Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 26, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 26, 1952
Page 10
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HBr & M6M ItAI, MOM, ARKANSAS Ifff off the bond- fed Oov, Afllol il» to ih« Do mo- Itlol nomination convention r«- tut nhjht after •e* w«* fnlrly Running Mate Continued rrofn f *<f» 0«« ftotilh o plnro on thf Jlcfcfl for the firm time In mod*™ poll* • («"« plrrurnnloiiri' which arMtuHl rtlcttited In ftnrt by the nppfnl thnt Gen. IHviiihl I), KWi'nhov/i i , the Iti piibllrwn nominee, I* reputed to hfivc in Ulxlclnnd, Thl» t\fw iicpeiil-on-ywiih ticket pfofMldM to give th* 1 Mfmoernllr party a nfw looh, Stcvennon niny Kiotl revnrfiplrig Itn nrgn/il/fitlon to- dwy by nflinlng ft new national chfllrrnan to repinrc Frnfik K. Mr- nn, »H», ffcurlh , to d WorH of iwltchni Si voiN %iTit to Hen. * r HttllrtJ,; on^ and . Id Sti-v^rlujyn nnd •04 of)f (o r ,„_j, fiivir Ihis vots ivfmfon Rnd one and i? d Jiopfd to land !UI> ; norninntlon jHjfJiirently coft. HDt (JJIVfl dldcfitlnl On» ..«, ' ft w 0 0'() flhtoir MiHtfnr- ahd nitty- Ing the Nhow t, MM, Cul- ttdt to ...nvtd.Har hhnd •» shone like u it , WOH III- wlU have itttflft , , ', undcrntnnd- and Ittifilucublc tmrpoie may out 1 lot for yt'iii-H lo eontfl. Let'ti It, 1>1'« talk ncnsc to the mprloarr'people." It WIIH not the usunl roeltnl of Slowing -promtae* of the future oild Intidfitory referoncus to the party'* punt record expected from mom nominees. Stovonnon xald he expeclH the epviulteunft will cult the Demo- crutH uppumem, the war party, letictlonury und »odnll»tlc, But he »nld he Is not worried about OOP crlen of "throw the rnscnU out," . "I ; < : *nv not- too much concerned with partisan denunciation, epithets and .abuse," he mild, "be I'liuse the workliiH man, the farm" r, (tin thpunhUul bxiHliicim man. ali Know they ure ln-itcr off than you ore .. tnlh tncn )TvBt Xlnd uf n mnn iit, To tell you ittltd nt this no ml;• told they drafted i ; ballot, ,fen; look* and net* .11 'p«rnt|inrn'tm who »ud- I'/lp* j»oW«r and le«rn« ',UYH WHh'lt, Hut Adlhl is'rttore like un urlnlo- 'apfi* lhto'j>oUllcii becait. ipclologleul Inten-itt In jfgwr,>Arvn-i ui*4 IQ hurtil !h|Pariiltocrai8 or' polltl of nc- U\« Denworntlc purty ot M on* because 'of Sfi-rt 'tZJtTCQflt* f V A\ >2?Tl»rJ|t <U«t deUBotft, liMMMttHiMhot Wilson H&iW&dUt u.Me had P yo«r Hntry g?;"sjrw "^r*-,^jf»"v»» IlOlTlv ^•trem^ owl, my rt'ri ibi^ Whole thing has «. you ii of ft Utletjm*. riot C0\lt»0 34 ond Thn IlllnoU govrrnor, rollftd nver Kofntivcr in icnue convention after W. Averell Hnrrl- tfinn of New York had withdrawn, k»y noted bin own cfimpriiKn In hU e uprerh curly todny. Irtiportniit limn wlnnlnr;; ihe flection In Kiivrnlf-ii tbc rui- tlon," he told the DHrmrratR »ol- . '"Thst I* il»- ti-ot of n iioini- ml porty-tlie arid, fl/iiil t<>.-;t. "Whufi the tumult nnd tho Rhoul- ing die, wh*n the bnndn nrc gone and tllo lights are- dlmmnd, (here the Ntnrk rnullty uf rnnpon«lbll- Ity In /if i hour haunted by tboue tfntint, (trim Hpeclns of utrife, din- and mnti-rliillxm tit hornej ond ruthlc**, innnrutuble and hoa-i UI»f powrr tibroiirl," I A«si!rlln« thnt the "bloodleKt, tiirbul<.'iil ««<' of the Chrl«tlan oro IH fur from over, |ira|f!i>i| the Demo- for thivuliltiH nut their •.•on- veiitiorv dlffereftOeH "wiihiiut catl- IliU each Oliver llurii und thieves" UN he tidld the Iti-iiubllcunN had done In proving here two wockii nyo thnt their purty wan "brutiilly Russell Did Not Expect to Really Win By WI LOUR JENNINGS CIIK'AOO (ff, UnlMWMl In defeat ond r<i''iml«lng to ntipport the Dem- fi-rniie |irr>nldfntUil nomine* fn Novi'/nbiT, Sen. Richard lluXflpll of plrinncd u long rcxl toduy. I lust tun bid for the pr«<> nomiiiiitlori In today'* early mtirnlriit hours to Oov. Adlal Htevennon uf Illinois, a dlfttant rel> N'-vf-r ulveii much of a chance from the ntnrt beeaunn he w&a Inv fnedlntnly inKH'-d u "Hectlonol con- isldiitr*," itiiHtell iiouifht to carry to tin- pc<i|ili> tin. word that he wan ii "mitlnrifii i .•iriflldiitf," On tlu> tliinl h.'illnt, which nom- Ilinli'd Sli-vc/i ;(iii, Itu-iMi'll received •JIM vot«'H bi'fure the count wafl mmle tinnnlmriie: for StPV(«ri(ton, KiiHiicll h:id picitlcted ilurlriK hlA i'iiiii|uiii/n imii lu'iil put unlit the lust Unit In- woultl b'e nominated. II went tn convention linll firm lln.c lote I nut nlKhl hurried mill from his colon the Amphitheatre floor, u (Ir.irruitic race through filreets with n police en- rorl. At the rntrnnoe to the hall he waw met-' by C!eornln'n Oov. lf«r- man 'I'iilinniljjc who excitedly .told K.rfiiuvri in on Hie stund IKK! roiuly to throw in the towel." ,«..ii>ll went to an upstalrit i behind tin- tuulltorlum w(>«r* he conferred with hix udvlueri). Thft iiici- WHS over und IliixxeH kriew.lt. lie look bin defeat In good ({men. Shortly after . Stevmnon's nom I ha- lion. Riiimell made hl« first appear- illicit before the convention. • Th«' (ieorulan Huld he hud fou«ht n haul, clean buttle without rnuk InH any ili'ul.i. for Ihr (ifti-r n It wn.q Tabulation of the Third D«mo Ballot CONVBNTION HAM,, Chicago, July M t/p) — Itrre i* the tabulation by gluten of the third ballot at the Democratic National Convention Jlisf before the nomination of Oov. Adlal Stevenson of Illlnolii was friurle unanimous by ncelnmnlinn: July K, Mi Ala. Ark. AM*. Ark. Co I If. Colo. Conn. 22 22 12 22 OH 10 10 0 24 28 V M I'j I "4 Kla. Oa. Idaho 12 HI. 00 Jnd. 30 Iowa Knn. Ken. LR, Me. 24 (W 4 3 1 8 u 12 I 20 20' > 20'j TexansVote Today on Senator | DALLAS. Tex. <n — Texan <? vote, lonny In n Democratic primary | election on a successor to U. S.I Senator Tom Connally nnd to fill httttc office from the Kovernor- ship on down. i Also nl Mlake nr<- 12 gents In the i U. S House, of Representatives ! Only u ||ti|(. more than half ofi the 2,337,018 qunliflcd voters unexpected to turn out. j "More Ihnri n million votes" w«s: tt.e forecast by Bol> Johnson, man-' fiper of the Texn.i Klectlon Bureau' Two Countiti S««k Disotter Aid r.lTTT.K HOCK on-Yell. Ouchilft nnd Saline Coimlifs yr.itprday J6in- ed 18 other Arkansas counties In n i|ueRtin»! designation ns e t o p di.sasler ureas by the Secretary of Agriculture. The nnnoiincemtnt ^•ns made by J. V. IUf(hflll, state KIIA director. ]f approved, the farmers In the counties will be able to borrow money from the Farmers Home Administration. tabulates the unofficial 20 10 Md. IB MbflB. 30 Mich. 40 Minn. 20 Ml«8. IB Mo. .'14 Mont. 12 Neb. n JNfev. N. H. N. J. Barkley 20 20 10 n 32 B'/j 9 If! 2 3 V4 R 4 N. M. 12 N. Y. 4 N. C. 32 N. D. Ohio 8 54 Ok la. 24 12 1 IB 1 7% 24 / Ore U Dnrkley 24 12 54 25 II) 1G 7 0 2!) 40 Cl 22 12 II 2 2» 7 801 i 7'j it 20 1 which turns. Candidate have found the voters Uivert.-d by the national political jiltuatlun. Some may .stay away under the mistaken belief that they! can't vote in the Democratic primary and in the Kfnernl election i for Dwlght D. Kisenhnwer, the Hc-\ publican presidential nominee. ! Candidates who fear a light vote! have emphasized that It is not! against the law to vote In Democratic primary and for a Republican In tho November general election. It Is a criminal offen.se however, to vote in tho Democratic primary and also participate In elections. Nomination In a Democratic pri mary is the equivalent of election i)i Texas, There will he a run-off primary .Aug. 2.1 for offices where i no candidate polls more than half the vote tnst in the first primary. Without nnmliiH the uenerul dl 9t«venson mild Eisenhower in "H leader whom wo all reupect, but who htiH been culled upon to minister to u helpless cnue of pollt- icul Nchixophrimlu (npllt pemonul Hy)" In utlemptlnu to hold the Repuullcun parly together, . Ben, A. H, (,Mlkci Monroney of OUlnhomu, not un orlulnal Stevenson buoitlcr. told rvportt<r^ he h<> lltved It WHS "the Kl'eatcHt ticeept linen «|iewch ever i{lven." Monroney Raid lit* thouuht .St<-vt-n!H>n hud ''Ihp KooNeVe\t touch," Sl«?ven»un'« talk c o n t r a B t e d jshnrply with the* "give 'em hell" upeech with which Trumun ussulloa the .HepublltnmH In introducing tho now stwndurd, benrer formally to tho convention. Trillium suld tho Republlenns hud tried to -slop prourewK and they qrv nt it again thin year. Prui.se the Democrullc platform, the President said hlii pftrty Is yiiinu to Win uitnln this yeur, Applauding the choice of Stcvrn- sttn, whom he helped ulunjj towni'd the riornlnutlon by gettlnK llnrrl- mnn to withdraw, Truman .siikt he i« Hointf to "take my cout off uml do everything I cnn" to help him. Stevontion, who. said he had IK- Counties — 1,3 mill's of <lrulnui)o slruoUireN und Vust* c<mra» tw the ruuil lilttliwuy III Graves Until. I'mr BUtff, Kit.aSMS. Kt, Kruiu'U and CroHS Counties ..... 6i4 mUoH uf grndlnji, druinam 1 und. gravel k'«se cgur.se tht> J'urkln-llljihwrty 70 ruud, 79, O, I- 1 . Junes Chancellor Sets Aside Six Divorces MARION. HjPt— An R n «t-Ar- kniKifiN chancellor yesterday set iisldf sly divorce decrees here and In.'ihcd out ut the .stale's divorce luws. C^hiincellor Leon Smith of Biythe- Vlllo dtinotliiced the 1031 statute which permits out-of-sttite persons to utftabltah a DO-duy rc»l(lcnce In Arkansas imrt then U« - t u divorce. He unld that htreufter he would rcuulrn oral test!mi.iny of residence ot |)lnlntirfn and definite proof of Ki'tiuiulH for divorce, Smith's action followed recent crltielmn of an ArkunHuu divorce jtraiitcd tgor Ctt«sinl, H New York newspaper columnist. lie told the court that he Intended to a-ik the prosecuting attorney to dike action If the divorce laws (ontinued to be Ignored. Under the law. u person seeking u divorce must have lived in the state for UU day« before filing a divorce petition, and In the case of out-of-Htaterti, must wait uu- other 'id ihiys before a heurlnu Is Ki'anted. He also must Indicate that lie Intends to make Arkansas hlii pi rmunenl home.) The six persons Involved In the decrees and three otht»r plaintiffs could not be found for the service of subpoena* Issued by Smith. "I'm not 'a reformer, but I some idea* of my own, und there is the rule of tho law to follow," he declared. "The court Is without power to Investigate," he added. "All we can do is bring thes* propU* back Into court und see If they uri- complying with the res Ulenee laws." lie declared that If the divorce laws in Arkansas are evil, the legislature is responsible for permittint: the situation to have existed for HI years, i I'cnn. 70 70 It. I. 12 70 S, C'. 10 . 10 S, D. H H Term 2(1 2fl T. x. .12 52 Utah 12 VI. . tl i/i Vn. 2tl aa Wii.sh 22 II '/• W.Vu. 20 7'i n''i Wi.s, 2H 28 Wyo 10 , A'ska 00 . D.c. a • T. H. 0 1 ' P. H. tl , C.S5. 2 V. Is. 2 Total 1.230 275', j 201 Others: Hurkley 07!'j, Ewlng 3, Dover '., DougluM 3, Absent 2, of close friends. The President, after brief firoot- inj;s. motored with Mrs. Truman tu ^Independence, |f)i miles away. There he was welcomed by Mayor Hubert Weatherford and a littk- knot of old friends. The' President said he expected to "take It easy" for the net two or three days netting a good rest. He said he mhjht drive out to his brother's farm at Crandview, Mi» tomorrow. Buying Power of Dollar Hits a New Low By SAM DAWSON NKW YOHK I/PI-The buying power of the dollar is at a new low. The cost of living is at a new high. Anil some folk suggest that this should j-hed a new light on many of the facts of life — even including the price of shares on the stock market. To look at the painful facts first: The government's consumer price index In June pushed above the previous peak reached last January. Bused on this index, the buying power of the dollar has slipped to around .53 cents — that is, the dollar will buy only a little more than half as much in goods and services as it would in the 1935-30 period. In these terms its buying power has been below CO cents ever since the post-war inflation got rolling Now to take a cost-of-llvlng look at the stock market: The Associated Press average of (iO stocks is at its highest point in 22 years — expressed in conventional dollars. But translate stock prices over the years into cost-of-living dollars — that is, value them in terms of what a dollar would buy at the time — and the AP stock average now would be below the Stevenson Eats a Light Breakfast CHICAGO (INS) — Adlal E. Stevenson toasted his victory as Democratic presidential nominee Hth a glass of milk today, slept about 5 and 'i hours and then had "brunch" with Averell Hurriman, whose withdrawal from the nomination race started Stevenson to victory. Stevenson and Harrlman met in the "Gold Coast" home of William McCormick Blair, Jr., one of the governor's assistants, where the new Democratic presidential nominee: hod remained in seclusion until the party drafted him. Aides of the new Democratic Rlamor boy told newsmen that Stevenson hod only a glass of milk when he returned to the Blair home from convention hall about r> a. in. then he went to bed. lie slept until about 10:30 a.m. Spokesmen said there was no celebration in the nominee's temporary headquarters and that only members of the governor's staff were present. Harriman, whose sudden withdrawal last night threw the huge 94-vote New York delegation to Stevenson, had no comment as he entered the Blair home except to- chide photographers about "wasting film" on him. Harrimun, who was smiling broadly, told the lensmen: "The only picture you want to make is of the governor." Stevenson spokesmen said the . 1U bull market peak and also 'the 137 bull market peak. Some brokers, who make a living from, seljing stock to the public, like to point this out. Tn other words, inflation—whether you look at it as the high cost of living or as the shrinking of the buying power of the dollar— is still around, if not so urgent as it was. And brokers consider ! stocks are still a good hedge again- Lst it. Arkansas Ranks Sixth in Rice WASHINGTON tfl — The Census Bureau reported today Arkansas County, Ark ranked, among 35 leading rice rounti the United States in its salt) 4,402,237 bushels of rice in Other Arkansas counties incltl in the survey, their rank in | nation and bushels of rice in 1949. Prarie. 10th with 2,145.814; | noke, 17th, 2,115,417; Woodruff 1,077, r i34; Jackson. 29th, 952.1 Craixnead, 30th, B80.031 Monroj 573,147. Trains Sideswipe/ Nobody Injured ST. LOUIS (in — An outbo Missouri Pacific Texas Eagle a Frisco switch engine sideswj here last night, derailing three cars of the passenger train. None of the 75 to 100 passenf) was hurt. governor conferred after aril with Jonathan Daniels,, forij White House aide and Trur biographer, who is a memberl the Democratic National ComJ tee from North Carolina. The spokesmen refused to what was discussed. Flanagan said he thought S| enson (would remain in Sprl field where a big victory-welcj home fc-te is planned. • GLIB BARTON • for Attorney General • Has more experience than all his opponents combined. • Endorsed 100% at Home by. lawyers and judges! Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. 10' , 1(1 (1 S I) 2 2 017!;, County jobs: WttsJitnaton nnd Benton Counties — 8.5;; iHilen <4 j(ir<idih«, minor (lrain«|e sfructure's, gravel bust- slid bitvituiuouit »urfucc on the TwUltown • C«v^ Springs r o » a, Northvmt Arkansas Asphalt Cum-i ayetiuvillu, $ft».aff>. ! Ctttt«nd«m County ~ 1.8 miles of diug und gravel bas* cuuv.se i XhivSlmsbovVNortU Roud, UK i Company $11,078. ' County — om> n»llo' , Urulnogp Blructures utul; se c-ours* on the \\Vsti Meuiphts Urbuu Boundary - No, 2 , 0, K, Junes Company h him been estimated there art* 130 or more locks of various klucU lit n modern home. on cepted the nomination humbly in the boliet that a better man could have been found for U, promised thut "I will fiKht to wlii . . . with nil my heart and soul, " Stevenson':) nomination climaxed a day of slow and painful balloting during which Kefauver's fortunes rose only to crash to earth iix ;m ufler-rewss thint ballot lust iote your vote and ay, July 29 for my pP^|vwv%iHI BI • f*f Kefavivw, who railed himself the peoples choice because he w»n nuwit of the Democratic primaries, lulled to u hint* tide mark ot SttiHt votes oi) the second bullnt. At that point, Steveusim had reached 334 V4 votes, Russell had 224 and Uurrlmun brought up the rear with 181. A two-hour rwcess gave Trutwan, Jacob M. Ai-vey, UlU\ols iutloj\»l committeeman, and some other Stevensvm backers Um« to brUig up their heavy guus, Harriman went out at the rue* and broke open the New York delegation. Thnt started things. Oov. Paul Oever of Massashu- setts turned loose his state's dele- giUiim, tolling the convention dra- mnticalb' that Stevenson had informed him be would "be happy to accept tho nomination." U was the first public wurd to that effect. Stevenson had insisted ne w«nt«d to run tor re-election in handwriting was on the members ot the wia« at Us* party i to get hLu Truman Also Backs Sen. Sparkman By ROBERT Q. NIXON INDEPENDENCE, Mo., UNS> President Truman today enthusias- tlcully endorsed Sen.John Sparkman of Alabama as the Dbmocrat- ic running mate for Adlal K. Stevenson, The President said upon his arrival ut his Independence, 1 Mo., home thut u Stevenson-Spnrkman combination would be "n winninu ticket" for the Democratic party. Mr. Truman said of Sen. Spnrkman: "He's all right. There's not a better fellow in the world than John Sparkmtin. He's a pencil. "It's n winning ticket. That's nil I cure about," The chief executive was told by reporters on his arrival in Missouri thut Oov, Stevenson bail Indicated that he favored Sparkmun for the Vice-presidential nomination. Close associates of the President himself had said earlier this morninK that Sparkman would be Truman's .choice, Todny the President kept him- s»)f out of the picture of selecting 0 vice presidential nominee beyond his enthusiastic endorsement. He said the choice of a running mate is Stevenson's own privileged selection. H« said: "It's up to him. I certainly picked my own running mate in 1848." lie added with an impish smile: , "I ought to know. Look who was picked in 1044." This was, uf course, a reference to President Roosevelt's selecti««h uf V»h*n Sen. Truman for second place on the 1W4 Democratic ticket* after the convention had indicated rejection of Henry A. Wallace, who was .Roosevelt's first choice. Although he had scarcely three hours* sleep last night, the 1'resi dent .Was pink-cheeked and un- wenriad as he returned to the old Truman home on Delaware Street and Truman Road in Independence in the forenoon. The President was up within a short time after he retired around daylight this morning and appeared to be in a hurry to get back home in Missouri. For five minutes before his scheduled 1:50 a.m. departure from the Plackstone Hotel in Chicago the President was downstairs and fidgeting to get into his waiting »utOfvobUe. He left five, minutes early and, escorted by motorcycle police, sped to Midway Air M>rt. On hi* arrival at the airport, to* President quickly got into hi« ~ and was airborne moments a* was accompanied tody and member* of THESE ARE NOT BROKEN PROMISES! The People of Hempstead County and Southwest Arkansas Appreciate What Governor Sid McMath has done, and will Re-Elect Him Tuesday, July 29th List of Highways in District No. 3 That Have Been Blacktopped Within the Last 31 Years Highway No. 4 19 24 24 26 27 32 53 55 67 70 73 160 25.4 miles From Nevada Co. Line to Center Point 7.8 4 7.17 5.4 10.22 5 3 2.4 16.65 11 .7 Prescott North and South In Blevins, McCaskill and Nashville East • Jet. No. 53 to Ouachita Co. Line Antoine — Delight Between Mineral Springs and Highway No. 71 Foreman West 4 miles, Washington West 1 mile' Little Missouri River South to Highway No. 24 McNab — Saratoga > Hope — Fulton, Through Prescott, Hope and Texarkana Daisy, New Hope and Dierks Columbus Bradley West .8 mile, Doddridge West 10.2 miles 101.74 List of Highways in District No. 3 Now Under Contract* to Be Blacktopped Highway No. 8 6.5 miles Glenwood — Amity 19 6.36 " .Rossron North 24 4.2 " Prescott — Blevins 26 10.96 " Delight — Murfreesboro 29 24.09 " Lewisville — Louisiana Line 67 8.35 " River — Paup Spur 70 14.66 " Kirby — Daisy 6.71 miles and Saline River Jet. 71, 7.95 miles 70 3.5 " Dierks — Saline River — Advertised for letting 7 25 52 , 78.62 "" " (THE ABOVE IS CONTRACTED — MORE IS TO COME) At least B5 miles of these jobs should be completed within 60 or 90 days. 3082.63 Lin. Ft. of moaern concrete bridges have been constructed in District No. 3 within the past 3J years. Over 300,000 cu. yds. of grave'l have been put on our gravel roads and the shoulders of our surfaced roads during this same period. The number of Highway employees in the Hope District is the same as this same time last year, thereby putting the LIE on rumors being circulated that the payroll is padded with political employes. Just two more of the MANY things Governor Me/Math has done for the people of Hempstead County ond Southwest Arkansas • The Long Promised ARMORY in Hope was Secured by Gov. McMath. • The LIVESTOCK COLISEUM ot Pair Park also hod the Governors help. Rt-etGGT GOVERNOR SID McMATH TO COMPLETE A PROGRAM OF PROGRESS *™*** HOP! STAR | ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pnont 74431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday, July 28 Circle a of WSCS of the First iMelhodist Church will moot Mon•day, July 28. at 7:30 p.m. at the Ihomc of Mrs. LaGronc Williams, 412 South Pine, with Mrs. Steve i July 29. in the home of Mrs. Ora j Cox. Hostess will be Miss Fay Black. Coffeyvillc. Kansas, announce the engagement of their daughter, Wanda Joan Chinn, to William Kugene \\hite, Texarkana, son of Mrs,. \V. K. White. 815 East Second street. Hope. The wedding will be an event of August 24 in the First Presbyterian Church in Coffeyville. DOROTHY DIX Within A Home ; DM,. Miss Dix: Having read, as 1 j st , oftcri do. of mother-in-law ' trouble, I wonder If the plan I Wednesday, July 30 The Christian Men's Fellowship of tho First Christian Chinch will give their annual watermelon fcs- ader and Mrs. Snm" Ha'rts'fiVldi tival al "*'""' Park Wednesday co-hostesses. Mrs. Brack Sen-: evening, July 30. at 7:30. Bring your whole family and have a yood time together. K. K. Ambrose president, will be in charge , The bride-elect is a graduate of; have followed would help anyone. the University of Arkansas with \ u v e, nnt l have for the past five the class of isisa, where she was years, with my married daughter; a member of Zola Tail Alpha sor- j i have my own housekeeping room, only. I with my own furniture and every' Mr. White graduated from HopcitHnR I need to make me comfor^ High School in 1947. attended Hen- 1 table. My daughter cooks my even drix College. Conway. and gradu-jing menl along with hers, and el ated from the University of Ar-jther sends or brings it up to nw Benck will lead the Bible Study. Tuesday, July 29 Invitations have been issued to |u miscellaneous shower in honor [of Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect |of Joe Barreiitine, Tuesday night Chinn—White Betrothal Told Mr. and Mrs. kansas with the class of 1951. He is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, and is employed in Texarkana, Texas. and I ent it in my room — a room i'l which I am the mistress, and covers a lot BEST DOUBLE FEATURES LASH LA RUE "BLACK LASH" FRANCES LANGFORD Radar Men From The Moon STARTS SUNDAY H ROGUE ujnasE nfltriE DRRGER, LflUGHTER RRQ Henry Nina Lewis WILCOXON • FOCH • STONE • ANDERSON LATEST NEWS EVENTS NEW SERIAL TODAY — BIG - HITS — 2 that last statement of ground. HOW my daughter keeps her part of the house is her business, and hers alone. I don't have to live in it. I can truthfully say If you searched from one end of the country lo another, you couldn't find 2 people more unlike than my daughter and 1. I happen to be the careful, tidy type. She is h«ppy-go- lucky, willing to let go until tomorrow what she doesn't want to do today. So you see, living completely together would be miserable for both of us. supper was served to } *™* » small electric stove on 11 Hair-: which I make my breakfast, which Miss Virginia Tonncmaker Honored With Shower The Workers Sunday School: Cliiss of the Garrctt Memorial! .Baptist Cluireh honored Miss Vir- Tonnemaker, bride-elect of Carl Willis, with a shower at Fail- Park Friday night, July 25, at 7 o'clock. The honoree was presented a corsage of miniature kitchen utensils and was the recipient of many use ful nifls. A picnic approximately 100. Orady ston served monies. as master of cere- Coming and Going Misses Katherinc Freeman and Aleta Jo Harper of Hot Springs are spending the week end with Miss Martha \Vruy in the homo of her grandmother, Mrs. John H. Arnold. Miss Anita Copcland has as her house guests this week, Miss Delores Tucker of Smnckovcr, Miss Sue Garrison of DeQueen, and Miss Helen Hughes of Nashville. my daughter frequently comes up Mrs. W. H. Rogers and children, Ken and Ueiiise, arrived this morning for a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Hamilton. Hospital Notes Mrs. Charles Key ol Josephine Admitted: Hope. Mr. and- Mrs. Charles Key announce the arrival of a son, Har old David, on July 20, 1952. Branch Admitted: S. M. Daniels, Hope. Discharged: Steve Snell, Emmet. 'Little Tough Guys In Society" GILBERT ROLAND "THUNDER TRAIL" Chapter One "PIRATE HARBOR" • Cartoon * Starts Sunday Cartoon] Sparkman Is Concession to the South ' By Wit-'BUR JENNINGS •CONVENTION HALL, Chicago, Stm. John Jackson Spnrkmun of Alabama, who's bet'ii called by Gov. Adlai Stevenson for his running mate, is known as an excellent campaigner—and a seasoned television personality. In the South, Sparkman is popular figure. Obviously, the Democrats will depend on him U mend convention wounds between now and November. The Alabaman said he would ac copt the nomination as soon as the Democratic National convention ratifies Stevenson's choice today. Sparkman is a lawyer, Feel Better Than Ever, Asserts Una By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD Wl—Una Merkel wants her friends to know that sho lever felt better in her life, thank you. This is heartening news from the Kentucky-born actress, whose life has been hounded by tragedy. Only recently, it appeared that her troubles had proved too much for her. She was reported lo have taken an overdose of sleeping pills. The news stories indicated that she had been despondent because she had not been working in the movies. "Nothing was further from the truth." said Miss Merkel on the " Love Melvin" set. "It was all a terrible mistake. 1 was ill, but not despondent. "Here's how it happened. I had been working hard in pictures Then I accepted an offer lo play in 'Come Ba'ck, Little Shcba' in Phoenix. When I arrived, my leading man was in a play, so we had trouble arranging rehearsals. H was a great strain. To top things off, it was the coldest winter in 52 years. "When I got back here, I was exhausted. I had gotten a cold, so I thought the best thing to do was to go to bed and get a rest. I alone, because my father was on a business trip to Mexico City. 1 called some friends of mine, and to share. Then we chat for n while, j On Suinliiys and holiilaxs her hus-j band comes up with her. or 1 taUej the coffee into their roo:ns anil we; hfive it together. Frequently my. daughter ami 1 lunch together in- my room. Sho does most of niy shopping fur ire. along with her own. and I do some mysell. I pay her a lertain sum each month In ci'Ver food expenses, and sl'.e absolutely refuses to take anything for the room, in which her husband upholds her. 1 could fill ni.tn.v pai.i's and still not cover the .1.! vanlagrs this system has loi both of us. It is. I am sun', the best prevention against iii-law trouble 1 know of. MUS. W.I 1 . Ansui-r: Mere is :t i i'inarl\ab!e' simple solution to a problem usually ranked as practically insoluble. Only One Flnw j 1 c.tn >ee but one flaw in it. Uti-| less you h;ue some outside aetivi-j ty. \\.ueli yon don't mention, lu-inj 1 ,' in oiu- room all day niigbl be quite monoli-iniiis. Whether it is or not, yu art- to be congratulated on mak- ini; sueli a happy arram'.emen! and avuling all the complications of a two-woman household. Certainly most any family could adopt tin' same .system. Since Grandma usually lias a room allotted to her. il would lie a simple ii'alter to arid Mnall kitchen i-i|Uip- li'enl ;:nd let her putter around lo her heart's content, gelling in no one's wnv and keeping everyone tut of hers. If the young people live in a house, tho arrangement] could be expanded to give mother- in-lnw a tiny Harden oul-;idc her room Whore she could grow a few of her own favorite blooms, iu;am : without supervision or criticism. | However, large or small, almost ! any bouse or apartment has spaee j that coulti be transformed into a housing unit tor grandma whore '. her independence can bold full sway. Hear iviis.t Dlx: My husliaud, who is Hit. and 1. who will be 21, have^ been married four years, duriii;;! most ot which we have both work ' ed. lie doesn't think 1 am oUL t'liouyh or settled enough to he t'etl down with children. My opin ion is that he doesn't want the re sponsibility. The thing 1 most want iii lilV is a home with children. I feel thnt waiting until 1 am "old enough" is wasting time. . M. I). Answer: A healthy young woman of 21 la cfirtnlnly old enough, and should be settled enough to have children.''VOur husband's antipathy to the idea springs mnlnly from two things. Belni; much older thnn .you, he probnbly doesn't relish the idea ot bnbles disturbing his pence ami. furthermore, he has grown ,\> cuslomcd to your pay check ond would like to have It keep Coming in It's up to you to persuade him 1 he's wrong on both accounts. i """" """" Hear Miss 1.3lx: 1 go to school with a girl my own age i l-l) who 1 fS. steals anil cannot be trusted. She likes tv\e and always wants me to go out with her. 1 am from i nice family and my parents don't like mo going with this girl, B, T. Answer: A girl who lies and -.teals Is no ft companion for you and 1 struilRly urge you lo follow your parent's advice and refuse to i;e out with the girl. K she want-; i to have nice friends, she must ! eliange her ways, but while she per • • ists in acting as slit! does, slay away from her. DWlliT.- RIDGDILL ALDERMAN WAK&TWO Your Vote 1 tml Support will Be Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD Your Vote Will be Appreciated I'ol. Adv. paid fur by Hob Daniels HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE, 8. Main A Country Olub rd« Saturday' •— 'boubj? F«(|UirB .."BLOND DYNAMITE" Leo Oorcey And the Bowery Doyi * . -.PLUS:- k ,,\ .Walter P.ldgaon..-In "Calling Bulldog Oru'mmond" they sot alarmed and came by. The! next thin a I knew, I woke up iiii the hospital." i The actress was abashed when] she saw newspaper accounts of hcrj collapse. She tried to explain that she hud taken some sleeping pills by mistake, but the publicity damage bad been done. She iidded that she had two concerns: the reaction of her father and that of the studio producers, "who had been so kind to me." As she expected, her father collapsed; ., when he read the news, but slio i , Worlcl ! v/as able to reach him by phone . War I veteran and is considered an| , md exp i ain> Tnu sluc Uo people! expert in foreign affairs, housing | snowt;1 . cd her with bouquets and j messages of cheer. ' "The incident proved to me that i something good always comes outi of the bad things that happen to us," said Miss Merkel. "I had- never realized how many friends 1 and small business. The nominee is 52 years old and seems to have boundless energy. Sparknian w e i g h s over 201) pounds and stands six one. He has a ruddy complexion and wavy black hnir. Sparkman was born Dec. 20, IflOO on a farm in Morgan County, Ala. Ho went to rural'schools and high school in his native county. Afterwards, be worked his way j ; bus dHvcr .„ England| who through the University of Alabama clutk>d bits of poc t r y. by firing boilers and -later serving as an assistant professor of history. He .graduated witn an A. B., M. had. I heard from boys in Korea. I got letters from men who had: teen me during the last war when I went to New Guinea with Gary Cooper. 1 had a lovely .letter fron:| in-. 'I also had a note from a, miii- PEMI TUESDAY SPECIAL ister in Covina, Calif., who said he would like to see me when he came lo Hollywood. 1 sent him my phone- number and he and his wife paid! me a nice visit; now we are goou fiiends. ; "In all, I received four or fivc : hundred letters. It has been a wholly wonderful and a very urno- tional experience for me." The tears welled in her eyes, and it was apparent that she had plenty to live for. Linseed was an important food of the Greeks and Romans. About 2,500 species of lizards arc known. : 1000 YARDS BRIGHT NEW GINGHAM PLAIDS C Yard The Guanaco is the wild and the Llama the tame representatives ul,\ \ the same animal. Fine quolity bright $onforiied shrunk gin^hom plaid. 36 inches A. and a law degree. In 1026 he begun the practice of law in HunU-j ville, Ala, as a member o£ the firm of Richardson, Taylor and Sparkman. He was married while at the ; University to Miss Ivo Hall of Al i bertville, Ala. They have oif > daughter, Mrs. T. T. Shepard, j wile of a Navy commander nou | stationed at Norfolk, Va. i Sparkman practiced law f o r j about 10 years. During that time. I he was president of the Hunts-, ville Chamber of Commerce and district governor of the Kiwanis Club of Alabama, and was active in civic affairs. He was president of tbe student body at the university where he earned a Pbi Beta Kappa key in recognition of scholastic merit. During his student days, he bj»- came interested in politic*. In 1933 be decided to run for tbg U- House ol Hi; t 1 ' .. 1 *.i| •^ f* •* « ' Which means only one thing - there wil K HOLT LAND mBBBW^W^IW"^^" . ^(^^^^^^^^^^^^^^••^^^^^s Join The WCTOi \t 3*--

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