Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1935 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1935
Page 8
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ection Regime If Party la ?*»• BAKOlB 1 fitea PH$5i Coft&llftiHrent £««. — f^pj — Th6 labor iSft November 14 and,, t Britain, if it wins, a sweepins 'that wilt put the plans' 61 the ;nt Iwvernment arid the proposals &vtd Lloyd George in the Shade, L ; p'arty spokesman Slid. ' < ; Me added that party lenders feel that -,-^iSk naS been booming ahrf ii the govemmeht declining, are too ujicertain to chance / he pointecf 6ut ^ fie said 'the -Abyssinian- situation and Lloyd re-etJttyJhUa active politics e, two factors which might help jyring the tide toward labor in a ss more pronounced fashion .than old nave been expected a • few * ** l~ id* x linbor regards itself as the, original i t pefty; Of Britain,-claiming f^jp^nlp modern methods Ling! economic ills immediate- and that the v On Cant and Trucks Highest-Price* Paid for 't . "Vvr A m » -" . - IdUT AND, GROUND TO - FIT AN5?~CAft BYAN'S Used. Parts 1 Sooth Laurel Street ftebtttes, fftnVevef, the s^s—- *S«tlld, have rto IfttertW^S of ftttylhinjl unconstitutioftat AM ddffnUcly will be no dicffttorship, he declared. Labor's new deal would great storte employment schemed, w-i chtdfttg ^Ubtfc works, housing and Jh« i du*trlal expansion and socialisation of the state's services. what labor wants to give the coun* try, party spokesmen say, is a thef-s ough socialistic regime within exist' Ing constitutional limits and traditions. They figure state control of the Bank of England fails in that category. League of Nations Backed Although the party, as an orgaril* a lion, voted to support League 6f Nations sanctions Against Italy, it is attacking the government's record on foreign and defense policies. George Lansbur.v. veteran party leader in the house of commons, resigned that post rpther than give h.'s pers6nal commendation to sanctions and Major Clement AlUee was elected to succeed him. i But LafisbUry'i orthodbx laborlte disarmament and peace ideas still prevail as a general party doctrine. In fact the organfatioh support of Go* ncva sa'nctionS is seen, here as more of an offense against fascism than a defense of the Baldwin government. One of the main points of the labor campaign in this regard is built on the thesis that the government has supported the League only when expedient and not as a regular policy. * ' Scuth Code J^t •• * . 5 ~ rt ' i .v is! Italian- Irivfflers, AScotchman had to send an Urgent telegram, and nbt' wishing to spend : more money than necessary wrote like this: "Bruises hurt erased afford erected analysis hurt too infectious dead." (Ten words.) The Scotsman" who received it immediately decided it was: "Bruce is hurt. He raced a Ford. He vrrecked it, and Alice is hprt too. In fact she's dead." (Nineteen words.)—Boston Evening Transcript. New 1 York City, still contains, approximately' 1 20.000. horses and 600 stables to house-them. ' , '" Put and pirt dff WINTER f> "fa&B%fo$&~& JM^ J ' £ Williams Throws Zaharis in 2 Falls McNattght Wins Over Fri&nd in Two Falls Out of Three Lcfiy Williams took two strnglhl Mils from Chris Znhnrias to win the feature event at the American Legion wrestling stadium Wednesday night. Tho first fall required 18 minutes, ending' with body slams to the mat. The two sfajsplcrs roushed it up a bit In the second round, which lasted six minutes. In tho semi-final event Donald Mc- Nnughl won with two out of three falls. McNaUght took the first one in six minutes. Don Friend, the opponent; pinned McNaitght In seven minutes to take the second fall. The third went to McNaught five minutes later. Newton Sccrcst, Hope Star newsboy, and Fred Briant, drew in the 10- mlnutc preliminary. Both arc youngsters and Wednesday was their first public appearance in an amateur wrestling match. Providence Little James Slmmoni of Fort Wortl Texas. Is hero on n visit with hi 1 grandparents, Mr nnd Mrs. Charley Browning. Mrs. Dale Tonnlcmnker and little daughter, VhRlnm of Oakland, Is visiting her parents, Mr and Mrs. Bud Campbell, this week. Mr. and Mrs Charley Roberts spen Saturday night and Sunday with Mr and Mrs. Grady Browning. Mrs. A R Campbell of tint place- la visiting her daughter, Mrs. Rosle Kennedy at Camden. Mr.' and Mrs. Joe Gains and daughter, Lucille, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Campbell and children, Aubrey ant Opal Lee, were bed time guests o Mr. and Mrs, Bud Campbell Prtdnj night George Anderson visited friends am relatives at Bodcaw Saturday nigh and Sunday. Mrs. Gladys Tonnlcmaker and daughter, Virginia, spent Saturdai nlgh't and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs Victor Campbell. Mrs. Rosle Kennedy and children of Camden spent Friday night with Mi-, and Mrs. Bud Campbell. Rdtx5f'Ui**-"fih r none of us are Cect."-» l ftut Watchman-Examiner, Get the Wtffld nu t CROSLEY All-Wavc ftADlO Tube* Tested Free Houston Shop" (Copyright. 1935, NEA Service. Inc.) t Kticamt>nienta of nearly 2QO.OOO Ethiopian fighters mark the loosely drawn fighting front in tlieOgndon, Cnboiit 30 niiiRS'$oiith of llarrar. Their arms stocked and pup tents pitched, regulars attached to Ras &N«i(sibu's army.are shown, iu u picttno ju'st received Ja America from II. V. Drees, staff cameraman, eu- canipe'd,under flghtlug conditions. Note the camouflaged gun emplacement at'left, with gun mounted for aircraft defense THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON ,BY RODNEY DUTCHER WASHINGTON.— Many administrationists and neutral political observers ritil recently were suspecting that Hugh S. Johnson had designs on the presidency in 1940 have now come to the conclusion that the general just , . , , j i Johnson presumably would deny presidential ambitions at this lime But :his ^attack on the New Deal, be- an (cmbition to take over the whole Trips Up on Frankfurter There's much truth in Johnson's do- - . . - ,. j. • i J-11*-1UO iiiuv.il iiuifii in v\sniia\jit o vn- .ginning conspicuously with an article scri tion of the Now Deal ab a " mess " In *V»A. C^tni-rlav F.VfmtnfT Post, non- — .. ...., tarn 'a cold shoulder on Winter ...• or give it a.warm J. welcome i* HAKES p Get hold of a sijLit'aiut'fcel inside r— feel; tho "Ccbmfort'in thosfe'tlowny', clffse-knit ribs. ' r jmag5ncj that^yely^ly'Boftncss '•,«~Jingging your chest and t nugging. your legs yhen the snowflakc* fall 'ias big as dish-cloths and the wind cuts like a knife. Mister, you'll t^iiraot'thc Heavy-weight Champion for;y6ur ; hody-gnardI:.'':,;»*,.." ^H ^ "You'll have"plenty of play in n\,NEstJndenvear. And vre don't .. incan squeeze-play! These nnion-sttits give yon doable mea- • i sure—-your true trunk-length and chest-sice-too. .You can ' /'tend and reach as much as you want, and HANKS will never ' 'hinder! Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, and Seams * are so ' ^'sturdily stitched they're 'wear-conditioned! See your HANGS Dealer today. P. II. llanes Knitting Co.,Winston-Salem,N.C. A lirarhy dealtr hoi BANES Union- Suits, tt oni/ aft . . . Shins and •Drawerf begin al 75c . . . B»7>' .Union-Soils,, 75e . . . MerrlcklM W»lst.Snlti, 75c . . . alio Hew Wlnt«r-W«lght Shirt* and Knit Shorts (Ulu>iroiM< «t r/i*l), We oniiSScmh. FREEZE UNO ERWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS Hanes Are Sold in Hope by GORHAM&GOSNELL in the Evening Post, con vincc some of the highest officials here that someone has persuaded the 'general that he may have to run for high -office to save the nation from disaster. Secretary Wallace the other day openly cited opinions of frinnds that the general was a candidate for the Republican vice presidential nomination^ . Other cabinet members have expressed to intimates the belief that Johnson regards himself as - a _ possible conservative coalition pruidim- tial candidate. : ' Tunnel in at Roosevelt 'Edging ever closer to the Republican and American Liberty League positions, the general directs his attack at the policies, lieutenants, and advisers of Roosevelt, rather than at Roosevelt himself. Neither Roosevelt nor anyone else eels any comfort from the distinction, for the effect is to brand Roosevelt as the prize bonehead of all time. And many here figure that, since F. D. obviously isn't going to oblige Johnson by discarding the whole New Deal and its personnel, Johnson's next logical step would be to repudiate Roosevelt himself— however reluctant- But his insistence on blaming virtually all the innumerable New Deal,- mistakes on Dr. Felix Frankfurter of Harvard Law School and the Frankfurter graduates in the administration, whom he calls the "Happy Hot Dogs," is commonly regarded here as demonstrating the general's notorious lack of memory and devotion to facts. Quite a few insiders here seem to remember the time when Johnson was begging and storming in an effort to get Frankfurter, instead of Donald Richberg, as general counsel for NRA. Anyone can recall the occasion when Johnson, in an ill-advised public PHONE 266 WE DELIVER K.C. BAKING POWDER 17c MATCHES 6 Boxes 19C CRACKERS 2 Pound 1 OA Box IOC SUGAR DOMINO Cloth Bag 10 u55c GRAPES, Tokays-^2 Pounds.... ISc BANANAS, Golden Yellow—Pound 5c CARROTS—Urge Bunch 5c CELERY—Urge Stalk . - .-.:... 12'/ 2 c ly — a nd oppose his re-election. The current surge of belief in John- moment, said every step of "NRA had been taken in consultation with Justice Brandels, whose intimate relationship with Frankfurter is generally known. (Brandeis subsequently voted with a unanimous supreme ,court against NRA in the Schechter case and was known to be horrified at the way it had operated under Johnson.) Now Johnson boasts that he kept the "Happy Hot Dogs" out of NRA and the framing of NIRA. He Forgets the Past When Johnson blames the Roosevelt "Horse and Buggy" talk on Frankfurter influence, he fails to recall that he was haunting the White House in the days after the Schechter decision, ., .. , .... • • „„ i that he had a substitute NRA plan son's presidential ambitions is. m some ^ de de _ (.•m^ll i-io».» cirnn hv \insh_ New Deal- "•'**• l ^ i cision, and that Frankfurter was advising Roosevelt to forget about NRA. Mrs. Muench Put Out of Courtroom i Spectators Jeer Her—Girl Advances Claim to Disputed Baby ST. LOUIS, Mo.—(/p)-Climaxing a { riotous court session marked by boos i from spectators and the banishment I of a principal, unwed Anna Ware, a ' servant girl, Wednesday identified as her own the baby whose motherhood is claimed by Mrs. Nellie Tipton Muench. Spectators who had jeered Mrs. Muench as she brought the infant into court Wednesday morning, shouted "hurray for Anna Ware" as the girl completed her identification. Mrs. Muench, ejected from the court after she screamed, "You brute —Nero!" at Judge William D. Decker, sat in an anteroom and wept loudly. The two women Wednesday entered the third week of their legal battle over the infant. Judge Becker removed it from the custody of Mrs. Muench when he ordered it held as evidence. It will be cared for at a St. Louis hospital until the case is concluded. It was the order, read by Judge Becker a few minutes after Mrs. Muench had brought the baby into court for the first time, that brought the denunciation. i Jumping to her feet she shouted. "Oh, don't you do it—don't do it. Oh, how can you, you mean old brute."* "Remove that women from the courthoom," shouted Judge Becker above the tumult. AS court attaches surrounded Mrs. Muench she turned to Judge Becker again. "Nero Nero!—to take my baby from me," she screamed. Placed in an anteroom Mrs. Muench continued to sob audibly. Hot Springs Man Loses Balm Suit Jury Rejects Plea for $5,000 Against Georgia Ex-Sheriff HOT SPRINGS, Ark!—L. King H!«- Hnbothnm, former sheriff of Glenn county, Georgia, did not steal the affections of Mrs. Charles Holland from her husband, a young automobile mechanic, a circuit court jury decided Wednesday after deliberating an hour and 15 minutes. The verdict was signed by nine of the 12 jurors. Holland had asked $5.000 from the reputedly wealthy Georgian. The case hns occupied the court for two days. Richard M. Ryan, special judge, received the verdict and then disqualified himself in a murder case that followed the Higginbotham-Holland litigation. Identification First Lawyer—"You're a lowdown client!" Second Lowycr—"You're an unmitigated liar!" Judifo (rapping)—"Now that the attorneys have identified each other we ihall proceed with the case."—Capper's Weekly. Gas Heaterc Ranges Circulators Eaay Terms Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 fVVOI For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson and Company small part, sired by wish. New Deal- and poorly informed. But they'd rather pin him down as an actual presidential aspirant, where he could be shot full of holes, thari to let him roam at large as a wild man flailing in all directions, who couldn't be held to responsibility for his utterances. On the other hand, Johnson's ironclad faith in his own infallibility and superior attainments encourages the belief that in the back of his head is DECKER'S TALL KORN BflCON >•* 32 Stop That Cough WITH CHERROSOTE The best remedy for .simple coughs and gastric fermentative we have. 8 oz. Bottle 60c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company Delivery At a meeting of New Deal lawyers, Frankfurter had long before advised [hat the only possible chance of getting NRA by the supreme court lay in keeping out of the courts until the law could be revised. Johnson now attacks that advice, which his lawyers ignored when they demanded action en the Schechter SALE Friday and Saturday RcnJ Money-Saving Prices oil TIRES TUBES BATTERIES Save Money by Getting Your Winter Car Needs Here fBNBBHHBHBUW|Mb SPARK PLUGS 19c Only Each AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY Phone 144 112 Sort'h Main HOT PRICES FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY CALIFORNIA ORANGES Fu " of Juice NO. 1 POTATOES JONATHAN APPLES YELLOW-SPANISH ONIONS I GREEN CABBAGE FirmHeads •j A Pounds lU Bag BEEF R0AlT PT STEAK OLOGNA SLICED .-**, * * f $ -*** li STbSr *- t^ * BACON SUGAR CURED 25c CHEESE Krafts Elkhorn u 20C HOBBS AT YOUR SERVICE With Complete Facilities for Battery Charging Slirs Ickcs Crowd Ire The Ickes-PWA-Interior crowd is iust as andignant as the Frankfurter boys, because Johnson says he had a fine PWA plan worked out, which ha says Ickes ignored as he proceeded to make PWA a complete failure. Various Ickes .subordinates remember making feverish search for that celebrated "plan" and being able to discover no record of it whatever, except that Johnson had said once thot most of the 53,300,000,000 should be spent on mechanizing and motorizing the army. Arc yon on to BUDGET stockings i»y PHOENIX Operated When Americans buy imported European products, they are helping . . . Hitler, Mussolini or Stalin. By sending American dollars abroad, our citizens are enriching the nation" which support Nazism, Fascism, and Communism.—I. M. Ornburn, union executive. World conditions emphasize the fact that all countries of the western hemisphere should get closer together. N'crth and South America can gel along without the rest of the world.— Mayor LaGuardia, New York. I am for a compulsory oath, an oath to require every teacher every day to swear at the societies who brought about this oath.—William McAndrew New York, attacking new law requiring oath of allegiance from teachers. An original thought is dynamite. If you advance one, it would blow the whole system of education to hell.— Frank Lloyd Wright, famed architect. War and politics serve for mainte" ance of the people, but war is the highest expression of the national will for curvival. Therefore, politics must serve and war command.--General Erich Ludeiidorff, of Germany. Si vie 721 Budget Shadowiest Sheer, 4 thread/ 42 gauge, for thoi e who count their penniej and count their appearance, e 724 Budget -Service Sheer, long mileage (09! and title top, for those who C9unt the pennies and the wear. We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store ©eo. W, Robison &* Co. HOPE PHESCOTT NASHVIUE SUGAR 20.POUNDS LIMIT QUART JAR MUSTARD 10c LIFEBUOY 4 Bars SOAP 25c RINSO Sm 9c L'g., 2 for 39c 14 oz. Bottle CATSUP IQc DIXIE' M OLEO 191 DOGGIE ft DINNER 0 MARSHMALLOWS HOSTEPs o sun a DRIED BEEF STAR 3 For PIE CHERRIES N02CAN KROGER Casel RE<llFDAI^IiiC When 12 Empties DLV CIlMViEilI Returned—Case MATCHES REDBIRD 3 BEANS NAVY 4 SNAPS GINGER COUNTRY CLUB PUMPKIN JEWEL 3 Lbs Pour COFFEE 50c For Lbs. Pound Lan COMPLETE LINE OF SEAFOODS AND FRESH WATER FISH Halibut, Ib 27c Ocean Cat Fish, Ib .. 19c Fillet Haddock, Ib- 19c Channel Cat, Ib 29c Buffalo, Ib ? Drum, Ib Oysters, pint Cooked Shrimp, U Green Shrimp, ib Speckled Trout, lb. CHOICE NATIVE ROUND STEAK Pound Ii ROAST, 12c PORK—K. C, CHOPS 29c SAUSAGE 10 PORK—K. C. 1 ROAST 29c MINCED LOAF SLICED DACON STEAK LARD Fine For School \"ti 11' Lunches—Pound TALL KORN Pound K. C. ROUND Tender, Juicy Bulk Compound Strictly Fresh

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