Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1937
Page 6
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HOPE STAft, SOP15, ARKANSAS Monday, December 6,. 1937 Luxury of Being Santa Claus By MARIAN YOUNG JillA S«n Ice Staff Correspondent >J£W YORK—A luxury present is anything the recipient wants but •Ifrouldn't consider buying for himself Everything being relative, it's reas- , onab!e to assume that in order to j come uno>r tho heading of luxury, a present doesn't necessarily have to east ft small fortune, be imported from Some remote spot on the other side of Ihe world or be an heirloom that hfts been in your family for generations. A single handkerchief, fine and soft antf hand-embroidered, is a luxury gife for a woman whose handkerchiefs art pretty everyday-ish. A tiny bottle of rare perfume is a luxurious thought for one who Is a perfume lancter—this no matter how much per- furne she already has. Prom furs to jewelry, there are thousands of luxury gifts from which to pick and choose. But regardless of how much you have to spend (also regardless of how many times you've heard this) forethought, goxl taste, careful shopping and Christmas spirit, in the true sense of the term, are Wonderful substitutes for more than a minimum of ready cash. So it's possible to give luxury presents whether you have money or not. Personal Adornments For women, fine housecoats are luxuries. Even though she has several, she'd like another, especially if it's a tailored number of black velvet with notched lapels, a wide belt that makes her waistline seem ever so tiny, and a flared skirt. Flannel bathrobes cut on housecoat, lines, are highlighted Handsome negligees Chow about one with a short train?), dripping with lace, are worth considerable consideration.' , Chunky gold jewelry is something she didn't want and which you couldn't have found lust Christmas. This year she'll love a wide gold bracelet and matching earrings or a matching necklace made of six or seven slender gold chains. In precious jewelry, look at pearls •or rubies. There's a definite trend toward yellow gold—away from platinum. Earrings lake the spotlight once again. A short boxy evening jacket of silver fttx would be a pretty handsome expression of your esteem. Every woman wants a bit of fur for Christmas, and whether she gets a pair of black —From Abercombio and Fitch Co., New York. For a boy . . . sports gloves of Australian opossum, with leather palms. gloves with Persian Iamb cuffs or a fuE-length evening cape of snowy ermine, she's going to be proud and pleased. More Feminine Delights Among other new gifts the most im- The Morning After-Taking Carters Little LiverPills A Complete Line —of- Yardley's Old English Lavender Toiletries—Bond Street Perfume "XMAS SETS" See Our Window JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Kcxall Store Phone 63 Delivery JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS Chili Mac—Hot Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp, Denver, Colorado. fhc'r happy because Santa Claus brought her H beautiful, crush-resistant house ccal In sapphire blue velvet with a elide fastener up the front and ermine tails at the V ncvk. She also got a graduated link chain neck-luce and bracelet In gold plate, velvet evening bag witht compact in the top, and a bed with quilted velvet head boaid nnd bedspread in turquoise blue to match the house coa;. | arate compartments, quite apart from | stii! compartments. You mieht consider: diamond studs 60 Attend County Farm Bureau Here H. H, Huskey Is Re-Elected President of County Group Approximately CO of the ovitstanding farm leaders of the various communities attended the Farm Bureau meeting held at the city hall. Saturday at 2 ,iO p. m. A. B. Wcthorington was the principal s-peaker and talked on the relation of tho Farm Bureau to rural schools, j Frank J. Hill, gave a report of the past \ ear's activities, and reported that there were 310 active members at the present time and that a recent drive showed approximately 700 new pledges who will become members in the near i 1 future. R. P. Bowon. secretary of the '* i Hope Chan:bv .• of Commerce, spoke t.> the group on how the Chamber of | (* immerce wished to co-operate with the Farm Bureau organization in helping to solve rural problems of the i county. Mr. Bowen told the group that the Hope Chamber of Commerce was anxious lo make Hope one of the / I outstanding towns of Arkansas and ** * j that they realized that the building of Hope depended directly upon the i farmers of the county, the follow-in;: | li-t of officers wore elected to servo during 1938: H. H. Huskey, president; A. B Weth- erinston. vice president; Frank J. Hill. •tcretary and treasurer. Immediately following the countywide meeting, the executive committee met and made the following resolutions: 1. To pay all expenses of H. H. Huskey. president, to attend the annual National Farm Bureau convention to be held in Chicago from December 13 through December 16. Mr. Huskey will | attend as a voting delegate fro. i Hemp- j stead county. 2. lo co-operate wilh the Hope Chamber of Commerce in carrying out plans for an annual Hempsteacl County Fair. .1 To hold an annual Farm Bureau Plans for an Ideal Farm Home Jaw Operation for Kitchen Siven in This Drawing! President Likely barbcque. 4. To make co-operative orders of a Luxury personified . . . lizard gloves with bleached pigskin palms. portant woman in your life will like are: a fitted alligator daytime bag with satin lining, containing compact, lipstick, sowcd-in change purse, mirror and compartments for cigarettes and matches; a dressing gown of finest Shetland wool, handmade, of course; a maribou bed jacket in a luscious shade of hyachinth blue; a wide, crushable belt of softest kidskin with sterling silver buckle; mules with jewelled heels; an enormous bottle of her favorite perfume; a purse-like overnight -A bag, completely fitted (this looks ex- |! actly like a very large handbag); lamps of gleaming crystal for her dressing table. Also, an evening pouch of needle- i f point with a doeskin vanity and a little jewelled perfume flacon inside an umbrella with a needlepoint cover an the handle, a writing case which resembles a small, flat suitcase—completely equipped with address and note books, blotters, letter paper, and so on. Especially nice for,• the traveler nnd cuff links (if you arc very rich) i legume and other seeds, or monogrammed platinum ones. Even i crystal studs for the man and top hat. AH types of evening jewelry, including a thin gold watch, are definitely in the luxury category. Also: do luxe brushes, a candid camera; a humidor and pipe ruck of blc h er-covercd thermos jug and two small matching glasses, also for his desk; binoculars (if he has a boat, travels on boats or lives by the sea in the > make a luxurious gift j D^/Trr f^f CJ-f wftlrn-n who has just bought tails j DOQV 01 Ml lORdl t. All types of evening * Child to Science i H i <* Ji VI i lU'-IUL (II ILl l»HJt_" 1 clL'IS. l_»l leached maple: an onyx ash tray for ParGlltS Make Offering to is desk; a water set, including tenth- j g ave J^gg Qf Of , 1Q ° Children CHICAGO.—</Pt—Tho youthful par- PAPM HOME KITCHEN vo»AnKANSAS cot-usaa a Every new or old kitchen presents a special problem of nrrnngeimmt. because of shape, size, or location of doors and windows. Authorities nrc agreed however, that the basic requirements ot equipment and grouping are quite similar for efactent kitchen work. The principal centers are for pteparntion of food, cook and serving, and for clearing away and wasiiing dishes and utensils. Cabinets, cupboards, and shelves are grouped tor convenience about the work cabinet, sink, and stove. For most kitchens, the logical grouping falls naturally Into a U-sliape, L-shupe. or two parallel rows of cabinets and equipment. Home demonstration agents are trained In kitchen planning and can offer helpful suggestions. Plan suggestions for kitchen arrangement and cabinet work Is a part of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture's plan service, nnd may be ph'ni^M from your H""" 1 pwiin^roMnti Ae n nt. 1 F. D. May Have to Under- I go Bone-Scraping for ; Infection j ABOAIU) ROOSEVELT TRAIN En| route U> Washington. — (/Vi —-President Kmi?evelt, (mined and rested from n i week'.s cruise in Florida waters, was • Washington bound Sunday night after disclosing h'- 1 would have Ills jaw bone scraped if his Rum, sore from an extracted tooth, did not heal soon. I At n prefs conference on board tho 1 yacht Potomac soc.n after it docked at Miami from the Dry Tortugns islands, the executive said the gum cavity had not healed as quickly <is expected. He will call in his dentist soon after readum.; Washington Monday around 4:3rt p. in.. He said also he would see congressional leaders, but no dates had been set for any conferences. Divs.xod in a pray suit and blue tie, the president smiled and appeared in : tho best of spirits at his press con- 1 fcrrncf at the Miami dock which he reached at 1:30 p. m. His train left about mi hour Inter. He said ho felt fine, but that his jaw was still sore and if "somone punched it I'd probably resent it." i Capl. Ross T. Mclntire. naval physician to the president, interrupted to remark that the gum bad not healed "the way it should anil we thought we'd better get back and look out for it." A larce crowd saw the president : disembark at a Discaync bay pier. He waved to the cheering citizens en route to his train, where another crowd bade him a cherry goodbye. I He had no comment at the press interview mi the Sino-Japanese or eon. irressional situations. He said he planned no more messages to the special session. iNew Typhoon Hits the Philippines Northern Tip of Islands Raked by South Seas Storm Monday MANILA. P. I.—(/Pi— A new typhoon isolated a huge area in the nothcrn Visayan islands of the Philippine group Monday while reports reached Manila of a serious dysentary epidemic in Sorgoson province, the aftermath of another typhoon on Armistice day. x/ summer time); an elegant air pistol ' onts of 12-day-old Daniel Ennesser (for target practice in the basement, nth victim of a mysterious maladv in gameroomnr attic"; a 4-ounce fly rod; St. Elizabeth's hospital, offered ' the a fine camel's hair vest. j body of their first-born Monday that Or: slippers ol leater and Bedford I medical science might seek the cause cord, that flexible and long'.vearing o f an intestinal disease fabric used for riding breeches; shoe , John G. Ennesser, tho father, said he rack to be nailed to the back of his | : ,nd his wife, Angeline. 26. "thought closet door (made' of boot leather . it would help other little babies" if! After the doctor left his cot. Pat .straps.; evening suspenders (if he has the doctors performed an autopsy on ! spent several minutes in meditation. ^ S u,°-, P ^ whlte m °' rc s '! k , ; ", ar " t«c child." j Then he beckoned to the boctor and -**<±*j*- | said: "Say. Doc, I've been thinking Tho greatest undcrveloped territory j about that question you asked me, and in the world lies just under your hat. I remember now that every time I Pat was in a hospital ward with bronchitis. The doctor inquired: "Do you raise anything when you cough?" Pat was puzzled and shook his head in the negative. n —ALL 11O.VIE OWNERS— Wu Invite Your Inquiry TERMITE CONTROL At Ki'asonaljle Prices Hope Service Co. Roy Allison, Mgr. Ajrfe. For him . , . seven handsome briar pipe: ir. a sumptuous case . . . a slgarettc case and lighter combination with tiny watch ttt in the enamel . . . and, if he's a horseman, luxurious suspenders of woven silk with horsey motif. who writes en route. Furthermore: snakeskin gloves with bleached pipkin palms; a quilted bedspread of rosy peach velvet with negligee to match; a full-length evening wrap of snowy lambskin; stockings in a new mahogany shade; black wool jer.-.ty lounging p;ijan.,i, -.vilh ;j —From Aborcombit! and Fitch Co., New York. For the baby . . . n fluffy white liui::iy in a green velvet cabbage. gloves of black crepe, embroidered in cold bead:-.; a 50-'.uni:c jug of lightly .scented cologne; a piant box of bath powder with a down puff as larue a.s a dinner plate. Men F,i sy to Please If the men < n your li.st an.- snorts- minrlfd individuals, shopping for luxury gift:; li<i them j-houH he a • imp', 1 :: matter. Tho man who iloe.i a-sh^Mling s,') always wants another nun. If hf; hke" to fish, a few of the newest, and very best, dry flies will he appreciated. Especially excellent lias year is a tackle bfiX. filled wilh a wonderful t olleetion of dry flies, a ^uod reel, halt can. Unes, .sinkers and su r h. If hi:; chief h .bby is ju.st a-:sett;n' he'll bo happy with a fie luxe pipe -:et which includes .-.even beautiful pip^'.s. atti actively pa-ked in a box which can .-erve a.s a pine-ruck, too. The nf'.vc.'t pocket lighter for men has a .small watch on the top .side. The most luxurious .suspenders are made 'f finely woven silk, printed wilh var- i( us sp-.rt.s fiijiirines—li'icses' heads and nonet hoes, for instance. And unusual leatures are the fine chamois labs on vir.lin suing cords. A new p-;..skin uecordian briefcase row black moire suspenders (if he has a dinner suit, but no tails). Or else: An exposure meter (if he has a camera;; washable playing cards in a transparent case; sterling silver cigarette box; a gift box of one dozen golf balls; |,-)ngee colored silk pajamas; Cray pleated bosom shirt with detachable white collar; leather belt with ember-covered buckle; two huge halls it solid walnut ibookcnds); a desk narometer 'if he goes fishing, golfing or hunting week-vends!; dark —Advance Topics. cough I raise me left leg." INSURE NOW Wiib ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Eight-day leather travel clock. Opening and clcsing does the H hiding job. short-sleeved pullover of black pail- lettes, blue sapphire thistles (for earrings); rhinestone stars for her hair; a waistcoat of black suede; afternoon For a young girl • • • an assortment i.f jewelled charms to go on her bracelet. , divi'lefl :iiLu mitexfxi cunipai tniejii.,-, to make a nice y:fl for the in.ui v.hrj ,ike.-, fn:o,ii< 1,1 bu.-,ine.->.-i tnj». f j i^,:in lru\c\ t.ox,..,, including u jewel -a.v.- w.th .A:ed>.. ll.-nng. n collar huldiv v.illi a C'iiiii,..,i't|| 1 ent for -.Hid:-i anil a mlei ca.Mj with watcrpnjof Inuny aiu luxunuu.s uifleerj. In World of Gadgets The height of luxury would be a huml.suine fitted ca.se, of golden leather, with the fittings in their own sep- —From M;,rk Cross, New York. AJ-rj fcr him . . . pigskin travel hrxcs \vilh white saddle stitching. The Hf't'iirdian hriufca.se is divided into indexed compartments. hi own bath tuv.els, enormou.s. n.u'ih and nii.nomammed in while; sweater .viih .suede Ici.thcr front. | Auto Turns Over, j Driver Escapes j -. ~ ,., fell . v in Road Accident Monday Noon T. D. Boy,-' 1 , employe of the Hope i .•iulo company. c.,c,.perl serious injury; Monday noon when his car left the road near Caney's Creek on the Hope- ( Washington road and turned over. He wa.s brought to Josephine hospital vvhei-o lie WHS given treatment for a cut i.n the chin ami an abrasion on the forehead. He left after receiving treatment. The automobile he was driving was dcirioli.-hed. Buyce wa.s alone at the time of the accident which oeurred at a curve in the rna<l. The Duchess- of Windsor is definictly not to be copied in pasture- Eileen O Kane. New York dancing authority, warning women not to imitate the "furtive walk" of the Duche.vs. The Republican Party died a .slow death for "many years before it. was ;;o horribly apparent in 11)32 and 1'JliG. And that happened because it was a bit "uppity" in its relation with people.—John D. iliJiiiilton. ch;iinn;m nf the Republican Party. BY CAROL DAY "pHE gown in Pattern 8088 has •I the new lifted waistline that is extremely flattering. The little jficket that goes with it flaunts a mil, (lowing sleeve. Make it up in pretty chifl'on or silk pr-inl or in very fine nain- sook and bi: 'tire that you will bring real Christmas joy. The slip 10 Pattern 81)37 is the conventional bias cut type with bra upl)ii> ami js one which many young women prefer. It fits smoothly under the most feminine 1'rock. Pattern KO&'A j.s designed for sizes 14, Iti, 18. 20, -10 and 42. Si*e 16 require., Ij H-8 yards of 35 or 3,'J inch material Cor the gown and 1 1-4 yards for the jacket. Six yaicls of binding re- quired to trim as pictured ana 1 5-8 yards of ribbon for the bows. Pattern 8937 is designed for sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48 and 50. Size 36 requires 2 2-3 yards of 35 or 39 inch material and 1 yard of ribbon for shoulder straps. The new WINTER PATTERN BOOK is ready for you now. It has 32 pages of attractive designs for every size and every occasion. Photographs show dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Let the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pat- te?ni and the new Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Winter Book alone—15 cents. To secure your pattern, with complete step-by-step sew chart, s«nd 15 CENTS IN COIN (30 CENTS IN COIN for both patterns), ...! + Vt ^nin* V A T\ I L 1 ATM^iD'C'CC* O'PVTT T^ •NTTTH/TTDU''r> *,«,4 OT^C 1 *.. frn~\* European Thrusts (Continued from Page One) Coticon Back" and "They Gave Him a Gun" seen in the barring of "The Road in Brazil and Chile as "hampering the. 1 development of a sound patriotic mind." German and Italian movies are not apt to offend on that score. ' The German "barter" expedient of buying with "ASK1" marks which may be spent only in Germany has given that country a temporary boost in the South American market. Last year it pushed the United State.-; out of first place as chief exporter lo j Brazil and Chile. But a big deal with Germany to | swap 100,000 bags of Bnmhan coffee for German produces wa.s canceled last year because of dissatisfaction of Brazil. ! This summer the United States' granted a gold credit to Bra/il and made a new trado agreement condemning "outside competition directly subsidized by government." This was a direct slap at Germany, which through government .subsidy has been undercutting all competition in tin- South American field by from 25 to •(0 per cent. i In October the United Slates, how- 1 ever, regained the lead as chief <..<porter lo Argentina. Despite a German trade mission in I'.U-I. the Na/i trade scheme has not filtcil into Argentina's needs which dovetail better with the United States. Italy Spares No Kxpcnsi- The place where the United State:, is definitely behind i.s in naval and military missions anil ro.Millant sale?s of arms. A naval mission is now in Brazil, but the proposal lo lend destroyers has snagyod nil (he recent political overturn there. Germany or Italy will he happy to oblige, however, if the deal with the United States fall through. Italy has already offered two excelli-nl destroyers to Chile, Nicaragua, in buying a big order of anti-aircraft nuns from Switzerland the other day. said il preferred to deal with the- United Stales, but had been unable to «el delivery. Italy spare.s no expense in demonstrating and .selling Us military aircraft in Peru and Chile. Handicapped because .shori-wave broadcasting to foreign couuli les is not an integral part of it.s government policy, the United States is taking belated steps to take a hand in thai game, too. The Stale. CVmmi'ici', anil Interior departments are hec.inning to put programs on the sh:iii-wave bands which may counter-balance, at least to some extent, the >ki!llul propagandizing from be.yon'1 the seas, Plans for collaboration of the countries of the western liemi.-phere for a .series of e'ultural shoi i-w..vr programs have ju.st bei'ii .set before ihi- National Conference of Kducational Broadcast - ing. The Pan-American Union and the World-Wide BroaiU-a.stini. 1 , Foundation are co-operating. New American short-wave stations second to none in the world are under way. The day of exploitation seems lo be drawing loan end. and a now principle of partnership ami co-u[HTatioJi. Jo.s- tered by the enlighleneil ";:uo.l neighbor" policy, may be the trump card of the Americas in combating the increasingly hold encroachment of F.urei|>c and Asia into the we.stern world. THE END. No Two Ways About It G-Man: "He t' ul away, did he'.' Didn't you guard all the exits?" Constable: "Yep. ile inu.st have gone out one of the entrances." NKW OKLKANS.- i/Vi —December cotton opened Monday at 7.DH and cl.xsod at 7.97-8 asked. Spot cotton closed quiet and unchanged, middling 8.01. 'Hie Best In Motor Oils j I Gold Seal lOtry'r Penn., qt 25c I i The New Sterling Oil, qt. 30c | Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, !!opc -Open Day & Nile fr v ^ -rf. ^~ ^, .^- -f -^- -^- -^- -^Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugar Cure is n formula that cures meat quickly, costs no more than the old salt method nnd is much less trouble. Making all cuts lusty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive brown cured color makes n more ready salt- for those who butcher for market. Electrically Mixed 1'riiited Directions With Each Purchase MONTS SEED STORE 110 East Second Logs, Blocks and Bolts Wo are In the market for White Oak, Ovcrcup, Burr Oak, Red Oak and Sweet Gum Logs, Hound Succi Cum and tllnck Gum Blocks, Oak, Ash and I'inc Bolts. I'or Prices anil Specifications Apply 10 Hope Heading Company IMIONK 215 COTTON OWNERS 10. C. Brown Cotton Company whirl) firm has served this community for thirty years has liecu duly Bonded lo bamlle GOVKHNMKNT LOANS. Immediately upon receipt from you at this office of the Warehouse receipt* and samples, we will class Die I'otlon anil have check available immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon E. C, BROWN PHONE 210 Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our i modem plant—pressed ' by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters Representative JACK WITT

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