Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 7, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1937
Page 4
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*t STAR, flft&fi, '4RKAKIA8. , Tuesday, December -- . •*''—. •!•- -imii f. *fha Sfor* toti Ti», You Sell" Qtifcker One KATES < ' won}, minimum 30e JWc word, mth. 50c word, minimum 90c Dfitf fflonth (26 titu«s)-lSc word, an tot eootinuou* fast** tttos only. . . let attfetetf '*ord count, dJswgatd catftm flame such as "Fot "FM Sale," etc.— this te tee. '' tech initial or name, or com- ffcte telephone number, counts as fr full word, For exaaaple: fOn ftENT— Three-room modern fafflished apartment, with garage* eUM In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9989. total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me (« one time; at 3ttc word, S3e for titties, etc. NOTE: All -fders placed by tefegboue ate due and payable upon presentation at bill. PHONE 768 ' Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H H. R S«gnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 1TW < i 5-4-tf Andfe fkey Lived Happily £vef Afterward STAR A KANJTSettA, Yugoslavia-* (A 5 )—Mara Suchlfc- Farmer Jownn Suction's wi'fe, BiKCVes in direct action, Yugoslav rttarrifttra. InWs being what they are. WTsen She caught lior husband in the arms of another woman, she admin* isteved a 15-ininute beating to the latter, and threw her out of the window. Then she turned her attention to Jowan. She bound his hands and feet, and, carried him to the well, where she tied him to the well-wheel, leaving him there the Wh61e night, while she slept peacefully. In the morning she beat him—half- frozen though he was—mercilessly, and made him swear never to see the other woman again. Then she prepared warm, reviving drinks for him, and topped it all off with a kiss. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with , . * Major Jonquin Miller who wrote "Song of the Sierras" and oilier poems, was cremated when he died, and his ashes taken to the Sierras and scattered ir\ the wind. Today's Answ«r» to CRANIUM CRACKERS >HOEJ> EVERYTHING-Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it $i.50 to $9.50. Come and see Hempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Paul Cobb. 658-M. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RADIO SKRVICE 208 South Elm, Phone 383 • Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp For Sale ?OB SALE—Christmas-trees, Oregon Cedars, all sizes, phone 78 or 876.' See Jimmy Derrls or Hank Sommerville. l-6t-c. FOR SALE—Sewing machine in good- condition. 'Phone 67. 3-3tc Wanted HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. F. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. m East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-tfc . WANTED—300 bushels of . heavy conii A. W. Biorseth, Hope Route Three, Box 144. 6-3tp. WANTED—New or renewal of subscriptions to any magazine published in the United States. See Charles Reynen»n at City Hall. l-6tc ADDRESS ENVELOPES HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience unnecessary. Wonderful opportunity. Everything-'Supplied. Nationwide Distributors, 401 Broadway, N. Y. 4-tp For Rent FOR R.ENT—Good country home, •with Tpasture, water in pasture and hous4. See W. O. Reece at Market on Front Street, Hope, Ark. l-6tp FOR RENT—Two unfurnished apart- mentf, North,.Main, Two blocks north of depot. See J. L. Cook, 607 N. Main. 4-3tp FOR RENT—Three room, furnished apartment, private bath. 203 East Avenue-C. ' 6-3tp Questions on I'iitft.' One 1. Mexico Citj^ which -dates from about I3ZS A.' D.. is the oldest city in North America. 2. Yes; the Red Sea hns a reddish tint, imparted to it by microscopic plants. .'(. Tlie United States has no official flower. 4. The power to impeach n President of the United States is vested by the Constitution in the House of Representatives. 3. Jack Dcmpsey former world heavyweight boxing champion, was born in Manassa, Colo., and is known as the "Manassa Mauler." FOR RENT—5 room house. Will repair to suit tenant. 409 E Second st. Write or see D. M. Citty, Ozan. 7-3tp FOR RENT—Rooms or apartments, furnished or unfurnished. Private bath. Close in. 413 S. Main. 7-3tp Personals WANTED TO BUY-Brick building, down town location. Prefer 25 feet by 100 feet. Write description, location and price, at once. Strictly confidential. Personal. Box 98, Hope Star. G-2tc Lost LOST—Black and v--hite spotted dog. Part hound and birddog. Reward. Erwing McFaddin, Hope Rt. 4, Box 32. 6-3tp LOST—Pair of spectacles, downtown Saturday night. Reward- for return to Cox Drug Co. 6-6tc LOST—Man's Ruby Ring—yello\v< gold—possibly lost in or around mail boxes on Hope Route 1. $5.00 Reward. Fred W. Petre. 7-3tp. NOTICE The reassessment of benefits of the following street improvement districts and annexes in the City of Hbpe, Arkansas, have been filed in my office, and the same are now open for inspection, as required by law, towit: Curb & Gutter District No. 5 Street Improvement District No. 9 Curb & Gutter District No. 7 and its Annex No. 1 Street Improvement District No. 11 and its Annex. No. 1. This 30th day of November, 1937. T. R. Billingsley Clerk Nov 30, Dec 7. RAUT ANt? WRANGLE OIDW'T TRAIL YW' ALOWG WITM HIM, '-?» AkJ» IT WfrS BAWK )%1 TWIMK AMD WE TA<3GED *$ OF TH' A SIXTY-LEAF ED HEAP S x OF CABBAGE/ HE'S THROVVlW' A SWIMMIN' PARTY AT TH' OWL'S THERE-'LL BE TWO BARREL'S OF TO PROWkJ V6R BLUES YOU CAKJ x WALDO/ HARMOWY I "-\ IF BE'MT'kSy IS $> TW ATT'S ).-A THAT LOW, IT^S / / v 1 ^/ / ^^ THE TiMtS UP IKJ )-•( WMEM HIS THeMTvVo C'\ -SHOULD DROP BUMDLES OF IROW-5OUMP ACT, I'LL COMB SPEMD THE WIGHT, OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS WELL, HE'S \ WHATT IP we CA.TCM6S . WITH " '" ROPE TlBP TO r-HS SADDLE? V 1 t—fc-n-» / ' ' w — * — -^ (S-OT TO LEARM OF HIMSELF, / cnME.TiMpr / SOMETIME BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Wasting No Time By MARTIN *. NT Cinema Favorite HORIZONTAL I, ? Pictured. motion picture actor! IZ 'Constellation. |$Those who •bear. 16 Data. 17 Wine vessel. 18 Hair ornament SO Social insect. 21 Chosen to office. 33 Imbecility. ?,6 Bridle strap. ?7 Sound of disgust. £8 Aeriform fuel 30 Point. 31 Circular wall. 53 Musical note, 34 Spain. 35 Paid pub* Answer to Previous Puzzle . 31? Compels, Uto fawn. 43 Region. 44 Female sheep. 15 flour. 47 Re acts in —- stones. 52 Idant. 53 Kimono sash. 55 Hodgepodges. 56 To decay. 58 Cow's call. 59 Person to whom a grant is made. 61 Corded cloth. 63 Yellowish resin, fl4 Born. 65 He has been a II No'rth screen —— America. (pl.) for many 14To help. years. 15 Epoch, VERTICAL 1 Sun god. 2 Verbal. 3 These who name. 4 Pound. 5 A catch, 6 God of war. 7 To stuff. 8 Bone. 9 Fireplace shelf. 10 Person opposed. 18 War flyer. 20 Blackbird. 21 He is . by birth. 22 Drank liquor. 24 One that effaces. 25 He has a suave ——• manner, 29 Dutch measure. 32 Frozen water 34 Harem, 36 Dowry. 39 Father, 40 Flavor. 42 You and I, 46 Chamber. 48 Enthusiasm. 49 Baseball team. 50 To carry. 51 Custom. 52 Passage. 54 Typ« of halr» cut. 5? English coin. 58 Mother. 59 Grain. 60 Electrified unit. 62 Postscript. ALLEY OOP AW LET 'IM REST.' HE'S GITTIM'-UPTIME 15) PLUMB PLAYED OUT, WHAT WITH LJMPATAKIN 1 OVER HIS THRONE. AM' RUWNISi 1 HIM OUTA TH' PALACE/ TO ^\.\_ \T , < VAiV\l\T l cM'c < S. 1 6VKT 10 HtV. 1 ? What, No Breakfast in Bed? By HAMLIN 6RIMG VER BREAKFAST WHATSAV. V'MEANJO EAT |W *. IDEA? WHAT'S TH' \ BED? HEY, WHAT IM MATTER? WHVMCHA J TH' HECK/ HAVE BRING MV BREAK- \ YOU GOME'GOOFY FAST IM TO ME? 7 s —\ IKJ TH'HEAP? /7V_i WELL7W YOUR BREAKFAST f OH, YEH - HERE, ' I'M UP MOW A GUZ. - AMD VOU'LL FIND NDUE, WHERE'S AflY ) BREAKFAST RUWKJIN' AfiOUMD OUT THEI2E SOMEWHERE - LIKE WE PIP/ GOOD LUCK/ BREAKFAST* s-," <y WELL !.' IF " W / A HECK OF A MOTE.'.' <• WHO EVER- HEAeD OF 'fafifrS A ^ IMG HAV1W> **""•" WASH TUBES ...... . _, Vfc COPR i 193 J ;^BY NEASERyiCE.JNC._T.M. R.^l^U.. 5 J'JVLJBFJL---C?^.'I=:»-: Jl Three's a Crowd OONT HIT Hllv\,PlNKVf/I'LL LEAEM HIM TO ,no; AIMVEST/GATE LAP/ES'J WANP BAGS' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Team Work IT'S A [FRIGHTFULLY VUL6ARJ INPEEP.YES? SORRY I HAP TO 6ET)HE'S ONLV ,., ROUGH WITM YOue/QUlCK! LET'S GET AWAY &0-I FR\ENT5, /-rT^~-r 1 FROM THIS SISTER.,— ,r-^^L ^?_ V AWFUL CKOlVP a. PAT. Off. ^ By tJLOSSER IT'S THAT SPECIAL PCLIVERY YOU EXPECTWG, DADDY ! I KWOV/ WHAT IT WILL SAY : YOUR SERVICES AS COACW AT K/WGSTOM HIGH WILL TEPMI- WATE AT THET EXPIRAT/OW OP" YOUR COWTPACT ' " USTEW 10 THIS, JUME .' '"THIS IS TD IMFDRM YOU THAT YOUR COW "TRACT IS TO BET REWEWED FDR FIVE YEARS AT AW ,, FIGURE? MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Myra THAT'sr A OH.DADDY... /SURPRISE .' I MUST CALL MR.DRISCOLL OF THE AMD TWAMK HIM J ome hast Thmkmg HE: SAID THAT I^IWGSTON WAS PROUD OF THE WAY I CARRIEC> THE BALL/'AS COACH, BUT THAT A BOY MAMED M C GOOSEY '' RAW SPLEMDID " ™ ~~. .^_>> FOP ME .' By THOMPSON AND COLL ALL THE PBETTV AAONEV, 5ALLV ? MOW WILL VOU HELP ME GET V AWAV FROM HERE1 couese •• BUT PIP VOU CaET ALL THAT? VES... ' THAT'S RIGHT- YOU'RE A CtEVER. MAW. WILLIE.' I'M KIMG MIDAS LIKE THE SfTORV VOU WERE READIW<2> ME 1 HAVE. THE TOUCH-' /SURE -1 KNOW / I'LL, £E EACH IM A / FE V IT'a ^TIME F£>R VOUfi x —. WHERE ARE ? YOU'VE CsQT TO HELP ME 6ET AWAY / AS MYRA FLIES DOWM THE KALI, ^ IM SEAECH OF JACK, THE IMMATE CALLED JOHM ^TEALTHILV CREEPS UP TO WILLIE STEENJ'S POOIZ....

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