The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1940
Page 5
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FKIDAY, APlttL 12, ID'iO BLTTHEVILLB (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS German Bike Racers Keep Mouths Closed joe WKitlcy Will Have Complete Charge Of Junior Program UV 3. f. FJtIEM) Announcement of a proposed sponsorship of an American Legion Junior Baseball program this summer was made today by Don Edwards, commander of (he Dud Oil son Post, Joe N. Whltley, who spent several seasons with minor league clubs, and current county recreational director for the Works Project Administration, has been appointed Legionnaire manager for the post and will have complete charge of (he team. Commander Edwards revealed. According to Mr. Whltley Ihn primary purpose of (he American Legion Junior Basebsll program is the teaching of good sportsmanship and good citizenship to the pi-eatest number of boys possible eiich summer. Eligible candidates for Ihc learn are restricted to Mississippi county and competition will be open to boys who are amateurs (that is, boys who have not been paid for playing baseball) and who have not attained their seventeenth birthday before Januaiy 1, 1940. .(Note: A boy born prior to January 1, 1923, Is not eligible. Any boy bom in 1923 or thereafter Is eligible). Must Be Amateur The acceptance by a player of monies paid or any form of gratuity olTcred by n professional baseball team as a guarantee lo report for play or to serve ns an instrument of placing a player under option for his services at some future time will be considered ns pay for playing baseball, and those players In the American Legion Junior Baseball program having accepted such monies or gratuity will not be considered amateurs and will not lie eligible for American Legion Junior Baseball competition, coach Whitley explained. II the weather is favorable first rail for candidates will be made next week. Efforts will be made to schedule every Junior team in this district. The team is expected to compete in the district tournament and If successful will go to the state meet. Junior baseball in Biyllieville has been highly successful, though brief. In IS128 and 102a under Charles T. Kramer the local representatives 'established outstanding record's. In 1928 (hey won the district and state championship but were eliminated in the regional tournament /it Fort Worth. The next year they won district honors but were nosed out in the finals of slate competition. .Many In Msjors Since Us inception several years ago the American Legion Junior Baseball program lias grown by i leaps and bounds, starling from a stale project it lias broadened into it notional affair turning out finished products for the professional game. During the 1933 season there were 72 former American Legion Junior baseball players in the major leagues, lo say the least of countless others In the minors scattered over the country. Among the most outstanding plnyers in the American and National Leagues Include: Henry Lavagetto nnd Charlie Gilbert of' the Brooklyn Dodgers; Phil Cavaretla and Angle Galtm, Chicago Cubs; Lee Handley and Jim Tobiii, PUtsburg Pirates; Morton Cooper and Mickey Owen, crack battery of the SI. Louis Cardinals: Joe Walsh and Henry Majeskl, Boston Bees; Mor- rlc Arnovich and Klrby Higbe Philadelphia Phillies; George My- : alt, Tom Hafey and Prank Man- ' also. New York Glanls; Myron Me- ! C'ormlck and Eddie Jcosl., Cincinnati Reds; Eric McNair and John Hlgncy, Chicago White Sox; Bobby Feller nnd Floyd "Red" Sfromuie. Cleveland Indians; Jimmy Pomnhl nnd George Case, Washington Senators: Joe (Flash) Gordon and Bribe Diililgrcu, New York Yankees; Joe Giillglwr mid diet Iflabs. si, Louis Browns: Bobby Ooerr ;ind Ted Williams, Boston Hcd Sox; Sam Chapman nnd Clarence 'Ace) Piirfcer. Philadelphia Athleiicf; Freddie Hutch- Inson and Barney McCoskcv, Detroit. Tigers. OF GERMflNY, GREATEST BIKE reavi in HISTORY, flse MIVWOED 8r fl •"""•"•»»°»'«-o S:PEW SOT-TO VOOE OF THE we... VOPEL WlTESto HIS WIFE IN DORTMUND AND., H HOPES THE _ Here Are Few Echoes Froni BaseljalFs Trainino Circuils PAGE PIVJB He Goes Way Up heard to say: "Well. !ove of Mike, anyway indlaiis because of Frniikie I'ytlak's prolonged holrloul Scivell had Intended to retire and was signed to a coach's contract only. ... if Pytlak ever signs, Cleveland will dispose of him. . The beaniny of Eddie Joost by Jack Wilson of the Keel Sox in an exhibition game limy cost the hustling young Cincinnati (nficldcr his chance to win the regular second base job on the Reds. . . , Bill McKcclmlc plans to open the season with Mike McCormick in left and bat him seventh. . . . McKechnii! has changed McCormlck's batli,:g stance and given him instruction on hoiv to pull a bal more to left. YORK, April 12. Echoes Irani the spring training circuit: The Detroit Tigers weren't breaking their necks hustling when seen in exhibition games en rotile north. . . . There was quite n lot of kidding going on among the Tigers when they stopped off to piny the Knoxvillc Smokies of the Southern Association. . . . Orce Del Baker stopped Dick Bnrlel at home plate between innings and after an animated conversation, was try for the " then when the Tigers got some of their signals crossed up Red Kress, coaching at first, muttered: "Looks like a meeting tomorrow." . . Everybody says Pec Wee Reese is a /ieldliife' marvel but the tip is out he won't hit .250. . . . A veteran major league pllcher who pitched lo Reese said: "Reese can't hit a curve tall at all but he can hit a fast ball. H'.s tough to throw a fast one past him. . . ."Paul Dean, the Giants' refuge, isn't entirely washed up II he keeps up his corn-ago . . . he doesn't > have his old swift one but he caii gel .something on the ball and he looks in good .shape . . . Bill Terry might hove picked up a sleeper in the younger Ucun alter all Saddest ball player in (he land wlr^Se'comp^S ^'~ r f r'T "L 001 ™ 11 Zeke's lace and hurt his pride wilh A ,.f"f '"' lcatlon , Gus Sharetnct that crack about "Bonnra's phonev "^, IlcB(lwl >m "™ h <-K In aquatic hustle- . . . ,eke £ays h.Wr^o5& *^ £ 53 seconds, enviable time Chiang's Son Sees U. S. Army Parade THE PAYOFF nv .IERIIV unoN»rjui,i) NI!A Service Spurts Writer ANN- ARBOR, April 12.— Experts claim they have found the man who will wipe out the longcst- st-nndlng record In the book, the Si-second effort for 100 yards, freestyle. which Johnny Weisnmcllcr set in 1027. The man who should break this mark, say critics, is Constantino (But call him Gt;s) Sharcmcl. 18- year-old Michigan sophomore of " . . Terry on that accusation ,hent ey were discussing salary terms in the 'i™ '".,' /f, 00 ' 1 (l ' s ' cnviable Whiter Haven conferences and f ° ' coll(: e<= Performers. Winter Haven conferences and Biil swore he. r.cver made the remark. Despite the rough, treatment Zekes been subjected to, he is confident he'll be back on first base for the Giants in n short while won the National Collegiate title in Hew Haven for the llth time since 1927 because 10 ° *, ',,,,", 51 ?': '*" ' C "" r . . , nr6 ', '" lllc ... , ,,,,, " B , 5l ' 8 . ;ll ! ( ! "Tcrrj- cut me 5S.OOO," says Zekc.'*" m ' C L ""L ohnin P 1 °n-' 1 l»P ^ "1>»1 promised me he'd give, me a ™»» inl "B a 51-nnt anchor leg on chance lo win my job back and lc ™™' d -'"'rakliig 400-yard re- a»d if 1 had a good yoar I'd get • , ., . all my back . . ." Asked ifi,,.c KI7 . P . ,,,,,',^,. Terry put thai promise in writing.! £n PI FNTV OP Pm«v Bomirn confessed. "No. he didn't I , , h " M,, Ot , POIi * ' Al ' heNntlon; " ' VA ' U - mecl f " I'i'cnch Manager Is Closest f Friend Of Kilian And I Vopel BY JKKRY IlliOXUFIEU) NKA Si'ivlr.'. Suorta Writer CLKVKUAND, April ll.—Ulysses. "in Old Ronmor who went oft lo Hie wnra and hnd himself n lieck ct u time setliiiK buck to Uio home fireside, didn't have much on Giistftvii Kllian and Ileln Vopcl, The two Qei'miins, probably tho best bike tenm ever (o hit (he "lulrrcly whirl, arc unfolding <w Odyssey of Ihclr own—one that excites (he Imagination, yet leaves you wllli n lull measure of sympathy for (he Dortmund Ucmons, Klllan and Vopel left Ucrinnny a little more limn three months i)f,o to take, advuntugo of juicy contracts, but now they nnd themselves h-traiided. The war, of course. When war broke out last 8ep- Ifiuber nil lop-notch German uth- li-tos were excused from mllHury service. Klllan and X'opel rcvcn'l Iliey didn't serve i( day In uniform. Bin. before any athlete could lenvc lur had lo produce contracts lo prove he had opportunities c-lac- ffliere. CASH! TO Ai>Il!l(K,'A TIlllOtKill HACK DOOH Getting lo America was no cinch for Klllan and Vopcl. with the British navy running down nil (he German shipping it could dud. From Uerlli] they \veat by rail lo Latvia, then across the Polish corridor lo Moscow. Prom Moscow they took ihc Trans-Siberian l!x- pix-ss to Miinehukuo and thence down to Korea. TVoin Korea. Iliey bnrudeil ship lo Jiipau anil went lo Tokio. I'roin Jnpan they sailed to Honolulu nud llnnlly miuUi (In: last jump to Han Francisco. It look seven weeks In all and cost, wich mnn more than SHOO. Now, with the bike season at a close, they llnd It Impossible to return to Germany. German non- cnmbatnnls have been removed from nculrnl vessels by Diltlsh I and French men of war and they can't take chances. Doth arc miinled and Vopcl luis « little son. liven though they like America terrifically they don't relish the prospect o[ staying here for the duration of hostilities. Th<! «•«!• Itself? They merely shrug. No. they have no idea when It will end. Boon, tlicy hope. Government officials warned , them against speaking of war or politics jln Iho United Sidles, lint they give the Impression ol being sincere hi their feelings. CKT ALONG FAMOUSLY WITH CANADIAN I'KDEN'S On Hie other side of tho Atlantic Frenchmen and Germans snarl across at each other from Ihc Maglnot and Siegfried Lines, but (he only strife on (he six-day bike circuit Is In winning a rnco. Kilian and Vopcl get along famously wllh Canadians Torchy and Doug Pedcn. And their trainer-manager— the best friend (hey have In America L\ Chiang Wcgo, second son ot China's guneralissimo Chang Kai- Shek, is pictured in Washington as lie watched with intc.-iest Uncle's military forces in llu'ir annual Army Day parad.-. . . I had lo take His word for It" Rail Station Agent Despite the praise for Detroit'. 1 ;; brilliant rookie pitcher, Dl:k Conger, from the U. C. L. A. campus, the best lookli.ig young hurtcr on the Tigers is John Corsica, who hnd a record of 9 wins and 17 losses last year with Beaumont . Ho looks like he may develop into something. . . . Barney McCoskcy. the Tigers' rookie outfielder whoso brilltiinl work wns overshadowed last year by Ted Williams nnd Charlie Keller, is drilling a ball fiirlfier (han ever (his spring and is a good bet to exceed his home run production of last season when he collected only four round-trippers. ... There ;irp thnip stories, all differ- rnl. drailiitli , L '- a wc alcr llc swam Inches to Otto Jorct/. of Few doubt ho'll reverse that decision hi the outdoor meet this summer. his prize sophomore had the record at his mercy. .HIST WAIT UNTIL SHAKEMET GROWS 111' "He has two more years o( vnr- slty compclllton," explains • Mann. "I've never yet seen him go all 0111 in a race and It's reasonable enough (o believe he's inr from his pcuk. "He already has a powerful racing dive thai takes him away „, ,, i ( "b ""^ t'dt^ iur.i:.N mm awav nun:Of Russian extraction. Shaftmct licallv with Ihn yun. Another vcor stands (. feet 2 and weighs imloi competition onrjlil to take ._ ., , today—Is Vincent Dennri, a handsome young Frenchman who drove cross-country to meet them at Ban Francisco nnd take them back to New York. Except for facial features Kllian and Vopcl are amazingly alike. Both nre 32 years old.and live, on the same street in Uailniund. Both stand 5 feet 8 and weigh 180. They wear the same size shoes, shirt and hat. They luivc a penchant for sport, clothes and spent their Snn Fran- ckco winnings In Hollywood where they had a field <lny will) movie- land lailors nnd haberdashers. Speaking of winning, Killan and Vopel have ridden In 42 races in America since their first one at Pittsburgh in 1931, ami have; won 2.1. No other team In hike, lidtna has compiled a record lo match It In as shoil. » time. pounds, "He's the nearest llilng to Wclss- muelld- I've evrr seen."'asserts Ert Kennedy, vclcrrm Columnbin coach. "He's got Ihc power, style ami poise." "lie's got the ability to race under pressure," is (he obr-crvn- tlon added by Bub Kipulh Yale co.icli and head of the American Olympic contingent in 1KJG. Matt Mann, the Michlcan rnm-h couple of tenths ot a second oil his turns." On.-, isn't, thr onl.v swimmlnf; Khiiicmct. Brother John also Is doing rlulil. well with thf Michigan U-iiin but he falls a little short ot Ions' caliber. After .ill. who doesn't? CANOIA. N. II. (UP)—Lewis L. Lilchfield. Boston & Maine railroad stiition agent here, maker, violins nnd high-grade bamboo lish- ine poles in his spare time. Hr Ipartird (o make fishing: poles frci>r a Pcnobscot Indian and hn.s uiiide some lor the ol Windsor, Henry Ford and William Randolph Hearst. Two o( his violins were taken to (he Arctic Circle by Commander Donald 13 MacMillan. • ]• • • * i 'juiu. ijci sui me s lOIin Maker i addilion, Mic rcpn ! Larry MncPhnll haven't been any . this sprir.g. I Luke Sen-rll. 39 : with 19 years, of and Durocher j loo palsy-walsy year.s old aifd major league » ( calclihi-; behind him. will IK ; '"^tHlcrl for naive diiiy v,hti re- tho Read Cnurler .lew.s want ao- Biylhcvillc Oasolinc AI STATK LINK ['KICKS '' Cals. for SI.00 -lOYNUR Oil, CO. Al Itcd Ton Gin I-'. S. Highway' 61, N'orlh Now Located In Glencoc Hotel ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EUWAUDS. rroprlclor All Makes of Kebuill TMicwrilcis, Adding Had.Uits and Calculalors— K(|miii»g— 1'aits— Kihbmis NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Will'Ollt Imyltij a ISliTAM; O>\S 1'LANT. Ijijoy this pleasure for Cooking, Kradng, jini Wale,- and Oas Kefrigcrallon. For full informnlion wrilr us or make inquiry al our ofliiT. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Memphis PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stuck Guaranteed I5csl Prices Kitty Drug Stores 2 Great New Gasolines! *NL A - y*/*/ ''"i 1 *** 4 ^^^ / ; l<< "»* Today's Sport Parade By "KNr.t MoUJHOWt NKW YORK. April li!. (Ul>) — II I were a collector of antiques I'll gel n bid In rjulclt for Dlz/.y Demi, Here Is u gmulno Sheraton silly mid « Chlpiiciidale crntkpot If Ilicrc ever was one. Not. lo inen- lion an utilhcnltc Jacobean Jackass nnd u Louts Qulntc loon. Now'd be u Bond ilmo (o Imy, too. 1 have 11 feellni; Ihnl Ihc present owner of this Karly American pllcher, Mr, Wrlglcy of tho Chicago Cubs. Is n bit tired of keeping him on his Khclvcs, IjchiK us he hns enonjjh curloii wllhotil him. 1 am (|iille Mire that Gabby llurt- iioll, muniiRer of Mr. \Vrl«lcy's Cubs would pay frelKht charges, loo. Cerlnlnly Vo Cute Cmlo Shoppc has every reason lo want lo get. rid of this rare Item culnlumied as Dizzy Demi. Dou):hl al a price Hint the Monn hlsn ivaukln'l fetch, Ucan hu.H pitched Illtlc more et- Iccllvcly than the Mona Lisa would Imvc. I'erhaps Hint accoiml.-i for Ihc Insc-iulable snille on IjConnrdo da , Vinci's fusciiinihiK lady. Perhaps she knew that Wrlgley should he were tint grcnlrM *tnr In Uie •••ime. Iwtriul of l(chi(j grateful (or the (•Jinnee (n make $10,000 far doing little more tlinn oninment ono end of the Cubs' dugout In a becoming flannel suit, he biles not only the luiml that feeds him, but tho wrist, clboiv ami shoulder. As n morale builder on a baseball ll-am, UliUy. 11)1151 lllU)UCJitl(Hl- nbly take rank wllh the disturbers of all time. Given an opportunity, he could have the nionne quln- luplels Dying nl ono another's throats. Ills only value as a Icnm mnn would lie In a game of soll- (filre, Of course, there may be method In Otoy's mnduw. There' Is always Ihc chance thai ho will mnke himself so disliked by the fnns that (hey will troop lo the park In thousands hoplnfr to see him knocked out of DID box, hit on the head by a lly hull, or In Mime way eiiibnrriissed or hurl. Many nn athlete has matte money by IjccomliiK extremely unpopular. Hc- incmbcr lluiivywclght Chnmplon Jack SlmrkoyV Ills value ar, a box office draw wn» based on the fnct Hint thousands of men, women, mid children wnnled lo IJD Uierc when someone knocked him still, If Ihnl Is Dizzy's scheme he Is making tremendous progress. Sinclair Oilers Win Over Town Talk have bought her Instead of Demi, mid (hut without even disturbing her gold fritmo she could have compiled n lietler earned run average than Dlray. , |, 1B from lhc >sU , )g jpf „„,„. ,,,,,.,_ Certainly Mono Liisa or cvoir detail, of Ihu year administered by Gainsborough's Ulun Hoy couldn't Dr. Popper last week, came roar- have dono much worse than Dcnn l"(; buck Insl night to crush a Tho Slnclnlr.oilcra, still smart- ?*' lrtB ? ul ' hllV ' ; ? llr fi-nm 111.. «ll»i. ,,r <l.«i.. n..... »OIKT I'CCOrU Boydston Gets Over -At 6-10, Tips Bar On: Way Down By JERKY BBONT)FIEtD . NZA Servlo Spcirti Wrtttr . Don Boydston was coming aloiiz ilia well us'a basketball player nt Sand.Sprlngs, OKI*., Hlghsctcol when someone look a second look at his chassis and suggested he go out for track and jnaybo do R little high-jumping. . The suggesllon probably will go a long way because now they're talking In terms o[ 0 fret 10 inches -and bctter-for Ihe unheralded Oklahoma A. & M. sophomore •' Making Ills debut as a varsity mnn In Fort Worlh a couple of weeks ago, Doydston leaped 6 feet 8.1 Inches, higher than anyone in tills country has done In more than n ycnr. Officials shoved Ihe bar up to C feet 10, which Is three-quarters of an Inch above the recognized world record shared by the neyoes Diivo AlurlUon of Ohio State and Cornelius Johnson, the (nil young man of Compton, Calif •:-. - Uoydston lifted himself over 'the bar but a trailing elbow knocked It off on his wny down. STANDS 8-2, WEIGHS ONLY 145 FOUNDS Joshlngly referred to RS the homeliest mnn on Coach rtaipn Hlggliw 1 .if|(ind, Boydslon has black, curly hair Dint never stays put. He h gaunt of fncu and thin-chested Standing r, feet 2 nnd weighing mil us pounds his legs look'as though they're split to his arm- pils, Hoydslon uses n short approach, Inking only a lew slow ' steps - to gain perfect footwork and timing lie takes off with his left fool, using a vnrlntloii of the western roll combined with a riglit leg f Int. tor kick al tho top of his leap which Jurks him up another Inoli or two. As a high school junior ho could do nn lictlcr than 5 feet fl inches As a senior he won the state scholastic crown nt 6- feet 1. He began life real Eky-cllmblnz ns a freshman at Stlllwater and did G-l. FAVOKHI) TO WIN' NATIONAL COLLEGIATE lioydstod-Is,Improving so rapidly it will come us a surprise to very few southwest critics If ), D sets a Of 0 feet 10 im*u uimu mum \iui.iu UiiUl u^tiii iui\ UILLK licit, lll|;ni CO Cl did In winning mil.v seven names Town Talk liowlliig i.. itv.u .,.,,1 ,i,. i.. in'in i ..... !,„ In 10M and six Cubs. And ioi of $-10.000. rts In lo:il! for (he i Iwoycnr .salary matter of fuel, the UHie I!oy looks like pretty good pitching mntcilal. Ho liars n stance 1 remindful ol lluubell's and appears loose and nasy. It's a wonder Iho SI. Louis Cardinals haven't hnd him on one of their farms long before this. But let's gel back to Dcun, unpleasant ns It might lie. Dto.y might not be too much of n |ltoh- lem if lie would only conllm: Ills faults to nn Inability to pitch more than once every ten days and scorn n victory once a month. Uut (hut apparently Is asking too much. The glorious vitality ot wlml must be the strongest pair of vocal chords In UK: world compels him lo pop- 1 ofr on Ihn most tiictlrss subjects. Overpaid, he puts the blast on club owners and calls, them misers, unwilling lo pay a laborer for his hire. Unpopular, he blisters his miin- flger, Hartnclt, and stigecsls that ho rjnil trying lo mona^ ri baseball team and (urn to soipc other Held. \x It tniiklne tufted quilts, breeding armadillos, or constructing shooting boxes on Scotland'? moors. On Iho down yrudc, he boasts, roars, bleats and challenges as if BUY Tir«$ton« r STANDARD TIRES Icnguo records right anil loft. Paced by C. A. Tnnt, whose 2'1T nvernga Is lops for the .scn.son, lilt; oilers came through with a 217 average for tho night und n 237 team average for the ticcond game, both new league LnOronim Whittle, with H 201 average, was high man on the Town Talk team. Last Monday night the Urnm sponsored by Postcl Hour, defeated Die Town Tnlkers after it close struggle. High mini (or I'oslcl was Captain George Moore with a 202 average, w|i!le the Town Talkers ivcrn paced by Cnpiuln J. D Luns- 208. . Afo.rt high Jumpers '.will [ C H you that any mnn who, does e-10 b a cinch to do seven feet because the Vend Courier News «unt ads ' clearance on peifccl jumps qttcn In by nn inch or. two. virtually unknown until recently, Boydston already. Is favored -to win tho National Collegtato title. /'He's the finest natural jumper fvo over seou," says Higghis "They wouldn't believe mo last year when I told 'em I liacl n freshman who'd be doing 0-8 In a year." Majoring In physical education, Boydston In his spare time Is sports editor of the school daily. You'd never know he was on the .track team by. reading one of his stories. The anost he'll say for himself is: "Among other entries In the meet will be Sophomore Don Boydston In liio high Jump." The Kentucky. Bourbon STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF.LOUISIANA •OTHER SIZES . — „ fROPORTJONAtELt .tQW.// At Today's LOW PRICES! As CAc I'cr Week j Low As VV On Our I BUDGET PLAN j PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 1 Mb. Walnut 1'hone 810 R.iin or shim-, one ihiti<; you can count c<n never to f h:mgc is the uniform fineness of Kentucky's fit Doublc'Rfch" Bourbon. It Eivcs mtrr pltustire to mm pofi/f. Th.-it's why Cream of Kentucky. is the world's larticst-sellini; str.iislu Dourbbti whiskey'.. At yoni favorite pucAagc stoic :•• Cfteam STRAIGHT • SQVRBON WKISKir 90 proof. Copr. 1910, Schcnlcy Di-lillcts Carporalian, X V. G

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