Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE SEC HOPE STAft, SOPifi, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 2,1937 ,, m-. , T -T.^BA^^^..n»r->»f.j. l ./•..*• ...nasaa^. •saas Students in iool Experiment f attbook Material Is Being Taught From "Experiences" LttMA GRAY SltAW Fenture Service Writer YORK. — Seventy-five thou- Mktwt New York City school children Mte playing guinea-pigs for the biggest educational experiment in the United States—and liking it. In 6t schools, nearly 10 per cent of the entire schotol system, more children than the totaled combined populations of the New York and New Jersey State capitals, are partklng of a new curriculum. Called an "activity pro- graitt," it actually is a supercombina- tion of progressive and conservative methods. 15r. John J. Loftus, associate super inteadent, who oversees the program, Is forever on a tour of the institutions involved, ranging from Hell's Kitchen to Park,avenue. Teaching By "Experiences" He says the experiment has workec so far, and that is his belief tha by end of the six-year period allottee for the: test, every school inthe cit will want to join in. At present it i confined to the first six grades of th Merchants: Order HANES From BEAl-BURROW Dry Goods Co. Little Rock, Ark. esignated schools. in the experiment, now In its second ear, textbook material is taught, not nly front textbooks, but from "ex- wfiences." A visit to the local grocery store that's an "experience") may mean a esson in arithmetic—what food costs; cography—where fod conies from; and polling—try broccoli; with a little tudy in human nature thrown in for good measure. But the 75,000 children don't spend ill their time touring the city. They do plenty of work rgiht in their own classrooms. They may build a model of the coming World's Fair—and learn a lot of history while they're doing it. If their teacher is alert, they can tie ,n the French and Indian war, the bat,le of Gettysburg, and other historical landmarks with past World's Fairs. The activity program means plenty of work for the teachers. At the start of the school year, they must choose the sort of experiences they're going to teach. If the experiences chosen for the fourth grade—there still are grades in the activity program—do not include the usual textbook material covered by fourth gradeers, the experiences can't be included. There must be a tie-up with subject matter. •Why, ask the ultra-progressives? Dr. Loftus has three answears ready. 1. New York City students have to pass Regents' examinations at the end of their elemtntary school work. 2. Many New York City students transfer to other schools during the elementary period, and must meet standard requirements. 3. Elementary schools lay the foundation for college preparation—and the majority of colleges as yet adhere to regulation grade systems and traditional examinations, where textbook knowledge is necessary. The activity program may be extended to all the schools at end of the six-year period—at least, through the first six grades—and eventually through junior and senior high schools. Most Beautiful Gifts of All By Alicia tlnrt NBA Service Staff Writer NEW YORK—Regardless of her age, size, height or weight,—no matter who she is, where she came from or where she's going—every woman wants beauty gifts for Christmas. For that matter, her brother, father, husband, children or best benu will be delighted with "beauty" aids. From a brand new perfume "to wear only with black" 'for the sophisticate! to a new men's set of lotions in masculine-looking, pottery bottles, there's an appropriate beauty preparation for each person on your list. Sumptuous and smart is a face powder ensemble, containing two shades of powder, one to be applied atop the other, and a brush to help one do the blending job successfully. From the same house comes a truly handsome bath set, including a giant cake of soap, toilet water, bath powder and bath salts, all scented with a subtly sweet perfume.. An especially generous gesture woUld be to include a small bottle of perfume in the same odor. There are dozens of new perfumes on the market, not to mention all the old favorites in new bottles and packages. Three sweet little bottles are packed together beneath a Christmas bell. A huge cake of bath soap nestles inside a Santa Claus mask. A wonderful cologne comes in a bottle which simulates a brandy decanter. A quart size champagne bottle contains cologne liquid for the bath and is packed in a wine basket. In a wicker steamer basket are perfume, a decanter of cologne, a lipstick and bath powder. Three bottles of perfume go in a small metal crate, and can be locked in. For Grandma and Baby, Too If she's over 40, and one of your best friends, a de luxe night cream, pre- '" WHEN Old Man Winter gets go"-' ing in high gear, you'll be glad 1 you shifted into HANESt Mister, • here's a union-suit that's really velvety soft and warm inside— from your neck all the way to your ankles! Notice how HANES snuggles up to your skin . . . takes the knock out of your knees . . . and the chatter out of your teeth. This is the Heavyweight Champion! But there's more than protection and warmth in HANES. You get plenty of freedom too —room to bend, twist, stretch, and reach without any binding or clutching! That's what full, honest size does. These suits fit your trunk-length as well as the width of your chest! Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs, and seams sewed for good mileage. See your HANES Dealer today. THE A nearby dealer h»« HANES Unlon-SuiU, SI up . . . Shirt* and Drawcri from 7Se . . . Boyt' Union-Suit., 7Se . . . M«rrj- ehlld SUeper., 79e. Al» WINTER SETS (the new thirl* and knit ihortt Ultutrattd at rifht), ttt to Tic each. P. H. H«ne« Knittinc Co., Wm.ton-Salem, North Carolina. ANTf-FREEZE UNDERWEAR FOR MEN AND BOYS Here's perfume under lock and key—n gift her kid sister cannot borrow. fcrably one of the new varieties that tend to eradicate fine lines and wrinkles, will delight her on Christmas and for weeks thereafter. Give grandmother a bottle of liquid sachet which she can apply oh the inside of dresser drawers, a tall crystal bottle of lightly centcd cologne, a tiny packet of four white satin sachet pillows. Give the college girl a makeup kit, containing treatment preparations as well as rough, powder, lipstick and mascara, to take back to school with her. Or a small manicure case wth four shades of polish, so she'll have the right nail lacquer for each color in ing Mrs. Roxie Redmond several d*y»' tills week. Melson FYasier returned home Tuesday from n business trip to St. Louis. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. R. Timbcrlnke cn- lertnlncd n number of friends at n 6 o'clock squirrel nnd duck supper at (heir home Monday evening.. Guests :>rcsnnt were Mr. nnd Mrs. J. P. Dugger, Rev. and Mrs.. G. W. Robertson, VTr. nnd Mrs. J. Oscnr Gold, Dr. J. C, Willinms nnd Miss Mary Calls, Mrs. Ruby Wilson of Mnnsfield, Mrs. llnrry Pudtlcphnll nnd little son Harry Jr., of Pine Bluff nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Jasper Lively Jr., of Shrovoport, Ln., spent Thanksgiving Day with Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Lively. Mrs'. C. C. Stuart and Miss Ella Monroe attended the funeral of the Into L. W. Lee in Hope Saturday. Eugene Pinegar nnd son 'Dub' mndc n trip to Texarknna Saturday. Mr. nnd Mrs. I. L. Pllkinton and family spent the day Sunday ^Mith their daughter Mrs. Nunny Harclcmnn nnd Mr. Hnrdcmnn In Arkodclphin. Miss Mary Pilkinton returned with them to enter college after the Thanksgiving holidays. Mrs. J. E. Yarbcrry of Hope visited here sister, Mrs, Joe Jackson here Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Stroud spent Sunday in Hope with Sheriff and Mrs. J. E. Benrden. Mrs. Minnie Yarbrougb and children of Prcscott spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Zan Ray. I. L. Pilkinton, W. 1. Stroud and Melson Frnzicr spent Thanksgiving Day hunting squirrels on Little Missouri river. Mr. and Mrs. Will Norwood and family of Paris, Texas, were weekend guests of Mrs. Belle Norwood and 'nmily on Route 2. MAJOR BOWES Wbal n bountiful surprise for Christmas mnruhiR! On the mantel are n comb, brush and mirror set of What n bountiful surprise lor iiirtsmins morning; vjn uiu uumm i<iu « mm.., ...",-.. •-bleached maple, perfume and toilet water in n wine basket. On the table arc: « de luxe ini.nicuru ci.se, perfume, a set of nail lacquers, >Hilh anil face powders, n rieh night cra.m in i, shinny black jar, i. tiny makeup kit no larger than a lipstick and a novelty null brush. are larger thnn ever. Guests cakes come in lovely flower shapes. A woman who entertains a good deal would be pleased with tiny round cakes of guest soap, wrapped in red paper, on a tree branch with cherry leaves top Soap, hath salts, cologne nnd tlustirg pcwder, in matching scent, are packed together In an attractive box. her wardrobe. Or a charming dresser set with comb, mirror and an excellent hairbrush of maple or ebony with Firm Heads LETTUCE NICE SIZE GRAPEFRUIT RED McClures Sweet, Juicy Pound Carton Give him his favorite shaving soap rmd face lotion, of course, but consider adding: a talcum in n bamboo-shaped container with a red top; a set, containing cologne, shaving soap and talcum as well as aftershave lotion and a shampoo; a cowhide humidor case. The cowhide is on a strong wood frame, the inner cover is lined with cork, and cedar compartments separate decanters of lotion and cologne, an ivory shaving bowl and a matching container of talcum. If he travels a good deal, give him a fitted case. Or find an oil-skin-lined, unfitted case, then ifll it with his favorite preparations. Travel or no, it he doesn't have one, he'd probably like a manicure set. The newest models arc masculine-looking enough to please any male you know. Washington Miss Mary Calls, Mrs. C. M. Williams and Mrs. E. R. Timberlake were Hope visitors Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. O. A. McKnifiht of Route were dinner guests of Rev. nnd Mrs. W. E. Elmore Friday evening. Mrs. J. A. Evans and Miss Cynthina Evans have returned here to make their borne after having lived in El- Dorado for ten years or more. They have bought the T. B. Haworth home and moved back last Wednesday. Mrs. Stella Duke and Miss Frances Bilbcr O f Clovis, N. M., arc the guests of Miss Kate Norwood on Route 2 this week. Miss Bettic Connor of Hope is visit- Andy Sleeps Good Now He says "I bad to gel up 3 or 4 times every night. I flushed the kidneys as I do the bowels. I helped nature drive out waste and excess acids which may cause the irritation that wakes you up, causes scanty flow, burning or backache. I got 2. r >c worth of green tablets made from juniper oil, buchii leaves, ,-tc." Ju.st .say Bukels to any druggist. Locally at Briant's Drut' Store. John S. Gibson Dn.ig Co. —adv. HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneys Many of thoan gnawing, noggins, pninful Iw'kiichea people blumo on colds or fitful us tiro of Ion cmisrd by tired kidneys—nnd nmy bo relieved whrrr trcntrtl in tho right way. ThokfdiioyjiJi.ro Nnturr.'nehirf way nf taking Dxrr..Hf) acids and poisonous wunte o\it of tho blood. Most peopln pawn tibout 3 pints R day of ui»iut .1 puundn of w:\st ft, If tho Ifi intlcft of kidncy tubcfl oml filters don't \vnrk wrll, pnisojioiis wuslo nmttnr Mays In tho blootl. Thr-Ho jiotannn mnystnrt niigj ' ' hiirkftrhcs, rliMiinivtin pitins. loss of prp ^ ... (MH'rK>' ( Rrttinn up niKhtH, HWoHiiiK, puffinrftS iirtflT tho eye*, h(wl«r!tM «:ul diz/inr^. Puji't wnit! Ask your drii^KLst for Dimn'H Pills, URftl aiicrcwsfuHy hy'inilHonn for over 40 yctirs. They elve huppy rrlirf unrl will help llm 1 ."i inilf'.s of ui'inry tubca flunh out iminonoua wiiato from th^s blood. Get Douii'a I'iila. SPECIALS Listen in TONIGHT (Tlmrstliiy-8 o'clock CST) and Then Come in Our USES CAR PARK Look at and Drive These Friday and Saturday 2nd ONLY 3rd POTATOES ORANGES An electric gadget which will remove every trace of smoke or cooking odors from the home. and bottom. Each guest picks off a iherry of soap as he needs it. Among the more pretentious beauty gifts are fitted evening and daytime bags. One purse comes in a variety of leathers, holds a bottle of lotion, jars a box of dusting powder with down puff. These two items arc packed together in a stunning box, and the glass jar of powdered milk is tied up with pink or blue satin ribbon. Making Hostess and Guests Happy Practically every manufacture of cosmetics features several makeup kits, from smallish, rather inexpensive ones to de luxe types which include enough of everything to last the average woman for months and months and months. One small flat overnight c&so with a nextra large mirror in tho cover, has .space for a nightgown, toothbrush and slippers in nri extra compartment between jars of creams and a big box of face powder. It's almost imp-issiblc to go wrong n soap, particularly if you buy it rom an established house. Bath cakes f cleansing and foundation creams ind has ample space for fillbold, change purse, compact, note purl, pencil and so on. If she hates pulling Fresh makeup on over stale during the day, this is the gift .she'll los'o. Flattering Manly Reality Men, ble.ss 'ern, no doubt long since ired of getting the same old shaving ireparalions each and every Christmas, are going to bu surprised this year. LARD RICHTEX Compound PEANUT BUTTER MUSTARD Quart TOMATO! No. 2 Can 4 i 25c ROAST Controlled Quality THICK RIB—Pound for the hostess . . . tiny cakes of roap cherries, right, which her guests can pick off. For him . . • « hamhco-sliapcd can of talcum powder, left, with red top. her monogram in sterling. Give the baby in the family a bottle of powdered milk for his bath (this> makes sky-high, foamy bubbles) anc BULK COCOANUT Pound Package 19c A&P BREAD 16 oz. Loaf 7c Eight O'Clock COFFEE Pound Package 19c 3 CAMAY 'SOAP Bars and Bottle Perfume, All for SNOWDRIFT Pound Carton 57c IONA PEACHES Sliced or No. 2«/ 2 Halves Can IONA Salad Dressing Quart Jar STANDARD TOMATOES 4 N c° an2s 25c Three tiny buttles of perfume under u Christmas bell. STEAK Controlled Quality ROUND, LOIN—Pound 25c PORK ROAST Center Cut Shoulder—Po«nd 19e 8ACON PIECE Sugar Cured-—Pound 25c PORK SHOULDER Picnic Style Pound 16c SAITHEAT fine for Boiling—Pound 12io includes bate (wile and bowl of slwvia* s<«P- sliyve I<»- BULK PINEAPPLE or CHERRIES, Glazed—Lb. ENGLISH W A L N U T S—Pound HEINZ PLUM, FIG and DATE PUDDING—Pkg. 39c 15c 15c PEERLESS FLOUR Lb. $1.29 Sack H — I BULK DATES 2 Pound 1A A Pkg. I5FC WHITE RAISIN S—Pound 15c RED WARRIOR CREAM MEAL 24 MRS. TUCKER SHORTENING 8 Pound Carton SPECIALS CELERY STALK CRANBERRIES 17c ORANGES TEXAS Dozen 19c APPlE8&^s6F,lfc CARR'OTS' Bunch 5o POTATOES RED 10 Lbs. 19c Yellow 3 LU IQc TUCE Head 4c GRAPEFRUIT ^ lOc APPLES Dozen 12c California 200 Size 25c GRAPES 2 15c **«•«*•••••• VISIT OUR MARKET K- C. BABY BEEF SEVEN ROAST—Lb SEVEN STEAK—Lb ftf C A W Loin or Round diCHlt Pound BACON Sunnyfield Sliced Lb. 35c I U>. HENS FULLY DRESSED 27c 15c 15c 25c ,SHOULDER CHOPS PAM Lb. Lb. 21c 25c SAUSAGE MIXEP Lb. 1934 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Sedan $315 1936 PLYMOUTH Deluxe 2 Door S465 1935 DODGE 2-Door Sedan S335 1936 PLYMOUTH 4-Door Trg. Sed S550 1937 PLYMOUTH 2-Door Trg. Sed. W E ARE soiling so m*ny new 1938 Dodge and Plymouth cars and trucks that we must move our stock of trade-ins fast—and can afford to price the used cars and used trucks listed above 'way below their regular prices. We get action, and make room for more trade-ins coming every day. You gat the "barcain of a lifetime I" OYSTERS LOUISIANA SELECTS R. HAMM Motor Co, Hope Ark.

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