The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1940
Page 3
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IfllO fiii m A I>P™- 0.1 Conner News Comic Ship Charade,- To Fighi On Screen Too I'.v I'AIU. HAltlilSO.V NKA Service Stilt CorresjiouJe'.l HOLLYWOOD. April i:l_\ou mijSht know rti-cl Hytlcr would t,ct lino the movies. Comh strip in ilnislasis, especially in,. k( cl.s, uill usreo UK- giiy has cveryihins, ici duili'i" endless and iiinimni; ;uh-en- turo.s. So it.'s primarily for kills H,<1 Ryder is making his first movie a jsei-lai. You cnirt always K!| about chapter thrillers UIGII h Republic Studios, which make* the. best, ones, launches them on the short-pains ami hair-ribbon circuit (Saturday junior maUiices) "Ml n couple of weeks Inter finds them , established on hundreds 0 | theaters 1 regular bills along ivilli epics, imil c.arbo drnuns t/>ts of exhibitors say serials iiie like cnmse.s: adults really love 'cm but pretend they go only to keen «n eye on Dieir yoims-slers No sncccsslul western .serin) (i what you would fall rcvolulior-iu// in pattern. -Red Ryder" will be .-..Red Ryder anfl L»H!e Beaver as Fred. Harman draws them. remarkable for three things the fat budget, a seldom-equated $250.000; Its costly and elaborate stunts and the number of fights (25 battles in 12 episodes); and. particularly, (he authenticity of its casting, DON BAKRY 1'I.AYS KKIVS ItOI.E Many a fiction or comic strip character, firmly pictured in his fans' minds, is an awful disappointment when a human impersonator appears on the screen and talks. But Don Barry seems lo b2 the closest possible approximation of Artist Fred Harman's noble, hell- j for-leather hero. Still pictures tend ' ruggedncss,-but he looks Jiite fled Ryder. Also he's broad-siioiiluered and . red-headed; he hails from Texas and rides so well he plavs polo. , Little Beaver. Red Ryder's red- 'skm protege in the adventure strip, is played by Tommy Cook a fresh 10-year-old in buckskins and grease paint and with n lot of theatrical knowledge under his Don Barry as Ited 1'ydc-r. Tummy Joycl George Again Arouses Counlry o 1'oocl Prodticlion us Noah Beery as Ace funlon. Bob Korlmin as One-Eye. One-Eye and Ace Hanlon, villains iu ILc famous comic. black wig. 'His career began tack in, Duluth. when he entertained his father with dramatic sketches wiille the elder Cook was III His I talents brought, him to Hollywood 'byway of the Pasadena "cam- mijuity Playhouse, the Be:) Bard Theater, an NBC contract and the Arch Oboler plays. Jjlost amazing movie prototypes of ; Fred Harman'.s cartoon characters probably are Noah Beery, who is Ace Hnnlon to Die last menacing leer, and Bob Kortman as ; One-Eye, another in the large cast of heavies. Serials have to have lots of villains so one can be kilted off in each episode PLENTY OF SUSPENSE IS'SCHEDULED The studio hasn't yet cast Beth Andrews, the heroine, or the doughty VDiichcss." Bcth's rancher father already has been murdered by the outlaws. H. S. Brown, who is producing -the picture, explained that the; cowardly killing of the heroine's father in the first episode of all western serials is esscnlial. For a basic situation on which the story is built, he continued, I-V>r:nn- la B-10 was chosen: Caivin Drake, an unscrupulous banker, learns a railroad is coming through the territory, so he sets out (o gain control of nil the land and secrelly engineers a gun-blazing war of intim- idation to do it. Another rule of serial production is that each episode must end in spine-chilling suspense, with hero, heroine or hoth In sonic imminent peril. Here are some of the dangers'Red Ryder and Beth will encounter They plunge off n bridge into a, river" in a runaway stagecoach. Red. battling villain is nearly trampled by 8 iilloping posse. Heavies loose ore car to rim over prostrate hero. Red am 1 Belli get in way of avalanche Hes i-orrered by gang of outlaws caught in patli of falling timber* in burning jail, knocked out by dynamite Wast, plunged Into rocky gorge while riding Tluirxler There are lots more life that, bin inavbe yon get the Iden. Manila Society—Personal A wedding or much interest, in northeast Arkansas occurred Friday afternoon, April 5, when Miss Marguerite Harold of Corning Ark. anil Sam Moore of Manila' were united in innrringe. Tiie ring ceremony was performed by E(ev Cecil Culver at Die First Method-' ist, church in Paragonld, Ark The bride choose for her wedding ensemble a dress of heaven aluc with matching accessories Her sister. Mrs. L. J. Coclirau. was matron of honor and the brides- naids were Misses Alice Wylie Mary Kathryn Price, and Murle Smelison. 'Hie bride groom's attendants were Herbert, Matthews land L. J. Cochrnn. . The bride is the daughter of Miami Mrs. O. J. Harold of Corning anil is n graduate of Corning high school. Tlie bride groom is (he son of the laic Mrs. Ida Moore and has been connected with a construction company ns an operator of one of their dredging ma . chines. The young couple plan lo make their home here in Manila for an indefinite time. # * « Thirty-one friends of MIS G Mike, Jr., assembled at. l, Pr '|, omc Wednesday afternoon r or a pot luck lunch. The long dining table «;as laden with many delicious dishes and the guests were served bullet style, Atnon B ti , e out . of . own guests present were Mrs Virginia Standard and M iss Mnrv Evans or Osceola and Mrs. Saiii Moore.Jhe former Miss Marguerite Harold of Cornlni;, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Grant of De- Iroll, Miclilgun, spent a few days in Manila visiting friends and relatives. John Benson, who lias ben • ill suffering from pneumonia in the Walls hospitals in Blytheville, was returned home Wednesday. His condition is improved. The Manila Young Peoples Division of Ihe Methodist church attended a meeting of the Mississippi County Youm! Peoples organization, held at the Methodist church in Dell Tuesday evening. They were (.-hnueroned bv Mr. and Mrs John Morris. Tlie local Auxiliary of the Methodist Woman's Missionary Society will enteriiiln (he Jonesboro dls- iilct Missionary Conference at, the Manila chinch Thursday. May •> Ihe meeting will include delegates Hum H5 churches over the district nnd Dr. E . W . i^ue,-. district'sup- "-mleiKient will preside. The Manila society will ], nv e charge of die devottonnt services slid will serve lunch to the group which it is estimated will be nu- proxlmnlely 100. Miss Nellie Uver returned missionary from Korea' v.-ill be a guest speaker. Mr. nnd Mrs. Marshall Rogers nnd children left Wednesday for Detroit, Michigan, where Mr."no»- ers will be employed. ° Vernon Club was dismissed Tues- any from (he Baptist hospital in Memphis where lie recently underwent an appendectomy W R. Brown, of"M a ni] a , left Wednesday for Tcxon .Texas, to visit, ills uncip, John Browu Mrs. Albert Best is ill n't. her )ome, suffering from au attack of ippcndicilis. Mrs. Ed Brown is reported ill nt icr home. Mrs. Pierce TiUum and small jlmifc'hler sherry tennis, returned to Manila after a Iwo weeks visit m Wabasaka. Ark., where she 1 visited relatives. j Mr. and Mrs. Ansel Bunch of' Detroit, Michigan arrived in Ma I n;l.i for n short visit, with Mrs Grace McJntosb, A 7r .s. Bunch V mother, and oilier relatives arm , Cliiborn Tipton of Monetle was m Manila Friday. . S [ - | J. L. GUARD"" Optometrist Only Gnuluiile Optotne- Irist In Jllyllicidlle. Glasses Fitted Correctly 111 N'i:i) HllSSKl.!, Unilo.l r-iiM Siiil CurrMjioinUui LONDON' i UP) - D.ivhi Uo«l a corse. Cin-iil Hrltulu':; World War prime minister. Is mirai-tlnx in- en'aslng eild'HIIon irom llriions will] his vigorous (leiiKinds i u boast, home lnud produriioH unit ilii-ce h a chnHce (lint lit- may return lo (lie government. Th<. 77-year-olil "Welsh Wizard" \vlio imllod Hi-itnln fiom neiu'- dcfem in 1017 to vlrtory In Iflts with the cry of -grow more food." is Immmerlni; at ihe uovrmmnil wtlli the siiim.' messiisi' mul win.-s of disaster if his demands :nc not nit't. Before Britain and lYmtci- dc- i-tared wai- on Ciermnny, i.lov-d George's political sti'cni.111 appeared lo be u'linlny, but lodny ho is fi'ihi- iiiR with such vigor for the ni-rii-iil, mini program lie deems vital for victory that many <|iiniltT.s- brlU'i-e he should be given tin- job of hnmllinii the home supply ot food. Foe of C'liamlx-rtivtn lie Is a vigoious opponent O f (he Neville C'lmtnbcrlatn government and some of Ms slipperier-; believe (hat chuinberlnln would hove lo leave before ihe .silvery . linircd slalesinan could take over 1111 im- :)or(nnt goveinmeulul nosilion. Bin his prestige Ls growing stend- Ily. mid. if he should return to the government, perhaps to replnce Sir Reginald Dorman-Smitli ns minister of HBflcuUurc and fisheries, it Is believed lie would be a powerful influence in Die functioning of Britain's ivnr effort. The possibility Hun he could become prime minister nanln is most remote because of his age. i But I lie support of t,| 0 yd George j lo handle the nation's usji [culture I problem is Increasing, with the npprouch of spririx, Ills followers insist thnl if Die job of home food production is to be done successfully, it must lie started iininc- § dmlcry. | "A spring lost." they sny, "i s n whole year lost." 1'uinls to 191S Lloyd George Insists tluit the j World War wns won—and lost— j "in the Innlcf." Ciennnny's col- | lapse In jfjit), he sa jw, WHS due primarily to food shortage. Brit- ain's'failure on the "food front" during the first two years of the war was so grave, he says. Hint "we were within n feu- weeks of being starved into abject .-surrender." His present program is this: There arc 5.000,000 more mouths lo feed in the British Isles today In the face of n much smaller active agricultural m-cn nnd even less ground is under cultivation. Food .supply is the first essential for avoiding the "uttermost disaster" nl the linnets of I lie Germans, because the home food supply Ls Ihe only food .supply which Ihe enemy cannot trnu-li. Culls Iliihiin Weakest "When we take stock of our iiiirl- cultiire, we are fuceil with an nlai'm- ing picture ol neglect and deca-" he says. "We arc the weakest ot all the nations in the development of this side of national industry." Iff adds Hint Britain's cultivable soil is larger proportionately than that of nay other important state. But, despite Hint advantage, he says, only 5 per cent of the population of the British Isles works on the hind, as compared to the 10 per cent in Belgium. 20 per cent in Holland, :!0 per cent in Germany and 22 per cent in Hie United States. Lloyd George says that many of Britain's unemployed ronld be pul to vital use in the fields to meet the emergency of Hie present war. He would mobilize the nation's il rappiv, ,„ "curry ml( . " prntnpt survey of every rod, pole aiw Dwh ol fnrnilniul or poli'n- ilnl liimiinmi In the kingdom." »nu would inlilfllo lliorini(j)i turns- •ii'i's 10 pin to use Ihe "niiiiion-i of iii'res .which are) wnli'ilnKtcd ami wi'i'ililildeii." Cliaiucs No [nlllulliv "' !ll> not uiHli'lpnti' iinwllllnii- i»'w u.» ,)„, ,,,„,, „, ,,„. Kl . <l{it |()i| _ Jorlty .» n.itlsli liiriun.-, or luml- ownm," he suys. "11111 It ,„!,,, i,». tio'l''. What Is lacking i ; , rather lull adu at (lie (op, -.upital, in- Kintailloii mid TO.ifidi-iK-e. Those Ihlng.-. :i dcti-nuliifd :intl liii-si'i'ini; Kovernu'nt ,-oum pmvid.'. Thov urc i:ut slim." iv uctlon is iie.-cssarv lie sny.s. "II lhi> sjiikiK i'i mL'.seil, us (he lUitumn |i, )|S ,,|i',. m |y l;»vn tui:;w<l no >.n\ will t-niiWe us lo rnip n ImrvvM ti,| s y,. lu .. 'n,,, ,„„,.,.,. fiuiiKed pluwln-j pnnrani or the KOVci-.-nii'iit lius not so tur tn-cn I'liniril out nivr one (tinnier ol the ivreasc :ii lm -d ,, t . y,, lo ( ,, l[( , m . lave rrwei I-HIJIS in the (.-round mid ewer liVMtdtl; on Ihe f.iound than ve lind \-i month:, ago, Unless Iriistl; 1 steps me take i iiixl mi im- nwisc drive Imparted to our um|. cultural piodiii-lloji, we .shiill liuvc, Hit more, but fai food Ireui our 1WII f,oll this yiMll- limn ln-il." — PRESCRIPTIONS— Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phone Ml Luxora Society—Personal nl to lfl.10-41: Mrs. W, I, Jolili- son. iiresldont.; M K . c)>arllc Thomns. vliv-iuesUloiil; Ml ss sue Wlilpph', secretary iinil Mrs. It, C! Utnc.slmi. (rciisiirer. Tlie noinliint- Inii commit Ire was oomposcil of Mi's- H. I., lloiick, MI-K. ciinrllc Uirkinn. IIIK! MIS. II. o. wilklns In tlii! room niiint for Hi,, most number IIIUIIUTS prc.wnl, the iirsi Bi-udc' \ni.s iiivanli-ei (In. dolliir * » »,, ('lull . Mr. inul .Mrs, mi\-u>ll ixm-i'ii hnd « illnner parly inr (h,. inembr-rs 'M their l->ixoin-C).sivol(i-llly||i(. v ill u lii'MlBi' dill) nl thdr h<imi< Tucs- ""V nl(!ht. .six- KIK^I.S. Hi'.-.ltlcs tin- mr-mljers. (jiieiiij «-c>rc Dr. mid Mrs. V. |... ibulson. Mr. ami Mrs. t:hnrll ( > Mllllin, nnd Mv mill Mvii. it. o, l,nni«ion. 'I'lie illiini'i- wus served at smiill tiiblc.'i tvlili (-ciiicriilcvi's of mixed Nii'lni; Ilinvi-rs. M^. S. 1, Cilmllsh mid I,, w. « "in is ill-id ],l|jii honms miioni; tin- i-Inl) iiii-iiil)i-rs mid l)i- !Hi<l- •wn held hltjli i'iii",l honors. lUxovn lloiik chili Sire Is Tlie members of the Ltisora nook club met at the home of Miss Nora Wise Tuesday night. Mrs. Clmrlle Thomas, Ihe retiring president, presided over 11 short business session, before the review of the book, "Flower Ciillivation Of Si'nson Flowers", was presented by Mrs. Tom Callls. The nciv oilleerji for IB-IO--I], were Installed by Mrs. li. o. Wllklns: Mrs. John Thweult, presidenl; Mrs, Tom Cnllls. vlce-proslilenl; Mrs. T. L. Stmifonl. treasurer', Mrs. Clem Poison, sccrelary. After (lie Install- ntloii, the Club Collect wii.s read in unison. Announcement, was made Ihnu the Lusora Book Club has been accepted into the full membership ' of Ihe Qenernl Federation of Women's clubs. Plans were mi\de for Kabbl i'ol- Inck to review "Abraham Lincoln Illlno nl n future dale. This review will be open to (lie public. Plus In I lie club colors, green and white, were presented lo the two former presidents, Mrs. 1). O. Wll- ktns. and Mrs. Charlie Thomns, The presentation of these pins was Inaugurated nt this meting; a pin to be presented to each retiring president. Mrs, Tomns n. Wllklns presented to Mrs. dun-lie Thomas, n gilt from the club. A saliid-sandwlch plate was served fnlloM'ing » social hour, * * • fiuxoru r.irrnt-Tcaclicis Thirty members were present at tile regular monthly meeting of the Luxota Piircnt-Tenchcrs meeting in the high .school midllorhmi. The program, in-ranged by Mrs. Charlie Thomas, on Music w-ns heard before the business session. The Ltixora schol band, directed !>.v T. (j. Wlngftold, opened (he pio- srain by playing two jiumbers. Mrs. '0. H. Wood, presented "Music as Recreation find a Character HiilUl- x". Eacli one present (;nvc a :hought on (lie imporlante ol nwsic In nn Indlvkliinl's life. The following olllcers irere elect- NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without Imyiiip a P.AS PLANT. Knjay (iris pleasure for Cooki"X. Hrallii);, Hnf VV.ll.-r aiitl Cas KefrlRcratiiin. l-'nr full iiirnrniallon wrilc us or make inquiry at our ofllrr. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY WlicaHcy— West Mcniiiliis Blythcvlllc STONEVILLE 2B "?, ' ,^^; si 1 RED TOP GIN North Cl Hlgliw.y Blythovlllo. Ark. I'VIs At l.uwna Hi-Ida I wii-nth, red bud, hyacinths niul iim-otssiisi-s wevc used us (Iminitlim in c in> reception halt mul Ill-Inn IIXIIM of tin; l.uxurn home reimomics i-oiinj,,. Thursdiiy nun-linn when M,-. S . u, u n 01 .| m Mrs. Kllloll Wllllnm.s. MIS. Hu ,,' Hieiwn, Mrs. T .P. Hudson, unit Airs, o. II. Wood, i.nxoni members of Hi,. Diylhei-lll,- u' DC were hostesses to (hi- number's nl the chupter. Mrs. W. T, cnllcd the house- to order by | m vlii(.. read In unison the ritiinl. followed bv ulv- jng the pledge ol Alleelmice 'to the U. 3. MHK, mid a salute | 0 u, e Confedenite Hag. Uenorts were heurd from com- nilllee clinlrmcu; an Interesting oullliie of Hie subjects for cssnys ihe various luvinils, mid those ell- iiible to take pirn was prc-icnled by Mrs. L. I,, llubener. Two Kiiesls were present. Mrs. ; . K. 11. llenrelcn, Jr., and MIS iilpli I.. Dni.'fjliis. The program us outlined In the yenr book, ivns Ihu blo)ira|)hy of Adnilnil lluthminti, mul iinitle ol Blilloli, presented hy Mrs. E. J(. "Tin; Untile of Mobile Buy Ills- lory of ciuiipiil|.ii." wns discussed by Mrs. C. 11. Wood. ' Mrs. Hemden guve two readings <: A snliid plate Wlls scrv( . u w|[| ,'! coffee, by Miss Dllsy Stlimiui mid Miss Mildred Hawkins. (.'biin-h Census Tn lie Tllkl-n SlIIMluy The Rev. liiilph t, Douglas, pastor of Ilii; llnptlsl church, who Is e for Ills subject, Sunday morn- mu nl Ihe eleven o'clock limn- 'fioels Cull nnd Man's Response" Matthew om, seven-thirty, "WAS", Psnlms l>:», hns- iisslgned to nsslsl him in 'king n religious census of Lux- oni. .beginning at one o'clock. Sim- «ny nflt-rnoon, the Sunday school Iciidiers. with a .selected usslstunt * * 1 Mr. nnd M,K. Klmorc Campbell :l!"ig!)lr;r, Miss Loutx-lle returned o their home In St. Louis Hundiiy nftcrnoon after a ;i dny visit with Mrs. Campbell's sisters, Mrs I! w """in, and Miss I-'lorcnce Uush Murphy, N. C.. Is Ihe site of the only marble courthouse In eontl- ••entiil Amcilcn. It is | n ,| U <)f ml . ii'e nifirble. Why Drive a Wilson Society—Personal ll«((-ss 'In ilrliti!,. dm, Ndj-flssus JUKI joniinliK <'ecoralt,i Ihi! rooms Hn,»vji ojien to tl:u m'.iijljei's and ( .|i, : . ( |.| ,,r M r , s . j u i '"In u-lu-n »(„. i-nioL-lHliicd U.;! wrilnesduy Iliidisi' Club m, Jmr liuiiii'. on Weilneoiliiy iiUeinooii, Mill -Mrs. J«» ciuiiicr and Mrs. II >•• l.e<> Wllsuii l| ii. s j.|,,, s ,,. A delicious siiliid coins,; w.-is t-erv- i'il tolltwhii., tiie bridge JMIUI-S in wmi'li Mrs. N. u. Kliis .scored hlijh «'llli Mis. Joe Cromer havln;. sec- OIWl Illl'll flOIC. i'ollllllon ('lull J| ;is I)-,,,,.,. Mrs. M. 1,. Circshiiin nn.-l Mr.s I'- B, Clillcs, Jr., of Jollier. wi-r<! tlK-lc loKiiliu- mumhly dunci. m the I'lnb IH>II«. on TJiursduy evonln,- ADOlll twi-llly-j|u> couples IIIIU KiH-sls dimivd by the music of tho incki'lodlnn. mid dui-lnn intennls- ilmi wen- s.-ivi-d i-hlckcii chow neln nnd bottled <|rlnk« Mr mid Mrs, I). ]'). i;,,. s (, .,,„! Di'.'iiMd'Mrii <•'. H. I'orler wi-n- wclcwned ni lew iiieinbi>rs. liili-riiiilliinia Ui'lntlniis- Club ,\l,-,-lln K Mis- W. H. IlinkelL of Hnsselt I'liiilrniim of (h,> intei-iindonul Ro- Intlons Depiiriinenl of Hie Wilson (.oopcintlve Club, wa.s the spi-iiker nt the nii-Hlng held an Tlmrsduy nfteinoon in tliu homo of Mrs c I-- J«rd. Her subject, wus the lils- loiy of Nonvuy. Sweden, Denmark, wilh the present dei-elopjneiils us rehilc'd lo tin- war. she shUcil (heir lesomces. ediicntlon mid economic status Iu relation lo what other counti)i>.-i (belllgt'i-i'tilti) mlRlit, want, by Inking then). Tlieie WHS n gc-n- ernl discussion ubonl Ihe very remit Invasion ot Denmark nmi Ninwny. ami-ludliu. wilh n resume of Amerlcii's sldiutlan us to avall- «We mllHiiry force If forced to ciilei- Hie war. Following ihe mn-llnj;, delk-ioiis cake nnd coi-n coins were served bv Hie hostess. iVi-llimllsl <! | \viii i.. lr(j . ConllnnliK! | n ; , series of good ' fellowship ,,,,,-lles ,„„„„,, „„, ,„,,,„. 1 t»rs of tin. Melluxllsl Chm-ch nnd ' Sunday Scl.ool, n \ ntK c aroup liulhercd at the party m,,l liullct sniipei- held n|. th,, Clinrch on Wcd- ni'.sduy evening. Miuiy tntei-e.stlng Bnines nnd conlests were enjoyed t * • •limlor ci :lss or wilsnn -St-lKinl Tn I'ri-si-nl I'lny ''A IJI({ TJUiiH I,, | jtrc .. , s ,, ln title of the pluy to be piesentixi by Hie Junior class nl the Wilson school n,idltor[i, m Ol , fridny night April latli, under the direction of Miss Vli'Kto Rogers. It Is a comedy In three nets, nnd has us Its sctlIn K " private .school of iisycliolofiy and Is plnyeel hy this Mnrli; Wilson. Nellie Kill,, Luiiiuim, Jiinu Cfivpcntcr. Kntlierlur. cln-/, Ann - Fnrrell, Mni-j- Frances riegenold John nnuglns, Everett BullarO, Lll- IMII Wilson, and Charles Elslander. 'Hin Rev. John A. Oulcc of Kansas 01 ty, MO:, Is here I his wec-k vlsUInt; in ti, ( . | l01m . n! hh p! , mHs ' Hie Rev. mid Mrs: o. Norman CilltCC. Amoiiir urns,) from here who ai- lenelcil the J), A. R. luncheon held lust wed: at the home of Mrs Jim Youni; nt, Heath, Ark., were:'Mrs John UKCII, Mrs. W. B. Burkctt Mrs. Joo Miller, Mrs. Eva Elklns nnd Mrs, Dor.-i Merrill. ^ Miss Vlijiic Roijere, Miss Ann I-'iirrtll anil Mls.i Helen Rowe spent Ihe week-em) In Purngonld Ark visiting friends. ' . Mlf,s Pliel])s, who Is a private nursi! Jn the liotm- of Mrs. R E I, > Wilson, is spending this week vis-'-' Hint! iu Mississippi. During her ubsi-ncc Mrs. Youtifiblood Is sub- slituliiit' lor her. Mr.-,. John I-:, Grain Is a patient in Cmripbc.T.s Ciltjic In Memphis Her condition Is reported untisfiu- tory but she will lemalii thero for' ii lew weeks luneer. Miss I'carl Graves returned Tues- • ij' from fit. Louis, where she al- li-ntli-d n two day convention of tin- National Hairdressers Asswl-i- llon. Mr.s. Wlllln Cash of Ilumbolilt nun., nn-lveil Tuesday to visit In Ihi; home of her son, 13, 1). cosh nnd wife. 'I'he lowest death |- n i es | n (] 10 United atulcs are ci.Umi-d , v North nnd South Dnkoln . STRAYED I'riim <:. O. Shaw's place V. mill's nnrtli a! VlHoria. 1 llRliI hay horse mule witti ulill<- IKIKC-, «•(. 10011 Ihs., I ilnrli liay mare mule, «•(. JOOU Ihs. Notify Smith Gin Go. , Ark. CAR? He Tirolltl of yam- rar ami K«tn Mil- added n-stii-cl of "lln-rs. Our rxprri repair men will I,,, hatipy (n give Dan ted? rs Kent? lirokcn? Then See Us Today! WJO'IJ, AIAKK YOtIK CAR LOOK UKK NKW AT VKRY I, ITT I, K COST TO YOU. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Stli X- Walnut I'lione 810 Wcrt Optometrist "HE MAKKS 'EM SKK Ovrr JOB rwi.-ics 1 Stnre Phone fi-10 Sign the New Register at the Ritz SATURDAY f$ A SOKO-HIT 6N HIS UPS... ii;A IUHA8Y IN EITHER FIST1 ' WAITER CAIIETT • ED BROPHY r,t« • lie,, b, I,* Ca>, Atsn C'onu-ily * Serlnl SUNlMY-iMONDA-V '.'1&\ jg BLYTHEVILI.E WED., APRIL 17lh Hi wily li] Grounds , MUSEUM and ReM WILD WEST., FARMERS MyfiHrfR Also Comeily ^t NcH's ciillmnnis show Sunday Coming- In (lie. ftlt-i: "Voung- Tom Kdlson" "Star Dust" "Grapes of \Vralh" "Seventeen ROX Y SATURDAY llcnrrow of tlic Royal Mounlril in "Danger Ahead" Also Conu-ily & \(.,, Ser m "Hick Tracy's G Men" Unlil 5 o'clock -Ml Children Under 10 Yrs. Old 5c S()NI)AY-,MOi\OAY (/eta IVottJcA SJtau a { tiiM't *>« Cwiulf Hit lttitliat,tl »ili> ll tap|g<«1 lhi» > a , tn,, (,„„ AronicClicmpion* • Amaii.ig Trained ftnimols • Ma/vclous Horse Show • TOM ol EVphanti . Ctoiviis Galen . . . MAMMDIII CANVAS an IUID * 'it,, »o'.w«s of itii\»o»Looivumn ton >.r t..n> imiu.«o tin PRICES REDUCED! Adults iS'oiv Only ,'j;ie Children Under' 12 JSc ANEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE JO All Cliililren 5c up to 5 o'clock. Also Comcily * News LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 ».m. — K;K p.m.—4:36 p-m. i Rili 224 Phone ROIJ 333 ^^^•••••IBB^IBBa Blytheville-Sunday, April 14th BIG BARBECUE, BEGINNING 9 A. M. Fairgrounds 2 P. M.---50 Mile Race-$l75 Cash Prizes ADMISSION 25c-FREE PARKING-NO EXTRA CHARGE

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