Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1935
Page 3
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1^' ^^•vwW^'T- ' s; ,•'/ f> v >'.'-,: |™f v v , * f '/i " f nf '•' 'TK*,*'' ft JJQfembei* lr.1086 vt*, '{ -,'$y i i -!ir/;,WvV?;wt*^ i? s v\ ;«!?*'-' » Au. ., " Henry Telephone 821 The Rmllo Time was, the farm wife standing In her door And peering through the dusk across tho hills, Could almost hear behind her on the floor The shadows creeping, creeping to the sills Like ghosts of blnck Minorcas come to perch There in the dork, so still the coun try night, While sometimes from the rising mists, n birch Would beckon till she turned and struck n light, lime WHS , . . now always there is company: An orchestra usurps the kitchen, while A primn donna often comes to ten And presidents revolve the creaking .stile— For neither mire, hub-deep, nor drifting snow Can block the road against n radio. —Selected. One cf tho m.j.sl charming social affairs of Die Halloween season WHS the dinner given by Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp, Mrs. Glenn Durham and Miss Mma Mac Milburn on Halloween evening nt the hospitable Lowthorp Up to $1B.73 SILK DRESES New Styles, Colors mill Fabrics a d i e s Specialty Shop home on South Elm street, A brilliant color scheme of the Halloween In yellow and black prevailed In the reception siiite, with the proverbial lighted pumpkin welcoming the guests. The Halloween motif was more elaborately observed in the dining room, where the guests were seated at one long table, the central light wns softened with the chosen colors and the window drapes were works of art, adding much to the attractiveness of the room. The dining table was laid In the Halloween colors, and held for Its central adornment, tho time honored witches, brewing the fortunes from the caldron, with the black cats scattered about, surrounded with yellow lapers in yellow and black holders, each guest's place was marked with clever hallowcon favors including noise makers from tho excruciating buzz saw to that of the softest music, nut shells held individual fortunes, and each place was lighted with a small taper in miniature pumpkins, the entire table service and decorations making a most clever and exquisite picture that adhered so closely to the chosen motif, the effect was very pleasing. Covers were laid for twelve. ENDS- RBG FREDRIC MARCH _"ANNA KARENINA" > SATURDAY « I—I 2000 WANTED^! to see the BEST double show this theater ever had for 25c cuititt t.- MUlrOBD'S > fj/ff (ffopajloHq IMI CASSIDT %AGLEJ BROOD '. -. • . A Fo'O"-"*' ««<•!"• "!"5.|i. William Bdya-Jimmytlli»on No. 5 "TARZAN" r-x7- SUN-MON & TUES A I I —week we have been I-* b. O. telling you about this mighty spt-clacle that features Loretta Young, Henry Wilcoxon and hundreds of others ... to miss it would be like missing a turkey dinner! CECIL Bjae miLLE'S Miss Marian Roebuck of Texarkana is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Checl Hall and Mr. Hall. Mrs. J. F. Gorin was the Thursday guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Brown in Texarkana. Mrs. Ben Goodlctt and Mrs. Floyd tfnllhcws were Thursday visitors in Die city, en route to their homes in Ozan from a visit with relatives and friends in Shrcvcport, La. Mrs. Ross Roberts of Shrcvcport nnd Fulton wns a Thursday visitor in the city. Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren arc spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough in Shrcvcport, La. Troup No. 3 of the Girl Scouts entertained at a costume Halloween party on Thursday evening at the home of Miss Rosalyn Hall on West avenue B. The rooms were decorated in the Halloween colors and Halloween games were directed by troup leader, Miss Edna Earl Hall. Tho chosen motif was also observed in the delicious refreshments. Miss Mincttc Glenn of Prescolt was the Thursday night guest of her sister, Mrs. Frank Drake and Mr, Drake. Miss Margaret Powell was hostess* on Thursday evening to the members of the Thursday night Bridge club and a few special guests at tho home of her sister, Mrs. Leonard Ellis on West Sixth street. Halloween colors brightened the rooms where bridge was played from three tables with Miss Margaret Kinser scoring for the club and Miss Kathcrine Brinnt scoring for tho guests. Following the game a delicious salad course in the Halloween colors was served. Guests other than club members were Miss Mary Sue Anderson, Miss Minette Glenn of Prcscott, Miss Kathcrine Bryant, Miss Margery Higgason and Miss Helen Bowden. Wilson In thfr flotfboli apartments, West Second street. Circle No. 3 with Mrs. Frank trtftible West Third street, with Mrs. Stoncquest «« joint hostess. Cifcle No. 4 with MM. C. C. McNeil), North Hervey street. Circle No. 5 will meet Tuesday evening at 7:30 wilhi Misses Margaret and Helen Belts on' East Second street, Quoting from the Arkansas Gazette, we loo can say, "The Halloweener's fun was not entirely of the good, clean variety." Mesdames Pink W, Taylor, Tom Drake and Oscar Rider of Palmos spent Friday in Tcxarkana. ' Dr. and Mrs. A. J. Neighbours will attend a mcclinjf of the American Dental association convening in New Orleans from November 4 to 8. Fat. lst;avfra an cETAOI ETA ET HOPE, STAR,:HQPB. ARKANSAS This Well-Knit Youth Is Jessie! Revival Sunday at Weekly Sunday School Lesson JUDAH TAKEN CAPTIVE Text: II Kinks 25:1-12 The International Uniform Sunday School Lesson for November 3. By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance The Babylonian, captivity is a tragic chapter in Jewish annals that occupies an important place in .history. Here we are concerned chiefly with the religious and social lessons to be derived from it. Like all great catastrophes, it Is to be studied not in its immediate causes, but in the events and circumstances Ihot led to it and that made it almost inevitable when the final crash came. The beginning of the downfall of Judnh was in the divided nation. Palestine is not large. It would have required all the strength of that small territory incorporated under one strong rule to have established any measure of effective resistance to the warring empires of the ancient world. The little land lay between these empires, occupying something of the same position that Belgium occupied in the World war. The strong kingdom that David established, and that Solomon brought to heights of greater glory, weakened in the dissensions and rebellions that followed Solomon's death. '!>.: When Solomon died and Rehoboam came to the throne, there was a strong demand that the burdens of the people should be lightened. Re- hoboam look counsel from two classes of people, the young men who advised him to rule with a strong hand and the older men who advised him to correct the injustices of which the people complained. Rehoboam's weakness and his heady course in following the advice of the young men led to a rebellion in which ^the kingdom of David and Solomon Church of Christ Rev, S. C. Kinningham of Marshall, Texas, to Open Services Here Sunday, November 3, the Church of Smackover Squad (Continued ft*m page one) handicapped somewhat ' The balance of the team is in good shape. Hope substitutes will T» dressed 1ft new sideline Coats which arrived this week. "Warm-up" sweaters, donated to the team by J. C. Penney Co., will also be worn. . Band In Uniform ._ -.. v , --....,.,. v , i.,^ %^ijui k,ii ui Christ begins its fall meeting, with the Rev. S. C. Kinningham of Marshall "" c ""'•"» *«v«» wna win oe aoiicd Texas doing the preaching. Mr. Kin- Up in new bluc and *t°ld uniforms ningham, is the regular minister fon tnat arrived this week. 4\\* J.V...U..U :_ »jf v_1l m* . I r rt*M /A M 4t.«lt >l_1-4 t— The Hope Boys bond will be dolled the church in Marshall. They have' The football field, barring rain be- consented that he tome hero for this *. ore the S flmc time, will be in good fteV Ml are operaiifby"ihe Coast CKiafcT, find thS —„ pay their fcro rata «U«w':J American treasury for thff Albert SravcS 'spoftfe ft history of 0ie American „„,„„ following up his recent addfeaf club during CoristltuHbi* #«-&,' Two new members were t' into the" fifope'club AJbritUm, of the fifUMcr-ivury us company, and Fred Gray, tof thiM gar shoe store. They .were 1 " by George W. Ware. meeting. The Rev. Mr. Kinningham is . a young man with a pleasing personality, and presents the gospel in an inspiring manner. He did his school work in Harding College, Searcy, Ark., which means that he is competent in his work. His sermons will be suited to all who come. They will build up the Christians faith and instruct the sinner in tho way of the Lord. The church welcomes the public to these •services. The time will be 7:30 p. m. SP. Bob Stewart, who Justice said had $3500 to invest in manufacturing the carburetor. "Stewart told me he was a stranger '" . the . cily '" sa y s Groat. "But one shape. The game starts at 8, The probable starting lineup: HOPE SMACKOVER Turner (155) Anderson (180) Left End Jelks (155) Ragsdale (170) Left Tackle Keith (160) . Heriderson (155) Left Guard Ho"y (155) , . .. Hayden (177) Center W. Parsons (160) . . . Lee (142) Right G.uard Stone (215) J. Leveritt (170) Right Tackle Ramsey (168) Whaley (140) Right End Cargile (156) . . . Prince (175) Barr (157) . Quarterback Left Half King (130) m tne cily, says Groat. "But one c ,,^ l nalr night when we were out for a ride P<3arS 56) r: Stedtnan (145) TO inlrl l-nn 4r\ 4i.»« .._ it. _ .11 v *' Rlfint -Hfllf Inconsistency, thy name Is Jessie Matthews. Invadiiu,- Hie malu n«ilon ronlm n In Marleiu- Dlotrlcli. the glamorous l),-Uisl ac ,'c 3 Just lind to lake along hor nwMw ami yarn. Here, on the -ct in London. Hie be-lrouscn,! .inuring star ,,f VKvoi-Broon" knlls and P..HH l,,.|w, ; ,n sconoH. her thoughts porhnns in llollAvoo v] oro «ho will star In a lorllicomlnR fwilnre as U,e result of u oaning CHUlR&iES FIRST METHODIST Fred R. Harrison, Pastor Next Sunday marks the close of this Mr. and Mrs. J, S. Wilson Sr., of Columbus will have as week end guest their daughter-in-law, Mrs. Emile H. Wilson of Birmingham, Ala. The different circles of the Womans Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at 3 o'clock, Monday afternoon as follows: Circle No. 1 with Mrs. Tom McLarty, South Main street. Circle No. 2 with Mrs. George r r^n^r wr-s <° sr ;-™ r ™*-^ «K !he JESS SgZ of' iS took , ™£ "^^ ^ * t ^ their place .with parallel cplumns of £erenc ° W ' U mcei '" E1 Dorado next fiilrtt-c • • • rulers. In the history of the Kingdom of Wednesday night, November 6 Judah we have the story of the good , . . Due to the efficient and lircless et~ forts of the Finance committee of B1 b«h. i \viin-u n\jy wiuijiiviiau'i is t(ic cnair- o,,^i"u-"«i •' VC j —,"•••=" ' man, there will be no last hour ap- wcak "erveree "JI ' r ° C ° r t °t . I pcnl for " lone:y - So comc to chur ^ h West Coast Fiend (Continued from page one) beyond recognition, as had Chenc- verf. Passing into the cardroom, they . •. • , —• —-, i aunaay Knowi T?f *! V °±:™J™ m ^ r ° ng "? d money sermon. '" i Sunday knowing there will be no righteous predecessors, ern Kingdom of Isreal The north- had already fallen before Assyria and now Judah, in a time of difficulty and danger, was under the rule of the weak King --- ,-" = 01 tins cnurcn tnis yea Zcdikiah The power of Babylon was be returned M » styor _ Every member is urged to be present at al Ithe services Sunday to make a clay of spiritual uplift. The pastor has thoroughly enjoyed the fine spirit of this church this year, and hopes to dominant. There might have been reasonable . The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be solemnized at the morn- , , — ,— per win DC solemnized at the morn- hope for a measure of autonomy on hcur and A p , wi / bl ™™ 110 P %\°1 ^ UClahl '," mu , cl V hc SnmC communion ~ S way that Palestine later had a meas- T O L--E--T E X OIL COMPANY Tia?(or Fiu is nn(I Luhc Oils Anything for Your Cur. Phone 370 D ">' nml ure cf autonomy under Roman rule, but that hope disappeared when Zcd- ikiah rebelled. The rebellion immediately brought serious consequences. Nebuchadnez- zar, king of Babylon, came with a great army and besieged Jerusalem. Jersulem suffered the fate thai great capitals have always suffered in tho hands of invading foes. • The temple and palace were destroyed, and every great house in the city was laid low with fire. The people who were left were carried off to Babylon, with only the poorest left to be vine-dressers and husbandmen. The highest teachings and Ihc spirit- message, "The Year's End." The subject at the night service at 7:30 o'clock will be, "God's Doorman." FIRST CHRISTIAN Guy D, Holl, Pastor found the body of Jordan, slumped in a chair al Ihe card lable, a bullel through . one eye. Beneath the table lay Mrs. Chenevert, shol twice through the neck.; i'Jn the bedroom lay, the'' body of Mrs'.. Flieder, the head battered, the Ihroat cut, and the breast slashed. And last the searchers came upon tin body of Balcom, jammed into a closet his throat cut, jaw broken, and heac crushed. • The house had been ransacked from top lo bottom, furniture broken anc flung aside, and blood-smeared walls and floors. Mrs. Flieder's $4500 worth of diamonds were gone, as were the men's purses. The only living thing in the house was a cat, its fur spattered with blood, which darted, yowling, from room to room. For weeks police of Washington and Oregon, with Canadian authorities cooperating, sought the killer or killers. But suspect after suspect was freed. Ihe theory of revenge was discarded, as no support could be found for it, tracing back through the lives of- the victims. The hunt lagged and it appeared as if the mass killing would pass into Right Half Stroud (157) Russell (140) Fullback ie told nje to turn up the old Jefferson street road. I thought for a stranger he had a smart recollection of a long-forgotten road." Other incidents increased Groat's suspicions thai Slewarl had sinister purposes. "I believe he plans to kill me,' he told a friend. "Stewart" Is Hall Another date was made with Stewart by Groat. Detectives kept the ertv - and 1V4 million human lives were date and arrested Stewart risked annually in the iceberg Waters, They checked on fingerprints—and the s P ea ker said—but nothing was tewarl was I.or» Hall done aboul establishing a r^otr-^i ,,~u\ Telo&eation (Continued from page one) Slewarl was Leo Hall. Meanwhile, here in Seattle, Mrs Peggy Paulos had been talking in her •sleep. The burden of her babbling was wholesale killings, her husband said, when he was jailed on a robbery charge. Mrs. Paulos had been grilled several limes, as had other suspects, about the cottage crime. But before police could drag her in once more, her conscience prevail- I ed. She went first to an attorney and I on his advice to police. To them she ' told her story. I She informed officers that she had seen Hall two or three days after the killings and that he had threatened her life if she "squawked." Furthermore, he said, he would prove she I killed one of the victims. 1 Hall is charged only with the slay- ' ing of Chenevert. Tightlipped through'' a merciless grilling, he has refused to'' admit his guilt , "But we don't care if he never con- ' Jesses," say Seattle deteclives. "We have ihe right man, beyond any shu dow of doubt " done about establishing a patrol until after the sinking of the Titanic. The nations banded together and agreed to split the cost of petroling the North Atlantic with cutters which should report daily to passenger and an freight ships in the steamer-lanes, the Tasty and Delididti* v THAT'S BLUE RIBBONs 1 ORDER IT TODAY •-.* <t • DELICIOUS CAKE'S That Are Light and fluffy ', j TEMPTING PIE3' That Melt in Your Mouth . ,TASTY r ^.0 u\i^ t 'w% That's Pure, Clean and Wholesome; CITY BAKER! ' *j S Home of BLUE RIBBON Bread S A HOPE INSTITUTION.. i fy LOG CABIN SYRUP AUNT JEMIMA PAN CAKE FLOUR FREE BLUE VALLEY Creamery PACKING HOUSE WEINERS 20c | i Mi: iiiKiivai. tuutJllinjLiS nlltl Uic.spllll- ^iui.-.u,m lMlui:avor in, IK4J p. m. Ill ual recovery of Israel are associated the church bungalow. Prayer mcet- with this captivity. It is these teach- ' ing Wednesday night at 7:30 p. m., ings thai future lessons will cmpha- C. F. Erwin, leader, size. The regular monthly meeting of tho Italy Repeats She (Continued from page one) Our Bible school wants you, if you are not attending any other Sunday .school. V/e begin at 9:<15 a. in. and there is a class for you. , -- D -• —« ^w^o **n.\j Morning worship at 11 a, m. The ^ >cc history as one more unsolved pastor will bring a message on "Personal Mention," At the evening service starting at 7:30 p. m. he will bring a message on "The Man Side." Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m. in Lb GRAPE NUT FLAKES 2p kgs 25~c BEETLE WARE TUMBLER FREE New Shipment Chocolate Covered FIGS Pkg. lOc Cherries 1 , h 3Q C GRAPE FRUIT Ethiopian nation mobilized to accept the challenge. Copyright Associated Press ADIflRAT, Ethiopia.—Trained native troops, bealing a trail for the main advance of the Italian loft column, occupied another village Thurdays and seized wells to supply the Blac'kshirts with water. The town was Mai Uccc, several kil- ometcrs bcyonel Edaga Hninus. Italian officers immediately dubbed it "Mae : West." I Sharp action was reported earlier from the southwest border of Eritrea, where Italians crossed the Sctit river and drove back Ethiopians massed at Nlaghin. official board. Sunday afternoon nt 2 o'clock, and we want every board member to be present. We wish to extend a cordial invitation to everyone to come and worship with us at any or all of our .services. mystery. Fate Steps In Then Fate, which has an uncanny trick of stopping in to trip up murderers when they have been lulled into feeling certain of escape, took a hand. Harry Groat, a Portland inventor had constructed a carburetor for burning Diesel oil in automobiles. To . him on October 11 came Jack Justice whom he had known for 25 years. With Justice was a man he introduced 'System Storf Quality Groceries and Low Pricei '.'• f* POTATOES Extra Nice Reds 10 17c ONIONS Fancy Yellow, Lb:. 3c APPLES Large, Doz |JC Delicious or Jonathon I Vv SUGAR PUR EQ C A N E :fc n. 52 L A R D Sec Our Selected Line of New PALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens in the Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland CHAPPEIV LIPS To quickly relieve chopping, roughness, .'racking,apply soothing, *:oolliig Mentholatum. nave you fried Ihe NEW MEHTHOUTUM LIQUID for head cold* f Llhe Menlholatum ointment it brings soothing comfort Cream o' Cotton 100% Cotton Seed OU 8Lb Carton 99c CHERRIES, Red Pitted For Pies—No. 2 Can..... lOc GAUD c " mpbc "' s A WwUf Tomato y KT Baking Powder 25 oz Can....l7c "50 oz Can....29c POTTED MEAT 3 CanslOC CATSUP, Scott County Large Bol'tje 100 FIKRT I'RESBYTEniAN 'ciIUKCH Itcv. Thomas Bruwster, Pastor Then- will be no service Sunday morning or night as the pastor will be .ittending Synod at Pino Bluff. Sunday .Hchool will be at the regular hour. Young peoples vesper service at 6:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening. nounccd, the Italians are constructing an air base. GO miles from the border of Eritrea. Ethiopians admitted the enemy had occupied i-cillave, in Southern Ethiopia. Emperor Huile Selassie contends hi^ army of 1.000.000 men is intact, has not 1 After dispersing the enemy, the ! had •' single major encounter with the Blackshirls re-crossed the stream and llalialls lnus far a "d has suffered only took up the defensive on their side. " '"'" u ""' 1 " 1 " 1 ' The native troops of the northern forces have deployed tactically as far as Hauzieji, half.way to strategic Ma— w -— uvt u bt-£ji, ITlel" and have taken the natural fortress of Amba Sion, 30 miles from that objective a few hundred losses. The Fascists have advanced only through tiic easiest and undefended territory, and have not approached mountain .strongholds. "The most hivhly mechanized army in the world will only smash its head Extra Large ,., „..„ A . We Will Apprecmte Your November Business Because it stands on a high plateau, BROOKS Phone 607 SERVICE; GROCERY Prqmpt Delivery Ethiopia At Aduwa yesterday, Dcgericcn Menegu.se Chenfic, one of the rulers of the Seire region, submitted to Gen. Piclro Maravigna. commander of the Italian right flank. Put Salt in Wells ADDIS ABABA, Eehiopja—(#>)—As- saimora tribesmen arc salting all ,_,. M^v BULkllJ£ Ull springs in the Mussa AU region to cut off Italian water supplies, a government communique said. In this swne region. Etliiopian officials an- are store for the invaders. No Training Ont'C a Western town held a Charlcv Chaplin contest. Prizes were to be given to those who could imitate Charley Chaplin. When Charley heard about it he immediately entered the contest. He came in second.— American Humorist. Specials For Friday and Saturday SUGAR 10 Pounds.. 54c PET MILK SMALL—2 for 7'/ 2 c LARGE—Each 7'/ 2 c Bulk COFFEE We Grind U,lb Dining Car COFFEE. Ib 29c The average sise is 2'i by 2?i inches. of a shark's egg CORNFLAKES T»1 A Package I 2 C TOMATOES No. 2 Can, Creamery Butter Pound 35c SWEET POTATOES, !b 2c Irish Potatoes 10 Pounds ... ORANGES~ Dozen .... .. CRANBERRIES Quart TISSUE—1000 Sheet Roll—4 for 25c BEEF ROAST Pound HAMBURGER Pound STEW MEAT Pound SAUSAGE Pound CORN ON COB Snidery—Large Can. CRACKERS 2 Pound BOX 18c S Bars Crystal White SOAP 1—10 Cent Super Suds 25c MATCHES 6 19c VANILLA WAFFERS 1 2 Pound f H* pkg. 1UC PEACHES D tfct 190 TABLE GARDEN SANDWICH SPREAD or SALAD DRESSING Quart Jar 29c Red and Gold COFFEE 19c Lb. Quality Meats SLICED BACON WILSON'S Pound •11 33c FRESH MIXED STEAK Any Cut, Ib ^^^WW^^^^PlPPipr | ^BRrc Tomato Juice in Pint Bottle. 14c lOo STEPHENSON'S PHONE 601 FREE DELIVERY SAUSAGE Pound CHOICE BEEF ROAST OR STEAK CHEESE Wilson's Clear Brook Full Cream—Pound PORK CHOPS Fresh and Lean Pound 25c FRESH UCAT GROUND INCAI FOR LOAF—Lb CHOICE SHOULDER CLOP OR RUMP ROAST—Pound 156 SALT FAT MACKEREL ,12c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE u,12i6

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