Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 2, 1935
Page 3
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Or M?s.-Sid Henry New Mouses The echoing sound of hammers, The scent of broken loam, The fragrance of rcsincd limber. Where some oho builds a home— The silver of straight nails flashing The gleam of a saw—and there— A sudden new room shaping Into n happy square: A. square so fraught with promise, So buoyant with hope that I Can scarcely wail for the plaster Arid putty and paint to dry; Or wait for the last clean sweeping, For « van nt the door—and (hen— The thing that mnkcs now houses Homos fur the hearts of men. Impressions for Hie Week October 27-Novcmber 2 The above poem is dedicated to my little Sunday morning breakfast companion, %vho with her parents and sisters moves into her new home on South Main street today. I shall 'miss her. but am comforted with the thought that her visits not cease altogether, but just a little farther apart, than when she had to just cross my pardon; having your neighbor 'move so fur thai you cannot have that daily associalion, is cluse nkin to n tragedy. I was deeply impressed on Halloween evening, how mistaken some people wore in whnt they considered innocent fun or an overflow of whnt i they cosidered fun and good fellowship; it seemed to me thnt some of them were ju.st waiting for an excuse to destroy, and destroy they did. It is nlright to be able to find your property moved into your neighbor's yard, but not (o be able to fintf your property hi all is not so funny. Down pur way. they employed a new idea into their fun making, i.e., scrambled eggs—and eggs that were not so good, on one's front porch—progression in "11 things I suppose, but I am reminded tf the darkies who talk about "do raisin," which attitude was never more pointedly displayed than in a crowded elevator in ono of our Southern cities where an old negro still serves as elevator boy. Far up toward the top floor a man was left as the lone passengcn. Thjs passenger, a white man, brusquely demanded, "Is it a Inw in this state that a man has to take off hi s hat. when a woman enters the elevator?" Politely ihe old negro answered; "No, sail—jest corclin to yo' raisin, snh." and so it is. After all, "our raisin" is the law of our lives, it determines whether we are to be considerate or rude; whether we are to know Ihe joys that come of a born sense of gentleness, and whether we, keep our fun of the good, cloan variety, reflecting,"gorfd raisin." In my reading of this week, I was Impressed with the following, ''Man Is the only discontented creation of Ood." I wonder if that isn't as it should be, for I think our finest work comes from discontentment, not the unhappy kind, but that which spurs us on to do belter things. The reason why so ninny people amount to s very little in life, is because the never make a genuine effort 1 amount to anything at. all. Those wh Sit supinely waiting for the angel o inspiration to visit them will fin that fickle Indy seems to have a fond ness for those who have made an ef fort. How very much we all love "Micke Mouse." The most impressive and Inspirln tight I've seen this week is that grou of good looking, well set-Up boys an —girls in their new bund uniforms Nothing more conduslvc to poise equilibrium and self satisfaction, than i good looking uniform, and a .bam" ed by an imposing drum major, prop erly uniformed, well thrill a stoic All hail to you, Hope Band! About the only unfinished thing o he week is that cold wave, we've been expecting for the last ten days o norc; Mr. Weatherman would ge ust a little more sure every day ant •cached the climax Friday, when he lad jusl about worked us all up to blankets and red flannels for Saturday, but still old Jack Frost lingers. Sec Our Selected Line of New FALL DP.ESSES Silks and Woolens in the N-crvcst Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. r. 1 . P. Holland Get the World on a CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop CAR GLASS CUT AND GROUND TO FIT ANY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts •111 South Lnurel Street Circle No. 4 of the W. M. S. Firs Methodist church will meet with ; pot luck luncheon, Monday al 1 o'clock at Ihe church. Mrs. Minor Gordon is circle leader. All members are urged lo be present. The different circles of the Womans Auxiliary, First Presbyterian church will meet Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock in the following homes: Circle No. 1 with Mrs. Tom McLarty on South Main street. Circle No. 2 with Mrs. George Wilson in the Godbolt apartmcnls on West Second street. Circlo No. 3 with Mrs. Frank Trimble on West Third street. Circle No. 4 with Mrs. C. C. McNeill on North' Hervey street. Circle No. 5 will meet at 7:30 Tuesday evening with Misses Margarel and Helen Bells on Easl Second street. The Jo Vesey Circl* of Ihe W. M. S. First Methodist church will meet Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the home -of Miss Joy -O'Neal, with -Miss Rutha, -tJouser as joint hostess. AT YOUR SERVICE WUli Compleiu Facilities for Tire Repairing .Battery Charging Gas, and Oil Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 The Womans Missionary Society !of the First Christian Tchurch will meet Monday nfternoon ,at 3 o'clock at the home of Mrs.' Kline -Franks, with Mrs Harry Phipps- as- -joint hostess ahc Mrs. Mary. Carter as-leader. Mr.\and Ifar. :James R,._Henry an<: children have -returned - -from -a- shor" visit .-\vith relatives in Conway. Mrs. Arch Moore is spending a few days with -her daughter, "Mrs. B. F. BHnglon and Mr. Ellington in Atlanta, Texas. Mrs. Mozelle Hummell, who has aeen a business visitor in the city for the pasl week left Saturday for Camden. Circlo No. 2 W. M. S. First Methodist church, will meet Monday afternoon at. 2:30 at Ihe church, Mrs. Bessie D. Green leader. Mayor and Mrs. Albert Graves and Mrs. Elizabeth Pritchard were Saturday visilors in Little Rock. The W. M. S. First Baptist church, will meet Monday at 2:30 at the church for regular monthly business meeling and missionary program. The Woman's Auxiliary of Si. Marks Spine-opal church will meet at 3 p. m. Monday at the home of Mrs. C. C. Spragins, South Hervey street. All fathers and mothers of the Senior High Parent Teachers association are urged lo be present for the November meeting Monday night, 7:30, ut the high school. A splendid program and refreshments. Loretta Young Henry-Wil< coxsonosrt Screen! Here Through Tuesday History's greatest struggle, in which all the nations of Europe banded together for an inspired; nhd unselfish cause, is the subject of Cecil B. De- Mllle's latest, spectacle drama, "Tho Crusades," which opens Sunday, .Monday and Tuesday at the Snenger. "the Crusades," in which great and low, young and old, gladly gave, their lives for an ideal, 'brought chivalry to its height, and shape, by supreme effort and sacrifice, the beginnings of the modern world. The spectacle proportions and amount of research and preparation required for this production imposed months of study on DeMille Snd his-large staff of assistants before n single camera-turned. All properties had to be carefully checked for accuracy, •"' • . More than lO.OfiO .persons are in the cast, headed by Henry Wilcoxen as Richard the Li6n-,Heart 'and Loretta Young at Berengoria. A large list of important names,are featured. Catherine DeMille, daughter of the; producer, Is seen as r Princess Alice of France. Bobo, the. magician will appear on the state at the Saengor Theater, Wednesday, November 6. There are tricks in every trade but magic a trade of tricks, a hundred in the shade, says Bobo the magician. Our modern day superstitions had their origin in ancient magic. From the beginning of time almost, downtown the dim avenues -of time, have come these magical beliefs, closely entwined with religion, with demicine md with social life. Magic was modernized by Robert •loudin a French, magician in the eighteenth century. Since, then there las been many famous magicians such as. Herman the Great, Keller, Thurson. and Houidini, the handcuff king. Bobo, the magician, although a young man has spent the greatest :>art of his life in the study and development, of magic. He will present 5 minutes of the most mystifying miracles of magic next Wednesday ight at 8:30 before his audience with mazing rapidity. Clmne Quintuplets Face Future .Doggedly b oil put out in the of these puppies, owned by Fred Craft; of ClifJi, N. Y must be due to VW 01 "* ' bey - are ln for *dog#Hte. Or maybe theyfare a that, as quintuplets, .they. have. to take Second placfe to those fiv girls U|j In, Canada.. . WASHNGTON.-Answers to Roosevelt's famous letter to clergymen have >een com.ng in at the rate of several hundred a week and the majorily o them are sympathetic or favorable toward the administration. Just the same, there's no one in the B '• , dministrati6n who wouldn't like to live life all, over again, insofar as that letter is concerned. Most of the smarties here who make HES FIRST BAPTIST.CHURCH .Wallace R, Rogers, Pastor The congregation and friends of the irst Baptist church will be-given a pecial treat in 'music at both serves Sunday. The Ouachita College 3irl's Quartet will smg at both morn- ing'and evening-worship, hours. This quartet- is made up of Ruby and Te- nett •-Lavender; Mildred Pow.ell, and Inez. Taylor. . • -.The pastor will preach attboth serv- icesj and ,wML adm"inisTe¥°'Sne' ordinance of baptism at the conclusion of the,evening worship. \ HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE . Bert Webb, Pastor-Evangelist a business of figuring out public reactions believe the net effect of Ihe slunt, for better or worse, to have been negligible. On the credit side, the White House believes it has .proved Roosevelt to have the support of a majority .of ministers. Inside whispers there say BT VVYW For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER t Halloween Specials On Party and Household Needs PARTY FAVORS and TOYS A Big Assortment 25c to 5c G-E LIGHT i, 15 to 75 Watts :.... I5c 75 and 100 ~ SYRINGE-2 Qt. Exlra Heavy. & TI,«« »if. merchandise coupons on McKESSON iiws'presents'. "'" "'' C S ' Vi " g UWUy wil1 " mke ldcal Ch »st- John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stampa The revival at the Tabernacle is getting -well under way. The people of Hope that are missing the musical part of the -revival are missing quite a treat. Bro, Fred Henry, our pianist is unquestionably one of the best in gospel worlc. Wednesday night he played a Irombone solo and accompanied himself at Ihe piano to the amazement -of all present. Mrs. Henry has been bringing some splendid solos, Lpuching, appealing, that seem to come straight from her heart. Sunday services will be as usual. Sunday school at 9:45, morning worship at 11 a. m. and evening service it 7:30. The subject for the morning message will be "What Does God Require of Us?" and trie evening service subject "The Meanest Man in Tope." Services every nighl nexl week, ex- vept Saturday night. There will be no services this Saturday night. OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE 21st Sunday.After Pentecost 8:00 Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. DU- ccurse; Sacrament of Extreme Unclion and dealh. 9:15 Salechelical instructions. 4:00 Study "Our Sunday Visitor." 5:00 Benediction with Ihe Mosl Blessed Sacrament, and devotions in honor of the Poor Souls, to which the month of November is dedicated. more than 90 per cent of the thousands of replies either say nice things about the administration - or are "sympathetically constructive." . Although you're entitled to loolc upon such a report with suspicion; i comes from ^people who have neve been caught lying in the past. Benefit Is Wiped Out Sending out the letter, asking min- .'islbrs -for their advice and aid—in effect giving them..unpaid jobs in the New Deal—was a clever political move even if you .assume-it was conceivec in humility and sincerity. (Few do!] A digest of the answers will be valuable to Roosevelt. But most if not all the winnings ;were ,wiped away when the letter/ was revealed to be a paraphrase—verbatim in certain-paragraphs—of<a missive from Gov. Phil LaFollette. to the ministers of Wisconsin. And that tended to make the White House look ridiculous, not to say insincere. Even if no greal harm was done, the White House crowd has writhed in embarrassment. Some of the ablest secret-chiselers in town are still trying to chisel out the secret of how it happened. But there have been few tighter official secrels than this one. Phil LaFollette is commonly believed to have sold the idea to Roosevelt. But il may have been a pro-Roosevell churchman or religious editor. Apparently neither the White House secrelariat nor the Democratic National Committee folk knew anything about the letter until it was too late. Author's Name Shushed Certain wisps of information indicate thai the job of preparing the letter and distributing it was given to a commercial organization which had a By Paul Harrison large mailing list'of clergymen. But Ihe name of Ihe polilical nitwit who drafted the leller probably won't be known until Roosevelt is oul of of- HOLLYWOOD.—"If I were a man.' Jean Harlow, virtually the keynole of feminily according lo Hollywooc slandards, slarled lo speak. "If I were a man, and maybe ] shouJd have been, I'd first go out and do all the things I want to do anyway —but can't beeause_I'm a girl. I'd go to a football game alone. "I would go hunting and fishing in the mountains every lime I could get away from work for a few days. I'd get on a tramp steamer and really see the world as I'd like to see it." The actress, clad in a plain blue striped cotton dress that she wears in •the prison-sequence of "Riff-Raff," stretched out on the white lounge in her luxurious studio dressing room. There was something incongruous about the whole picture. That dress just! didn't belong in such surroundings. Yet the atmosphere fitted Jean perfectly. "I'm sure I .never would have been an actor," she remarked, continuing her musing. "To be perfectly honest, Improbably'would have gone in for newspaper work or medical science. "I don't like to talk abouf my newspaper ambilions lo wrilers, because I'm afraid they'll Ihink I'm jusl handing oul a line. But it's a fact. I Ihink that profession is Ihe only one having the thrills and romance that make pictures so fascinating. No Particular Choice "As far as girls are concerned, ] don't think I'd have a bit of preference as to type. I wouldn't care whether my choice were a blond, bru- iet, or had green hair. Naturally I would want her to be attraclive. All men like lhat in a girl. "But the main thing I would look 'or would be a girl who was perfectly lonest wilh herself and me. And I wouldn't stand for jealous outbursts or a minute." A ringing telephone interrupted, and ler maid relayed to Miss Harlow the message thai she would be wanted on he sel in 15 minutes. "You see," Jean declared, "when it omes lo work there is definitely a IE House is considering Mr. Kelly's Job Mr. Keily has a Works-Progress job. "I am one of those poor guys who can't even shovel straight," confesses he. "But I have my uses. Quite a lot of work we do is done wrong and that's where I come in. Every time the inspector comes along and finds fault my boss calls me over to him and in a loud voice says; 'Keily, it's guys like you that's the matter with the country.' And that makes him feel better."—Collier's. T O L-E-T E X OIL COMPANY Tiactor Fuels.and Lube Oils. Aiiytliing for Your Car. Phone 370 Day and Night DRESSES BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED By OUR SPECIAL Odorless Process All types of Ladles Presses thoroughly t-Uwncil by oi»r special process that restores the color and freslmess to the falj. ric. Minor repairs made at UQ extra cost. Hall Brothers fice. The White making public a digest of the an swers, figuring lhal since all the publicity on the stunt to date has been unfavorable, the administration might as well have some favorable publicily if it can be had. Small Consolation A cerlain high Slate Department official, traveling far away, was awakened recently at 1 a. m. and in- farmed by telegram that under a certain act of congress the president had approved his "resignation." About dawn, after a night of frantic checking with the telegraph company, he found the word should have been "designation." Meaning, however, he had been consoled by a telegraph op- eralor, who commented: I "You shouldn't worry about that. Onl a really big shot is fired by the president." Mure Grief for Mr. Davis The mishaps of the eminent John W. Davis, in his attempt to test constitutionality of the public utilities holding company act for the Edison Electric Institute, seem to continue. Arguing ostensibly for his dentist "client" before Federal Judge Coleman in Baltimore, Davis became especially sarcastic about the acl's prohibition of house-to-house sales of holding company securities by em- ployes of subsidiaries. "I suppose that provision is to protect the doorbells of the nation," said ouble standard. Girls who have to earn their own living and support families carry the same burdens thai men do. But outside of working hours we_ can't do Ihe things men do. There isn't a reason in Ihe world—except that it just isn't clone." And with thai parting remark she threw a coat over her shoulders and started for the set where a score of men earning good wages because Jean Harlow has to earn a living. Defy Ghcsts There's at least one cemetery in the world thai doesn'l frighten people, no matter how dark the night may be. Thai's the Hollywood cemetery just behind Ihe Paramount studio. A 1-1- foot fence was built across the back of the sluclio lo keep oul dozens of curious persons who went through the cemetery at nighl and scaled the old six-foot fence, to explore the film shop. Sticky Shave How would you like to have your Face covered with while, sticky meringue such as you find on pies? Thai's whal they use in Ihe movies, inslead of soapy lather, when a scene calls for a man to be shaved. Soap can't be used because it dries loo quickly under Ihe hoi studio lights. Madhouse A high studio executive telephoned sound slage the other day to find mt how the picture was progressing, •le's still looking for Ihe wise-cracker who answered the phone with, "This s psychopathic ward No. 6." "Well, She Needed Ihe Dough! Hollywood is enjoying a good laugh It the. expense of one of its leading Yerger Wins Over Prescott, 12 to 7 Local Negro Team Defeats Black Wolves Third Consecutive Year Yerger High School Tigers Friday defeated the Prescott Black Wolves, 12 lo 7, at Prescolt. It was the third Yerger victory over Prescott in the past three years. G. Wright scored both of Hope's touchdowns, one of them coming in Ihe opening quarler and Ihe second one in the final period. , Frescott put over its touchdown in Ihe third quarter on a line plunge. Starring for Hope were: G. Wright, C. Wright, Neal and Walker. Few Lives Lost in Manchoukuo War But Bandit Snipers Account for About 40-Soldiers a Month TOKYO— (#>)— Japanese army fip- .ires reveal a comparatively small co | n human life as the price paid tor Manchoukuo. At the end of four years of campaigning the losses since the firs fighting at Mukden the night of September 18, 1931, total 2,758 killed in aclion, 397 dead of wounds and'7,87! wounded. More than 70 per cent of these cas- lalties were suffered in the campaigns f 1931, 1932 and 1933, when Mukden, ^sinking, Tsitsihar, Chinchow. Har>in and finally Jehol fell successively before. Japanese columns. However, losses in the never-ending campaign against Manchurian bandits have continued sleadily al the rate of about 40 dead a monlh. Officially the Japanese deny thai by Ihis expenditure of blood Ihey have added the Empire of Manchoukuo to the Japanese realm. Manchoukuo, they insist, has merely been freed from the Chinese yoke and given independence. House Sentenced (Continued from pagt one) i of Chevrolet line Other Models* Prices Unchanged for the New Motor Season DETROIT, Mich. —The Chevrolet Motor company Saturday announced that, effective -with the introduction of its new passenger car models, prices of I three of its six Master de luxe models j are reduced below the levels bf the 1935 prices, the other prices in this line remaining unchanged. Master de luxe models will be available with either conventional spring suspension or wjth knee action at slight addition* al cost. Prices for the new line of Chevrolet Standard models, which introduce fine car completeness and luxury to the lowest-priced field, range from $495 for the,coupe to ?600 for the.Sport sedan.. Chevrolet- for the first- time offers a sport sedan and a town sedan in the Standard line. Like the. Master de luxe Chevrolet, the 'new Standards have perfected hydraulic 'brakes, arid solid .steel turret top Fisher bodies. They are of longer wheelbase than the 1935 Standard series, and 'there is a full-line-of .models available. Prices of the two ; lines arenas follows: ,.';,''". Master de luve—Coach, 580; sedan, ?640; town sedan, .5605; sport < sedan, 5665; business coupe, ?560; sport coupe, Standard—Coach, ?10; coupe, $495; sedan, ?575; town sedan, $35; sport sedan, ?600; sedan delivery, ?535.' First showing of the new models was made Saturday with the opening of the automobile shpws, and in dealer salesrooms throughout the country. Officials of the company declared that more than 60,000 of the 1936 models were' built and shipped up to the end of October, and that all the 10,000 Chevrolet dealers have received new cars for display and .delivery. Production schedules for November and December have been set at the..highest figures for any corresponding months in the history of Chevrolet. 1 a good account of himself,-<i an opportunity, Wllsoft, Sfohe »h«fc Ihe going war* Stone opened < up holes;« up the offensive threats itorA but, was handictepjii&i,! boils. For gfliackovef, the Sfifll of Prince, Its-pound , quarterbackj was outstdi was the main Offensive backed up the line that 1 of the days of Luther the greatest defensive turned out here. n, V, Pnnce was forced tp leavje in the third quarter when r with CargUe ana was His absence from the noticeable. "*^ <--",, Prescott Next Friday ( h Hope will go to PreWott tfit&t day for its annual game,' witfr Prescott Curly Wolves, deMtte^J"j day night by El Dorado, 76 i&O." ,** The «-tarting lineup: *, V' HOPE ' SMACfeu, Turner (155) -. _. 'iJiiil& Left End '-< Anderson (180) „ . . 5-*^-'-'* Left Tackle Keith (160) . . .He: Left Guard -, ,,• Holly (155) . ., ,Haydert-<i' Center * . V= W. Parsons (ICO) Le^$ Right Guari ' 4 & Stone (215) j. Levedtt f (f Right Tackle ' * Reese (160) Right End' Cargile (156) ,. Quarterback Barr (157).. . „.. King Left Half Bright (145) , „ Stedman Right .Half Stroud (157) . . . {Russell •" Fallback ' , - Ragsdala*Ci7 lect the doorells of the nation," said .-xpense o one o s eang Davis, proceeding to brand it as be- * emin »''e stars. With the release of er latest icture reentl a local a- yond the commerce power, violative of the due process amendment, and "an unwarranted invasion of personal liberty." The government's brief just filed in reply points out that the "doorbell" section wasn't in the act as originally proposed, but was inserted at Ihe formal sugeslion of top execulives of companies prominent among members of Davis' client, Edison Electric Instilute. Father of the provision actually was President Wendell Willkie of Commonwealth & Southern—controlled by J. P. Morgan, whose counsel Davis also is. her latest picture recently, a local paper carried a special advertising supplement. On one page the .star had endorsed a particular brand of bread and on the other her endorsement was on a fat-reducing bread substitute. Nearing the Rocks After four years of married life, Helen Twelvetrees and Frank B. Woody are oji the verpe of calling it quits. The actress probably will retain custody of their 2-year-old soi Jack. Replacements Whenever large musical routines are being filmed, you always can find three or four costumed girls sitting jut out of camera range. They're the diet that carried with it the death penalty. It found Roy House, who. will be 21 on November 15, guilty of the murder of Tom Menser, 70. The state charged that House and AyJiff Drayper beat Menser to death in his hcme after which they robbed the body and ransacked the house. House received the verdict without show of emotion. He never manifested much interest in the trial. , His father. Luther House, who, with his mother sat near him throughout the trial, turned to hi s son and said, "Well son. you heard that. You can take it, can't you? Yen are not afraid." A smile played around the young man's mouth :ancl he replied, "No, I'm not afraid." . : House admitted that he and Drayper wcnl 1o the home with the inleijit of robbing Menser, bul declared ha did not intend tp hurt Henser and thai he could not prevent Rrayper from killing the old man. After House had been taken to his cell in the county jail, his mother started praying in "the. unknown tongue," and for a time created a mild scene; she was escorted from the room. The killing of Menser was regarded as one of the most cold-blooded of crimes, and a majority of those who crowded into the courtroom were residents of the Bonnerdale -sector, where the old man had lived practically all his life. House's lawyer pictured him as a "child." Prosecuting Attorney Houston Emery asked the jury to consider that House is. almost six feet in height and weighs about 165. ' Ayliff Drayper, who was indicted jointly with House, secured postponement of his trial. Special Judge C. T. Cptham called all witnesses in the Rrayper case into court and told them that it would be impo.ssible to proceed with the trial of Drayper. A special term of Criminal Court opens Monday in Mount Oda, Montgomery, county, which is in this judicial circuit, and H. A. Tucker, former prosecuting attorney of Perry county, and Cal Sellers, lawyersf Drayper, were informed that t Cifct Judge Earl Witt would have, to " new date for the trial of their t Judge Witt has been confined tofn home by illness. TAKE YOUR . —. ~. —. i VlUJL FOR JLrju.*A^UAV Treat Them to One of Our i- Delicious Sunday Dinners, "si Roast Young^y OYSTER DRESSING'' Ho-Made Ice Cream , Or'pried. Chicken K. C. Steaks Diamond Cafe In the Hotel Henry $/' »>.r,t ' Up to 516.75 A - '{ SILK DRESES >1% New-Styles, Colors Aft (}|jj and Fabrics WVaUU Ladies Specialty Shop *'i :l\fi $ & *»£A ,<t^- --*W- \ SUN - MON - & TUES , .»f e t»\ THEIR LOVE RODE THE tf*\. « W \ i RAGING STORM \W V '••.a In i the Grandest Romance Ever Screened! N^ &* i\*» substitutes who must be ready to replace any girl who turns an ankle, or for some other reason can'l go on with the dance. Stop That Cough WITH CHERROSOTE The best remedy for simple coughs and gastric fermentative we have. 8 oz, Bottle 60e JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store Phone 63 Delivery Sunday Shows 2:00 4:15 & 0 .p. m. A d o I p h Zufcor p f e s e n i ~. y , De mi LIE'S THi CRUSHDi! WED-NITE ONLY On the O'OA Stage 0'3U BOBO The Magician —On the Screen— The SMITH BROS? "The Rain Makers" THUR. & FRI. Rochelle Hudson Henry Fonda "WAY DOWN EAST"

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