Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 31, 1935 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 31, 1935
Page 7
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Head of the Mail IJ.O. S. §Unl head. iiPtltAht man. listen diys. 18 EtofcageWrents. 14 Port of foot. 14 Semises. ',,21 Eighth of a 11 circle, 1128 Heavy. 28 Prying aneflk. ,' 29Artlflclal stream. 30 Frozen water. 32 Number gamo. , 13 Toothed edge formation. 16 Since. 59Ml8ter. to Senior. II Tiny vegetable [113 Indian gate- 1 way. 15 English coin. 17 Wasp bite. 19 Earth, ••I Smell. Ji To value. tO PfCvlOTTS l»tl*7.lC 1)3 Sun. 64 Mother. GBUhit. 56 HI 9 title, postmaster 57 His native state. VERTICAL 2 Exclamation, 3 Encountered, 4 Before. 6 Cry for help. 7 Barley spike- let. 8 Thing. 9 To permit. 10 To piece out, 13 He la chairman of the chief committee. 14 To press. 15 And Is his imfty's dispenser. 11 Data. 18 X. 1!) Ages. i 20 Earnest, a 22 Hues. 23 Mahogany 24 Ready. 25 Mean ot lace, 27 Courtesy title. 28 To harden. 31 Vegetable. 34 Railroad. 35 Exists. 37 Bird used for food. 38 Constellation. 41 Instrument. 42 To come In. 44 denim of atikw 45 Verbal, 46 Lust word ot prayer, 48 System of weights. 50 Wine vessel. 51 Form of "be." Sell Jtl Find It! Rent It! Buy IU in tho Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you soil. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30« 'or consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, Cc line, min. 50« C times, 60 line, min. 90c 20 times, 3'/4c line, min. $2.70 (Average 5Mt words to the line) ads will be accepted,, untlei standing that the >H1 is payable on presentation of statement, before the first * p'ubli- Ijntion, Phbne 76S NOTICE f 'OTJCE—Hallo'ween dance at Rose od Camp near Prescott. Tlie pubis invited. Thursday night Octo- 31. From 8 until ?. 28-4tp. ""AKEN UP—Brindle-colorcd grey- intl Apply at Hope Star. 29-3tc Rocky Mound Mrs. Tommy Butler called on her tin lighter, Mrs. Alfred Beardcn last Thursday. Mrs. Ftiirchilds visited Mrs. Florence Fineher ;i while Inst Thursday, Mrs. John Bill Jordan nnd baby .spent last Friday with her mother,' Mrs. Luther Milchcl. Mrs. Clifsrd Mosser and little son, Bobby Charles of New Hope, spent a few days last week with her parents Mr. arid Mrs. Warren Pickard and family. Miss Byrol Pickard visited the hool lost Friday afternoon. Mi. and Mrs. Bonton ITuddleston of "Hopcwell-wa.s-the dinner guest of Mr; and Mrs. Cecil Rogers Monday. Mrs. John Bill Jordan and baby railed on Mrs. 'Oeward Silvey Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Andy Jordan . spent Tuesday, evening with her daughter, Mrs. i Fletcher En.sUirling." | Mrs. Harold Higgerson called on Mrs. Luther Stead a while last Friday morning. Every body remember Sunday school at this place every Sunday at 11 o'clock. Come and bring some one with you. Rev. Craine of Spring Hill failed to fill his la.st appointment at this place Sunday on account of the rainy weath- WANTED ELP WANTED-Will pay $35.00 per ok and expenses. Man or woman h rig to sell Poultry Mixture. Eua Mfg. Co., East SI. Louis, 111. 31-ltp VANTED—Highest prices paid for ••ans, Metals, Chickens, Eggs, Old teries and Radiators. Hope Produce use 106 S. Walnut Street, Hope, VANTED—To buy, trade or sell, les and horses. I am ready. Alsn nt 3 saddles. Tom Carrel. 29-3tdh [an or woman to supply customers li famous Watkins Products in scott. No investment. Business es- , earnings average §25 week- J'slarls immediately. Write J. WaiNUns Company, 70-82 W. Iowa , Memphis, Tenn. 10-10-30 The citizens of Tokyo have a gas mask drill once every week, and everyone participates. With all its draw backs life is still a splendid adventure. FOR SALE FOR SALE—One pinno and gunshop tools. In good condition and cheap. See Mrs. B. L. Taylor 815 West Sixth Street. 23-6tp FOR SALE — Acetylene lighting system In good condition. T. N. Taylor Hope, Arkansas. 28-3tp FOH KALE—Chevrolet truck in A-l condition. Will trade for anything. Buy now and go to work. Don't wait for President Roosevelt, he will starve you to death. See Tom Carrel, Mule Dunlor. 30-3tp VANTED-Mcn's suits, coats, ladies sses and coats, and all kinds of dclothing. Joyce and Floyd Me well. 30-Gtc FOR RENT OR RENT—Two bedrooms, adjoln- bath, private entrance. Mrs. W. Chandler, 402 South Pino. Phone 28-12tc OR IWNT—My six room furnished ic in Brookwood addition.. Mrs. J. •icliooley. Phone 1638-4 ring. 28-3tc OR RENT—Well arranged two in furnished apartment. Phone 39. 28-3tc _.t RENT-32 acres blackland and cres of sandland. Two good houses. 1 watered. F. E. Pinegar, WashinK- Arkausas. 28-3tp OR RENT—Furnished apartment. /ate Bath and Garage. Phone 291, Anna Judson. 29-3tc OR RENT—One largo front, room good condition. See Mrs. C. A. eal, 1004 East Division street. 30-3lc LOST OST—Bull brindle pup. 2 months Reward for return. Mrs. Comer ett, Phone 450W .31-3tc DST—Two year old muley cow, der, brown Jersey and no marks rand. For reward call at 400 South Street, or phone 32. 31-3tp Want It Printed We'll have u printing expert call on .you, and you'll have an economical, lii:>li (juulity job. VVhat' ever your needs, wu can serve tbein. Star Publishing COMPANY "I'riiiUng Thai Makes an Impression" V- — V- i BOARDING HANt>5 TH£ NEXT VAfeAVY- wfei&Ht Y0U, WHAT UKTAU TrV CLOCK TtN] SKINNV ABOUND, ftE TH LOST IN TH' , I MANAGING CAREER TJONT VOLJ STILL OWE THE CWAMT> IRVICE, INC. T. M. RCO. U BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Doity Trick by MARTIN ViDvAt t^W/ 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. ALLEY OOP All That Work for Nothing By HAMLIN BOy.'SHE-SUCE ) ILLSAV-BUT GOTTA SWELL ^ I THINK SHE'LL SOCK OKJ THE 7 COME AROUMD BEAM.' / ^< ALL RIGHT - , * STEADY, VER HI&HMESS -VER ALL RIGHT..,.- V'MEAN DOOTSV BOBO S WOSIREEMAM/ DiDN'T CA&KY r7 OL &UZ STEPPED IM AM' BEAT BACK TH WHOLE LEMIAN ARMY, T KEEP 'EM FROMGITTIM YUM-' Cj 1935 BY NEASERVICE'.'iNCT'T. M.'REOl U. S. I*AT. WASH TUBES Easy Calls Drake PERTECTION, FOLKS A HERE'S V _ 'MERE'S MV KNIFE, HERE'S\ BETTER COME THEM MAVBE EXPLAJW HOW IT HAPPENS TO HAVE A SLACK HANDLE, AGO IT MAD A ALL WEAPOMS IM THECX1EAM.\AW AXE, ACROSS, DRAKE, PISTOL, AMD A ST/LLETO . W£ AIM'T TAK1M' MO CHAWCBS/ LULU RAZOPP./OR IT'LL LOOK PLACE. THIS IS A AW'AMOS VVAS WITH A .52. OKI AMOTHER MURDER.,^/ BELLE, ft / AM 1 ALL I TH'BUTCHER KKJWES, I fiOT, 6ET ME/ FRECKLES ANF HIS FRIENDS And That's That By BLOSSER FRECK, A LOT OF THINK FOOTBALL IS A I'M RAID TO COACH BOYS TO PLAY FOOTBALL ...BUT/ WHEN SHADYSIDE'S FOOTBALL TEAM RUNS ONTO FIELD AGAINST KINGSTON, A GUY NAMED THERII ARE PEOPLE WHO CHEERED ^jOU LAST YEAR, WHO ARE JUST BUT I'VE FOUMD OUT WHAT'S BEJEM N<3 VOU.... WHAT-'S (SAME THAT SHOULD HAVE FRECKLES M'GOOSEY WILL BE LISTED WIN OR LOSE, I FIRST NO LOSERS ! TO WIN IS ON THE PROGRAMS AS "QUARTERBACK! WAWT THEM 10 BE MEN READY TO CONDEMN IMPORTAWT TO THEM.... .ABCVE ALL ELSE // KEPT VOU FROM DOING You THIS YEAR .'THEY YOUR BEST... AN/ D T DON'T THIMK THINK Y)U'VE SLIPPED / I / fs '~' : , / rfo- / - - THE NteV^FANGLES ..(jWom'n Pop) Proof Enough By COWAN THE BOA IS TOO £KJ FO« ^\/ AU BET THE PROMT DOOR-Vfe'LL r«iVE \ VOU TWO T'BOOST tr UP THRU THE wiNoow-J BITS IT THIS ROPE'LL HOLD \T / AS WEAW AS TUST BOX, IT'S HO-DiN 1 VOU WHAT UD AH TELL YOU/ AH WINS.'.' JES WAIT'LL AH PUTS (VW4 WHOLE WEIGHT ON IT 1jg^%%^£§f

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