The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1961 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 30, 1961
Page 13
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rrniiw a" "aia'aa a-a1 a ara aw r i i TUESDAY, MAY 30, 1061- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR TV Tuesday (All Fnijcrums Morning WFBM lit LIMrd on Central Daylight lime) WISH 181 WtW I 1131 WTIV 141 :00 :I5 :SO iii. :(M) M.I Id Cliiwtoa Id CliitfMii Id Clmrooia Id Cliiiroii 1 8 Udij Iod tody !odj loJi lodi Today Chpfl Oooi Cittocnt CBS Me.r-KdngiiM Kjigjro Kjnjaroa 9 :Oll :I5 :3 :4.1 10 :45 11 :0() :I5 :30 :4! 1 Sloogci 1 Sloogti Joct laLann Jack Ulmnt Highway Patrol Hljhwi, Patrol Id Plan Hunch dPlajJluncli Id Prke ight Id Price Right Concentration Concentrator! little Margie little Margie Debbie Drake Glamor Catenae Next; Wlbr. look Around Look Around Kindergarle Kindeigartei Kindergartei KindergarteR Afternoon WfiM 161 12 J 2 3 4 :00 :!5 :SO :45 :()( :I5 :.SD ii5 AM :I5 :30 : :00 M5 :0 :l I'M) 1 15 Truth Or Truth Or Id Could It Id Could Be M.d-Day Report Mid Day Matlnet Mid Day Matinee Mij Day Matinee Mid Day Matinee Mid Da, Malinee Uretta Voung) lorelta Voung Dr. Malone Dr. Malone from Roots From Roots I love lucy I loie Uiy Video Village Video Village Double t ipoiurt Double fipoiure Surprise Package Surprise Package jv"iVh"i8 loie ol lile Lone of lite Search Imw. Cunting Ll. Camoullige Camouflagt About Facet About facet Gale Storm Gale Storm loie That lob tore That lob WIW IJ13I Icfsolo Club Id SO SO Club Id SO 50 Club Id SO SO Club WIIV Ml Room lor Daddy Room lor Daddy Here'i H'wood Here's H'nood 5 :0O :!. -.-Mi :Ij Night 6 F. Fainer F. Farmer F. Farrier F. Farmer WrBM f F. Farmer F. lamer Trackside NBC News 1 :H :I5 ::!) 8 1 10 11 am :IS :: :!." (ill l.'i M Am :l. : l.'i Mill ::tll :I5 12:011 News Wthr.; Headlines laramie Laramie Laramie Laumie S00 Highlights S00 Highlights Thril'Prt Thnl'rr T.irilier . Thriller Project 20 Project 70 Project 70 Project 20 WfBM Nrws Wthr ; Spls. Id J. Paar clJJaar 7c)Tir Id J. Paar News; Wlhr. Faint, Home World (urns World turns Face Facts Face Facts Houseparty Houseparty Millionaire Millionaire Your Verdicl Vour Vetditl Bright Day Seciet Storm edge Might Uje Night Failf Shiw Farly Show Faily Show laily Show ""wish mi (ail) Show (ally Show News; Wlhr. CBS News Underwater Underwater Jim Backus Jim Ba'kus Father Knows Father Knows Dobie C II is. Dobie Gillis Tom fwell Tom (ell Rrd Skr'ton R"d Sk?'lon Id 50 SO Club Id SO 50 Club Number P.ease! Number Please! Day In Court Day In Court Seven Keys Seven Keys Queen (or Day Queen for Day Who You Trust Who Vou Trust (heater Theater Ding Dong Scb. Ding Dong Scb. Milady s Mat. Milady's Mat. Milady'i Mat. Milady's Mat. Milady's Mat. Milady's Mat. I. II. Program I. II. Program Crotstirt Crossllrt Crossfire Crossfire Bandstand Bandstand Bandstand Bandstand Chatter-'a'-lugt Chatter-'a' Bugs Pope ye Pope ye Bandstand Bandstand Rocky, Friends Rocky, Friends WIW MI3I Popeye Popeye Popeye Popeye TV PREVIEWS Speedway Net Covers Race WIIV Ml News Wlhr ;Spts. Pioneers Pioneers Parly Parly Ramar Ramar Fipedition Eipeditlon Bugs B'jnnf Bugs Bunny Navy leg Navy Log Rac'g front ladpls. Rac'g (rem Indpls. Rifleman Rifleman Wyatt Earp Wyatt (are Stagecoach West Stagecoach West Stagecoach West Stagecoach West Rac'g from Indpls. Rac'g (rem Indpls. Crisader Crusader Pre Football Pro Football Pro Football Pre Football Garry Moore Grry 4oore Gany Mooie Garry Moore ""News: Wthr! Speedway Wrapup Speedway Wrapup Speedway Wrapup Speedway Wrapup Speedway Wrapup Closeup Closeup l) Wiapup S00 Wiapup News; Wthr Spts.; Critics' Critics' Choice Critics' Choice Navy log Navy log Variety Show Variety Show VarletTShow Tightrope Tightrope Crusader Critics' Choice Crusader Id Denotes shows la Compatible Color Radio Tuesday ON IHt DIAL WXLW. 9!0; WIBC. 1 00; WFBM. 1260; WISH, 1310; WIRE, 1430; WGEE. 1590. Today' top trlerixion hmc a previewed and Urted by TV Key' staff of expert who attend rehear-at, watch tcrr.ening and annlyta Mcript in New York and Hollywood: DOBIE GILLIS (8:30 p.m., WISH-TV, C) Kids will like this one. Dohie get carried away and tells a pretty girl his father died a war hero. He can't help lying and admits it, but keeps right on. Papa Gillis has his share of footage too. RED SKELTON (9:30 p.m., WI.SH-TV,8)-"Clem, Water m e I o n." Broad, broad comedy. Red is much strong-er now so he plays two parts tonight, Clem and a gangster who wants to take over those intoxicating water-melons grown by Clem Kaddiddlehopper and his girl. GARRY MOORE (10 p.m., WISH-TV, 8) A few cute bits and pieces here and there. Gordon Macrae as "Talent Tout" Interviewing wife Sheila as Tallulah, and their opening song as Mr. and Mrs. to "Love in Marriage" are among the high spots. Also, there's an amusing "Mickey Mouse" number, a routine by Morey Amsterdam, and the wonderful (1955) year songs including the finale to "Ya Gotta Have Heart." Those take-offs on TVshows ol the week have been funnier. PROJECT 20 (10 p.m.. WFBM-TV, 6) "Not So Long Ago." (Repeat.) A brilliant entry from NBC's consistently superlative documentary series. The period covered is the brief but vita! one between V-J day and the Korean police action, and there's a lengthy and pertinent segment reminding us of the minor miracle of Harry Truman's resounding upset of Thomas E. Dewey in the 1948 Presidential election. All the important trends BOB HOPE will reminisce about a nostalgic America on Project 20' special at 10 tonight on WFBM-TV (6). of the half decade are touched upon and, lurking in the background, the spectre of the atomic bomb. The music of Robert Russell Bennett augments and enhances the show as usual, and Bob Hope does a capable job of narration. Perhaps it's because we're still too close to the period the one emotion which seems neglected is humor. CLOSE-UP! (10 p.m. WLW-I. 13) -"The Flfbby American." If you didn't spend this past week end exercising, you may feel guilty after seeing this documentary. It examines our national physical condition and discovers that we're falling apart, thanks to all our pushbuttons. For example, in a comparative British - American school age test, it was learned that British hoys from 10 to 10 are in better shape than their American cousins, and British girls in that age bracket are practically in better shape than g-tl iiM).i ytfM 5 fBfe;$ UNCLE RAY: More Speed Is Needed For Mars Space Trip By RAMON COFFMAN MORNING a a m. WIPE-W. Nehrllno Vi"n-Tnm Muthu WF-BM-Nows; Praler WIBC -Hum Fnlr WXLW-B. AAnrrlSOn IS A M. WIRC-Nrwv Wlhr. WXLW-Markrls 30 A M. WISM-New fnthls WiH(-lfnst. C otlcc WXLW-Mormorv t 4i A M. WXLW-Weathr ; 00 A M. WIRfc-W. Nchrllno WISH V.rtfld NeWS WF-BM Nsj Praler V.'IHL Nt AS WXLW-B Morrison WGI. t. -c insu MS A M. WISM-lom Mn'hl V.I HC" luflsl Colter Wl BM-Prolr WXL.V B Mnrnson I 10 A M. WIMI lltm VMHC- Nris vvi-hv. t'luirr V.XLW InniH ; as A M. WiRti-Lotai News VviMl-lom Valine WIHC-Ton-.! Cotler WKRM-F'rnter WXLW Ntw 8 00 A M. WIRT -New; Nhrlny WIVI-Wnf Ifl New Wl BV I'rntrv WIFIC-Hll I'nrnde WXLW riew, Morrison WOCL-HW hi Popi 15 A M. WISH-Tom AAnlhH WIRt Tonsl. Colloo WfiFT New WXLW-Moi i Kon a 3(1 A M WISH News; Mnlhl'-WXLW-Mort;'.on WCLE-Classu.1 S 45 A M. WIRC-Bnots Shnw VV x l w H Woi r non WFBM News; Praler vine-New A'XLW Mews V DO AM, WIR News; Nehr htitj WISH t.t'f.fn WF BM News; F'f tiler V'.'IMf Nias WXLW N' ws. Moi r r.oil AIOI'. I ' l" :I5 A M. WIBC -Ton'.t. fnllee WXLW-B Monison V 30 AM. .VIRE News. Nhrlny AXLW Nrws; Billlynnrcl .VGEF -Classns 45 A M. AXLW- Inspinitlon 10 00 A M. ,VIPF VJrws; Musk .VISH -llnu'.e TtMly R' H'f ikiust ( 'I'll w x i ;'i i.rr.j mii m 10 15 A M. ,VI BV R'l' e l. rv ,VXLW smi'h vVljt ! I.t 10 JO A M. ,VIWF ' V)0 ' IVn.- ft v 'Ml 1 Mil f .VI fl V M) l-'n. e wVI IH - MH F'''!' a .vxlw; W&l F i w In Pop' 10 45 A M WXLW c.ici SiiMlh 11 00 A M 'A'iRI '.nil'' Win e ' Ml -.'Hp km e vvl I! Ml') ' U'l' e .llu ' 'ill Kn. e XI .V B M'H ' isoti AOL F -1 M In F'op II 15 A M. WXLW B. AV'irlson 11 30 AM ivi pi - wi) V.l KM MIO ' iVil' e i,'l HI ' SI) ' Pui H '. X L A Nf'Ws; B Mn'rison W&t C FM In Hopi 11.45 A M ,','XLW B A'.orrljon AFTERNOON II NOON WIRL - ' 'iOO ' Poi e WISH ' MiO ' Pof e kl HVI- S(IO ' Km VVIRI -' ' f'0l'l ' Pin V. X I W- News W&L E-News; ipjtls VJ IJ P M. V;XLW-Ar1 habert- 11 30 P M. WXLW-Mews, Rnre'll wr.r r -r i-:-.'.'i s ril BV Hai I , ir 12 45 P M WXLW Ait Pole'1- I 00 P M VIRI - VlO P'H WISM-"SI1 ' R'i e WFRSA 0o i-'u- .'.IRC '-"d ' Pui VAXLW-Newl. Puhetl V.'&EF-Clussii s P.M. V.'XLW Arl Roberts V.Obl -New I JO P M. WXL.V-News; Roller ll V.&CC Clo 1 1:45 P M. WXLW-Arv Ro."rts I OO P M VJDV- SOO ' Rt V. ism ' '! R.i. - wr-Rs sihj Pu. WXt W Nws. Rolierls wr-r P -So-'' s'oae WiBl- VX) fat 2:15 P M. WXLW-News. Potierti I JO P.M. WISH-Don ADDOtl I. JO P M. W Xl mmi; Arlno VOLt-SounJ li'oue 1 45 P M. .VXL.V lov ArioPI J 00 P M v. it-1 vio Ra-e i '.i s t ' (;.! f , i ti v '-i !. i e ,. .IV S.l Pi: f ,". I ,V N'-ws. A' ion .'.ol i. Sound Muut 2 15 PM. .'.Il'l Mr I X"'C .', :fU I il-v V' es It .', . I .". J w Ar Km 1 JO P M .VI R I He-t M'.sIC ., ..I ll- 'i A! toM ..I BV. J ' ' ;' I .V 1 '.V .i a A' Inn .'.OLI- '. ' " "1 ViU J 45 P M .".XLVV i w Allan 4 00 P M .VIPF- P'l V:'-mi ;- Aub"ti I BM News; b.i nj .'. nt ... A .V I A ..w; Alan .M.t I '....U'l Ita-je 4 15PM .VlRC F . I ' V les .1 .'. X L A J : V A : ion 4 M P M .-.XLW Nrws 4 45 P M. ,-. XL.'. ' A - Mil 5 00 V M AIRE Nt'AS. .srw't vl R'.S P )0 Show .. I V. -N-as .Vvt'f .S".e"l y.jij J II P M .VIRF -He.t Vi'Sle .V i n linn Ai-ho't Wf sp'i Paliol 45 P M .VIRF -r"irls v.l RS-Pr.od WXLW-Art Robertj NIGHT Date Stage 4 00 P M. .VIRE-Best Music WISH Don AODott v'.l FIM News ,. .Vine News WXI W-Newl. .Vijl-L -Sound 15 P M. .VF-RM-Rond Show AHiM-TroilMiH .Villi ln s Lleil WXLW Home dition 6 30 P M. WISH-News .vi nr B o f-our WXLW News; Home 4 45 P M. ,VISH c RS Net .VF BV Bern e Hei nion .VIH Suniitier WiBC-tello Test ;.oo p m. WIRT-Be-.t Music .VIM! In Person WF BM -F ryer s Club - Spre.iway I . O'i s ( WXLiV-News; Mime ;.is p m. .VXLW-Sign Olf ,; .1 I s ..I int .VIBC F'luller F'orly :30 P.M. .ViRF Worlri Newi .VlbFI New 45 P.M. .VI RL-Kosury :O0 P M. WIRE-Foatlit Review WFBM-Frvar'i Club WISH-Dicfc Summer WlBC-Plntter Parly 00 P.M. WIRE-F-ootiile Review WFBM Bein.e Hei nion WIBC Inrlpls. Tllftny WXLW-Dinner Date t:U P.M WIBC torn Ooyto JO P M. WFBM Baseball 10 00 P M. WIRE-Footlite .visH News WI-BM Bernie Herman WIBC-New 10 15 PM. WISH-Dick Summer WIBC-Tom Doyle 10 JO P.M. WIRF-Foothe Rev. WF-BM-JF K in Europe 11:00 P.M. WIRE-Footllte WiSH-Oich Summer WFBM-Brnie Hermar WIBC-Tom Oaylo 12 MIDNIGHT P.M WISH-Jimmy MacH W FBY-l overs Hr. wiBL-Oawn Beat FM TODAY (Central Oayliohl Timcl WFMS FM 5.5 Mj. MORNINO A 0O Hvmns 6 li Pep Club 6 .0-bun Seienade MX)-varielc 7 jr Rbyinm I OO-Morrv. Mutle 8:30-Mulc 10 UU Ml l-l 10 30 Fov Tunes 11 JO-Music AFTERNOON l OIF Variety I 30- Hi Fi Review V iKI Hi FI if.JU-Pav. Ciassict no Music ; 30- Wcailalion h i . i i . . i . d i nour y.JO-vai 3 00- Music 4 00 Memory Lone i DO Music ,0 30 Muslr II 30-Meiodie i.'.Oii seienuse I 00 S on On WFBM-FM ?4.J Hjj. A M. 6 C? fixjs.s. Nesvs v no v.aime' 0 00-S'eve AHen ' l USH. 1 1 s News. Wlbr. ? 1', New . Wlhr. , uu- be- ei too t XI ve u" lor L s'en ni. 6 15 Hi Fi Dinner 7 no S'eve A lea e ao-Hi-Fi Ad.e-itu'e DO Svn-ipfiooy Hall 10 JU I sws 10 40-Aalhr 10.41-Mi Fl 11 IX B'in.t s JOU 1 1 .30-Nrws. JOU I J W lowers nour I on-Serenade I oo-Me.odies 3 OO Sieepv I'm 4 JO Oieprnlfl' Time) 5 OO-Me.od e WAJC fM104.5 Mj. P M ? on oit Rern'd 4 ixv-spts ; Re ord 5 Chl till Record 5 iiirtp s. Peporf 5 45 Snorts 6 0U-Oinier Music I 00-Corrt Hall 30-A or as m Our T lm 10 30-News. Heodlirtee 11 00-News 11:10-5 jn Oft WIBC FM 93.1 Mg. P M. 4 oo- w.-s.i -n t go 1 i jM ie'e.i irte I OO-Concstrt Stoge Air II 00-JOU in Nigbl WAIV-FM 105.7 Mg. , On 5 01-Poppnonirt t rm,;ott Sree 30-SI Market e 4V-sort Si ere 1 fm-Ph,thm Newt 7 US-Skyi-ner 7 30-Sound Of Art 0Siv Newt 05-Fliarit 05 io cn-Newss; Wthr. 10 05-FbBt'de 10 3ftM os te work! 12 OO-S OH OH The first successful trip to Mars by astronauts would be (or will be) the greatest space event of the present century. I am speaking of spacemen reaching the planet by rocket, gathering data (including photographs and motion pictures) and returning safely to the earth. The Fifth Grade, Sam Da-vey School, Eau Claire, Wis., is awarded a set of the World Book Encyclopedia by Uncle Ray for their fine questions. Awards of the World Book Encyclopedia to classrooms will be renewed in September when classes reconvene. Meanwhile, teachers and pupils who send in sets of questions during the summer months will have their questions considered by Uncle Ray for World Book Awards after the vacation period. The nation that sponsors a successful visit to Mars will stand on the pinnacle in the space race. This will be the height of adventure, the greatest victory of the human race to date. Q. How long will it take a rocket to reach Mars? A. That will depend on one important element: The speeding up of rockets along the way. If a rocket can travel at an average speed of a hundred miles a second (while Mars is reasonably close to the earth) the time will be about four davs. If we allow a week for the astronauts to stay on Mars, and if they return at the same speed, the round trip should be finished in 15 days. YEARS AGO. in this column, I suggested the use of atomic power for space travel. The nations have been slow about turning to this plan, but re cently President Kennedy an nounced that atomic power is receiving active consideration as a method of increasing rocket speed. The greatest Martian adventure would be to find people there alive, friendly and helpful. Drawing of surface of Mars made toward end of last century. We are without assurance that Mars has such residents, but astronomers have learned many facts. They know, for example, that Mars has a day of almost the same length as our 24-hour day. To be exact on that point, let me say that the day on Mars lasts 24 hours, 37 minutes and 23 seconds. That in cludes both daylight and darkness. For GENFR.U. INTEREST section of your scrapbook. "PREHISTORIC ANIMALS" Is the name f new leallel by uncle Ray which tells fascinotinq facts about Dinosaurs and contains IT illustrations of these 4)reat animals. Te aet a copy send a stamped, self-oddressed envelope to Uncle Ray In core ef The Indianapolis Star. our boys. A bit too talky, but your flabby previewer walked the mile and a half back to his typewriter after viewing it. PAAR SHOW (11:15 p.m., WKBM-TV, 6) Genevieve chatters with Jack and joins the Berlitz people for the multilanguage storytelling bit. Also, comedian Milt Kamen makes a return visit and Joan Fairfax sings. TV Sports SPEEDWAY COVERAGE The actual race, of course, will not be televised but film wrapups of today's race will be aired on three channels tonight. WFBM-TV (6) will carry a "500 Race Highlights" program at 8:30 p.m.; WLW-I (13) and Charlie Brockman will do the same with 500 Wrapup at 10:30 p.m., while WISH-TV (8) has scheduled a Speedway Wrapup for 11:15 p.m., replacing the Late Show. Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE Mov H'S MILADY'S MATINEE (1 p.m., WTTV, 4) "Best of the Badmen" (1951), with Robert Ryan and Claire Trevor. An ex-union officer who became an outlaw leader will finally surrender to clear his name. MID-DAY MATINEE (1:15 p.m., WFBM-TV, ri) "One Touch of Venus" (1948), with Ava Gardner and Robert Walker. A statue of Venus will come to life and charm a bashful window trimmer. CROSSFIRE (3 p.m., WTTV, 4) "Rio Grande Patrol" (1950). with Tim Holt and Jane Nigh. FRANCES FARMER (5 p.m., WFBM-TV, 6) "The Big Wheel," (1949), with M.ckey Rooney and Thomas Mitchell. EARLY SHOW (5 p.m., WISH-TV, 8) "The Gun-fighter" (1950), with Gregory Peck and Helen Westcott. A gunfighter will be followed to his home town by brothers of a victim. CRITICS' CHOICE (11:20 p.m., WLW-I, 13) "Holiday in Mexico (1946), with Walter Pidgeon and Jane FLASH BULBS FILM DEVELOPING AT WHOLESALE PRICES INDIANAPOLIS CAMERA CO. 201 E. WASHINGTON ME 2-9604 ME 2-9104 Powell. Romantic Mexico will be the background for a story involving two teenagers and a middle-aged famous pianist. Kadio 500 MILE RACE (10:30 a.m., on WISH, WFBM, and WIBC) Complete coverage of today's race from the In-dianapolis Motor Speedway network with Sid Collins as chief announcer and pool of announcers from local stations, stationed at strategic points around the track. Anniveriary Coming Up? Sea or Call Your Allied Florist Today PAGE 13 'Hrl., ' Another H Richman f Tropical. TO-DAY Beach Open $ Play the finest in MINIATURE GOLF iifrCTi n if r BEACH If LO I LHIILL Daily YOU-Your Wife-Your Children Relatives living with you ALL covered by New FAMILY AUTO POLICY No one is loft out . , . no important covrraga is slighted! Whether you have a small family or a large ono ... one car or several ... yon must compare your present insurance with our New Family Aito IVh.ici! See what you GET ... See what you SAVE! Call Uxlay for full di Uidx, loilhnnt obligation GRAIN DEALERS MUTUAL AGENCY, INC. Fine. 'Aub - Oaiuaihj fmaWMCe 1740 N. Meridian Street WAInut 3-2453 Luxurious blend !. Unbelievable price ! diitAA FLEX-N-FLOAT- Tfor Mowing Eos I ro' 5'1 hp. angina. Q f.Rgert.p aparstint contrak. Iftl..- "H Scalp" ,, Flai N Float actio. C. I GRIENER CO. Inc . ttt t14 1 t. Dataware St . Ml 1-SM STOP DECAY Before Teeth Are Ruined! ,svf': I Act Now! Pay Later! YOUR WORD IS GOOD! NO REFERENCES NO INVESTIGATION NO FINANCE COSTS M.T Mil "The Dentist To. Cm Trust and Who Trusts You' Your teeth are priceless Don't neglect them when you can enjoy Dr. Ball's popular credit dentistry. Over 25 years of enperience. Come in now! 5th FLOOR-MARION 6LDG. 10 W. Ohio St., Cor. Meridian St.. Near Post Office Telephone HEIrose 4-7022 Indianapolis 4, Ind. mm New Zefran acrylic (55 ) with super-fine wool worsted (45) in a blend that brings newluxury to summer comfort! It's humid-defying an air-conditioned worsted that breathes coolness. Not only resists wrinkles, but recovers its press fast even after an unpacking! 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