Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 6, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 6, 1937
Page 3
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bet*: 6,1937 HOPE STAR, fiOfE, Holly Time There is n word not to be bound in sheaves Of meaning stacked within the dictionary; "A tree- or shrub with glossy sinous leaves, Its fruit a scarlet berry." Let no man list il carelessly with woods Preferred for dainty cabinet inlaying, Trust not the decorator, nor hi* goods For such a blunt betraying. In lanes of spring let one green tree be hid Unseen as nesting song birds. Oh, bo wary Of naming it unrc-'isonnbly, amid The hawlhorne, peach and cherry. It has its place with .snow—a too- bright star, With candlelight, with drum and sled and dolly, With mistletoe—and when and where they are, mention the Holly. —Selected.' Tile use of holly and its berries for Chi'istmius decorations dates back (a ancient limes. It is believed that the name "holly" was derived from the word "holy." In the northern part <jf Europe, Yule tide was celebrated long before the birth of Christ. It was a promise of better times ahead. Winter time was a hardship accompanied with suffering, and when old Sol turned toward them attain and sent his kindlier rays, they met and rejoiced. The Ytde log was kindled, and sprigs of holly and evergreen were hung in the homes and temples to provide shelter for the poor woodland spirits whom they thought were having a sorry time of it. When Christ was horn, these same token:; (if gladness, holly and evergreen were used as symbols of rejoicing. In parts of Europe, (he holly is called the "Christ Thornr." The leaves and thorns suggest Christ's crown and the red berries, the blood. In the Holy Land, the tree grows low and bushy, and it has characteristics that inspire great reverence. No animal or insect feeds upon holly ami nature has provided an air-tight case in a thin waxy skin to protect (lie leaves from heat, cold and too much moisture. The berries provide food for —"' bargains (ills «wk . . so watch Tuoidny-nliu's Mope Star. Short Units BLDNDELL Stand in * WED-NITE $($£.00 DR. QUIZZER' the birds. There arc 17!) species of Holly growing in all parts of the world. The American holly is the one in which wo are most interested. H is found in abundance in the bottomlands of Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas as well as along the Atlantic coast, and frequently reaches a height of fifty feel or more. In our lavish use of the holly for decorating, the inroads wo are making on this beautiful tree arc really alarming and we are asking that users do not saughter more than they need of ihi.s lovely decoration. We will give some interesting legends and facts pertaining to the mistletoe tomorrow. -O- Friends will be glad to know that Mrs. Ivis Brummett was able to be removed to her homo on Fourth street, last Saturday, after undergoing a major operation nl the Julia Chester hospital on November 2-1. The .To Vcscy Circle, W. M. S., First Methodist church will hold its rog- dar monthly meeting Monday night it 7:30 at Ihc home of Miss Mary Arnold on North Hcrvey street, with Vtrs. Vesey as joint hostess. ~O- Miss Nancy Ruth Carrignn of Hen- lerson Stale Teachers college. Arka- lelphia spent the week-end with her parents-. Mr. and Mrs. Dolph Carrigan and other home folks. -O- Mrs. Roberta Burroughs who has been the guest of her daughter. Mrs. E. C. Robertson left Salurday her borne in Springfield, Mo. for Poplar Grove 196, Woodmen Circle, will meet Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock in the Woodmen hall. Special business is to come before the meeting, and a good attendance is urged. -O- Mr.s. B. M. Jones announces the marriage of her youngest daughter, Pauline Marvcne In Jack A. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Johnson of Oak Grove, Mo. The marriage was solemnized on Saturday, December 4 at the home of the officiating minister, Rev. Bridges of the Baptist church in Arkadelphia. The bride was attired in a modish costume, of green, wilh harmonizing accessories. Her corsage was of yellow ami bron/.e baby chrysanthemums. The couple will reside in Arkadelphia. ~O- The many friends of Mrs. W. T. Gorham will sympathize with her in the patsins of her mother, Mrs. L. H. Alexander, who passed on at her home in Nashville, Sunday December 5. _Q The John Cain chapter, U. A. R. will Lindberghs Return to the Homeland Colonel and 'His Wife Come Back—Leave Sons in England NEW YORK.-C/Pj-Col. Charles A. Lindbergh came back lo America Sunday—ending his two years of self-lm- Ijosed exile with a surprise visit. Amid the strictest secrecy, Lindbergh and his wife arrived on the President Harding, The famous aviator left his two small children, Jon, five years, and Land, six months old, in England. They may bo al the Lindbergh estate, Long Barn, Sevenoaks, in Kent, England, or wilh Mrs. Lindbergh's sister, Mrs. Aubrey Niel Morgan, who lives in Wales. The arrival of Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh almost passed unnoticed. An alert ship news photographer was the first person to sec them. Other photographers and reporters were coving the first class quarters in search of "celebrities." (Meanwhile, Colonel Lindbergh, heavily muffled, and his wife hurried down the third class gangplank immediately upon the ship's arrival nl its North river pier abed. They were taken down a .side freight elevator, without going through the formality of customs inspection, and sped away in a khaki-colored sedan wailing at the curb to UK; home of Mrs. Dwight Morrow, mother of Mrs-. Lindbergh, in Er.glewood, N. J. Hurrying through the dreatl woods of Jersey, the colonel and his wife were not far from poignanlly rerncr- bered landmarks of Ihe fcvorish slale- wide search in 1932, when Colonel Lindbergh joined slale troopers and G-men in scouring Sourland mountain thickels in Ihe vicinily of his home al Hopcwell, N. J. Kidnaped on March 2, Ihc Lindbergh's fir.sl-born son, Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr., was found dead, his bo^y badly decomposed, in Ihe woods at Mount Rose Hill, on May 12, 1932, and many months later his abudctor, Bruno Richard Hauptmann, was seized as the slayer. In returning today the couple traveled incognito, under Ihe name of "Mr. and Mrs. Gregory" wilh no initials. PAGE Nevada Co, to ©et Homestead Like This Japs in Nanking by Tuesday, Plan Storm Takahashi Gate, Set Up New Rule at Shanghai Monday By the Associated Press Japan's rising-sun banner advanced within striking distance of Nanking hold its December meeting wHh «"{ Mond,iy «nd B JapiinQso army spokes- o'elock luncheon on Wednesday at the m " n » recllcU -' d fl « hl ">« '" lllc evacual- Hotol Barlow, with Mrs. J. G. Mar- tindalo, Mrs. E. F. McPaddin and Mrs. Kline Snydcr as associate hostesses. Miss Mary Jones will have charge of the program. The regent urges each member to bring conlri- ed Chinese capital by Tuesday. Press dispatches from Tokyo said the Japanese captured Takahashi gate, two miles from Nanking's walls. Japanese authorities also announced their troops advanced toward Wuhu, order. ^ a — y B ^ tiff iHllltJ' ACT ivv . ' ., ... , I: ' ! °. J: *> '• !l:(t '' "Girl Loves Boy" ERIC with .INDEX CKCII.IA I'AKKKR Comedy—Novelty—News TirES-WED—2 SHOWS—2 2 First Ilun rcalures "GIRLS CAN PLAY" —and— "WEST BOUND LIMITED" Lyh- Tnlliol, Jacqueline Wells butions for Ellis Island and remember i V™** 0 . £ vcr _. Port about GO miles that the paying of dues will be inj S ? Uth ° f , Nankm 8; and1 toward Chm- 1 ckiang, where the Grand canal and Ihe Yangzlc river join, some 40 miles cast of Nanking. Plans by the Japanese lo sel up an autonomous government for captured Shanghai were seen in a proclamation by Shu Hsi-Wcn announcing the as| sumption of duties of mayor of the "Great Way," Observers interpreted "Groat Way" to mean the Shanghai area outside the foreign settlement. In the Spanish civil war, government sources said fleets of bombing planes had broken up insurgent troop NOW TN PKOCItKSS SILK and WOOL DRESSES $3.00 and $| L A D I E S' Specialty Shop concentrations on the Aragon front in fnorlheaslern Spain. Weisenberger Is Made Lieutenant Mope Man Is Commission- el in U. S. Infantry Reserve Corps WASHINGTON.-(/T) -The Department of War announced Monday the award of second-lieutenant commissions in the Infantry Reserve Corps to Clement Bramlette McClelland of Fay- cttoviHc, Ark., and Roycc S. Weisenberger, of Hope, Ark. Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing"Electrical PHONE 259 Outstanding Events of the Year Are Coming This Week. Don't Miss These Events. New in Every Detail. Goodlett Gin Active in Vicinity of Ozan The Goodlett gin, located three miles west of O/.an and operated and owned by Sloman Goodlett, has been the scene of various activities since early fall. The gin is one of the oldest landmarks in the community, but it has done its part in ginning the cotton grown around it this year. The records .show that between 800 and 900 bales of cotton huve been ginned by the Goodlett gin. For the past few weeks whenever the gin has not been turning out cotton it has been turning out molasses of the good old ribbon cane kind. Unden the supervision of Sloman Goodlett and J. F. Stuart, the members of the St. Paul community have made at the gin more than 1.600 gallons' of ribbon cane syrup. The syrup was cooked by steam. The gin has served as the community center for several social gatherings this full. Presbyterian Men Will Meet Tuesday The monthly meeting of the Presbyterian Men of the Church will be held at 7:15 p. m. Tuesday in the educational building of the church. The Rev. Archie C. Smith, pastor of the Lake Village Presbyterian church, will be the guest speaker. All members are urged to attend. Snakes are late cornel's among the reptiles. They appeared on earth many millions of years after the reptile ago. B Contracts are to be let soon for the construclion of 470 farmstead units, similar lo Ihc one above, in Arkansas, Missisippi and Louisiana. The work is to be done by private contractors for carefully selected tenant farmers Who will finance their new homes wilh individual loans advanced by the Farm Security Administration. One farm homestead project will be© that of A. C. Finchor, Nevada county, 15 miles south of Prescott on mighway No. 19. Each unit will consist of a modern but incxpensibe four lo six-room house, barn, well, chicken house, hog house and other outbuildings. They are being constructed on land which was purchased by the Rosettlemenl Administration in the Ihree slates for the purpose of making home ownership opportunities available to farm tenant families. Each unit will occupy from •10 to 45 acres of productive land and will cost approximately S2.000. Farmers to whom these loans tire being made arc of the low-income group of tenants who have displayed unusual qualifications for succeeding in homo ownership. The farmer, in qualifying for the loan, agrees lo carry otil a long-range prograTh of farm and home management embracing production of food for the family, feed for the livestock, soil improvement and diversification. The F"SA will furnish supervisory assistance in carrying out this program. To finance Ihe farmstead the occupant will execute his not covering the cost of both alnd and improvements, securing it with a first mortgage. iVc is allowed lo repay Ihc note in annual installments extending over as long as 40 years at three per cent interest. Because of the careful choice of productive land, conservative investment, liljeral credil lerins and the fact that the farm plan should increase income and eliminate hazards of one-crop farming, FSA officials are convinced that the farmer will be able to make his payments promptly and without difficulty. '• Presenl plans call for the construction of 262 of the 'units in Arkansas, 39 in Louisiana and 169 in Mississippi. Methodist Missionary Society Meets at Ozan The members of the Ozan Methodist Women's Missionary Society met at the home of Mrs. Chas. Locke, Tuesday, at 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Lula Goodtetl served as assistanl hosless. An interesting program was rendered by the group. At the close of the meeting, the hostesses served delicious plales of sandwiches and hot coffee. Mrs. Carrie Carrigan is in charge of the program for next week. The subject for the program next week will be "Missions 1 —Home and Foreign;" New Yorker Held for Huge Ransom Arthur Fried Believed Kidnaped and $100,000 Ransom Asked WHITE PLAINS, N. Y.-W-Re- porls that Arthur Fried, 32, member of a wealthy sand and gravel family, had been kidnaped and WHS being held for $100,000 ransom, borughl federal agents here Monday. Fried vanished Saturday. Reports said Fried's five brothers had made contact with a gang believed to be holding the young man and were trying to argue them into reducing the amount of the ransom. . • o • State Speaker Is to Address PTA Tueslay Clifford Blackburn of the Arkansas State Department of Education will address the Hope P.-T. A. council at 4 p. m. Tuesday at Hope city hall. His subject will be "The State's Responsibility to the Teacher." All members of the P.-T. A. council are urged to attend. ' R. Lee Jones, 65 Js Stricken Fatally Well Known : Hempstead Citizen Dies Sudden* ly on Sunday R. Lee Jones, 65, died at his home six miles east of Hope at 3:30 a. m. Sunday following a stroke of paralysis late Saturday night. He resided in Hope until a few years ago when he moved to his country home where he had large land and milling interests. He was well known throughout the county. For several years he served as constable of DeRoan township. Announcement of his death came as a shock. He was transacting business in Hope only Saturday afternobn, «S«fi» ingly in apparent food Kialfh, funeral servides were te fa held 4t 2 p, m, Monday, Sui-vivlHj' afe hif*' widow and four sons, Bailey, XinhSlh, William and Joe F>anklin jon&r, all of of Hope; five brothers, Will J6h& of Mope, Jack Jones of Jacksonville, TexaS; Frank Jones of SmWegttrfj Charles Jones of Texarkana; Flftk Jones of Itasca, Texas. Two sisters, Mrs. Munn Hamilton isf Hope, and Mrs. John Dare of Erniwet, also survive. $16.95 DRESSES $498 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 SPECIAL NOTICE Our Toys and Gifts are Now On Display, Take Advantage of Our-Lay-Away Plan, Make Your Selections Early. WE WILL BE OPEN TILL 9 P. M, IN THE EVENINGS, STARTING MONDAY, DEC. 6th. "Be Sure to Bring the Whole Family" HOPE, ARK. *. * I Copyright 1937. liGQETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co,

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