Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1937
Page 4
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flS« JB«* Vou Ttell, the Qulek^ :- tou S6U" HOPE STAR, HOm ARKANSAS Monday , «A±SS IJW, »&**«-& word, minimum We .ttftt UMeS-aVie word, mln. 50c Si* ttttts^-fc word, nvlnlrauih Me Ott* month (28 times)— iSc word. minimum |2.7* ttafel we for continuous Inser- thttiS ohly, id making word count, disregard da&ifitatitia name such as "for fy&t," "For Sale," etc.— this Is tree. But eath Initial or name, or com' flfete telephone number, counts aa a full word. for example: FOB flENT— Three-room modern (urnfehed apartment, with garage, In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, total, IS words, at 2c word, 3fc ft* one tlnK; at 3ftc word, 53e (or times, etc. All «fders placed by and payable upoo ol bill PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing "* • Thirty years experience H.-R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Fhone 171 W 5-4-tf EVERYTHING - Old Beds, New feeds. For Christmas can you beat it $4.50 to $9.50. Come and see Hempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth St. Call Vaul Cobb, 658-M. 12-2-26tc i-i COBB'S RADIO SERVICE ' 208 houth Elm, Phone 383 " Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed< "' be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp OUR BOARDING HOUSE , , , , , wHJT , '"'. , Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS (N New WOBLO For Sale SALE—Christmas trees, Oregon * Cedars, all sizes, phone 78 or 876. See Jimmy Dems or Hank Sonunerville. l-6t-c. Wanted -, HIGHEST FSUCES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. , t P. -A: LEWIS MOTOR CO. . o04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. „ , PHONE 40 18-tfc "• WANl'fiD—300 bushels of heavy * com.'" A. W. Biorseth, Hope Route j t Three, Box 144. 6-3tp WANTED—New or renewal of subscriptions to any magazine published in the United States. See Charles Reynerson at City Hall. l-6tc ADDRESS ENVELOPES HOME FOR US. GOOD PAY. Experience unnecessary. Wonderful opportunity. Everything Supplied. Nationwide Distributors, 401 Broadway, N. Y. 4-tp For Rent FOR RENT—Good country home, •with pasture, water in pasture and house. See W. O. Reece at Market on Front Street, Hope, Ark. l-6tp 'FOR RENT—3 room unfurnished apartment next door to soil erosion office. A. C. Ecwin. 3-3tp .FOR!' SALE—Sewing machine in good condition. Phone 67. 3-3tc 'FOR RENT—Two unfurnished apartments. North Main, Two blocks north of depot. See J. L. Cook, 607 N. Main. 4-3tp . FOR RENT—Three room, furnished apartment, private bath. 203 East Avenue C. 6-3tp CINCE he selied the president through a military revolt if 1930, Getulio Vargas has led Brazil stendily toward a Fascist state Now, in a final coup, he has promulgated a new constitution foi the South American republic, dissolved all legislative bodies ani assumed dictatorial powers. Thus ends the democracj Which Brazil first knew 48 years ago with the deposing of Emperoi Dom Pedro II, and the corpora, tfve state principle is introduced for the first time in the Nev< World. Both Rome -and Berlin hailed, the .Vargas dictatorship as a totalitarian advance. Year by year Vargas' has beer Intrenching himself, winning the military to his cause. His firs! act-in l938L*fter he seized powet was to recall to active duty all officers who were exiled or retired for their participation in the Sao Paulo revolt of 1924. . He promoted them, paid them six years' back salary. In 1935, through the military, he suppressed a Leftist uprising against his regime. Brazil has operated under virtual martial, law since. Thousands of political offenders have been imprisoned, absolute censorship laid down. President Vargas and Epitacic Pessoa, former president of Brazil, are shown here on the Brazilian revolutionary stamp issue of 1931. Today's Answ«n to CRANiUM CRACKERS Qiie>:Iioii.s on Page One 1. Eight bells aboard a ship may indicate 4. 3 ind 12 o'clock. 'i. The Garmans' greatest advance was to about 14 miles from Hirii. 3. San Francisco is 7164 miles from Manila; Seattle is 6923 miles. 4. A group of rabbits is termed a colony. 5. Smith would owe 2 cents and 2 mills interest if he borrowed $100 for one day, at 8 per cent. Personals WANTED TO BUY—Brick building, down town location. Prefer 25 feet by 100 feet. Write description, location and price, at once. Strictly confidential. Personal, Box 98, Hope Star. 6-2tc Help Wanted ~ Good family to make crop. Need at least four. L. C. Sorruncrville, phone 815-J. 6-ltp Lost LOST—Black and v-hite spotted dog. Fart hound and birddog. Reward. Erwing McFaddin, Hope Rt. 4, Box 32. 6-3tp LOST—Pair of spectacles, downtown Saturday night. Reward for return to Cox Drug Co. 6-6tc Oriental Ruler HORIZONTAL 1 Ruler of Japan 14 Enamel. 15 Rowing* tool. 16 Grew dim. 17 Diseases. 18 Engine. 20 Tribal unit. 21 Morindin dye. 22 Hardened. 23 Almond. 2,"> Spain. 26 Court. 2.7 Sorrowful. 28 Membranous bag. 30 Minor note. 32 pertaining to the live;-. 34 Scolded. 35 Exists. 36 Falsifier. 37 Therefore. 38 Egg-shaped. 39 provided. 40 Paid publicity. 42 Prejposition. 44 Street, 45 ffe was —• be/ore he Answer to Previous Puzzle became ruler. 48 High mountain. 50 Withered. 51 Sloth. 52 Italian coins. 54 Japanese fish. 55 Frost bite. 56 Striped fabric. •59 Insect's egg. 60 His is a • country. VERTICAL 1 Rob/ point covering. 2 Salts of malic acid. 3 Tiny ball of . medicine. 4 Being. 5 Right. 6 Plant part. 7 Headgear 8 To press. 9 Preposition. 10Posses3ed. 11 Part of Roman month. 12 Edifices of worship. 13 Poem. 18 Middle, 19 Stratagem. 22 To surfeit, 24 Sailor. 26 His country J» at odds with 27 Act of saving a boat. 29 Tokyo is the . of his land. 31 To espouse. 33 Credit. 41 Vision. 43 Sleepy grass. 44 Small twig. 46 Silkworm, 47 Naive. 49 Walqrfall 50 Street. 53 And. 55 Chaos. 56 Preposition. 57 Bushel. 58 Measure of area ~] \ HAVEM'T GOT A CHAWCE IM THIS WORLD WITH MV NATURE f IT'S A GIFT/ AKT I HAVEM't GOT IT.' MV GIFT IS FE& HUNTtlKJ' j; EATIKI; \ LOAFlM' AW \ 5LEEPIW- ? GCOAW... Ij7 OW, MS*-1 COULDN'T ' HIWK.OIS e>otwe> WITH VOU IN t>ER SLAY peft ;|%P?if UklT <3EWTL6 LIKE ^ VOOPS IW -~~YAH, SO/ UMT O6SJ BEGINS PEP, VIWD TO BLOW, UMT PEtt L6BTLE FLAKES <3O VlRLlMG, so IM PEP? eecowD YOU BLAY IT STACCATO TO I Ml DATE DEP, SMOW (-IAPPV MITT PER Df ; WHAT '/. iOLPKP,/ 13V PLAYlM' '/\V VIOLIKJ AMD /* McUTf-l OWcS AM ^,T. CAM LIP A CiRAPE AMP VVH1-STLIM' AT A CROS'-.IMcS/V'OU'LL, f" TMlMK YP--K 'R:<3HT J OW TH 1 -TRAJKJ— r LI STEM/ __^ lr.'.' "^l'."_".! r!.^ By MARTIN r.M. me u. 5 c»t. art COPR. 19.17 UY Nr'.A HEHVICt. 1'lC SAO EWDIMGS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Good Luck, Boots \ Kt'O F\CbWC \1 OCfC MEOER. COMPLWM.MO HE 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. iiAT.'ov ByHAMLlN ALLEY OOP Three in a Bed BY GOSH.THAT MAKES ME MAD / TMEV CAM'T CO THAT T'ME .' I'LL SHOW UMPATEEDLE iWTHIWCS. 1 «"' " ROYAL PAlftCE OP (AOO V- •' IPta :^ »•x vC-O f p^mC) J / A-:ls>\\v,\ v >^ 6 V COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT, OFF. By CRANE WASH TUBES Curiosity Killed the Cat LEMMt DO YNOT ON YOUR LIPE, FELLA, VOU'VE TRIED IT, EASV, / TO GET ACQUAINTED WITH M\SS 7.MITH FAILED. NOW IT'S MV TUKN. MAYBE THIS'LL LEAR.N YOU TO V.EEP VOUE MANPS WHEE& BELONG. HELLO! FEEL AUTOMATIC INSIDE. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By BLOSSER Cold Turkey BEFORE YOU DECIDE TO HE TOLD ME HE WAWTED SHADYSIPE TO BE AT GIVE COACH WAYMAW THE HE kNEW THAT WITH SAW LKNOW THAT COACH GATE, LET ME. SAY OME ME IN THE GAME, SHADT THE IwAYMANjWHO ISN'T ITS BEST,,..AWDTWAT THIWG J 1 WAS FORTUNATE SIDE WOULD BE STROMGEP 3 IT'S NO FUM BEATIM<3 EVEN Mf COACH, EWOUGH TO BE THE <SUY BUT THAT DIDN'T STOP HIM HE FIXED MY ANKLE JUST THE . „„„»_-.SAME' iwaiimwll A WEAKENED QPPO» NEWT f THAT'S HOW TO BEAT KINQSTOW AWP THAT'S YOUR INJURED ANKLE FOR HOURS, SO THAT 1 COULD PLAY / -f ' YRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE By THOMPSON AND COl«l« Willie Gives Myra a Surprise AH - YOU COM'T THINK \ I HAVE AMY, EH? WELL, TAKE A LOOK. AT 7!'//S/ / THAT'S WHY I SEKJT FQtZ. VOU... I WAKJT YOU TO HELP MB GET AWAY/ I'M A WEALTHV MAW - I'LL PAY VOU WELL,' B-BU7 1 J...THAT IS- WHERE PO VOP ^£e/=» <ALU VOUE HELLO, WILLIE-DIP VOU WAMT WE 1 I C7IDWT KKJOWVOU // KIWDA TAKES BAPIO ~ y [ ME AWAV HERE, ! WILLIE . STEEW'S 1 POPM. AS SHE. OPEWS THE COOR. 1 STARTLED ! TO HEAG. ' A KADIO i PLAVlMG...

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