Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 2, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1937
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS JM.RS. BID HENRY TELEPHONE 82T Would I could write a song that would beguile All hearts of pain mul leave a lasting smile; But smiles nre lovely, only when they grow "Twlxl pain and heartaches, planted row by row. "Cry not!" "Grieve not!" are words I never sny. Too real is anguish to be soothed that wny. I whisper only, "wait a litlle while," Some day shall grief make lovelier your smile. Some day you shall remember and be glad to count the hours of happ- ness you've had; For all the brave and gentle souls you know Have planted smiles and heartaches row by row." — E. A. G. This poem is dedicated to the coin- ford of my lately bereaved friends. Mrs. Albert Graves and Mrs. Elizabeth Pritcluird were Wednesday visitors with Miss Happy Pritchard In Little Rock. M. Brlanl, who gave many interesting nnd intimate facts pertaining lo the life of this young poet, whoso poems arc greatly admired by our young' people especially. Thc program closed with n talk on Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni, who is a resident of our own stale, and who is noted not only for her beautiful poems, but her epigrams arc widely used, Mrs. Smith closed her latk by reading Mrs. Marinoni's lovely and pathetic poem "Crushed Fenders." Thc next meeting will be held on January nth, with Mrs. H. J. F. Gar- rctt and Mrs. J. A. Henry as hostesses and Mrs. Fred R. Harrison leading the program on "Musicians." The Cemetery Association, which was to have met on Friday December 3, has been postponed unlil Friday, December 10. Local Children Register for Movie to Be Filmed in Hope A Day of Prayer will be observed by the Womans Missionary Society of hie First Methodist church, beginning I promptly at 10:30 o'clock, closing about 3 with luncheon at the noon hour. Tliis prayer service is for the relire- —O— | meiil and relief of the missionaries, Miss Ruth Taylor who has been the I who have served so faithfully through guest of Mrs. A. F. Hmiognn nnd other | the years, and it is urged (hat each friends for the past week left Wed- i member of the W. M. S. be present, nesday night for her home in Mender- The public Is cordially invited, son, Ky. -O- The Day view Reading club held its regular meeting on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred R. Harrison, South Pine street, with a splendid attendance. The meeting was opened by the president, Mrs. Hugh Smith mid the minutes of the previous meeting were rend by the secretary, Mrs. V. A. Hammonds. Following the roll call Mrs. Smith, who was also leader for the afternoon opened her program on Contemporary Women poets with ii short talk on the part beautiful poems piny in the hearts of renders, saying that poems were thoughts expressed 1 in lovely words and whilo all ixiems did not rhymee, there was a rythm that pleased. Mrs. D. 13. Thompson had as her subject for discussion, Edna St. Vincent Millay, America's ranking poet, who has received (lie highest awards for her outstanding poems N number <>f times. Mrs. Hammonds discussed the poet, that seems ne/irc.st to UK, hailing from our neighbor .stjitc, Tex«s, Mrs. Grace Nell Crowell. who never fails to reach the heart of her readers. Mrs. Croswell reached the height of her fame us a poet through physical suffering of long duration. Miss Helen Welishimer. the poet who touches on the modern more than cither of the above mentioned poets, was discussed by Mrs. H. N O W THE STORY OF THE MOST EXPENSIVE KISS IN HISTORY. II Cost Jim Fisk a n I D d ustrnil E m p ire, but saved the U. S. a revolution! EDWARD ARNOLD GARY GRANT FRANCES FARMER —nnd— JACK OAKIE "THE TOAST of NEW YORK" STOP—! —the Presses . , . here's WENDY BARRIE "A GIRL WITH IDEAS" LAST NITK Hope chapter No. 328 O. E. S. will hold its regular meeting at 7:30 Thursday at Masonic Hall. Distinguished visitors will be present and tendance is desired. full at- Mrs. R. V. McGinnis returned Wednesday from n short visil with friends in nu.ssellvillc. R. V. McGinnis owner manager of thc New theater returned Wednesday from a business trip to St. Louis. Scenes like this will be seen on location in Hope soon. Interest in thc Juvenile comedy which is lo be made here entirely with local children, continues to grow, according lo thc manager of the Sacnger thciitcr, sponsoring Ihc local produclion. To give local youngsters gotwcen Ihe Friday evening at 7:.'iO, Mrs. J. C. Cnrlton will present at her home on Enst Third street a piano ensemble program enterspersed with vocal numbers. The following pupils will be presented. Frances Erwin, Jane Hairston, Nancy Williams, Mary Wilson, David Dcmpsy, Billy Tolleson. Sophia Williams, Mary Roi Moses, Inez Stewart, Blanche Drake, Helen Drake, Patricia Boon, Frances Snydcr. Parents and friends arc invited to attend. -O- Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Kolb will return to their home here Friday from New /". , t ... ._ ,, . , ; III B will UUK1H. mi. I'flLLUIl Will tlSSUI °:^^'"^^° ! ^ h ^f C " "'-!'"- the applicants and give them ages of 3 and 12 an opporlunity of appearing before a camera crew and eating n story tluit will make a two- rec-1 comedy, thc theater has engaged thc Mellon Barker Juvenile Productions. This organization is furnilinr with the casting and filming of youngsters and has ben active throughout the nation in producing juvenile comedies. Registrations of applicants by local boys and girls who want to appear bo- fore the movie cameras continues briskly, but Ihe theater management and William D. Palton, casting director, from Hollywood, arc eager to get additional youngslcrs. As soon as all Ihe applications are received, actual casl- ing will begin. Mr. Pallon will . tending the Southern Medical <neet- ing the past two weeks. Greyhound Settles (Continued from Page One) n 5.5 cents a mile minimum for drivers with three years' experience. R. E. Cochran, company spokesman, said U\o one-fourth cent' a mile increases raised the lowest bracket from 2.G cents a mile to 2.85, and the highest bracket from 3.9 to 4.15 cents for three-year drivers. STARTS TODAY—THURSDAY South Sea Romance! WARREN HULL "M O V I T A" "PARADISE ISLE" Also OUR GANG COMKDY PKTE SMITH NOVELTY S TEX RITTER A i" T 'Sing Cowboy Sing' C. ln ERIC LINDEN and Jr. CECELIA PARKER Mon. in "GIRL LOVES BOY" Hollywod lest. Those selected through this test, which will be made before a regular sound camera and Ihcn be n.s- .signed roles for the production. Fifty to seventy-five local youngsters, will be selected nnd thc entire picture will be made here. Those children who so far have not had an opportunity of registering and who want lo Iry out for a part in the picture may do so by making application at the theater. Every type of child is needed for the picture—tall and short youngsters, "fatties" and "leans" and every other type. There will be some call for Lottie Moon Program Given at Ozan Baptist The members of the Ozan Baptist Women's Missionary Union met at the Ozan Baptist church at 10:30 a. m. Tuesday to present a Lottie Moon program the theme of which was "Looking Unto Jesus." The following program was presented: Song, "Joy lo the World, Prayer, Mrs. Eugene Goodlett. Scripture, Rom. 10:8-13. "Mexico and Chile," Mrs. Rush Jones. Song, "My Hope is Built." "Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil," Mrs. O. C. Robins. "Nigeria" Mrs. C. K. Osborn. Song, "O Little Town of Bethlehem." "Palestine and Syria," Mrs. Chlora Citty. "China and Mnnchukuo," Mrs, Wilbur Jones. "Japan," Mrs. John Barrow. Song, "Blest Be the Tie." At noon the group served a covered dish lunch. Botlcaw P. T. A. Meeting Thc Bodcaw Parent Teachers Association met on Wednesday, November 24 in the High School auditorium. Thc president, Mrs. McConnell, presided over the meeting. Miss Bussey's room gave a very interesting program on Thanksgiving. During the business meeling, means of raising money for the library were discussed. Thc association hopes to add many new books to the library during the year. The next meeling will be on Wednesday, December 22. FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia -n-rMnt-iimmrimmr ® »y Nt* BtSVICE, INC, T. M, KEO. U. 9. M, 6tf. r -.rn-f rn .»<»«« ima Tlic flea has sucking, not biting, mouth parts and cannot chew a hole in cloth. "But, Fanny, I just couldn't get rid of him. He followed me all the way home. Researchers Issue Kiss History for the Movie Players Who Don't Know Studios Opposed to a "Lip Click Kiss" Because They Sound Like Rifle Shots When Translated Onto the Sound Track By HUBBARD KEAVY HOLLYWOOD— (/!')—For the bcne- !it of any actor or director who doesn't singing and dancing typos, but neither! know , about su , ch , things ' one ° f tho of these talents Is is ncces-siir'y Mr Pat ! &tuciio ' s research departments has is- i-et as many applicants as' ? uecl a bro < :h " r ° °" "The History of the ton wants lo get as many applicants as he can to assure himself of having covered the city thoroughly in his search for talent that will later sparkle on tho screen. Kiss. Brief though it is, it fairly bulges with information, based largely on Nyrop's kiss history, published in 1702. Three definitions of the word "kiss" | gleaned from a study of pictures made in Hollywood. Nevertheless, the research department is grateful to this Mr. Nyrop, for, if a question ever docs arise, they've got the dope right there in black and white. To Mr. Nyrop, then, a kiss of peace. nfrit r -IJJ1UU UUJ JJ1J LJUI1A OA U1U WUJ U AJ53 The more youngsters I get to look aro included _ u , g „ , touch or at, the better my chance of selecting a, aurc of thc u ... ,,„ salulc or c ' aress f*Il*»f I (ill I M7I II tfn I1111 tin lit t'nnt-nt.n*t t 4 U n . . . * : cast that will genuinely represent the i typical local youngsters," said Mr. Palton. "The theater management is par- given with thc lips," or "a lip click!" Recording departments are unalterably opposed to clicks because they sound . • , i . , , . UIJIJU.V-U tU UUUIV3 UVUclUSU UIUY bUUUU ticutarly eager to make the shooting ^ riflc shots when translatcd onto of ho local Mm an outstanding event, tnc sound track . and for this reason we want as many youngsters as possible to try out before _ the | camera for a role in the pro- j lreaUsel>aV thai" Roumanian girls like , ,,„!,„„ Thc "Love Kiss" The forgotten Mr. Nyrop's scholarly duction. Unsung Hero Puts the Props Under Filmland Air Castles CALL NUMBER 8 Representative JACK WITT GO SMARTLY DRESSED BE WARM IN A Printzess Sport Coats L A D I E S' Specialty Shop Logs, Blocks and Bolts We ore in tho market for Wliite Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, Red Oak and S\vce| Cum Logs. Round Swcci Gum and Black Gum Blocks, Quit, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications Apply ia Hope Heading Company 215 HOLLYWOOD.—Consider thc prop man: He toils and he also spins. He produces almost, anything on a few minutes' notice, from elephants to Fin- Ifiml automobile license plates. And what he can't find, he makes. A prop man is supposed to be invincible, infallible and indefatigable. He dresses all the movie sets, and provides all the items, or properties, which arc incidental to the action in a picture, clown lo Ihc cigarels smoked by the players. In lalkictown, one always speaks of fa prop "man" because there are not now nnd never have been any prop women. True, at Samuel Goldwyn's sludio Ihcre is a feminine dresser of sets, but she is a specialisl in interior decoration and stage designing. Her name is Julie Herron. Miss Herron never is called upon to find a troupe of trained fleas, or u one-cylinder automobile in good condition, or the swords and armor for an army of Saracens. Throw It Together At Warner Brothers is a veteran boss of the property department named Wliitey Wil-son who explained that his profession is masculine partly by tradition and mostly by tho continuing need for speed. "You take a woman who's brisk and efficient aboul most things, and she'll be as fussy us any housewife about fixing up a room," he said. "The guys in a prop department usually have to decorate big, expensive sets in thc lime that an ordinary interior decorator would be squinting around making up his miiul. Usually the painters don't oven get through with u set until thc day before it's to bu u.sed for u picture. Then, while the jjuiinl dries, we have to step in and fix it up pretty clown to the last paper COTTON OWNERS E. C. Brown Cotton Company which firm lias served tliis community (or thirty years has been duly Bonded to hajuUe GOVERNMENT LOANS. Immediately upon receipt from you at tills office of thc Warehouse receipts and samples, we will class Die cotton and have check available immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon request. E, C. BROWN PHONE m knife and magazines on a table. "Women couldn't throw stuff togclh- er like that. Imagine a woman running up to a tough director like Mike just figured out what was wrong with this room. That wall needs another picture and I've got to put a pillow on that sofa.' " In kissed by bearded men, that tobacco flavored kisses are favored by German girls and that the Romans knew only three kinds of kisses. But Nyrop—and the researchers' final authority—listed only five sorts of osculations: love, affection, peace, respect and friendship. The love kiss, wrote Nyrop, should not be too long, nor too short, and it should be moist but not wet. He added that he thought it best not seen in public, which just goes to show how conditions have changed since 1702. Only this one book, declares the re- School News They Must Get Along MADISON, Wis.—Howie Weiss and Fred Benz, most valuable player and honorary captain, respectively, of Wisconsin's football team, arc fraternity brothers, roommates and inseparable companions. To Hang Up Cleats DETROIT—Four members of the Detroit Lions— Ox Emerson, George Christiansen, Harry Ebding, and Ed Klewicki—plan to retire from pro- football at the close of this season. Japan's Double Suicide* Cut by War tn China T6KYO-(/l i )-Sta{is«es''cbrrij)ll6dl by the metropolitan police board show that the number of double suicides is «fapan this year is less than half of last year's total for the same period. The practice is comparatively cont' mon in Japan, it is the traditional escape of frustrated lovers, and lately it has become common among poverty^ stricken married couples. But since the war in China began, it has dropped sharply. Prize Quandary CHICAGO, 111.— Mrs. Inez Gilbert won't know what to do when Army plays Navy in 1938. Son Gilbert made the plebe team at West Point this year and son Wilson did likewise at Annapolis. His Money's Safe NEW YORK— Jack Dempsey says he- is willing lo wager $50,000 that his fighter, Red Burman, can whip any heavyweight in the business today, in* eluding champion, Joe Louis, but he knows that no one will take him seriously. $16.95 DRESSES FOB $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 A Complete Line —of— Yardlcy's Old English Lavender Toiletries—Bond Street Perfume "XMAS SETS" See Our Window JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Bexall Store Phone 63 Delivery GROCERIES MRS. TUCKER SHORTENING Pound QO* A Pound OOC 4 aboul Ihe kiss since 1702. Time for Another The department Ihinks, incidentally that it is about time another book on In'addition to the huge stores of ' kisses is compiled and the mtimation is furniture, rugs, pictures and miscel-, f™^"£" g £v c °J£d * ch add!" IHHOOLIS nrollinrlios whirh nil Q(nHir\n . 1 * - . stuffed of renting items from their warehouses. In thc earlier >-en asscmWcd. Mosl of Ihis could be days of movies, things were different. "Then," said Wilson, "a prop man inches high, something happens to had to have a constitution like an ox. \ k "°J : , k , tl . ieiT | of£ again He had to be a better bargainer than I Alt tms dcllcat an autctioner. He had to remember Jack Wren ' For all the shops in town, and all the things that were tucked away in thc sheds and attics of his friends. "If you wanted a French horn, a diving helmet and an albino monkey in mi hour's time, you know where to find them—or else." All for Art's Sake Property men suffer for their art because very often they don't get credit for being right. Over at Paramount some complaining letters from cranky fans have been passed on to Oscar LHU, who worked on "Souls at Sea" and "The Buccaneer." "How asinine," said a sample letter, "to use an American flag of that period All this delicate work was done by every take in every scene in which the incident occurs. Wren had to do the balancing. He couldn't glue the matches, or whittle them square. After several days of perching thousands of matches on dozens of bottles he was just a jump and a holler from the booby-halch. And Ihen, just in time lo save his sanity, they got the ' last scene, A Book a Day By Bruce Catton Love and Wit Brighten an English Picnic piling matches on time he gets them piled 9 A, M. to 9 P. M, Friday-Saturday, December 3-4 IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFTS Bring This Coupon With These bciiutitiil gems have all the beauty, fire and flash of genuine diamonds. Perfect hi cut and color. They stand water, fire, acid and microscpoic tests. ONLY AN EXPERT CAN TELL THE DIFFERENCE, and aic Guaranteed Fpr Life Also Birthslojics—Wear Yours—Be Lucky! John R Cox Drug Co, Phpne 84 We Give Eagle Stamps 9 A. M. to 9 P, M. with 4K stars! There should have been only 30." T£ ,., , . , ... » ., , , , ,. . If you like adroitly malicious writ- A.S a matter of fact Ihere were only . jf bj * entimenta) about ^^s-^^ia^^^r-s r±'^ firs w~«! ss srssis'ssrjK: Ihe Night Before, a police desk ser- j gi oal over ?"".'!, spc " d ;:_. pract ' cally , ".'!, Ws timc ! Things begin happening in Ihe Eng'!, ° ot ,V e - Evcl 7Hish village of Plumbridge when local meet live or six igQSsips leam that The HaU has been sold lo a family of Auslralians. Mrs. Malaby, pseudo-arislocral, who believes all Colonials lo be outside the social pale, is perturbed by the news . . . but not so pcrtubed as when she learns thai Ihe Auslralian inlerlopcrs ! have a right to social position in the village which she never can obtain. But for all that, there is something I .strange about the two Westlake boys. They do not, fit into life in the village :is well as one would expect. And as ) for their mother and their wealthy iiunt, even Lady Elizabeth, whose i daughter Ursula loves Christopher Westlake, finds them a little hard to understand. j The climax of thc book is reached when chaos descends on whal was j planned lo be a highly conventional, '• ordinary picnic. Assault, burglary, and | general confusion overcome Ihe village, j and not even Ihe causlic suggestions of i 80-year-old Aunt Albania Plumbridge can set tilings right unlil young love is accommodated. For light, amusing reading, "The Picnic" is unexcelled. Tlie most casual reader will enjoy it. The cleverly contrasted characters, the cynically wise dalog, are entertaining. Thc extreme intelligence of their handling, however, are the ironic shading* of thc story make it worthy of more serious consideration than this type of novel usually merits.—E. M. T. And Select A Beautiful Ladies', Gents' or C'hihlrens RIO GEM RING Ozan The following pupils in the Ozan Public School had a record of perfect attendance for thc third month of school: First grade—Theodore Hill. Third grade—Martha Ford Sluarl, Mary Sue Rye, Wilbur Cook, Jim Robertson, and James Monroe Osborn. win Jackson. Fourth grade—Bobbye Hill and Ed- Fifth grade—Max Murphy, Ernest Baber, and Jualua Alexander. Sixth grade—Rose Mary Ball, Marguerite Cook and Lorain Alexander. Seventh grade—Harry Ball, Clyde Robertson, Erwin Monroe Stuart, and Frances Jane Osborn. -. Eighth grade—Virgil Cook, Hamilton Hill, Joe Paul Crane and Cooper Baber, Hazol Milwee, a pupil in the first grade is ill. Loyd Braden, who has been in Texas with his parents, has returned to school after an absence of six weeks. Good-Farm Prize (Continued from Page One) ed this interest in improving her own home. This year, she re-upholstered two chairs and a large divan, hung new curtains in several rooms, remade mattresses, put in one new pine floor, and has painted the house. Mr. Garland is an active member of the Hempslead Counly Farm Bureau. As Counly Council president, Mrs. Garland has been the leader in the Better Homes campaign and the county Achievement Day program. She has presided over all county-wide meetings of the Council. Mr, and Mrs. Garland, Miss Bullington, and Mr. Smith, county agents, will atlend the Plant-To-Prosper banquet in Memphis on December 15, 1937. Tri- State winners will be named on that date. 8 Carton Carton SUGAR, Pure Cane— 10 Ibs _______________________ 49c RALSTON CORN FLAKES— 13 oz. pkg ... 9c RED WARRIOR CORN MEAL— 24 Ibs ..... 40c BEST GRADE SALT MEAT— Ib. . ..... ...... 18c M A T C H E S— 6 Boxes for ________ ............... 19c ONIONS, Yellow— 3 Ibs. .. ....................... lOc SAL T— 25 Ib. Sack ..... .. ..... .... ...... __......„ 29c SNUFF, Any Kind— Bottle ...- _______ ....... 30c PRINCE ALBERT TOBACCO— Can / ....... lOc DESSERT RAISINS— 2 Ib. pkg. .... ...... .... 18c PINEAPPLE, Crushed— No. 2 can..... ....... ISc BLACK PEPPER— 1/ 2 Gallon Jar .............. 45c MORTONS SUGAR CURE 10 Pound Can MORTONS SAUSAGE SEASONING 10 ounce can , 89c 19c AGAIN KANSAS BEST FLOUR LEADS Pound $f .65 AJ Pound Sack I — 4*1 Sack &«-'Ih^ 85c Why be without eggs for Christmas. Start [feeding Purina Laying Mash now for high quality eggs and better production. Best Quality Laying Mash $O-45 100 Pound Sack ALL KINDS OF FEED Feeders Supply Co. The Hope Star Is Across the Street S-A-L-E WOMEN and JUNIOR SILK and WOOL DRESSES To $6.95 Frocks To $12.95 Frocks The loveliest frocks of the season at the price! Fall shades, wine, rust, 1 green, slate blue, royal, brown and black. $ 3 The kind you can wear anywhere and everywhere for all sorts of occasions. Black, brown, wine, royal, green, and rust. SPORT COATS DRESS COATS $ 15 $ 25 GIVE A DRESS OR COAT FOR CHRISTMAS Ladies' Specialty Shop I I 1 •i ' a •a 1 1 1 i

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