Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1935 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1935
Page 5
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Wednesday, October 30) 1936 Experts Uisfe Rifle Squirrel Hunt Methods of the 'Still Hunt' Described by Associated Press Writer Ar«ochi(cd Press Writer Thai old bnckwoods diversion, still Hinting for squirrels, In addition to ffordihg good sport for the smnll- lore rifleman, is nn Weal wny to spend cloy alone in tlio limber. Those who employ this method to ulwil tile lillle tree dwellers depcrtd Ither upon their keenness of hearing r eyesight, or n combination of both, "ho hunter must match his skill gainst the cunning of the squirrel. A still hunter with keen ears knows II the lillle sounds a squirrel makes i the trees, oven when he he cannot cc the nnirnal because of (he foliage. Te locates n likely place by the sound f claws on bark, nn occasional chal- •ring. or Ihe peculisu- noise made by harp teeth cutting 1 on mils, and sil- ntly waits. Now the hunter must be continuol- f on the silert. While he remnins moonless his eyes scan the forks of •ecs, and the top branches. If he has ntcre;! the woods quietly he may be jwardcd by the animals appearing i full view. Otherwise he must watch >r the tiu of a (nil. „ f oo l, or nn ear. Tie Snapping of « twig or a stick or )ck thrown on the opposite side of le tree from the st-.ilker mny cause suv ™ nmy provide the opportune icmeftt for puttini; the bead or cross- lirs tin his head, A quiet day with lltlle nr no wind is ?sl for still hunting. If other signs n the hunter can detect (he swish leaves as the squirrel jumps from >e branch to another. The hunler sumes a comfortable position leim- K or sitting against a tree or slump his is half Ihe pleasure of slill hunt- f, lor i( affords close observance of all the Smttll wild life rounWaboilt as well n& relnfcallon. The squirrel hurlter who uses a dog Id trail and tree for him gets more game but misses the most Interesting part of the sport. Generations of American riflemen hnvc hunted squirrels. The sport is traditional. .THe men who picked off th'e British regulars with Such consistent regularity at the bottle of Now Orleans were squirrel hunters. Arid they used IHe same rifle for both jobs. Many squirrel shooters have equipped their ,22-ealiber rifles with 'scopes. These arc a bit unhandy sometimes, especially If the going is through thick underbrush, but the satifaction of using a good telescopic sight is worth the slight Inconvertienee. Otir favrtrlte squirrel pun is n single shot, heavy barrel affair with crotch sight, taking the .22 long rifle tnrt- rldgc. But it's all a matter of personal choice. Lots _ of hunters get n kick out of using .410 shotguns. WA<HINi NEW OAMf WA>H SE.RVICE- eiSON-HUCKINS AUNDKY. COM PANY AT YOUR SERVICE With Complete Facilities for Tire Repairing Battery Charging Gas and Oil ^ Austria Use Same Consuls France Has "Good Reason to Feai- Union of Germany arid Its Cousin VIENNA.— (/p) —Tension along the Austro-German border continues to worry statesmen, and Vionmi newspapers still print stories about Ihe Kg- gresslvo plans of Ihe "Austrian Legion' 'of nazi fugitives from here who found refuge in Germany. But in faraway lands Ihe interests of Austrian citizens frequently are looked after by German consulates and legations. If any Austrian citizen should get I into trouble in Ethiopia, for instance, ] he would go for advice to the German legation in Addis Ababa. For the German legation represents Austrian interests there. In Manchouktio, too. according to the official Austrian Yearbook just published, the Vienna government has confided the protcclion of Austrian citizens lo the German consulates in Harbin and Mukden. Likewise. In the Straits Settlements and ih British Borneo the Austrian citizen looks to the German consulate general in Singapore for protcclion. •If he finds himself embarrassed in Nicaragua there are four German consulates to which he can appeal; al Managua, Bluefields, Leon and Mata- t'alpa. In Siam, the German legation in Bangkok is entrusted wilh the pro- lection of Austran citizens, and in Venezuela it is the German consulates at Caracas. Ciudad Bolivar, LaGuayra, Puerto Cabello and Valencia. S9ffiM^L*to«. ARKANSAS Wo NJEW LINES Of c at Guernsey School Date Advanced From Friday to Avoid Conflict With Football A minstrel ant) Halloween carnival Will be given at 8 p. m. Thursday In the auditorium of Guernsey school Ebrno of the numbers on the program Includb: The crazy house; man with three eyes; fish pond; dancing gir); the bif wotrian; beauty shope; prehistoric animal; sleepinp infant; house of mystery ;lhe • Honey boys; negro sleeted with eigh popular songs, and oilier numbers. Refreshments will .Be served. The rti!nstrel and carnival was originally Eche'duled for Friday night, bill war rneve'd Up to alldw several footbal 1 laris to attend the Hop-e-Sfflacfcbver game at Hope Friday hlghl. ' Not • Over-JDemalicIiiig Hex ford—"I suppose you think I'm. a perfect idiot?" ltdbtrta—"Oh, none of Us, are. perfect."—The Watchman-Examiner. Cheap Baths for Jiipan's Tnrs TOKYO.-(A 5 )-Barbers and bathhouse keepers cut their rates in half when the Japanese navy put into Tokyo Bay recently at the conclusion of two and a half months of maneuvers in the northwest Pacific. Sonic 40,000 bluejnckels swarmed nshore. The book "Why We Behave Like Human Beings" had a big sale in spile of the fact that most of us don't. Oldsmobile for 1936 announces a new line of style-leador Sixes and Eights. Featuring knee-action wheels, super-hydraulic brakes, solid steel "Turret Top" body by Fisher, safety glass standard throughout, center-control steering, ride stabilizer and many other advantages, the new cars are on display at all Oldsmobile dealers. Above is shown the Eight with two views of the Six below. Interior fittings harmonize with the beauty of exterior design. Oldsmobile today announced two 1936 models, the Oldsmobile Six arid the Oldsmobile Straight Eight. "Truly quality cars at remarkably low prices' is the way they were described by C. L. McCuen, Oldsmobile president and general manager, in making the announcement. Every proven mechanical feature' 10 ' — op h S?±, 1 ncr i " f o, rl ;- Sllfety> , e - C 7°H y Knee-action wheels which smooth Uir P-l ,mn l cn B'n«»rcd into the bumps from the road, permitting the cr^hin U -nn ,^'i, , C i Sa ' i y , , ! same comfortable ride for passengers ciihip is maintained and augmented in lho rcar scat as is given tho * jh Lj a smart, new design and luxurious tnc f ront SGal interior appointments. ' l soal ' ••nWc.-r.ir Min • IMP • i . • Solid steel "turret top" body by UlcUmobile m HUG is charactenzec — • • -• by every feature which adds to Ihe quality of an automobile," said Mr McCuen. "The exterior beauty speaks for itself, keeping Oldsmobile far in the forefront in slyle streamlining." •principal'among those'features which ! are found on the new Gfrlsmobile are. "uper-hydraulic brakes, self-eqiial- g and self-energizing, which stop a , cur .swiftly and surely and smoothly a perfect day— A Jf .There's lots of them. One is the day when you first realize that good printing is an aid to your business. were going to win Your confidence and patronage with your order, for you will have learned that you can place an order with us and then forget about it, knowing it will be completed to your entire satisfaction. Our Commercial Department is at your service, equipped to fill your needs in the printing line. Experience, accuracy, promptness and careful attention to details—an earnest effort to please and satisfy every customer—assure a printed product of quality and effect. Phone 768 and a representative will call and cheerfully furnish estimates. Star Publishing Co. "Printinu that Makes an Impression." South Walnut Hope, Arkansas Admission Tickets Announcements Auction Bills Blanks Billheads Briefs Blotters Business Cards Calling Cards Catalogs Coupons Checks Circulars Dodgers Envelopes Env. Enclosures Folders Gin Forms Hand Bills Invitations Letter Heads Labels Leaflets Meal Tickets Menu Cards Milk Tickets Notes Noteheads Notices Office Forms Pamphlets Posters Programs Receipts Stationery Mal« Bills Placards Price Lists Pest Cards Statements Shipping Tags Fisher, providing protecting walls of steel above, below and on every side. Safely glass standard equipment throughout in all models. Center control steering, giving an Ciise .of handling impossible imcler any other steering system. Ride stabilizer, which "straighlens oul Ihe curves" by eliminating car sway while rounding turns at big speed. Hardened aluminum alloy pistons electrically treated to miike thorn fa harder ;md more durable than thos fashioned from ordinary aluminum These pistons reduce oil consumption minimize carbon deposits, lengthe bearing life, and greatly lessen th_ 3££ibilily of scoring cylinder walls 'Smoolh engine performance, mater ially improved by the use of the ligh weight pistons in conjunction witi an especially heavy countcrweightci crankshaft, and tri-cushion cngin mountings of rubber banded to steel The Olclsmobile Six engine develop: : )0 horsepower, thai of the Eight 101 icrfepower. Increased gasoline economy througl in improved method of spark control An anti-pereolaling device whicl prevents gasoline in the carbureto floal bowl from being forced through the manifold after a long run in ho weather. Weight distribution so thai all pas- I sengers ride comfortably between the axles. j All silent syncro-mesh transmission ! with quiet, easy shifting in all gears ! Striking new design, sweeping in one ! graceful curve from bumper to bumper, marks the 1936 Oldsmobile. Olclnnobilc in 1936 presents an entirely new treatment of. the front end without sacrificing any of Oldsmobile's identifying characteristics. Mounted in such a way as to make , the radiator easily accessible, the massive 1930 grill adds greatly to the stiikinp appearance of the new front end. Headlamps, mounted high, likewise add tlistiiu-iion. The effecl is rounded cut by the heavy, sturdy bumpers and bumper guards. On the Eight, graceful parking lamps are imnuitcd on the front fenders. The long, graceful hood is carried to the grille .mil a new louvre design its i/.ui lo enhance the appear! anee of a ear already beautiful. The .solid steel "turret top," the .'•plit windshield, the streamlined rear ccntour.s .Ihe graceful lines of the doors—all blend into the harmonious picture which is (he 1936 Oldsmobile. Rear panels of the new five passenger models receive an effective treatment in lil.'iti. A wide chrome orna- , mental .strip, extending well up I through the center of the luggage com- parlmcnt door panel, flares at the too into a "T." The name "Oldsmobile" is carried across the top portion of the "T." Luxurious interior fittings mark the new Oldsmobile models. More comfortable seats and cushions, new and handi-cme upholstery, hardware which accentuates the .simplicity of the interior design, and a Brazilian Rosewood finish instrument panel give the new Oldsmobilo leadership jn luxury and comfort. The 19,'iG models are extremely roomy, with wide, comfortable seats both front and rear, and provide ample head and leg room. C'.hcr conveniences built inlo the 19.'iG cars are: Convenient grouping of the instru- nicnts direclly in front of the driver. Mounting of the handbrake on Ihe dash just to the left of the driver, thus eliminating an opening in the floor board and keeping out dirt and noise. Elimination of still anolher floor Hitl*V<Shotft Are Put dh by Recruits BEttUN—(£>)—Marching feet of 1,6* Eturdy army recruits, will wear and tear one of Der Fuehrer's '• many pre'sbrils. ', : : '_ In a solemn v ceremony 1,000: pairs of heavy black leather bools, which ' the- German shoemakers' guild gave Adoly Hitler in recpgnltibn of, his,rearrriai merit'of the'Reich,: were turned-Werj to Ihe Berlin,garrison. •. ' - .' "l The "officers "ordered that < eaclV,.boot j" should be specially,.marked by,a v stajnp' to identify them as "a present; t'p the German army : by.'the German-Cr^ft- men's Guild." ' - ' '' IA&&Y hoard opening by mounting the starl- er pedal on Ihe dash just.'above the accelerator, making it more easily reached by persons of short stature. In the 1936 Oldsmobile the floor boards in both front and rear compartments are flat and level so that-a parsenger sitting in the center-of. the seat has as much leg room as those oh either side of him. . . In addition, Ihe front rest of the rear compartment is placed in a special recessed space under the rear of the front seat. This elmihates stumbling over the (dot rest as well as giving additional leg room for the rear seal passengers. "We have improved and refilled (hose proven features which are essen- tial'to "e'very first class automobile," Mr. McCuen said. "We offer a design which maintains the style leadership so closely identified with Oldsmobile. "And we do all this while still keeping the price down in the lowest range, £0 that Cldsmbbile may be within -the reach .of everyone. Ninety-eight., per cent bfTtRS'•'Buyers' bf aulbrhobiles"biiy in the Oiasmobile price fiel'd. ," We-offer a car that has everything, and is "within the reach of everybody." BAYSON PHILADELPHIA.—the care of the .Jnhap'p'y Jarhes Emory Foxx is not tkely lo become a new symbol for .'rbstrtitidji .iii America, suppiahtihg hat bf'fivartgellrie ahd dabriei, who p'e'ht ; 4D years Idokihg for bne arioth- ?r among the pralines of New Orleans. Foxx's services are much too valu- 'ble arid his salary a bit high for him •o be permitted to pine for riew play- tintes and surroundings. The fact that Foxx is dissatisfied in "-hliadelpllla fh'd'hdR given tip on the •ity arid Connie Mack is as gobd a eason as ahy for suspecting that the ill-rctlrid star of the Athletlcs.will ap- lear in strange livery ill 1938, most ikely In that of the immensely weal- hy Boston Red Sox 1 . Foxx mdde the world series trip vith Thomas Austin Yawkey, the •ouhf matt ' of many. millions who •wnr (he Hub entry; Edward Trow- •ri'dg'e Cdllins, his general manager; nd Joe Cronin, his field marshal and Hortstop. Yawkey, Foxx, ahd Collins re close personal .friends. Foxx and ; 'ollins formerly resided nestt door to ach other just 'outside of • Philadel- hia. They must ; hunt together. Upc)n leaving, for His home in' 'Slri "rahcisco, Cr'dnin.Hinted •that, a large i.-ansraction, with- the. Athletics was. on —tsnelthat EhoUld- ehaijple^'thb Red Sox to cop 'the pliims in;1936. ' • ' ' ' '"'.",'' X "'••'. Meek Askc ^^COj'to .' riftis in playin'g 77 fame's at Fenway! anee In a circuit in whicfi weaiftf Pdrk, with Its comparatively short left I rays peddle Itmiinflfles ta Afm, field wall. bne», it is quite natural for *IM Foxx assert* that his beihg with the outstanding player as Barnes fit«c_ Athletics costs him about $12,000 a \ Foxx to be annoyed at wastihf Bta' year. He gets $18,000. He'd be a $30,- f.OO-a-ye'ar man with either the Red Sox or New York Yankees. "It ish't Mack's fault. He's paying me all he can afford to," relates {he Sold Man of Sudldrsvilte, with a sardonic 'grin, Foxx Believes that Cramer, Higgins, and himself could help the fourth- place Red Sox of 1935 to a pennant next season- Jbxx, who is only 28, Is ah amazing ball player. Me looks after first base flawlessly, is a gifted second baseman, a shortstop far above the average, and is a perennial choice, for third base whenever an all-star American League team is nominated. His throwing makes him an outfielder for whom any manager would practically give his owner's franchise. At Hcme Anywhere Fokx came to the Athletics a decade ago, as a youthful catcher. Last spring Mack, sorely pressed for receivers talent in such a hopeless set-up as current one in Philadelphia. Mexico Wars en tthrn MEXICO, D. F.- (ff>) -"t/se year brakes at corner^ instead of your httrft 4 ' 1* the slogan which has befen adopted by leaders of an anli-noise campaign in this city. The capital's SdO.OOiJ driv-* ers gbrtSrally speed Up when a crossing artd lean on the horn. When men marry they get better halves, but not necessarily betted quarters, Like Seasoning Herbs In Old Fashioned Garden In the old-ifashioned garden, he>bs for flavoring food were grown in abUridahce. Wheh mature, they were gathered, dried and put away for kitchen use. ,; Milch the same story about Black- DraUght. This popular, vegetable laxative is made of selected, scientifically approved, medicinal herbs,—dried, finely ground and packed for convenient use. "I'd rather take Black-Draught than any kind of laxative I know,".whites Mr.''cilnt'L. ^Paul, ot Caryville;. Fla. since the sale of Mickey Cochrane, s-ent Jimmy behind the bat again and old-timers pronounced him the daddy of all maskmen. Nick Altrock, who chucked them up to the game's most glamorous backstops, says that if Foxx had played in the days _of Bresnahan, Kling. Schreck, and Archer those immortals of the lafgelmitt would have been.sub- stilutes-lo him. - . . Foxx is an Excellent pitcher. He her ---.—- . — --,, -,— a fast .'ball faster tha nany regulation " r -^9".Black-Draught for constlpa- hurler's in.;eilher big league, as 'any- tibri : ahd headache that comes*,ftt>ni one who saw. him.pitch for-last win-' V 1 ' 5 trpubleVM.hrd such severe Aead- ter's barhst'cjrmers in Japan will tell laches I;would have,To.quit -wofk^btlt ycu. .;'•• .,'.' • BlackrOrauglit^regulates the t/owejs bill believes Ihatlrje $200,000 ; asked by in., a flock of young players. When Mack placed the $200,000 tag on Foxx, Yawkey didn't bring up the question, of thb transfer, of Roger Cramer... Frank Hipgins. Bob Johnson, .Wally. Moses, or ' Johnny Mrjrcum, other Athlelics mentioned as having a good chance of getting reprieves in Philadelphia in ; deal with the Red Sox. However, as Foxx explains, the Philadelphia club was $250,000 in debt at the starll of the past season and losl anolher $200.000. Might baseball may help, but it seems that the city has rqured on the Macks arid the club, which isn't going any place without pitching. . • Tire supposition is that Mack will bail out himself and the Shibes by disposing of Foxx and another one or two. Foxx points out that the customers are aboard him in Philadelohia, despite his heroic exploits, and that there is little satisfaction in performing with a tail-end outfit after having been a member of the pennant-gathering aggregations of 1929, '30, and. '31. He is 'he only one of lh"e old Athletics left, by the way. Fenway His Favorite ... Fpxx is not.only exceptionally fond of Yawkey and his management, but Fenway Park is/His favorite ball yard. He believes that he would stand ah excellent chance of breaking Babe Ruth's major league mark of 60 home Babe, a left-hand hitter. \yas favored by facing the majority of right-hand pitchers; and the majority of,shortt:r' right-field fences. -•'•-.•.•" .While there never Will be much bal- dn Cars and Trucks. Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER Get the World on i CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric CAR GLASS CUT /VKD (GJROU^D "TO; FIT AfoY CAR BRYAN'S Used Parts 411 South Laurel Street ahd helps me and relieves these headaches.",'; ..;••'• : , v , . ''»i^ BLACK-DKAUGHT; recomriiended to all who .bccafspnally 'j need a good, reliable' laxative. —adv. 1 GasHeatefs Ranges Circulators Easy Terms -, . Hairy W. Shivet Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 Stop That Cough WITH CHERROSOTE the best remedy for simple coughs^, ahd gastric fermentative we have. 8 oz. Bottle 60c JOHN S. GIBSON- Drug Company The Rex-all Store- Phone 63 Delivery j- ®; >>* -m HOPE STAR ADVERTISING'IS 'I "POINT-OF- SHOPPING ; ADVERTISING 99 NS) -I ^ . -i ^7 f *y jj~~- -jr- "— «• *« -n. -^ ; ^ *•" f ' ' t ' i' »\ 1 » 0 *< -j r~'\4 ^'.^ 0 Newspaper advertising is constantly sought and read by men, en and children who are definitely looking for something to buy. SEND YOUR SHOPPING MESSAGE TO RESPONSIVE READERS By Advertising in the HOPE STAR

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