The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 11, 1959 · Page 20
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 11, 1959
Page 20
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-SATl'RDAY, APRIL 11, Kh?J ?.c,v :o i I si i . "' 1 r . ) f of SNOWED OUT - Pitcher Bobby Anderson (right) and catcher Sammv Taylor of th Cubs hold a snowball ot Chicago's Wrigley 'Field where yesterday's baseball opener with los Angeles was postponed because mow and cold weather. (AP Wirephoio) Horse Race Kcsulls GUtfSTNAM I My T.ful.. ..' .1 t'l 'A ,n-1 v. 1 i .;-.' ) 4 ', 1 S,ri.g K-Jf'. ; ',., j.., -it il, 1'.' w, 4 SO, ImU.m'i '( I. ' ' " l ock I "(. I'. ' S Oailr Daubla SSO 10 j. f-.Hfi it--gi.ii J4 '!. - '" AMi "0 C ; "!. 4 ; ' ' "' 11 In i'ji11 ... 7 1.-1'" C .. i f .. I-. ... 7 0) H .' t J 4 5 C. h tin S 4 Cn " r ' ' '' ' f I 4 -jr. ...1 R . i.' I" S v IJ 4 .., I 4"; .-1. MINllAMD I vrv Mi-.J...! 1 A 1 ( , r. t r 1 1 J -. - -- i ' i.. 4 ' 1 I -1 t y . ft uif " ' . r ' M-..M i .". J' 41 ! ?,1 Spy O 11, ;. I i WUV" it-.'Fl. ? ? ' Dubl J7I 00 3 tl I Ha .o.;. !4 4', J 1 ."by.O IP u.'. i. C, 6 - J ' n lluccn! (V 5-. 4 Sl)..nj ft , !'. It,. , S'. f" 7 Gu. lp"'r' if j i, !..,,', t Jo'-n Hpit.y ff ..fst. 6 . ' J . OM-Obi' i id JMIt. S-. C" P S i i- -i..-., .. t. ft O..O.H..I IH il. t4 J.ii ( II !)'" -') r:K 4 .0 7 i An.) f n n ..i !' ? C'i'.-'i ('! (A -. 3,. J S." J-I.n n r.i ; ; K I t.-)p 1 H ii'.' . I J 5 0."" i ' i h M tAUREL .... Mflrl, ,) I Ml".. I .,,.,l '.,.p, .V ,..if'i.i, f mi I ! . .run t. -- 40. Doily 0ouhl 126 60 1 4 Wl 24 j. lit i i I i I' . I An-l V- i if' O'.'H. I 'Vn i . - .I-.' i -u i.n ..'I" -I i - J IL ) I'frM.. , 4 . I'll Hi t V I, JAMAICA Dovibl 111' 10 f ( r IA.,.-i 5 ; 4 t i 4 I 1 l,S ( h-i ...g-l. 4 1. t -,. 'I'M 4 Hob Jaiiron Ouils Job Al Si. Joe I, 7 'n 1 Ff 7) 4 k 77 f n Rrnsscliier, Ind. (Spl.)--Rob J.mron, whoso Si. Joseph's College football trams have riiicd with the nation's best iimoiiR small colleges, resigned yesterday. College officials said the contrail had hern terminated by "mutual agreement" and that Jauron's successor had not been named. Jauron's future plans were not revealed. THE FORMI R Boston Col-lee player took the St. Joseph's job in 1054 when the school's football stock had sunk so low there was talk of the Pumas' dropping the game. In the'. eight seasons previous to Jauron's term St. Joe had won IS.' lost 42 and tied five. Reached at Lafayette where he was attending the Purdue football clinic, Jauron said, "the resignation was the result of many things. Let's just say that we haven't seen ey! lo eye and decided to terminate it by mutual agreement." As to his future Jauron stated, "I have nothing definite, but I have several ideas. Then he added, with a chuckle, "in other words, I'm unemployed." Jauron had a 5-4 record his first season and ran up a fine .12-13 mark. His lflr6 squad was considered one of the best small college teams In the country and played in the Aluminum Bowl at Little Rock. Jauron's teams also won two Indiana Collegiate Conference titles and tied for another. Jauron's overall coaching record for 14 years is 105- J Lntries for the fiOO-nnle auto rare jumped to 31 yesterday with the addition of six more cars for the May 30 classic. Jim Rathmann, Miami, was named to drive the car in which he won last Saturday's race at Daytona Beach, Ma., for I.indscy Hopkins, Miami. Rathmann finished second in the "500" in 1952 and l!)r7. Johnnie Parsons, Van Nuys, Calif., the 1950 winner, was named to drive (he entry of Fred Cerhardt, Fresno, Calif. Johnny Boyd, Fresno, who finished third last year, was named to drive one of the two cars entered by Bignotti-Bowes Racing Associates, In-dianapolis. Lddie Johnson, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, was named to drive again in the car which he brought in ninth for J. S. (Duke) Donaldson, Great Neck, N.Y. Chuck Weyant, Springfield, 111., was nominated to drive a car for Myron Oshorn and William Young, Denver. Ciene Hartley, Indianapolis, was named to drive a previ-ously entered car' of R. T. (Red) Marley, and Jerry Unser, Lakewood, Calif., was added as driver for the entry of II. II, Johnson. ALSO YESH'.RDAY Prcsi-dent Thomas Binford of the United States Auto Club siwd cancellation of a 300-mile race for speedway type cars at the Record Crowd Al Purdue Clinic Lafayette, Ind. (Spl ) The Air Force Academy's Ben Martin explained his theories on football to a record opening-day crowd of 514 high school and college coaches from 10 states and Canada at the 27th annual Purdue Football clinic yesterday. Martin took natured digs several good at what he termed "those other service academies in the east" and added, "we had a 'lonesome end' at the Air Force Academy last fall, too, but out where we are there are only Indians and not too many newspapers." In a serious vein he described the Falcons' offense as utilizing the quick belly series with an unbalanced line and a liberal amount of passing. "WE USE A lot of screen passes," he said." Martin shared the opening day program with Gene Slaughter, head coach at Harding High School, Warren, 'O., and Bob Jones, head coach at South Bend Central. Daytona International Speed, way was "a wise move under present circumstances." "In fact, our group asked that the race be postponed or cancelled to give us more time to study the entire situation; Binford said. The Daytona race was called off after an evaluation of last Saturday's race In which George A m I c k of Rhl n e I a n d e r, Wis., was killed. Jim Rathmann drove 100 miles at an average of 170.2(52 miles an hour, a world record for a closed course speedway. Binford agreed with Day tona speedway officials in their conclusion that engineer, ing and driver know-how is not ready for the new track, College Itasrball D.iran 1, Ol'v.i 0 IS ifimnii, iflwitfmt). Aiqumflt 6. Coli( A Mini 1. Mum Ho I 1, Cot s 1 1 . Vid..b. 7 Oha Vai ?. Xnvr 0 Iowa Vol I, OHokimi 7, lawn Tuathatt 11 Ooka 1, n-ll'y 6 laa S Miami 10 I t Wlada 4 'vidva Wabain. anaaKa' fain College Coir Maryland I Pttnftm High-Scoring Gateway Bowlers Roll Tonight In Star's Classic By BOB WILLIAMS Gateway Chevrolet, a Chicago team which owns the nation wide season record of 3,076 in league competition, puts in an 8 p.m. appearance today on the second week end of The Indianapolis Star's 1 4th Women's Ten-Pm Classic. Heading the Gateway lineup, competing in the 27H team tourney at the new Hindel Lanes (CS3 Massachusetts Avenue), will be Olga Gloor who captured championship medals in three individual events here last year. OLGA AVI RAGF.D 205 for the nine-game route last year to nab the ail events title with l,S4fi, she also won the s;ngles with 052 and teamed with Bev Bowman for 1,221 to take the two-woman crown. Gateway team captain is Sarah Alongi. who has a lofty "32 series to her credit in league play this year. Following the first three squads in the seven-week-end tourney which won't close until May 17, Spiegel. Inc., of Chicago, rules both divisions of the team event with 2.5S2 ac-lual and 2.927 in the handicap class. Competing on the same S p m. squad with Gateway w ill be Indiana state tourney leader - if i - 4 .jm -aw . tJ CHICAGO ACES HERE-Goteway Chevrolet of Chicago, which owns the 3,076 top series in nation-wide women's league competition this year, heads the list of 49 teams shooting tonight in The Indianapolis Star's Ten-Pin Classic ot Hindel's. Olga Gloor (left), 192-average bowler for Gateway, won championship medals in ihree individual events last year. Team captain Sarah Alongi (right) has a 732 score in league competition this year. INSURED SAVINGS CURRENT DIVIDEND O PER YEAR SHELBY STREET FEDERAL SAVINGS I LOAN ASS'N. mat VHuii sr. mi s iso) 31 .;,;Tt.V' ; 'i :- - y f, .- . y t Steak 'N" Shake from Indianapolis, led by Jo Berkopes and Lila Lambert who set an all-time national doubles record of 1.301 in The Star's 1056 tourney. F.ARLY IF ADFRS in the minor events are Marge Bagin-ski and Bundruk of Chi- .cago with 1.001 actual and Vaughn and Virginia Brewer of Fort Wayne with 1.231 handicap in the doubles; Mary Shreves of Muncie with 5SG and liS2 in the singles; Mary Bundruk with 1.700 and 1.S0H in the all-events. Gateway bowlers will try the doubles and singles tomorrow at 1 p.m. Samlv Face i'i"T lon;lnn UP!) Randy Sandy ff New York will meet Dick Ti'T, Briisvh Fmpire multlicvv t'hampton from N.n.i, in a 10 round return bout at Wcmblev Arena Mjv 12 All of the record $7,542 prize fund fcocs to the handi cap division. Championship team trophy and individual modal in all four events will go for the top actual scores. Tola S hnlule Tl AM IVIM I ' i"-?r I V.ntx.'h lp.ii'-', tndp-l i . O"ft3'0, . Ai lf I, Mun i '0 P M U -,i M. ind H j : 6 -fi tv'' C' ,'--!' If hO"C'r I Ml ?'V,p i ; Pn 4 r . RAMBLER on DISPLAY ON THE MALL GLENDALE SEE HAROLD WELLER U,VE BETTER By ill i I IH II I li Mtojaiin tn limes ; ai AT SHOPPING CENTER CAP GET YdDUJM to' .ll""'. .ta 0"V lor f ,f lVa ,0", Aiie' i. tio"m ' w a, r? -3.:t v.. A -Or 1 OA 1,,c' 111 a tn' ii 1 1 f BE SURE YOUR CAR ) VsAFE! it '"-.. CHet1 V0,io. .. w M..1V t"lv7 nalti'T-.u.s,' Salt 01,4 !': fioM, ... One' 7., -! BENNY GOODMAN'S NEWEST RECORD ALBUM free with your car conditioning ipeciof. Offer expires May II, 1959 l jf. GRAB A HAND FULL OF MARBLES! As Many as your hand will hold. Children must be accompanied by adults. AT THE FOLLOWING TEXACO DEALERS DISPLAYING BENNY GOODMAN record poster; INDIANAPOLIS (HIT II PAUL ENGLAND l.aitMll A N K.xiaot VtRN REID )l'a t Caal RICHir S TEXACO N ArftBftw A Memahwif tn 101 SEWARD Si. U. N. 1 SkaOlaxA' lit 14 100) LAWRENCE TEXACO l. U. N. A' 1 M.C.f 11101 "4 I'.a ktl H. I. WRIGHT U N. A' I .. 14 1001 A.ndi.ian P at) R0ESSNER i HARBOR li 1 Ma...n fATTONS SERVICE I tin 4 N "t JIM NORWOOD l?0t laa,. 14 T.bRi TED LACH 3I'H I M...C.aa SWINF0RD fa SON U I Mt N All W .. i. V. M. HARGER U I Nwr N. All 1 W 71 H ft. JACK C0APSTICK U I Ht. N.. 411 I la1 Na. 104 ItaaM CHARLES PETTY )! I C.a'aawa I a1 JACK DITMER It'll 1 O'iho'4 ROY TROWBRIDGE ia 4 C.ll.aa HAROLD BRIDGE 4l 4 C.ll.aa CALVIN'S TEXACO 4Hi 4 C.ll.aa CLAUD BAUGH th 4 (..nana JOE SILVEY M.llcixlla 4 Hatiiaat JACK MARCELLA I -.of I ia 4 Cm'ta Carl hart AJ-4 4 taiol SOI Til WALLY GILBERT PAUL FERREE Wo(fiM $6lfttir FLOYD JANITZ HOMER STILLABOWER th.l.f 4 Mr.r KENNY WHISMAN U I. M. Na. II 4 Qfi l)M1 ....It. H ROY'S TEXACO U I H Na 51 I I R0ESSLER SERVICE U I Hwr Na. 411 4 I Imaxan i:st ART QUINN Ch.nai 4 I'.n III. PAUL HOLDER lnl.ih 4 Imanaa JOHN HORNING N liai 4 I N.w Tata Si. 8ALAY 1 CARSON I 10 4 I...M. JIM GOODWIN l.l-af 4 4101 I Woih.aiian GREELEY BROS. I MtcPt'ft A N pirmn 0fit AAR0M ASHBY Sncf A I WmtSmftM GEORGE KELLER il.iaal 4 I. Waikia.ian HAROLD CARNEY )4ih 4 l.ral WIST NICK JACKSON WILBUR HESSEL JIM FARMER W Hit I WmmiM WIT Of MTV 0AKLAND0N SALES il. H Na. A' 4 G.rmanHw U Onlilana'.A WILLIS & SON U I Mt. Ni. 1)1 4 Orait G'..waa" LAMASTUS SMITH VALLEY TEXACO Giaaitwaatf H 4 Mian. 1 1 Nt. 4. Gra.nwa.4 CHARLEY'S TEXACO U I Hwr. 4 Caania lm( U G'aanwaaal TRUMP BROS. Ma A 4 J.M.'ian niMiu J. E. BATES 1017 W Ma.a II G'..I.I4, M LEACH 4 HAWLEY U I Mwf. N. Ja 0anll 14 B. M. DEWEESE U J Mwy N, JA 4 Caanif lift. 14 IW.n) M. I. JONES Mnift A CfcwrH--Cltrnrtt, nJ, BOB HELLER a' 4 Sauna Ciia'A. I4 SWEARINGEN'S TEXACO U I. Na. II 4 O'tn.'tf laaa C-t.Bwaaa' Ii H. V. GLASS W '0h 4 H..h lil J,.ilaT C. H. KINDER W Itih 4 Imhuni Saaaa A BRAND NEW INDIANAPOLIS NASH, Inc. 342 E. MARKET ST. ME 2-8521 A '4

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