Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 4, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 4, 1937
Page 3
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r • •'- -.'-;.; r-? ^ * ' " <1<v *' 4.. > ^^,;, ^fVrf Jane Withers to PlajutRialto "46 Fathers" Is Jane's Latest nnd Most Laugh- «ble Hit ma ed Wllh * ntul <llc M " rt ' ' nlirljtls of (he dance MnH throwing th*ir voices nnd dancing around, uproariously funny things habpoti In the- .starlet's latest 'anil most Imiglmbte, lovnlble picture, "45 Fathers," Which open* Sunday at thf Riiilto theater. In which Thomas Beck mid Henry afp tilso featured. Forty-five milllonnire bachelors sign up as Jane's guardians. They try to make n lady out of her, hut" she nl- most ttiiikes a wreck out of them. They try to give her that finishing-school finish, With Profesors Sammy Cohen and George Givol in charge of nestrctic dancing nnd voice culture, but when thd Ifartmans show her how to throw voices, dancing nnd discretion to the winds, it's almost the finish of every body. June, in spite of her ill-luck in doing bad whenever she attempts to do good, iminoBcs to save wealthy Thomas Bcek from the entanglement of a scheming society sli'cn intent on getting his money. Thi? manner in which she and the Hnrlmuns perform this Kocxl deed is enough to make even the dummy lutigh. Politics has taken charge of economics all over the world.— William A. Irvin. former professor of economics at Washbum Tex Ritter Film at New Theater Louise Stanley Turns in Top Notch Performance Fn.«il net Ion nnd thrills, combined In rt\\«ie the colorful singing of Tex flitter, the popular cowboy bitllnrliat, make "Sltig, Cowlxiy, Sing," CJrnnd National's latest offering in this series of ttihdful dramas at the old west and showing hi tho New Theater Saturday, screen en- tainmonl of the kind thnt appeals to every port of movie-floor. }[ <| e moft- stfiilos Ibnt Tex RUlcf, whose rndio rt'IJtilnlioh won him a film starring contract from Producer Eflwnrd "Stand-In" at the Saenge r ney less than n year dd typo cluiiblr-hitrreled of action film. o, Juts develop*form effective JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS Chili Mae—Hot Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut Orville W. Erringer State iUnmiKor Hamilton Trust Fund SiMinsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver. Colorado. S-A-L-E NOW IN PROGRESS SILK and WOOL DRESSES $3-00 and $5.00 L A D I E S' Specialty Shop Lovely L<wisf Stanley, who plays opposiip Tc-x, tiinw in n top notch per- ftirmiinro In DIP rolp of n rmirngemts girl, whoso fiil)»>r is murdrml by n litmd of ruffians, the leader of Which is out in yet I'onlrol of the wagon- route franchise held by the victim. Tox's fight against this gang nnd his final voctory over them In n Ihrillinj;. running gun-fight between tv/o rival wngnn li'iiiivs, which wins him the love of thp girl, constitute!; the plot of this tietimi-piicked feature. Tex's mellow baritone voice in four tuneful cowboy ballads recalls the brave days and starlit nights of the western prairies. The title number, Cowboy, Sing." 'written by the suir, himself, in collaboration with Ted Chonto, and "Twilight Reverie," on which Tex collaborated with Frank Roiiucei nnd Robert N. Bradbury, who directed the production, are masterpieces of western balladry. "Cowboy Medicine" and "Goodbye, Old Priint" complete the musical divertissement effectively. The story of "Sing, Cowboy, Sing," written by Lindsley Parsons ntul Robert Emmi'tt, moves' rapidly nnd has n well-knit plot. The exciting wagon- train sequences, ."hot against a perfect western background, arc immense. The supporting cast, inc'Uitling Al St. John. Karl Huekoll, Charles King, Robert McKon/ic. Budd Busier, Hcber Snow ntul Chick Hfiiinon, all contribute to the all-around entertainment of "Sing, Cowboy, Sing" by frequent action high-light*. Added shorts Saturday art tho serial in chapter No. 9 "The Painted Stallion" along with cartoon nnd comedy. Army vs. Navy—6-0. Thp management of tho New theater received notice of the latest additional feature this week of the RKO Pathe News events featuring the Army vs. Navy football gamo played last Saturday, November 27, where 105.000 fans witnessed tho gome. It is a popular misconception that the "money is lost in Wall Street." The exchange i.s a market plnce, pure and imple.—Jnson We.sterfield, New York Stock Exchange official. Before you cause nothing can possibly be as important as a Inugh fest like this— gather up the family nnd head dowrf to the Saenger (heater whore "Stnnd-lns," Shows Sunday and Monday only. Leslie Howard nno Joan Blondell head the roster of slurs in this hysterical screen version of Clarence Bucllngimi Kelland's Saturday Evening Post .story. Tho charming Leslie emerges us a simply swt'll" comedian in Ihu rolt? of Atlprbury Dodd, the- shy. bespectacled banker who goes to Hollywood lr> lake over the $10,000,1(01) Colossal Studios and run them by the science of mathematics, nnd Joan is grand as the stand-in of the title who helps him over the Hollywood hurdles, helps him foil the conspirators who arc plotting to get the studio, tenches him to rhumba and makes him realize (after much mnidenly effort) thnt he's more than a human adding machine. Train Whistles Get on This Dog's Nerves HOUSTON. Texas.—(/!•)—Pnl Evans, city employe, took his day off to complain to the city council about train whistles. "I figure they whistle in Houston exactly 12,500 times a day." he said. "That's too much noise. Even the dogs howl, it is so nerve-racking." He asked repeal of n law passed in 1893 requiring trains to whistle four times at each grade crossing. • Sticking out the tongue is a popular form of greeting in Tibet—and a favorite farewell in this hemisphere. SAENGER SUNDAY & MONDAY Leslie Howard-Joan Blohdell — in— "THE STAND-IN" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY FRANCIS LEDERER MADELEINE CARROLL — in— "IT'S ALL WEDNESDAY NITE "DR. QUIZZER" $25 CASH AWARDS THURSDAY-FRIDAY SINGING BOBBY BREEN — in — "MAKE A WISH" SATURDAY DOUBLE PROGRAM RI ALTO SUN.-MON. & TUES. JANE WITHERS —in— "45 FATHERS WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY Last Football Picture of the Year. "SATURDAY'S HERO'ES" FRIDAY & SATURDAY Big Double Show "VALLEY OF TERROR" —and— "THE SHADOW" SATURDAY To 11 p, m. ROMANCE RIDES with TEX and "WHITE FLASH" in a RIP-ROARIN' SAGA OF THE OLD WEST! TEX RITTER With His Horse WHITE FLASH -m- 'SING COWBOY SING" Chapter No. 9 "The Painted Stallion" Also Cartoon and Comedy SUNDAY and MONDAY (Shows 2 & I: 8:15) (Shows 1:30, :t: 1: 9:) THE SWEETHEARTS YOU LOVE IN A SYMPHONY OF YOUTH! With sdme of the most delicious human comedy ever filmed ,.. You'll love 1'iitsy O'Connor, Buster ['helps and Sherwood Ihiiley, the new Wonder Kids of the .screen. EXTRA EXTRA Army vs. Navy Game 6-0 Other Big News In Technicolor "STARUT DAYS AT THE 14 DO" Novelty SUN. 10-20c MON, Mat. lOc EVE. See tl from W" Us feature the start. GIRL LOVES BOY" .ERIC CECILIA . Linden Parker TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Double Feature No. |. First time Ui City CIIAS. QUIGjUEY-u* "GIKLS CAN PLAY" No. 2. First Jims to City I.yle Talbct, Polly Bowles in "West Bouw4 WwJted" THURSDAY * FBIB4V ' GRACE MOORE -in- When You're in Love CARY GRANT COMING SQDN-*- M 3 MESQU1TERS" MRS. SID HENRY TELEPHONE Getting nu (n Christmas It's getting on (o Christmas! The old charm is in the air; The lips of love are whispering their secrets everywhere. And now the wide world over the tender hearts and true Are plotting nil the pretty deeds their pocket books can do. It's getting on to Christmas, rich nnd poor nnd high and low Are gazing in the windows now with eyes that fairly glow And nil Ihe wide world over now the little children pause To ask if their behavior will delight old Santa Clans. Oh, there nre weeks when selfishness and bitterness arc rife, And days when hate and malice seem to mar the chnrm of life. But getting on to Christmas all tho old smiles reappear, And the blustering world turns kindly at the elusing of the year. —Selected. Nineteen hundred and many years years ,'ig», when shepherds watched their flocks by night, a glory shone uround a little family hovering about a new born Babe, lying in a manger in a lowly stable. And light in the sky above, gleamed a star. Through many centuries since then lights have burned in the house at Christmastidc as a token of peace and good will toward men. Long ago, the torches flamed in iron containers in the great hull where the company had assembled for the feast; later the canclles twinkled in their silver holders, a'ncl the yule log blazed on the hearth; later still, tapers were set in the branches of the Christmas tree, proving a very dangerous as well as attractive practice. But along in our time of inventions arrived a miracle trapping the lightning to be bottled in bulbs to string on wires and (urn night into day—for the lights of Christmas must shine in the darkness like the stars that were the lights of Christmas in the beginning. The lights of Christmas present adorn (he mantle of night with myriad jewels for all the world to see und know (lie sign, and thereby catch the spirit thut gathers foj- a season, oil men rich and poor into one family—in spite of strife that sets nations asunder and wars and rumors of war that never cease. The sparkling Christmas tree that stands in public places is a community tree, and it is a comfort to think that the spirit which has set up the trees under the common roof uf the sky und turned on the lights to make Christmas outwardly gay for every body, is the spirit that leads us to look toward the light, that first gleamed from the star which guided a stricken world to a beginning of Peace and Good Will. And stars will always shine at Christmas time, on trees of evergreen, in windows, over the doorways, above the streets and far beyond the magic of the sky, for there will be stars of Hope nnd Faith, and Courage, of Patience, of Love and finally Triumph, The lights in our own little city, in commemoration of that Star that first shed its beams so long ago, will shine forth Saturday evening. Nothing toward making Christmas the festival it .should be, has added more to the outwardly gay spirit which leads us to the Light that first gleamed from the Bethlehem Star, th«n these myriad jewels that light our streets during the season when we proclaim Peace nnd Good Will Toward Men. and we say "Thanks" to the Kiwanis club, whoso untiring efforts produced this beautiful contribution to the Christinas decorations of our city. The Young Mothers' Circle of the Kirst Methodist church will meet with a 1 o'clock luncheon, Monday at the home of Mrs. Eugene Hall, 724 West avenue D with Mrs. George Nofthcutt us joint hostess. -o- Mrs. J. T. West nnd M«s Hattic Anne Feild were Saturday visitors in Shreveporl, La. -O- Mrs. Preston Davis has returned to her home in McCaskill after a slay with Mrs. Caplinger and baby. -O- Thc different circles of the woman's Auxiliary of (lie First Presbyterian church will meet Monday as follows: Circle No. 1, will meet at the church with ;i covered dish luncheon at 12 o'clock. Circle No, 2 will meet at the home of Mrs. J. R. Williams, South Main street at 3 o'clock. Circle No. 3 ut the church at 3 o'clock. Circle No. 4, will meet with Mrs. Matt Galster and Miss Van Gnlster on North Hervey street, at 3 o'clock. "Girl Loves Boy" Is Coming Sunday En's Linden, Cecilia Parker, at the New Theater Sunday and Monday Youth and romance are seldom fnf apart. Youth also is n period of trial ohd error, with experience moulded on mistakes, out of which may come happiness or downright misery, nccording to the toss of fate. It is such a thertie as this, in which romnhce and potehtial tragedy are skillfully blended With occasional comedy relief, that motivates the plot of "Girl Loves Boy," latest screen offering, which opens nt the New theater oh Sunday with Eric Linden nnd Cecilia Parker In the starring roles. The picture, which is the second B. P. Ziedman production, starring this popular young romantic team, of Which the first Was "Sins of Children," tells a story of two young lovers who are kept apart because of n foolish escapade on the boy's part. He finds himself in the clutches of an adventuress and his efforts- to escape her toils forms a dramatic and intensely human document. It nil ends happily, of course, but in a surprising nnd most exciting manner. Linden and Miss Parker, who have been' regarded as the screen's ideal love team since their successes together in MGM's "All, Wilderness" and 'Old Hutch," and more recently in Grand National's "Sins of Children," give a performance that is practically flawless. Linden's characterization of (he boy, is convincing and sincere and lovable, while Mias Parker, as the girl w>io loves and is loved, but who cannot cross the barrier between them, is more thrilling and fascinating than ever. ' The story of "Girl Loves Boy," it is worth nothing, was Written expressly for these outstandingly popular young screen lovers at the instigation of Producer Zeidman, who wished to give them a vehicle, that would bring out to the fullest extent the charm and romantic attraction of the youthful pair, such as has already made the Linden- Parker screen combination invincible irx audience appeal. Roger Imhof, as the father of the boy, as usual gives a sterling and satisfying performance, while Dorothy Peterson, in the part of the girl's mother, whose ! superb devotion to her children back grounds this intensely vital story, give a splendid characterization. Bernnderi Hayes, one of the most promisuij young actresses on the screen, play the part o£ the "other woman." A surprise child actress, little six year old Patsy O'Connor, is one of the bright lights of "Girl Loves Boy." Thi; tiny tot has already been n star in hei own right on the vaudeville stage ahc it is freely predicted she will reach seven stardom before the end of the year, .Others in the excellent supporting cast include Pedro de Cordoba, Rollo Lloyd, Spencer Charters, Otto Hoffman,' Buster Phetps. Jameson Thomas Sherwood Bailey, Edwin Mordant one John T. Murray. Duncan Mansfield who wrote the screenplay with Carroi Graham, from a story by Karl Brown and Hinton Smith, directed. The specially selected short units on this Sunday and Monday program are comprised of the latest Pathe News with numerous shots of the recent Army and Navy game 6-0, among other outstanding events of the day. The technicolor musical from MGM "Starlit Days nt the Lido" and the novelty "William Shakespeare" complete the At the New SUNDAY & MONDAY * Eris Linden and Cecilia Porker in "GIRL LOVES BOY" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY Charles Quigley, Jacqpuelin Wells in the first fun feature "GIRLS CAN PLAY" Feature Number Two (2) Lyle Taibot and Polly Rowles in "West Bound Limited" TlttftlSDAY & FRIDAY The return of your favorite GRACE MOORE in "WHEN YOU'RE IN LOVE" with GARY GRANT Watch fof next Fridays ad (Food page) for free tickets. program. as week-end guests, Miss Mary Eliza- jeth Mussey and Dick Ligon of Mor- ilton. The regular monthly meeting of the Srookwood P. T, A. was held nt the 3rookwood School, with 20 members •esponrting to the roll call. The deco- •attons reflected the approaching Yule ide season. The meeting opened with he Lord's Prayer in unison, and the program was in charge of Mrs. A. W. Stubbeman and opened wi)h the Christinas story from the Bible by Mrs. lenry Taylor followed by Christmas nelodies by Mrs. B. C. Hyatt and Christmas Carols by the Association. school Murks and How to Interpret fhem and What I Want the Report Card to Tell Me, were cliscxishecl by lie members. Miss Henry, City School uperintendent, told of recent changes n marks. Following the program a so- ial hour was enjoyed, with Mrs. Hyatt nul Mrs. Orvitle Erringer presiding t the coffee urn. The dollar went to Mrs, B. C. Hyatt's room. FIRST CHRtStlAK V. A. Ilamtnond, Pastor We are still trying to start the Sum day school on tirtle. Try to be in your place Sunday morning ut 9:45. f The pastor will speak Sunday morning, following the communion service, on the subject "Christ, the Prophet';" This is the third of a series of sermons on the many-sided life of Chfi.st, whose birthday we approach. The Senior Christian Endeavor Society will meet at the Bungalow at 6:45 Sunday night. Ail the youhg pert pie of the church are invited and urged to attend this meeting. The evening service, beginning at 7:30, will be in charge of the Missionary Society, who will present a special program in observance of Women's Day. The program includes a short play entitled "Larry's Gift to India," in which five of the members of the society take part, and a brief.missiort- ary message by the pastor on "Christ's World Program." You are especially invited to attend the services at the Christian church this Sunday, and we particularly urge you to be present for the evening service when the ladies of the church will present their foreign missions program. The monthly meeting of the Official 3oard of the church will be held at the church at 2:30 Sunday afternoon. Chairman Frank Rider is urging all members of the board to be present. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL Second Sunday in Advent Sunday School 10 a. m. Morning prayer 11 a.m. Service conducted by Lay Reader. FIRST BAPTIST William Russell Hamilton, Pastor. "The Christian Looks At Giving" is the topic of the sermon Sunday morning. This is Every Member Canvass day in Southern Baptist churches. 11 is hoped that the entire church membership will attend this service and sit together by families. Sunday afternoon the finance committee will call upon the members of the church who did not receive their church offering envelopes at tiie morning service. "Christ, the Sinner's Sacrifice" will be the pastor's subject Sunday night. This is the first of a series of two sermons based on I. John 2:1-2. Next Sunday night the subject will be, "Christ, The Christian's Advocate: The eighty-one awards which were earned at the recent Training school will be presented at the evening service. This would be a large number for a church twice the size of ours. We appreciate the effort of those who took these courses. It is hoped that the other church members will be present at this service in recognition of their work. Circle No. 2 will meet at the home >f Mrs. Bob Briant ut 3 p. m, Monday, and Shoot, Texas, Is No Two'Gwn Town CUT AND SHOOT, Texas— (*)— Cut The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mark's Episcopal church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. M. H. Barlow, North Hervey street. ;md Shoot is a peaceful village de- Circle No. I of the W. M. S., First spite its name. Methodist church will meet at 3 j It is a crossroad community that got Monday at the home O f Mrs. George ' its blood and thunder name at the Ware at the Experiment Station. -o— The W. M. U., First Baptist church will hold its regular monthly business meeting at 2:30 Monday afternoon ut the church. This being the last meeting of the year, new officers will be elected and the different circles will bo formed, and it is urged that M members be present. The Woman's Missionary Society of the First Christian church will meet ;tt three o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. B. L. Hettig. West avenue B. Miss Mary Delia Carrigau of Hen- dvix college, Conway, is spending the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Carrigan. Mr. and Mrs. Jamys R. Henry have > lime it got its little white church. I About the turn of the century—nobody remembers the exact date—the community started to build the church, truth resident being required to do part uf the work. Everything moved smoothly until they got to the steeple. One faction wanted to put the tteeple ut one end of the church ant! the other faction wanted to put it at the other end. Fists flew and noses trickled blood. Officers from Cojiroe, nine miles away, dashed over in buckbourds and on horseback. Things were quiet when they got there. A wag christened the community Cut and Shoot, The name has stuck while th* village lias slept through four decades, still just « little while church, a few houses and a crossroads store. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Rev, Thos. Brewster, Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. E. F, McFaddin will address the Men's Bible Class at 9:45 a. m. Morning service 10:55 a. m. Executive board of the Woman's Auxiliary to meet Monday at 3 p. in. Senior Young Peoples group to meet ifonclny night at the manse at 7:30. The Men of the church will have heir regular monthly supper meeting Tuc.sday at 7:15. The guest speaker will be the Rev. Archie Smith, Pastor if the First Presbyterian church of Luke Village. This will be a program you can not afford to miss. Mid-week prayer service Wednesday night at 7:30. The special loose change offering Sunday morning will be for the Amer» ican Bible Society. A good attendance is urged at all of these services. I get more out of them than many women do from their girls.—Mrs. Isabel Uribach, of New York, praising her sons, aged 12 and 14, who cook, wash, and do other household chores. Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugrar Cure Is a formula that cures meat quickly, costs no more than the old salt method and is much less trouble. MaKiug all cuts tasty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive brown cured color makes 9 more ready sale (or those who butcher for market. Electrically Mixed inted Directions With Each PttTcijasp MONTS SEED STORE 119 East "It's All Yours" Saenger Theater Romantic Comedy to Open Tuesday Starring Macle- lein Carroll Madeleiii Carroll and Francis Lederer, the screen's newest end brightest romantic team, are brought together tot- the first lime in Columbia's scintillating romantic comedy, "tt's All Yours," which opens Tuesday at the Saenger theater, ivtiss Carroll's role in "It's All Yours" as the mouse-like secretary who in- •lerits some $4,000,000 under the most unusual circumstances is her first straight comedy part on the screen .., and remember, on Wednesday night at abput 8:30 "Dr, Quizzer" again will be icre with real money for your answer o his many questions. Last Wednes- lay it went over with a bang and from •epOrts heard around a gbodly crowd will be'on'hand to pick up some of this easy Christmas change. Family serenity is the best cure for nail bltihg.-^Dr. Garry Myers, child psychologist. Conscience had nothing to do Wr^M '< my giving myself up-r-il Wa8 'fcf' » mother-in-law.—ttarty Sums, oh Wt "Vj surrender to the police for a SS*y&t» old crime. ' A • -ALL HOME W«s invite You? Inquiry TERMffft CoNfftd At Reasonable Price* Home Setviee Co. Hope Roy Allison, Mgf. A INSURE NOW WHIl ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tbrilntlo, Accident Insurance $16.95 DRESSES FOR $4.9$ The Gift Shop PHONE 252 Here She Is That loveable ''Holy terror"— Sunday, Monday & Tuesday Sun-Matinee 2 p. m. Mon-Matinee 1:30 WED. & THUR. 1:30 WED. Matinee lOc The LAST football picture of the year! "SATURDAY'S HEROES" FRL & SAT. BIG DOUBLE SHOW 2 —for the 4 price of— I VALLEY of TERROR" •—and— "THESHADOW" SUNDAY —and— MONDAY SUNDAY 2 p. m. & 9 p. m. MON-NITE 7:15 & 9 p.m. RIGHT NOW DOUBLE PROGRAM —at both— RIALTO —nnd— SAENGER —admitted for 4. the price of— I IT'S the standout comedy romance for December. WALTER WANGBR y>r«w/T LESLIE JOAN OUIflRD BlOnDEU Stand In- HUMPHREY 606ART WITH PLUS Paramount News Musical Short "Sun-nite at Trocadero" t TUBS. & WED, • » THUR.&FRI. Remember ... Twesday^Thwrsday Matinees FRANCIS LEPERER Madeleine Carroll —in-"It's All Yours" CASH BACK AGAIN —in mother singing picture! BOBBY BREEN "Make a Wish"

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