Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1935
Page 4
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fc&Jl -'X ' By Bruce Cation i have been watt- ilt~Ameriea, collecting im- , r and then going home to write [ , sihi* the repviblic Was in r clothes but it has retained 07 Macdonell to sound a new H&cifaneU. whose "A Visit to a' 1 si a witty and goodnatured ail'of his travels and travails in during the fall of 1934, de-it is foolish for foreigners to America with any one Euro- nation. ' : ,United States, he says, is noth- less than a continent in itself, and fairly be compared only with as & whole. It has its wild , lawless areas, for instance, as 6 has its Balkans but to com* H with Germany of England, h d<J not have such areas, is un& for GGermany and England are Oftly Small parts of the European en- English visitor seems to have 1 himself immensely in Amer- ahd his book provokes a long se,of chuckles, since he writes with .fleft. unlabored wit—as, for instance, he says that American .football s the less pleasant features of Bugby and the World War. ed Boston, Baltimore, Helena, root. Salt Lake City, San Francsico Louisville. Ky., very much in- He did not care so much for _t>, Butte, Los Angeles, and most Texas, found ,New York Restaurant ig atrocious and Kentucky cook- iivlne., Amazingly, he reports .our auto traffic manners are far than those of England. , has written a pleasant book. illlan offers it for ?2.50. r* -f ~ Jpset Condition Made Man Feel i Tired and Weak |';Black-Draught is a purely vegtable nedicine for the relief of constipation. • It does its work to the satisfaction '-thousands of men and women who 'it when needed, 'twas strong and healthy until I __j'the flu," writes Mr. C. W. Whid- aon, of Mandeville, La. "After this I ^is!" troubled -with constipation that nade me feel tired and sluggish and "~ il - ' Black-Draught helped me quite I think it is good for conti- By Alicia Hart Just as too many accessories—even though they are handsomeones—spoil the .well-groomed effect for which you strive, too great a collection of attention-getting beauty aids, worn at one time, make you' look haphazardly turned out instead of neat and trim. The woman who starts out wearing long, artificial eyelashes, an intricate coiffure, a black beauty spot on cheek or chin and scarlet nails impresses others in much the same way as one who dresses up a frock with beads, earrings, bracelets, a mesh collar and jeweled belt. The easiest way to solve the problem of what to put on and what to leave off is to decide first of all just which feature or which part of your face you wish to dramatize. If you have nice eyes, make them up as much as you like, wear an off-the-brow hairdress and don't use enough rouge and lipstick to draw attention away from your eyes. If you have a beautiful mouth and chin, forget about mascara and eye- shadow and concentrate on learning I now to apply lipstick to accentuate j your mouth. Girls with lovely ears are the ones who should wear their hair off the face-and go in for earrings. Broad faces look less wide if hair is parted in the center. Long ones, and long noses too, look shorter if the hair is done with a side part. If you have a wellshaped head, Wear your hair flat across the back. Incidental- y, ringlet curls, unless they are pined down smoothly, don't lend them- elves well to large faces, whether ound or oval. Leave these for girls vith rather small features. Unless your hands are truly pretty, :etter wear neutral polish on your nails. Vivid tones attract attention to r hands, of course. ^ .Remember to "try Black-Draught ?3next time you need the assistance it ; -has-so reliably brough to others. lACK - DRAUGHT |?\WANTED—HEADING BOLTS White Oak—Whisky and Oil grade. lOyerciHJ, Post Oak and Red Oak. " Vot Prices and Specifications o </• v< Apply to ••' •••' '"•' Sft HOPE HEADING'COMPANY Phone 245 • Hope, Ark. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! .,' in the Hope Star .MARKET PLACE -Remember, the more you tell, the ' quicker you sell. \, 1 time, lOc line, min. 30« For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one a<? ' 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« ' - 6 times, fie line, min. 90c y 26 times, 3V4c line, min. J2.76 (Average iVz words to the line) NOTE>—Want ads will be accepted 'with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 76S ".*< NOTICE • NOTICE—We invite you to take advantage of our special photo offer for November. All work guaranteed. Attractive prices. Special tinting at a small cost. The Shipley Studio, 215 South Walnut. l-3tc FOR SALE Good wagon mules, cows, syrup, po- tsttoes and peanuts. We sell or will trade for mares. J. L. Anderson, Hope Route 1. 4-3tp Help Wanted—Female FEMALE HELP WANTED: Address envelopes at home, spare time; $5 to JJ5 weekly. Experience unnecessary ' Pignified work. Stamps brings details -;gmplQyrnent Mgr., Dept. 4309, Box 75 d, Ind. 4-ltp WANTED WANTED— Men's suits, coats, ladie: fefa*es and coats, and all kinds o usedclothing. Joyce and Floyd Me 30-6tc For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company $50 to $500- AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for C O T.T O N TOM KINSER Get the World on a tRQSLEY All-Wave RADIO 'Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO FIT ANY CAB BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street AT YOUR SERVICE With Complete' Facilities for Tire Repairing Battery Charging Gas and Oil WANTED—We pay five cents pound for clean cotton rags. We do not accept strings, overalls, or any sort of ticking. Hope Star. WANTE5h-Ten. white women to pick Qtjt pecans; apply at Hope Produce ifeuse, 106 South Walnut St., Hope, ff Arkansas. 4-ltp. RUPTURED? LET US CORRECTLY FIT YOU WITH A TRUSS. We carry the largest and most complete lino of Trusses in Southwest Arkansas. Our line is selected from the stocks of the five leading manufacturers of Trusses. We guarantee you a fit. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company Phone G3 The Rexall Store Delivery f4 FOU PENT— Two bedrooms, adjoin- in|( 'bath, private entrance. Mrs. W. R. <3i«wiler, 402 South Pine. Phone 906. 28-12tc FOP RENT—Four-room house in • addtion. $10 per month. 1638-F-4. 4-3tc; LOST—In the Saenger one yellow Hold w/ist watch with chain strap. tfcs. .Comer Boyett, Phone 450-W. )RESSES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED By OUR SPECIAL Odorless Process All types of Ladies Dresses thoroughly cleaned by our special process that restores the color and freshness to ihu fabric. Minor repairs made ut no extra cost. Hall Brothers PHONE 385 fol '*''' jt 'Vv*A Ktrf t ^ ' * ^ *'' ^ ^' ''s 51 * 1 -* 'i • ' '* - '''( '' ' ' '-'*' **r1 («-, . **ftt tCS intj riUUSE ByAHERN DUtOURWAY By WILLIAMS , t>od f HOW , TO GET ^ VAOLt) ON rV\t,N __ Ax LULLABY tdfc tAY CVA\N * WA*, t SAYS "SO YOU^E A BOWOY-£ EM ^X.AN"Tr4£H 1 CLAM1P rV\V L&FT HANt) ON TH^ BAxCK Cfc VA\S HtCV<» ^^ THAT SOTTENS W^,TO^»LL UPT HOb-THEN 1 SHOULDER HIM / \ ^^^A \N A f\Lic. ON TVA" > k M^- xrn MAT I-^NEAT, EH 7 VS \T £<SAD^N ^AY t5AV,WPESTUM< WAS <3RECO- CLASS\C STYLE.j O"F PHYS\CKV SOEMCE: f HAVE A/ © 1935 BY NE* SERVICE,'IMC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAt. OFF. f /V QUIT THATGRUMBUW', \ / AW <3O ONJy NOvy / VtXJ \' dOTTA TAWS' TH' 06X/ ^o you KIM err up MI6H ENOUcSM TO P«JT TM' LETTSR IN TH' MAILBOX/ V6U GOTTA SUAWr* I'M UI5ARW/U' YOU SOMeTMlNJ,' Me wow LAzy you •*u,. (r) IMS BY NCA SERVICE. INC. THE ' OP ll-f ^ T.M.REO.U.9.PAT,OFF. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ho Hum! by MARTIN OUT f\ YOU GO\WG \T . CAV.V. OvF OR OWE. ? lj © 1935 BY NEA SERVfCE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. ALLEY OOP What's a Little Hill to Dinny? By HAMLIN I THINK VOUR HUNCH WAS GOOFY! WE'LL NEVER GET is* -^ACROSS TH 1 MAYBE WOTT^RIVER.GOIN^ BUT LISTEN .VTHIS WAY.' DO YOU HEAR THAT ROAR? YEH-'S PROBABLY/OH, ALLEY, A WATERFALL - /PLEASE GO WE BETTER /JUST A LITTLE TURK! AROUND) FARTHER -I AN'GO _^i STILL THINK BACK - /3iL jk WELL FIND A PLACE >TO CROSS. 'WELL, PER-' TH 1 WHOLE BLAMED RIVER GCfIS RIGHT IN UNDER TK CLIFF/ WELL.OOOLA -I GUESS YOU HAD TH'RIGHT IDEA WE'RE A5 GOOD© AS HOME, RIGHT .X- |F WECAN WOW,' r FIND SOME WAV TO CLIMB "OVER THAT HILL WASH TUBBS Lulu Bell Defies Drake By CRANE DRAkE CLA1MSTHATABAUONE//A QAWG5TER ALWAYS } U/LJ/VC BARBARA HAP HIS HAS AW ALIBI. THE GUILTIER y A 7"><TttD PISTOL AT THE TIME / HE '-\S, THE BETTEf? HIS ALIBI. / A <5AN6ST6R AMOS WAS SHOT. A ' ' i> ^ ^ yOU ARE, you LOP-EAREP GORILLA.' AM' I WOULDM'T BE SURPRISEP IF YOU MADE THIS TRIP JUST TO BUMP OFF THE BI6QER 30VS. YOU AIM'T KMOCKIW' yrtlj BETTER "X SET DOWKJ, JAILBIKP/ \ VOU DOPEV , • — * WOT ArruVc ME IT AIN'T THE FIRST QA^Ef lU \ NOTHIN'/WITHOUT? H^^ffKff ^gis^a^r^. /KM®:.WR' iH ^ fluM%i ^ A ^ OF KILLING AKIVBOD/// 7/ EARS OFF/ I'LL — AIM'T 6OTTHE STUMMICK TO klCK A ?FTf Hi* FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS Nothing to Do But Wait By BLOSSER PAP TOLD \ ITS TOO SOON ME THey "^ TELL, BROUGHT/ FRECKLES.... MOTHER / SHE'S JUST GOING UNDER OVER. HOW \S SHE? THE ETHER, ; NOW '!/ HOW LONG WILL IT BE BEFORE WE'LL KNOW IF THE OPERATION HAS BEEN A SUCCESS THAT'S (HARD TO )SAY.... IT 'MAY TAKE PAYS.' THAT MEDICAL SCIENCE CAM DO IS BEIM<5 DOME FOR MOTHER.'AMP THERE'S YOU CAM DO, RIGHT YOU BBTlcR 60 \ OUT, AMD TRY TO ( 'STOP WORRY/MO. x> - f / . GEE, WOULDN'T IT BE AWFUL IF MOM COULDN'T EVER SEE TREES AGAIN.... /\ND FLOWERS, AND.... AND HER OWN BOYS // i H l"i i;1 THE NEWFANQLES (Mom y n Pop) Big-Hearted Windy By COWAN Iv\ hAISSUS DON SEN' ME DCWN FO TTEU.M5U HON\E AN' OtVE HER A HAN' / WELL, I JUST SAW HIM STRETCHED ACROSS A POOL TABLE, AND I COULDN'T HELP SMILING ABOUT YOUR TELLING WE TUAT YOU BOUGUT TUIS PLACE SO WINDY'D HAVE SOMETHING TOO/ rtf A- \m \ VJUY SHOULDN'T I BE. SORE S /V THERE'S WOOD T'BE CUOPPED-WD YOU DOWN PLAYIN 1 POOL-1 DONT GET ANY HELP WITH TUE N£W-S, NOT EVEN A KIND WORD A KIND WORD? WHY, BUTTERFLY.' HAVE YOU EVER COOKED A MEAL IN YEQ LIFEJHET I DIDN'T PARK w FEET UMDED TUE TABLE. AND TELL YOU WHAT A N\FTY COOK YOU WAS *? NO SICREE! UONEY'.YOU'RE SPAART ENOUGH T'KNOW WHEN_YER GEVTIN' A SWELL BREAK .'/ -^z°* is >wc w* *J J >t-4* r lj yj 1935 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. R£C. U. S.PAT. Of F.

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