Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1935
Page 4
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h">\.v^-#* > • v ~ , Soldier of the Air A«ww<* to iriirrtlirir [rj'I'^J [pJAlT PttXitd TAffiT MLlArTlElDJ 19 Distinct! ve lace. .. _- ,_ .. (Container ! J4li5enus of , 44 Unclosed. 4S Kiln, M^ '*>', 49 Copal. 51 Melody. 53 Welshman. 54 Mathematical terms. 55 Pastries. 56 He was to the chief of army air corps 57 He now — that department. YI-mttCAL 1 Native metals. 2 To appear. 3 Auto. 4 Coin. 5 Strife. 6 Self. 7 Measure. 8 To attempt. 0 Tanner's vessel. 10 To eject. 11 Cleft 12 He has a high rating. 15 Hated. 20 Military title. 21 Riches. 2:1 Not any. 25 College official 27 Conjunction. 28 Boy. :JO Silkworm. 31 Quantity. :17 Most unimportant. 38 Parrot fish. 39 Heavenly bod) 40 Monkeys. 41 Classification of birds. 42 Cymbals. 43 Person opposed. 45 Back of neck. 46 Assam silkworm. 47 Perished. 48 Sorrel. 50 Wayside hotel 52 Onager. ^ V 'T Open Season All Year lidge—"You are accused of shooting flsquSrrels out of season. Have you S'any plea?" ftf f Him—''Yes, your honor. Self-de- i'"ferise."—Columbia Jester. Second Payment Cotton Rentals «Arithmomania is a strange malady. I Moi'6 Than 2,000 Farmers ^sufferer is obsessed with uncon- j Par 11 C1 P a t 6 in Cotton' -tvsvllnltlefe r*eiciT*A -frt r*r»itnt tnincfc 1 *• . . Control Program in; Hempstead County firollable desire to count things. ft' Find It! Rent It' Buy It! in the Hope Stai PUCE rh» more you tell, the 7, ' quicker you sell. ,, 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c il'fir consecutive insertions, mini- irnum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« 6 times. Be line, mm. 90c 26 times, 3V4c line, min. ?2.76 « (Average 5V4 words to the line) ;NOTB— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the '• bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 76& NOTICE NOTICE—We envite you to take T 4 advantage of our special photo offer for November. All work guaranteed. Attractive prices. Special tinting at a small cost The Shipley Studio, 215 South Walnut. l-3tc WANTED WANTED—Men's suits, coats, ladies dresses and coats, and all kinds of County farmers received the second one-half of their cotton rental checks this week. First payment for one-, half of the amounts due for partici- , paticn in the Bankhead cotton con-; trol act were delivered farmers in the j I spring and early summer. These sec- . on.d payment checks are for the same amount as was received for the first payment. | There is in addition to the payment' now being made, a parity payment, • which is, however, considerably small- ( er than the rental payment. This will be due in December. i Checks are being delivered in Washington, Ozan, and the north end of the county on Wednesday and Thurs-; day, and other sections earlier in the j week. Those who do not receive their! checks when they are available in I the various communities, can do so j by calling at the city hall in Hope any j time after Thursday. There are a few checks still outstanding, but the greater part of them have been received and either delivered or ready for delivery at the county agent's office. Sligthly more than 2,000 farmers will revcive checks in Hempstead county for participation in the cotton ccntrol program. usedclothing. Dowell. Joyce and Floyd Mc- 30-6tc Splitting Hairs * Hair-dressers, a Chicago dispatch informs us, complain that "ordinary barbers in the Midwest are calling themselves hair-dressers, to the great detriment of the advanced profession." Reminds us of the late Judge Joseph Quinn of the Massachusetts Prescott. No investment. Business established, earnings averaee ?25 week- Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Up WANTED: Live Wire Salesman to take over Big Line Household necessities. Give away Free Coffee to every customer. Earn §45 to $65 per week. Write at once C. Togstad Co., Dept, A, Kokomo, Indiana. Itp • WANTED—We pay five cents pound „ for clean cotton rags. We do not ac- pepf strings, overalls, or any sort of /; tjeking. Hope Star. you?" The 'I am a tonsorial ." put in Judge "isn't that splitting hairs?"- delphia Evening Bulletin. artist." Quinn, -Phila- | OUR BQAKBirki FOR RENT ^* FOR BENT—Two bedrooms, adjoin- I ing bath, private entrance. Mrs. W. , R. Chandler, 402 South Pine. Phone V 906. 28-12tc LOST ' LOST— Two y.ear old muley cow, slender, brown jersey and no marks or brand. For reward call at 400 South Elm street, or phone 32. 31-3tp LOST—In the Saenger one yeljow gold wrist watch with chain strap. Mrs. Comer Boyett, Phone 450-W. l-3tp FOUNP FOUND—Key ring and two keys on belt clip. Owner may claim same by paying for this notice. 2-3tcih FORSAKE FOR SALE—Chevrolet truck in A-l condition. Will trade for anything. Buy now and go to work. Don't wait for President Roosevelt, he will starve you to death. See Tom Carrel. Mult- Dealer. 30-3tp Want It Printed We'll have a jirinting expert call on you, and you'll have an eco- uomical, l)i«li ijuulily jol>. Whatever your needs, we tun serve (hem. Star Publishing COMPANY That Makes an Impression" FEW .-TAX "RlMCb SUCH ON , n \ TOK VOU t>6 A A^OUNtX-THfe. 5V\t>lN t3O HOT < ...4 TH'V^KD, ^ TO LIMBEC U|»,t3OC,kWHV t TrAlS AtKiT ANV 1t)O6V-\6P3 tW^N TVAVJhAlB > tW\t5itoUM\i-u.€i»^ > , k VOU SVAQUUDk SttN ^At ACT TV-\ N LUMB'EP, C/XtAP,'P^C\<\H* TVAEtYN LO6S. UKk MWCU€:^»i AN X TH£V "PUT ME ON U6WT -DUTY, OOL.L.tCTIN N TVA^ ^ W£££L !L > TELEPHONE, is AN AUTHORITY ON "FATIGUE ,A;-\ .6 1I«V/A«-C4; k^ac ;. •«««» f VCMVJMM^ | SSS'/yZ' p5lF^ © 1935BYNEA SERVICE. INC. T.M. RED. U. 8. PAT OFF, m TN'OKAWD iv/Ar-jrxe OP A SjUj-tA W OF r x W A MASTS* o£ h\ MEW, BUT HE'S rrx MO MASTER THERE/ HA-MA. DON'T LST HIM see WHO you A«e—wnew iwevfte..<3o.oo, tHey THINK you CAME TO feoor WH§M TH§y£e COTT6M, THEY THIWk VOU CAMfe TO R Ct , .TILL \ S»(MY, . flUl* Hfe / xaers GOOD./;; J ©HJSIYNtAStHVICMNC. ^ T.M. HEO.U.5. PAT, Off. SERIOUS Jr.R.wViv;.[v.|h, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Whoopee! by MARTIN >• 1, 1VJL StT,\V tLVA'tS B^O5V\ OV O^ \\\* R'e.HE COUV.D HKU TVKf^ •VtPsM-VA VE.W. 1 . COv-A't < 5^C\<L \\H2S. — % HEY/£ ov\v\,. \_OO\<'. • : | y, fff ' C/}^> '' c> ////'i . J. ^ WHEt ALLEY OOP Ooola Plays a Hunch by HAML1N WHILE THE MILITARY FORCES OF MOO AMD LEM ARE LOCKED IN DESPERATE COMBAT; ALLEY OOP AND OOOLA CONSIDER WAYS AND MEANS OF (VETTING BACK ON THE MOOV/AW SIDE-: OF THE RIVER... ,. , -w^^^;^>. HUH-' MICE PLACE/ BUT;'/ LET'S GO DOWN EVEN IF WE COULD /STREAM A WAYS — SWIM DIKJNY ACROSS,! WE'D NEVER BE ABLE T'GIT UP THAT HIGH BANK/ WE MAY FIND AW- EASY PLACE.TO CROSS — *iv!--••»«(<*:« / / WHY DOWN STREAM? WHY ' GO UP- OHI DOMT , 'KNOW-JUSTj A, HUNCH, I GUESS. ^ V^n ( AWRIGHT-BUT IF WE GET INTO - '?. <! iWJ\ ^^ SOME KIND OF A JAM, Y'GOT ' *• ' ^ NOBODY TBLAME BUT °' , I'LL wRISK YERSELF/ •rffi ,..'V' £v ^. ; WASH TUBBS On the Spot By CRANE rWELL, BVGUPPy.' MOW WE'RE dlTTlAa'SOMMERS. AMOS BieGER WAS KILT \V)' A -32.—THIS IS THE OMLY .32 ON THE ISLAND—AWD THERE'S TWO EHPTV SHELLS IKJ 'Trr^j ~~ 6 T " HADNJ'T VOU BETTER A —-/ I EXPLAIM WHAT THIS PISTOL BORRO.VEP WAS POIKJQ IN VOUR TCMT; A IT. SARBARA?J ^ l-I'D RATHER DRAKE ? NOT SAV. " " V " \ , LiSSENJ, YOU .. a,MKEP CREEP/ LEAVE ALONJE/ VOLf.AlKJ'T WO FLATFOOT. T A J 6IVE V ER DAT ROD BECAU5£ •SHE WA-5 SCAREP/ AND 1 FIREP PEM TWO SHOT'S TO SHOW '6R HOW IT "~ FRECKLES ANT HIS FRIENDS Reaction By BLOSSERj WHY DO YOU / SUPPOSE THE ) COACH LECTURED US ABOUT FRECK'S JERSEY ? SEARCH ME/ GOSH, I LIEVE HE HAD TEARS IN HIS EYES \J~ FRECK HASNT FLASHED AT ALL LIKE HE DID LAST YEAR, BUT HE'S DOME SOME THINS,OR THE COACH WOULDN'T PRAISE HIM L.IKE HE DID .'/ A FOOTBALL COACH IS ONLY AS POPULAR AS HIS WINNING STREAK ....AND IF COACH ROOSE CAN SMILE AND THINK OF REASONS TO PRAISE A GUY WHEN HIS TEAM LOSES CONSISTENTLY. HE MUST HAVE A REASON .' 'CEP/ I DOMT KNOW HOW THAT STORY AFFECTED YOU GUYS, BUT FROM WOW ON, EVERY TEAM WE PLAY IS GONNA KNOW ME AS SAMSON BULGE^MUSCLE/ VO) THE MEANTIME, THE COACH STILL IS HOLDING OUT, AND is GOING TO PLAY THE SCRUBS AGAINST KINGSTON.' THEY WON'T HAVE 7 , A CHAMCE/j ^ ' .' M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. UJ I9» B< NEA SbRVICE. ISC. THE NEWFANGLES (Mora'n Pop) Windy Can't Be Bothered By COWAN WWV, GC.5D \ I JUST DROPPED IN T'SEE IF MORNING. ) YOU WEUE GCTTING. SETTLED i. PtTI S I ^LL RIGHT, Nv)D T'TEU. \DU TUAT // X LEFT 5(>AE NCE. THINGS IN TUE X MRS. *. KITCHEN CLOSET FOP YOU NOW ,THIS COOKER JUST FITS YOUR KITCHEN STOVE AND THIS SET OF ALUMINUM WARE WILL COME IN HANDY AND — AWFULLY NICH OF YOU,WVRS. PITTS QH/WINPY/ CONSE IN tkND SEE WWAT JVSPS. PITTS LEFT US / ' THE ONE WE BOOGKT TME O p "A HUU ; AMVTHIN&THET OLD Tl&HTWAD LEFT CAMT BE WORTH GETTIN 1 UP T'LOOK AT--I r\ v

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