The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 29, 1959 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 29, 1959
Page 13
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Mi MUCK i mLlnoQuaMfiniGCO.'. It L Mitnjil w ItlM : A nooe A kV-HtoviimsH-f I j OUIIO I I i)v Radio JJL WF8M.TV (6) WISH-TV I8 n :oo -.n led) lotfajf Today Silent Silent Chapel (tor Paill'ljlfe CIS Nm langaroi Kangaroo Kangaroo lodaj teddy today Itdiy; Shew ' fTrif Show first Shoo first Show ( first Show ' Pint Shew first Show Ireisure Treasure OS Colfee Theater Collet Theater Coffee Theater Colfee Theater 10 :H) On The Go On The Co lerlnsan Show Ufinson Show 11 :0(i : ::ID Rite Pr'te Rite Price Cencenlntlm Concentration I lave Lacy I loe tucf Top Dollar Top Dollar Mtornoon WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV w :45 Newt Mktt.; Wlhr. Could Be Could le loie life love life Search Tmrw. Guiding It. 1:00 :4J little Margie little Margie Tic Tac Dough Tic Tic Dough News; Wlhr. Farm, Home World Turnt World Tarry 2:00 :1S :30 :t.S Queen J. Dean Queen J. Dean Id Haggli lagglt Houseparty a (c) Haggis lagglt Houseparty Dr. Malone Hg Payoff Dr. Malone I g Payoff from Rood Yr. Verdict from Rood Yr. Verdict 3:110 :I5 :3D I :fill Iris 4:.10 :45 Ic) Truth Or tc) Truth Or County fair County Fair Bright Day Secret Storm fdge Night Edge Night 5:00 f. :U F. m r, M3 Tr Firmer Firmer Farmer Early Show Eirly Show Early Show Early Show Trickslde Night WFBM-TV (6) WISH-TV 6:00 f. j: lHL. 00 f. Farmer Early Show Early Shoe In Washington In Washington Farmer Firmer Firmer 7;00 News; :I5 MC I :30 U S- ... n t !;00 News; Wlhr. This Is Alice This Is Alice Rawhide Rawhide News Marshall ;45 U.S. Marshall 81 or. Id Ellerj Queen Rawhide (d tilery Queen Rawhide Id Ellery Quee Whlrlyblrdt k) Ellery Queen Whlrlyblrdi Sptt. Cavalcade Phil Slivers Spts. Cavalcade Phil Silvers Sptt. Cavalcade TV Playhouse Jack Pot lowl TV Playhouse Speedway Party Speedway Party Speedway Parly Speedway Party line Up line Up Person-Person Person Person 11 Mill :31 :45 News; Wthr. lick Paar Jack Paar Jack Paar News; Wthr. late Show late Show late Shew 11 m Jack Paar late Show lale late IP Shew Demo Senators Argue Over Interest Rales Washington (AP) Democratic Senators argued among themselves yesterday over a party policy or lack of one on interest rates. Republican Senators for the most part sat by and grinned broadly. SENATE Republican Leader Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois added fuel to the flames by twice yielding time to Democratic Leader Lyndon M. Johnson of Texas to continue the argument. The Senate was op-crating under a debate limitation at the time. Senator Albert C.ore (D-Tcnn.) touched off the debate with a speech in which he said interest rates "are break ing through the highs whkhT they reached just before the recent recession." Core said the people) had given the Democrats a 21 majority in Congress and expected them to do something about what he said are spiralling interest rates. YET, Gore said, in the first major bill passed by the Sen-ale this year, a housing measure, there was a provision raising interest rates on CI home loans by 'i per cent. Senator William Troxmire (D-Wis.) called Gore's remarks tremendously useful. The Wisconsin Senator recalled that earlier in the session he had lamented what he said was a complete failure of Senate Democrats to work out a party policy on major issues. These remarks brought some THIS COUPON MUST BE 1 N NOUGHT IN WITH CHOIR ' ' PJ(0JC S f M - I S m S tiwit I 2i 2s; o - rz an 5tV low Sterwgo, SI. 95 PW. CMt Ck.t.M Si tO InwiCK. Imlv44 McKELVEY-KELLinc 502 S. Penn. ME. 4-5571 Corptlt Corpef Cleaning fttUAOHUTT tet noiiitt NONIIVV si mvicc . Corptfi, Irno'twm end lenlrenf Tifei f CHARLES E. ORME flOO COVING CO. I5M t WtliM V. BUM - e And Television Programs l Pmgiams I.ivtrd on U WLW-KIJ) WTTV (4) I kVotni'Mqt 4nt "Silent Silent Silent Silent Did Know Did Knew look Hound took Hound Moiie Mm. News; llhr. Romper loom Romper Room Silent Silent Silent Silent "Silenf Silent Silent Silent Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten Moiifhome Mirithoust Movlc-house Morlehoute Morlehouse Horlehouse Morlehouse Horlehouse Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent Silent (8) WIW.I(JJ) WTTV 14) WIRE 1430 WISH1310 WFBM tel 50-50. Club Id 50-59 Club Ic) SO SO Club Id 50 51 Club Id" Id 50-50 Club Playhouse ' Playhoise Day In Court Day In Court Cale Storm Cale Storm Silent Silent Music for Toe -Music for Toe Music for Yon Music for Yeu At Random At Random 'Mllday'i Mat. Mllday't Mat. Milady't Mat. Milady'i Mat. VlladyYMit. Milady'i Mat. Congreti Debate! Cengrest Debatet Randy Randy Randy Popete Popeyt Popeye Popeyt Popeye leat Clock leaf Clock Who Trust Who Trust landsland landstand Bandstand landsland landsland landsland Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse (8) WLW.M13) WTTV (4) WIRF. 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM News; Sports Id Standoit Capt. Gallant Capt. Gallant Rescue B Rescue B Bin Tin Tin Rin Tin Tit little Rascals little Rascals Bugs Bunny Bugs Bunny "Corral 4 Carral 4 Corral 4 Carral 4 Disney Pres. Disney Prei. Disney Pres. Disney Prei. 4 On Aisle 4 On Aisle 4 On Aisle 4 On Aisle Id '500' Preview 4 On Aisle Id '500' Preview 4 On Aisle Sunset Strip 4 On Aisle Sunset Strip 4 On Aisle Sunset Strli S'inset Strip Stale Trooper Stale Trooper News Race Classic! Race Classic! Race Classics Rice Classics News; Wlhr. Id Parade Hilltes Race Classics Gold Thea. Rice Classics Gold Thea. Race Classics Goodnile News Nite acid rejoinders from Johnson, who has been a target of past criticisms by Proxmire. JOHNSON said In the very vote cited by Gore, on the GI rate, Democrats divided 30-25 in favor of keeping the higher interest ceiling in the bill. This was clear evidence of great divergence in our party on this issue alone, the Texan asserted. Johnson named several Democratic Senators ranging from southern conservatives to northern liberals, and said he knew of no way he could persuade such Senators to agree on a common policy. THE Democratic lead er then emphasized Gore is on the Finance Commottee and Proxmire on the Banking Committee both of which deal with monetary problems. But neither group has come forward with any proposal on how to deal with interest rales, Johnson said. "I don't think a Senator who can't get a majority on his committee ought to tell some other Senator he ought to deliver a majority to him wrapped up in a blue ribbon," Johnson said. At one point. Johnson observed tartly, "It does not take much courage, I may say. to make the leadership a punching bag." I lulicr Appointed To Head Safrtv ay Foundation Appointment of Albert E. Huber as executive director of the Indiana Traffic Safety foundation Inc. was announced yesterday by Ja c k R o s e-brough, foundation p r e s i-dent. Huber will Ml the vacancy csuned by the death of Kallie L Myrrs. He recently re Huber signed as director of the Indiana Office of Traffic Safety. The foundation is a nonprofit, non partisan corporation that organizes public support for official traffic safety activities and traffic legislation. It is financed by Indiana business and Indus-trial organizations. Hubert will take over the post June I. He formerly was a state policeman and worked for private Industry before taking over the o'ste safety directorship ia 1956. Ccnti;.! f ). I-ht lime) WIRE 1430 Willi M-hrllng" Wailf Nciirling Wall) Nthrllni Willi Hehrling Hews Musical Cleii Musical Clock Ne.s WISH 13iO he Opener Ire Opener lab Holme! Cob Holmes too Ho'rnes tat) Holmes Bob Holmet tab Holmes Bob Holmet lob Holmet leb Holmet lob Holmet WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 HfK farm farm fur HardnKk Htws; !tir. Haidwirk Coflee Hardxlck Coffee Haidnick Hri; T o a . t Hardwiik Coffee Hrws; lob News; Toast Hardwick Coffee Coflee Ireak Collee lieak Collee Break SCO tieak. News; lob Hardwlck HirdwUk Hardwlck Srhlademan Show Robert 0. Lewis Sthlademan Show Robert Q. lewis Srhlademan Show Robert 0. lewis Srhladrman Show Robert Q. Lewis lUt. Club UK. Club Iklt. Club tkll. Club Schlademan Show House Parte Schlademan Show House Party Schlademan Show 8. Duke Schlademan Show . Drake Schlademan Show lob Holmet Schlademan Show lob Holmes Schlademan Show lob Holmet Schlademan Show lob Helmet Science; line Party line "Party line Party line P. I. Hayet Jay irlen Jay Arlen Jay Arleie Newt Network Time Netwtrk Time Network Time Network Time Network Time Network Time Network Time Newt landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. iMdsTind P.M." landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. landstand P.M. Newt Start Sing H. Trent Next Door Whispering Sis. Ma Perkins Ir. Malone Mrs. Burton Newt farm Circle J. Arlen J. Arlen 7.Arle" J. Arlen J. Arlen J. Arlen Rt. Happiness P. Buttram Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irving Bob Irvine Bob Irving Bob Irving Ann Wagner Ann Wigner Ann Wigner Ann Wagner Ann Wigner Ann Wagner Ann Wagnft Ann Wagner Newi; Ann Ann Wagner Ann Wagner Ann Wigner "Trickslde"" Road Show Spts.; Road Road Show NIC Newt Spts.; lands landsland P.M. Newt; Sporti lob Irving lob Irving Bob Irving Sport! Tracktlde Serenade J. Goodlellow J. Goodlellow J. Goodlellow J. Goodlellow Newt Rosirf News Trick Talk tinner Music CBS Net New! Roid Show Roid Show NBC Newt Newi Newt Mutlc For Mutlc For Amos 'N'Andy Amo! 'N'Andy Answer Newi Music it laRuei Music at leRues Music at laKues Music at laRues Monitor Monitor Good Music Good Music "500' Parade .'500' Parade '500' Parade '500' Parade NIC News Nite Beat Nile Beat Nile leat Nite" Beat , Nite Beit Nile Beit Nite Beit Mutlc For Music For Music For Music Fir IndpltTaf Indpls. it Indpls. At JndplsJU "Indpii. At Newt Indplt. il Indpls. il Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpli.-Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Indpls. -Dallas Scoreboard Music al laRues Music at laRues Indpls. Al Indpls. Al Indpls. Al Indpls. Al Beat Music Te Diwl Sign Oil Johnson Strikes Back Al Democrat Critics Washington (UP!) Senate Democratic leader Lyndon B. Johnson fired back yesterday for the first time at attacks on him by freshman Senator William Proxmire (D.-Wis.)- The Texan denounced as a myth charges that he wields "one-man rule" over Scnate Democrats. Speaking out after months of silence, Johnson told the Senate "it doesn't take much courage to make the leadership a punching bag" He denied he could tell any Democratic senator how to vote, declaring he was neither a fairy godmother nor wet nurse. "To tell a man to go to hell and to make him go are two different propositions," Johnson said. Proxmire retorted that Johnson had "set up a straw man." He took the position that Johnson had failed to reply to his chief complaint that the Texan failed to provide guidance and leadership for the Senate's 64 Democrats. Johnson has been criticized repeatedly by Proxmire, and occasionally by other Democrats. Proxmire contended Johnson did r ot consult Democratic senators nn policy matters at formal party conferences. LAST MONTH Senator Pat McNamara (D.-Mich.) took issue with Johnson'for failing to take a stand on a johlrss bene- Spmlway (Jives Citv Land For Englednlc Park The Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday presented the city a 3'4-acre tract of land on West 30th Street to be used as a park for I.agledale residents. The land will be leased to the Park Department for $1 a year and will provide space for two baseball diamonds, a football field, picnic area and other rec reational equipment. Mayor Charles If. BoswtII thanked Anton M. Hulman Jr., Speedway president, for the land, dec laring a park is badly needed for the I agled.le area. A portion of th? land, situated to the north of the Speedway, presently is used as a playground. But Boswell laid the park department 'now will fully equip the new park. The city signed a 10-year lease for the ground with an additional five-year renewal option. or Friday WXLW 950 Moiiison Hiis; Moniion NeS; t k MorritoB Newt; lob Moirison Sots : lob WXLW Newt Het Morrison Morrison Hews; lob Morrison Coffee Coffee Coffee New. Toast Coffee Colfee Collee Hews; Dick Dick W. (ing News; lillboari Inspiration Tit Parade"" Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Parade Hit Parade Nit Parade Nit Parade "News; loV" Morrison News; lob Morrison News; Dick Winters Perry Come Perry Come 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 9SO Pick a Pocket Farm Revue Newt -I arm Revue Tune Table Tune Table Tune Table Tune Table WXLW Newt larry Wrlk Wayne King Fred Waring News; Art Roberts News; Art Roberts Easy Does It Easy Does It Easy Does II Easy Does II Newt; Easy Easy Does If Eisy Does It Eisy Does It News; Art Roberts News; Vic Knight Knight News; Vic Knight News; Eisy Easy Does II Easy Does II Easy Does It WUW News VIC Knight Vic; Spts. Spts.; Vic News; Easy Take II Easy Take II Easy Take II Easy WXLW Newt Spts.; Art News: Art Roberts 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 Yoe Tost Newt Sporti Dinner Dance Jelle-Tcst Speedway Talk Platters Plattert Platters Planers Platter! Plattert Platters . HI fl Club HI fl Club Hi ri Club HiJIJIub Summertime Summertime Summertime Summertime Dinner Date Dinner Date Home Edition Home Edition Home Edition Nome Edition Nome fdillon Sign Oil Ton Yoi Ton Ton Nite" Nile Nite Nile Nlte" Nite Nile WK FM 104 i Motl lull.) Univtiillv A M. - I 00-Rncothttn' Marort Hotll ! OO-Parad. Mihltt VI DC-Ufmt 1I.IO-!'jn Otf Nile Nite Nile Nile Summertime Summertime Summertime Summertime Dawn Beat III Ohm. i tamtlM rl .ti.wt nt mil. the next day Tenator -. - . Wayne Morse (D.-Orc charged that Senate Demo cratic leaders had been serving as a ventriloquist s dummy for the administration. . i t jonnson s remarks were broad enough to apply to all these criticisms. But at one point lie said: "The best illustration we have of ihe ineffectiveness of the majority leader to tell senators how to conduct themselves just tat down." Proxmire had just taken his seat after renewing his charge that Senate Democrats don't know their party's policy on legislative issues because "we don't have any policy." In reply to charges that he fails to hold enough party meetings, Johnson said he had "no illusions that any super-policy committee or super-caucus could have the slightest influence on any senator to make him vote against his convictions." WGKK Lo FRIDAY MOGAAM list KIlKVCltil ICtnlrot DoylifM Tim.) MOftNINO A M-Soirltuolt A l-Sn!nluol; Hrw A .r'ritimi A 45-S,vnluoH; 7 OA-W(i Un 7.IS-W,jkUPi Woth 7 Jf yvqkt Up 7 4S-ikt Up; Nrwt S OO- Ao.a up I IJ Wnk UP, Nwt I V WlH Hit 1 4i-vt up; Nrw T 00 Mimr It Muvr j Nw Muik IOIVMu.t; Ntl 10 JO-Muc II 00 eaio forty 11 IS-PoUKi; Nn II yH-Conn flavM II 4S-Clottlct. Wihi A'TMNOON IJ 00-Coimty Clo in I IS-J vi, Nrwt H.l Jiv IJ IM-ioMki; Mill i'lS-J,.., Soorlt i J.W-I i.t Jivt A 0O MrtT IJ X-tnunty ('il I SVC iimiM; 1 JO-C Dimly A ll-Muvrf Krwl A -'" 7 IV-Mui", Ntwi 7 K Vuiit 7.4V i'n 0 Out "I J IS-Ckmoi: Nrm J WVllv Jlv 1 iV-J'.t. wi TMS-IW Log MIOAY MOOAM ICn'f.l Ooytitht Tim.) ft I MtKl MOANINO A 0v Sw rut Mut A V-Sf"Vl ifiC lub 7 CO- Piano Mrlral ft 7 H-V.f 7 4V Oul r IVAhythm I JO-NnyHy Tunft I 4 V iooa Tim 0A-Mui '0 OO mi fi Holkfery 16 ov Tunw 1 1 . JO S nxH APT! ANOON 1 00-Vw' Twn 7 4V-Oraon Ml. I JO-Til loll. ) 0O-Mm 4VMul,.fll 4 C-Mmory lor ? no r ( ioii't t n 0nn-Au J JO-HI Fl t VI NINO 7 09 Ml r, time 10 OO-Ornn 7 JO-VH io'im V,J, I (,! Ht.rt 10 VS-Mlst" )t Mid. OO tMf. tr. J OO-Sign 0 skcjs Between TeesT T. quirklf failirT (ml r. mo. Ihom, am IS. irwl .M lf. rVTvr. 7jipwi fiv (Wn. hrtvrapn tnM At Ihx, ft-IO HI . Radio-TV ULLVISION Rawhide (WISH -TV, 7.30 p.m., Channel h) 'lensions of trail life will catch up with the boss's cattle crew in "Incident of the Widowed Dove." Walt Disney Presents (WLW-I, 8 p.m.. Channel 1.1) Pat O'Brien will help Disney track down "we folk of F.rin" in "1 captured the King of the Leprechauns." Lllery Queen (WFBM-TV, fi p.m., tnannel h) Queen will serve on a jury the man will he acquitted but that's when the trouble begins in "Body of the Crime." "500" Preview (WLW-I, 9 p.m, channel U) Mechanics and drivers will make their last minute preparations. Sports Cavalcade (WFBM- TV, 9 p.m., Channel 6) Nino Valdcs will take on Alonzo Johnson in a 10-round heavy weight bout at Madison Square Garden. TV Playhouse (WLSHTV, 9 .10 p.m , Channel 8) Beauty 9:30 p.m., Channel 8) Beauty will begin a conflict between an aunt and her . niece in Mirror, Mirror" with Anne Jeffreys and Diane Jergens. 77 Sunset Strip (WLW-I, 9:30 p.m., Channel 13) Two witnesses will become in volved in murder In "Strange Girl in Town." Race Classics (WTTV, 10:15 p.m., Channel 4) Films will document 1 958 "500" Classic. Monza jn Italy, and the "Grand Prix" of France. Jack Paar (WFBM-TV, 11:15 p.m., Channel 6) PaneliTig will be llcrmione Gingold, Hans Conried and musical comedy star Ellen llanley, TV MOVIES Four On The Aisle (WTTV, Batista Said Planning Way To Enter U.S. Ciudad Trujillo (AP) The Dominican Military intelligence service said yesterday Cuban ex-president Fulgencio Batista plans to sneak away and land in the United States in some spectacular way in order to win political asylum there. The intelligence service said il had uncovered a plan being hatched by Batista, a refugee here since Jan. II when his Havana regime was overthrown, tn fly out in one of the planes that brought him here. HE HAS BEEN warned, the agency said, that he can leave legally and if he tries to sneak out he "would run the risk of encountering a Dominican military plane." The intelligence agency said it has information that Cols. Orlando Picdra and Francisco Perez, Batista men, have been meeting at the Hotel Sandy Surf in Miami, f la., with a Cuban named Mario Garcia and a U.S. national, Sam Kay, to arrange for the flight. Piedra is a formeV chief of police. Batista's plan, the agency said, is to apply pressure on U.S. authorities to let him in although they have denied him a visa. Sources said "Batista is trying to get himself kidnaped a la Mussolini" meaning by a phony deal. Only fi.700 man-days o f work were lost In Vermont during 1958 due to strikes, the lowest in the nation. COMPUTE SPUDWY SPEIDWAY GOSSIP Won. thru Sof. 7.00-715 p.m. 2 7a.JF, ; inside the oval interviews A fx Moy1eV17 Moy 23 24 ZJ4'm5. on-the-scentrlJ.y r. , Or nwoninBimn iVT.ioy. SOO RACI sj Moy30 n 10.30-3 00 pn. "A oulhoritotlve 500 race coverage ' ! IV.. aa i f Z m -T s p.m , Channel Ay A Jul:,e find happiness as a cook 1 a rr,'"'fs'.f' stand in "The Judge Steps Out" (1010) with Ann Southern and Alexander Knox. Gold Cup Theater (WLW-I, 11:30 p.m., Channel 13) Wal ter Pidgeon and Rita Johnson will keep weapons out of the hands of saboteurs in "Nick Carter Master Detective;" Late Show (WISH-TV, 11:15 p.m., Channel 8) Boris Kar- loff and Jack Holt will get involved in a Mr. X head of a dope ring in "Behind the Mask" (1932). "Dracula" (1931) will he on the Late Late Show starring Bcla Lugosi. RADIO WAJC-FM will Interview "500" Parade personalities, and devote the rest of their "Racathon" to "500" highlights -and music, throughout the day beginning at 8 a.m. The "500" Parade will be highlighted on WIRE at 8 p.m. Also at 8 p.m. WISH will broadcast the Indianapolis Indians-Dallas Rangers game. Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE "Don't turn it off yet not until she casts off the shadow I of guilt." ( THE FINEST IN ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES ALL FAMOUS NAME BRANDS '',1 ,T'T T aw M ampii hoi lasts I'smuis ti .it e. luiiii ts , . a 1 mmmf 4W In ' ! if Spoken l.'ke ruc Tvnx i members of -r-he 'r5w! I Pour Sbddy hllli r.s. if Cvts Hull; 0 B.s7(i(; New York (AP) Secretary of State John Foster Dullei left the hulk of his consider able estate to his widow in hii will filed yesterday in Surro- gates court. Eventually, it goes to two of his three children. Dulles, who died of cancer May 24, made specific requests of more than $250,000. But associates said it is too early to attempt an estimate of his total wealth. Befnre he entered govern ment service, Dulles was a high salaried associate in ons of the nation's biggest law firms, DULLES CUT off his Jesuit son, the Rev. Avery Dulles, with a $5,000 request. But the will emphasized that this was not because of lack of affec tion for him but because special circumstances in his case make further provision seem inappropriate and unnecessary." The will directs the executors to select from his private papers and records any contributions they think might be welcomed by Princeton University, where he graduated in 1908. Personal property, household effects and the bulk of his assets were willed to Mrs. Janet Avery Dulles, the widow, in trust. Upon her death, income from half of the trust goes to a daughter, Mrs. Lillias Dulles Hinshaw of New York, who also received $10,000 outright. The other half goes outright to Dulles' other son, John Watson Foster Dulles, who also receives $10,000 under the will. ARMSTRONG TIRES LIFETIME Road Hazard GUARANTEE E-Z TERMS RAY KATZENSERGER of 12th St. MaT 5-T3II lerai Amnei sea av rati rAKiNC m ski it rsom m cum mmiu mL COURAGE i TOMORROW ! 10:30 A.M.-3 P.M. - w . A, 1 5V , ft .1 - "V m iVSID COLLINS A t500 Chief Announcer f 7 his Twelfth Year attheTrcick tCr win 7

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