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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, November 1, 1935
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"" '''" " - ''' |> ' ' * ' ' "" A Thought fh«f Rorttw* of death etttti|«tt« JttP, rtHri the flood* of toifrod ly men made me 18:4. VOLUME 37—NUMBER HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 1,1935 Ct.ir of Hope 1889; frctts, 183?; .onRolldatcd Jahuarv IS, 1920. PRICE FRANK Here and There Editorial By ALEX. H. WASHBURK pOVERNOR Mike Conner today slashed the Mississippi VJ state property tax from five mills to four by executive proclamation after the legislature had failed to act. -- TO The situation was this: Several years ago when nobody else hncl the courage to do so Mike Conner resolved to rescue the stnte government of Mississippi from the bankruptcy into which the proceeding governor Theodore Bilbo— now a United States senator — had plunged it. Governor Conner .sponsored and pushed to enactment the sales tax law which has since spread to other slates. It was the understanding that after the sales tax had balanced the budget and restored the state's credit the surplus would be used to reduce the state property tax. D A X! r\ iivt f i M i i" f\ n *n i Politicians, the cynics tell you, ncv- BAND IN U N I F O R M j er keep a promise. But what the legislature failed to do by debate Mike Conner did by executive proclamation. He kept the faith. X XX Here in Arkansas we adopted a 2 per cent sales lax the original draft of which provided that out of its proceeds Ihc slate property tax would be Smackover Squad to Defend Victory Streak at 8 p, m. 500 Union County Fans Coming to This City on Special Train Hope's Bandboys to Back Up Bobcats With Sartorial Splendor Earthqua^^ West Coast Fiend Is Trapped y Threads of Evidence A six-game winning streak of the Smnckover High School Buckaroos will be at slake here Friday night when the team clashes with Coach Foy Hammons' Bobcats at the high school stadium. The Buckaroos have bowled over every team lo date with the exception of Fordycc, losing to the Red- bugs by a lone louchdown in the opening g.mic of the season. Two of their viclories include wins over Warren and Prcscott. The Bobcats have a season record of five victories against only two defeats. Klckoff at 8 p. m. Starting time of Ihe game Friday night has been, moved back 15 minutes to allow 500 boosters coming here on a special train from Smackover to reach the, field. The kick-off is set 8 p m. . . ' . ,.^ .. ; ;,;;' Buckaroo special- iJT'due: to--p«'l in here at 7:30 p. m. It will be met by three school buses to transport fans to tne game. Hope fans having seats available in their cars are asked by Coach Hammons to drive by the station and pick up visilors. The Smackover team was due to arrive in Hope about 2 p. m. Friday in automobiles. Coach Hammons said at noon that the Bobcats were in good shape with the exception of Anderson, Stone and Bright. Anderson attempted to boot a football Thursday, his foot striking the ground instead of the ball. The foot is swollen and it is doubtful whether he will play much. Stone is suffering from boils. He will play, but will probably be slowed down. Bright injured u shoulder in last week's game and may be cut 2 mills— from 8.7 to 6.7. But the politicians began to make their usual exemptions, and by the time the legislature had got through exempting items from the sales tax there wasn't enough money to allow Ihe 2-mill reduction in property tax. If the 'A-million tax on liquor is rc- laincd, and the excmplions are removed from Ihc sales lax law, Arkansas stands a good chance of cutting the property tax, and also providing steads. total exemption for home- Brokers Charged WithCo-op War But Will Co-op Law (Continued on page three) «*«-4»» Sacred Painting Is Given Church Madonna, Drawn by the Late Mrs. E. L. Prall, on Display in Hope An artistic painting of the Mudunnu Virgin Mary and the Savior has been donated to Our Lady of Good Hope by Miss Beatrice Prall, of SaK- Mich., but formerly of Hope. S Prall is public librarian in the Michigan city. The painting was drawn by Miss Pi-all's mother, the Into Mrs. Effie L. Prall, who several years ago taught an art class in Hope. The painting was drawn in 1907. Her mother's love for Hope and its people, tempted Miss Pmll to present the painting lo the local church. Persons interested in the painting may view it in <i display window of Hope Furiturc company's store. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: MEMPHIS, Tenn.— (/P)— N. C. Williamson, president of the American Cotton Co-operative association, charged at the senatorial hearing here Friday that private cotton shippers Changing of Ice Pressure Causes Panic in 7 States Damage Slight, But Thousands Rush Out of Homes to Safety HELENA HIT AGAIN Bulletins NEW ORLEANS, La.- (/P) — Henry Frccrpnn and Dave Uart, young negroes, held on charges of attacking a wliilo girl, were shot and killed Friday In a prison cell by deputies after they had slightly wounded Sheriff Frank Clancy with a smuggled revolver. WASHINGTON- (/P) -Fourteen men were Indicted by the District cf Columbia grand Jury Friday on mail fraud charges In the sale of oil royalties and deeds from two counties in Oklahoma and Texas. The government contends that the men fleeced several score persons In six states of at least $500,000. They arc accused of selling royalties (hat did not exist. NANKING. China.—(Copyright Associated Press)—An assassin's bullets Friday wounded Premier Wang Chlng-Wcl, generally regarded as the pro-Japanese leader, and three other officials of the Chinese Nationalist government, government. The assassin was killed. Wang Ching-Wei is in a critical condition. 2 Killed Thursday for Total of 7—Terror Returns on Friday NEW YORK-(# 3 )—The carlh crust's instantaneous reaclion lo a 35,000- year-old wilhdrawal of millions of tons of ice pressure Friday caused the East's most serious earthquake in decades to roll across seven state and three Canadian provinces. The damage was slight along the Easlcrn seaboard, although thousands fled from their homes. Montana' Rocks Again HELENA, Mont.— (/P)— Helena felt another shock Friday—as more Eastern shocks were predicted. Two Wore Killed HELENA, Mont. — (ff>) — An earthquake which rocked an area 500 miles wide centered upon Helena Thursday, killing at least two persons and injuring scores. Several buildings in this capital city of 12,000, already weakened by more than 50 Dearth shocks in 19 days, shuddered and collapsed. The posibility of total losses in Helena exceeding £5,000,000 was seen in T%%, '^£^%^M^$$£» T»^ay were.arrested at Hot Springs, Friday .morning, Sheriff Jim Beardcn was advised. ^^ One of the suspects, Sheriff Beardcn fpVc7d"Vo~cnd'u"rc"m!aV-"zcro"temp'ern- sajcl,'is Ray Hendrix, former Hemp- Wrought more the'' rolling jolts ofVp'clober Is. Da m- . aigo Ihcn was place8^ht $2,500,000. ;./ : Residents who fledHhoir himcs w'er Luck Robbery Trio Are Believed Held Three Men and Car Answering Description Taken at Hot Springs Three men answering the description of the bandits who hijacked .Tourist .Court west' of Hope lures which Ihrcalesed lo go under Wednesday night's four-below minimum. Striking with a rumble shortly before noon, thc severe tremor shook Ihc had waged a continuous fight against .. , „„ . -, . the entire Agricultural Adjustment «^°|; 19 J!^™^8nd .f^L'.!! "El™ 1 " Administration (AAA) program, He charged thai an altcmpt had been made to discredit lhc co-ops. Senalor McKellar said lhal his in-! quiry into the cotton c'o-operativcs will be continued until sufficient facts arc brought out to form a basis for new legislation. $9 Crash Probed MEMPHIS, Tcnn.-(JP)—N. C. Williamson, president of thc American Cotton Co-operative associaUon, ! ''sharply criticized private cotton brokers Thursday as Senalor McKellar, Democrat, Tennessee, invcsligalcd aclivi- lies of cllon co-operatives, Mr. Williamson, appearing before Senator McKellar as a witness, charged that "something is wrong with thc cotton market when Ihe value of a farmer's cotton can drop $9.60 n bnlc in 40 minutes." A Lake Providence (La.) farmer, Mr. Williamson was the first co-operative witness to directly attack private Defending thc ACCA, ho do- through mountainous western Montana whore it rumbled under Bulte, Great Falls and Anaconda. Thc movement was felt 500 miles lo lhc wcsl of Spokane, Wash., and ex- Icndc dinto Canada. Thursday's dead broughl the earthquake toll to seven, five having died previously. brokers, el a red: "Should speculation bo allowed in basic commodities at all? One hun- HEQ. U. 5. PAT. OFF. Cold Wave Is Due Here on Saturday Freeze Forecast in Northern Counties—Fair and Colder Here \ /A cold wave is scheduled to strike southwest Arkansas Saturday, shat- '• tcring Ihe summer-like temperature j which prevailed here Friday. i Despite Thursday night's downpour the heat continued Friday under cloudy skies, me Weather Man, how-: . .... . . .ever, forecast frost and freezing tcm- drct million bales are sold on lhc pcraturcs for norlh Arkansas Friday market each year when everyone ... . knows that no more lhan 12 to 13 millions are grown by the farmers." "I psk you," he said, "shouldn't the price of cotlon depend upon what Ihe cotton will aclually bring from the consumer rather than what the speculators make it sell for? Shouldn't the marketing of an agricultural product be controlled by those who produce it | rather lhaii those who speculate in it?" | McKellar made no altcmpt lo ;mi swer. ' Mr. Williamson referred to a drop I of $9.GO a bale in Iho markcl crash of j | March 11, 1935, which is being invcsli- gated by another senate committee. | A suggested a federal regulation to I make it compulsory for exchanges to | specify grade and .staple. McKel asked how this would be possible. stead county man and one of a quar- lel arrested in a downtown hotel here last spring on a confidence charge. Hendrix, the sheriff said, is known to Hot Springs police who revealed the name. Identity of the other two suspects could not be learned locally. Odell Luck and a negro cook, menaced by pistols during the holdup, left with Sheriff Bearden at noon Friday for Hot Springs where they will attempt to identify the suspects. Sheriff Beardcn said that he was advised that an automobile answering the description of the one used by the bandits here was found in possession of the three men. It was 1935 Oldsmobile sedan, painted blue and trimmed in red. Tlie robbery here nelted the bandits $43 in cash and about $10 in cigarettes and cigars. Two of the robbers entered the station, covered Odell Luck and a negro cook with pistols, and robbed the cash register. Wilh Ihe holdup complete, they, joined their companion in the car and drove away toward Hope. Kenneth Lemley Is Fifth in Institute Woman Talking in Her Sleep Betrays the Slayer of Six Mrs. Peggy Paulos Says She Saw Leo Hall Murder Six in Seattle HIS PRINTS CHECK Hall's Attempt to Repeat Murder for Robbery Leads to Arrest SEATTLE, Wash.—(NEA)—Because a Woman who talked constantly in her 'sleep about wholesale killings finally yielded to her conscience, and because a "stranger in town" knew too much about Portland, Ore., streets, the friystcry of the ghastly mass murder bf Erland's Point, Wash., may be solved. For a year and a half, police have been baffled at every turn in their search for the fiend or friends who battered and shot six persons to death in a beach home on Puget Sound, north of Bremerton, Wash. But now, sitting sullenly in his cell here, they have Leo Hall, 33, former bpxcr, a...charge-, of...first degree murdocjlodged~against him. • • In custody also is Mrs. Peggy PauJos, 27, beer parlor waitress, the woman with the conscience. In the police department safe is her signed confession, naming Hall as the mass killer. House Party Arranged Frank Flicdcr, 45, a retired Bremerton grocer of moderate wealth, and his third wife, 50, widow of a Bremerton druggist, occupied the waterfront death cottage, their permanent home. They were a couple who liked to entertain. The cottage oflen was the scene of gay parties, where drinks were plentiful and pinochle was the favorite pastime. C'a the night of March 29, 1934, they bad invited four friends to drop in "for an evening." Two of Iheir guesls were a once nolecl vaudeville team, Eugene Chenevert, 38, known as the "Singing Bartender," and his wife, 30, a singer and danger, who had been billed as Bert and Peggy Vincent in their stage days. The other Iwo were Fred Balcom, former Bremerton bartender, and Magnus Jordan, 62, retired navy man, a welcome party man because of his skill at cards. Bind and Gag Four Mrs. Chenevert and Balcom had arrived and a pinochle game was in progress, Mrs. Flicder lying on a couch and the other three playing, when the killer and his aide reached The Erland's Point, Wash., cottage where "six met death by mass murder,, and the.scene as a : body 'was taken out. '-At the left are the'.m'ur.- dcr suspect and'the the woman, admitted accomplice, who accuses Win; Mrs. Peggy X'aulos Mississippi Tax j Italy Repeats She Rate Is Reduced! Will Talk Peace Spinster's Slayer? in Brutal Benton Case Dies in (Milt Choir of Condenine~d >: groes Sings to Last Long " GHANGESTHIS Dobbs Had Named Different Men as Actual Murderer" TUCKER PRISON FARM,4'Arfc^|. (/P)—Declaring another man to' be^li guilty of the crime, Frank Dobbs,, 35$ died in thc Arkansas electric 'cnaifel Friday for the' murder of MisS Fanning Orr, 51, spinster. ,'/ He went to the chair as four doh^ demned negroes sang, "When 'the.' Saints Come Marching Home." ' Dobbs made the statement shortly -l<\ before he was placed in the chair that/ii Miss Orr was killed and her sisteiv''! Miss Louisa Orr, 56, was knifed fay an^ex-convict who accompanied Mm 1 " to*l>! their home near Benton last Januiry.^, Officers said it was the third 'jJer-4* son he had named in the crime,'and ' placed little credence in his StbrjC Dobbs claimed he dragged the bodies -',*-/« of the women .from the flaming build-, i ing, while'the surviving"sister i—'*** fied at the trial th.at it -was she took Miss Fannie's body from house. , • r '_ < 4 ' - ,, „ Dobbs claimed insanity at thc trial. Convinced Dobbs Sane '<."'<„", Superintendent Cogbill who hi cases 'A like this, is irivested with semi-judicial-/; 1 ;: powers under one of Arkansas's man^jk freak laws, was emphatic in expressing",^ belief that Dobbs is sane. The^uper,-1 "' intendent,'refusing to grant alhearing,^,. had Said, .that he had'observed. Dobte'f,'^ actions closely sjp.ce he hasV be.en^jM'P the death hous& at the Tucker titm\ farm and that he ha~d detected change in the man's actions^'" "* nipht-with fair and colder weather ! High Scholastic HoilOl 1 Ob-' lhc home ' accordi »e '° Mrs. Paulos' .t ..«.. I 1 -*.---. I UTfll*V in the southern counties Saturday. MurderlYiaToi Roy House Begun Declares Companion Brutally Clubbed Old Man to Death tained by Hope Boy at Marion, Ala. .MARION, Ala.-Tho fifth highest score made in thq difficult english placement tesl taken by 100 members of thc freshmen college class this fall at Marion institute was made by Cadet Kenneth McRac Lemley, of Hope, Ark. Lemlcy's score was 208 out. of a possible HOO. Cadet Lemley, son of Mr. and Mrs. | H. J. Lemley, 320 South Edgcwood HOT SPRINGS, Ark.—Roy House, avenue. Hope, is a student in thc . who will be 21 November 15, facing u | first degree murder charge in circuit here, related thc details of thc j brutal killing of Tom Monger, 70, bc- ariry department of lhc Institute, lak- iiiK work preparatory to entering the United Slates Military Academy at West Point, New York, and in a stu- "By letting thc co-ops market it all,"! fo i? a sta '.' Ut : d j . ul ; y Thursda y night. | dent » 0 < lv of unusually high ranking ic witness retorted, smiling. i Housc admitted having _participated j holds »n outstanding scholastic pasi- j Wuen'a companion Jg a washout you feel like. w.i'liyfluf ber neck. The eo-op officials have said that they forced grading of collon on (he majority of private shippers by making it a fixed policy of Ihc -co-ops. Tells of Creation of Iceberg Patrol Rev. Thomas Brewster Describes What Happened "After Titanic" The story of how thc nations of lhc world banded together to establish Ihe North Atlantic Iceberg Patrol, as published in the Rotary magazine, was told lo Hope Rotary club Friday noon at Hotel Barlow by the Rev. Thomas Brewster. Ten billion dollars' worth of prop- in the crime, bill declared that Ayliff i 1i'»'. He is a cadet corporal Draypcr. 23. indicted jointly with the i Marion institute cadet corps, and sings youth, clubbed the aged man to death, baritone in lhc Cadet Glee club. None of the sordid details of one of i The ten highest scores in the tesl, i Garland county's most gruesome mur- • exclusive of Lcmley's, were made by ! clcrs was omitted. House told of a plan i Cadet Hunter Taylor, Jackson High ! lhat he said originated with Druypcv ! °" u " " ' to rob Mcnscr, who it was believed kept large sums in his modest home in the Bonnerclale community, 20 miles southwest of Hot Springs. He story. "We walked in and Leo told them !•) 'slick 'em up'," said thc wailress. "He told me lo bind them, and I did, .with adhesive tape, sheeting, and shoe j laces. Then I taped their eyes and mouths, all except Mrs. Flicdcr." Then Hall started to search the house, she said, but was interrupted by thc arrival of Choncvert and Jordan in a car. They, too, were bound and gagged. Hall continued his search for valuables. When he came back into thc living room, Mrs. Paulos said, she urged that they make their getaway. Six Arc Slaughtered "Nol lill I fix 'em so Ihcy won't talk," she says he replied. Then from the living room to a bed- I room and back to thc cardroom the Governor Conner Acts After Legislature Has Done Nothing JACKSON, Miss.—(/P)—By executive proclamation Governor Conner Fri- j day reduced Mississippi's property lax levy for lhc year from five lo four mills after thc legislature had failed to vote further reductions, and had failed in an attempt to repeal thc ad valorem levy, Thc state senate Thursday had approved the "corrupt practices act" by a vole of 34 to 1 after eliminating provisions governing campaign expenditures, and approving several drastic Fall of Italian War Plane Is Only Battle News on Friday By the Associated Press Italy returned to Geneva Friday ready to listen to any "acceptable" proposition of peace as the League of Nations committee prepared to fix the date for the application of boycotts. argu&d 'vigorously against "the''«..„ w/ hearing before Superintendent Cog-',^ bill. ^' He said that the insanity defense had been presented fully to the Saline county grand jury that tried Dobbs and that the jury's verdict proved that ' the jurors placed no credence in "the argument. He argued that Superintendent Cog-'' bill had no authority to order a san-- ity hearing unless he were convinced* that Dobbs might have become Insane , since he was convicted. < Ex-Gov. Tom J, Terral who -was " hired by Dobbs' brother to represent'' the doomed man, did not attempt to argue that Dobbs' crime had any extenuating circumstances. "He committed^ a heinous crime," said Terral. VHpwever, if he is insane, he should be placed in the State Hospital for life." Crime a Brutal One Dobbs was convicted of the murder' of Miss Fannie Orr, 51, who lived with her sister, Louisa, 56, at their farm home west of Benton. He came to; Ihe sisters' home at night, terrorized them' for hours, forced them to give him all the money they had and theriJelled;' Ihe younger sister with" a club and knife. He also tried to kill Louisa by'cut* t :ing her 'throat, and left her lying on he floor, lifeless, as he believed. J He then set fire to the house. How-, , ;vcr, Louisa revived and by a super* luman effort, managed lo drag "heav sisler's body from the blazing housej." jouisa's life was despaired of for days" but she finally recovered and was the state's most important witness against Dobbs. Her identification of him W95 positive and a long cross-examination failed to shake her testimony in the i slightest. j She now is living with relatives in I another state. :H tj • - lo the dress in Rome. Emperor Selassie's advisors predicted lhat Italy would exhaust herself killer went, according to Ihe way po- I of contributions, requires newspapers lice have pieced together her story, j to fc'j vo equally prominent space lo .nnemlmenls. , The bill provides'safeguards about j "«>»«t lhe natural defenses of Ethio- thc polling places, limits the amount Kansas and Georgia Rapped by Hopkins Neither Has Done Any* thing Toward Assuming Federal Burden ! WASHINGTON - (A>) - Harry L. _ . ! Hopkins assailed administration crilics Uevcn Ethiopians and three Ilalian, Thursday as he announced that the Iroopers were reported killed •'-•••'' • • • beating and shooting his six prisoners ! candidates answering charges made t'j death. i U 8 alnsl " 1L ' m m print, and requiring vctcrs lo produce tax receipts in order to vole. As Ihe senate labored on the "cor- is similar to battle at Malke, Two days later, Thomas Sanborn. a School. Jackson. Tenn., 213: Cadet Vi'r- i neighbor of the Flieders. heard clogs gil Hancock Jr.. Leon High School, I barking franlically in front of their Tallahassee, Florida. 212; Cadel Joseph home. Investigating, he found three A. Dcmclrcc. Florida High School. I French poodles locked in a sedan. Tallahassee. Florida, 211; Cadet Peter I sveak from hunger and thirst. ( .- f ,.,. and Drayper had been to" Pc-n-yvillc ! W. Beers, Jefferson Military College.! Pounding on thc front door of Ihc ' ? '°'" ° ,' "rl "L,.' ,,"° P rog . r f s wa!> - • - - - — — — - — - ... . i n c. i .,-, ni^oe lowdici appioval of a state cm- ago. and the house in a I federal dole for direct relief .will end j in 20 more slates November 15. | Asserting "my own hide has grown I considerably tougher" in recent ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia-(/P)-An l 1 ™^' j&. Works P "8''«s admin- Ethiopian government communique by the house lo'd^ I ^™t» *««•_ «» "?»«". *»*»>* House said that they went in the i School, Montgomery. Ala.. 207; Cadet house and found tho old man in hi.s i George W. MeRory, Semmolc County (Continued on page three) night clothing seated before a fire. HP j Hiqh School, Sanford. Fla.. 205; Cadet I battered and invited them to "pull up a chair," and j Clarence M. Grace, Huntsvillc Hieh the three talked for a few moments, i School. Huntsville, Ala., 205; Cadet gained no response. He peered through a window. On the living room floor lay two -gcncy «»ef «*-up that was to have effective Friday when approximately 31,000 "unemployable family blood-drenched bodies, ji-oppg^j faces down. Their wrists were bound. , , Hostess' Throat Cut House said lhat he slarled to get up | Paul Dickson Jr.. Chapel Hill Mich | Sanborn ctillcd Sheriff D. L. Blank- on federal relief rolls are lo be Plane Brought Down '?' '"her «1 " was brought down dun »g a » alr ™«d ta«t Tuesday at j * '^,, Bourana, near Dolo, on thc southern ist.rator That the assertion of and strike thc aged man with an au- i Tchool. Raeford, N. C., 202: and Cade! cnship. Then with another neighbor, tomobile tire lool. when he shook his ! Carl H. Merrill, Anniston High School, j i le wellt back lo the house of slaughl- , vvc re taid to purchase SoO,- 000.000 worth of fraudulent stocks each head, indicating that he had decided | Heflin. Ala. not to have anything to do with the 1 — robbery. Draypcr, however, struck A ferret killed 497 chickens before Menser on the head and felled him, | being recaptured, after escaping from House declared. its eage ut Mansfield, England. er. They found that Flicdcr's throat had been slashed and that he had been beaten with a hammer almost (Continued on page three) Fish can be kept fresh for three months by means of a new process of brine freezing perfected in England. front. The communique said there was no news from other fronts. A principal advisor of Emperor Se! lassie Friday predicted "painful sur| prises:" are in store for thc invading Italians. j This authority and other govern- i ment officials said that if Mussolini disregarded the League of Nations' imposition of sanctions and pressed on in warfare he would find the entire (Continued on page three) That Gov. Alf London of Kansas has balanced his state budget by 'taking it out of the hides of the people;" that Kansas has "never put up a thin dime for relief" and that "as far as I know lhc governor has never made an effort lo raise any mere money," That Gov. Eugene Talmadge of Georgia was "unwilling to do any- Ihing. He believes in lhe whipping post." Mingled with these sharp personal!(Continued ou. page five)

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