Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 30, 1935
Page 4
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ROMS STAR, mm. ARKANSAS , .Qctofor j* ? Girl Soldier r \ tl. fttitrl who i fouffil ih {fee • KevoluUoiiary War- ii Saorea IrtWP Answer,t«*t%«*vlo«s 13 Clan symbol. 15 Disturbance. 16 Overwhelming r fright. iSA little (music). 19 Fish. 20 Ptissy. 21 to .ptlH. 23 Content 34 Myself. 26 Discharges. *2S Ream. ' 29 Jeer. 30 Chief. i 31 Mexican dollar 33 Dinner. • 34 Church bench. 35 Office. 36 To Choose. 38 SilKWorni. 39 To summon. (pi.), 40 Cry of surprise 41 To recall. , . . . 43 Cry of pleasure 1 Girl. 44 Lions' homes. 2 Wind Instru 45 To affirm, 47 To decree. 62 Also. 63 To frighten. 54 this —— prevented the capture of her 7 Court. dead hus- S To skip. band's gun. 9 Collar. 63 She Was at his 10 Happens side In -— again. ment. 3 Quantity. 4 Behold. 5 Skillet. 6 First letter of a name. It tteeorates. 12'Door rug. 1-1 Her inondmcnt is titi • battlefield. 16 Tablet. 17 Heavy string. 30-Heart. 2a You anil I, 25 Musical note. 26 Exploit. 27 A lit. 30 To falter. 32 Female sheep. 33 Fungus. 34 Skin. 35 By, 3G Membranous bass. 37 To cleave. 39. Locust pod. •12 Stream. 43 Grandparental. 45 To .perform. 46 Tiling. 47 Exclamation. •IS Northeast. 4!) Measure. 50 Company. 51 Note in scale. 5,'i Street. Did'it every-occur to you that the st method of climbing higher on ffe's ladder of .success is to remain the level? Find It' Bent Ifl Buy IU in the Hope Star ; MARKETPLACE nber, the mbrfejyou>Mll,-th^ quicker you' selL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« 6 times, 6c line, min. 30c 26 times, 3%c line, min. |2.70 , (Average 5V4 words to the line) *OTE—Want ads will be accepted ith the understanding that the illl is payable on presentation of ent, before the first publi- ation. Phone 76S -ANNOUNCEMENTS 'Called Meeting ?). *M. Degree Tuesday Night O'ct; ?9;at 7:30 • B.'R. Morris, W. M, Albrittoo, Secy, IfQTJCE—-Hallo'ween dance, at Bose i Camp near Prescott. The pub- s'Invited. Thursday night t'Qcto- 31."From 8 untilr?.' ' , ;28-4tp. fAKEN , tJP—Brindle-colored^ grey- Agply at Shover Springs Health of this community is good at present. Next Saturday night' 'and Sunday morning and night, are the regular preaching days here. ' Mrs. J. W. McWiHiams called on Mrs. Charles B. Rogers last Friday evening. —,.-.«.. j J. W. McWilliams were dinner guests | of his'son, Early; an* |aJf\tl|'last Tuesday, . . . . ; Mr. 'and Mrs. Howard Collier were Hope visitors Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Philips spent last Monday afternoon with their sis- j ter Mrs. Charles B. Rogers. ( Mrs. Merrell Hucklebee called on' Mrs. Hoyett Laseter Monday morning. | Howard - Sanford • spent Saturday- night v/ith Glendon and Kennth McWilliams. Mrs. J, S. Reed was in Hope last Saturday on business. Miss Mary Sue Philips called on Misses Milma and- Mildred Laseter Saturday. The farm erosion people are working on Early McWililam's farm at present. Mrs. Gassaway—So your husband has been deceiving you, has he? Mrs. Gnaggs—Xes. I've been giving! him a dime every day to ride to work ' on the but, and now I find out that he's been walking and spending the money. FOR SALE FOR SALE— One piano and gunshop tools. In ^ood condition and cheap. See Mrs. B. L. Taylor 815 West Sixth Street. 23-6tp FOR SALE — Acetylene system In good condition. T. N. Hope, Arkansas. FOR 'Euy new ;-r.f'. prices paid for for Pre-::dor.t ; :ans, Metals, Chickens, Eggs, Old you u, dsatr.. itteries and Radiators. Hope Produce ' D<-aler. iuse 106 S. Walnut Street, Hope, j k. :n A-l Carrol. Mule OUR BOARDING HOUSE AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS £WLJt UP! THOSE? -IWS SO I'LL LEAVS Miue AND ME CAM EAT IT. HE DOES THAT TIMS we HAVE A SWELL TELL YOU WHAXttt>C <5iVE ME. A CdT, Ahi" f LL * ATtIC WITH iW MICE, TAKE CAKt OP Ttf TURNACt -DO ODD JOBS : WOW/OWE MIWUTE 1M VOUR MOUTH, TWO MOURS IW WOUP STUMMICK AM' A LIFETIME OM VOUR THAT.WITWAN YOL1LLBE \N A THE BELL, AS A CHALLENGED TOft THE CROWN , A-ROLJNr> THVS M1LL.1FQ1* MY " COFFEE /-*-*-NttU "BE A&AtNJ AN GET NVE WITH TrV LOCAL YOU HAVE A. HALF •,K1 X ,LOOK—I THE DESSERT PROSPECTOR BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES by MARTIN It Just Didn't Work ev\oo".". '. SOOO **™s* YNtA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT, OFF. ALLEY OOP Guz, the Gallant I HOPE I SEE THAT FELLA THAT WU2 GONNA KIDNAP' ME- HUH?- •VVEtL,.' WHAT TH? WASH TUBES fSES HERE ,'FOLKS, rr'^'enr i M ' so A ^v 7; SOCV DASSM'T FALL ASLGSC 1 f-'EK PEARJ O= SE!M' KILT. TsVO 1/iUPDE.Vj l-i tMOUSH. W&' OUQHTER PUT A'^roP TO IT. OW/OUR QUEEN 'IS'DOWW - WHEDE'S GUZ ?/ HEY L - TH' QUEEN'S DOWNS / GIVE US A ^ -—r HAND, OR THEY ^/ WHAT? MAY TAKE HER / UMPA DOWN? .PRISONER/ / GIMME MY CLUB/ OUTA MY WAY - By HAMLIN GIT BACK, YOU Y MICE GOIN', GUT? LOW-DOWN J WE'LL CARRY HER WOMAN HITTERS/ MAJESTY TO TH' RE 30 Into a Snag By CRANE OUT FOR I MV ROD OVER, FRECKLES ANT HIS FRIENDS The Trojan By BLOSSER WANTED—To buy, trade or sell, i 'ules and horses. I am ready. Also nt 3 saddles. Tom Carrel. 29-3tdh or woman to supply customers th famous Watkins Products in escott. No investment. Business es- ilished, earnings average ?25 week- pay starts immediately. Write J. Watkins Company, 70-82 W. Iowa i., Memphis, Tenn. 10-16-30 WANTED—Men's suits, coats, ladies •esses and coats, and all kinds of iedclothing. owell. Joyce and Floyd Mc- 30-6tc FOR RENT FOB RENT—Two bedrooms, adjoin- g bath, private entrance. Mrs. W. Chandler, 402 South Pine. Phone 28-12tc t RENT—My six room furnished in Brookwood addition. Mrs. J. Schooley, Phone 1638-4 ring. 28-3tc FOB RENT—Well arranged two m lurnished apartment. Phone 39. 28-3tc RENT—32 acres blackland and T seres of sandland. Two good houses. JfcS watered. F. E. Pinegar, Washing- Arkansas. 28-3tp FOB BENT—Furnished apartment, rivate Bath and Garage. Phone 291, rs. Anna Judson. 29-3tc ?OR BENT—One large front room good condition. See Mrs. C. A. Neal, 10W East Division street. 30-3te Want It Printed \ We'll have a j>riiitiiij; expert call on you, and you'll have an economical, hitfli ijuality job. Whatever your needs, \\e can serve tlic-ni. Star Publishing COMPANY '•Printing Tliat Makes an Impression" DOC1DR ( WHEN WILL MY MOTHER BE ABLE TO COME IKI FOR THAT OPERATION OW HER EYES ? I'LL HAVE TO ASK MY WURSE M WE HARDLV CAKJ SET THE DATE,YET, DOCTOR. IT'LL PROBABLY BE AEOUND THE MIDPLE OF WOVEM5ER. OU WAKJTED POCTOR ULM TO ASSIST you, AND WILL THAT && s SATlS«CTbRy, I DOUBT IF J FREC £ LES HE'LL BE 605H/THAT'S ABOUT THE TIME WE'LL BE" PLAY/M6 K/M6STOM-... OUR BIGGEST GAME OF THE YEAR / SLIT, IF IT X S OklAY BY MOM^ IT X S OKAY BY ME" / / .. POOR BOY! HE LIVES FOR FOOTBALL...AND THIS YEAR HE SACRIFICED HIMSELF TO HELP HIS MOTHER / HCW MAWY BOYS WOULD BE AS UNSELFISH ? ONLY TWO THAT I KNOW OF... .AND BOTH OF THEM ARE THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Cheap at Double the Price By COWAN /CATFISH. r\ / WEED A HAKJpyX I MAN ABOUND ) V THE HOUSE// I 8EEW WATCH/N' V PER SOME TIME/AND A LITTLE COACHIW'/YOU MICiHT DO- <5K/E M£ A SHO LIKE IT HEAH, DATST6AM HOVV MUCH WOUL VOU IA/ANT A MONTH •2 WELL, SUH, MlSTAH WIMDY, AM WORKED FO WILL LATOMOODl/Vaj'(2£ tew S£ARS FO MUFFIN, J\ HIREP AM' AM Likes yog ^ v " BETTAH / ^> } >1

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