Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 4
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, ARKANSAS Thursday, December 2, OUR BOARDING OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS Major Hoopla WHUT DID, TAUKIM TEC. PATt MULE/ WAWT TO t HAVE ABOUT WWA-f HOLPUP-e* THAT CTANJ'T <SN AWY- (WSrfALLMMJt- SO O6T A WIKIPFALL PRCVA *&T. WBLt, owe SAMTA THAT WOMT 8IT6 BAIT 1T4AT <1OLL.SCT THIS YSAR IS A COL- OPOUD , AMO OTWEft ••" '",,/ r , - nC\ AtflxVf.i WlLU * P.SSOUXJD WltHJ J VULEtlDE " S. 1937 pv HE* acaxict. INC -- MADE - WOT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Boots Is Plenty Bothered By MARTIN 1 OP COO?LA OfSVS A 60 ALLEY OOP By HAMLIN THAT'S A FIME, DUMB WELL.BO^NQueSTlON PER YOU WE'RE OUT O 1 TTA5K-! VQL: KMOW DANGEP WELL WHAT MOW.'., WELL, I SUPPOSE, AS HOW WE'RE ALL. BEADIN' IN / NOT SO FAST THEEE, OOP- / PONT PORGET THAT THERE'S TWO MORE OF \JS THAT I WANT A COUPLE OF V CLOUTS AT THAT THERE AT LAST.' NOW WHAT? ALL GOT TH 1 S/WE BUZZARP/ COPfl. H37 BY NE* SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 8. PAT. OFF. _, Parting of the Ways WASHTUBBS By CRANE WHV, I'D PLANMED TO GIVE YOU A WALF INTEREST IM THE COMPANV. I'D FLAMMED TO MAK£ VOU MAMAGERS. PLANMED— OH, WE JUST AREN'T NEEDED ANY MORE. YOU'VE SOLD LOGS; W/'M lIl-JH fl-TTim/- PR|TTY J WELL, KID, WE'LL BE THANKS, BREEZE, BUT— OH, YOU KNOW HOW IT IS. GYPSY FEET. WE SIN SWAT TIM 1 MOSQUITOES DOWN IN THIS OLP JUNGL& SO LOW6 THAT WE- WE'EE KINPA HOMESICK. SAVlKlG GOOO BVE. OWE EVERYTHING TO YOU, YOU Chat and Chaf FRECKLES NI> By BLOSSER THATS A PEACH OF A CUP THEY PLAWWED ID GIVE HIM.... /AND IT'S A CIWCH A GUY WOULDN'T TUfSM POWW A CUP .' BUT HE'S 1 LC?TTA CURS/ *W^9 QETTIWO HIGH DON'T E RIDIC WHERE IS FRECKLES MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE By THOMPSON AND COLL Touchy Subject VER.V WELL, WILLIE - SiMCE VOU'PJE 6EHAVIMC3 SO NICELV- HOW WOULD NOT ATHIM6,WILLIE"] MOW PLEASE BE QUIET IF •C'U WAWT -/ME TO READ OH - £>O VOU'VE HEARD HE TOUCHED -ruewep TO OOLD.' CAM V<?U MAKE AAOMEV HUH-'WHAT D'VA Mi AN?! READS TO W, aOOIH WILLIE S7&EH IS VDU LIKE TO ABOLil A5 EASILV HAT? PASSED AMP A§ MVSA gEAP, HE NE&VOUSLV 5TA&TS FUM&UMe WITH A PENCIL I "fb» More *<wi fell, the Quick** You Sell" RATES tta*"-2c word, mlnteMUB Ste «W« tfm»-3Me wort, feta. Sic St» ttfflw^te wort, mlnlnium 4»e One month 1 (M Um«s)—lie wwd. minimum fit* Bates ate for continuous taset- tiotts only. fa making wort count, disregard tlajslficaUon name such as "Fot 8WIV "For Sale," etc.-thJs Is taw. But each initial or name, or com- ftet* telephone number, tounts at A Ml word. For example: FOR BENT—Thtee-room modem furnished apartment, with garan clOM In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, nhone S9J8L t«tal, IS words, at 2c word, 3fc tot one time; at 3ttc word, S3e for thtM times, etc. NtrfS: All ^rden placed by telephone are due and payable upon •mentation at bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf FO& B^fftV-furnished apartment With pflvate'baih. Mrs. W. R. Chana- Jen 4*» South Pine *tf**t. FOR RENT—Sist-room unfurnished liowse. Close in. Day pho«ft Sfrl, Night 934. ' Kltp An*w*r* CRANIUM Questions on Page Otic t. John Quincy Adnms, sixth President of the United States, wivs the.son of John Adams, second President. 2. The amount of energy required to raise one pound a vertical distance of one foot is called a foot-pound. 3. The "Lion of Lucerne" is a monument, the figure of a lion, carved in a grotto at Lucerne, Switzerland, in memory of the Swiss Guards who were slain by the mob in the attack on the Tuil* t-ries in Paris in 1792. 4. The Vatican in Rome, in which the Pofx- lives, is the largest residence in the world 5. When, speaking to the President he should be addressed "Mr. President"; in writing:, as "Dear Mr. President." A cardinal is addressed "Your Eminence/' and an ambassador as "Your Excellency." HOLD EVERYTHING — Old Beds, New Beds. For Christmas can you beat it H50 to S9.50. Come and see Hempstead Mattress Shop, West Fourth ,,..St Call Paul Cobb,.658-W. 12-2-26tc COBB'S RAB1O SERVICE • 208 South Elm, Phone 383 " Radio's, Batteries, Tubes Repair work guaranteed, be ready for Christmas. 29-26tp For Sale FOR SALE OR RENT—Suburban homev four acres, just outside City See own- l-3tp. limits on Rosston Highway, er. A. H. Eversmeyer. • • FOR SALE—Christmas t rees, Oregon Cedars, all sizes, phone 78 or 876. See Jimmy Derris or Hank Sommerville. • l-6t-c. , »* ^w% i A, | S IN .\»* i s x FlftST SPANISH IN New Wo FOR SALE—Blacic wa'.nut and walnut timber. Apply L. E. Salisberry, Washington, Ark., Rt t. 30-3tp Wanted HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON, METALS. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. • i04 East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE 40 18-tfc WANTED—New or renewal of subscriptions to any magazine published in, the United States. See Charles ,Reynerson at City Hall. l-6tc ' "WANTED TO BUY—10 squares of used galvanized roofing. L. F. Higi gason. l-3tp. Lost " STRAYED—Black mare mule, age 12 to 15, weight 1,000 pounds. Reward. Jakie Reyenga. Emmet Route One. 26-6tp For Rent FOR RENT — Furnished modern, /partment, hardwood floors. 400 South Main street. Phone 562 or 5. l-3tc FOR RENT—Good country home, With pasture, water in pasture and house. See W. O. Reece at Market on Front Street, Hope, Ark. l-6tp TPO the invading-«Spaniards look, 59g for a stronghold in the New .World, Puerto Rico loomed all important when adventurer Ponce de Leon first mailed into its harbors in 1509. Earlier, in 1493, Columbus had discovered it. It was Ponce de Leon, however, who seized upon its economic values. Finding a small amount ot gold in one of the streams near Snn Juan he promptly named the it-le "Rich Port" (Puerto Rico) and proceeded to set up fortifications. ' Thus San Juan became the first Spanish fortification in the new world. Here, Ponce de Leon, erected the sturdy and beautiful Casa Blanca which has stood this day. And here, too, the explorer laid plans for his quest for the fountain of youth, a, quest which %vas to bring his tragic death later. San Juan he made a fortress within a fortress. Morro Castle, added later, strengthened the Spanish position.' Impregnable, it withstood from time to time the onslaught of Sir Francis Drake, the Dutch and the English fleets. No fortifications, however, could stop the revolt which swept the island in the late 19th century. Puerto Ricans wanted a new freedom. And in 1898 the United States stepped in to proclaim that freedom. At the close of the Spanish-American war the island was formally ceded to us. The governor's palace at San Juan is shown on the new Puerto Rican territorial issue. (.Copyright^ 1937. NE.v .Service. Inc.) Box Office Favorite " HORIZONTAL i Pictured screen star. U To require. 13 Regions. (4 Helpers. : 16 Russian * mountain. 17 To insert. B 18 Genus of mollusks, 1? Sky phenomena. !J Arranged in layers. S3 Toward. J4 Automaton. 51 Gem. J8 Spring festival 53 Land r 'S ht )2 Was indebted. 54 strict }3 Pertaining to. 53 Fissure. gj r< 56 She radiates ~ 14 Beneath. health. - }<? Unit of elec- 57 she is trical current 38 Therefore. " J9 Noting the v. date. ^ |4 Griddle cakes. "48 Card game. 8 Weird. Answer to Previous Puzzle accomplished — =- and singer. VEBTlCAt 1 Withered. 2 Opposed to cqld. 3 Unoccupied. 4 De "5 Sea eagles. 6 Affirmative;. 1 Chinese money. 8 Fortune. 9 Sanskrit, dialect. 10 Legal claim. 11 Norse mythology. 12 This child has starred in - films. 15 She is a high ~-—. star. 20 Opposed to in 22Ratite bird. 25 To have. 26 Cot. 27 Poem. 29 To undermine 30 Golf device. 31 To sin. 35 Portuguese coin, 36 To rise. 37 Cow's call. 39 Part of a molding. 40 Arabian. 41 Balsam. 42 Bird's home. 43 To obtain. 44 Courtesy title 45 Demigoddess of fate. 46 Narrative poem. 47 Identical. 48 Because. 50 To soak flax. 52 Gibbon.

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