The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 29, 1958 · Page 11
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1958
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1958- -THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE 11 Your Radio And Television Programs For Thursday (All Programs Listed on Central Daylight Time) Mowing, m T WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 6:00 II V Mtw: w,ll ' '"' Hirdirlci fira Fair , Morrlsoi :1 JJ. W Nehrllni Abundant Lift Mirdwlck , Mews; W Dir. Mkli.; lok :" WFBM-(6) WISH-18) WLW-K13) WTTV-(4) Nthrll"J J. Mick Kirdwlci Inst V Coffee Newt: III 45 Bio, HHirlliia i. Mck Hews; lok - Tout V CeMee HrrUa 7: J'f test Tone Silent Silent Newt j. Mick Kirdwlck Hewt: toast News; lok :5 J Test Tone Silent Silent Mas. Clock J. Hack Nardwlck Toast V Coffee Morrison J CPI ton SHenl Silent Mu$. Clock J. Mack ' Wthr; lok Hews; Toast Spls.; lok 45 ""J Carteons SHent Silent News J, Mack Mardwlck Toast Coffee WXLW Newt 8: anaro Silent Silent Sports J. Mack Hews; lok Hews Morrison ' lanjir Sileat Silent Coffee treak J. Mack Wthr.; lok Toast V Coffee Morrison :30 Todaf langaroo Silent Silent Coffee Ireak J. Mack Hardwick Toast V Coffee Hews; lok ' CIS Hews Hews; Wthr. Silent Itfst. a) 508 1. Mack Hardwick Toast V Coffee Morrison 9:00 jc) lomper Moort Kindergarten Silent Hews; ladies 6odfre Ireakfasl Cloh Hews; Toast Hews; Dick :l.1 (cl lomper Motre Kindertartte Silent v ladies First Godfrey Breakfast Club Toast V toffee Winters : Uttle Margie How Yo late Kindergartee Silent Ladies First Godfrey Ireakfasl Club Toast V Coffee Hews; lillboari . Utile Margie How Yon lite Kindergarten) Silent Ladles First Godfrey Ireakfast Club Toast V Coffee Inspiration 1 A :m iWPHce Godfrey Shoppers Show Silent News: Hits J. Mack Party Line Hews; Woman's News; lok 111:15 Right Met Godfrey Shippers Show Silent Past Hits J. Mack Party line Woman's World Morrison ll::i0 Troth Or Dotta Shoppers Show Silent HIC lands J. Mack Party line . Hit Parade News; lok !4 Shoppers Show Silent NIC lands H. Miller J Party Line Hit Parade Morrison n:0 ficloigh Love tf lile Shoppers Show Silent HIC lands Peter Hayes Hardwick ! Hit Parade Hews; Dick :15 Tic Dough lore tf life Shoppers Show Silent HIC lands Backstage Wita Hardwick Hit Parade Winters :30 Could te Seach Tomer. Shoppers Show Silent Uncle Welly H. Trent Hardwick Hit Parade ews; Come :45 Could le 6uldlng LI. Shoppers Show Silent Uncle Willy Sunday Hardwick Hit Parade . Perry Come Afternoon WFBM-(6) WISH-(B) WLW-I (13) WTTV-(4) WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXLW 950 I tV0 Mkts.: Morie Hews; Wthr. Ic) 58-50 Club Silent News Hen Hew Hew WXLW Hews I :15 First Show Farm-Home tc) 50-50 Club Silent Tree Stnry Ma Perkins Farm Circle Plck l Pockel larry Welk First Show World Turns (cl 50-50 Club Silent Chapman Br. Malone J. Arlan Farm Rerae Fred Waring :4! First Show World Turns Id 50-50 Club Silent Chapman Nora Drake 1. Arlan Farm lerue Fred Waring 1:0 First Show teat Clock (cl 50-50 Club Silent Hews; Confessns. Rt. Happiness Hews; Arlan News; Melody News; Art :15 First Show teat Clock (c) 50-50 Club Silent True Confessns. Mrs. Burton J. Arlan Melody lane Roberts :30 Kitty Foyle House Farty Moriehouse Silent Dedication Next Door 1. Arlan Melody lane Hews; Art i45 Kitty Foyle House Party Mulehouse Silent Dedication Buttrtm 1. Arlan Melody lane Roberts 2:0 c) Matinee lig Payoff Moriehouse Siiert Mitlnee House Party Hews; Wagner News; Easy News: Art :15 Id Matinee Bif Payoff Moriehouse Silent Matinee House Party Ann Wagner Easy listening Roberts :30 (c) Matinee Yr. Verdict Moriehouse Silent Woman In flse. Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy listening Hews; Yic ;45 Id Mitlnee Yr. Verdict Moriehouse Silent Pepper Young Al Irooks Aim Wagner Ease listening Knight 3:0 Qiiew Bright Day Moriehouse SiTent Poor Richard Al Irooks ' Nes; Ann Hews; Easy Hews; Vic :15 Queen Secret Storm Moriehouse Silent Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Does It Knight :30 Queen Edge Might Trust Wile 1. 1). Show Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Does It Hews; Vic !45 . Bominces Edge Wight Trust Wife I.I). Show Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Does It Knight , 1 :0 Comedy Time Stu Erwin Bandstand Dance Party Poor Richard Al Irooks Hews; Ann Hews; Easy Hews; Vic. n-.iS Comedy Time Stu Erwin Bandstand Dmce Party Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Does It Knight J :30 Morle A Early Show Bandstand Dance Party Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Dees It Hews; Yic. :45 Morle i Early Show Bandstand Dance Party Poor Richard Al Irooks Ann Wagner Easy Does It Knight 5:00 Morle A Early Show , Woodpecker Popeyt Hews; Spts. "Al Irooks Hews; Ana News; Eeay WXIW Hews :15 Morle A Early Show Woodpecker Popeye Chapman Al Irooks Road Show Take It Easy Spts.; Art :30 Morle ( Early Show M. Mouse Popeye Chapman Al Irooks Spts.; Show Take II Easy Hews; Art :45 Morle A Eirly Show M. Muse Popeye Hews; Sports News Road Show Easy; Hews Art Roberts Evening WFBM-(6 WISH-(8) WLW-I (13) WTTV-(4) WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 6:0 "either Hews; Weather Sews little Rascals Serenade A. Godfrey Hews; Wthr. Hew Hews; Date :1 NBC News CIS Hew Standout Little Rascals News A. Godfrey Trackslde Sports Dinner Date :30 Tic Tac Dough Sgt. Preston Circus ley lugs lunny World New Sports load Show Dinner Dance News; Home ;45 . Tic Tac Dough Sgt. Preston Circus Boy Hews Perry Como CIS Hews AIC Hews Telle Test Home .Edition 700 6roucho Man I. Diamond Zorre Crossfire Hightllne Amos V Andy ABCNews Speedway Goss'p New; Home :15 Croucho Man I. Diamond Zorro Crossfire Hightllne Amos 'a' Andy Top AO Club Platter Party Home Edition :30 Dragnet Climax McCoys Crossfire 500 Parade Dugout Dope Top AO Club Platter Party Hews; Home . Dragnet Climax McCoys Crossfire Rosary Indpls.-lillle. Top AO Club Platter Party Sign Oft 8:0 People's Choice Cllmni Pat loone 4 On Aisle SOO Parade Indpls.-Lrille. Indpls. at Hlght News; Party :15 People's Choice Climax Pat loone 4 On Aisle SOO Parade Indpls.-lillle. Indpls. at Night Platter Party :30 Tenn. Ernie Playhouse M Nary Log 4 On Aisle Good Music Indpls.-lrille. Indpls. at Nile Platter Party 45 Tenn. Ernie Playhense W Wiry log 4 On Aisle 6ood Music Indpls.-ltille. Indpls. al Hite Platter Party 9:00 (cl R. Clooney Playhouse tO Make Me Laugh 4 On Aisle Good Music Indpls.-Lrille. Indpls. at Hite Hews; Party wajc-fm :15 (cl R. Clooney Playhouse 90 Make Me Laugh 4 On Aisle 6ood Music Indpls.-Lrille. Indpls. at Hite Summertime 1.04.i :30 Music Game Playhoase 0 Crusader 4 On Aisle Rendeirous Indpls.-Lrille. Indpls. it Hite Summertime 45 Music Gime Pliyhoust 10 Crusader 4 On Aisle Rendenroos Indpls.-Lrille. Indpls. atHlte Summertime 4:00-s with 1 ' Music A :00 News; Wthr. 6leasot) News Hews Hews; Beat Scores; Hews Indpls. at Hite Summertime S:0O-Hi.pi Adv. 111:15 Speedway Party Gleasoo Gold Cop Thea. Horrorscope Hite leaf lewery Indpls. at Hite Summertime a.e.rV J :30 Speedway Parry Hews; Wthr. Gold Cup Thea. Horrorscope Hite lent Lewery Indpls. at Hite Summertime 5:30-Oi-- !45 Speedway Party lite Show Gold Cup Thea. Horrorscope Hite Beat Lewery Indpls. at Hite Summertime roo-ftie'r'ude HsOO lack Parr late Show 6old Cup Thea. Horrorscope Hews; Spts. lewery Hews; Nile Summertime ' ",'"'r :15 lack Parr Late Show Gold Cup The. Horrorscope Nlte Beat lawery Indpls. al Hite Summertime lo sctif,., :30 Feature Late Show Gold Cup Thei. Hite teat lewery Indpls. at Hite Summertime ,, f"""' Feature Late Show Geld Cap Thea. Hite leaf Lewery Indpls. at Hite Summertime l ! iaolN.".? 12:00 late Show Hite teat Sign Oft Sign Off Dawn leal Vi,w lite Show 1:30 Sign Off m pme. thaw, m cemeatibte 0 ' i ; - - "tf . - HOME SWEET HOME-A dove guards her nest in an eave trough on a garage at the home of Helen I. Sullivan, 1101 Central Avenue at Connersville, completely aware of the cameraman, (Photo by Bob Nolte) Radio-TV Hidilislits 3 Safety Skyivays To Be Designated Washington (UPI) The Civil Aeronautics Board yesterday ordered creation of three transcontinental super-skyways where maximum safety rules will be in effect. The move was designed to minimize the danger of midair collisions. The three "freeways of the air" will go into effect June 15. They will link Los Angeles and San Francisco to New York and Washington. Each will be 40 miles wide and cover altitudes between 17,000 to 22,000 feet. Within the boundaries of the skyways, all aircraft whether military or commercial must fly under instrument flying rules. They will be "under ab solute ground control" regard less of weather. Today' To Beam Pre-Race Scene Dave Garroway will origi nate his three-hour long Today show from the Indianapolis Speedway tomorrow The program, which will be carried in its entirety on WFBM-TV here from 6 to 9 a.m., will be the NBC network's first live pickup from the scene of the 500 Mile Race. Approximately an hour of live coverage will originate from the track with Garroway in charge. Included will be interviews with race drivers and other features to show the last-minute preparation before the race. Also scheduled for the show will be a sequence from Arlington Cemetery in Washington where Today will cover the entombment of American "unknown" soldiers. Denver-Europe Flight Planned Denver (AP) A direct flight from Denver to Europe will take a group of rodeo performers to the Brussels World's Fair this week end. The group of 76, including Casey Tibbs, former world champion rodeo cowboy, will leave Stapleton Field Saturday on a Pan American Air Lines DC6B. lADVEPTISEMENTI Now Science Finds Proof Of 58 More Effective Laxative Than All Other Types Tested Leading doctor in prominent medical center, testing 7 leading laxativea. prove Dr. EdwardaT Olive Tablet 58 more effective thao ail other typea tested. Phvuieian'e pure aU-vesetjihie formula arorke mainly in lowrr bowel after food la absorbed. For temporary constipation, demand Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. THE CAB SAID: "Each flight will be in a cocoon of its own air space protected by ground monitoring with a separation from other aircraft of at least 1,000 feet vertically and 10 minutes flying time horizon tally." The creation of the skyways was prompted by mid-air collisions between commercial airliners and military jets which took 61 lives in April and May. THE CAB MADE it clear that the establishment of the three skyways was only one of a series of moves to insure greater air safety. It said the number, length and height of these airlanes will be expanded as quickly as ground control capacity will allow. Civil Aeronautics Administrator James T. Pyle said last Sunday that eventually five such super-skyways will be in operation for cros s-country flights. The CAB conceded that establishment of the three super-skyways will put the ground control facilities of the Civil Aeronautics Administration to a "severe test." WFMS-FM Log THURSDAY MOGtAM 05 5 Meoorvcle (Ctntrol Dovliahl Time) MORN I NO 8 30-Nove!tv Tunas 8't5-SonQ Time 10 00-Hi-Fi Holiday tO;3fVFov 1 1 :33-Serenads 6'.0O-Hvmn 6i 1 5-Surt. Serenade 6 30-Peo Oub 7,00- Piano Mtl. 7.15-Mom. Mm. 7 45-Otoon Mel 8: 00- Rhythm AFTCINO0N Time ? j5-&iet Star 3 PO-Muilc 4,00-Memory Iflne 530-Dtnnef Music liOO-VoieT IO-Hi-FI ,45-Muslcol 2:00-Fov. Clmles A3u-Hi-Fi Malodie; EVENING 7 0O-H1-F1 Muitt I 9,30-Pon Americano 7:30-Meditation 8 OO-Concert Hr. 9:00-Da net Time 10 00-Oig Melodiei 10 30-Mcrit l t Mid J -?ian OH Lebanese Troops Capture 3 Rebel Arms Convoys Beirut, Lebanon (UPI) Lebanese troops yesterday captured three rebel mule-pack convoys carrying arms and ammunition to anti-government insurgents holed up in the old city of Tripoli. A government announcement r said 88 submachine guns, t5 rifles, a grenade thrower, 13 crates of ammun tion, 13 boxes of grenades and large quantities of explosives were seized. (THE BRITISH admiralty in London said four British war- snips and the aircraft carrier Ark Royal were standing off the coast of Lebanon. It said the force had been scheduled to go to Spain but it was "remaining i n the eastern Mediterranean," presumably to protect British nationals and property if a full-scale rebellion flared.) It was reported that the arms seized yesterday carried the insignia of the Egyptian and Syrian armies, but the government announcement did not confirm this. THE PRO-WESTERN gov ernment of President Camille Chamoun has accused the United Arab Republic, formed by the merger of Egypt and Syria, of supporting the Lebanese insurgents with men, weapons and propaganda. A United Nations security council meeting on the Leb anese complaint scheduled Tuesday was postponed pending the discussion of a similar protest lodged with the Arab League. The Arab League is scheduled to discuss the Lebanese charges of "massive interference" by the UAR in Lebanon's internal affairs this weekend. TELEVISION Dragnet (WFBM-TV, 7:30 p.m., Channel 6) Sgt. Joe Friday and Officer Frank Smith will trail a burglar who steals perfume and women's clothing. ' Climax (WISH-TV, 7:30 p.m., Channel 8) Barry Nelson, Martha Hyer and Everett Sloane will share top billing in "Push-Button Giant," about a young man who pushes his music firm to the top only to see his dream go sour. Playhouse 90 (WISH-TV, 8:30 p.m., -Channel 8) A Mississippi gambler, his beautiful wife and his trusted lieutenant will form a dramatic triangle in a post-Civil War tale in "Natchez," with Thomas Mitchell, Cliff Robertson and Felicia Farr. Navy Log p.m., Channel story of how (WLW-I, 13) The a carrier 8:30 true pilot blinded by action over the Pacific was guided to his ship by a fellow, pilot will be dramatized in "Little More Than a Brother." . . Make Me Laugh (WLW-I, 9 p.m., Channel 13) Comedienne Kaye Ballard will join Louis Nye and Joey Carter on the show. Music Game (WFBM-TV, 9:30 p.m., Channel 6) Jane Wyman will be replaced by a new audience participation show for the summer. Speedway Press Party (WFBM-TV, 10:15 p.m., Channel 6) Bob Rhodes will host a live film program, spotlighting last years' 500 Mile Race and previewing this year's. (Jack Parr's Show will begin at 11 p.m.) For TV Flick Fans: "Midnight Limited" (1940), with John King and Marjorie Reynolds, at 10:20 p.m. on WTTV (Channel 4). WLW-I (Channel 13) has scheduled "Midnight Mary" (1933), with Loretta Young, at 10:15 p.m. WISHTV (Channel 8) will screen "Mysterious Mr. Moto" (1938), with Peter Lorre, at 10:45 p.m. WFBM-TV (Channel 6) will air "Down Three Dark Streets" (1954), with Broderick Crawford and Ruth Roman, at 11:30 p.m. RADIO 500 Festival (WIRE), 7:30 and 8:05 p.m.) Donald Bruce will air on-the-spot coverage of the festivities. Indians Baseball (WISH, 7:45 p.m.) Indianapolis will play Louisville. HOME LOANS NO LOAN COMMISSIONS G.M. Warns Checkoff Of Dues To End Detroit (AP) General Motors Corporation yesterday set its own terms, including abandonment of the-' union shop and checkoff of union dues, if there is no contract settlement with the United Auto Workers when the present contract expires at midnight tonight. G.M. President Harlow Curtice informed G.M.'s 350,-000 hourly-rate employes the company will retain old wage schedules, benefit plans and working conditions the same as under the 1955 agreement. THE COMPANY stipulated the same conditions for members of the International Union of Electrical Workers, whose contract also ends at midnight. Curtice said: "Union members will no longer have the obligation to pay dues to the union as a condition of continued employment in General Motors." Edward T. Windham, president of Local 933, UAW-CIO, last night spiked a rumor that union employes at Allison Division, General Motors Corporation, would not report for work after the contract expires tonight. Windham said he has not called a meeting for membership vote on the question; has not requested permission from Detroit headquarters to start such action, nor has he been directed to call for a vote. He said the union and Allison's officials met yesterday and last night in two negotiating sessions. G.M. said it will make no deductions for union dues from wages of employes. Both sides agreed there is faint hope of agreement on the G.M. pact before tonight's deadline, or on the Ford and Chrysler contracts before their midnight Sunday expiration. Carpets Kuhber Tile Linoleums Asphalt Tile LLmUCK 17 E. Maryland ME 2-6324 Mwnbtr-ltot Cvr.n Guild S & H GREEN STAMPS GIVEN WITH All HEARING AID CORDS AND BATTERIES . . . AUDIPHONE CO. OF IND. Ill Flalchar Trull HAROLD fUNTENNEV, Ml 4-SOS MGR. days, you want your tires tough the going your guarantee they'll last so long These a 4- JTo take when it's rough For 4- Look to the name 4- a that says Armstrong TERMS iwrt Ray KatzenbergerS 'iv Capitol at 12th t BARGAIN i CORNER ME 5-1311 X a- (ADVERTISEMENT! Secrets of the Human Cell You are what you are because two tiny cells passed the m- itery of life on to you from ur parents. Every second, unseen, unnoticed, millions of new cells keep your body alive. June Reader's Digest brings you a look at the-remarkable and baffling "bricks" from which all living matter is made. "Secrets of the Human Cell" is just one of 34 intriguing and informative articles condensed from the world's leading maga-tinea and books, in Juna Reader's Digest. Get a copy at your newsstand today! Want-Ad Service, ME 8-2411 The great whiskey of the Old West 1 1 NOW COSTS YOU LESS! -11 I! NEW SUNNY BROOK PRICES S4S 69 IS QT. 095 S150 k PT. SUNNY BROOK aHAND KltNTUCKT aiKBT -4 ati" THE OtD SUNNY BROOK CO.. LOUISVILLE. KY.. DISTR. BY NATIONAL DIST. PRODS. CO., KENTUCKY BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF, 65 GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS . Surplus Solution Firth, Idaho (AP) If every one in the United States ate an adquate breakfast, there would be no food surplus says Mrs. Stanley Dye of the Booneville County Farm Bureau. Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE WGEE Log THURSDAY PROGRAM IS0 Kllacvclef (Central DoylieM Timet MOR"INC- a.!5-oke Un Newa 8 30-Pert'nlidno 9 CO-Mul.c 9 IS M , Newe 9;30-Mui.c 1015 M,a Newt !O:30-Mu!lc I I : PIWO "" t!,'S-Poltn Ncwa ll:30-Cojntv Ocsik I 1 ,45-Clo,ir. New- 6 OO-Soltltuoli 6,15-Soiriiualer New 6:30-SO" MtuOl 6;45-Sr'i'uol New ;:0O-Wake Uo 7, IS-Wok. Un Newi 7:JO-WokeUo r.45-Woke Un Nm BtOO-Wake Uc 1 2:00-Counff Clonic i2i)5-Ciosat Neoi Orcia I,1$-CIC5'C1 Newl I.SO-Cchjt'' 2.1 S -Cassica New 2:33-Mill Nlion AFTEtNOON 3 15-Vilt, Newt 3:3-Milt N.on 4:!5-N:.on. New Niton 5 ' 5-Nic"V Soorta 5:30-Mlt Nion 5 45-M'H: Newt 6 i 5-Muvc; Newt 7.1 5-Mvfc: Newt 7 35-M.n 7;4-S 9n Of W 2 DAYS ONLY OA ' ff" eKr . T i " 1 wJr I At last Seat Cover Charlie found what you've dreamed about! JET-A-FLEX SEAT COVERS . . . tough enough for your daily wear and tear . . . but always beautiful! For ten years now you've been telling Charlie what you really wanted out of a seat cover and, believe me, I know the story, book, line and verse. "Make it tough enough tromp on, Charlie! Or mom says, I don t want it to to clean. Oh yes, anc for the kids to And it's got to be easy "I don't want Charlie, I want to suae show the dirt. the car real easy!" Then dad says, "Charlie, it's got to make the car look like one of those brand-new models without costing me 40 or fifty dollars!" Well, now you can stop dreaming because Seat Cover Charlie has just such a seat cover for your car! Completely trimmed in genuine Boltaflex made by General Tire & Rubber, it has the luxurious leather look and can take that rugged wear the kids dish out. You sit on cool Jettex$ woven by Dow Chemical Company of Philadel phia. And honest, mom no shocks. Now, dad, we come to your department. This seat cover is designed with the same smart styling you'll see in those 1958 models and does look like a $50 seat cover. Incidentally, Charlie sells them regularly for only $27.95. The colors are black, azure, forest green and maroon all trimmed in eggshell, or matching colors. INSTALLED FREE IN MINUS 1910 E. WASHINGTON PH. ME 6-1129 Across from Willard Pk. mmmm t at -------

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