The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 30, 1958 · Page 9
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 9

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 30, 1958
Page 9
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FRIDAY, MAY SO, 1958- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE 0 f!w rrnt Mfxn Step Lively! Walking is something we take for granted ... so observation proves that many people do it very badly! This article in June Reader's Digest show s why there are real health benefits in walking properly . . . tells how you can improve the way you w alk an d feel better for it ! You'H want to read '8tep Lively!" and the 33 other stimulating articles in June Reader's Digest that add zest to life. Get your copy at any newsstand today! Your Radio And Television Programs For Friday (AH Programs Listed on Central Daylight Time) Morning 6:00 :15 .SO :45 WFBM (61 WISH l( 7 :00 :S0 :45 8 .00 :15 :30 :45 9 :00 :30 :41 U4j taaa, Ud Tar Iria, U4a, today Id Hamper Id leapt' Little Marjie Little Marjie Iftt Ta lest lone Ctipel Dr Ckrlst't life WLW-I (U) WTTV (41 WIRE 1430 WISH 1 3 1 0 WFBM 1260 WI8C 1070 WXLW 950 lt; Wtllf Mphrlinej Nehrlinf Netrlinf Si leal Si leal Sileat Sileat Sileat Sileat Silent Sileat Nei Kailcal CIkI ' N.slcal Cnki ttewt M. farmer Abua lit 1. Mack I. Ha;t i. Mack i. Hcl t. Mack I. Mack Hart wick rlarfwicl Rartlwick liarVlci arfwict Vtkr.: tei (ardwkk fana lair Mews; Wttir. Cette . Caftee , MerrisM Marti sm ftewv: tot Mtts.; tak Newt; least Coffee Men; least Cafte Newt; tk MerritM Sots.; Ik VUV Newt (tngare (anaaiM (angora CIS Newt Silent Silent Sileat News; ftttr. Sileat Silent Sileat Silent 101 light Price light Price truth Or Ira Ik Or Moert Meert Metre Maare 6dfre Sodfrtj Rett att Kiadergirttw liaderjarteai Kiadergartea liatergarte Silent Sileat Sileat Sileat Seertt Caller treat Caffee treat trktit.; tame News; Itdiet -ladies ladies ladies i. Mack J. Mack J. Mct I. Mack New; tak Nariw.'.k Nardwitt Hardwick News Caffet Caftee Caffee Mjrrisoa Morris News; tak Mrrisa fiodfret fodtrei todfrei (eafrei Ikft. Clut I HI Clak lift. Club lift. Cluk News; least Caffee Caflee Caftee News; tick Winters Newt; lillaaard lasBiratia Shower Snooper Shooter Shopper Silent Silent Sileat Sileat Tic Dough lie Dough Could le Could le lore tf life lore i life Search ! enter, twd'ag light M PT-Tta M "tel :0() Mitl; He,!, Hews: Wrhr, J . I J I P" 11 I finfShaw fana Newt H lifll l J lAi.ll) Firsl Show W.rld Itras I J L k.JuJ f :45 first Show World tares iiiWfaaiaw!M :00 fir, Shew leaf Clock I I :1.T Firsl Shew Irat Clack SUPER MARKETS I I ;30 First Shew Koas Fartf I. ,. I :4 First Stow House Party Shopper Shopper Id SO 51 Club Id St SO Clak Silent Silent Silent Silent Past Kits Fast Kits SOt Preview Stl tKt SOI lac SOt lace SOO lace SOt lace J. Mack 1. Mack I Mack SOI lace SOO lace 500 lace SOt lace 501 lace Part Litre Fart) liae Part) liae SOt lace "lot lace SOt lace SOO lace SOt lace Nit tones Hit twtet Kit Tunes JM ltce SOt lace SOI Ik SOt lace SOt lace News: tok Morris News; tok M.irmoa News: Dick Wiaters News; Coma Perrf Com WISH (8) WIW-MI3 WTTV (41 WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 Id SI St Cluk Id SO SI Clak Moviektese Moriehouse Sileat Silent SHent Silent OPEN TODAY 49th & PENNSYLVAN A OPEN 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. 8523 WESTFIELO BLVD. OPEN 8 A.M. to 9 P.M. FRYERS WHOLE LB. CUT UP 10c J LB. 1 2 Morlehoase Morithoase Mofiehoase Moriehoase Silent Silent Silent Silent :00 :15 :S0 :4S Id Matinee Id Matinee Id Matinee Id Matinee tig Payoff I f Payoff ir. Verdict Tr. ercl 3 :00 :I5 :30 :45 Ovee Ouee Oueea Romances Iright Da) Secret Storm Edge of Might (die tf Night Mariehease Mtriehoase Motiejiovse Morlehoase Maiiehause Moriehonst Trust Wile trast Wife Silent Silent Silent Silent SOI lace SOI lace SOt lace 50t lace SOt lace 500 lace SOt Race JOHace SOllece" SOt lace 501 lace SOO lace SOI lace 500 lace 501 lace SOt lace SOt lace SOt lace SCO lace SOI lace lot lace SOI lace SCI lace SOO lace SOI lace SOI lace SOI lace SOt lace SOI lac SM lace SOt lace SOO lace WXIW News larr) Welk Fred Waring Fred Waring SOt lace SOI lac SOt lace SCO lace SOt lace SOI lace SOt lace SOO lace SOt lace SOO tact SOO lace SOO lace News; rt Roberts News. rl lohetts 4 :( :I5 .SO :4'i (ADVERTISEMENT) Helps you lose weight by helping YOU EAT LESS! Ech SLIM VIM contain lraa than 25 catoriea. De- E rosea your apptit. Taste k 6ne candy. Vitatnina and mineral added for energy 5 :00 15 30 43 Mem. It) Meat. Da) Motie I Howe I Mcfie i Moie t Morie 4 SOI Report St frwi Stl frwia larl) Shea Earl) Shaw tandstand tandsland tandstand tandstand Silent Silent I U Shoo JtTJhew Dance Part) Dance Party Dance Part) Dance Part) 'OH lace Wrapup; Newt Poor lichard Poor lichard SOI lace Al Inoks II Irsoks II Irtoks SOO lace In Wagner In Wagner In Wagner SOt lace SOt Itce SOO Ik JOO tace SOt lace Eas) Does Eas) Does Eas) Dees News: Art lobertt News; Tit In'ght Kadio-TY 1 1 i i 1 1 1 iirl 1 1 s Poof lichard Per lichard Petr lichard Poor lichard News- Vic Inight News; fit Inight II Irteks II tretks II trtoks II tretks News: In An Wagner An Wagner An Wagner News; Easg Eas) Dees Eas) Dees Eas) Dees Earl) Shew Earl) Shew Earl) Shew Earl) Shew luccaneers tuccanrert M. Mouse M. Moose Popeye Popeje Poprre Popeye News: Spts. Chapman Chapman News; Sports Al Iraott Al Breaks Al ItMks News News Sports Road Show load Shew Eas): News News: Eas) take Els) take Eas) WXIW Newt Sots.; Vic Vie Inight Vic Sptt. WXIW News Sots.; Art 1 News; Art Art Roberts Night WFBM (6) WISH (8) WIW.IM3) WTTV (4) WIRi 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 6 :00 :13 :30 :45 Weather NIC Newt truth Or truth Or News: Wthr. CIS News Short) Sheehat Short) Sheeha 7 :00 :13 :4. 8 :0( :15 :30 :45 Jeff Drum Jeff Drum Riley's life liley's life M Squad MSquad SOO Highlltet SOO Nighlltes Iratkdow trackdtwi Zane 6re) Zane 6rey News Standout lit lia ti lia lia ti Men. la) Mem. Day Sammer the a. Summer thei. little Rascals little lascalt lujs lunny News Eeening Sere. News World Neat Perry Com Godfrey Godlre) Sprfs CSS Newt News load Show load Show AIC News News Sports Dinner Dance telle test Phil Silrert Phil SI leers Star Playhse. Star Playhse. Sinatr Sinatra Munsel Munsel S. Sheeha S. Shffha S. Sheeha S. Shte.ho Foi Hour Foi Hour For Near lot Hoar Meaittr , Moaiter ling Songt Rosary Ames-Andy Ames-Andy Al trtoks Al Irteks 9 :00 :I.S :30 :4. I ijiEg-- j vory T snve Spts. Cavalcade Spts. Cavalcade Spts. Caralcade Pest Fight lineup lineup Perst- Perse Person Person 500 Winner 500 Winner Harbor Harbor ComHy Nr. Comedy Nr. Corned) Nr. Corned) Nr. Monitor Meal tor 6d Music Good Music Spts. Caialctde Spts. Canalcade Rendeirtat Rendeirous Al Irteks Al trtoks Al Irteks Al Irteks Al trtoks Dugout Dope Indpls.-Wichiti Indpls.-Wlchili News; Wthr. lack Paar lack Paar lack Paar studit s; Studie 57 News; Wthr. late Shtw News Gold Cup the. Gold Cup the. Gold Cup the. News Morie Movie Movie News: leal Nlte leaf Nile leal Nlte teat Indpls.-Wichiti In-lo's.. Wichita Indpls.-Wichlt Indpls.-Wichiti lack Paar lack Paar Feature feature late Strew late Show late Show late Show News top 10 Cluk top 40 Cluk Jop 0Cluk Indpls. Nile Indpls. Nile Indpls. Nile Indpls. Nile ""NewsTNfe Indpls. Nite Indpls. Nite . 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HEDGES PONTIAC Presents "500 AND THE WINNER FILM HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 500-MILE RACE WITH COMMENTARY BY CHARLIE BROCKMAN 9:00 P.M. TONIGHT WLW-I CHANNEL 13 rr Speedway Network Taps 302 Stations Across Nation TV SCOOP OF THE YEAR! - irks x Wj A ' f W""" l'? :,. ' t ! i lllill laWilOii itMMBSfltflmWM III up Ml I l"TTr ' f APPROXIMATELY 302 radio stations throughout the United States will carry today's 500 Mile Race over the Indfanapolis Motor Speedway Network. Network coverage, which is exclusive and complete, will blanket all 48 stales and be aired to servicemen overseas over the Armed Forces Radio Network. The race also will be re- broadcast over the Voice of America and translated into Spanish for rebroadcast to Latin America. STARTING TIME for network coverage will be at 10:45 a.m. (All Indianapolis AM radio stations with the exception of WXLW will air the racing classic). Now in its seventh year, the network is the largest sports hook-up of its kind in the number of subscribing stations and the length of the broadcast, according lo Gil Berry, director. WIBC sportscaster Sid Col lins again win no. chiet announcer as he has since the network started. ' Assisting him will be Charlie Ilrockman, formerly of WIRE, and a staff of local sportscasters drawn from Indianapolis stations. WIBC's Bob Hoover will be a last-minute substitution in the garage area, filling in for former winner Floyd Davis. A total staff of 30 people is required to broadcast the race, including announcers, engi neers, lap-men runners, etc. The program is produced by William Dean of WIBC and Bob Minton. also of WIBC, is chief technician. TONIGHT AT 8:30, FLORSHEIM shoes present for the first ti me"anywhere, exclusive "films OF TODAY'S "5QO" RACE! WFB M-TV CHANNEL TV coop of the year! Tonight at 8:30 on wFBM-TV only a few hours after it's over vou can see the blazing highlight of todaVs "500" race. Yes, e"re going to icoop the world so Le sure to tune in! DiWIMHTcliis Four Chair ladies Democratic women who will serve as chairladies in four wards were announced yesterday Mrs. Opal Kremcr, county vice-chairman. She also appointed Mrs. Mary Scay, an J 8th Ward commitlceman, as administrative assistant to the Democratic County Committee. New vice-chairmen are Mrs. Mary Cooke who will be co-chairman with the 6th Ward's Mrs. Maryhelle Gardener and in the 8th Ward, Mrs. Francis Korba replacing Mrs. Lillian Gilkerson. Mrs. Anne Brown and Mrs. Katharine Fruits were named co-chairmen in the 21st Ward to replace Mrs. Margaret Mor-an. In the 29th Ward Mrs. Pearl Bontrager replaces Mrs. Judith Barbarich. Beirut Calm Is SIi a tiered By Skirmish Beirut, Lebanon (UPI) Pro-government partisans and opposition forces battle yesterday on the outskirts of the Basta Moslem Quarter of Beirut, shattering an uneasy calm in the capital of crisis-gripped Lebanon. The Basta section of Beirut is the stronghold of the forces opposing pro -Western President CamiHe Cliamoun. The crack of rifle fire and the (halter of automatic weapons broke out shortly after midnight. Three explosions were heard during the fighting which continued sporadically until before dawn. INFORMED sources said the explosions appeared to be centered near the home of pro-government Christian Deputy Jean Harb. Harb's home is on the edge of the Basta Quarter and he recently brought in partisan forces to defend it against attack by the rebels. Opposition Leader Saub Salem said his supporters suffered only two wounded in the clash. He said the Harb partisans lost "three or four" dead. United States Ambassador Robert G. McCIintock yesterday confirmed reports he had rejected a note from opposition leaders which accused the Uniied States of iiTterfering in Lebanese affairs. 0 n o L 2 EAST WASHINGTON ST. Cmrr of Mm.Iinn 4 s s toe C'S REAL OPPORTUNITY FOR AN ADVERTISING MANAGER Who is an expert craftsman in his field, ulile to serve all important Indianapolis Publishing Companies. Must lie able to create and direct production of direct mail promotions, catalogues, colatoral material, etc. Ability to write gocxl Copy and make rough layouts essential. Will prepare ad budget, maintain schedules, act as liasion with agency. Fxcrllent salary, top opportunity. Send resume. All information confidential. Address Star-News, Box Y-f12. Total Getting Jobless Pay Down 82,000 Washington (UPI) The number of unemployed workers receiving jobless benefits dropped by 82,000 in the week ended May 17, the Labor Department reported yesterday. New jobless claims also were down. It was the fifth straight weekly decline in the benefit rolls and brought the number of workers drawing jobless insurance down to 3,010,500. 3ut this still was sharply above the 1,364,200 listed a year ago. Till- DECLINE also was due in great part to the fact that about 55,000 workers exhausted their benefits. The other main factor was a seasonal pickup in outdoor work, mainly construction. The department also said jobless claims by newly unem ployed workers reached a six-month low in the week ended May 24 when such claims dropped to 324,500. During the comparable 1957 week, new claims numbered 212,500. The department said that after climbing to a mid-April high of 3,31)3,500, insured un employment dropped 10 per cent in the next five weeks. IN THE SAME five weeks, the proportion of workers re ceiving benefits under the Fed eral-state insurance svstem I el I from 8 1 per cent to 7.2 per cent. The rate was 7.4 per cent in the week of May 10 and 3.4 per cent a year ago. Forty-four slates reported declines in insured unemploy ment in the week of May 17 and 3!) states reported drops in new claims in the week of May 24. The biggest declines in bene fit payments were reported by Michigan with a drop of 12,800 and Pennsylvania with a drop of 7,500. TELEVISION Today (WFBM TV, j6 a m Channel 6) The complete three-hour show will be carried here with the major portion originating from the Indian apolis Motor Speedway. Dave Garroway will tour the track (in a filmed segment) and interview celebrities, drivers and race enthusiasts. Memorial Day (WFBM-TV, 4 p.m., Channel 6) President Eisenhower will speak at ceremonies in Arlington National Cemetery when the Unknown Soldiers of World War II and Korea are interred. WLW I (Channel 13) will carry a portion of the ceremonies at 7 p.m. Phil Silver (WISH-TV, 8 p.m., Channel 8) Comedian Orson Bean and his actress wife. Rain Winslow, will guest. 500 Highlights WFBM-TV, (Channel 6), will carry a wrap up of today's race on film' at 8:30 p.m. WLW-I (Channel 13) will do the same at 9 p.m. The only TV coverage during the day will be in film shots during newscasts. Cavalcade of Sports (WFBM-TV, 9 p.m., Channel 6) Middleweights Spider Webb and Jimmy Beecham will tangle in a 10-round bout from Miami Beach. Person to Person (WISH -TV, 9:30 p.m. Channel 8) Texas pianist Van Clihurn and actress Olivia de Havilland will be at home to Murrow's cameras. For TV Flick Fans: -Maids Night Out," (193S) with Joan Fontaine, at 10:20 p.m. on WTTV (Channel 4). WLW-I (Channel 13) will air "West Point of the Air" (1935) with Robert Taylor and Maureen O'Sullivan, at 10:15 p.m. WISH-TV (Channel 8) will screen "The Mummy's Ghost" (1944), with Lon Chaney Jr., and John Carradine, at 10 45 p.m. and "Bwana Devil," (1952) , with Robert Stack and Barbara Britton. at 12:30 a.m. WFBM-TV (Channel 6) has scheduled "Wicked Woman" (1953) , with Edmond O'Brien and Beverly Michaels, at 11:30 p.m. Radio 500-Mile Race: All Indianapolis AM radio stations, except WXLW, will air complete coverage of the race, starting at 10:45 a.m. WXLW will continue with its regular schedule, supplemented with traffic reports to. aid motorists. Cavalcade of Sports (WIRE, 9 p.m.) The Wehh-Beecham 10-round middleweight bout will be aired. Fl. Wiiym; Walcr Male Hike Asked Authority to increase mu nicipal water rates was sought by the city of Wort Wayne in a petition filed with the Indiana Public Service Commission yesterday. The utility reported losing $40,000 during the first four months of this year under present rates. A proposed new rate schedule is to be filed with the PSC upon completion of a study new under way. v;i:i: Lo" MlDAV FIOCtAM (1)90 Hott fCvniial DnvHaM timtt MOVNiNQ 6 (X) Selntuil 't iKJ-Wnl. Ue ti bl'-iijt S, 1 Arm UD Nwi ft 3U- ti".H,o' 8 JO t.-t-imletno pii'Htli V OO M.nlc iWt f i M in New OU YW.jH UO 30 M l( ft I 5 W-itt. Ud ! 0 -s Ntvi -.ItJ xVihe fa iO-i:v.VJ(M'l MlltNOON 7 O't M.H fj.-on 5 :iO Milt N'on 3t j-M.Jt, Newi : A', M-H. Nfw i j v .it N-.-rf. 6 ' - Mikic 4 I . -M-li. Mtwi i ll) Mnvt JO-M.l '5 M..s: U-w V 15; Sn--l 7 4 S-yn O Y FA IS-FM Lo- MIDAV 'tOGRAM 5 S MwBt vtlt fCnt' Dovhaht Timil MORNING 6 CO- Sltravl MmiC ft i $ bfvt-o'im ft o Club M.,.H.t 6 30Nrvity fi,tn c n n ,( 1 H 00- M. Ft Mol.Hnv I -I0-S!tnod AM'ffNOON r. , I 70 Hi ft Intl. J(V)M, I VENING 7 10 Hi Fl Miftic ,tti.t)0 Ootw Ml ;3J-Mediation Dints T.f-., 0 10 V til Mi-J 2 00 -S or CH ( XnVKKTIKMFXT) Nervous? When You Want to Calm Down, Not Slow Down... MILES NERVINE oothi nerv, gntly relaxes you and with no livtle, logy otter-feeling! It's no foolish t just "uflfr it nut with Ihnt jittery ffolinu. Ks ne nrrvouH tpnmon thnmuh the blenHpd relirf offered by milf.s nmvink! A scientific combination of time-tested, meliral)y-acceptpd inKre)ient, Mti.Ks nkrvink help, you cnlm down and relax in mind and ImhI y with no logy, list U'seafter-efTec-t ! Take mii.k.h nkrvink, too, when jittery nerves threaten to rob you of precious sleepat n.Kht. More soothing than a lullahv! Simply lelt you sleep, naturally doesn't mnke you sleep! The gentle, but effective xelief of Mil nkrvink is available in -effervescent tahleta and liquid. Follow the label, avoid ' excessive use. Milks NRRvink has a lontf re ord of uwr satu-fartion buy it at any drug-store without prescription! Miles La bora t o- ries. Inc., . F.Ik hart, "jj Indiana. i 5 Senator Urges End Of Global Handouts Washington (AP) Enactment of President Eisenhower's foreign aid program as written was urged by a Republican Senator yesterday while a Democrat called for an end to "global handouts." The senators, H. Alexander Smith (R.-N.J.) and Olin.D. Johnston (D.-S.C), spoke in the second day of freewheeling Senate debate on legislation authorizing a $3,712,000,-000 foreign aid program for the 12 months starting July 1. EFFORTS to cut the controversial measure were put off until next week. Smith urged the Senate not Reformatory Offieial Gels Promotion Appointment of James R. Beasley, an assistant superintendent at the Indiana Re formatory, as clasification and treatment director of the State Correction Commission was announced yesterday by Gov ernor Harold W. Handley s office. Beastey, a native of Odon, will succeed on June 11. Ernest C. Timpani, who resigned to become superintend ent of the Washington State Reformatory. THE NEW director began service at the reformatory at Pendleton in January, 1954. He had been assistant superintendent in charge of treat ment since May, 1956. Timpani, who was graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a law degree after earning two academic degrees, had held the post since April 1, 1953, when the correction department came into being under a new law. 3laiipomr Chief To He Finiicmu; Washington (UPI) The While House said yesterday President Eisenhower will nominate Charles C. Finucane of Spokane, Wash., as assistant secretary of defense" for manpower, personnel and reserves. Subject lo Senate confirmation, Finucane will succeed William H. Francis Jr., who died of a heart attack last Saturday. to put a'financial straitjacket on the President at a time of Communist-inspired anti American outbursts around the world. He cited anti-American demonstrations in South America, Lebanon and Algeria. Declaring "we can expect lots of tough going in the future," Smith said this country will not react to the Soviet challenge by retreating or cutting foreign aid. "I cannot be party to any tampering with the security of the nation," he said. Johnston called for halt in the foreign aid program. He said on balance it has "created mischief and mistrust in the world, produced a re-1 i a n c e upon 'purchased friends. . . (and) caused us to be scorned as suckers." REFERRING to the recent mob demonstrations against Vice-President Richard Nixon in South America, Johnston said "our globalists have been so busy shoveling out aid to Europe and Asia we seriously neglected our American neighbors to the south." He said he intends to offer an amendment to require one-third of all U.S. aid go to South America. But, he said: "For the survival of Amer ica, I think nothing more is needed now than an end to foreign aid." Joining in the debate. Sen. Gordon Allott (R.-Colo.) said it was in this country's interest to aid poor, underdeveloped nations that are trying to establish their own governments and improve their living standards. t'arpet Linoleums Uiiliber lite Asphalt I'lle IT E. Marylnd-ME 2-6324 Mnnblt Fl. Cvt'n Osil mucu 'TrV m. & . Treat Your S L Race Fan 1 cL Guests to the I i Finest Food ' In Indianapolis I iAA M'-ou9nBe'' Open I at 38th l Sherman I . Open 3 P.M. t 1 P.M. at 1 10h & Arlington I lj 2IJ1 f. 2nd St. H ft X) 's r "X Immt mii hm'i &kLtVjdmto 'tMnaMAV Velccme DAVE GARROWAY Indianapolis Salufes "TODAY" at-the Speedway! TODAY, 6-9 A.M. Glad fo have you back in fown, Dave! All of central Indiana will ba watching you and "TODAY" telecasting an extra hour from the Speedway! 7our "500" Station I tiffl-atsKEaat A wfctidianr TIMl. Im.

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