Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 3, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 3, 1937
Page 6
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HOPE STA«» HOPE, ARKANSAS 8,1987: THE Juniors Dominate Southwest Team Rice, Leading the League, Fails to Place on First Team DALLAS. Texas — (if) — Next year's stars, seven of them, headed the list irf grid favorites named Thursday on the Associated Press' 1937 All-Southwest Conference eleven, selected by the composite vote of coaches and sports writers. Three repeaters of last year's selection, aU seniors, found their way back in the line-up, but it remained for a bunch of juniors, just about the whole show in the league this season to dominate the selection. Rice Fails to Place Both Texas A. & M. and Texas Christian placed three men, while Baylor contributed two, Arkansas, Southern Methodist and Texas, one. Rice Institute, the team the critics expect tft wia the title in the final game against Southern Methodist here Saturday, did not place one of its well- balanced eleven on the first string. Neither of Rice's sophomore back- fielders, Ernie Lain and Ollie Cordill, made the first team grade. Their offensive antics carried Rice to the top after a shaky start. Lain has figured directly or indirectly in 10 of Rice's 11 scores. Wingmen Unopposed Without much competition James Benton of Arkansas and Sam Boyd of Baylor made the end posts. B,->th great pass receivers and die backbone of their teams' noted aerial games, the lanky wtngmen fieured in heavy scoring throughout the season. Only unanimous selection was that of I. B. Hale, 235-pound Texas Christian junior, at one of the tackles. The burly and fleet ilneman was a standout. The other tackle went to Charles Sprague of Southern Methodist, a tireless defensive giant who made a mediocre Methodist line look like a stone wall on many occasions. Two Texas Aggie guards, all-Ameri- cart Joe Routt and Virgil Jones, won the middle-line positions without trouble. This pair teamed all season in one of the greatest line shows of a decade. Routt handling the smashing plays with his submarining in the line and Jones, a great tackier, dropping back into the secondary for roving work. Aid rich Popular Only one of the 16 votes failed to name Ki Aldrich, ihe ranging T. C. U. center, to the pivot position. His defensive work through one of the nation's hardest schedules, highlighted by the manner in which he handled the touted Alex Wojiechowicz of Fordham, stood out the nation over. ' Good backs were plentiful, but the composite vote landed, comfortably, David O'Brien, Dick Todd of Texas A. & M., Bill Patterson of Baylor and Hugh Wolfe of Texas, in the backf ield. It meant the relegation of such stars as Dwight Cloan of Arkansas, and his running mate, Jack Robbins; Carl Brazzell, Baylor's stormy fullback, and Ernie Lain, to the second team. THE BLOW- OFF First Basketball Practice Monday Bobcats Expected to Have Strong Team—Several Veterans Back Coach Foy Hnmmons announced Friday that first practice for the basketball season would be held in the high school gymnasium Monday afternoon. All prospects for the team nre urged to report at that time. Coach Hammons said he expected a large number of candidates, including the return of several Icttermen from last year's squad. Hammons has veterans in Reese, Ramsey, Stone and Bright. Fulkorson and Masters, alont! with the Parsons brother, Woodrow and Dean, are prospects. Bason. Baker and Elmer Purtle are expected to make strong bids for the team. Coach Hammons said that he had written several schools of the state for games, but had not heard from any of them Friday. Reese and Ramsey, two veteran cage players, will play until mid-term when they end their high school eligibility. RIGHT AND WRONG IN TOTING GUNS Arkansas Awaits Bowl Invitation Central American '(Continued from Page One) Rico poultry farm has 600 chicks going to him on every Clipper departure from Miami. Practically every Caribbean country now has adopted American chickens as standard poultry stock, and at Maracaibo a single firm arvertwes "300 fresh-laid American eggs every day.'" As the stocks begin to flourish locally, intrastate shipments are beginning to add to the traffic. And today 10,MO cheeping, chirping little passengers leave the United States every week for points south, half a million this year, an all-time record. Willing to Play in Oil Bowl or the Cotton Bowl, Officials Say FAYETTEVTLLE, Ark.—With rumors arising in several places about the possibility of a postseason game for the University of Arkansas football team, university officials are pursuing a policy of watchful waiting. The Porkers have been boosted for the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas New Year's Day and a proposed Oil Bowl contest at Tulsa the same day. Boyd Cypert, university business manager of athletics, said Thursday that he believed the Tulsa game would not go through, but that there is posibility that the Razorbacks might accept an invitation to meet Colorado in the Cotton Bowl. It has been proposed that the team winning the Southwest Conference championship be selected for Colorado's opponents in the Dallas game but local enthusiasts, along with others throughout the state and in Okla homa and Texas, have declared tha no such precedent should be estab lished now because Arkansas has b; far the most colorful squad. Arkansas with two losses and a tie in conference play, failed to repeat for the conference championship lhat it held last year. The proposed Oil Bowl game at Tulsa would have pitted the Porkers Emmet, Saratoga to Meet Friday Night The Emmet girls and boys basket- oall teams will play Saratoga on the Emmet court at 7 p. ni. Friday, Coach Hervcy Snell of Emmet, said Friday afternoon. By JERRY BRONFIELD NEA Service Sports Writer What's ham without eggs? What's tea without lemon? What's a football season without post-mortems? We glance, then, back down the gridiron trails of 1937 and come up with the following observations: Team living up most to pre-season expectations: Pitt. The long-range pigskin prognosticators opined way back in Scpttmber that the Panthers would be tops in the business and probably would wind up with the most impressive record. You can't even stir up an argument here, unless you're from the golden slope of the Pacific, where California is the epitome of all that is great and glorious in footballdom. Biggest bust of the season: Colgate. The Red Raiders of the Shenango Valley were ticketed "danger—beware!" in September. Wound up by losing five. Most cinsistent offense: Again the Panthers. Jock Sutherland's boys were so loaded with power it was practically no contest once the Panthers started rolling—although they waited until the last quarter against Notre Dame and Nebraska. Pitt piled up the amazing total of more than 2400 yards and more than 100 first downs. Two Best Lines Best defensive team in major ranks: and two points after touchdown in Colorado's 17-6 defeat of Utah. Most desperately successful last- ditch gesture: Clint Frank's touchdown pass to Al Hessborg which enabled Yale to tie Dartmouth, 9-9, in the last 12 seconds of play. Funniest incident: When Capt. Jack Lyon of South Carolina, running in the clear for a touchdown against Citadel, was flopped by an enthusiastic spectator who dashed onto the field, made the tackle, got up, dusted off his hands and said: "How'm I doin",'" Ho did all right, but the Gamecocks were awarded a touchdown anyway. Most heartbreaking loss: Chicago's" gallant performance against Michigan. The Maroons, starved for a Big Ten victory all season, led the Wolverines 12-0 going into the minal minutes of play, only to see Michigan come from behind to eke out a one-point margin of victory. But thus go the fortunes and misfortunes of gridiron warfare. Southwest Title Is at Stake Saturday S. M. U. Will Be Underdogs in Clash With Rice Grid Team ••Left is the correct way to carry your gun- while hunting, with the muzzle pointed up and not toward •a .companion, Right, game wardens demonstrate handiest methods of shooting someone fatally or blowing off somebody's leg, Travelers Obtain Second Baseman Gerard Lipscomb, Former Cracker, Bought by Prothro LITTLE ROCK.—Gerard 'Nig) Lipscomb, former second baseman for the Atlanta Crackers, was purchased by the Littcl Rock Travelers, Manager Doc Prothro announced at Milwaukee Thursday night. Lipscomb was sold to the St. Louis Browns by Atlanta in midsoason last year. He had a .293 batting average for his last full season with Atlanta. His fielding average was .965 in 148 games. He was purchased outright from the St. Louis Browns. He probably will replace Al Niemicc who was purchased by the Boston Red Sox at the close of last season. Allied submarines played their most important part in the World war in the Gallipoli campaign. When Dog Shoots Man, It's News. Arkansas Traveler, university newspaper, said that it learned Thursday that Fordham would not accept. A Complete Line —of- Yardlcy's Old English lavender Toiletries— Bond Street Perfume "XMAS SETS" See Our Window JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store PJione 63 Delivery Flyweight Car Wins K.O. Over Heavyweight Train ARKANSAS CITY, Kan.-l/Pi—A light coupe smashed into a freight train at the Oklahoma state line near here. Four passengers suffered minor injuries. Damages to their car didn't exceed $300. Here's the railroad's bill: Nine thousand ties were damaged when a tank car's trucks were derailed and ran on the ties for three milts to the yards here. A §750 signal was destroyed. " Six other tank cars were derailed (and the contents of two had to be transferred. Several sections of track were torn up. j A wrecker crow worked for several I hours to clear the right-of-way. Railroad officials estimated the cost dt nearly $10,000. - - —»»*»-.— • An early 17th century superstition was that "raw cow's milk causes bovine characteristics in infants and children." against unbeaten Fordham, but the I Ohio State or Fordham. Take your choice—it won't make much difference. Without a doubt, the Buckeyes and Rams had the two best lines in football. The Bucks gave up three touchdowns and a total of 23 points in eight games. The Rams allowed their goal line to be crossed but once and had nine points scored on then; in the same number of contests. The Ohioans, however, probably had the tougher schedule, meeting Texas Christian and Southern California, in addition to six Big Ten foes. The Rams had two breathers in Franklin and Marshall and Waynesburg. Trickiest play: Vanderbilt's button- huttnn-who's got the football maneuver which upset Louisiana State, 7-6. If you rlon't recall, the Commodore quarterback took the ball from center, placet! it quickly and deftly on the ground between a guard's legs and then scooted out toward the sidelines in a nice fake. Tackle Rickctson meanwhile stumbled, fell on the ball, covered it well until the Tigers were in full cry after the faker and then picked it up and ran down the other side of the field for a touchdown. Nice work if you can get it. A Nice Day's Labor Best individuul effort; Whiter Whites two touchdowns, field goal, NUMBER 8 NELS8N- HUCKINS ON WASH DAY Representative JACK WITT Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance Christian Rest Text: Matthew ll:28-:iO; Hebrews 4:1-11 Everyone knows that when a dog bites a man, it's not news. But when a dog shoots a man with a 12-gauge shotgun, that's news, and it may sound very comical to everyone but Cecil Parthemer, 31, inset, who is fighting for life in a Warren. O., hospital, and his dog, Queen, the remorseful beagle shown above with the fateful weapon on her master's bed. Parthemer rested his gun on a fence while hunting. The dog jumped UP and touched the trigger witb, her paw, sending a full charge o| wadding and shot Into pier's chest and armpitt The promise of rest that Jesus made to the hnavy laden is unique in the annals of what hns been offered to humanity by its professed leaders and masters. Monarchs and military loaders have offered men glory, and they hiive found the response of millions who would suffer and die for an intrepid and attractive lender. Masters and demagogues of finance have offered the allurements of wealth; and they, too, have found a response from the masses who too trustfully have yielded themselves to be shorn of what Jhey had. Others have offered case and pleasure, or have dangled allurements of adventure before humanity. But here is Jesus who stands before the world and says, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and nre heavy laden, and I will give you rest." How unique He is, and how accurately He discerns the deepest need in human life! For man cannot exist in life, and cannot go on, without rest. It is the one thing that nil men need whether they seek it or not, find Unit they find ultimately in the grave if they do not find it as a heritage of life. The conditions of the world, no less than this elemental need, emphasize what Jesus has to offer. We live in an age of unrest. Our modern life, particularly, is jumpy and hard-driven. We have not only speeded it up in purpose, but we have all Ihe instruments and environment to make that speeding-up process terrific. The last thing that we think of is rest; nevertheless, it is the deepest need. We cannot do without it. Jesus is equally unique in the sort of rest that He offers. It is not the rest of mere ease, or of apathy, or of irresponsibility. It is the rest that comes through responsibility, and through learning, through discipline, through the meekness of heart that removes man from the areas of greed and violence and ambition. It is the rest that comes through bearing the yoke. 7he late Sylvester Hornc preached a groat but simple sermon from this text in London many years ago. He- drew an illustration from our Civil war, citing the type of man who was irritable and uneasy in his personal and business relationships, wliusc temper made him a problem to his family and his friends. He pictured this man voluntarily accepting the responsibility of a great cause, accepting hardship and danger without complaint, finding rest and satisfaction through bearing the yoke. That truth may be found in wide ranges of life that are not associated with battlefields. Paul gave a great commentary upon these words of Jesus when he said to the early Christians, "Bear ye one another's burlens, and so fulfill the law ol Christ." Can there be any real rest for those who do not know what it means U bear a burden? Alabama Will Be Underdog in Bowl L. S. U. Is Rated to Take Santa Clara in the Sugar Bowl SANTA CLAUS and COMPANY (Registered U, S. Patent Office) NEW YORK.— ifl't— Broadway bookmakers hnvc m;idc California an 8 to 5 choice over Alabama in the -Rose Bowl game. Louisinnn State 7 to 5 to turn the tables on Santa darn when they meet again in the Sugar Bowl. Figure filberts estimate aggregate Kate receipts of New Year's grid games, from Miami to P.'isadcnn. will approach $750,000. But have you ever heard of a college paying an excess profits lax? Anyway, Fordham's rueful rams know how Colgate's Red Raiders fell in I!t:i2. That was the year the Col- gates were unbeaten, untied, unscorcd- on-and uninvited. Pittsburgh got the l!)3.'j Rose Bowl match and a 35-0 shellacking from Southern California. Panthers were unbeaten during regular season !<ut tied twice, by Nebraska and Ohio state. Arkimsiis-Tulsa Passes Lead Nomination for passingest game in big college leagues this year: Arkansas-Tulsa. Combined, they tossed 72 passes, completed 33 for aggregate gain of 423 yards. Cornell's rushing attack against Pennsylvania, generating 339 yards or an average of nearly seven yards per try, represented one of season's biggest ground-gaining achievements. • Star Statistics Against 10 major opponents, Texas Christian's Davey O.Bricn, 153-pound quarterback, played 580 out of a possible BOO minutes. He did the passing, punting, most of the running and figured in fully half the Frogs' plays, j. D. Ashley of the Sioux Falls (S. D.) Argus-Leader reports <Al Unit Billy Ryan, U. of South Dakota quarterback, in three years made every touchdown of the season's big game against South Dakota State and <Bi That Bobby Putnam, track star and backficld ace of Yunkton College, returned kickoffs for 101 and !)8 yards in one game, against Sioux Falls. Fun Sacrifice Leon C;i.se, Michigan's wcn-tfiry of slfile, gave up his own auto license number—7—.so that it could In- used nn the car given to E;irl (Dutch) Clark by fulmirur.s of the Detroit Lions' pro- fc.ssioiuil football star, Clfirk wore No. 7 throughout his grid career, iit high school in Pueblo, at Colorado College, and in the pro ranks. Bernie Bic-rmaii, who wiy.s he had trouble keeping the Minnc-MiUi.s "keyed up" this year, i.sn't likely to have similar trouble during the 1938 season. The Gophers open aguin.st Washington, then lacklc Nebraska, Purdue, Michigan, take a wec-k off and close on successive Saturdays against Northwestern, Iowa, Notre? Dinnu and Wisconsin. * Team Leaders Alabama teams, during seven years under head coach Frank Thomas, show 57 victories, G defeats and 4 ties. That's as good as uny big league school's record in tiie country ... St. Ambrose College of Davenport, In., unbeaten for two years, shows 47 wins, 9 losses and 2 ties in .seven seasons under thu tutelage of W. J. (Dukes) Duford, former Marquetto fullback. By KING COLE DALLAS, Tcx.-(/P)—Bnllorcd Southern Methodist University, its casualty list assuming proportions of the war debt, meets Rice Institute here Saturday In the final Southwest Conference game that will determine a titlist—or titlisls. Up from Houston comes Rice with a half-game lend over the pack but still needing n victory over SMU to salt away the title. A tic would throw them into a first-place deadlock with Texas Christian while H loss would drop them into a second place tie with Arkansas, lost year's champs. To meet the invasion of the Owls, Conch Matty Bell must patch up n first string that will be minus its staunchcst lineman, Cluirlie Spriiguc, tackle, and possibly his first-airing ends, Pete Acker and Keith Ranspol. The injury malady bus spread to his biickfield, where George Ewing mid Jack Morrison, passing and kicking mainstays, are both suffering hurts. Neither has suited out this week. Boll's starting backficld, unless some overnight healing surprises him, will be composed of Johnny Stidger at the tailback; John harlow, Bob Belville and Dan Patterson. Meanwhile, Rice has its worry in that Ollie Cordill, the great soph halfback who almost personally look core of Baylor last week, is limping on 11 bad leg. However, lie is expected to start the game. Ernie Lain, his bruising backfield companion mid the team's No. I passer, will be ready. Until four woks ago considered a weakling, Southern Methodist has charged back with a rush, whipping Baylor and UCLA nnd losing a close one to Texas Christian lust Saturday, 3-0, when Davey O'Brien kicked a last quarter field goal. Out of the game will come an invitation to meet Colorado University and its "YVbb./.er" While in the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day. Either Rico or Texas Christian, depending on the finish of the race, will get the bid. Only one other conference team, Texas A. find M., will be in action Sat- urdny in the regular season's windup. The Aggies, revived by n Turkey Day victory over the University of Texas, meets San Francisco, on the Pacific slope. Last year the Aggies exploded after absorbing a 14-0 deficit through the first half and romped fill over the Dons to 38-M victory. Not an injury will hnmpor their chances to make it two straight over the San Francisco club. Logs, Blocks and Bolts Wo nrc in the market for Wliite Oak, Ovcrcup, Burr Oak, Red Onk nnd Sweet Gum Logs. Round Swccc Gum and Black Gum 11 locks, Oak, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices nnd Specifications Apply 10 Hope Heading Company PHONE 245 COTTON OWNERS K. C. Rrown Cotton Company which firm has served this community for thirty years luis hccn duly Rondcil to handle GOVERNMENT LOANS. Immediately upon receipt from you at this office of (he Warehouse receipts mul samples, wo will class the cotton and have check available immediately. Information will he gladly furnished upon request. E. C. BROWN PHONK 210 EXTRA/ KMJHPatBUlLETIN, PETEEAHOPOiLV POOP HAVE JUST 8KN WADE SPECIAL VICE-PResiPEMTS OF SANTA O.AUS- AMO COWAHV, f ARE SANTA'S AT HIS WE GOINS TO PO ABOUT THIS"? THOSE INSURE NOW Wilh ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance Orville W, Erringer Sfatu Manager Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp. Denver, Colorado. Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugar Cure is a formula (hat cures meal quickly, costs no more than I ho old suit method and is much less (rouble. Making all cuts tasty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive brown cured color makes a more ready sale for (hose who butcher for market. Electrically Mixed! Printed Directions With Each Purchase MONTS SEED STORE 110 Bust Second

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