Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1935
Page 4
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L>,.JL t'wmte rjaii ; ••44 Borikeys' Aeries. & HWti.' . 51 Sleighs. $2 Congressional clerk. 53 Sic?. , • BSTosia. 56 Laid tiles. 57 She opened a forbidden -— ?53 She did It out of (pi.) 11L6W tide, ' 12To harden.' .15 Silent, t§ Clay mass. 19 Wrongful act. 24 Apple center. 25 LarVa. 37 Affray. 2J Kiiave of clubs 30 Self, i 31 Mesh. 62 Aurora. S-l One that snarls 38 Byes. §7 Lichen. ' 39 Seaplane. 40 Young she.ep. 41 Hodgepodge, 42 To wheedle*-" VfiitTtcAL i Butter lump S.Oti the lee. & Egyptian river. 43 Fowl. 4 Valley. 45 Pertaining > 5 Upon. „ Jj ^to air. 6 Eagle's nest. 46 ¥o expectorate •^Correlative «' 47 Sanskrit dialect. 48 Molding. 49 Scatters. ' 54 South Carolina, 56 Musical note. of wite. 8 Dye. 9 To sell. 10 Source of 5 ipecac. . »*•/{«•' w. Burgess filed his regu- a£>pointment here Saturday and v <•<'><•. s ''are through" gaUjefing this community. '•'•' ' fF^IPalkjer jttf Hope called on his JE^Mr." and'Mrs. Allen Walker £y,'afternoon. He wasoccompan- JfcsMiss tiove Knotfs^ and Miss of Hope. hfi-Lasetec of Shreveport spent * i<1 - endMith His family. : Helen Fore of near Hope fS'unday with the Sanford-Dud- Barto Bearden;and if Rocky Mound ai- Jchurch. fend'iook dirineV with ~ other ISarly McWUUamsj';and ^Sunday. > • Charles-Rogers took dinner brothfer O. J. Phillips and ^Sunday.* r.fand Mrs. iC. E. Romig of Pres- ««tlled on^Mr'. and Mrs. J. S. i|Snnday. „ , and Mrs. Churchwell of DeAnn * r ">n their ^daughter Mrs. Bryan and faifiily Sunday. Rogers iof El Dorado spent ...,. iday witWhis mother and broth- IParker Rogers. _, . • ., ,....,.-- that to^ok dinner with Mr. iitMrs. Early McWilliams last Sun- J^jwere Mr. and Mrs. George John- p'-ahd son, Raymond, and daughter, *""•"-" -r Gray and little son George daughter Cappie Sue, Mr. and Mrs. John Reece and Mrs. Cassie McWilliams, the latter from near Magnolia. Miss Bonnie Crews of A. an.d . ;M. college of Magnolia, spent the w?k r end yith her parents Mr. and Mrs. George Crews and attended church'. Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Byers of Providence spent Saturday and Sunday here and attended church. ; Mrs. J. W. McWilliams spent Saturday with Mrs. Charles B. Rogers.:. Mr. and ••••Mrs. Milton: Caudle w ? ere dinner guests of. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier i Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.• Pete;Laseter and son. Donald Joe, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Laseter and family and John Laseter*all were dinner .guests, of "Mr. and Mrs. Hoyett Laseter'. ' '/ ' ' $ I 4,,Thejyo,ung>peopJftjeniswed a Haijd- weer* party at Allen Walker's Thilfs- darmght; • * '•• •' "* '' : ?: Tom ;and. Leonard England called,]at the Allen Walker Home 'Sunday. ^ J. W.' McWilliams-took dinner with son, E. .M. McWilliams. and wife ,'o£ Hope Thursday. :.' fjtl Find it! Rent It! Buy Itl' in the Hope Star IARHE! PLACE s4" f, i; .j," ; l»r, : tke more you tell, the ,,._ quicker you sell. p, 1 time, 106 line, min. 30c. 1 • 'or consecutive insertions, mini- i, , mum of 3 (lines in one arf v <o $ times, 6c line, min. 50i I, '' $ tiroes. EC line, min. 90c | 2?'times, 3% line, min. J2.70 I (Average 5% \yords to the line) ads will be accepted the understanding that the -If payable on presentation of ent, before the first publi- 768 Hickory Shade A large crowd attended Sundjay school here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Terry and family and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Cusick were visiting friends and relatives in this community Sunday. ' ' '' Mr. and Mrs.- Bullie, Ghism and family spent Sunday with' Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen. ''••'>• Little Vincent Willitt spent Saturr; day night and Sunday with his grand-' mother Mrs. C. Rogers. Mrs. Lee Ross and Mrs. Sarah Bradford called on Mrs. Terry and daughters Estell and Annie Sunday afternoon. Several from this community attended the play at Emmet Friday night, Mrs. Dock Yarberry called on Mr Rogers a while Saturday afternoon. Miss Eva Wren spent Saturday night and- Sunday with her sister Mrs. Harry Games. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Terry and Miss Annie Terry made a business trip to Hot Springs Friday night. Misses Mittie Ree and Gene Rogers Mrs. Ellis is spending a few weeks with her daughter Mrs. Fred Wilson A few of the young people from this community attended the pie supper at DeAnn Saturday night. FC»$SALE IJW ^ood wagpn mules, cows, syrup, po- and peanuts. We sell or will for mares, J. L. Anderson, Hope 1, ' 4-3tp SfA$TEEH-Men's suits, coats, ladies — and costs, and all kinds of ling. Joyce and Floyd Mc- 30-6tc pay five cents pound ;' clean cotton fags. We do not ac- Strings, overalls, or any sort of ' — pope Star. Christian Woman or man in child welfare, income ^n,d O Jocal work, $3.50 daily. i*eo tpis paper, give a.ddress and - r ' . 4-ltp FOR RENT —Tytro bedrooms, adjoin- fjrtvate entrance. Mrs. W. 402 South Pine. Phone 28-12tc 'our-room house in addtio'n. $10 per month. 4-3tc -VeUow and white Persian Bft ^Jrs; ijwndon. Jtc Want It Printed j RIGHT? We'll haye a printing expert call ; on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. Whatever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing Tha/: Makes an Impression" SW! &8 f •^"pl. ?„ f f AT Ol^ON TO A WPESTUNOi ^A^TCH BETWE&N vou ^^^•b OL^>ON ,BUT WE SA\\t) W\^ ISAAvN \S 'fcOOKEto UP TOH TVAE W»N\TefF*,-*-^-AMt> HE SJXVb.fti W VOU ^vRtTlREti OP \_\V\N6, ft WOU\_D BE L£^S m\NPLi\- tirt YOU TO JU^\P 01=P A THKN TO UPON TH6 OF Pf\ CH I 1 n^*" ^-/n** i •««* "^^P i;» mK3WE,t>6e J-CtmbY AU. SkY WOW IWfeYXL TtW^ A 6UY \JP \NTO CONFETTI By AHERN OUT OUR WAY "mS< KPE /^S ouTtoTV/^ 'F^-iiisa-i i ! IW in 13 WITH OLSON m ^ •v S^<.: s>x }Js>\ dD r Si i iWJr^T~" 7^*»*^ M Tl ' « \^n* N * ~< _NEA SERVICE. INC: T. fiVMO. U. S. PAT. OFF. ¥f Ji^ t(-s ILL H/XVE TO WA\T VOUR TURN TO BE SLAUGHTERED, 'ROSCOE \ PERGOT TH' HUWtlW •5g/V3OW WAS OPEW-BOV/ TMPT WA3 CLOSE / / OAJJO FOOL/ DECORATIM' i CAR UP LI KG THAT, AWVMOW/ I'M G(TT(M' BACK INTO TM' BRGSM TILL SOU GIT THEM BLAM& NORMS OF THERE ^:^v^>. ltft\iti i ;- X:,'^ : ' HERO&S Ai5C. MADE -MOT GORM. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Maybe He's Right by MARTIN \jOOVi OUT •*c ST£9\\EW« HEY U HELP M J XJD ^ . \T , NT ^. ALLEY OOP :^c / >Vt o 'Aft, •&? "V , ^ 1 'oczizii/xi: •o 'A VJiP f*ttur ) /"V/.a»w««*a»i - .:..// ,1/g 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T._M._REO. U. S, PAT. Back Home HrtW-^li-^ ^^^ By HAMLIN HOORAY! HOME AGAIM .' SA% IT, LOOKS KINDA QUIET.' I WOMDER HOW COME? OHALLEV I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE MEWS • DHffl l ^ , %, f.- : /lS P" *|T. ' :- •^/l/l'. ' mss W==^ _ %"1- . 5 ( * FOOZY CAPTURED KINGTUWK,BUT - / DOOTSYBOBO ^ DOOTSY SMEAKEP S BOBO Ow NAMP XTK LOOSE RESCUED f AGAIM, EH? I'D LIKETLAYMY HANDS'OW THAT MUG... \£ OH I-FUO PRlMCrSS \MAMNAA AM PAPA WOOTIETOOT. -WHERE j AN' ALLTH' MEM IS EVERYOWE "•> ^ HAVE GOME OUf -7- - •-. ., X MT KETCH DOOTSY WELL^X<lln ; %, V AN'TUMK- LOOKS AS SFA V/N j '^~I AiKIT TOO \ LATE, AFTER 1 l:: , WASH TUBES Right From the !•/> lUs BY NEA •nr.RVjCE^ INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF._ Y I'M SAY WHERE ARE GOING? MY WAR \ ' ) V 'Ptt\ •" ^f/r • i <// •/ ~ By CRANE n=~==» THE WAY I FI6QERIT, BA^V. DB^Ke'S A6AM6|TEf^ HE WAS OM THE SPOT, SBB. AM' USGD T\-\\<S TRIP AS A HIDE-OUT FROM THE COPS, ER ^-^^^^r^/ r-. - ^ER MAYBE SOMEBODY HIRErP H/M TO PLUG THE BIGGER BROTHERS. ANYWAY, HE DOSJE IT, AM' STOLE OLJ(Z TREASURE. IT y S PLAIKl AS PAY. //HUM/! FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I'LL BE 1 BUT, MOM, HOW OUT OF )SOOW WILL THEY KNOW IF THE HERE BEFORE A OPERATION YOU KNOW DR. BARCLAY SAID HE'D REMOVE THE BANDAGES THIS AFTERNOON ! THEY'LL DARKEN THE ROOM THEN WHAT, MOM ? L-"F- 'V AM'/SODV OW THE ISLAND. .it rr^^/Au,, FOR iMsTAW.ce.y 'SURE.'YOU HELC7AGRUPGE' A6AIKIST 'EM BECAUSE THEY OWEP YOU MOMEY. BE5IDE5, VOU OMCE THREATEMED TO KILL CORMELIUS BIGGER, IF HE TRIED TO SEAT YOU OUT OP A SHARE OP THE ~ TREASURE. T A'nxious Moments By BLOSSER I THEY'LL LEAVE A FAINT BURNING IN THE ROOM, . MY EYES ARE ALL RIGI-I BE ABLE TO POINT TO LIGHT ..AMD T., I'L IT .'.' 5V, V HOW TO PLAY FUI.LIUCK S INCE football has been blasted wide open, with the use of the lateral pass, a fullback iio longer can be the heavy, ponderous player whose sole forte heretofore was line plunging. The full today must carry weight on a long, ruiif/v frame, and must be able to run with the i'asl'.'st halfbacks so (hut he can j(et out in the open and yral > laterals and forwards. A fast full- buck, too, generally is a belter ground gainer through llic Ihie, for he can pick holes better. In hilling Ihe line, the fullback lowers either shoulder, and runs low. On meeting tackier, he raises the shoulder, shoving luckier to one side. Once in the clear, he must be fast enough to cut hack and pick up interference. On defense, the fullback is a busy man. He *^_ analyzes plays, and at all times must pile into KuTl the heart of the attack as it is aimed at the line. UAI HALFBACK THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Pop) Windy Went the Lir«U ^ "^gjr^j"-^ jfcgl •nMt.lli-a" v. DO By COWAN , CV T!JE. \ }f VVU/ TcLL WiE YE.D TROUBLES?! VVAHNED YA ?£> YEAPS AGO ' WUEN I BEOAN GOJN 1 A.ROJND WITH ENANAY.' TT-UST WAS NAY BIG MISTAKE / // AMP WUEN VOU RNISU MOPPING OUT TUE TUREE TWE CELLAR CLEANED M^D TUE KITCHEN SCRUBBED

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