Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 8, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 8, 1937
Page 4
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FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday,J)eceitibef 8, lft'8J IflED The More You Tell, th« Quicks* You Sell" RATES One Mine—2c word, minimum Me fbutee times~3^c word, mln. 50c Stx times—6c word, minimum 90* One month (26 times)—18c wordu minimum $2.70 Bates are for continuous huer- Uons only. tn making word count, disregard classification name such aa "Pot Kent," "For Sale," etc.—this is tee. But each Initial or name, or com' *)ete telephone number, counts U a full word. Pot example: FOR RENT—Three-room modem furnished apartment, wltb garage, close in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, liiiuite 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me toe one time; at 3ftc word, 53e for three Units, etc, MUTE: All Aiders placed by ttjepboue are due and payable upon presentation oX bill PHONE 768 TAKEN UP—Gray horse mule, brown horse mule, both 10-12 years, farm 3Vi miles east Hope. Roy Mullins. 8-3tp Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Seanar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf HOLD EVERYTHING - Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it $4.50 to 59.50. Come and see Ksmpstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RADIO SERVICE 208 South Elin, Phone 383 Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp fe CRANIUM CtACKIRS Questions ott r*a|e One 1. No; newspapers comparable to., our modern issues were published In ancient Rome and In China. 2. Perpetual motion, squaring the circle, changing of base metals to precious metals and the elixir of life are well known scientific follies. 3. A three-gaited saddle horse must walk, trot nnd canter. A five- gaitcd horse must Walk, trot, canter, rack and slow gait. The slow gait may be in running walk, slow pace or fox trot. • 4. The Comptroller of the United States serves for 15 years. 5. The full membership of the College of Cardinals is 70. For Rent FOR RENT—Threo room, furnished rpartwent, private bath. 203 East Avenue C. 6-3tp FOR RENT—a room house. Will repair to suit tenant. 409 E Second St. Write or see D. M. Cltty, Ozan. 1-3tp FOR RENT—Rooms or apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Private bath. Close in. 413 S. Main. 7-3tp Lost LOST—Black and vhite spotted dog. Part hound and birddog. Reward. 2rwing McFaddin, Hope Rt. 4, Box 32. 6-3tp LOST—Pair of spectacles, downtown Saturday night. Reward for return to Cox Drug Co. 6-6tc LOST—Man's Ruby Ring—yellow' ;old—possibly lost in or around mail joxes on Hope Route 1. JS.OO Reward. Fred W. Petre. 7-3tp. Notice For Sale FOR SALE—Christmas trees, Oregon Cedars, all sizes, phone 78 or 876. See Jimmy Derris or Hank Sommerville. l-6t-c. FOR SALF-414 West~Ave. G. $600 w.Uh S100 cash and balance at S8.01 a month. 321 North Hamilton. $850 w ith $1.00 cash and S9.10 a month. 121 S. Fulton (negro^ S600 with S100 cash and balance $8.01 a month. R. O. Bridewell, Agt. 8-3tp NOTICE—Public Sale, postponed to Monday. December 13, 1937. Estate of W. G. Powell. Silas Sanford, auctioneer. 8-3tp OUR BOARDING HOUSE . . . . • with , . , Major H°»ple OUT OUR WAY " f GQ&& di3§M Y'"\—/ OH, NO'*" / tAKIH)' OUT TH' \ / t DUST ASHES !M COPF6E CAMS *• WHY, IT'LL 1AK6 VOU •'•UM/I com. IWBVNEA SERVICE, ,.WiL, , me. T.M.REC. U.S.PAT. OFF. /.2'fi, By WILLIAMS r .v-H-rvy,?. wiu*, HERE vou WE-RE STARTING POWM TO TH' "ROWDY ^\ TANK WITH A BA<3 ^7 OP. U UTS, TO COAX V\ TO TEST YOUR ^( YOU OUT-—WE OUST W SELL, AMD FOUUD \p HEARD THAT SOME- pi IT CRACKED~<-~~ Y^> WITH OKIE LEPT TH'CAGE p\ YOU LOOK POOR ACTAR AND y / IF SOMEOKJE THAT A T=LOCK OF T / HAP EEEW TAP- SQUIRREL'S 1 LOOSE/ MAY- '^ BE THEY HAD \s%. POUBT IF YOUR ICE CHILLED COULD WARM UP TO SUCH A PUTY PIM<3 YOUR SKULL ;E IF IT DUNJDED HOLLOW/ E SFEUT HE MIGHT AT THE OWLS CLL)B = BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Salesman Wanted ""NOTICE—SALESMAN WANTED" I am in the Retail Coffee business. I want a large number industrious.' men for house-to-house soliciting, j Calling on permanently located white I families. Men who succeed must be neat, honest, intelligent and willing to. follow instructiins. Married men 25! to 35 who meet our requiremtnts may» I become route managers. See Mr. Taylor' Gurdon Hotel Wednesday night, Hotel Britt, Prescott, Thursday night. Capital Hotel, Hope Friday night, after 6 p. m. 8-2tc Wanted HIGHEST "TRICES PAID for 'PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. o04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-tfc WANTED—300 bushels of heavy corn. A. W. Biorseth, Hope Route TJirec, Box 144. : 6-3tp WANTED—New or renewal of subscriptions to any magazine published in the United States. See Charles Reynerson at City Hall. l-6tc ADDRESS ENVELOPES HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience unnecessary. Wonderful opportunity. Everything Supplied. Nationwide Distributors, 401 Broadway, N. Y. 4-tp WANTED—Pay 8 to 10 cents for vabbits. Cut off head, remove intestines, leave hide on. Located back of Garrett Hotel. Sam Terry, Hope, Ark. 8-3tp The Best hi Motor Oils G«ld Seal 100% Penn., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30e Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hon-—Open Day & Kite Logs, Blocks and Bolts We are hi the market for White Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, Bed Oak and Sweet Gum Logs. Round Sweet Gum and Black Gum Blocks* Oak, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading Company PHONE 245 Lily Maid of Fiction All Up for Bill By MARTIN ,HfsVO\<HW6 . XOT , VA\(bWt j_937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC, T. M. KEO. U. S, PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP UH-HUW ^' RIGHT AWAV- SHE'5 VJORRIEO ABOUT PAPA- There Is No Accounting By HAMLIN BUT VOU£ HIGHNESS- GUZ VWHAT?HE6OT HIS IS ALL RIGHT-HE'S STAVING /OW.M?? HAW HAW/ WITH ALLEV OOP AMD FOOZV - 1 THAT'S GOOD;' I C-^DM'T WHV, UMPA, >'•= EVEM GOT r^/r-vQ^ /lK)ow HE HIS OWM BREAKFAST THIS/ ^\i ^^ HAD IT INJ S=P-TH£ c-_ / -, • \ • , /- fcr, f '/..ic ',M.IAT WASH TUBBS WHV, THEM LOW-DOWW BUMS.'/TH 1 'Eev IDEA! AAV GUZ1IE TAWM' ROUGH" STUFF OFF'W TH' LIKSS OF THEM/ 6V GUM, I'LL SHOW <£M/ COPR.'1937 BY NEVglRVJCETTNcT fTMTREO. U. S. PAT. OFF. Happy Moments By CKAlNfc KINDLY EXPLAIN, SIR, WHV VOU A IDLE CURIOSITY, M WERE PRYING INTO ^AV HAND SAjG.yD£AR WllSS ZMITH.T WAS WONPERING WHY HORIZONTAL I Tennyson's lily maid. 6 She had an unrequited love for . 13 Pronoun. 14 Sharp- cornered. 16 Roof point covering. 17 Ever. 19 Hat. 20 Era. 21 Interior. 23 Rumanian coins. 24 Genus of ground beetles 26 Dower property. 27 Prayers. 30 Gibbon. 31 Year. 32 Girl college student. 33 Fiber knots. 35 Street. 36 Girdle. 37 Ursine animal 39 Finds the place of. 42 Type oi auto Answer to Previous Puzzle 'be. 1 body. 44 To bang. 45 Sound of pleasure, 46 Bustle. 47 Doctor. 48 Form of ' 49 Senior. 503,1416. 51 To melt, 53 Neuter pronoun. 55 This lovely maid of • died of love. 57 Horse's neck hairs. 50 Sacred tunes. 60 To impel. VERTICAL 1 Sound of inquiry. 2 One having a 1 lien. 3 Last words of prayers, 4 North America. 5 Finish. 6 Entices. 7 Ancient name of England. 8 No. 9 Credit. 10 Lawful. 11 Music dramas, 12 Musical note. 15 Frozen. 18 Note in scale. 20 Form of "be." 21 Her story is in •' of the King," 22 To perch. 24 Quaking. 25 is the king in the story. 28 Practice performance. 29 God of wisdom. 32 Heddles of a loom. 34 Without. 36 Blemish. 38 Soaks flax. 40 Somewhat old 41 Bed covers. 43 Ventilatipg. 48 Large room. 50 Moccasin. 51 Because. 52 Mooley apple 54 Golf device, 58 Toward, 58 Measure of area. IT'S NOME OP\ C VOHB PM^IMK^?' \Fi<j. 7O>UK. C>li5»I^LiS>, \vouiMGLADy AMD DON'T VOU DA.RG HM A CON MENTION THAT I / FIRMED A GUN, y\ TAVTL6 TALE. T FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS LI STEM , TPU.' IT'S BECAUSE TV& BEEN LEFT A LOTTA. MONEV AND I FEEL LOTS SAFER WITH A GUM, w^_____ THAT'S WHY. AN HEIRESS! WELL, WELL', A I'M WQT SNOOTV! I'M PERHAPS THAT'S WHV VOLVRE J MOT , N THE LEAST. I S0 SNOOTY./ JUST PONT CARE TOOH, FORGET IT! LET'S GO IN AND DANCE- BUT VOU WON'T MENTION THE GUN, WILL VOU? \L '. REU, Getting Acquainted IT Looks < < . LIKE 7 ITCAWT BE.' SOME /TWE TEAM CUP SORT ) V//AS AWARDED OP A A "TO ME IKJ A CUP ! j/ SPECIAL ASSEMBLY AT S-CMOOL. LAST WEEK i IT IS A CUP, AMD IT'S INSCRIBED! WHAT DOES IT SAY ITS A -^ PRESEWT I TO ME FROM JIBS WAYMAW, COACH OF KIWGSTCiKI HIGH ! GOSH,i WONDER WHAT FOR ? MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE WHAT IT SAYS' I CAW HARDLY WAIT .' By BLOSSER Time for Real Action IM SO SOW ,1 COULD CRY.' BETTER WOTj MOM , IF YOU DOKJ'T WANT ME JOIMIWQ IW THE CHORUS J HIL& MVJZA 15 RUNMIMCb TO GET JACK, THE /KJAWTE KMOWM AS JOHM <?UIC^,LV SLIPS IKJTO WILLIE /J^C^/COME C?UICKLV.' / I THIMK I'VE FOUMD ( WHAT WE'RE AFT V /V W/4L/£'S ftO WE'RE THRU KIDDIKIG,WOW, -HOLD THESE HAWD By T AINP t-OLL HE HASTHEDOOE^ BAIZEICADED- IT WON'T &UDGE .' MAVBE HE —

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