eyesight when shot by another gunslinger in "Blind is the Killer". Sammy Kaye (WLW-I, 10 p.m., Channel 13) Guest vo calists will be Jan Crockett and Shirley Ost. "500 Wrap-Up (WLW-I, 10:30 p.m., Channel 13) Charlie Brockman will nar rate highlights to today's race. TV MOVIES Four On The Aisle (WTTV, 8 p.m., Channel 4) A woman will kill her husband then is given a chance to see if she'd do it again in "Repeat Performance" (1947) with Joan Leslie and Louis Hay-ward. Hollywood Movies (WTTV, 10 p.m., Channel 4) Film director will go too far with his stuntmen in "Lost Squadron" (1932) with Joel McCrea and Richard Dix. Gold Cup Theater (WLW-I, 11:15 p.m., Channel 13) James Stewart and Wendy Barrie nortray the story of perfection a carburetor for the Indianapolis Race in "Speed" (1935). Late Show (WISH-TV, 11:30 p.m.. Channel 8) "The Country Husband" (195fi) wonders about breaking up his mar-n,ig' and starting anew with a young girl, starring l-nnk Lovrjrty and Barbara Hale. Mann Monies stars in "The Wicked City" (1 9") I) when a man i;ive.s a woman a light and gets into trouble on the Late Late Show. Armchair Theater (WFBM-TV, 12 p.m., Channel 6) Susan Shaw and Paul Carpenter will take the leads in "Stock Car." RADIO The "500" Classic will he live on WFBM. WISH, WIRE, and WIBC starting at 10:30 a.m. Following will be the Indianapolis Indians and Houston Buffs on WISH at 7:45 p.m. " i invites you to hear the premiere performance of the RCA Victor Red Seal recording of Van Cliburn playing "Rachmaninoff'i Piano Concerto No. 3" Sunday evening, Ma 8:00 to 9:00 P. WFMS-FM 95.5 megacycles 31 WFJIS-FJI Log SATURDAY PROORAM (Central Daylight Time) tS.S MEGACYCLES Mtrnine I 06-Rhvthm l:30-Novlty Tunea I 4-Sono Time t OO-Hymnt :1S-Sun Serenade 4 30-PtnCluh 7 M-Plano Mel. 7 IS-Muiic ARMSTRONG TIRES LIFETIME Road Hazard GUARANTEE E-Z TERMS RAY KATZENBERGER Capitol at 12th St. MtS-WI Foil-Up aluminum Flex&lum twnlngs THORP AWNINGS 1407 N. Coll.g. . WA e-Jiei Fabric ind aluminum iwnlnge Cuitom-mide cinvti products FOR QUALITY F URNITURE IN ALL PRICE RANGES VISITING ANY OF JACK ALLEN'S 3 BIG LOCATIONS , ALLEN FURNITURE 2)31 Station St. Ill IrtghlwieiO ROADSIDE FURNITURE 7U0 Pendicle! Pike (laertncil ALLEN S002 I furniiui! warehouse Sill St. (Derea Veadi) ti.... i u rnnr c riL fi S now m new iQidiion: sous c. aoiu jr. Sunday . . . the Rev. Jack Mrndchohn speaks on WFBM, 9:30 a.m.: "WHO IS A MINISTER?" Church 11 a.m.: "The Tictics of Patriotnm" ill cmiJc You're Invited ro Inspect tho . , t city's finest church ichool 1l11lt711711 I facilities. Classes 10:30 to 12. church II 1-111! Lien i U , 1 1 1 1 . i h 1 1 1 -. I 72 mm 'II f CO-Mutic It.OO-Hi-PI Holiday 7;45-OfOon O.X-fav. Tun$ WIloO ' 11 30-irnoo Afttrnwn I -Vority Time 7 as-Gul Stor 1-JO-HI-FI Intl. J OO-JoiI Club J OD-Fav. CIOJlc 3 JO-Muilcal Mat. J.JO-HI FI 4 OO-Memory Looe AAtlOdlt 5.30-MuilC Ivinlne T OO-HI FI MirtlC I JO-F8tl9 7 3u-Mtltoiion hn no-Oonce Time I OO-CAwert Hour ID 10-Motlc OO-HI FI '17 OO-Slan OM OPEN MEMORIAL DAY TILL 1:00 COMPLETE LINE OF BEDDING PLANTS CUT BOUQUETS for the CEMETERY FULL LINE OF MEMORIAL FLOWERS & PLANTS SEVEN TRUCKS SERVING GREATER INDIANAPOLIS BUESCHER FLORISTS 505 E. SOUTHERN ST 4-2457 n Ily Ripley WHO PUT A MIC1 ON HIS OWN HIAD Kus tmmo Ironside f.xi IN tSTARllSHiN A C?NT 00 LAWS AND FINES fJT?PEt;D A FINE OP t5.Q09 . fQ HIS CMASSAUNATlONt THESE MARION COUNTY KROGER STORES Bid! Ids For Your Shopping Convenience Shop at any of these Kroger Stores 2030 W. Washington 1201 Prospect 1107 N. Arlington 5401 W. Washington 3908 Meadows Drive 46th and Arlington 1800 E. I Oth Street These Three Kroger Stores will be Closed All Day Memorial Day 514 E. 13th Strtflt 2907 Northwejttrn I440.W. 16th Strut CORRECTION Your Kroger Store at 2030 W. Washington Open Memorial Day 3120 Southeastern 2825 Madison Ave. 6220 N. Guilford 6300 E. Washington 2310 E. 62d Street 3827 College Nora Plaza Shopping Center nroqer T

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