Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 1, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 1, 1937
Page 6
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HOPE STAB, HOPB. ARKANSAS re Comes Santa Glaus Loaded With Gifts !"*"»"% MARIAN YOUNG JHSA Service Staff Correspondent VORK—it's time to do your fihftetWas shopping—and let's not have 3»y honsense about it this year! Buy- tog presents for those you love isn't UfcttJ work or dull or too much trouble 6t Snythittg else unpleasant. It's fun, that's what it Is. And even if you don't ftttK so this minuie, you will as Soon s^'you l«gin to look at the array of fixity handsome, really new and really. Jhteii&sting gifts in the stores. Getting right down to cases, we'll StoH with wearing apparel items— things that men, women and children wfil love to receive. No one ever has ft<» Sttany accessories, and it's been many a year since we've heard a single iftan complain of having too many bathrobes or a woman so much as hint that her supply of negligees is overwhelmingly large. 'She old standbys—lingerie, stockings, purses and gloves for women— sports jackets, ties and sweaters for boys—socks, shirts and stud for papa —pajamas, bathrobes and bedroom Slippers for the smallest members of the family—still are tops in prefer- «ftC6~llstS. Plan to give each just what he Wants and what he has asked for, but go him one better and find the newest and smartest model of the specified item. *" flow to Delight YoUn£ Women. If Sister wants stockings, how about some- glamorously sheer, sheer black ' -Dramatic new printed cotton fashions a dressy house smock, -lit's fadeless and non-shrlnkable. ones to wear with her dinner dress? The most exciting pair we've seen have clocks made entirely of diminutive gold beads. Any young girl would like an evening bag. Let it be one of the new, flat models, book-shaped and completely fitted with compact, lipstick, change purse, perfume flacon and such. Or a drawstring type of black satin with a few red or green or gold CHRISTMAS/ bathrobe, full end flaring nbout the nnkles, and lined with scarlet taffeta, Or a negligee of ecru With lining of pale green silk (fitted and flared With tiny pvtff sleeves), Or a black smoking jacket of quilted silk satin. Suiting Masculine TnslM For men, a poplin tie and silk handkerchief set t in Authentic Scotch plaid, is new and sure to be appreciated. Plaid, incidentally, is one of the most —From C. W. Davenport, N. Y. A hedjnckct for the baby . . . handmade, of soft Shetland wool. popular pattern. 1 ; in men's accessories. Also new arc ties of n non-wrinkling wool and cotton fabric, originally designed for summer neckwear—now clone in dark shades for fall and winter. Jewelry, belts and garters for men and boys come in special gift boxes which are useful in themselves. A belt may be rolled into an ashtray, for example. Or a tie may be packed in a utility tray for jewelry and such. Smart ties for boys come in precious stone colors, and the inside cover of each tic box has a picture and short story about the stone. If the men in your family have just started buying shirts with French cuffs, jewelry is something to consider. Rectangular cuff links of plain gold, with an initial in one corner and a colored stone in the other, will please the man who likes a touch of modern in his jewelry. Among the old-fashioned links are giant circles and ovals (about the size of a quarter) with semi-round precious stones such as torquoisc or lapis. A "shirt control" set which includes links, tie pin and tie-holder with chain ll pleas almost any man you know. Also new is a jewelry wardrobe. It consists of three pairs of cuff links in various colors to go with various shirts. Young brother might like a belt with a compass on the front of it. He, and his daddy, too, certainly would be impressed with a belt buckle, monogram of which was copied from the monogram of an extra-fine French handkerchief. The manufacturer simply imported several fine, hand-cm- Thrce pnlrs of links In various colors to go wllh various shirts. A monogrnmmcd belt buckle, silver plated with depressed edges. Ami another Interesting buckle, monogram of which was copied from the Initial on a fine French handkerchief. the country would be happy to get a sliede jacket in any one of the lovely milted colors. Other nice presents for men are: a box of gingerbread pigskin (that new leather) for his dresser, with separate compartments for collars and hand- —From Lord & Taylor, New York It's a Merry Christmas inilecd for this family. Mother's presents include the lace negligee she has on; n set of lace-trimmed lingerie; stockings; handkerchiefs; pearl necklaces and satin mules. F.-.thcr's arc: printed scnrf; shirts for Ijoth day and evening; tics; stationery; a natural cashm-jre bathrobe (he's wearing it): slippers utul pajamas. Little daughter is pleased with: bsoks, note p vcr, p. carhmcrc l.athrr.hc like Daddy's; bedroom slippers, lined with bunny fur; blue and white striped pajamas cf softest flannel. woven with rational flowers. Edelweiss nestles in the corner of one smart handkerchief which has the wcrds of "The Blue Danube" embroidered in all-over effect from corner to corner. Printed on a white wool scarf arc colorful briclse card motifs. Also French poems and mottoes. Also sure to make the women on your list happy are: a slender gold wrist watch, curved to f,it the \yrist; wear-clean doeskin glovesf the more she wears them, the cleaner they become); an alligator purse with a wid« bottom and a slender top on the same lines as the bottom; velvet after-noon accessories, including small velvel purse and 10-button length gloves of matching velvet; a whjte f tunnel 0! School News The Providence Providence school announces he honor roll for the month ending November 19th. Faulba Rue Grishnm, first grade. Minnie Etta Robinson nnd Lawrence Wcndel Hnzzartl, second grade. Conrad Grishnm, Perry Campbell, and Normn Jean Hnf.zard, fourth grade. Dunne Grishnm, fifth grndc. Gilbert Hazznrd, sixth grade. Mildred Morton, and Imon Hazzard, seventh grade. Jack Stewart nnd Herman Robinson, Eighth grnde. Neva Robinson, Christccn Martin, nnd Jnmcs Wilton Hnzzard, nnlth grade. Agnes Gaincs, tenth grnde. The boy's basketball tenm played Piney Grove Wednesday the score was 13 to 18 In favor of Providence. We arc very thankful to our board for our new steel locker, and playground equipment. The primary and intermediate grades rendered a Thanksgiving program Wednesday afternoon which secmod to be enjoyed by some of our parents nnd friends. y. December *t New Hope For luiy woman you know . . . n beautiful pin, the berries of clouded amber, the leaves of clear amber. broidercd linan handkerchiefs, had the monograms so carefully copied that even the fine stitches around the outside of the initials were simulated. A father whom'we know is going to to give his young son and daughter- in-law matching suede sports jackets in a .soft shade of green. Suede jackets, even skirts and suits, are smart no end these days. Any woman who likes —From Abercrombie and Fitch Co., New York. "Bonnet, scarf and sweater-blouse, white with colorful Tyrolean embroidery. Mittens, cap and socks are red with sirnilai^ embroidery. ;equins scattered sparingly over the satin- Among the most attractive presents 'or gifts are: a handmade sweater with a neckline that stands up in points in tront is plain across the back (for mother as well as daughter); furlined bedroom slippers that are smart to look at but which have flat heels that make for comfort; a necklace made of tiny circlets of multi-colored ,. felt (for one who loves sports clothes); I It's smarter to have handkerchiefs an evening headdress with a flowing marked with the recipient's first name embroidery. Matronly Tastes The loveliest Ingerie is dripping with lace. Nightgowns look more like tvening gowns than anything else we can think of at the moment. A three- piece set (nightgown, slip and pants), tailored and monogrammed and finished with a dainty embroidered motif, is something the tailored woman will veil and topknot of tiny feather flowers; a single amber flower pin. Also, than with her monogram. Newest of ;ill the novelty handkerchiefs are those a knitted ski set, with sweater, mitten, ' with the words of songs embroidered socks and cap in white with Tyrolean ..cross them. The words are inter- Flannel housecoat in her best color $ 5 made embroidered night gowns from $3.93 HAYNES BROS. "There Is No Profitable Substitute (or Quality." Come in and Join Our 1938 (Zenith Radio Xmas Shopping Contest^ We carry a complete stock of Chirstmas Gifts for the Entire Family Use Our Lay-Away Plan. iRHEAD'S §c to $| oo STORE We Guarantee Our Prices —From Mark Cross, New York Over-night bnff, in ffingcrbrcnd pigskin, saddle-stitched in white, is completely fitted with nil necessary cosmetics jurs nnd bottles. kerchiefs; :i navy flannel smoking jacket with striped moire lapels; a leather shooting jacket with wide strips of lambskin which look like fur down the front; dress shirts; monogrammed scarfs; lounging slippers; socks. Ajicl a gift order for a new hat is a pretty good idea, too. For Family's Newcomer Give the hahy in the family a hand- knit bed jacket of softest Shetland yarn, and button it down the back as big sister does her classroom sweaters. Also nice for a baby is a boudoir set, consisting of tiny bathrobe, matching bed jocket and crib cover. Included in the array of beautiful presents for children are: a snow suit with collar of dyed bunny fur in any one of half a dozen shades; a windbreaker of plaid blanket cloth, with hood attached; a bathrobe cut like a mandarin coat (fastens at one side o the neck); an over-the-shoulder purse (straps can be removed when the little girl wants to carry the rjurse in her hand instead of vore her shoulder. Also, a bright plaid skirt with matching bolero; a party dress of black taf feta with pink Tyrolean embroidery matching gloves and mittens (packec together in an attractive box); a prin Kmmcl The students of Emmet High School held a "Who's Who" contest Monday with the following results: Most courteous girl, Frances Tubb. Most Courteous boy, John Polk. Best all around girl, Ruby Mae Crumby. Best all around boy, Edward Paul. Most attractive girl, Gloria Little. Most handsome boy, James Jones. Quietest girl, Fern Eristerland. Quietest hoy, John Polk. Wittiest girl, Vera Reyenga. Wittiest boy, Ellis Dotignn. Best girl athlete, Ruby Mae Crumby. Best boy athlete, Edward Paul. Most studious girl, Frances Tubbs. Most studious boy, John Polk. Best girl sport, Ruby Mac Crumby. Best boy sport, Wilacc Wise. Neatest girl, Frances Tubbs. Neatest boy, Elgin Ward. Most popular girl, Ruby Mac Crum- y. Most popular boy, Wilnee Wise. Cutest girl, Mildred Wise. Cutest boy, Herbert Chnmbless. Biggest girl flirt, Tommic Rowe. Biggest boy flirt, Elgin Ward. Emmet Clnss Officers Class officers of Emmet High School for 1937-38 arc as follows: Senior class: President, Edward Paul; vice president, Nona Mac Crank; Secretary, Ruby Mac Crumby. Junior class: President, Billy Reyenga; vice president, Wilace Wise; secretary, Virginia Galloway. Sophomore class: President, R. E. Mohon; vice president, Charles Gist; secretary, Mildred Wise. Freshman class: President, Elgin Ward; vice president, Inez Ncal; Sec. retary, Edna Thompson. Brother Tom Epton preached hero Sunday nnd Sundny night. Miss Clara Parrls spent ft few days last week With Mr. nnd Mrs. Clnudo Burke of DC Ann, Mr. nnd Mrs. Chester Carrel of Tex- arkann made a short visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Harris Friday. Misses ettie nnd Roxie Wntklns spent the week end with their parents. Miss Dora Mnngum spent Friday night with Misses Marie nnd Oma Lee G"wcns. Mr. nnd Mrs. Johnnie Samuels nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Claude Burke spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Morion. Miss Jewel Dean Cox made a business trip to Hope Mondny. Miss Myrn Lee Boycll returned to her work in Texarkana Monday nflcr spending Thanksgiving with her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elbert Burke of the Experiment Station called on Mr. and Mrs. Howell Goad last Thursday. Misses Vivian Schootcy, Ola Mnc Harris, Myrn Lcc Boyetl, Nona nnd Pauline Mnngum attended the bunking party at Irene Mortons last Wednesday night. Mr. nnd Mrs. Elmer Harris of Sparkman spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. W. H. Harris. Miss lone Arrington of Blevlns visited Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Cox Sun- dny. Lee Pnrris is now visiting relatives in Cumby, Okla. Mrs. Maggie Raines from Colorado is spending several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Nancy llulsey. In the larval stage, a spiny lobster is totally unlike its adult form. Scientists did not recognize the transparent, leaf-like creature until recent times. COTTON OWNERS E. C. Brown Cotton Company which firm has served tills community for thirty years has been duly Bonded to handle GOVERNMENT LOANS. Immediately upon receipt from you at this office of the Warehouse receipts and samples, wo will class the cotton and have check available Immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon request. E. C. BROWN PHONE 2-10 dress (tho print designed by children for children). Furthermore, a.dirndl dress of black velvet with lace butterflies at the neckline (for parties); a white terry cloth beach robe with scarlet belt (if you are going to take her south with you); tics; hair ribbons; scarfs; stockings and socks; blousics, sweaters; leather jackets and belts—oh, it's going to be a merry Christmas! For HIM ... a military brush, comb and clothes brush in brown nnd gold. Bristles of the brushes are gold mid bronze. If You Want to Farm Right and Make Money, Farm with a McCormick-Deering FARMALL la Three Sizes) F-12, F-20 and F-30 Pays for Itself in Time Saved , , . in Lower Production Costa // It Isn't H McCormick'Peering, It Isn't a Far mull SOUTH ARKANSAS IMPLEMENT CO. HOPE TEXARKANA The most sensational attraction of all time— "DR. QUIZZER" At the Saenger Theater, Wednesday night, in a series of questions, for which CASH is paid fo rthe correct answers. The questions may be geographical. The questions may be historical. The questions may be scientific. The questions may be taken from the ads appearing in the Hope Daily Star, If you answer correctly you will be paid on the spot. ,. instantly, Read the Ads for "Profit" SANTA CLAUS and COMPANY (Registered U. S, Patent Office) By KING COLE \ 'V/SO V'CAME ALONG AWHOW, 1 / vWE'U. /WAKE HMA /vbUMS rWP6R-HAVPERl <l HELP MINO V'PClO BREAK VOBE } VJ^_, 'Glige & THERE'S SALT '"• 7 FUNNY SIGN .-,- V_7 ON THE r ( POOR? FLIPPO Y//U BEHAVE MMTjmmm^ HIPPO J OH, I V/ISH HE HAT? COMf. VftTH US i GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical PHONE 259 ON CLOTHES INVEST/ AND MOW/.. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel—And You'll Jump Out of Btd in the Morning Ratin'lo Go The Hvor should pour out \yo pounds of liquid Mia Into your bowoln dully. If thlnhlla In not flowing freely, your food iloenn'tdlucat. It just dccityn In tho bowels. Gni blunU up our utomnch. You Kct con.itlpnU'd. Your V/h.ilc nystcm In polxoncd nnd you fool tour, mink nnd the world looks punk. Unxativcfl nrp only mnUi-Hhifls. A mera bowel movement doesn't Ki-t nt the caujp. Ik . take« those. Rood, old Cnrt?r'» lAKlu ^..^ Pills to cet thi-se two pound* of bile flowl-.T freely urn) make you feel "up nnd up". Hnrm- ICTI, rcntlc, yctnniHrlnit In mnkliiK bile flow freel«, Auk for Curler's Little Liver Fills b-y nnmi'. Stubbornly rufuse anything «l»o. 26c. | _.„ MODEL 117 K* WASHER An investment in an ABC Washer is an investment in "Better Living." Actually it costs you nothing to own an ABC. The savings in time, clothes, clothes investment, health, and energy more than pay for it. With an ABC you can enjoy aq abundance of Snowy WWTE clothes all the. time. $73.50 WilhTcrms AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY COMPANY Arkansas

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