Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1935
Page 3
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L¥. ^ J M'4'f, '-•*' ^ ^--vv •' '' • ARJ Mrs. Sid Henry Telephone 321 Sim down, and moon up. And one stnr over the hill, The evening—clear as n crystal globe And very still; A white light over the glow, Save low In the Eastern sky There is a moment when rosy fires Fade nnd die. Sharp on the deepening blue A black spire pierces through, Ami the only sound I hear Is ti bay's voice calling clear— High nnd clear on the iiir To a comrade—lost somewhere. I think I shrill not mind When my brief day is past, If only I shall find My sight unblburred at last; If only I may hear High on the evening air, A comrade calling rnc From over the way somewhere. Sun down, nnd the coming nightl But surely I shall not fear If one low star leads over the hill, And that last hour is clear.—Selected. -•aax Mrs. Layne Addlson bf Canadian, Texas, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. Patrick Duffie and Mr. Duffie. Miss Mary Evelyn Whllworth spent the week end with her cousin, Miss Shirley Smith in Little Rock. Percy Sharp of Mooringsport, La., joined Mrs. Sharp and little son. Percy III, for a week end visit will) Mr. and Children's Colds ^*^| Yield quicker to double action of VAPORUB STAINLESS now/ if you prefer Sec Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens In (he Wmvcst Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland INTZESS COATS and SUITS A Complete Stock in the Very Newest Styles and Colors. Ladies Specialty Shop Now Showing 230 TOES Matinee Grade School High School Regular Adults Mrs. Frank Hearne. Mrs. Dorsey Mcftae has returned from a weeks visit with Mr. and Mrs. William Glover in Molvern. Dr. Thos .Brewsler and W. R. Muldrow who have been representing the First Preshylorian church at Synod in Pine Bluff, for the last few days will return Monday night. Mrs. K. G. McRae was the Saturday guest of relatives and friends in Little Rock. Mr, and Mrs. Billy Duckett were among the Hope fans seeing the: football game in Little Rock Saturday. The P. T. A. Council will meet Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the city hall. All members are urged to b present. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meek and littl daughter, Carolyn, of Bradley, wor week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. K G. McRae. The Brookwood P. T. A. will hoL Is regular meeting a| 3:30 Wednesclaj afternoon at the Brookwood school. Mrs. Tom Sawyer of Little Rocl vas the week end guest of her parents Mr. nnd Mrs. John Bartlett. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Slunrl had ai week end guests', Mr. and Mrs. Lewi; Bandy and children of Locksburg. The Young Girls Missionary Socieb of the First Methodist church wil meet at 4 o'clock, Tuesday afternoon t the home of Miss Angielee Smitl n South Mnin street. The members of the Adult Department of the First Baptist Sunday chool will hold n meeting at 7:31 Tuesday evening at the educationa building. This includes the officers teachers and class members of the. adult department. Following the business meeting a social hour will be held. Miss Maggie Bell has returned from a week end visit with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall in Texarknna. All fathers and mothers of the Senior High P. T. A. are urged to be present for the November meeting, Monday night at 7:30 at the high school A splendid program and refreshments. Royce Weiserberger, superintendent of schools, Marshall, spent Sunday morning with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wclsenberger. Mrs. Ida Foster has returned from Gladwater, Texas, where she attended the bedside of her brother Dewcy Sutton, who has been seriously ill He is much improved now. m t m . News iiiul Cartoon WED-N1TE ONLY On the Stage BOBO The Magician —On the Screen— The SMITH BROS? No relation to Cough-drop boys! "The Rain Makers" Hospital Notes Jtilin Chester Mr. and Mrs. Powell White, of Hope, critically injured by a negro lit-and-run driver eight clays ago, have been removed from Julia Chester hospital to their homes. Mr. White was released Friday. Mrs. White was removed Monday. P. A. Dulin, Sr., was reported recovering Monday from a major operation performed Saturday. Mrs. J. J. Smith of Norphlet, Ark., underwent a major operation at the hospital Monday. Mrs. V. L. Holly of Hope, was reported improving after a recent major operation. Luke Treece of Fulton, is recovering from an operation. Orville Aaron of Patmos, recently underwent a major operation. Any free object that is not held up in some manner, no matter how it is moving, is 16 feet lower at the end of a second than it would have been had gravitation not been working that second. SALAD BOW ?' D.ep Bowl, Idtal (or 5«rving Vtgelabl.j, Salodi. fruil» and DoturU Colpfed PoMsrnj an Pun wh;i. china win, iu, t ., Tim Ed' U/UM C TUCvTTt^ "n lit TH EY LAST Jii B . v Housiwire HOPE HARDWARE COMPANY Electrical Needs At Special Prices That Will Save You Money Electric Popcon Popper 89c Will Give You Lots of Fun This Winter St. Regis Heating Pad—with 3-heat control..$3.25 Electric Iron, 6 pound—a real value ...$1.39 GENINUE I AMpA 15 to 75 watts....l5c .. rG - E , WlHirv 75 to 100 watts 20c Westclox Electric Clock $3.45 _. ft ? adu *>y the Makers of BIG BEN fclectric Toaster $119 Ca»> Be Used for Cookuig" Meats Too. " ' John P, Cox Drug Co, Fhone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps Pilate's Trial of Christ Describee Pilate Scourged Jesus to "Exonerate" Himsalf, Says Rev, Webb The Rev. Bert Webb preached at Hope Gospel Tabernacle Sunday night on the trial of Christ before Pilate, using the account in the 19th chapter of John, particularly the first verse: "Then Palate (therefore took Jesus and scourged Him." "Pilate scourged Jesus," the Rev. Mr. Webb said, "because he wanted to exonerate himself, The tendency of mankind is to shift responsibilities upon someone else. Pilate had to do something about Jesus. You must of necessity say 'Yes Lord. I will live right' or 'No Lord, I will not live right.' The very fact that you do not take an active part for Christ aligns you against Him. "Pilnte did not find any wrong in Jesus, but he took Him and scourged Him. The Scourging of a Roman soldier was indeed cruel, A literal translation of one of the passages is that He was so marred and bruised as a result of the scourging that He was hardly recognizable, Pilate possibly thought that the scourging would appense the wrath of the Jews, seeing His bloody wounded back, but they still cried Crucify Him, Crucify Him. Had It not been for the sins of mankind He would not have had to die on the cross. The very wrong that is precious to you tonight, that sin is the sin that nailed Christ to the Cross. For every sorrow, every broken home, every shameful condition, sin is to blame, The scourging of Christ was necessary that the full penalty for sin might be paid. This, of course, was a prelude to His crucifiction on the cross. Tonight you may have forgiveness because Christ suffered and died for your sins. "As to the meanest man in Hope. The man who could provide for his family but doesn't and just lets them shift for themselves is a horrible sort of individual. Then there is the man Jiat is continually mean to dumb animals, whipping them unmercifully. ' heard of a soldier who was quite seriously wounded in crawling out of Inal." Wednesday night! "What Af6 Yd Worth?" 'i Thursday night; "Seven Reasons Why I Beliefs Christ May Come fiur ing the Year 1935." Friday night: "Who Is to Blarrte fo World Conditions,?" a trench under fire to rescue his Ducldie. Both finally recovered. Some rears later the one who had rescued he other happened to see him in a city and rushed up to him thinking ie would be glad to see him only to lear him say "Get away from me, you beggar." It seems to me that the man who knows that Christ died for him and is living his life without God qualifies as the meanest man. You owe to God the best years of your life. You can go on persisting in pleasing yourself, but I am serving notice on you that you must pay the penalty. Your soul is vastly valuable to God. Would to God that you would recog- lize its value." Mr. Webb announces the following subjects for this week: Monday night: "The Blood Covenant." Tuesday night: "The Master Crim- Greece Votes to Restore Kingdom Tremendous M ajority Given King George Ed- Ousted 12 Years Ago ATHENS, Greece -(/p)~ Greece 'oted. the blue monarchist ballot Sunday to bring her monocled King eorge II back to the throne he quit y request 12 years ago. Overwhelm- ng majorities were reported in Ath- ns and in the provinces—even in Crete, revolt hotbed of other days— or restoration of the monarchy. More than 90 per cent of the male oters cast ballots for the monarchy, n Athens, official results showed 38,885 for the restoration, 1,930 against; i Salonika, 124,449 for, 2,877 against, n Peloponnesus the average was well ver 90 per cent in favor of the mon- rchy.. "As of Monday, King George II will be king of the Hellenes," said George Kondylis, head of the new government. "There will be no political parties. They have been broken up by the people themselves, and a new epoch of reconstruction will start." General Kondylis, who took charge of the government October 10 in the name of the monarchy, telegraphed the former ruler of Greece, King George II, in London that '95 per cent of the nation voted for the monarchy." General Kondylis appeared on a balcony of the building housing the Ministry of Communications and told a large crowd "even I did not expect such a glorious victory." Former Premier Tsaldaris said to newspapermen: 'We are now on the true road to stability." Wrestling Show Returns to Park McNaught to Meet Sdhaf- for Wednesday at Faii v Park .Exhibit Hall The scene of the next American Legion wrestling show will be. shifted :'rom East Seoond street to .the ex- libit Moulding at Pair Park, Promote? Bert Mauldin announced 'Monday The weekly shows will be held each Wednesday night. • i Beginning this week and continuing hroughout November, courtesy tickets will be offered by the various rner. chants of Hope and this trade terri- °ry. • . , . i A' courtesy ticket with IS events will ntitle the holder to a bleacher seat. ^ ticket and 25 cents will gain en- ranee to the reserved seats. Promoter Mattldin announced a double main event for this week's ard, eoch match lasting two hours if ecessary. In the first event Donald tfcNaught will meet Speedy Schaffer. In the second event Lefty Williams vili appear against a new comer to lope fans, Al (Bulldog) Stacker. The how starts at 8 p. m. Carpenters were at work Monday reeling a new arean and constructing ew seats. A better building and more omfortable seats are promised, than t the two former locations. Wine Casks Kept Ml for340 Years Danish Kings Have Been Pouring in Bottle a Week All;Along COPENHAGEN,-, (/p) - three huni dred, bottles' of Rhine wine from this year's harvest have been purchased by the Royal Danish Court, in keep- ng with a custom which has been followed for 340 consecutive years. The new wine will be used, as in former years* to replace What Is drawn and .what evaporates from four large eaeks which were filled in 1595 by King Christian IV. The four casks, which have never been empty, are in the cellar of "Rosenborg" castle. Each cask holds 1,500 bottles and every sixth week the wine keeper must descend into the cellar and empty six bottles of new wine into each cask. The wine is served only at the King's gala New Year's dinner for his; household and cabinet members. Contrary to popular reputation, it is reported, the wine has acquired, a' taste resembling vinegar. For this, •eason, it is reported, King Christian 1 las in late years ordered that sugar served with the wine. •^ •TT'-^g"—. •'•• '•' Belton We did not have Sunday school or B. Y. P. U. on account of the rain. Everyone was disappointed as they were expecting Bro. S'need of Nashville to preach here Sunday. .; Mr. and Mrs. Voner Daniel of Smack over was the week end guest of relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Hampton and son, Jesse Wayne were guests of Mr. and Mrs, J. M. Hampton of Ozan Saturday night. Mr. and Mrs. James T. Dlson of Nashville, called on relatives here Sunday afternoon. J. L. Eley was a business visitor in Nashville Friday. Horace JJankin of Murfreesboro was the week*end guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Peters. G. A. Wilson of Smackover 'was'p business visitor here Saturday. '. A Buell Daniel was a business in Nashville Saturday. Sam Stewart and Miss Pattie Stewart of Nashville spent Thursday visiting Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Leslie. Victor Hampton was a business visitor in Nashville Friday. Mrs. J. L. Eley spent Sunday at the bedside of her aged aunt, Mrs. Kise Sevedge of McCaskill, who is ill. Mrs. J. Y. Roberts and Wayman Roberts were shopping in Nashville Saturday. W. L. Moses of McCaskill was a business visitor here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bohanan and son, Janus Loyd of Zion were the week end guest of Mr. and Mrs. Otis Daniel. The pouch of the full-grown pelican is capable of holding seven quarts of water. CLUB NOTES ftlevins Bifevfni Demonstration club met November 1, at the Methodist Church, President and vice president both being absent Miss Griffin led the the devotional, prayer by MM, Wilson. "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," was sung by' all. W,e had a very nice exhibit of canned fruit and vegetables. Mrs. R, C. Taylor winning first prize. Our next meeting will havfc basket making and sewing for demonstration. Will meet with Mrs. Herbert Stephens Jr., as hostess. The swaying motion of a snake, When a pipe is played nearby, is only its natural movement when disturbed. TO L--E-T E X OIL COMPANY Tractor Fuels and Lube Oils. Anything for Your Car. Phone 370 Da y an<1 Chills and and Other Effec Malaria! ~w«i i, Jnit tit) Wit] Malarja—the teetft- ' —'"O •.uw^iftwvuiuu vub ,vj.ajrtHut - jat's what,0?ove> Tistefcag^J does—destroys and dHveS i " Hon. At the satte tioie, it f system against furtlntf fttfc Grove's Tasteless Chill V»i»n> i tasteless quinine which kflB HM in the bldod, it aRd coHtal&'ftf builds up the blood Aifd julfrlift the effects of Malaria as wdlY against tt-infection f These ftrtlLs you want for COMH-erE teK< Tasteless Chffl Tonic is pfeutfT and absolutely safe, evefl tot No bitter taste of quinine. " today and be forearmed i and $1, He $1 stee times as much ad the SOc sbt you 2S% more tot you* The people in the east might be termed "agnostics" on the New Deal. —Senator Arthur Vandenberg, Michigan. There are approximately 125,000 dead accounts in American savings banks today. They are believed to be secret deposits of misers and gangsters. Nashville, Tenn., plans to add 22 acres to its proposed city airport.site. Constipation If constipation causes you Gas. In. digestion, Headaches, Bad Bleep, Pimp, ly Skin, Bet aulolc rellet with ADLE- RIKA. Thorough in action yet entirely gentle and safe. While they last SPECIAL lOc Trial Sizes on sale at John S. Gibson Drug .Company., ,.,.,.- . ,...,;, . •• Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for yohr cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now • with Creomulsion. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and. heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened arid expelled. 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