Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1935
Page 6
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flp-' Presided of Manto Talk at ffoft Smith SMITH, Ark,—An address by _ Sdgerfon, <$f Nashville, Ttenni. 'until three yeari^Ago had setved National Association of Manu* for 14 years as its president, feature the district meeting of rkansas State Chamber of Comfor business men arid ind'us* ' tf&ilsts to be held here Friday* No-* ^ c ^ Vetnrcif IS. I,'-,'? Other speakers will include P. W. of ttuttig, president of the W. A. McDonnell, of Little Senator R. R. Ihompson, of . , Springs, who as district vice- £\fJtestdettt of the chamber will preside; Positive Relief for MALARIA! ( Sure End to Chills '} andFevert , Stere's real relief for Malaria-j ^ '-Grove's"Tasteless Chill Tonic 1 ' i >- Quickly it stops the chills and fever restores your body to comfort, j rntminj, which will be held *t m Hotel, btRihftmg at 9:30. a. .., will be cohfjftcd t* a single sw- ston concluding at 1 p, m. and after Wttcheon visitors will be the guest? of 11$ manufacturers' division cf Ihc fort Smith Chamber ot Commerce for a tour of the local industrial district. Mr. Edgerton Is recognized nationally as one of the country's best posted Industrialists on what Is going on behind the scenfy at Washington and will discuss the Washington outlook from the viewpoint of the Southern manufacturer and business. As president of the Southern States Industrial Council he has spent the major pot* tlori of his time at the national capital in the interest of Southern manu- t'acturers and more retently has been studying the newly developed Industrial recovery program. His participation in Friday's program IS expected to attract industrialist^ from distant portions of the state. WoMs Work Men Up toWar Pitch ""Everybody Wants" to Be & Hero," Says Viennese Psychologist . CHICAGO— (ff^-Among 'the little things that start big wars afe metaphors, Or. Alfred Adler, Viennese psychologist, observed Monday. / ; . [ He contended that in order to build j up war psychology it is i stir ' the "people'. One. of .» ««sey, I Kentucky to Polls By Paul In Kentucky a Divided y .™ ji V +* fr tfilti Democracy Faces Republican Candidate LOUISVILLE, Ky.-(^)-tteavy balloting was reported in Kentucky's election for governor and other state t,/" 1 ",^ 18 ..S 1 *' *tti~«*, tt),««A«u- rue*!** */>i,i ,.,««(t, .nave tnc Word of HOLtiYWOOD— Screaming, in case ftware of the fast, now takes Its place among the arts in spite at the fact that most people re. gard It as something of a nuisance. | But how—it's decidedly an art, a class with singing, a piano, of . officers. TUesday despite cold weath- ; X c . ° er and. rain in nW parts of the state, j d fr urt ?3* rt at , U , The polling was described as order- ' ... A «"> d . scr = an j- hc sa . ys ! ' i ly in the early hours, but a tense sit- e a h « h » ote trom n sm »"' - ty in e'astern Kentucky. f . . 3 State* Voting e kepi in condition." I Pretty brunet Fay Wray, accord* •jiri'g to felllott, is Hollywaad's cham- ' pcen screamer. What a distinction Co-op Is Attacked by C5tton Brokers Witnesses Link Co-op With Losses of the Federal Farm Board MEMPHIS, Tenn.— (/P)— A former president of a cotton co-operative was the author of tht* old federal Farm Board's 16-cent cotton peg in the seasonal pool of 1929-30, in which the American Cotton Co-operative association claims a $10,000,000 loss to members. Senator McKellar, Democrat, Tennessee, developed Monday ns t the Investigation into co-operative ! marketing entered its second week. . t •—»**» «M ••*>*.«.* i-_ *•* 4 • i • fc/V-V.»» <3V& CU1I1V& t IfitMV " «•*•*•»»*. civil WASH1NOTON—(/PV-Considerable Anyway, Fay. Is so good that the iterest atUches to ^Tuesday's elec; gcre ^ ms sho utte j. ed in "King Kong" . .• ** 4* « «* * .' ovicttina sui; uitcitvt nt "'''a *»-w»i& tlons in Mew York, New Jersey and hnVe been preserved on a strip of Kentuc'ky. sound track for use whenever a good New York and New Jersey will elect scream has been needed to put punch state legislators and Kentucky will into a dramatic situation. *~ Doubles for Oothcrs When Molly Lament jumped from the bridge in "The Three Musketeers," chose a governor, Philadelphia will elect a mayor and Mississippi and Virginia wilt go through the for* ( malitics of electing the Democratic < you may have heard her scream. But candidates for state offices. I you didn't. New York will'elect all the members heard. It was Fay Wray you and Completely rids your system f ir "\e Peopie. «*:« ,•* f*v°?m e infection forms is speech-making with generous Chill Tonic is a real I »* ° f * he metaphor, such as terming the infection. (Jrove's' ^'corrective of Malaria because it contains „ /two'things. First, tasteless quinine which 'Jails the Malarial infection in the blood. 1 .Second, tonic iron which helps overcome -. the ravages of the chills and'fever and „ t fortifies against further attack. Play safe 1 'Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It [now comes in two sizes—SOc and $1. Thi ( $1 size contains 2% times as much as the / -SOc^izeand gives you 25% more for your ,^»tfney. Get bottle today at any drugstore. RUPTURED? LET US CORRECTLY FIT YOU ( WITH A TRUSS. We carry the largest and most complete line of Trusses in South,west Arkansas, Our line is selected from the stocks of the five leading manufacturers of Trusses. • i /We guarantee you a fit. ' S. GIBSON ,1 Drug Company : , . The Rcxall Store Phone 63 Delivery the home force the "bulwark of civilization" and the enemy i the "destroyer of democracy.". • ,61'. Adler said this had worked out in Italy and every other nation that had taken up arms. ,' , J • ' "People know more', than'-i they understand." he said. "The leaders instinctively, understand how to arouse' them. Metaphors are used to arouse. Heroic words are utteVo'd.. By means^ of propaganda the, people vHComej'to : bfr lieve their's:.is : a religious.car, cultural mission." There' is. niarcliirig. 1 Heroic m'usic^s; played.^,.Everybbdy^ wanjs to' be a hero." S'ecchdary highways 'of" California are closed to trucks 'weighing more than 16.000 pounds..'. : DRESSES ^BEAUTIFULLY, CLEANED f >iBywOUB spEcrAL :. Pdorless Process. types of Ladies Dresses iroughly cleaned by our spcc- , proccis that restores the :61or and freshness to the fabric. Minor repairs made at'.no cx'ra cost. Hall Brothers / PHONE 385 ; •WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade, bycrcup, Post Oak and ;,Red ;: For Prices and: Specifications .-,,'•'. •':- f . Apply to-;HOPE HEADING COMPANY Phohei243 .Hope,'Ark. '•'• FOT'All Kinds if INSURANCE ' and: Company ;. A $50 to $500 AUTO Qn .Cars and Trucks" Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER of the lower h6uso 6f the legislature I You «lso have heard Fay's scream and fill two vacancies in the state when you thought the racket was senate. Democrats now have a major- coming from Katharine Hepburn or Ity .of three in the house. Many Ginger Rogers. They arc three act- judges and mayors will be elected. losses who Elliott says cant scream Also the voters will decide whether ' worth a hoot. they shall authorize a $35,000,000 bond 1 As studio sound effects expert, its issue for relief purposes. Governor Elliott sjjob to see that every scream Lehman has said that the alternative ( js of the , right type. Otherwise, it U hiotipt- tux** loses its effect, he says. So he has n *^ I » l ft tltl l«AC». . . ',,,,* * , , . The New York election probably , whole library of sound tracks contam- will attract more attention than the ' '"8 screams Others because it is President Roose- * And if a player in a scream just right, he t Vk**wio , w^nuo*; i* na. * »E<ni\.i^.*iu *v\jjjw- t t • j I yel'.'s home state and .because the substitutes one of his strips of sound president's close friend, Governor track. Lehman, has asked for election of a I , If - ^ some chance, he hasn t : one Democratic house. The president will j that exactly fits the situation, he vote .at his home town of Hyde Park.' P resse s his secretary into service, She New Jersey also 1 will elect an entire has P r °ved herself adept at uttering lower house and will fill eight of the almost any kind_ o^scream. 21 seats in the state senate. At present both houses are Republican, ths senate 15 to 6 and the house 34 to 26. , In this state also the result will be women (pnd they re by far tHe most considered important as a forecast of frequent) can be classified gAerally the yote.in the. 1936 presidential elec- by f ow types: ' . .-' A woman in a desperate plSfjit— n *' Wilhon g. Williams of Atlanta, n director of the Georgia unit of the'A. C. C. A,, produced a letter by order of Senator McKellar which was written to Carl Williams, Farm Board chairman, October 11, 1929, by the late C. O. Moscr, president and general manager of the old American Cotton Growers Exchange, in which n 16-ccnt advance on unfixed cotton was proposed. The A. C. C. A. succeeded the American Cotton Growers Exchange. The A. C. C. A. is seeking to recover from the government $4, 176.138 of the losses it claims were sustained through acting ns agent for the Farm Board's Stabilization Corporation. Private traders claim the Moser letter refutes the co-op claim that the loan was forced upon the pooled coop cotton and prevented them from selling it at a time when the market was above 18 cents. "I believe," wrote Moser, "the cotton co-operatives, with the* aid of the Farm Board, may with safety, and they should immediately, advance 16 cents a pound, or ?80 a bale, on un- * Inch middling." f L fubewuiosls wduid tia Monday's parade of witnesses \vas, Unitedl States within>»>»»'« sponsored by private cotton brokers, Were laws against *£»**"« v«hn AM «K<»f,Hn<r in imvornment fi-! pelllna people to srteete into who are objecting to government nanclhg of the A. C. C. A. Last week officials of co-operatives testified their organisations were able to market cotton to the best interests of the farmer, and blamed private traders with a market decline lost March through speculation. Two radio frequencies are assigned Air transport radio equipment consists, generally, of a transmitter nnd two receivers, Some ships, however, also carry a dual-wave stand-by receiver for emergency use. An eight-wheel automobile has been constructed In Germany. It is claimed that It has Improved riding quality and, greater safety. CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO Kfr ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 South Liuirci Street AT YOUR SERVICE With Complete Facilities for Tire Repairing Battery Charging Gas and Oil kerchiefs, according to George Urqu. hart, of the Chatham County (N. Y.) Tuberculosis association. In the fall, Yellowstone National Park rangers freere their winter bread supply. They thaw out the loaves as needed in the oven and the bread cannot be distinguished from fresh. on n «6f ftns CROSLEY Alj-Wnvo RADIO TubtS tested Free Houston Electric S LAX THE BLADDEI Urc Junljjdr OH, ftuctui Leaves, Thisi SSo test free if it fail,, regularity \vakos you up, flush! imputjlffcs and excess acids, buchit leaves, junipor oil, etc. in green tablets called Bukcts. the bla laic. Works on the bladder slmlln castor oil on the bowels. Poorly Ingjbladder can cause disturbed sic! frequent desire, scanty flow, burn or backache. In four rlays, If pleancd imy druggist will refund yd 25c. Get your regular sleep and ff "full of pep." Brinnt's Drug Store i John S. Gibson Drug Co. —a Electrical Needs At Special Prices That Will Save You Money Electric Popcon Popper .......... ........................ 8| Will Give You Lots of Kim This Winter | St. Regis Heating Pad — ^with 3-heat control. .$3.i Electric Iron, 6 pound — a real value ...... $1.; .!! 2( $3.< J $1.| 15 to 75 watts.. 75 to 100 watts GENINUE G-E Westclox Electric Clock Made by the Makers of 1JIG BEN Electric Toaster .............. . . Can Be Used for Cooking Meats Too. John P. Phone 84 Cox Drug Co. We Give Eagle Stand Classified While there are many different] kinds of screams, those uttered by I ticn. • , In Kentucky the Democrats are badly,'split 'Governor La'ffdon has made long, loud, frightened scream. A woman seeing a mouse—a little, it.pla'i nthat he has no use for the ;<!«'<*) nervous scream Democratic gubernatorial candidate, | A wcman in pain-a dying wail typo | Lieut Gov. A. B, Chandler. The Republican candidate Swope. is Judge King Voters also will pass on a proposal to repeal Kentucky's state-wide prohibition law. . . Doyle "The Halloween party given at R. G. Martin's Thursday night was well attended. • ' Mr. and Mrs.. Oliver Cummins wore the"'-wsek end guests, of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Strawn of Doyle. . Mr. Charlie Norwood was a business visitor to. Nashville Saturday. Mr.'and Mrs. :Gcorpe Booser were shopping in Nashville'Saturday. . Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Balch of Doyle were week end visitors of Mr. Mrs. Skinner at McCaskill. Mr. Mark Jackson.,was a business visitor in Nashville Saturday. The birthday party given at the of scream. A woman in an accident—a sharp, piercing, hysterical scream. Any of these utterances can be found in Elliott's ever-growing library. Whenever a good scream is I recorded in a new picture, that strip of sound track is filed away for future use. Safe Cactus Thorns , Hollywood also has discovered a new use for tcothpicks. They are virtually indispensable in making artificial cactus. One of the sets in "Petrified Forest" is a gasoline station in the heart of a desert. That naturally calls for plenty of cactus in the surrounding eouptry. And it's all real cactus—except a few plants right around the gas statio.n. They're artificial plants with toothpicks substituted for thorns, just in and'case Leslie Howard or Bette. Davis should accidentally bump into them. World's Best Job How would you like to trade places j «jitK T?,1miinrf T.nwp?. His Hob recent- with Edmund Lowe? His job recent- home of .Mrs. S. J. Balch in honor of'fly was to spend the whole day kissing Mrs. M. E. Young was enjoyed very;Valerie Hobson and Wera Engels for much. Those present besides the fam- > some exploitation picture of "Great ily was Mr. and Mrs. Charlev Balch I impersonation." And he got paid for and daughter LaVern, and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Balch and daughter Hallie. There -was seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren present'. it! Where Ideas Are Born! Employes on the.Paramount lot arc Statement of The First National Bank At the Close of Business November 1, 1935 Hope, Arkansas ASSETS Loans..... .....:......: ::;:;.:•; $ 122,790.94 Cotton Acceptances ...-• 3,538.15 Furniture & Fixtures :..-. 14,000.00 Real Estate 15,804.74 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ; 1.00 Other Assets 1,004.65 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 3,400.00 Bonds & Scrip 463,586.06 U. S. Government Bonds -. 271,260.01 Cash & Sight Exchange 288,514.71 TOTAL $1,183,900.26 LIABILITIES Capital Stock $ 100,000.00 Surplus 13,000.00 Undivided Profits 4,417.26 DEPOSITS 1,066,483.00 TOTAL $1,183,900.26 Officers And Directors R. G. McRae, President N. P, O'Neal, Vice-President Lloyd Spencer, Cashier Syd McMath, Assistant Cashier Roy Stephenson, Assistant Cashier having a lot of laughs these days at! the expense of the executive staff. At the front of the executive building is being used for exterior scenes; forj "Lullaby," a big sign reading "Ma- i ternity Hospital" hangs over the en-, trance. The picture is based or; the' Evanston, 111., home frcm which many screen stars have adopted babies. Oriental Note Mac West is taking up education. She can now say, "Come up 'n sec | me- some time" in Chinese. She learn- i ed that from some Chinese actors working in her new picture, "Klondike Lou." HnmUccpped When Warner Brothers imported Paul Draper from New York to dance with Ruby Keeler in her next picture, "Colleen," studio executive visioned another Fred Astaire-Ginger Rogers team. But those visitons faded rapidly after Draper arrived. Unfortunately, he stutters. And while stuttering is no handicap in a dance number, it doesn't go over so well in a love scene. Center Point Mr. J. B. Wright of Bodcaw spent 'Friday night with Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children. Mrs. J. W. Galloway and daughters Delilah and Gladys spent Sundaywith Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and children. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chambless and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Wright. Olen and Kathleen Reeves of Patmos spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Meadows and Elredge Boston. MV. and Mrs. A. M. Meadows and Elrcdge Boston and Glen and Kathleen Reeves spent Sunday with Mv. and Mrs. Joe Porterfield at Spring Hill. Delma Wright called on Elrcdge Boston awhile Sunday evening. Misses Gurteen Caudle and Trudie Murl Davidson and Mr. Melbu D;ivid- fon and Mr. Anslcy Gilbert all of Bright Star spent Sunday afternoon visiting in the homes of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Ode Taylor. Chas. C. McRae E'. P. Stewart Jas. R. Henry OF FEPCRAL RESERVE SYSTEM Deposits in this bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in the manner and to the extent provided under the terms of the United States Banking Act of 1933. as amended. Experiments are being conducted in Russia with an aerial device, resembling both a kite and a parachute, which is said to have ascended to 3000 feet with a heavy load. i The Grand Central Air Terminal at Glendale, Calif., has erected the first airplane crossing signs warning motorists to watch out for low flyers. I Tht Department of Commerce re' quires that transport planes take off within 1000 feet, and land at not more than 65 miles an how. * YOU BUY INSURANCE TO COVER- with Magnolia's famous WINTER-PROOF 5E EVERY CAR NEEDS THIS SEMI-ANNUAL CHECK 2 3 CRANKCASE: Drain clirly summer oil; flush crankcase and refill with correct winter grade of Muliiloil, the World's Largest Selling Motor Oil, Lo assure quick winter starling and smoother performance:. TRANSMISSION: l)rai;i heavy, dirty summer lubricant; flush and refill with correct chart grade of Mobil Gear Oil so that gears will shift easily and silently. DIFFERENTIAL: Drain dirty, grilly summer oil; (lush and refill with ihc right Mobil Gear Oil for winter CHASSIS: Mobiluhrk-alc thoroughly wilh ui Mobilgn.'ases accord in;. 1 ; lo Ghek-Charl and givt detailed inspection report. GASOLINE: Fill fuel umk wiih for quick winter slarling. adjusted 6 RADIATOR: Clean radiator, using Mobil Uadi.iiq Flush lo remove grease, rust and sedimeul. 1'nl in MoL Frcezone if necessary. BATTERY: Check ballcry and cables; fill wilh lillcd wilier; remove corrosion and grease Icnninais. ilia Drive Safely . . . Mobilize for Cold Weather a | SQCDNY-VACUUM COMPANY Magnolia Products Are Sold in Hope at the MOBILE SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone 68

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