Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1952
Page 6
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, 'July If, 1952 STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS FriJay, July 25, 1952 •*t 16 Ctitf. >- »KXAf{ 0,,M, Mof>t- • A \lp It A fin < cfftfmrtfi I unity rrw»flenw| » Bvan«dll»tlc IcrWfce, Bar- , wornhlp. N«wi of th* CHURCHES BAPTIST CMUHCH South Elm St. HawArd Whit*, P«itor PIR«T CMmftTIAM CHURCH North Main at W««l Avr. 0. - P. HnrrlBtire*. Minister nvti. W« 8;2S-8:5ft Unity'* Go«pct tfour 10 .Stmdny School A Gilbert, Supt 11 MnrnlriR Worship 7 |) rn. n T. S. jf'C'''i«l program In Auditorium MH for thr Chrij-,ti,in Youth f-VI-j l; ^vulnu Worship Monday V.,tiih choir rchrnrsnl Worship, Cornmun-i 8M5 KunAny Nil for nil fl(?"i. <"' vrr 'Kim«, ; ' will !«• by thij combined youth anrl J0:(if> Mornlns Worship, Corn- ' , H , |]|t (lflotrj|i fltid RfrriTtnn, Tin- r.pi"(-lfil Thur«(lny 7 ; :in P •(.. Sr. f.nilifi ! Mrs. Jri,«-r> KilU'ldir, pi mu/ile \>y choir, 8:40 Sorlnl hf.nr, c.'ipp'-i, ; leg Tuntdny 7-30 Willing Worker*. -Mlldr Tfiylor, president. Wedneftday j 7 p.m. Tonehprs Merll fl Prnyer service. I FIRST PRESBVTtRIAN 1 E*tt Second Street i Rev. U. T. Lawrence, Paitof Sunday 10 Sunday School. Jame* H. Mil- l"r, Supt. [ The Men's Bible Class will me*t ' In the Parish House at 0:30 for < i.ffrc and doughnuts. Teacher of 'c-ion which will begin at 10 o' !'irk will bp Jor KiM'sny. 10:55 Morning Worship, j'crmon "ManaRidK Pet Pfove i" Anthem by fluiir "Hcjnice .-rid SJIIK" Mrs. Mii^kell Jnnes, .soloist. : Thi.; xprvic- will b" broadcast i «'.'-r KXAFf. ! « p.m. P. Y. F. rneeting will h- held in the Parish House. Sup- por will bf sprved. I 7:30 Evening Worship. Special services "Jones' Night" Every-' body by the name of Jonp* and j all the friends of Mr. and Mrs.j MaskoU' Jones »re especially in-| vitfii to nttcnd this service which I honors for the fine service thoyj have rendered the church. Mrs.! Jones will sing n number of solos i and lead the congregation in lh"j singing of hymns. Mr. Jones will! give ,-i talk on "SidHightj on j Hymn." Alt'-r the service a re-; ception will be held for Mr. ;mr| ' Mrs. Junes in the Educ:ilional ! of the church. Coulo'Get V-P Bid By GORDON T'.ROU'.V CHICAGO, i..p •— • (la\ fur Arkansas' fa\ didntc for pn>'i ( 'e.it '.VMS the son c:m- . .1. Wil- This Church Page Is Published Weekly With the Hope that More People Will Go to Church. KS^ -, « TELLING MANV Of ui »mll»d «t the farmer in Peail IJuckX story ot tho Gocxl Earth. It seemed to ui moit MrangD Uvnt « man ihoultl Iwy hi» cuilm MlieuU ot tiroo ami take grim tatii- fnction in looking nt Urn tine box m wlili-h h<> w,i« to !H> buried, Pcrlmpa many of us •r* «« itrarfg* In our American rpfuiml to think ,-ilnim d.snlt «t all. Tho old ml«it« "as lure ai «|J>nth nnd ta'x««" nlumKI haw f>ul u» in tl»> fruino of mind to look forward lo our own death ant) lo molds *«rntt rtri>|«u<»li«'n for it. Tim nmuy of us, liowuver, I1U« the iMOvurbittl ourlch; sv« <l% out h#a»l* down into il»> siiml niul tnuume thnt d»«th will overtttkr evorybody eUt>, by some titnnno shift of BVXK! (tntune. It will never knock at our door. W» «^ "Ittolith viV||J|is" «* 7*iu* tutfott the people who nia</« no lot the Commit gf T/w Qr6M iJjiv, t>«<:Aiiio l/w /wilr U'ii» V/NB of th« SIMPLEST STORIES cv*r told l« the one (old by Jesus to the Ditclploi «» how to lx» tuvt>il,.. liow to b« t«wt|y for di-tiih, Hi- m«d« it so simple that even a •*litll» child" CAII undvrttiiud. Let u» not titkti linlitly tho u-ipousilHluy of tollinn thii llntpl* itferyl Af*) ( » r o t>« coofornwti lo ritht; »i><n\t fo, fliu/ irirtiwKW <•'>• fh» IIIOM/ )«»•» of (h« T ***« TO HACK 1*1'* (sou the fact of death nitil its certainty for ourorlvei. T\\<-n rpukt- thtt Uk« dvnih Into nvcount< SPC fo if that »« ti*\r »untigfi\l our mmi/i an./ i«jr pn)ittuliiMi 1,'i.ir »•« pv/x«c(, from tnttti l,t //.\n.-n, Sv<> to it that our liimilu-H bwn Rdoquutcly provntrd for; l*t UK fiictt ill.- t«i-t loriilc^ly. May wo IK- r««olvite mot« il«t*ri»inwt to kw|> tolling tins Sut\i>l.» Stmy ol liuw (o live and, wlmt lo livo (or 10 that Wtf muy knuw liow to di«. Cornr with mo lo Cluiu-h. s.«if<i*, r,t<w,,« in. i, UjMt. i,,. Sponsored By Local Business Firms Who Believe We Should Attend Religious Services Regularly. Hope Basket Co. Saonger & Rialto Theatres William M. Duckett Bruner-lvory Handle Co. Citizens Notional Bank W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. The Greening Insurance Agency and Realty Co. Young Chevrolet Co. OUt 7-4M4 Norman Moore CtW«» Service Product* J. C. Penney Co. Gunter Lumber Co. Owen's Dept. Stores "Wo Clotho the Family for UM" Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. The First National Bank Crescent Drug Store E. J. Whitman DUtrlbutor Qulf Refining Co. Products J. C. Atchley&Co. Hope Manufacturing Co. Hope Sign & Neon Service : \ . * . *.-* «^ ' CHURCH OF CHRI$T Walnut Street A, T. Oliver, Mlnltter !):4"> Bible Study 10:.'!7 Preaching 11:.'((! Communion <!::» p.m. Young Peoples Bible Study. 7::iO p.m. Evening worship. Tuesday 2 Ladies Bible Study Wednesday 7:30 Uiblo Study A welcome awaits you at all services. ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL j The Rev. Charles Chambers Jr., I Priest -In -Charge FIRST METHODIST CHURCH West 2nd at Pine V. D. Keeley, Pastor 9:4.i a.m. Churrh School Mr. W. S. Atkins will teach tho Century Biblo Class. i 10:55 a.m. Morning Worship. j ;i».'H) p.m. Si-nior MYF | Their will ho no Intevmrrlinto MYK this ov I'.'.-u;, this group is spending tin; wi.'-i-U-rnd at Caddo Gap. : 7:^0 p.m. Evening \vorship with, sermon by minister. Monday 7::iO Circle 5 will meet in tho homo of Mrs. LaGrone Williams, Mrs. Steve Badnr and Mrs. Sam Hartsl'iold co-hostesses. Wednesday 7:.'i() p.m. Regular weekly adult choir practice?. 0 a.m. Morning rrinn. GARRETT MEMORIAL North Ferguson Street Elbert O'Steen, Pastor CATHOLIC Prayer and SIT-! Third and Walker Sts. j Father A. G. Dunlenvy. Pastor 8lh Sunday after Pontaoost f! a.m. Holy Sacrifice of the j Mrs*. Confessions hoard before Mass and at 7 p.m. .Saturday. liam Fulbright—to learn how mu strength he can muster. From all indications the bulk, not all. of his >tos will be t 22 to be cast by Arkansas' do gates to the Democratic convt tion. Even his most staunch suppor couldn't see more than n hnrul of .-KWiUonnl courtosy votes, n '.I'.nt the bnr.rl'.vaRon move for O< Atilai St< venson of Illinois'has KI U n iindorway. FulbriRht's best chance. Arkri sans hiiv snicl, was in a do:i U ck in which the convention mij: turn to some less prominent L highly acccptnlile candidate Fulbri«ht still was gottini: sot mention for vice president in event Stevenson gets the preside I inl nod. However, there was ev j ir.oro talk involving Son. Russ ' of Georgia and Son. Sparkman Alabama for the second spot >;hoi Sto\onson win. Arkfinsas' delegation 'hrcw its \ - olos yesterdays to Virginia : that state's successful bid to ! seated without taking the loyal pledge. Later, in a roll call involving adjournment tho delegation S 1 1!) against adjournment to thr for it. The adjournment move, whi v/a.- knocked down, was aimed delaying a decision on Keating tl| Louisiana and South Carolina do: ::,iticMi.s wit!i<'iit their taking t li.ycilty plotlyo. SOCIETY Pnon« 7-3431 Between a A. M. ind 4 P. M. csby. president. WKU.-MJ.Y. i-"- --i>".'». j , business meeting ; <t | throughout the entertaining rooms. Calendar Friday, July 25 The VFW Auiliary will have nn ice cream party, Friday night, July 25, nt 7:30 p.m. at the Hut. I All members, past member.*,, prospective members and their families are invited. Each member is asked to bring ice cream for their guests and family. o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. D Bullock. Mrs. Oi-viilo conducted tlie which lime the new officers wore elected. They are ns follows: President. Mrs. Fred Hunt: Vice-pros- i idont. Mrs. Martin Green: 2nd Vico! president. Mrs. Ode!I Luck: Secve- ' tary. Mrs. \V. A. Mudgett. Treasurer. Mrs. Y. C. Coleman. Ice eream and cake were served to ton members. Tho next mooting will be hold August T at the home of Mrs. Y. C. Colem;m. lillies floated flanked by cnndeia- bra with burning white tapers. Sim- i'ar arrangements were, used Members of the Melrose Home Demonstration Club, who were guests. called during the appointed hours. Ladies Bridge Luncheon Held at Country Club The Ladies •APPROVED BY DOCTORS •PRAISED BY MOTHERS •LIKED BY CHILDREN The Garrelt Memorial Baptist Church will be hostess to a miscellaneous bridal shower in honor of Miss Virginia Tonnemaker, T bride-elect ot Carl S. Willis. Kvi-l I-unchoon wash day night, July 2f>. at 7 o'clock!- 4 - at '- :!n ;lt Ul ' at Fair park. No invitations will club with Mrs: f; be issued. Hridgi Id The 3,"iI,(ion bituminous coal m ers in the United States prodi 51'J million tons of coal in 1 "Rock of Ages Broadcast" from church auditorium 9 to 9:30 Sunday 'School 10 a.m. Grady Hairston, Supt. 11 Morning Worship 7 p.m. B. T. S. Classes for all| ages. ! 7:30 Evening Message. i Alossago. by Pastor. ! Monday 2 p.m. Sr. Auxiliary, meeting at the church, Mrs. Ted Purtle, President. Wednesday 7 p.m. Teacher's meeting in charge of Grady Hairston. 7:30 Prayer mooting conducted by Mrs. Dal ton Dragoo. Thursday ' 7:311 Jr. Auxiliary .meeting, Misr. Verla Allen, President. We welcome yon to worship with us'. CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth And Grady Robert G. Cook, Evangelist, Sunday" U:4!) a.m. Bible Study 10:45 a.m. Sermon 11:40 Communion Service 0:30 p.m. Young peoples class. 7:30 Evening Worship Brother Cook will be speaker at both services today. Wednesday 7:30 Midweek Sons Practice and Biblo Study. Come study tho Bible with us. You are always welcome hero. You Want — Elect Fred A. Luck, Builder, your County Judge. Tried-Tested and Proven. A real road builder. Candidate for COUNTY JUDGE FOR TRANSPORTATION TO POLLS PHO'ME . . . 7-2700 or 7-4381 Pol. Adv paid for by Fred A. Luck The weather and politics- are hot, but you shop in cool air conditioned comfort at and get REAL VALUES too A LARGE GROUP OF RNEST GREATLY REDUCED Powder Puff Muslins, Fairyspun Dimity Chambray and many other assorted fabrics Values to $1.19 a yard — A YARD A GROUP OF BOYS AND MENS FINE TEE SHIRTS Stripes and solid shades. 89c and SI.00 values. OFF REGULAR PRICE OF ALL SWIM SUITS-SUMMER PANTS-SPORT SHIRTS-STRAW HATS-LADIES SUMMER BELTS VOTE FOR DWIGHT RIDGDILL Candidate for ALDERMAN WARD TWO Your Vote and Support Will Be Appreciated Pol. Adv. Puicl for by Dwighl Ridgdill , Monday, July 28 Circle a of WSCS of ttio First Mflhndist Church will moot Monday, July 28. at 7:;)0 p.m. at tho homo of Mrs. LaC.rono Williiims, 412 South Pino, with Mrs. Slovo Badei- and Mrs. Sam Hartsl'iold ns co-hostesses. Mr.s. Brack Sch- cnck will lead the Biblo Study. :' Covered Dish Thursday. July | Hope- Country I Mrs. 1... Archer. Jr., i Texas. and Mrs. .(;iek Lowe as hostesses. Arrangements of /innias in copper containers wore placed on tho 1 mantel and table. I l.unch v. .is served lo twenty. j Viridno v. as played during tho 1 iiflernoon with hii'.h score going to 'Mrs. U. 1,. Kronen. Second blub score was won by Mrs. Thompson Evans. Jr. < Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Stanford are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown, and Mrs. Juana Stanford. He has finished the Pharmacy School at the Uni \ersity of Arkansas, and will enroll for his senior year at the school of | Pharmacy in Little Hock, where i they will make their home. Howard E. West of Dallas is visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. Walter Verhulun Jr. and family. Mr. and Mrs. George Peck art in CMiioa.no where Mr. Pock is at alternate delegate to tho Derno cratic National Convention. Tuesday, July 29 Invitations have been issued to a miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Clara Allen, brido-olect of Joe Barrentino, Tuesday nijiht July 29, in the home of Mrs. Ora Cox. Hostess will be Miss Fay Black. Hopewcll Home Demonstration Club Has Ten Wednesday Mr.s. Willie W.ard of t.ewisvillo. i; ! visilinj; her dau.nhler Mrs. P. J I Holt and family. Mrs. J. D. Bullock Hostess to '47 Friendship Club The '47 Friendship Club Thursday afternoon, July 24, at On \\Vclnesilay afternoon, July 2!i, Hopewoll Homo noinonstralion Club ontorlainod with a tea at the home of Mrs. Cecil Bittle. at the University of'Arkansas Experiment Station. Mrs. John Keck received tho guest.' at the door and Mrs. O. II. Hodnott inviU'd the guests into the li\-ins; room where Mrs. J. II. Taylor. Mis. H. M. Harrison, Mrs. Mandy Rogers, and Mrs. Neil Osborn dispensed hospitalities. Mrs. ErnoKt Graham invited tho guests into tho dining room where Mrs. G. \V. Wiggins prosidocl • at the punch bowl. Mrs. Bittlo. Mrs. i thonii Nod Piu tie and Mrs. Leslie Honeycult assisted in the dining room. The dinin ; table, covered with a white linen cloth, was centered witii a low glass bowl in which calla | Dr. and Mrs. Waller 1,. Sims ant j family will return tomorrow fi'on ; a vacation trip in Galveston, Texas PRESCOTT NEWS Truman Spares Life of His Attacker Miss Loyce Anderson Hostess To Circle 1 of WMU Miss l.nyce Anderson \vns hos- ess to Circle 1 of the \VMU of, he Kii-st P.aptist Church at her j ... A ciMMr"iviM i iionu- on Monday aftemoon with! WASHINGTON I five members present. j Trmrum is sparing Mrs. Nat Woosley opened the j Puerto flican mooting with prayer. Tho chair- j simile him nt man, Mrs. ,!. T, McRne. presided I Presidential and conducted, the business. Mrs. Woosley nave the treasurer's report and read Che minutes. Mrs, llarrel Mines led the study on "Stewardship Applied in Missions." Iced drinks and cookies wore served during the social hour. Short ment !death — President' the life of tho! who tried to nssas-j Ulnir House in ISKiu. I Socrcliu'y Joseph! announced — without coni-| — late yesterday that HUM sonlonce of Osenr Colla/oi with mnx.lmtim RainS of ns much as 75 ce.nls posted at Chicago. Tops tav choice lightweight butchers ' were ?2;).2S nt fCnsl £3, Louis, $23.05 at Indianapolis mid $:M nt ChlcoRo. The bulk of the 180 to 250 pound butchers were bringing $22.25 to $23.00. with heavier weights dow:i to $41. Most sows were selling from luul been comnuiled to Hfi prlsonment. The 38-yenr-oM Puerto had boon scheduled to die electric chntr hero »n Aug. his part in the death plot. Hospital Notes Julia Chester: Admitted: Ellen Stevenson, Hope Odc-ll Aaron, Hope. ** Discharged: Mrs. O. N.. Hill, Delight, Miss Velms (.loss, Hope. Branch Admitted: Katy Kay, Lewisvillc Discharged: Mr. Walter Haw Fulton. Josephine Admitted: Mr. James M Smith Thousands of People from every section of Arkansas are responding to Ike Murry's sincere program. They are impressed by his sincerity of purpose and knowledge of our state government. They have decided conclusively that Ike Murry is the man to restore confidence in the Governor's office. IKE MURRY has submitted a positive 14 Point Program which has been reviewed in every major address he lias made. Only IKE MtlRRY has told us what he will do for Arkansas and how he will do it. Here 1$ Ihe14-Polnl IKE MURRY Program! T—A 12 per cent cut in administrative costs. 2—A Tax Reduction Fund credited with savings in government costs. 3—A Fiscal Control Board composed of 7 Constitutional officers to replace the board now controlled by the Governor. 4—Public competitive bidding for state purchases under supervision of a purchasing officer selected by the reorganized Fiscal Control Board instead of by the Governor. 5 —A State Comptroller selected by the reorganised Fiscal Control Board instead of by the Governor. 6—Completion of the Highway Audit under the 1951 Act, annual highway auditors thereafter. 7—Restoration to Public School Fund of the tax revenues taken from it by the McMath administration in 1949. 8—525,000,000 new hichway construction in 1953 and another $25,000,000 in 1954—without bonds—and while reducing bonded debt $10,000,000. 9—Industrial expansion, which will entail eventual elimination of double taxation imposed by the state income tax which js levied on federal income tax payments. 10—Removal of the iron curtain that has kept the public and the General Assembly in the dark as to the management of state agencies. 11 A sound, honest governmental base for Arkansas'! economic growth; honorable, experienced men and women on board* and commissions and in top administrative positions. 12 Opening of welfare rolls for inspection so as to increase payments to deserving recipients by purging rolls of political hangers-on. 13 A waiting period before clemency orders take effect, to at to allow time for protects. 14 Limit of two terms in Governor's office, to be established by Constitutional Amendment. It's Up To You! Do Your Port! ELECT Ike Murry GOVERNOR The Only Candidate With A Definite, Positive Program • STARTS TODAY* BEST DOUBLE FEATURES About -12 per .'ere operated cent of U. S, farniR by tenants in 1035 WMU Circle 4 Entertained By Mrs. Thell Manning Circle -I of the WMU of the' First Baptist Church was entertained Monday altornoon by Mrs. Thell llannm;; at her homo. Mrs. UillHim Willis presided in the absence ol tho chiurman and i conducted tho business. j Alter prayer was offered by Mrs. ' Kddie Danner, Mrs. Hoy Klaintonj presoiilod the first chapter of the study l.mok "Slewardsbip Applied in Missions." A tempting salad course was served by the hostess. BTU Enjoys Swimming Party Twenty members of tho Intermediate Training Union ol the Kirst Baptist Church motored to •Hope Monday evening anil enjoyed a swimming party at the municipal pool. Kollowmg tho swim a picnic' supper wat; also served. Tho group was accompanied by Mrs. Owen Wilson, Mrs. L. U Buchanan and Mrs. Roy Loomis. Woman's Association Has Monthly Meeting Tho Woman's Association of the Presbyterian Church mot on Monday evening in the home of Mr.s. • CUB BARTON for Attorney General • HUB more experience than All his opponents combined. • Endorsed 1001 nt Home by lawyers and judges! Pol, Adv. I'nid by Paul Johnson. Montleello, $16,80 lo $20.73* New York — 'otton 36.06. Markets By The Assoclnted Press drains spurted ahead in early i trading today but the demand 1 didn't last and some grains drnpp. i ed n bit of their gains. Wholesale meats were steady to weak. Ho;;';' were steady to 50 cents or more higher. And cattle were -steady. Cotton futures opened 111 to 2:> cents a bale higher. Here Is today's commodity report, furnished by the USIM: Hogs were selling steady to 'M cents or more higher at the Eastern cornbetl livestock markets HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8, Main A Country Club rd. LAST DAV ROD CAMERON lolmny Mack BROWN Will Speak Tonight! Station KXAR y 9:00 to 9:30 P, M. Polttlcitl ad paid f6r b Ormontl, Cmnpnltfn .. compared with about 27 per cent in I Floyd Hubbard for 1!)50 according lean figures. to Census Bu- FRANCES LANGFORD Lash Plays Both Sides of the Law! LASH LA RUE ,FUZZY ST. JOHN ~~— i n RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON" No. 2 • Color Cartoon • WRIALTD • STARTS TODAY* 2 _ BIG - HITS — 2 the with regular thirteen Laughs Galore! Little Tough Guys — in — "Little Tough Guys in Society" AND GILBERT ROLAND MARSHA HUNT — in --r- "Thunder Trail" PLUS Exciting New Serial . SHAPTER ONE < "PIRATE HARBOR" COLOR CARTOON monthly meeting members present. I Mrs. John Hubbard gave the j devotional talk on "Prnyer" using for the theme "That we May Know Him Through Prayer." Mrs. Vernon h'ore presented an interesting .program on "Opportunity Ciil'ts." At which time summer envelopes were passed out to bo returned in the fall. The business was conducted by the president, Mr.s. Carl IJalry- mple. The meeting closed with lie Mi/.hah benediction. The hostess served a dainty dc:v sert course. Mrs. Owen Wilson and Mrs. Hoy Loomis spent Monday in Texur Icana. • Mrs. Madge Burgess and sons huvb returned from Fayelteville where Mrs. l.lurgess attended the school for Kxlension workers thu l>ast suveial weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Whit Davis and children, Sue and John, have ru- turned to their homo in Lake. \U lago after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John A. Davis and other n'clativcs. • ENJOY A GRAND MOVIE AT THESE COOL THEATRES SAENGER STARTS SUNDAY R ROGUE WHOSE DUfflE DflnGER, LflUGHTER BRD ROmRilCE! «*FEim Nina FOCH i LATEST NEWS EVENTS Lewis STONE • Richard ANDERSON Hev. and Mrs. C. li. Johnson, were Monday visitors in Tcxar- kana. Miss Joliet, cousin, Carol Sue III., is the Miss June Sudsburry of Kucst of her White. Rev. W. G. IJensberg is attending the Assembly's Council on Chil drcn's work at Montreal, N. C, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Norton left last week for AiUeii, S. C. where they will make their home. See and Hear The Grand Ole Opry With IKE MURKY At All Rallies Political A4v«tw«»eot Paid For Bv The- FOB MURRY RIALTO MASON FINGERS tWUlf OARRltUX • MlCHML fitNKif STARTS SUNDAY ARf A TRfAT F(?g THf WH«W Sen. Kefauver Continued From Paue One glory for four days. His biggest moment came yesterday. Ho ended a long guessing game, heightened since the convention opened Monday. For whom would President Truman vote in the selection of the party's 10f>2 presidential nominee- today? At a Missouri caucus Gavin gave the answer. Hut not right away, i He- stalled, talking about other; things, when the delegation was, polled. Then he announced- j "I intend to cast Mr. Truman's! vole for the governor of Illinois,] Mr. Stevenson." U was, he said, "the President's choice." At the convention today he gets a chance to carry out his intentions. He — or rather, President Truman — can vote for Adlai K. Stevenson, the draftee who never did say no. Truman himself comes to tho convention tonight, to present to the final session whoever it chooses as 1952 standard bearer. And pumpkin-shaped Tom Gavin j goes back 4 to Kansas City, himself! again. British Spy Appeals Sentence LONDON W — William M. Marshall, 2-year-old British Foreign Office radio operator convicted of slipping state secrets to Russia, to.: day appealed his five-year prison sintei'ce. Miirshall w:>i caught in a park on June Ki v.ilh Pavel Ku/netzov M'oond sfcoTi/!;iry in the Soviet Embassy here. The Britisher admitted meeting the Russian ' numerous times before and had, a secret do- tirneru in his pocket when Up. Kuzttcti-ov, uroU-tfted fr<M*} by diplomatic couotry 'sib&ty&X' / i --»'.1".'V - *? a .&$*£ GIVE GARRETT A CHANCE First Time to Ask for Public Office 1 »*• ELECT Your Next COUNTY JUDGE • GARRETT will devote full time to the off ice-of County Judge, • GARRETT will endeavor to seryt all ' the people of Hempit^d County. , , - '•', GARRETT believes in Better Schools. ; GARRETT believes in Good Roads, , GARRETT will work toward these goQ\$, • GARRETT will seYve you welL GIVE A YOUNG MAN A CHANCE Tuesday go to thi GARRETT and

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