Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1935
Page 6
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, . Doom for Says Webb . tight on World ^'Politics Today RISE Lift Atnerica the Per> L&tfTToo Much oft", Single Leader ~ Bfttt Webb preached at tfe'e Tabernacle Thursday , Mussolini and Roose- of Destiny," Nebu- m of the 1 great lniag£ interpretation giveh in the chapter of Daniel, was the t foundation of his message. el's interpretation of Nebuchad- t dream clearly indicated that irSablyonian empire of which he "'the ruler, was the head of gold, if* which inferior world kingdoms :Id arise. This part of the dreani g prophecy has been ~ fulfilled in arid fall of the Medlo-Perslan, and Roman empires, and to&Beve we are'lhHfh& in the , toe age depicted in this atidn. Bible scholars 1 acre agreed he feet and toes, part of iron and elay\ are representative of the i 'are living in today, the iron j Strug the monarchial govern- Silct the clay thft' democratic nem& of this age. i^ Toward Dictatorship ' '"ask)'*What part do Mussolini, ',and Roosevelt play in this P Tirst of all, there isS a def- tfelay^today toward dls^ator- ip. 'It 'Qfe&grophesied that 'when the ChrbJ; - shall set up his king- he"shall be a supreme dictator. >lini's >rise to power was quite After Working in^secret for e finally demanded of the i'gVof Italy that he be made chancel- ['eyen ruler. The king al first ob|, r jbut was convinced^that JMusr "could take the rulership-by force ' „ . CUT AND GROUND TO • ,**,» > -PIT ANY C'AR" ' 'S Us'eOfcrts *<V * 4U South ,LaureUS(2cet ' . lop That Cough S*Stw *•*..' "" ? " * * f WITH jpERRflSOTE ."•The best remedy, tot simple coughs ^feid gastric fermentative we^.h ' |>; 8 oz. BotjtJe.BOa, JJJOHN ^.'biBS'^ &;/ Drug Company •'.,'"' The Eexall Store tPhone 63 Delivery t ffi* ^ - . AT YOUR SERVICE Complete Facilities for .Repairing c Battery Charging Gas and Oil 700 Service 'Station Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms =Harry W. Shiver FJumbing'EJectrJcaJ Phone 259 _ of An unknown <juan ay it h« token its place Ihe leading nations of lh* CShe 6f U« leading statesmen of Great BfiUin said in parliament not long && "Oh', t would to Cod that we had ft Mussolini to take over th£ affairs of BMtftin." Nations are pfe paring for a world dictator, and I WOUld not be surprised If the Ant!" Christ is not living today. Mussolini the outstanding dictator of the Wotld. Is he the AntUChrlst. 1 do not know", It would be foolish for nle to say that he was, but I will say that he has many characteristics that the Antichrist wiU have. He Is a man that ' brooks no interference. Italo Bilbo, who commanded the air armada that flew to the Century of Progr'esd a couple of years agio, gained considerable popularity as a result. To get him out of the way Mussolini gave him a minor position in one of Italy's African possessions. MtUssolini has taken over ail the Important portfolios of the cabinet of Italy. He can hold a cabinet meeting without calling anyone else, The King of ItUly is just a figure head. tfe has done more to popularize the ihought of dictatorship than any other ten men^ Mussolini said that he would be willing to be in league: with the Devil if necessary to bring Italy sack to the place she ought to be in: It is prophesied Of the Anti-Christ that he will have a great statue of himself hat he will cause to speak. The, Morning PoSt of. London carried an article on February 11, 1935 by D. Mi Panton, stating that a large statue, of Mussolini is being secretly made 1 , which will be 213 feet high, head about 30 feet across, etc. It will prob-! able be a little over a year yet be-f fore 'it is 1 • completed. I, do not kno\y that there is any connection between this statue and prophecy, but it is significant. ; Old Testament Banned i Hitler in Germany is trying to es-* tablish a new religion— one of human worship. They, have ousted the Old Testament arid are substituting Ger-* man tales. ' Ihe .Germany that produced .Martin Luther is capable -of producing the Anti-Christ. Hitler also does not brook any interference. Remember the recent blood purge. Rivals are snuffed out because they assay to oppose. Hitler. ,.. ".'.'.„ In the United States we are slowly delegating more power to a man 'in the hope that he can bring us out of our ditficulties. JVe will ' sacrifice almost any thing 'for better times. -'But so many are forgetting God arid leaving him out of their reckoining. . We are living in a daf when this nation is unconsciously iriaking preparations. to fall in- line 'with the Anti-Christ; The limitations anH dictatorship .'of the NRA program show the way the wind is blowing. Seeing these things, my blood runs cold at the unconcern arid indifference of people towards the things of God. A popular 1 magazine recently carried an article 'stating that the statesmen of Europe were looking With awe "Upon what RoOsevelt was doing in "the' I/. I S,''A., f arid that if he was successful tKey woGld be willing to turn tHeii" problems s qyor to him too. The world is ripe for the Anti- Christ. ' ; : You say, ; "Brother Webb, what if you are wrong?" Well, if you take head, you will gain heaven. But I ask you, "What if I am right?" The safe, sensible thing to do is to prepare to meet the Lord. lilt Nov. 4 to 7 Producers Urged to Pool Surplus Agent Says Certificates in National Pool Will Find Market at 4 Cents By County Agent According to a telegram received by Frank J. Hill, assistant in cotton adjustment for Hempstead county, from the Cotton Section, the rate for tax on ginning was changed to 5,45 effective October 22. This also affected the price of local sales and sales out of the government pool. All cotton certificates placed .for sale in the national pool will be at the rate of four cents per pound, with both buyer and seller present at the time the sale •s made. The buyer must show that •he full transfer price of four cents i pound is being paid in acceptable funds, such as cash, personal check, money order, bank draft or a certified check. No other funds are acceptable. We urge you to bring your surplus certificates to the county agent's office and place them for sale in the national pool, as it is fairly evident that the sale of surplus certificates hrough the national pool will be good his season. Afkadelphia to fce Host to Annual ttiiftt, Field Trials, Betifeh Show AMtABfei&tiA, Ark.-The Arkansas Fox Hufitew association, which will hold, it* annual hunt, field trials and bench show herfet November 4, 5, 6, and t, haS announced its program in full and officials of the body have said an attendance 6t fr6m liOOO to 2,000 Is probable., " "' Judge It ftt.Siuthaen of Mountain Home is preaideiit, ahd "'James A. Wlnn of-Lititi6 ftock, secretary J. C. (Beck) Patterson,, a state director, is chairman of the Arkadelphia fox hunters group ..which is sponsoring the annual cjtmvention and hunt The Grindstonfeftlifge region, 10 miles nofth of Arkndelphia;and- In the foothills of the Ouaehita, mountains, will be the scene of the; fox chase. Local hunters have; ertjpy.ed many hunts in the region In this] and recent years. The threefday program has been announced .as•follows:: y . Registrations of fox. fiunters at the Chftfflbef 61 Gdm&ec Uftoh «t Arkttdfefehlft.. Filid trials, folf bftty nil aw class will tefin al daylight, Novembef 4 ahtf-to held* also at day light on November 5 and 6, All en* Itleii tot tlu* field tflaW must be made and marked Up on 6f before midnight, Monday, November 4. A fee of $1 will be charged fa* each entry. A state champion wilt be declared, also second, third ahd fourth place winners declared. Priies will be awarded. Competent field judges will be cHbs-> en. E. 1. NeWblock, an official of the Southwestern fox Hunters nssocla* tion, will serve as master of hounds and judge of the bench. The bench show will be conducted Wednesday afternoon, November 6, at 3 p. re. N6 additional charge will be rriade on those entries which have also been entered in the field trials.' A.fee of $1 will be charged for those dogs not in the, ; .field trials. Prizes, will be awarded » Vv derby dog, derby bitch, all ag&flog, all age bitch, best hound ~in' show, and best of opposite sex. Business affairs of the association wil Ibe attended to immediately after the bench show, when state officers Will be elected. Governor J. M. Futrell will be the principal speaker at the Fox Hunters Dihnerj, 7 p. m. Wednesday, November 6 - -• < "Ethiopians plertd for permission to storm Adlgrat-Aduwa-Aksum line." There always seems to be trouble wherever those initials, "AAA," pop up. Mink attacks Newcastle, Me., woman. An animal, It appears, resents seeing his relatives hang on a hook. "Mussolini's attitude is 'I'm from Missouri'." Just to be sure, we'll check on his next photograph to see if his pockets sak with milk bottle caps. ' Deportation of the "woman in red" teaches thnt, in America, anything of that color may be waved, but not worn. Britain offers olive branch to lealy. The latter might counter by proffering a ship or two to England. -•>« » Even If They're Not in tlic Dictionary For a true insight into n man's character, study his ufec of words, says an educator. Such a method should prove a pronunccd success.— Atlanta Georgian. Swank "Anno Wfac," said the mistress of the house, finally glvlfiR woy Id curiosity, "I notice you have been taking our empty grapefruit hulls home with you. What do you do with them?" The negro maid* looked up at her mistress with a sheepish grin. "Yes- 'um," she admitted, "I'se been carrying 'em honie. I'se think they make my garbage look so stylish."—The Country Gentleman. Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chost cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulslon. Serious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- slon, which goes right to the scat of the> trouble to aid nature to sootho and heal the Inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulslon and to refund your money If you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulslon right now. (Adv.) BRISKET HAMBURGER STEAK STEAK BEEF ROAST STEAK HINDQUARTER (Any Cut) CURED HAM Half or Whole Free Carnival Tickets RUSSELL MEAT MARKET D. B. Russell 210 E. Third Unusual Faithfulness Another English novel has been filmed in America. Cincmagoers in this country should have no difficulty in recognizing it on the screen, as the title remains exactly as the author wrote it,-r-The Humorist (London). Iri Halloween Specials On Party and Household Needs PARTY FAVORS and TOYS A Rig Assortment 25c to 5c JNG'SCANOY ;, , 59 $1,50. , . . .. IP UGHT GLOBjES, 15 to 15 Watts . 15c T5 ajid 180 FQyNTAJN SYBINUE-2 Qt. Extra Heavy ................... Don't forget to call for merchandise COUDOIUJ ou McKESSON goods. These gifts we we giving away will niwie Weal Christmas presents. C Ib 20c John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Gjve EJagle Stamps, THE NEW CHEVROLET FOR 1956 FOREQUARTER NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES the safest and smoothest ever developed IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE* * • i. the smoothest, safest ride of all SOLID STEEL one-piece TURRET TOP 9 crown of beaut/, a fortress of safety T OMORROW, llic Chevrolet Motor Company will climax a quartered! In ry of quality ma nti far I nrc liy presenting Chevrolet Air 1 ( >36 — //<« utt/yaim- plclt' low-priced car. Thin new Chevrolet is the only ear that Lrings you all these good things al lowest eost. The only lower-prieed ear with i\ew Perfected Hydraulic Brakes. The only lower-prieed car with the Improved Gliding knee-Action Hide*. The only lower- prieed ear with beautiful new Body by Fisilicr — new high-compression valve-iu- head engine — solid steel Turret Top, and many other improvements which give smarter, smoother, safer and more economical motoring. See and ride in the only coinph-tu low- air — tomorrow ! NO DRAFT VENTILATION ON NEW BODIES BY FISHER the mosf beaufffuf and comfortable bodies over created for a low-priced car Cll i:\HOLKTMOTO II CO.,DKTIU)|T,MI(;iI. f'umpMn; r/H'irci/rf'f Ivw di'lhcwtl jirirt't ami ilia ni-w waily rcJuntl f;, \i,.-t.('.. (> ffi-r cent time payment filun- the luttttt financing toif in C/'.jW,.I.C. history* /i (jvncrul Mutun, I'alue. SHOCKPROOF STEERING; making driving easier and safar than ever before ALL THESE FEATURES AT CHEVROLET'S LOW PRICES AND UP. List pi-ice of New Standard Coupe at Flint, Michigan. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the list price is $20 additional. *Kncc-Action on Master Models only, $20 additional. Prices quoted in this advertisement are list at Flint Michigan, and subject to change without notice. YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. HOPE, ARKANSAS HIGH-COMPRESSIOl VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE giving oven better performance with even less ggs and oil

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