The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on April 3, 1959 · Page 20
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 20

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1959
Page 20
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VMl 20 I III.: INDIANA! Oils STAR- iuidav, A nt i l 3, 1 i i i r i i v n n . t i eonara jueaois Mag iter s wkii w imy 1 1 .JJ I I ... j V ; A . . -"" 1 'a X1 J , - . rir. e; ; . x . 'OtV l- - t .... IEADS MASTERS -Stan Leonard wheel around in disgust a a long putt mijsei a birdie by inches on the 15th green in the opening round of the Masters golf tournament ot Augusta, Ga. Leonard shot a 69 to take the lead in round one. (AP Wirephoto) mm TYiytona Beach, I la. Dick Rathmann of Speedway, Ind., brushed the puard rail at 13. "5 miles an hour yesterday while warming up the Pontiac-powered Maserati sports car at the Daytona Beach International Speedway. Four holes were torn in the side of the red tar when Rathmann tapped the rail coming out of the west turn. Rathmann came into the pits and showed little concern, lie s.iid the track was slightly wet in that spot and the car sremcd to "bottom out" he-fore it hit the rail. After the car was checked snd found still in good run-! ning condition, Rathmann ; went right back out and was timed unofficially for one lap at slightly over 14.. Right after that something gave way and the engine cut out and Rathmann coasted nearly two miles around the track. Mechanics were working last night tearing down the engine to locate the source of trouble. The car is owned by John T.dgar of Lncino, Cal., and . Rathmann is slated to share driving chores with h;s brother Jim, of Miami Beach. I la. RAINS WHICH lasted throughout the morning and most of the afternoon washed cut scheduled qualifying for Speedway cars entered in the two 100-m;lers to be run to- ; morrow, one a regular national championship event and the other for cars with any size of engines. The track dried sufficiently in the afternoon to permit an hour . of practice by sports cars and ; some 15 of tlrm took advantage of the chance. .Caroll Shelby of Dallas, Tex., generally acknowledged . as the man to beat in the ; 521-mile sports car race to he run Sunday, was timej at 144.5 in a Mscro-Lube Special Maserati. A. J. Foyt of Houston. Tex , ' another of the Speedway : drivers, hit slightly over 115 ; miles per hour in a Lister- Corvct. The sport cars were running entirely on the 2' ; mile tn-oval race track since ; the infield portion of the 3.S mile sports car circuit was ' too wet for safety and fence was being installed near one part of it. i THE SPrXDWAY contin-" Rrnt here found it a little hard to get used to watching cars run clockwise, the opposite of what they run at the Indianapolis Motor ; Speedway and other cham- pionship tracks, but Rath- mann and Foyt didn't seem to be having much trouble Retting accustomed to the ." change. ; ' TODAY WILL be a busy day at the track if the anti-Chamber of Commerce ; weather lets up for a while. The forecast is favorable. The track will be open at 8 a.m. '. for two hours of sports car I practice. TTfj champidhship can will 1 '' .' t --,v- - . wi ( ' - v .3 .' ' . . . - v ' , Spuria I ili! or take over for practice at 10 a m. and after a couple of hours of practice, qualifying will be held for the Speedway machines. There are 10 t- take the time trials for positions in the Saturday race. After that, the sports cars will be qualified. A MINOR sens i ion w as created at the track by the arrival of the Greenman-Casale Special, a car which ran at Indianapolis Speedway in 1D5S but has been completely reworked the driver-mechanic Jimmy Davies of Pacoima, Cal, and Johnny Poueleson. Approximately half of the engine hangs out of the left side of the hood. The engine is set IS degrees from horizontal. Davies and Poueleson believe the "outboard" engine arrangement will give them weight distribution and also will provide natural moling. Davies will drive the car both here and at Indianapolis. HF.NRY BANKS. US AC director of competition, forgot his credentials yesterday and got all wet as the result. Driven out to the track by Mrs. Helen Amick. Banks got. to the main gate just as a terrific downpour let loose. The guard at the gate was adamant, Banks couldn't get through the tunnel to the inf.cld without credentials so Henry had to get out of the car and go into the L'SAC trader to get his pit pass. Banks got soaked but he defended the guard, saying he was only doing h,s job. AMONG VISITORS yesterday to the track was Lloyd Gcarhart, former Indianapol.s Indians outfielder who is serving as a hatting instructor for the Cleveland Indian farm club at Indianville located adjacent to the speedway plant. Gcarhart, who now is city recreation director at Xenia, O., is a close fr;end of Harlan I'engler, chief steward of the Speedway cars and also nf the SOA-mile race. Gear-hart played with the Indianapolis club from lO.'O until l'J.4. Dr. Walter Dean, official dentist at the Indianapolis Speedway, celebrated his 3Dth birthday yesterday at the track and volunteered his services to the medical staff at the track's hospital in tase they are needed. ROMANTIC NOTE - Miss Nancy MiGarrity nf Buiks County. Pa , and driver Lddie Sachs of Center Vallev, Pa , have announced their engagement. Sachs qualified the Peter Schmidt car last Saturday. A late, summer wedding is planned. August. Gft. (AT) Stan Leonard had some luck that was denied to others yesterday and led the way through the first round of the 2,'ld Masiers golf tournament. With the aid of a couple of "working man's pars" on the hack nine where swirling winds and a winding creek make golf hazardous at Augusta National, the balding, 42-year-old Canadian pro fired an opening round of 33-36 Of). Three under par for the (5.9SO - yard par 36-36 72 Augusta National Course, it gave Leonard a two-stroke edge over Arnold Palmer, the muscular young defending champion from Pennsylvania, Jack Burke, the lD.r6 winner, and balding former PGA Champion Chandler Harper at the end of a windy day that spelled trouble for some of the most famous players in the select field of 87. Palmer, though dissatisfied with his driving, came in with 36-3571. Burke. Patterson Lines Up Four Title Defenses New York, (AP) Heavy-weight Champion Floyd Patterson has signed for four title defenses within the next 19 months, it was disclosed yesterday. The four Include the defenses against England's Brian London at Las Vegas. Nev., May 1, and against Sweden's Inremar Johansson, the undefeated European champion, at Yankee Stadium. June 25. The London fight will be telecast by NBC which also contracted for two other fights by Patterson for home television. NBC'S PACKAGE starts with the London bout and two others after the Johansson contest. It does not include the Johansson-Patterson fight. As for the latter. Promoter Bill Rosensohn said he has not yet decided whether it will be telecast into the homes or theaters. At two separate press conferences yesterday, in which neither Patterson nor his manager Cus D'Amato par Collegians Win Pan-Am Trial Louisville. Ky. (Ar) The College All-Stars held off the Bartlcsville. Okla., Oilers in the closing minutes last night and emerged with an 89 S3 victory in the first round of the Pan-American games basketball trials. The AAU champ Wichita Vickers hung an 83-73 defeat on the Armed Forces team in the first game of the round-robin tournament to pick a Pan-American team for this country. Magnificent shooting by Oscar Robertson, John Green and Jerry West pulled the All-Stars out of trouble in the final two minutes. Robertson hit 23 points, West 22 and Green 20, but it was Green's rebounding which hurt the Oilers' the most. High point man for the Oilers, the AAU runners-up, was Burdie Haldorson. who had 20 points. Teammate Don Ohl was credited with 13. Holding Lcmlv rs WIN .-V '.'-'r-j -b iii- h-n ' -w. . 7 A n C y M7- t-hn-y f e-.-f, j .: , t- 1 . . ,', -y i S- 1 C , , V . y ' - r, : ' m 5 3 -H A'nfi n V 1 Mu !..,-. j y, - n S hn I - V A i. nn t - n'" y 1 V 1 jf e --ler v ; f m t j3 -V S-r,.'l -: f-b 1 vi . v. 9-VTv.n stv'stliv V l K' i-y.n I -!B P. -y fcv n 1 . 8 b S" ere H A3 " n ; (' I bi . i v-l (, hi- ' hl Y x.-J A-vv-.-j 1 r- 'I ,V M -.' e -y V 3 P-b Bre" 9 P-tn e e' -v C ,-vii. ge J Vitt -" ? 1 jel H -k n" f ie- , .0 f ? ft M i y S s l'. i 1 ; Ph S'r e s j-i.-,-ye f-,". f . D 1 ! i . 4-P I Se- e "4 1 13T 1. f -i J fcM-e'15 ".SI I i Vi? - M ) - ,:-! M )j -1 -;. M.t---!!( ; l '5"l f rl V A ert Co V v-C, 0 c' "ft -1 f. . S V, A v. Ci ft -A-t- t k . I ) r- An - 'S -"y ) A' -I i ll 1 1 9 '.' 1 g S.e '"1 4 - I'-iitifi A' pfy 4 i e .a -n-m '- " f 1 V. 1- 1 ' 0 0-3f j t?'t Si-t h 1 ,5-Jenny C..'.' 'lit fe Pe-1 fj t, j.A.-. C".ll ,4 t t-"-M-1 .1 - t e-l A 1 ert ' v B-4 I e t ,' 1.1 r . ' '' p-r f e-f e- ; a in . - '. I ii M i '-r- .r, ( . " M l. re P , . t ' -i , r-- -'"ft '. IJ f1 I". .rr ;.- i- t . ' t A e e - -je. - "I-Wl'te r mhnt ' ."ft-l.'f .ie C'.e ' I i1 H i I Cle-idi A .-v 1..1 A . - 1 .'.e !"-e , ' i M e '. --e '. ! f.e.'t.e- ' 4-jr.e ft - il'fl-in . 4 '.' 'ley f", 1 Si V tv'"'d . fe-M C."1 . . 1 -A j-eft J..ef l-S .4 !.,, ;'J-J-wi1 M-e- !-i 1 t5f'a' ..'i. -j ert M -rnr ') M-). H bfi 5 AV ot a Ae Pe'n - 4 e. S'1.! '-i-'.e-o ( , , 'A- le-nf Veo.ift (r C . i-.e T i . "-'-, -f " I ,t ,n i-e-yi" I-M,, I -,t "J-Jen I , "I'.J V.T-e-S., gft, 'Ya 'j V-i i:0-? Jk lueoa with 37-3471, Joined him as one of the few to beat par on the back nine. Harper shot 33-3671 with a hot putter. When strong, gusty wind? came to clear away the clouds that had drenched Augusta National during the night, they also dissipated dreams of record-breaking Firsl'Round Masiers Scores S'rvi l9mri mH P'llrr.f J'"k Aril Jf. O'Hi'ii.f Hrji&tr ... Ar"Jl M uftl ,,,,, ' I I'll.! l''if Joy Hith.'l ........ t'( P lt ....... D'k Wiy' If Sv.lFi'iV ..... H( rVq.;l 8 II Hyi'M-nn .... huf k fi ..... P.n M-'j'ifi ........ C-il'V rViyr A -I WmH Jf. l"wi(1 Ihom'Ji C Vj..,d. Mt"""'h ,,,, (V1 M 1 !!"!( ... t'.ir. p."Mjn .... O'Tt J'SflHTV I'r.yH Mm'jitim ... I 'if k Sfnn'f yn ... 0,.ck Hn-bft S "1 fl''.'! ........ o M'ifly Fu'ijol V r r.,r , " "VAT ' ' ', ,' I '.'i4-l .';5 'ViM .'.(I IV?? '16 V7? , :if 'iv) , " ' j n :.s .,;-;? j- :tf7"t .V, ', ' 71 .'" v-js s -) .v-t n y, -! ; sl-r i v.n , V-7'J 'A ' 74 ''VV-4 .'i' ':" ,'i : V V-74 i-H '; -74 r-H -V4 , :v 74 i 5 'H 74 ,l'-:i'-74 : i '4 ni "a 74 ticipated, the Las Vegas fight was confirmed and the date and site for the Johansson affair officially was announced. There will be a $100 top ticket price for the Johansson fight. Also highly significant was the disclosure that Madison Square Garden may participate in two of the heavyweight title fights and possibly others involving D'Amato's stable of fighters. The manager apparently has ended his long feud with the Garden. D'Amato, undoubtedly, will continue his vendetta with James D. N'orris and Truman Gibson who headed the International Boxing Clubs, ordered dissolved by federal court order. Norris and Gibson, no longer associated with the Garden, operate the National Boxing Enterprises in Chicago and the Wednesday night television fights. THE GARDEN' promotes the Friday night TV fights. There is every indication now of In tonight's games, Wichita meets the Oilers and the College All-Stars take on the Armed Forces. THE COLLEGIAN'S held a 43-40 edge going into the second half, which saw the score tied 10 times. With three minutes left, Robertson hit a free throw and made it 81-73 in favor of the All-Stars. Haldorson tied it up with a t.p-m, but West came right back with a set shot that put the All-Stars ahead 83-81. Green picked off 27 of 52 rebounds. Don Boldebuck, scored 24 points Wichita. a 7-footcr. to lead Wif,t. Vift.en Mtmti Feftel IH ft ff, fj 4 8 4 -s.VeH I 4. 9 ln-n 4 4. I t,,'., 1 ft p- 1 4. it'll i 5,a v- ! v 1 : ,? .- t 0 1 i i 0 ri...,.,ey I. I '. " fl ( . , -It 1. 1 : .. .- 1.1 1 ' r r- - ... S .'in . e i- : 1 ! -.) i 1 1 P e-:'4a;;I t,, I i W i "i , Ate ey 1 " tr H I ' ; i ' -- I j -i nt r I'"i i 5 Hll(l,-e Iv et ' Alt-Se-i I P he's" ? 6r;e. ; A -i ll'l it r Mi .. : 4 ; 4 1- I lortleitillt IIJI . eefft - H'e I 4. 6 0 n n. n e r (V 1 r i c 0 4 ' ")" 'if "ft .".' 1 U sfti T-'Vft T--n ft S-1 l 4.; .' A'l SATISFIED?. . We Cam Guarantee -A BETTER FIT Nowhere But Leon's Can You Get Two or ThrM if Neceisary) Hand Baited Try-Oni and a Guaranteed Fit at Popular Price.. We Carry Our Own Accounts LEON 235 MASSACHUSETTS AVE. e'"'0k.7, , i" that had developed after some exceptional practice scores. The combination of fickle wind and rain-softened, really slow greens made it difficult to judge shots. As a result, only four players bettered Augusta National's usually tough par for the first round and F n Vtl!f ..,. Jib f. , f.'-'-3i fi'l4f V.'rl 8"'li .... J'.liul i'in , Kn V"tul ...... D fit UlOTflr) . . , R .1) P-.thra ..... P.o-n Nv,t .... V, nly I'.. I ..... til W.n.nyr B ur On-vpon , Ct,I H'in .... ri.Hy Jr. panon , H Oliver r. ...-J fmH Al rVon'JIHt ....... Jar r N.rb'nu ... In Woiliarrl .... f.ill C 1 1 1 John ( . ol'a ...i i.i r.cii J-n Tu-nn . D'.n C.l."y I d Hn aV in . , . . . 'And Willaulf Snmmi .... Ifimmy Jrjfnhi Mnry p.fvH '7 3?.74 , Jt i-4 1 37-4 , ri ) is , ..' , 3.:;8- 7i , 4T .(V y , ;j r, , 3S 37 -IS , j'V H 75 1 l?-7) , :i 'i'-is , .14 19-', , j7 ja-7S , re n. '6 , 31 'SI -16 , ,'iR :,t-ib 1 76 :tf. 4i-76 ;:n jll -7 41 3 77 :m i?-7' , JH 3' 77 ru 41-7 , 4") 3'-77 fierce competition between the two outfits. D'Amato couldn't be reached for comment. But at his Chatham, N.J. training camp, Patterson said "I'm very glad I'm going to fight often. Of course I've got to win those fights to continue defending the title. I'm in fine shape, far faster than I was for my last defense against Roy Harris. I hadn't fought then in nearly a year and my reflexes were slow. I'm real sharp now." Patterson stopped Harris in the 12th round at Los Angeles, Aug. IS, 1958. Previous to that he stopped Olympic Champion Tete Rademacher in the sixth round at Seattle, Aug. 22. 1957. At the first press conference, announcements were made by Admiral John Bergen, chairman of the Board of the Garden, Cecil Rhodes, Jr., promoter of the London-Patterson fight at Las Vegas, and Tom Gallery, sports director of NBC. THE THREE said Patterson would defend his title three times if he wins within an 18-month period starting May 1 for the Friday night television series. This deal involves Rhodes, D'Amato and NBC and the Friday night sponsor. The Garden fitted in because they have the Friday night TV program. This agreement docs not include the Johansson bout. Admiral Bergen said the Garden expected to participate as promoter or landlord in two of the Friday night TV bouts. Rhodes said he would promote fights involving D'Amato's boxers in the Garden of a rental basis and not necessarily as part of the Friday night TV series. He said as far as the heavyweight promotions were concerned he would have to take them one at a time. He indicated everything was up to D'Amato. ' AS FOR the Las Vegas fight. Rhodes and Gallery confirmed the $223,000 figure for radio and home TV. Rhodes has guaranteed D'Amato and Patterson $250,000 for this fight. Of this sum. $75,000 will be paid to London. Patterson is a 10-1 favorite over London and a 3-1 choice over Johansson. Bakctlall Srores f AN AM Cll TIIAll Ai le.U.ille. Rr Wife's V,.l.f l. Affte! fex.t H- 5'o.. n Cee All l'Offt I. Ififllet.ille (Oil I II umi cuyi touNir 1 i Mhweed. Ill ) Volley 0'H Me I V, l"4ioeeel 34 lleter't bfudei) Pent 1 1 1 1 I 4) Jefle'ien faxth Ha I 31 Je'iey C iv IN i J. Me"-eieo4 I 5) lvet"el. San Juan I'ueile .el 4. I ail Clmaaa lied I 31 . WITH YOUR TAILORED SUIT St I TAILORING COMPANY five others shot even par 72s. The par-shooters were U.S. Open Champion Tommy Bolt, Australia's Peier Thomson and Spain's Angel Miguel, two stars of about the strongest foreign entry the Masters ever has had, and touring pros Gene Littler and Jay Hcbert. Littler had the extra distino I .onul Heim't , . , , ( . . . Hack V.tti.gnrj ... tick li (u.g'il Mtimtin r"4ir ... Jimmy Dumnif ... Jhn McMulilr) ... Bb G t'i brf litu'trwnj . iKimiTy Aar'n ... Hnry MTrll .... i'1 tal'.r B.iy C""ihr!l , ,, Denny ihui ,,,,, B b SA'ep'.ny . .. . C CI Baiy Bu.l Bruce C'll'TOf ... Tony M'tni'o Hnrton S'n Ih ..... r'0.9 Wnrrj Petief Vlirnnrt ... Duk foTt ...... Jock H.lrhlim ... Si" Pn bl Jf f'fv-l M'le-.) ,1 S v- 7 3 1 4'j a 71 :t4 44 1 3H.4 1 , 4 , ,V-4? 73 -r'4 -73 - II -79 1 3'? , 4' 1 4i 4 ,. Ht -4'J HI , 4J. 3H ft I , 47 J'V HI 40 -41 Pi , t: si 5 3 4 1 h I 4.' in f? ;ii ,1 , 4 i 4 I f 1 J ) 44 I , 47 4? 4 4'J 41 fit , 4 ' 4' d-l , 39-4' r- , 4? 4' ft 1 t, K. y-, 12 AVtv ,-yf U -: X I ! . .... h t "j J&ii ..,4- n,. CAST OF CHARACTERS -Two world's Brian London (right inset) May 1 ot Las heavyweight championship fights with- Vegas and then will battle the guy with In the next three months were officially the big fists, Sweden's Ingemar Jo-announced yesterday with this cast of hansson, at New York June 25. (AP characters, left inset is Floyd Patterson, Wirephoto) the champ, who will take on England's - ' f ." 'S I- ! ','- )' . ; ILf ...with purchase of 8 gallons of gasoline at any INDIANAPOLIS Shell Service Station Htrny! While the supply Thousand of ' Midi's on Top" hit, 36' 30" red- nd-yellow i j Liics ill be j 1 f givcoawi. j tunes goes 'ft 4 ! I tinn of doing it with 13 Straight pars. lien llojian, whose impressive list of titles includes two Masters victories, was bracketed at 73 with Gary Player of South Africa, Dick Mayer, the J957 open champion, Davo Thomas of Wales, and Art Wall, top money winner this year, among others. , Three-time Masters champion Sam Sncad posted a 74 and complained; "I hit some of the best shots of my life making bogies. The wind was never the same. I was either over the grten or short all day." He wasn't alone in this difficulty. Some of the other 74 shooters included Cary Middlecoff and Claude Harmon, former winners of this tournament, former Open Champion Jack Meek and Oklahoma's Charlie Coc, the current U.S. amateur champion. Both Palmer and Burke said they had trouble judging shots yesterday and at . . ' .,,...,. lasts on top; . ... -1-4 Xj ' r.'' '':' ' ?ii with Super Shell and Now Shell Gasoline! It your car need "premium" pisoline, ; pet Super Shell. It's the most powerful j jjasolinc )our ur can uc. lf ouuc rcpulargradc.tryNewShell f : Gainlinc. At "regtiUr" price, it out- performs PS,-? of .11 regular. j , lioth Shell Gasoline i have TCP, your engine as you dmc. Your dollar farther with Shell and so do yovl tributed their good scores in , putting success, Burke was I able to lag them up close on 1 the greens and Palmer said he sank some long second putts. The trouble centered mainly on the stretch from the 11th through the 13th holes, in a valley whers 1 swirling winds and winding Rae's Creek formed a J double threat. It was there that Jimmy Demaret soared from two I under par to three over on a three-hole stretch. He hit into the creek three times then followed by three putting the 14th. The same stretch saw Ward Wett. Iaufer, young Buffalo amateur, begin to fold after going out in 34. Wettlaulc-r finished 34-4377. one bct ter than Pcmaret's 34-44 78. After today's second round, the field will be cut to the 40 low scorers and those tied for 40th for the last two rounds. v e-Jf 4P that SHELL Ia LAI U li , , A- ' ' - 4 I, 7 'id

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