The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 17, 1958 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 17, 1958
Page 13
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I " 1 1 "T"' " SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1958- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR PACE 13 Radio-TV Hightiglits TELEVISION TV Sports: The New York .Yankees will take on the Washington Senators on WFBM-TV (Channel 6) at 1 p.m. WISH-TV (Channel 8) will air the Los Angeles Dodgers-St. Louis Cardinals game at 1:30 p.m. WISH-TV, also will carry the Preakness Horse Race at 4:30 p.m. Speedway Qualifications (WFBM-TV and WTTV, 4:30 p.m.) The Time Trials will be televised "live" in an hour-long program today and tomorrow at the same times. Perry Mason (WISH-TV. 6:30 p.m., Channel 8) The "Case of the Long-Legged .Models" will begin in a lush Las Vegas gambling hall and end on two slabs in the morgue. noon tiles IHDUNi'S UK6EST SELECTION FROM EACH Hoosiir Paint t Linolium 1)1 S. Waih. St. MI 1-1311 NEW '58 DUICKl nly DELIVERED! GO EAST TO MONARCH BUICK My Friend Flicka" Roddy McDowell Rita Johnson (MM Perry Como (WFBM-TV, p.m., Channel 6) Sally Ann Howes, star of "My Fair Lady." Ann (Schultzy) B Davis, comedian Jack Carter, and the singing Mills Brothers will guest. Polly Bert-en (WFBM-TV. 8 p.m., Channel 6) Singer- dancer Carol Haney, comedian Dick Van Dyke and dancer Peter Gennaro will drop in. Gale Storm Show (WISH-TV, 8 p.m. Channel 8) A near mutiny will develop when ZaSu Pitts discovers she's de scended from royalty. Have Gun, Will Travel (WISH-TV. 8:30 p.m., Channel 8) June Lockhart, as Dr. Phyllis Thackeray, will try to head of a smallpox epidemic. Gunsmoke (WISH-TV, p.m., Channel 8) Marshall Matt Dillon will have to shoot his way out of a stalemate when two accomplices of jailed killer try -to hang Chester. , . FOR TV FLICK FANS "Born to Be Bad" (1950), with Robert Ryan and Joan Fon taine, at 8 p.m. on WTTV, (Channel 4). ' -., , wlw-i (Channel 13) will air "Strike Up the Band" (1940), with Mickey Rooney and Judy oariana, at 10:15 p.m, WFBM-TV (Channel 6) has scheduled "Walk a Crooked Mile" (1948), with Dennis O'Keefe and Louis Hayward, at 10:45 p.m. WISH-TV (Channel 8) will screen "My Friend Flicka (1943), with Roddy McDowell and Rita Johnson, 10:45 p.m and "Michael Shayne" (1940). with Lloyd Nolan and Marjorie Weaver, at 12:30 a.m. RADIO Baseball: WFBM will air the Chicago White Sox-Cleveland Indians baseball game at p.m, Indianapolis will play Charleston on WISH at 8:30 p.m. Speedway Qualifications WIRE, WISH, WFBM and WIBC will air half-hour cover age, with Sid Collins at the helm, at 5:30 p.m. Ltf Dollars You Earn J Earn for You! See how our generous earnings can make your savings mount up FAST. Open your in-, sured-safe Anchor Federal Savings Account NOW! ANCHOR FEDERAL SAVINGS and Lean Association 148 E. Washington INDIANAPOLIS STAR xnd NEWS Quick-Action WANT ADS Get tat Results Channel Chuckles By BIL KEANE kk fat "She was probably because of her looks." hired BEST POOL BUYS! 25 Circle (4AAPOC Steel Tool "lyy-V- to 7' Oeet, w He Dona Pijrnwat tnmiitJ Camaiata l.Ft Will fani-rat Pirin Complete Filteration System Permaniied Steel Constr. Test Kit, ladder. Rope Divider Alt Orhtr Sisal Availaala PROFESSIONAL 'cT CHESTCI ALUMINUM tOOlS 31 N. IUIAI II .S44 IVtS -SUNDAY II 7-004 2 Hurt In Crash At Intersection Nathan Morgan, 38 years old, 4903 West Washington Street, and Mrs. Ruby fien- -.. Of D D 1 D av lOI ,I1CIL, -IV. 1 , wv Camby, were hurt last night when a car driven by Mrs Bennett's husband, Richard, 32, and another car- crashed on U.S. 40 at Lynhurst Drive. Mrs. Bennett was released after treatment at. Methodist Hospital. Morgan is in good condition at .West Tenth Street Veterans Administration Hos pital. State police said Bennett drove into the path of a car operated by George D. Locke, 24, 306 North Webster Ave nue. Locke was not injured. Bennett .was cited for failure to yield the right of way. Your Radio And Television Programs For Saturday (AH Programs Listed on Central Daylight Time) From Hospital 5.' ,. ' Two escaped patients from Central State Hospital were at large early today after they and three others broke out of a 12-patient cottage by snap ping the hinge on a wire mesh guard over the window. Dr. W. L. Williams, hos- pjtal superintendent, said the two, whose homes are in Indianapolis, were not consid ered dangerous. City police captured one es capee, sheriff s deputies caught another and a third was re turned by relatives. Dr. Williams said seven other patients remained sleep ing while the five escaped about 8:30 last night. Dairy Factions Get Receiver Attorney Sidney K: Horn was appointed receiver or Dairy Producers Inc., yester day by Judge M. Ryan of Su perior Court. Room I, and instructed to hold an election to settle differences between factions peeking control of the organization. One group, formerly headed by George Sanefur or Danville, is now headed by Wil liam Hill of Edinburg. C. M. Bottema of Bridgeport heads the other faction. The suit also asks for an ac counting of the $2,223 remain ing in the group s treasury. Morning fTT YA 7 WIRt 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXIW 50 6iOO II W Nekrliinj M. tamer Cmtrj Sljle firm Fair (aifhl :15 1 I J Nektiiif Mere. She . Kerewlri Utte.'.le Set. :JO WTTViai Nekrlisi Mem. Skew Ririwlci Reveille Rer. Mews; Vic. . A5 WFIM ( WISH ( WLW-I (13) ,.J.m Hearliaj Mem. Si Ririwlci level He Her. Hem; Vic. 7:00 Silent Silent Weil Silent Mews Men. She Rim1 wick Neos; Reeelri Newt; Tic AS Sileel Si led Silent Silent Mm. Clack Men. Se Nirinick leieille lei. KaiiM :3 SHenl Silent - Silent Silent Mat. deck Men. Skt Nirfwlck Rews; Revelrj Snti.; Vic 'AS Silent Went Silent Silent - Rewi Mem. Skew Birtwlci Hcnille Bee. WUW Rent 8:00 Silent ferae Silent Silent ' Rens; Ireik teens I lanes Harriet Rm Knifht AS Silent Farmer J Silent Silent Cefftt Ireik teens t tines Ntrixici leieille lee. Knight :30 Jetfileeit Kanitrat Silent Silent News; Ceffet Teens 1 tarn Biriwick sit Pane Mewt; Vic -AS Jee fileeka Kenfirw Rens; f eilkee Silent Cettet Ireik Teens I Taaes Rifi'wkk Rit Parade laiikt 9:00 i. t4j laaiaraa fillet Silent Mmitar Teens I Tanes Prrim i Nit Finde Hens: leciris :IS R. HHi laaiaraa limrrta Sileat Mmitsr Teens I tuts rreinn i Nit Piraa't lite NecarNs :30 Itft-a-leMf Mhm It) Ink Irene! Silent Menitar Teens t lanes Prei'im t III Pirate Rem; Iecar4s . -AS Inft-a-leSii Maata M ink Araan Silent Mmitar teens I times Prtrnn f Rit Pinde lite lecars 4 A:M nitre , Neckle-Jeckle Parent Ska Sileat Meal tar ! Lewis Prnreia i Nit Tanes Mens: Vic I 11:1 tarri Reckll-Jecklt Pertkclt Silent Miaittr Lewis Priinin i Nit Tanes Kniejh) I II :30 Attn Sntet line Ciwkits Silent On Staft lewis Pnifim i Rit Piraa't News; Vic v:45 antn Sweet tlwa Cewkeys Silent On Stijt tewls Priiram t Nit Pinde Knight :00 Sky KJa J. leea (ewkeit Silent Mews; Stag Imu Mi ' Preirani i lit Paria Mews; Nits :I5 Ski Ki J. fete Ciwaejt Silent On Sttt Ants-iadi Pretrial i Hit Paratt Testernii's Hits :30 lif lifers J. lein Cankers Silent I. Filet (aesmkt Men. Mailt lit Piraa't News; Cent AS le liters I. lew Ci. Atnt Silent I. relet tuasmeie Mem. Mailt lit Parade Perry Ceaiq A.tlmeon WfgM l) WISH t WLW-M13) WTTV(4) WIRt 1430 WISH 1310 WPBM 130 WIBC 1070 WXIW 950 1 A:00 tay liters lane Inter Ci. Atent Silent Newt : News" Mews lews" WXIW News I :15 Reyleiers , lane Inter (ansHaier Silent Mills Ires. Chik Wnnes Pretrial I Firm leifew ' Si ts; limt 1 fa :S0 Firy R. learnty ajtlier Silent Far Nine Brake Pritna i liamlua News; Tunes :45 Fary N. Jaurner ansllner Silent Firm Nine trite Prttnai A liaadua Tap tanes 1:00 Yaaks-Seaeters Cirtnns 6wilhier Silent Rews Renrt Masic Mart W. Sii WIns liandaa News; Art :15 Vanks-Senatart Pretfew (aasliater Silent lecert Rtaart Masic Mirt W. Sn-lndlins tiundus Roberts :3 Ytaks-Seaiters Boegtrt-Cardt. Itaklt tenter Silent lecert leeert Masic Mirl W. Sii-Miins tecerf Party News; Art ;45 Tanks Senatars tedfen Cira's. Iiakle taater Silent lecert leeert Maslt Mirt W. Su lndlint lecirt' Party Itkerts 2:00 Vanks Senatars tedferi Cira's. tiaklt Inter Silent News leaert Jimkiree W. Sii lndlins lecert Party News; Art :15 Yinks-Senitirt ladfers-Cirt's. Bauble Banter Silent lecerd leaert , limkeree . W. Sii-inaims lecerd Party Rekerts :30 Vaaks-Senatera liders-Cirds. Biakle Banter Silent lecerd leaert ' Jaateeree W. Sn-lndlins lecerd Shet News; Art :4S Tanks-Senatirs Bidters-Cirds. Biaklt Bluer Silent lecerd leaert iawkeree W. Sn-lndliis Iwerd Ship likerts 3:00 Yanks-Seiutars Bedters-Cirds. Inkle Bnter Silent Mmitir Jimbiret W. Sei-lndiins lecird Shet News; Art :IS Vanks-Semtirs Bidters-Cirds. Inkle Bnter Silent Menitar Jimkeree W. Sn-lndiins lecird Shit Riberts :30 Flask drden Bidters-Cirds. teable Beater I.U. Shiw Mmitir Jimkeree W. Sei-lndiens lecird Skip News; Art :4.t Flisk tirdin Bedters-Cerds. Bnkle Bnter I B. Skew Mnitir Jimkeree W. Sei-lndiias lecerd Shot lakerts 4:00 fiTShiw lif Picture Actlet Kinky Ernie Mmitir Jimkine Pretrim A lecerd Ship WXIW News ' :1S I B. Skew lif Pictart Action Blink Ernie Menitir Jimkiree Projrm 4 lecerd Sbep Art lakerts :30 Tine Trills Preekneu Action Tint Trills Mnitir Preikneis Pritrin t Rirlin Iras. Sptj.; Art :45 Tine Trials Preikness Action " Tint Trials Menitar Preakness Pretren A Berlin Ires. Art Rekerts 5:00 Tint Trials Teet twirl TV Aactiea Tint Trills News; Spts. Jenberet Pretren A Jit. Sctres WXIW News :15 Tint Tried Teet Twirl TV Aactiea Tint Trills Petty let Jimbiret Pretren A Sit. Scores Spts.; Art :30 llsiniten. Cisct Kid (c)Ntyrhlt Kit Cirsm Tint Trills Tint Trills Tine Trills Tine Mils News-Art Ai llslnjten. Cisco Kid Id Nitride Kit Cinoa Time Trials Tine Trills Tine Trials Tine Trials Rekerts Night WFBM ! -' WISH (SI WLW4II3) WTTV(4) WIRE 1430 WISH 1310 WFBM 1260 WIBC 1070 WXIW 930 6:00 Vista Aanle Oitley IcINatrldt Sherry Sheehen Mniter - Paklic Sckeels . Wisk. Rep. News Dinner Belt :15 Visit Anle Oikley IcINiyrldt Sherry Sheehm Mnltor Sprltf Strta. Winplcker Starts Home Edition 30 Fan. Petplt . Perry Mint Bick Clark Sherry Skeekta Jinny tidier Saerts tap it tinner Dinct (Sift Off 7 45) :45 Fan. Pnplt Ptrry Mitet tick Clark Sherry Sheekin BePia Prw. Outdoors Top it tinner Pence 7:00 W Come Perry Misen - Pre tell Crossfire Menittr Ceanlry Stjlt Preinn A Speedway 6olp wajc pm ;15 Id Cent Ptrry Mint PrtCilf Crtsstire . Meniter Ceantry Sllt Prtrin A Tune Crier ' JtX'V ''" :S0 td Cint TepBellir Pre Golf Crossfire Monlter CIS News Preinn A Tune Crier ai. :45 Id Cent Tap Bellir Pre tolf Crtssflrt Mnltor CIS Saerts Pretren A Tane Crier a oo-iitTii joo- f- rt tl iUm w,lk On Aisle Mniter Pretemt Pretnn A Tane Crier ' Cwc'.ri 15 P. lerten Cafe Starts Welk 4 On Aisle Mnltor lutwt ton Pretren A Tint Crier lo oo-omt. :30 TtmitPeitt Rait (an Welk 4 On Aisle Menitar Indpls.-Cklitn. Prifrin A . Tane Crier lo jo-fol :45 Tamlni Paint Reit tan' Welk 4 On Aisle Monlter ladpls.-CHifa. Pretren A Tane Crier . Mmu'o :oo Ted Mack 6ansnekt Billy (rahin 4 On Aisle Meniter Indpls.-Cklsra. Pretren A I. Cresky ts oo-fr :15 Ted Mack Sansmekt Billy (rakan 4 On Aisle Mniltr ladpls.-Cklsta. Prefrm A 1 Mirck Tine .h..n. :3rt Id Pindt MiwiyPirril . Billy trakan 4 On Aislt Rendeieas ladpls.-Cklsta. Pretren A Tnde Winds t:00-M.. :45 td Parade Rlwiy Petrol Billy trihim 4 On Aisle lendeieat Indpls.-Chlsta. Pritrin A Tnde Winds i se-o. :oo Ttrtet Official Bick Mews Music Mert Rews; teat Scores; Masic Pretren A Rews 4'00"w,tl.w I:I5 tariet Official tick (eld Cap Thet. Music Mart Rite Beit lewery Pritrin A (o Ta Tewn s I II :30 News News: Wtkr (eld Cap Thee. Music Mart Rite Beit liwery Preinn A Villit Tint , x w :5 Tkeeter lift Shiw tild Cap Thta Music Mert Rite teat lewery Pretren A Villaeje Tint r"Jl. l"'M Late Ski (eld Cap Thea. Music Mart Ritt lut liwery Preinn A Village Tint ' "i"" :15 tktattr latt Skew - (old Cap Tket. Music Mirt Ritt leit . liwery Pretren A Village Tint 1 o oo-Joi Sh.w :30 Tketter life Show (old Cap Tket. Music Mert Ritt Beat lewery Pretrial A Village Tint AS Theater latt Show (old Cap Thee. Music Mart Nile leat lewery Pretnn A Village tint 12:00 Tketter lett Show Music Mirt Nitt lett. lewery. Pririn A Sift Off t A.M. theater lift lata Shtw Mitt lett td Benetes cimpatlble ctltr skew: tia' at. vi ib V- & ert-i-"f E READY FOR THE MONTHS AHEAD, ON ANY ROAD. AT ANY SPEED PUT ARMSTRONG TIRES ON YOUR CAR THEY'RE UNCONDTONAUy GUARANTEED! E-Z Ray Katzenberger CAPITOl AT 12TH ST.. ME 5-1311 (ST? flSRmSM Graham TellsOf Plan For Visitations WGEE Log SATUIOAt tOGnW (CINTIAl DAYLIGHT tIMI) 1 3K nniYcil! A.M. VOODifllwOi 4iI5-Mjhci Nowo 6,30-Sonituoli . Nawo lOO-Wok Un MS-ok. Urn ri30-Wok Urn Nnvn t:0O-Wakt Uo I.IS-Wni-. Uat a30.fov Bond 9.1 S-Handit Newt 9 3n-lun Tollv O lS-Tnllvt N.vrt l-lolly. Nowt 1.30-IunnTallv 1 1 .45-Tallw Sofotv laiv M. I?:00-Cpi""" Ctniiica I J,l-CIO!iicn Nam 12.30-Cmnf Clonio lilS-clMilct Nv liSO-fnifv Clauier ?i3CtBovl Bnnnntl 3;30-Milt Ninon 4 I5-M lti Nawo . 4 30-Milt Nisen 5.15-Milti Speria 5 3(VMIIt Nl-5 4VMilt: e OO-Mudc A: News A 3rt-Muiie 715-Muiici Mnwi 7:oO-Mutc 7:4j-4iaiv Off WFMS-FM Log SArUIOAt PtOOtAM ICINTIAl DAYLIGHT tIMII tS.S wlinandu ntVfvthm S 30-Miliiarv Banr t 4S-Sona Tim 9:00-Music lO OCV-Hi-fi Hstirfaf lO-Irt .J Sonne 1 1 .30-Soranedn A, 1 5-Sun San 6:30-Pas Club OO-Piana Mai. S-Naal rvnao ri45-Oroon Maledlao Aftamaav i 00- Ion Club . 3:C0-Muicol Mor. 4 0J- Memwrv lorn I 5,30-Mulk l:00-Valtv limt O-Hi-Fi Haul 20l-y. Closilto 2:30-Hi-H Vtlodfar 1 ti Cvtl Ss tvalna CO-HI-Fi Mujie , "CVHi-FI 30-Maoitonen I ' O.CO-Muicol COMPLETE SPEEDWAY COVERAGE SPEEDWAY GOSSIP each weekdo 7;00-7;15 p.m. 3S i inside the oval interviews V i- on-the-scene 4W fes- U EJI W 500 RACE M fiex iai i laieT" : ... , i . a i " Chief Announcer 11 in his Eleventh Tear San Francisco (UP) Evan geiist Billy Graham, currently preaching nightly m San Fran cisco s cow Palace, said yes terday his workers would fol low up his appearance with a gigantic program of calling on residents in their homes. Graham told a group of ministers at a breakfast yes terday that the period June 23-26 will be designated for 'visitation evangelism." 'I think this plan linking mass evangelism witn visits tton evangelism marks the dawning of a new era in reaching and holding men for Christ," Graham said. "When properly done, visitation evan gelism is the most effective means we have to win men to Christ." Graham explained that some 10.000 lay evangelists from 1.000 Bay area churches will form two-man evangelical teams to call on the church's "responsibility list" back sliders, new people in the Plan Croup Denies Petition Metropolitan Plan Commis sion officials confirmed yes terday that they denied a petition last month to re-zone a two-family house at 15 North Hawthorne Lane in Irvington for use as an office. Owners of the property filed for the re-zoning to allow real estate dealer James L. Kava- laris to operate his business in the home. A report of the commis sion's actions in the April 24 public hearing carried by The Indianapolis Star incorrectly listed the address as 51 North Hawthorne Lane. Kavalaris was rejected last June in a plea to the City Board of Zoning Appeals to vary the property's use. At that time, eight months before the petition came up for metropolitan rezoning, he told city zoning officials he wanted temporary approval to run tne business there only "for one year. neighborhood, parents of chil dren in Sunday school and others who have shown interest in the church but who are not active members. "Our real job," he told the ministers, "is to win souls for Christ." FAMILY UN SWIMMING I?oo & s NO DOWN PAYMINT, f YtS. TO PAY NATIONAL JSZJI. WA S 426 'ft CU 5-1221 INSUI6D aONDfD tXnftlENCED YOUR HOST rTfl ADOLPHE lY MENJOU . . with nn nll-itar cnit . in a new Hery tvery week I TONIGHT "POLICE DOCTOR" itarrlnf Gtnt Borry WFBM-TV, Channel 6 Saturdays, 10:30 P.M. Brought to you by BigD DREVRYS BEER l ej, Drawm Ha. U.S.A. Inc., vtii imi, ie. May 30 r 10.45-3:15 A r.- ' authoritative 500 resce U , coverage , if- .--v.:: 'Today Shoic Plans Pickup at the Track SDeedway Pi aM t' '. -w'-TI Today. Dave 4 All sponsored by Stvk & Weizeh mm,' WEE Garroway's early morning NBC-TV show, will spotlight the 500 Mile Race on its May 30 program, it was learned from New York yesterday. Producer James Otter will be in Indianapolis next weeK to arrange details for a "live" remote pickup from the Speed way. The network show is aired here on WFBM-TV at 7 a.m., Monday through Friday. I' . CELEBRATING OUR 31st YEAR.... I - 'VSSS"- TREMENDOUS BUYS DURING OF THE 7hrjJ ALL NEW JjhiW TV VALUE 1958 TELEVISION lO-tAttSOftt fpr '1 2 BIG SPEAKERS .. . 1 enl. M$ SENSATIONAL NEW 1 TVirn '0 S H,GH FIDELITY CHASSIS i NOW!! sitter tadioa en aliaplay ... ' '---J II II j TT YIS . . . 2 HIGH FIDELITY A PRICE FOR IVIRY fW . SOUND SPEAKERS TO GIVE PURSE!! mM0hA YOU A NEW DIMENSION IN TV V ' " LISTENING ENJOYMENT "A- , 2 T0NE CONTROLS . . . 7T 7-f 7, j.tllr pn SEPARATE BASS AND tlh 'i TREBLE CONTROLS TELEVISION If AVAILABLE NIW SIRVICt SAV" IS OUR IN SEVERAL r U HORIZONTAL HIGH FIDELITY U II FINISHES u CHASSIS FOR REVOLUTIONARY BUSINESS II 2329R U Nw PICTURI DITAIL TO GET THE MOST FOR TOUR MONEY . . . GET THE BEST FOR TOUR MONEY "EVERYTHING CONSIDERED YOU CAN BUY HERE FOR LESS" TZN 2828 E. 10th St. 7027 Pendleton Pike f LAMCj North mn tat 100 nt tsarf tr LA ML J ! (ME8-H63) ME 8-1463 l-l 7-355 ME 8-1463 fcOinnian'i, o an m o m utx.

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