The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 20, 1961 · Page 15
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 15

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 20, 1961
Page 15
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THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PAGE, 15 TV Saturday (All Program! Listed on Central Daylight lime) Hernial WHM IH WISH 111 WIW-I (1)1 WTI U) 6 :0( :I9 :3l 7 :()() :15 :3 8 :() .13 :4t CartetiM HoiiIii Hank Hooiltr Hank Hootler Hink Hooiler Hink Ind. Fitmir hid. firmer Ci. Schools C Schools "YkTiiiir Sky King Cipt. Kangaroo Capt, Hangar t Capt, Kaneara Cipt. Kangaroo News: WMir. Almanic Almanac Afternoon :I5 Cowboy Theater Cowboy Theater Cowboy theater Cowboy Theater ' Id ShTrl UwlT Ic) Sharl Lewii Id Hmj Leonardo Highly Home (c) ting Leonardo Highly House Fury Haglc lane fury Haglc Land Lone Ranger Roy Rogers lone Ranger Roy Rogers WI6M I.Sf Light lime Shakeipeore Shakespeare Cunsllngers Cunsllngers Gunsllcgers Cunsllngers 2 :00 :.'(! :45 141 Sat. Hatlnee Sat. Hatlnee Sat. Hatlnee Sat. Hatlnee laseball Baseball laseball Baseball laseball laseball lateball laseball WISH III Rhythm Carnival Rhythm Carnival Rhythm Carnival laseball 'lisebill laseball laseball laseball laseball laseball laseball laseball 3 4 :00 :1S :30 :45 7mJ :15 :30 : 5 :() :I5 Evening 6 :ll() :1S :30 :4f laseball laseball Spts. Showcase Spls. Showcase Bowling Stars Bawling Stars Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications' Qualifications 'wood's lest h" wood's lest JflHlol H'wood's lest H'wood's lest H'wood's lest Hews; Wlhr. laseball laseball Baseball laseball Ctturchmouse Churchmouie Wester Theater Wesjerajheater JWLW I 11)1 Western Theater Western Theater Car Scout Car Scout family Theater family Theater family Theater family Theater family Theater family Theater Action Action "Action Action Action Action WTIV HI Speedway Int l. Speedway Int'l. Preakness Preakness Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling JWrestllng WISH 181 "Week In Sports News; Wthr. Qualifications Qualifications :OI) 15 30 :4S Manhunt Manhunt Ic) lonania Id lonania Death Valley Death Valley Perry Mason Perry Mason Sgt. Preston Sgl. Preston World of Sports World el Sports WoVld oTSports World ol Sports World of Sports World ol Sports "WIWT IT 31 "World ol Sports World ef Sports World of Sports Jforld of Sports fcTHajrlde Ic) Hayrlde leaver leaver Janet Dean Janet Dein Happy Herb Happy Herb Happy Herb Happy Herb WITV 141 81 9 45 :( .n :30 ;!.' Ic) lonann Ic) lonania Tall Man TajlMan Deputy Deputy i Nation's future Nation's future 11 :(lli :15 :3l :tr, Mill :H 1 Nation's future Nation's future Highway Patrol Highway Patrol Perry Mason Perry Mason Checkmate Checkmate Checkmate -Checkmate Have Gun Have Gun Gunimoke Gummoke Third Man Third Man Welk Welk Welk Welk WFIH News News; Wlhr. News; Wthr. Late STiow Movie Spectacular Late Show Hovle Spectacular Late Show fight ol Week fight of Week fight of Week Hake Spore Roaring 10's Roaring NTs Roaring 20'f Roaring JO'S NewsTwthr Spts. Scoreb'd ly George ly George Country Show Country Snow Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Cannonball Cannonball Deadline Deadline Divorce Cf. Divorce Ct. Divorce Ct. Divorce Ct. Time Trials Time Trials "lime Trials Time Trials Cannonball Cannonball "Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling 12:00 Movie Spectacular Late Show late Show ly Gecrge ly George haw 'n AmnivtIM -afn TV PREVIEWS Paladiti To Meet Calamity Jane Today' I top televiaion ahnwa aa previewed and Ucted by TV Key'a ataff of ejperta who attend reheara-ala, wiitrh acrrenlnia and analyze acript in Neui York and Hollywood: PERRY MASON (7:30 p.m.. WISH-TV. 8) "The Case of the Duplicate Daughter. " A complicated plot with a new gimmick. Perry Mason defends a male client and is called as a witness against the man he's defending. Also, there's a lady detective in the tale who is nol at all successful. All in all, an interesting show with series regulars. BEAVER (7:30 p.m., WLW-I, 13) "Junior Fire Chief " For rMiu-e, Beaver acts like a jerk. He hecomes a junior fire chief and decides to give everybody a violation. It gets so even his own family can't stand him. Story has a strong moral point for the youngsters in the audience. HAVE GUN (9:30 p.m., WISH-TV, 8) A different version of that western woman hero, Calamity Jane. Here she's a drunk with an Irish brogue and Paladin has to wetnurse her. Norma Crane plays Calamity and wails and curses her way through it. Fair entry. NATION'S FUTURE (9:30 p.m., WFBM-'IV, fi) "Is a durable peace with, the Soviets possible?" This debate between author Leo Cherne of the. Research JnstituteT of America and editor-writer Norman Cousins will be heard tonight, n Asy y 4 .) Janet lake will co-star. with Doug McClure in "Death by Design" on Checkmate at 8:30 tonight on WISH-TV (8). even if the first debate they raped on the subject became outdated by air time. Though both gentlemen have peace as their objective, there is an honest difference of opinion between the skeptical. Cherne and the hopeful Cousins. So tune in and listen for their differences. GUNS.MOKE (10 p.m., WISH-TV, S) A delightful show. For the first time, a pretty girl makes a big fuss over deputy Chester, and he's beside himself with joy. Of course, this bliss is soon shattered, but Chester is important for a while. Dennis Weaver is splendid as -th love-struck deputy. A "must" for series fans. TV Sports BASEBALL (I p.m.. WFBM-TV, 6) Detroit at Boston. BASEBALL (1 p.m., WISH-TV, 8) New York at Cleveland. WORLD OF SPORTS (4:30 p.m., WLW-I, 13) Soccer and football fans might want to take a look at Britain's championship soccer "matche between I h e -Tottenham Hotspurs and Leicester City, played at Wembley Stadium in London, in this two-and-a-half-hour taped showr It's tops of its kind in England. QUALIFICATIONS To-, day's Time Trials from the Speedway will be carried on television at 4:30 p.m. (WFBM-TV), 6, 6:30 p.m. (WISH-TV ) and 9:30 p.m. (WTTV, 4). FIGHT OF WEEK (9 p.m.,' WLW-I, 13) Hard punching Jorge Fernandez of Argentina will swap leather with Teddy Wright of Detroit in a 10-round middleweight bout from St. Nick's Arena, New York. Movies LATE SHOW (11:15 p.m.. WISH-TV, 8) "The High and the Mighty" (1954), with John Wayne and Robert Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE ii iKV m , NOW - At Amazingly New LOW Prices We Can Install Tecumseh World i Air Conditioner Don't huy without letting us give V'u a Free Estimate Nn obligation. . Also Gas Heal Nn Avml'ihlt CALL now ( till CO WA 5-3596 -.ned in 19:10 I ,1001 "Look for t h throw! at him, fans, dieem' i r d! there's the Stack. Story of the reactions of 22 people aboard a plane from Honolulu to San Fran cisco in the face of danger and possible death. SPECTACULAR (1115 p.m.. WISH-TV, 8) "Kiss of Death" (1947), with Victor Mature and Richard Widmark. A man captured after a jewel theft will turn state's evidence and help the assistant district attorney bring in the pang. Kailio QUALIFICATIONS (4:30 p.m., WFB.M, WISH and WIBC) Coverage of today's Time Trials from the Speedway. f"':::' OPEN HOUSE of EASTSIDE FAMILY YMCA N Shortridge Road FL 6-6321 SUNDAY, MAY 21sM to 5:30 P.M. Bring the Family Russ Agree To Help Laos Control Group Radio Saturday ON THE DIAl-WXLW, ?50; WIBC. 100; WfBM, 1260, WISH, 1310; W!R. 1430; WGEE. 1590. MORNING a a.m. WIBE-Bost Mule WISH-Tom Malhi Wf-BM-John Toiton WH .irm f-n'f WXLW-Greg Smith III A M WXLX-Greq Smith i ll A M WHL lousl Lnttee WXLX-Oreg Smith ' A M WIRE-Best Music WISH-lom Molhn Wf-BM-John Tolten VV m TonM Cottee WXLX-Grug Smith W.LL Wftt Gee :!SAM WXLW-News. Smith 10 0(1 AM WIKt-Best Music WliH loin Muihn Wt-BM-Hol (-rvor W'BC Hit Mnrudt VtXLWNfwv Robert WGEE I oi I unl 1100 AM. WIRE-Monilor I H A M. WXLX-Greq Smith utt-iV (,e, Mows 1:00 A.M. WIRE Best Music visn-1om Mothl WFBM-John Totten 'Hi I nn.t ( n'lr WXLW-News; Smith WGLfc-Wei -.1. :00 AM. WIPE-Bet Music WISHNewt. Mnlh WFBM-lown Talk w i it i. I odi Critt" WXLW-News; Smith .vuLfc top I un :1S AM WXLW-Greg Smith WISH-Iotn Mdini WtBM-Hrjl Frvar wiB( Hit Parade WXLW-Newi; Smith WGtl: lop tune II 15 AM WXLW-Greg Smith II. M AM, WGEE-Classica AFTERNOON 1J 00 P.M. v.IRE News WISH News WEBBM-NtWS WlBC-New WXLW-Sewe WGtb-ClossICi il:15 P.M. WIRE-Best Music WISH Don Abbott WFBM-Fred Everett WlRC-Weekend VvXLW-Todny s Band , nil I'M WXLW-Words; Music i :uu P M. WlRE-flest Music WISH nn Abbott WEBM-Erert Everett WlBC-Weekerid W(.tE L'ussite WXLW-Ar' R'ltierts 1:15 P.M. WXLW-An Honert 1:10 P.M. wxi w- News; Art WGEE-Clanio 1:0U P M WiRE-Best Mu'c WISH Don Abbott WEBM-Ered Everett WlBC-Weekend WXLW Npws. Arl I K P M. V.T.FF llv WIRE-Bel Music i (HI P M WiRE Best Music WISH-Oon Abbott WEBM-Ered Everett WlBC-Weekend WM.W News; Ar WGEE I've 1:15 P.M. WXLW-Art Rooert 1 30 P.M. WIBr-Week Fnd WXLW-Arl Robert 4:00 P.M. WIRE-Monitor WISH Don Abbott WERM-F. Forrest WlBC-Weekend WXLW-Art Robert 4 45 P.M. WISH-Kentui ky Derby 4 15 P M. WISH-Don Abbott 5:00 P M. WIRE-News; Monitor wish lui, wener WFBM-E Forrest WlBC-Weekend WXLW-News; Sport .VOLE J ve 5:11 P M. WXLW-Hom tdit'on I 10 P M. WISH-OuaiilHa-tions WFBM-Ouni lions WIBC rjunhtka tions d- N"itHT a 90 P M. WIRE NB(. Newt WiSH-News WFBM Nes vvmi Nrw WXLW-News; Home i ll r.l Wifctc-Eox s Oen WISM-l orr v Weiier WXLW-Home Editon WFBM-E. Forrest :W P M WIRE -Monitor W'Ar-wek end WXLW-Home Edition f :0u P M. WlPE-.onitor WiSH-M ti h Miller WFBM-Fred Everett WlBC-5pedwa (ssip VXLW-Nfs Home ;.i5 p m WXl.V-Sigo Oft WGFE-Sian Oft wiBC-vekend OS, P M WIRE -Monitor W'SH-O'i.. S.mner WFHM-1 Weik WlBC-Weekend I 5) PM. ' eVFBM-lsrnei Judgment I IK PM WIRE-Monitor vvish u.ik Sumner WFBM-Frnnk Forest AIBC-News. Doyle 11 P.M. WIBC-Tom Doyi 10 P M. WFBW Frnnk Forest WISH-News WIRE-Monitor WIBC-Tom Doy't 10 15 P M. WlSH-Dirk Sum mer 10-10 P M. WFBM-Novy Swing 10 45 P.M. WFBM Frank Forrest 11 P..M AFBM-t over 1 Hour WISH-O'rk Sum mer Wl RF -Misty WIBC-Tom Doyif 11 Midniqht WFBM-Lever Hour WISK-Jimmy Va. k AIRE M iiy 1M TODAY (Central Daylight Time) WFBM-FM 94.7 Mj. A.M. s oo-Munt, Newt v 00- Matinee i oa Minn P M i'i:00-Pop Concert wu d . r. wn'to ;ios ic .lu cii nettro n If. ,.. .or 4 0O-Road Shaw 4.30-Desiqo for Listening 6. 15-Dlnner In HI-FI DopTh 6 4-Mews m 7:00-HI-FI Ad venture 9: 00-Sound Stooe 10 0O-Jauv Session .-V.S, ,vim 10 4S-HI-FI 11 OOBernie's Jair Wftoi 1 :0a Serenode 2:00-Melodies 3 oo-sjieeov Time 4 00-Drenmln Time 5 00-Meiodlei WIBC-FM 93.01 Mj. P M U no-Music In Air I :oo-ri roadway s Best Sert 6 OO-twiliahl node 0O-Conrert S'age ll.OO-Jaii in Nile WAJC-FM 104.S Mg. utlei Unlversilv P.M. 1 :00-Newa, bports i :UV Music l:ls-Opero i ss- Nfws Views 4:00 Show Window 4 s Peon Oast 4 50-Snorts ). Oo-snow Window V:IV Here'i to Vet. S:JO Indois Reoai l s ijirmef Viukic rOO-Conrert Hall ':30-Words in Time 10 30-Muslc ll:lVNews; Wthr. 11.30-Slgn Dlt WFMS-FM-95.5 Mg. A.M. o 00-Hv ,,,, :1i-Peo Chih A 30- Serenade uu -'V fi ll 7 30-Rythvm d OO-Morn. Mt'tlC ":00-HI FI Festival io oo-Eov. lunet PM. ' i ime lOO-Voriety V30-Sot. Serenode z oo-mi El Melodies i.ja-i-av. classic J ui uimeiano 1:30-Muslcat 4.00-M.fiiiof v cane 5 30-Muslf r.UU-HI-r-i MUSIC amveonrer Hour JiOO-voHetieT to Ob. Cfom e I imo io 30 Music WAIV FM 105.7 Mg. P M. 1? Oi-SQn On 12 01-C hitdien Corner 1 OO- Swing Session 2 00-Week End 2 OS-Swing Session 4 DO Meet Neigh hor 4 IS-World In Song 5 00-University Hall S: 30-Masterworks 7:0u-Rhythm News 7 OS-D RO. Club I 00-News I OS-D R O Cluh 1? OO-Sd Feature I2 3I-DRO Club 1 OO-Sion Oft Slola-n Cur Drivrr al)lnl Hv Dcputit'H Sheriff's deputies last nipht captured the 14-year-old driver nf n stolen tar in a chicken house on the South west Side, but two teen-age occupants of the car escaped into a woods. SRt. Teroy K. Thompson and Deputy David J. Ball- mjjer, rhaseil the car several blocks before the occupants ran. BallinRer said he fired two shots in the air when the 14 year-old tried to run from the rhirkenhouse. Geneva (AP) The Soviet Union aereed yesterday to help in hurrying helicopters, nlanes and trucks to Laos for the International Control Commission so it can enforce truce. It was the first major action of the Geneva conier- ence after four days of debate. Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Cromvko, who has stalled the conference with demands for veto power over the oommission's work, pave the go-ahead at the insistence of Canada. Gromyko agreed with Foreign Secretary Howard C. Green of Canada that there was urgent need to get transport and communi cations equipment to the Indian Canadian Polish commission in the jungle kingdom. I think we have won a great victory," Green told newsmen. Secretary of State Dean Rusk also was pleased about the way the Canadian had swung Gromyko around. The 14-nation conference sent off a message to the three-power commission asking it to list its requirements. Confer ence sources said light planes and at least four helicopters are the most pressing needs. The action came as foreign ministers becan to head for home, leaving the conference work of trying to establish neutral Laos to their deputies. RUSK LEAVES Geneva to day, turning over command of his delegation to Ambassador-at-large W. Avcrell Harriman. Indian Defense Minister V. K. Krishna Mcnon told news men before he left for home that he understood the American, British and Soviet govern ments are ready to furnish equipment for the truce teams. Indians and Canadian pilots will fly Western airplanes and helicopters and Polish pilots will fly Soviet machines. Menon said he thought prospects are favorable for a solution in Laos, Nettled by repeated charges by both the Communist and pro-Western sides that the truce is being violated, Menon insisted: "THERE IS A cease fire in existence. The view of the control commission on this point must be taken on trust. Occasional fighting in remote areas may take place hut invariably is the result of acci dental circumstances." Despite Menon's optimism, the talks between the rival factions back in Laos bogged down again when the government delegation accused the rebels of violating the cease fire. The warring factions are trying to form a coalition government. Gore Hits Top Brass; Capchart Defends It Washington (AP) Senator Albert Gore (D-Tenn.) called yesterday for ousting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their role in the Cuban invasion debacle and met swift opposition from fellow senators. But the Tennesseean stuck by his conviction that Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer, chairman of the group, and his fellow chiefs should he removed and replaced by "abler and wiser men." Gore touched off a brisk controversy when he talked to reporters after leaving a Senate foreign relations subcommittee session where Lemnitzer was testifying in secret about the military's role in the abortive Cuban invasion. GORE SAID his conclusion was based on Lemnitzer's testimony. He would not disclose what the general had said. Gore left the closed session of the Latin American affairs subcommittee before other senators and told newsmen: UNCLE RAY: SO Per Cent Of Russians Belong To While Race By RAMON COFFMAN The car had few minutes Holt Road and was owned bv Snrinner. 2S25 been stolen earlier from Ind. 67 and Steven A. South Foltz Street, deputies said. Crop Profitable Orono. Me. (UPIi Maine's blueberry crop in 19(50 totaled 0.000,000 pounds. It put $2.- 500,000 into the pockets of growers. 1 City Students Ca t I'linlue KOTC Honors West Lafayette, Ind. (Spl.) Four Indianapolis students at Purdue University were re cognized for scholarship and military leadership as part of the review of some 5,000 Army, Navy and Air Force ROTC cadets here yesterday. Walter C. Wingenroth re ceived both the Scabbard and Blade and a Chicago Tribune medal. Other awards went to Kenneth D. Baker. Scabbard and Blade; Charles R. Seitz Jr., National Society of Pershing Rifles, and Ronald L. Cauble, Reserve Officers Association of the United States. Woman Fatal I v Hurt In IAS. ,'H Crash Danville. Ind. (Spl ) A woman identified as Mrs. Jessie L. Gericke. about 58 years old, Pittsboro. was injured fatally last night in a traffic crash on U.S. 136 a mile west of Clermont in Hendricks County. She was dead on arrival at Methodist Hospital at 10:30 p.m. A school class has asked: "What is the location of White Russia?" White Russia is a region in European Russia, to the east of Pohnd and to the north of the LIkraine. Like most of the other people in Russia, the White Russians belong to the white race. Q. Who are the Great Russians and the Little Russians? A. They belong to the main groups of Russians. The Great Russians live chiefly in the central and north-central paTTs of European Russia. Moscow and Leningrad are among the cities of these people. Next in number are the Lit tle Russians. These live chiefly in the Ukraine, but also in clude the Ruthenians. Q. How many Russians are members of the white race, and how many are Mongoloid? A. In round figures, SO per cent of the Russians are white. Less than 20 per cent are Mongoloid. There are so few Negroes in Russia that they hardly count. Q. If 80 per cent of the Russians are of white stock. why do we hear so much about the scores of Mongo loid groups in the USSR? A. Those groups live chiefly in Asiatic parts ot Russia. They are picturesque, and photographs of them have been printed widely in the Western press. Fo some extent they are wandering tribesmen, who take care of flocks and herds. Great Russia (often called RSFSR) contains 117,000,000 people, and the Ukraine has 41,000,000 people, according to the 1959 census. These two parts of Russia with people almost entirely of wnite stocK, maKP up b per cent of the total Russian popu lation. For TRAVEL section of your strapbook. JOIN THE SCRAPBOOK CLUB Dear Uncle Ray: I want to fom your Scrapbooh Club, and I enclose a stomped envelope carefully addressed to myself. Pleasi send me a Membership Certificate, a leaflet telling bow to make a scrapbooh of my own, and a printed desiqn to paste on the cover of my scrapbooK. Send your requests to Uncle Ray, c'o The Indianapolis Star. "We need a shakeup of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I reached the conclusion on my own that we direly need a new chairman, as well as new members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff." Later, the subco mmiltee chairman, Senator Wayne Morse (D-Ore.), came from the hearing room and said he has "complete confidence in the Joint Chiefs of Staff and their ahility to protect the security of the country in connection with any military matter over which they have complete jurisdiction." Of Lemnitzer's more than three hours of testimony, Morse said he was "as objec tive, correct, truthful and de tailed as any witness I have heard in my years in the Senate." TWO REPUBLICAN subcommittee members, Senators Homer E. Capehart of Indiana and Bourke R. Hickenlooper of Iowa, were even more emphatic than Morse in rejecting Gore's suggestion. Capehart said: "I didn't hear anything in there that suggests we need to replace Gen. Lemnitzer any more than we need to replace the President or anybody else. They were all in this together." Hickenooper said he doesn't want to blame anyone for the invasion fiasco until he hears further testimony and that so far it appears to him there were "some mistakes here, there and everyplace." Unlimited opportunities await job-seekers in Quick-Action Want Ads. wr .It S w, STAR and NEWS Quick -Action ADS Get Fast Results HEARING AID! FLOWERS BRIGHTEN Hoipital Rooms See or Call Your Allied Floritt OR CALL LI 6-344 New ni can ear Mni Senetene bearing 14 COMf ttTELT IN TOUR EAR. Nt Card. ntHiini earn inywlitrt ucept hi nr. Wamen caver tampletelt ltk hairdos. This triampti f Id-ytar rettirck weighs nlt ball an ounce. Tour secret can kt (ours alone, t-tectix far those who "hear but dp no derstand." traditional Sonotsne ajualitf and lenrice. j 23 K. Ohio rhrtne ME 7-1.103 ; JOHN II. I'AVXK SONOTONE 2 Years In Thin Location ! SIS Hume-Mansur Blrlg. GOOD NEWS FOR THOSE WITH CHRONIC ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM! Help relieve those moderate pains naturally with a NIAGARA CYCLO MASSAGE-PAD! Discover how p'easantiy )ou -".-v many kinds ot moderate pa'n w th : and massaqe unit-, bv NIAGARA! he Heir Learn how to hi cf chronic artfrif they occur! f'P re s a-d tr-e write ..pp i l "" j i TAKE THE FAMOUS NIAGARA 20 MINUTE TEST svsQseilW 1 rfwv i CYCLO-MASS AGE OPEN 9:30 A M. to 5 P.M. DAILY NIAGARA CYCLO MASSAGE 621 East Market Street Indianapolis, Ind. Please send information to: Name Addresi City CALL ME 5-9254 TODAY

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