Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 5, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1935
Page 3
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,/.<< ^ %>^ ^ -> ; >• ,V ._ v v Nftvminte HOPE,, STAH, HOPE CrC'L Wild OWM Hark, that is morls wild geese go* ing south, •'•.• \ That cry from a cloud at Uic aulumri suhset's edge, Ag keen as the word'in a lonely prophets mouth- It is promise and pledge. •' They will return, they will break on the old earth's grieving With clear, sweet clamor, prevailing on and on; And they will bo more than n wedgo of wild birds cleaving Home through nn April dawn. Never (hat cry, that challenge flinging free,' But I start to my feet with a hall, laughing at death— On a sudden as sure of immortality i As of my life and breath.—Selected. t Mrs. Glen Williams spent the week end with friends in Stamps. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lewis were Sunday Riiesls of friends In Camdcn. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. W. Creed had as Sunday guesls, Mr. and Mrs, Ihbs. Fnllon of Magnolia. Circle No. 1 of the.Womans Auxll- iiiry of the First Presbyterian, church held its rcgulnr monthly wcctirg on Monday afternoon at |hc homo of Mrs. Tom McLnrty on .South Main st/cct, with Mrs. John Outline, leader, pre- Mding. A very inspiring, Bible, study wtis conducted .. l?y, . Miss Mamie; Twjtchell, followed i by an Interesting program presented by Mrs. B. L. 666 Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops checks l GOLDS and FEVER first dny Headaches In 3A minutes Kaufman. During the social hour, the hostess served n tempting salad course to 11 members. Tlie Pnt Cleburne chapter, U. D. C. will meet at 2i30 Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp on South Elm street, wllh Mrs. D, H. Llpscomb and Mrs. Don Smllh as as- soclnlc hostesses. Mrs. Jennie Moore of Magnolia ra- the Ruest of her White. sister, Mrs. E. E. Bobo, Magician, at the Saenger To Appear on Local Stage Wednesday With Many Famous Tricks "Smnrt folks arc easy to fool says Bobo the magician whose company will appear on the state at the Sacngcr theater Wednesday. Once while performing before a uni- I has * usl rclc a so 'l the official results Vcrsity faculty Bobo asked a distill-! of a su ™ey of 30 ° married couples, in gulshed professor to assist him with ai wh ' ch "? lssucs thls proclamation, trick on the stage. Before the trick! "c makes another statement which was half over the professor left the i is worl "y of °"y women's consider . JJ -.^.,..^.M J « U .M,. J ..^ ^^j^,..^^^... f WI Til TUTE' AjJtO Museum Is to Visit City ~ l " -ta " '' ~ a ~ at ^~~' Mow, nt last, there are statistics to verify the fact that married men, are happier than married women.. , Dr. Lewis M. Ternan, professor of psychology at Stanford University, PRINTZESS COATS and SUITS A Complete S ock In the Very Newest Styles and Colors, Lad i e s Specialty Shop Here's another of the big hits you have been waitJr.g to sec . . . "Broadway Melody oi ',"6" . . . Starts Sunday. * IT ENDS TONITE WED-NITE ONLY On the Stage 830 BOBO The Miigldnn —minutes of mystery, magic i'licl illusions that you'll enjoy! —On Ihe Screen— 7:15 and 9:30 SMITH BROS? No rein'ion to thc Cough-drop Smiths! —and— DOROTHY LEE —in— "The RAINMAKERS" The Bay View Rending club will meet at 3 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon nt the home of Mrs. R. M. Briant, North Washington street, with Mrs. W. F. Saner leading the program on Literature of the RevolM- tionary Period. Mr, and Mrs. W. A. Dean nnd Mrs> Rufujj Mllllcnn of Wnldo were Sunday visitors in the city attending the bedside of their aunt, Mrs. J. M. Wright who is critically ill from a fractured hip, in the Josephine hos- pltnl. The Ladies of the Cemetery association are requesting all who will donate shrubs for beautifying Rose Hill cemetery, please call the president, Miss Mamie Briant, ' between' Wednesday urtd Friday. - Mis.-i Claudia Coop nnd little Miss Jenn"Keith were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Coop. Mr. iind Mrs. Tonv Wnrdlow hnd ns week end guests, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Kendall of El Dorado. . The Womans Missionary Society' of the First Christian church held its regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Kline Franks, with Mrs. Harry Phipps as joint hostess. The outstanding features of the busnicss period, conducted by the president, Mrs. J. F. Gorin were completing arrangements for attending the one dny convention, meeting in Tcxarkana o Friday, November 8. A very helpful devotional by Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp was followed by an interesting program presented by Mrs. Mary L. Carter, assisted by Mrs. W. F. Saner, who discussed "Christian Attitude" and Mrs. George Dodd, who read a paper entitled "I Believe In Missions." The program was followed by a social hour, with (lie hostesses serving delicious pic and coffee to 12 members. Miss Beryl Henry, city school superintendent and Mrs. O. A. Graves left Tuesday noon for Little Rock to attend the meeting of the Arkansas Educational association and the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers. ... The November meeting of the Junior-Senior High P. T. A. was held on Monday evening at 7:30 at the high school, with the president, Mrs. Edwin Dossctt presiding. The meeting opened with community singing led by E. P. Young, followed by the devotional by Dr. Fred R. Harrison, pastor of the, "First Methodist church. A most interesting program on "Peace" opened with special music by the male quartette, Messrs. Copeland, Taylor. Bowdcn nnd Taylor, & declamation. "Tlie Big Parade," was given by Edward Lester. Tlie National President's Message was given by Mrs. Harvey Barr, fojlowcd by an address on "There. Is No Pcucc"by Miss Beryl Kcnry. Following the program, delightful refreshments were served in the Cafeteria, Despite the down p'our of rain, n splendid crowd was present. In hearts too young for enmity, singe nnd hurried out of (ho auditorium in a rage. Tho professor later apologized. Bewildered nnd nettled, he had completely lost control of himself. "That learned man had broken under the strain of encountering something that his mind could neither The "WorldVWoiider Car," carrying one of the largest collections of relics lion. It is necessary for two peOplo to have mutual outside interests if and oddities of any museum in this" country, will" visit Hope, Saturday they arc to be happy, he says, I November 16.' Right here we have the beginning of | The car is operated under supervis- nn understanding of the whole situation which lets a man find an outlet, which enables him to hold on to joy when a woman goes bumping her head ioii|of the United States Marine Corps. The h'ugc vehicle's visit here is made possible through the co-operation of the Auxiliary of Hope Boys band. The ngninst the garden fence. If a worn-j car will park beside the Citizens Na< an docs not share the outside interests itional Bank building at Second arid of her husband, because he always Elm streets. has adored football while she has not acquired a genuine liking for pik- skin, the man will go right on getting The car is 52 feet 3 inches in length. Arkansas is the 28th state to be visited. It was dedicated in Washington pleasure out of them, anyway. Alone D. C., December 7, 1933, nnd has* trav-. or with somebody else. He won't biijeled over 295,756 miles. ns happy as he would be if his wife I Within the walls of this huge car arc participated but he'll be there when housed exhibits from many lands in...... .eluding curios from China, Japan, Australia, Africa, Arabia, the Holy the Philippines; Haiti and Mex- Harvard kicks off. Vice Versa Doesn't Apply The saprano chorus will begin theme song, of course, explaining that lliuilli; av/iij5« w» wuuiotr, i-Al-uauiiug int . ^ ... *,'•,, a man should take an equal interest ! The evolution of the making of choc- in his wife's enthusiasms that a one- .°. lalts ' rarc , patent model*/ Including sided sacrifice isn't fair, that marriage the; first, street sprinkler,, a machine is a partnership — No one denies any of the arguments. .for cutting files, the first camp chair, first electric light made by Thomas A, Edison, and old nails from the Capitol burned of by Washington, which the British in 18M. Red Cross have also a display war* Tlie - ,—„- and there is n ncxhibit of Lincollniana for the first lime outside of Washington. World War relics, curios, coins and stamps, a sea exhibit including a large octopus, a photostatic copy of Ihe AttempHo Kill' (Continued f«*M page One) pushed swiftly through the desert, marching 30 miles Monday in blistering heat. Small Ethiopian bands fled before, (hettr as *th*eV : > ponefrated the lowlands ,with camels bearing small guns and heavy loads of supplies, These warriors passed the village of Lebe Gaeddi Sunday .and bivouacked for the night at the foot of Sanafe pass. Early'(his morning they climbed the stiff ttera plateau. Oiroli's biackshirts, the Asmara advices continued, sighilng a few hundred enemy' warriors in the distance today, but they disappeared without resistance. If anything, the advance is : more rapid than had been anticipated, military authorities said. To "Fight Jtt Out'.' C E N E V A.—Copyright, Associated Press.—Benlto Mussolini, Geneva believes, intends to fight it mil with Ethiopia. . That impression prevailed in 1 League of Nations circles as a drafting committee handled with caution:a Cana- OfL tracte* _. Anything tot Declaration of Independence, with let- I dian P r °J ect to °dd Coal, oil, iron and tor's frnm fiur> oarlv P™ci,ic,«ie n «j steal to the "key products" whifch loval let's from five early Presidents, and the smallest book ever printed in this country, are also on view. . There will be a small charge lo the publiq to visit the portable museum during its local stay. Only five cities Irj Arkansas will be'visited by this exhibit. fThe car will be open from 9 a. m. <Q 10 p. m. , _..„ „_... Commander 'W. H. GreCn, in charge ' Only men and marriage arc not that'of FERA workers removing debris of way. Even since Eve took the blame the Labor Day hurricane from upper for the fruit episode in the Euphrates' and; lower Matecumbe keys, where family, her daughters have been ac- so;na 400 persons,'including-war vet- cepting a lot of responsibility that i crans, wefe : drowiied. had advised his they would gladly share' with Adam's office-"everyone on th'e keys has-been grasp nor understand is simply one delightful irresponsible sons. In fact, if the average man took such taken care. of." There was no further word from more fact that Bobo has found to be a pronounced interest in a woman's Commander Green, It was'not known true in his study of magic. I knitting that he bought himself a; ball whether he had found shelter for the The smarter they are the easier they of yarn and some needles and began are lo fool. The reason is not mys- ' 3 knit himself a sweater, she would tcrious, it is found in the fuhdamcn- ponder on whnt manner of man he lower Matecumbe. more than 200 Workers housed in. the shack colonies.' at Snake Creek and tal facts of the human mind, through the study which Bobo hits made himself. Shipping along -the waterfront here Yes, Dr. Ternan. married men nre' suffered severely^ huge boats being .happier than, married women, on the tossed high on thc land. • Since the minds of children are in- average. But it isn't because they are Tlie .wind, driving during the lat- clined to wander, it is therefore hard- ! married men! It is because they arc | tcr part of the hurricane directly out cr' to keep their attention focused on ' men! A man is always able to sep- cf Hie cast, heaved .the seas, high onto onc subject for any length of time; arate his love from his business and Biscayne boulevard,_Miarni'waterfront therefore it i s harder to fool them'• his sports. He knows it's there—so avenue. Wreckage... was ,swept two than adults of higher inleligcnce whoj w ' lr>(? A woman carries'hers along blocks back into the city. habitually pay close attention. ' and lets it trip her up .just when she Bobo, the magician will feature, might be having a very good time Damage In Miami Throughout the greater Miami area many famous mysteries from India, China nnd Japan. A few of (he tricks arc, "The Canary and the Cage," "The Hindu Rope Mystery." "Where Do the Pigeons Go?" "The Million Dollar Myslcry" and many olhers. Bobo appears for one show only at playing tennis or buying a hat with a imnumcratole houses were damaged or colored feather. •-• >. ( deslroyed. Few frame buildings es- Mcn con become as inlereslcd in fis- J cap'ed. Windows were smashed and tic battles in a public arena, or a bi- , roofs torn away. Trees were flatten- cycle nice, as their own small sons! eel, blocking-city streets. Some sec- are in an alley free-for-all. A memory ( lions', were wjthoul lights and many :30 p. m. Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Eacy Terms W. Shiver Harry Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 There lies the way to make men free; When children's friendships arc world-wide, Now ages will be glorified. Lot child love child and strife Will cease. Disarm the heart, for that is PEACE. will always trip a woman just when telephones were out. One small frame building, believed unocclipied, was carried over another building .by the wind and dashed to a 'wreckage' in the street. Heavy^loss of she might be having fun. Genuine Interest Is Better Thau Simulated However, if a woman can take genuine intercsl in her husband's out- i plate glass was maused to signs mer- side interests, she is far more Ukcly to : chants had been unable to remove.. . .-. .:.,._.. i.. !..j. .i_._ : .. ..i_o.i.v Th e Red .Cross 'established eight first aid stations abbut 'the Greater be along when he indulges in' therh, 1 . She'll endear herself to him ddubly 1 ' ';. jle Said the Root ,home was in Ihe country; and "she' wanted to be in town." ' • . , • . •. i • l'"''fm adopting a Christian attitude," he;' said.,' "I've no idea of revenge. I Suppose she \vill be tried for murder. She! can't be turned loose. ','.'"My son' was not .immoral: He used ito say, 'Honey,' to different people, rn.it-he didn't mean anything by it. He was sweet and lovely to me. We y/6re yery close." •Mrs. R. L. Roberts, mother of Mrs. Daisy Root, held to the hope the minister would come to the defense of his daughter-in-law, because "Dr. Root loved Daisy like his own daughter." 'Four-year-old George Root, sori of tire ypung couple, played happily on his tricycle at the home of his mother's friends, unaware of the tragedy. ,' -"Mama's coming by soon," he said, "then, We're going riding." 'key products" which loyal League members may not export to Italy. ' I Observers said the "concessions" which Italians avowedly offered to Sir Samuel Hoare, the British foreign secretary, on Satut-day '. apparently were not deemed of sufficient importance to be worthy of the. consideration'of eilher Great.Britain or France. COMMON COLDS] ' Relieve the distressing symptoms by applying Meniholalum in nostrils, and rubbing on chest. Gives COMFORT Daily If you prefer nose drops,or throat spray, call for the MEW MEMTHOLATUM LIQUID iit handy.bottle with dropper The Young Mi of the • Outdoors The young lady of v today enjoys tile freedom and gaiety of the outdoors, and that calls for a boot that is Cortt- fortable, smart appearing and rturdy.. Star Brands are' sure to be her choice, A Riding Bol t6t 3 Sizes to Similar v ^i tyfe^ ft Sizts up to S ' A smart appearing, 'all t let Brown Cavalry Pull-on Boot % length, soft calf uppersj' spur chain across instcpr -Rode last. Rubber cap"heel.' ', \f DUG GAR'S Star Brand Shoe Store 111 West Second^ Street;*? Husband In (Continued from page one) by being a gay and sympathetic cdm-'i Miami area, panion. It's all very fine to be thb | > ;— • — woman to whom a man comes back i but it's twice ns much when you also The Brookwood P. T. A. Exchange | ^Thi^in'troduccs another salient point j the first week in December. A plan in Dr . Tcrnan's survey. If a woman has been worked out whereby all the cnooscs a husband whose roots are ! _.._ . participating units can make money, imbeddcd in the same soil in which ' ~~~ ' ilsp any other person in the city, do- | Bhc too _ hns growll| t h c community of Miss Underwood .at her home . "I had jinne to help the P. T. A. or make , mltual interests is already establish- no affair with him. He loved me too whnstmcs money for themselves. The : cd Neithcr onc w jn have to make much for that. When I found, out a Brookwood unit wi 1 get 20 per cent himself or herself over to conform to . few months ago that he was married, rf any article placed in the exchange. ' a ncw paUcrn . Certainly there is he wanted to got a divorce, but I told Mich member of the Brookwood Unit • moro chance f or happiness when two him to return to his wife? and child, will donate an article for sale, thc j le of lho same kind marry Af _ proceeds going to their association, lcr .,„_ orcnlds and bcans grow in d if- mcmbcrs of other units may do- , fercnt lypcs of soil No horticulturist he "Saturday night, he came to the night club with his wife. She dared him to buy a pack of cigarettes from nate articles, the proceeds going to, wou , d cxpcct to mix thcm wit hout me. their association leys 20 per cent which I <, acr jficing onc or the other of them, f "He said, 'Hello honey, how much will go to thc Brookwood unit for g the article. The Exchange will be open to anybody in the city and Ihose who desire to put in articles, according to the above plan may do If you do not understand the rules ."Icnrly, please call either, Mrs. C. E. Weaver, 568J or Mrs. Bernard O'Dwycr, 848. Your patronage toward inoking the exchange a success will be greatly appreciated by thc P. T. A.'s of thc city. Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Fowler and chil- Iron of Longview, Texas, were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 3ournc. Mrs. J. D. Ellis nnd Mrs. Chas. M. Clark have returned to their homes in Texarkana and Arkadelphia after a visit to their sister, Mrs. Dan Green in this city. Love, you may say, doesn't always arc they??" She pushed me and slap- go where it is sent. However, it, can'pcd him. She left after.that," Another couple drove Mrs, Root to the home in which she had lived since be directed at the very outset. A wise woman will look to the address—and if she forgets, as happens to thc wisest leaving her husband six weeks ago. sometime—she'll make the adjust- There, officers quoted her as saying, ments uncomplainingly, accepting the she obtained her pistol and borrowed fact that most of them will be hers to an automobile, make though she has man-led a man who would give his right arm for her, It is the only way to keep a whole W Report of Condition of the CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Hope, Arkansas At the Close of Business Nov. 1, 1935 RESOURCES Loans and Discounts $ 320,037.25 Banking House & Fixtures., 30,000,00 U. S. Bonds 100,000.00 Bonds, Stocks and Securities 236,057.89 Cotton Acceptances 65,010.75 Cash and Exchange 314,908.03 Total $1,066,013.92 LIABILITIES ; Capital Stock $ 125,000.00 Surplus 35,000.00 Undivided Profits.. 21,671.30 Deposits 884,342.62 Total $1,066,013.92 MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Hnri? thiS Bank are insured by the Federal De P° sit Insurance Corporation in the manner and to the extent provided under the terms of the United States Banking Act of 1935 moon shining in a martial sky. Game Returned To (Continued from page onc) gumos because of an injured shoulder, went through a lively practice .session Tuesday afternoon to prepare for the annual Prescott game. Barring injuries the balance of this week, the Bobcats will be in tip-top shape for the first time this season, Coach Hammons said. She said, the officers related, that she drove to her husband's home, roused him from sleep, called him, "Honey," and fired at him until her gun was empty. She accompanied him to a hospital in an ambulance. He died en route. Tho grief-stricken rector, former archdeacon of thc Protestant Episcopal church for West Tennessee, and once dean of a cathedral at Albuquerque, N. M., talked of the tragedy, describing both hig son and his daughter-in- law as "good kids." Robison's Announce a Special ••Mt , «^HA««_^ . „ *"• i ANCE Of BETTER QUALITY DRESSES Substantially Reduced to $11 Coast Guard Aids (Continued from page one) excitement. Bachrach came here three' weeks ago from New York. | An unidentified sailor aboard thc Hariha in the hurricane area. He was I reported killed when struck by a ventilator which the mind had loosened. | Investigation failed to bear out a widespread report that a woman and her child were electrocuted when they ' came into contact with a fallen wire, j Authorities said a 45-minute lull between the first and second high winds probably saved many lives. Tlie lull, came when the center of the storm passed. During the lull, when the ', winds dropped away to a virtual calm, I residents fitted storm shutters, obtained food supplies from nearby stores and reinforced doors and windows with heavy furniture. Workers Taken Care Of Relief headquarters reported Lieut. Sec Our Selected Line of Ncw FALL DRESSES Silks a«d Woolens in thc Nttrcst Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C, P. Holland A civic law in Tenganan, Dutch Eust Indies, forbids men to work in the village under penalty of being publicly thrashed by women. Shoe manufacturing was introduced into America in 1629 by Thomas Bearg, who brought hides over on the Muy- flower. WRESTLING WEDNESDAY NIGHT (November 6) Fair Park Arena 2 Good Matches DONALD McNAUGHT vs. SPEEDY SCHAEFFER And LEFTY WILLIAMS BULLDOG STECKER Wednesday Nile 8 p. m. Courtesy Tickets Honored They Sold From: $16.95 to $22.50 Thci.se who appreciate n real value will be here early tomorrow (Wednesday) morning to see, and buy, these smart, ncw fall dresses that we are marking down for a quick clearance. We guarantee that these dresses at this price t arc an actual saving of from $5 to $10,' Individually Styled in Fashion's Latest Designs These arc not odd designs* or queer styles but consist of our regular stock of belter quolity dresses, each one having been individually selected by our buyers for their smartness, workmanship and quality. You will find they contain every important fea* turc of the ncw fall fashions. Sec if your size Is listed in the chart bviow, then hurry down and pick out the color best suited for you. Size, Color and Quantity of Dresses Color f Black [ Brown Green Rust Plum Wine 14 i 16 i 17 1« i 40 3 !"2" i 1 1 1'T 1 i r 1 2 i " "i 2"] " 2"< Y' ! j i ' " " i : j 1 ; 421* 111 J ._. i.;_ i j \ THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Geo, W, Robison 6* Co, HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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