Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1935
Page 4
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Jim* Bearden and Mrs. Regi- >i|Sld 'Bearden visited relatives in Co- /lumbus Wednesday. -J-Mifs. Luther Smith visited in Hope Tuesday. Melson Frazier, Miss Virginia and Miss Reba May were in Hope Tuesday .afternoon, friends of schoolmates of Smith JrMoses, j'who has been confined to his 'for 28 days" with typhoid 1 """fever, be' glad to- know that he is rap- Sidly convalescing, |t 1 $BSrs., C. C. Stuart, Miss Kathiyn Sell IU; Find It.' Rent Ifl Buy Itt '; *> in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE ;Remember, the more you tell, the I quicker you sell. i I time, lOc line, min. 30c 'For consecutive- insertions, raini- ft mum of 3 lines in one ad -a 5 times, 6c Une, min. 50« y f S times, 8c line, min. 90c V 4 2ft times, 3%c line, min. ?2.76 ;f (Average 5V4 words to the line) I ' ^NOTE—Want ads will be accepted fwlth the understanding that the »bijl is payable on presentation of ^statement, before the first publication. Phone 76S NOTICE 4We; iei^vate you to take antag^ of, our Special photo offer r ffe- N&yefnber! All, work guaranteed. • Attractive prices. Special tinting at a small cost. The Shipley Studio, 215 Sjuth Walnut. l-3tc WANTED HEl^B WANTED—Will pay ?35.00 per week and expenses. Man or woman with rig to sell Poultry Mixture. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St. Louis, 111. 31-ltp 'WANTED—Highest prices paid for Pecans, Metals, Chickens, Eggs, Old Batteries and Radiators. Hope Produce House 106 S. Walnut Street, Hope, CANTED—Men's suits, coats, ladies dresses and coats, and all kinds of usedclothing. Joyce and Floyd Mc- 3Q-6tc FOR RENT FOR BENT—Two bedrooms, adjoining bath r private entrance. Mrs. W. B. Chandler, 402 South Pine. Phone 906. 28-12tc SOS RENT—One large front room. good condition. See Mrs. C. A. 1004 Past Division street. 30-3tc LOST f—-Two year old muley cow, , bicown Jersey and no marks orb/and. For reward call at 400 South Street, or phone 32. 31-3ip J^DST—In the Saenger one yellow wrist watch with chain strap. Coiner Boyett, Phone 450-W. l-3tp ^F—One pair of new cotton spples somewhere in Hope. If found return to Star office. 1-ltp FOH 3Al-i SALE—Chevrolet truck in A-l on. Will trade for anything. now and. go to work. Don't wait president Roosevelt, he will starve to death. See Tom Carrel, Holt, Mrs. I. ^tilkinton, Miss Mary Catts, Miss Julia? Bearden and Norvel Kelly attended?.the county teachers meeting in Hopesjast Saturday morning. 'tf j-.;.: •- ..- • ; Misses AgathSi^hd iOctavia Bullard were the wee-kend guests ,of their mother Mrs, Mary Bullard. Charles William and Paul Jean Dudney celebrated with' a-ibirthday party at .the^jh^ne-.'Sdttir'day'v afternoon. Charlesvpv^s 12- and Paul VJean five. • V: Mrs.r -ErahteWM«Hy'; 'arid; ^daughter, Reba have ••'•returned -from. Memphis to spend the winter. Mrl and; Mrs., 'E.~ R.' "ilmberlake and famijy..,iienl,tbjg,,W£ek end with relatives-in- Louisiana,— — i Mesdames. Reginald.. Bearden, W. I. Stroud, Madison Wilson and J. P. Byers spent last Wednesday in Texarkana. A number of Blevins and McCaskill ladies attended the cooking demonstration at the hardware store here last Friday. Mrs. Bessie Royston Battle of Fulton was a visitor here Friday. Mrs. E. B. Black and Alfred Black spent the week end in ElDorado visiting Miss Margaret Black' and Mrs. E. W. McGougK. : " Mrs. C. M. Williams and Mrs. Reginald Bearden were guests of the Fulton Bridge Club Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. R. Orton in Hope. •""»_ Mr. and Mrs. "H'il'E. Wood and family of ElDorado visited' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dudney and Willie Johnson on Sunday. John A. Bostic and Claud Johnson returned to Washington, D. C. Monday after a two weeks visit with relatives here and ElDorado. Miss Bessie Trimble visited the Norwood family on Route 2 the first of the week. ,The Presbyterian Auxilary met on Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. C. C, Stuart with 10 members present. The meeting opened with the business sehsion. conducted by the president, Mrs. Lee Holt. Plans were made to serve cocoa and cookies at the final meeting of the Mission Study class Thursday night. The program was "Retrospect and Prospect in Brazil" led by Mrs. J. A. Wilson. Those taking part on the program were Mrs. J. S. Conway, Mrs. Evelyn Hubbard and Mrs. I. L. Pilkinton. The meeting then adjourned with the Mizpah benediction. Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a printing expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, high quality job. What' ever your needs, we can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY *Pri»Mnf That Makes an HOP! JojjjjSjjF IQUSJ ?<*tf & I&8 *••*• V >" ;,v 7* >;w?mmm rf^scf \ , , *' ,\ffi f*{ x -ij '>S> "" " - ''-*M-'1' i* * By AHERN 0U15.0UK WAV .By WILLIA! <3£T A LOAD O*. THACt CHEST, BdC! THfeRE:£j "PLENTV Olr- *f*lA /"M ^S/*^*C. *T" 1-4 C—liir** I Pi vt^L* \J\J i I n Clriwp* ANVtHAT^ WHY I TOOK ON •RASSHMVAS SPEGALTY HOLD 161^ GWZIZV^- HU6 — AH", WHEN t TUT5N OHTW x v Ol PRESSURE, I J GfcT SOfAft , THfcY't) HAVE UN KNOT THAT ^ TATOO *U! "RO5GOE! tJK \ 7 T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. Off. TMIRT/ VEAf?S roo SOOM e 1MIBY ^f^mc*^ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Steve Is Plenty Sore by MARTIN %.,. 0V O9 YXk'S.'OVX TO & VOGR- <<«(%•• _«f^« i^-^ ^>_7 /i jHiv" «ivt *""-.*"" fTimmiiiiamiiir J_ j .© 1935 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M, REG. U. 3. PAT. ( ALLEY OOP Tunk Does Dootsy a Favor (?) By HAMLIN A.5, YOU OL BUSYBODY, ['M •v^i • QA^-IX ) BACK-AW HEREAFTER, YOU /TV -T / MIMD YER OWM BUSINESS XAOAIN ?:} :i CAN TAKE CARE OF "MySELFr-y-'HEARf- • ••/•/* AWRI&HT, AWRIGHT -IF THAS TH' WAY V'FEEL ABOUT ^ IT, TH' .NEXT TIME Y'GIT SMACKED, x^AWRIGHT- IUi. J US LET 'EM ( Y'SEE THATCHA TAli:E>jguA j, DO, V HEAR? SEE IF- i DON'T/ OH, HO. 1 WOTTA BREAK-' TH' MOOl/IAM QUEEN.' HAH/ HERE'S WHERE OL KING TUNK .GITS HIMSELF A PRISONER.' • .0 <VS V«9lSV MCA 3?RV!Ce,-|NC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. ( BOY/ WOMT. DOOTSV BOBO ._ BE TICKLED WHEN HE SEES,WHAT ,-/j , I GOT : FOR' " •"* HIM-' •fviT* WASH TUBBS Complications ByCRANl c^or ANOTHER ) LISSEM, vou MUds/ IP ANYBODY' sers^ RSTOL sons PLACE. ACOT INJ MY TEMT; I'LL- T w -"" \ ALU I SEARCH^ I FOUMD WAS \ THE OTMER THIS EMPTY MOLSTEP?. 7EMT5. (HERE IT ISf A ^^Mswexwjr^AUe/^l PEAP2L-HAMDLEP REVOLV/£R^ME. ITg JMEVERSEEM ,j * J fjlJA \J \~f*C I .«<• i. < . j. /..___ AND IT'S A .32 PRAKE'S.; IT , M MY LIFE. T WHERE'D YOU FIWD \T,sv(/oos\e?) THE STRAM^ PART. IT WAS H/E UKJDER MISS BARBARA'S PILLOV r^vj< FRECKLES ANT HIS FRIENDS A Good Word for Freckles SEE THIS aEF?SEV ? FELLOW NAMED FRECKLES M c GOOSEy/ IT X 5 A LITTLE FADED AKJD BATTLE ^CARCED, AMD IT HA-SM'T BEENJ MAKJV GAME'S THIS VEAR/ IT BELONGS TO A^S f WHY? BECAUSE THE — By BLOSSER1 ; OWE WHO WOKE IT ' PL.ACEC? MORE IMPORTANCE OM SOMETHING BESIDES FOOT- BAL-L. BUT COKJ'T GET THE IDEA THAT THIS JERSEVHAS 8EEW DISGRACED/ SOMEDAY YOU'LL THAT IT HASN'T. 1M THE MEANTIME, I WAMT TO FINJP OME AMONG VOU 0(0 EWOUGH TO VVEAR /T, ^/ Ymtswm ruwiKwyi&oss. ,<r^ 110W TO PLAY QUARTERBACK (\^K NUTE ROCKNE'S idea of a good quarter- VC back was a fellow with plenty of personal- Jr^ ity, a "cocky" attitude, and a good barking voice so that when he yelled the signals the backh'eld didn't have the tendency to be lulled to sleep. In short, he was an inspirational leader. Rock ajso thought that the two most important things to teach a quarterback were when nol. to pass and; "When in doubt, punt." But football has changed, what with the advent of the lateral, and forward passes being tossed almost anytime. A quarterback is boss of all situations. He must either succeed on his own hook, or sportsmanlike, take a rap for an error in judgment. ^^ He must always be on the lookout for the, breaks, and must punt, punt, punt, on a wet, sloppy field until he gets one of those breaks. ' THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Pop} Too Many Cooks By COW A! HURRV AN' GET GLEAMED UR^ THE EMPta/MENT AGENCY IS SENDiM OUT SO^AE HELP, ^^ A AN' * WNT YOU rSELECT , A COOK.' IH^WINDV' TUET HAUST BE ^<i ONE OF THEM NOW %% OXN YOU ANSWER ^-/^ THE DOOR ~ L 01 NO I'M IN THE 'To njjNEA. SERVJC.E.JNO. T.M. BEO. u7s.P«T. Off.

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