The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 13, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 13, 1940
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T " RI »«"*ANTNI!\VflPAPKROPKOHTlU!A-'in'AinCANS*«* M ,,«n, m ,«« rt .»« u ,r:. •!• 1 J-J ¥ T kJ VOMJMB XXXVII—NO. 23. Blylhevllle Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Courier Blythoville Ilernld Blackout Of Little Nations Spreads SWEDEN Baltic Sea North Sea : DENMARK April 9, 1940 16.575 Sq. Mi' 3.777,000 Pop. I MEMEL '*Uich22, 1939 1099 Sq. Mi. 150,000 Pop. DANZIG Sept. I.- 1939 754 S q : M?. 407.000 Pop. LAT. '* L1TH. GERMANY 'Post Wor-i 18 1.500 Sq. Mi 59.800,000 Pop. . i •»»-..» U.S.S.R. 6 E R M . SAAR .Morch I. 1935 ' 738 Sq. Mi. S12.030 Pop. / CZECHOSLOVAKIA \ | Oct.'I, 1938- " -, 15 1939 ' 49,576 Sq. Mi. ' \ M.004,179 Pop: AUSTRIA Morch 13, 193832.369 Sq Mi. 6.T60.233 Pop . POLAND Sept. 1939 74,000 Sq. Mi. 18.000,000 Pop. ' Estimated' HUNGARY 0 Scale of Miles 200 HHler grabs again, anil (his time Denmark Is ansorbcd into the ,-, -en for the ^ have been ,,, e comiucsts shown oi) ^Vu. th « r nre meeting unprecedented resistance. German Army Rolls Northward cnr prec?s the lnhnliy !n __ trup.strand.- Photo radioed from Europe. Posey-Fowler Motion For New Trial Denied CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. April 13.— fn a special hearing here yesterday of motion for new triul brought by defense attorneys for Adrian Posey. 2G. Steele, and Odis Fowler. 35. Cooler. Judge Robert 1. COIK of Poplar Bluff rejected the motion and upheld the sentence assessed the pair in circuit court here March 28. Bond was set on thc pnir at $7,500 each pending an appeal to the Springfield Court of Appeals. Pcsey and Fowler were sentenced to 15 years each following their jury trial here, for their part in (he alleged murder of Mrs. Mary Vaughn, 45, wife of Gay Vaughn, Sleele, Mo., blacksmith, whose badly beaten, almost nude body was found Sept. 11, 1938, near ~Hairy Bailey's tavern near Holland, Mo. New, Deadly Mima Are Laid LONDON, April 13. (UP)-Great Britain hns \ised n new deadly secret mine In its attempt to cut off Germany from its occupation lorces in Norway, u wa .s reported loday. It. was intimated that the allies have a submarine Kect i n the Kat- tegat ready to meet any German nttempttosiveei) n channel through the fields for supplies ' " nnd •"• ."'J/f^KC.I 1111(1 reinforcements for its Norwegian forces. Allied mine fields, laid oft the German. Netherlands and Norwegian coasts nnd in the Skagerrnki nnd Kattegat, tlie entrances to the Baltic, now. cover about 60,000 square miles, il was reported Naval experts asserted thai It "should not be assumed" that German vessels equipped with para- Stock Price* vancs or othcr rcco s» i7 - e <' <<m»- oiwtft / ;<tt6 | rntus to fcuc , off m!nes wouw ' bc A T & T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Cities Service General Electric General Motors . ; free from danger. They Intimated I l\,n( Tl..ltl~l. . . J .... 173 1-41 that British ivy mine experts 80 3-8 - ........... 91 5-8 | had developed completely new mine 30 7-3 types nnd asserted that they knew "" * ° no precautions which the Germans could take which would guarantee their ships against destruction if they came into contact with thc 38 1-4 54 3-4 Int Harvester 571-4 Montgomery Ward 52 1-2 N Y Central 16 3-4 North Am Alvatlon J5 Packard 35-8 Phillips 38 3-8 Radio 65-8 Republic Slcel 21 3-4 fiocony Vac*uum 113-8 Studebaker 113-8 Standard oil N J 42 1-8 Texas Corp .... 47 U vS Steel 613-4 British mines. Backing up warships In thc drive to sweep German transport and supply ships from the sea were new super -streamlined Falrey Swordflsh biplanes, eacli carrying stood lo be (ising new methods of waging warfare. It } )( i<i apparently been established Uiat many hundreds. If not thousands, of German trcops In Norway hnd arrived in special transport planes, which were able lo shuttle back and forth between Germany or Denmark and thc Norwegian coast. Erik Colbnn. Norwegian minister (o London, was understood to have conferred wilh Viscount Halifax. foreign secretary, yesterday, on means to stop tills aerial traffic. W. J. Herring And Son Faces Federal Charges LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Apr. 13.— Informations charging w. j. Herring, Ml lie Reck bond broker, an<l Melvin E. Herring, his son, with use of the malls lo defraud In connection with the sale of stock in the investors' Participating Corporation, bankrupt, were filed with United Stntes Commissioner W. M. Nankin yeslcrday. The informations were prepared by W. il. Gregory, assistant U. s. Rorox, district attorney. The charges resulted from an Investigation made by poslofrice Inspectors into affairs ot W. J. Herring & Co., ANT NEWSPAPER OP KOlVimA CT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI "7 * ~~~ : • " •—-— -— ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, Al'llll,' 1H, 1040 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' BATTLE FOR VITAL Stockholm Claims British Trying Narvik Landing • ,,,. s soul I.oi1ii.v tluil several Intgf. Hrilisli warships were l!ii«lin K rnop.s ai Narvik, Nonnty muler lienvy Immlmi'dmenl from (lerinmi air nm! Inml forces. Fighting pimwdod nil nmni- \I\K , tlio reporl .siiid with heavy on both Hides. Noi-wet'ian troops were reported .sdpiwriintr tlic I5rit- i.sli nUnck althoiijil) Iliey wore liiimpered l>v lack of lioiivv ami airplanes. Cold Wave Fell Over Bi Area (Halm n\g Ciuns Ijimlvtl BEKLIN. Apr. 13. lUPI — German big guns Imve been transporied through the British IHIVH! nnd-nil- blockade off the Norwegian cpasl anil were landed yesterday al Tromlhelm brhvevn lleruen and Narvik, Ihc offlelnl German newu agency DNB announced todny. The agency earlier said that large additional units of the German armed forces had been landed nl Oslo yesterday. Uermnny, according |o DNIi, has tnkcn over mills of Ihe Norwegian navy Iti occupied Norwegian ixnts nnd has manned them with Ocr- innti crews. Regarding north Norwegian events thc agency siiicl thai "German troops assigned to securing nm extending occupied territory in the region around Narvik have Inken control of Hie greater pail of the roads from Narvik lo the Swedish border." Sufficient Membership Obtained To Maintain Club I( is Said Sny Nazis Cut Off LONDON, Apr. 13. (UP)—Constant vigilance by lirltlsh imvnl units off Ihc Norwegian coast has mnde "further landings" by German Iroops In thc Par North of Norway almost Impossible." official MUartcrs snld today. . ,/The statement, was,-made In com- fnent on im official. German n.owa agency report thnt more German troops had been landed nt Narvik. Suspicious of Dutch BERLIN, Apr. 13. . (Up) _ T |, c newspaper National Zeilung ol Essen, organ of Field Marshal Herman Goerliig, Number Two Nazi.' said todn.v that n neiv IjrUijh Netherlands trade agreement "raises suspicion that new Netherlands import and export regulations will again provide tlie English pirates the right of control." "There Is no proof that 'I'll? Netherlands has nmlnlnincd commercial neutrality toward England," •-lid lire newspaper. "The effect or the new regulations will slio-.v how urclarified aspects of the situation must be Judged." Claims Cruiser Sunk ! BERLIN, (UP)—April 13. (VP)—\ The offlelnl German news agency DNB said todny that it had been confirmed thnt Ihe British cruiser York had been sunk oil Troml- hclm, Norwegian coast |>ort. Tlie York, 8,250 Ions, was built in 1929 and normally carried a complement of 600 The golf course of the Ulylhc- vllle Country club, closed for two weeks because of a lack of sufficient membership to maintain tho course, was officially reopened today, It was announced by Kverelt B. Cite, owner. The club was reopened afler a minimum membership lo make an income ol $2500 yearly was so- cured. Memberships, which were lowered some lime ago from $00 (o S3li mutually, were raised Ihl.s week to S50 nnd M memberships were secured by thc committee which Is .soliciting members. Tills committee will continue Its membership drive In mi effort to obtain a sufficient amount of revenue so as lo keep the nine-hole course In .good condition,' It, was announced" '-"following n 'meeting yesterday. " •-.-., C. W. Aftllck. James Illll jr. nnd Cecil Shane were named lo an executive committee; Hussell plill- llps, Byron Morse and Q. G. Iinb- bard to the finance committee' Oscar Peiidler, W. j. Pollard nnd O. W. Affllck to Ihc caddy committee; R. p. itlrslmor. Farmer Rttglnud and John P. Leoll lo the Greens niul rules committee, and James Terry, c. M. Buck nnd Cecil Shane to the tournament committee. The golf course wns opened In Ihe .spring of IS20 by Mr, Gee after n number of local people hurt cooperated In the plan to obtain a course uiul country club for Blylhe- vllle. Al first very popular, Inler- est Increased with erection In 1953 >! the club, valued at more thnn $15,000. nnd numerous social ivents nnd golf playing followed >ul In Ihe past several years Ihc course hns been operating nl n )ss, It Is said. the meeting of Ihc club members, these rules were passed: that memberships now being subscribed lly I'nllod IVrsK A mass of cold nlr wlilfh roltal (Hit i)f ISn< Yukon ami spread tan- wisp n cross Uu> eiisleiu two-lhlnls of thi^ nullon today moved lownril tlie /Mlanllo coiisl and (timl)li'il teiH))erntni'i<.i lo ncjir hewlne f'wii In Plorldn and Cleoriitii. Went const, stales reported continued wnrm wenlhcr eurly today nflcr n lical wiu-i! (hat sent (hi' mercury to 1)4 n|. LO.I Angeles nnd to 104 al Aunlielm, Calif. FsirincrK In (lie midwest, where wanner wciUher was forecust. for thc wcck- c-ml, surveyed crojis to dclcrmlno frost dnmiiBL'. pnitlcnliirh' to grnlns which luul been planted Inter Ihnu usual, because ol unusual cold weather llils spring. The (cinpcrnlure nl Jacksonvlllu, Pin., van .IS early todny, Ihc U. 8. weather bureau reported and Atlanta, On,, recorded 28. New York Clly reported 20 degrees and on the west coiisl. Oakland, Cullf., GO and Cortland, Ore., 1H. Oilier cities reported: New Orlcnns. 44; Dallas, Tux., M; Oklahoma City, Okln,, S7; Kansas City, Mo,, 3D; Denver, Colo., 41; Des Molnes, In., 20; Minneapolis. Minn., 25; Chlenuo 28; Imllnn- n polls, Ind., 10; Louisville. Ky., SI), nnd SU Louis 33. Snow, sleet and rain hnil accompanied Ihe cold In the region Iron 1 . Illinois eastward and south to tho gulf where Ilia cold was most severe. Crop experts .said the middle west oats crop may Imve snirered ilumiiKC but limy believed winter wheat would withstand the frost. Extension of the cold /one to tho south brought fears of damage to fruit crops, however. Dies Says Nazis, Com- munsts Will Try Sei7.e Government To WASHINGTON, Apr. 13 <UP)- Clmlrmmi Martin Dies (Dem., Tex.) of the house committee Investigating un-Amcrlcnn activities charged today Hint Communist, nnd Nnzl forces aro plotting to "scl up « puppet government." In Mexico. lie coupled the charge with Allies, Norway Hitting Hard At Bergen, Oslo down n iinun Ml Brills)] plnne mis lout in UIR raid. It was forced • Din iidniii'iilly .siiid. , Tin* raid on Herjfcn was .serrate from ntlncks by Royal nV „ ° ! )lttllct> ".' wh ch oi>fllt " l!111CH «'ere 'oat vestmlny accoiilniK In an air ministr anno . air ministry announcement I'cn destroyed and others worn dumngeo *T,'™" '.','? °, llc " 11 cotnl ""» l <i»w H was ^Ported llmi n lone ,,/„! „„„„„„„ „,„„,,_ |mtrami , B tho Nm . (h Seu ln n sllowstornVi n German naval destroyer and a Dornler cons nl coitimaiid , fought In <|iilck Miccnsslon IB-llylng The lirhlsh plane first raked the destroyer with 100 roimik of ff^VuT ^" lCkCl1 . l ."° Dmul " "»"« boi " «'S «'« so eve v. ' .oueicly tlmlllwasuniiWe lo rc.icli hurt. The gas lank of the Irll sh plane was Icnklng ,,s rr.snlt of a bullet hole but It was able to leuch land although It had lo lly across a. great, stretch of the Norm. The air ministry's announcement Indicated that the Eoyni Air ite wns ncllve over « wide stretch of thc Norwegian coast. throughout yesterday « S crlc.i of stronij formnllons of Royal Air re.ii bomberfi scnrclied Norwuglini and Dnnlsh waters for the purpose of locating and attacking mills ol the dcrmaii Heel reluming to' tUeir Home bases." an air ministry communique snld. "As nlrcndy reported one formation penetrated Into Crlxtlansand- fjord nnd nltnckcd Qermnn vvnrsliljis and met with strong rcslslni i was mot her formation proceeding north toward the Slvnnger region l>y a largo enemy lighter force. "' ' ' ,."In tho dny's hnrd fought nctlon four Mcsserschmldl fighters were iliol down. Two more were believed lo have been destroyed nnd oth- TS wcro damaged."' : -: The sltunllon nloii); tlie BO-iulle O.slofjord which leads to Oslo, .rom Ihc Skngerrak,' was extremely uncertain'. II hnd been reported conlllcllngly thai nllled ships were blocking thcX'enlrnjice'j'that another Oermanlleel hod reached Oslo:y&3lerday,,'Iuc4u(Unt: a 'battleship.' nnd n nurnlicr of doslroyjrs -and other'w'arsiifps.'.io bo .m'et''by r n"mbu-" lances, dial the Gmimn troops line)'arrived nl Hilelcn. . It was believed thai-Ihe Hnldcn'Iroops, if landed, might hnVe'•been sent from Germany In special Irnnsporl planes. ' '. - • H was nt tcnsl nppnrcnl thnt thc Gormnns held the fjord as far down from Oslo ns Moss, n reach of some 30 miles, but that Ihc Norwegians were In strong force not r nr Inland nnd held the fjord cast coast to nm south. . IJEAVV OUNF1HK HEARD :'• LONDON, April 13. (U)—An Bxclinngc Telegraph Stockholm dls- mtch reported loday Unit heavy gunfire had been heard at Gothen- herg on Ihc -Swedish soulhwest const, during the night. ' ''.. ;An 8,000-lon Irniistiort ai-vcrely damaged by n mine near Be'doe bri .he Norwegian consl, south of Nan*, hnd been towed to'Lofoten Island nearby. Ihc illspulch snld. . ... An Exchange Telegraph Gothenburg dispatch said that. British? nines had been laid outside Gotlienberg yesterday. ' ', ' ' '. ; - • I>ANISI! JIKl'.TINOH BANNED "' COPKNHAOEN, April 13. (UP)-Danlsh state police today banned men. It. carried six eight-Inch suns, four four-Inch anti-aircraft- gnus, four thiee-potimlers nnd H siiiiill- er guns. Tt was equipped with six 21-Inch triple torpedo tubes and had one airplane nnd n catapult. Restrains Sale Under Levy For Sales Tax A teulnornry order hns been issued by Chancellor J. F. Gnumey restraining Revenue Commissioner •&. M. McCnrroll and Sheriff Hale Jackson from proceeding with a snle of equipment of the Johns Ice and Coal Company, West Main street, for delinquent sales tax allegedly due the slate, The corporation In Its complaint attacks validity of an act of the 1939 legislature extending the sales lax nnd also challenges application of Ihc tax to what It claims were wholesale sales rnther than retail sales of ice. The slnlc revenue department is attempting to fovcc payment of $230.23 which U alleges is due. P. c. Douglas Is attorney for the Johns company. offSrf and «"" r "» U"«l April 1. T«. nnd hl-inchHUUs "*"!'?"!'!'» ."«'«- "»=r the and thc Investors Porticlpallng both of ' ' - understood that the British aerial torpedoes were 22 Inches In dlam- Uer, as against the nine Inches months. Long-Necked Rivals The African gwcnuk ha.s little .._ — difficulty In reaching the leavpn "t Th»' h.,»""U" "," mor <*ftntmen.. !r( ,es high above thc heads of all The Germans also were under-1 „„„„„,(, excepi tho •giraffe. Loses Part Of Finger In Sausage Grinder Jewell Wise. 29, lost one hnif of n finger this morning when he caught it In n sausnge grinder al Gnlnes' Market where he is employed. Following amputation at Blytheville Hospital, Mr. Wise relun.cct lo lils wtirk. This was the second finger lost by Mr. Wise, tho fore finger on the left hand having been cut off eight years ago while chopping wood. ' . / present drive is closed will run for one yenr from dale enrolled nud If a member moves from lllythc- vllle. the proportionate part of his membership fee will be returned. Changes In Train Schedules Announced Slight changes In the schedule of four dally passenger trains on the Frisco railroad will become eflectlve at midnight loulBht, il was announced loday by local officials of the company. Thc midnight passenger from Memphis io St. Louis which formerly left here at 1:07 n. m, will now. leave 11 minutes earlier at 12:56 p.m. Tlie cnrly morning trnln to Memphis will leave one minute later, nt 5:31 nnd the morning northbound train will leave six minutes later at 0:30 a.m. instead of 9:24 njn. Tlie afternoon train lo Memphis will leave one minute later than the present schedule, nt 3:11 p. in. Instead of 3:10. Harbors Depend on Tides Many Important harbors of the world are dependent upon the tides to give them enough water for floating larger sliliK, Without the moon many of them would be Useless, since the moon cnuses thc tides. - ._. -..vice ii. thc Spanish civil wnr because he snld the same ornanlmllons are being kept alive for future use In connection with the purported Mexican plot. Attorney General Iloberl II. Jackson recently dropped prosecution of 17 persons Indicted In Detroit In connection with recruiting of Americans for Spanish wnr service. Dies snld the prosecutions should have ben pressed ns n deterrent against similar episodes In (lie future. "Moscow and Germany," he said, "hope lo establish n puppet government In Mexico. J regard the Information I have ns authentic." picture theaters were not nITcclcd. Premier T. A. SUnmlng Insisted that Danish soldiers had acted In lull necordnncc wilh the govcrnincnt'r. Instructions not to r;sist the Gcrmnus. Ho snld there wns not reason for the civilians' 'attitude. V W. W. Prior, commander In chief of the Danish army, asked the Danish news agency lo publish a letter of appreciation lo the army for Us behavior during thc German occupation. New Orleans Cotton May July Ocl. Dec. Jan. Mar. prev. open high low close close . 1082 1083 1077 1080 1035 . 1053 10S3 1049 1052 1055 . 1008 1003 1004 IQOli 1010 . 997 097 OS2 894 998 . 982 989 982 039 984 . 082 B83 980 980 930 National Picking Contest, C ri < No single industry hi America todny hn.s two such potent events with which to promote Its general welfare ns the cotton Industry has In the Memphis cotton Carnival and the national Cotton t'lckinj, thc latter to be held in Blythcvillc September 23-24. it pointed out today by Mayor wil- liams. "With the Memphis Collo:i Carnival, now in Its tenth year and reaching proportions bigger tlran ever before, 'kicking off the cotton season In the spring, and thc National Cotton Picking Contest coming along In thc fnll lo decide thc country's best cotton picker for the year, thc cotton season will be New York Cotton ' May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Jnn. . Mar. . prev. open high low close close 10S8 1070 IBM IWO 1070 1044 1044 1010 1043 1045 1004 1004 899 1004 1005 800 992 987 892 893 081 987 087 087 882 373 07V 675 D77 984 opened and closed In n blaze of glory that should attract the eyes i of the whole nation," Mr. Williams said. I It was pointed out that ten per | cent of all the cotton raised in America is consumed in the rubber Industry, and that giant tractor tires nrc now being made that contain as much us one bale of cotton. The average American hns no knowledge nt nil ol ths br"<Hth and scope of thc cotton Industry, or the part It plays in his every- day life, Mr. Williams said. "It Is the. purpose of thc Association lo drive home to the people nil over thc nation the fnct that cotton Ls one of the most important Industries in the world, and Impress on them that an Industry of Its magnitude needs thc support of every Individual." lie. added. Thc oil industry hns Its annual Oil Show. he-Id on nlten:nte years In Tulsa nnd Houston. The livestock Industry has its yearly livestock expositions, nnd the fruit people of Ihe northwest and oilier sections have their festivals each year, but I don't know of nny Industry that will open and close Us season with thc fanfare and country-wide recog- Illon our cotton Industry «ill rc- civc ns the result of the Memphis Cotton carnival nnd our National Cotton Picking Contest." It was learned today that there have been severs! personal Inquiries at tho offices of Iho National Colton Picking Asso:lntton by persons desiring to enter the contest. En- i'v blanks are'now being prepared and should be ready In a few days, after which time entries will be icceptcd and recorded, a member ot the- Association slated. Coldest April 12 Is Experienced Last Night Blythevllle hnd thc coldest April 12th weather in many years—]usl how many no one knows for the official weather records only go back H yenrs—but it was 30 degrees Insl nhht after having fallen lo a minimum of 31 degrees Thursday night. Drsplto last night being the colder night by one degree, it did not seem so wintry ns Thursday ! afternoon nnd night when n fierce | wind howled as the thermometer (fell. The' forecast this morning for Ihe weekend was "lair and warmer." Boy Swallows Staple, Is Placed In Hospital Putting a staple in his mouth didn't seem very bad to ten- year-old J. n, Lloyd Jr., but lie has changed his mind. He swallowed the staple this morning while playing at Ms farm home In the Uitcs neighborhood several miles south of Blytheville. Brought to Walls Hospital where he is being kept for observation. X-ray pictures disclosed that the piece of steel successfully passed into his stomach. WEATHER Arkansas—Fair, warmer lonUjht and Sunday. Memphis and vicinity—fair tonight with slowly rising tempjra- tures, lowest tonight about 40, Y3un- .day fair, warmer, Monday partly I cloudy and warmer.

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