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SUNDAY, 1967 PAGE 16 SEC. 6 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR fn irVr Beauty Contest Names Way Out' In California I Nw i I WM mis; iM BSmm Wtm recently named Queen of the 1967 Turtle Races. She is an all-American girl, a baby-sitter for the Joshua Tree Parent-Teachers' Association, helped in the March of Dimes drive, sews and does hair styling and is sound technician for the Hi-Desert Players' production, "A Man Called Peter." Now why should such an accomplished 17-year-old be called Queen of the Turtle Races? The turtles could race without her, certainly. And how about Miss Pickle, who in real life is pretty Jane Phillips? Couldn't she get along without a moniker like that? A spine-tingler is the Miss Perfect Posture contest staged by the spine-minded San Diego Chiropractic Society. The judges looked only at the backs of 10 contestants.

Miss Judy Allesee, Miss Perfect Posture of 1967, observed after her triumph that the judges "didn't even see our faces." The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which usually has no sense of humor, didn't have much, either, when it staged New Drug Induces Abortion New York (AP-nA drug, developed in Sweden, that induces abortion has been tested successfully among 50 pregnant women, an article in a national women's magazine reports. One dose of the drug causes a woman to menstruate within a few days. A fertilized egg, or even a fetus up to eight weeks old, is shed painlessly in the process, the article says. It quotes Dr. Ake Hanne-gan of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm as saying that reactions among the 50 women varied, and that "the best results were with women who had been pregnant only a short time." THE RESEARCH is said still to be in an early stage, with more testing required to establish the safety and effectiveness of the drug, which has the code name F-6103.

One concern, the magazine says, is whether the unborn baby might be severely damaged if the drug failed to induce menstruation or abortion. The drug conteracts progesterone, a hormone which is involved in successful implantation and survival of a fertilized egg in the lining of the womb or uterus. THE 50 WOMEN given F-6103 did not have any toxic or harmful reactions, the article says, adding that all had received permission to hava legal abortions. Dr. Lars Engstrom, directing the experiments, suggests the drug might become a standard method of birth control, the magazine says.

It quotes him: "A woman could take the pill at the end of every 28-day cycle in which she had intercourse. Then her period will occur, whether she has a fertilized egg in her or not. In fact, she doesn't hava to think about that question at all." MISS PERFECT POSTURE, SHOWS TROPHY Runner-Up, And Pattie Jeffers (Center), 2d Runner-Up, Congratulate Winner all-told, is the "grandma" of worldwide beauty competition, he insists. "The first such event was held in Long Beach 15 years ago," he recalls. "It is the world's largest pageant of its kind.

Many of the competing foreign countries send girls from their finest families, including nieces and daughters of presidents, diplomats and other high government officials." Beauty contests are part of Americana, so it won't do to paint them all with the same brush. But, please, can't we keep them down to a college yell? cated beside the biggest open-pit borax mine In the world. This one makes the soap people happy. Like the other big-name beauty contests, the International Beauty Congress at Long Beach attracts girls from all 50 states and 40 foreign nations. The winner gets $10,000 in take-home pay (after taxes, that is) and countless other prizes.

John Dickson, manager of Long Beach Promotion, which stages the Beauty Congress, or Pageant, concedes some California contests don't make much sense. But the Long Beach beauty handicap, with $20,000 in prize money OF OCEANSIDE, CALIF. Seems Seaworthy safe boating, in fact it should be here to stay, but why rope in a beauty queen? Palmdale, which calls itself the "City of Lilacs," has a better excuse for naming a Radiant Brides Choose Sunday Weddings JUDY ALLESEE, Lynne Reed (Left), 1st queen to adorn its annual Lilac Festival. She is another blond beauty, Miss Jo Vraden-berg, and she need take no back seat to even the prettiest bunch of lilacs. San Diego, a hub of ocean sportsfishing the year-round, stages a Miss Yellowtail beauty contest annually.

This gala event has become so traditional that it attracts scores of contestants each year, even though the winner takes on a title that probably is not very well understood by anybody but sportfishermen. LET'S NOT forget the Miss Boron beauty contest held annually ia the California community of the same name, lo To Be MRS. TRESNER The newlyweds will live at Southside Court, Columbus, Apt. 3-C. Bass-Taylor Miss Mary Ann Taylor and Marvin Keith Bass will be married at 4:30 o'clock today in Epworth Methodist Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Taylor, 4450 North Irwin Avenue, are the bride's parents. The bridegroom is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Harold T. Bass of Morristown. Honor attendants will be Miss Jane Willis of Wichita, and Jerry Bass of Kissimmee, Fla. The bride attended Indiana University.

Her sorority is Pi Beta Phi. The bridegroom attends Indiana University and is a member of Sigma Nu Fraternity. They will live at 750 South Walker Street, Bloomington. Lynch-Ferguson Miss Nancy Ann Ferguson will become the bride of Jerry .2 XPKy jW-wk: (Bnae Groom) To Be MRS. LYNCH (Paula) Be BASS COPLEY NEWS SERVICE If you don't like Miss Fire cracker, you have to admire the courage of Miss Pickle.

Which is a way of saying that if beauty contests in California aren't sometimes the goofiest, they'll do until another state comes along with crazier ones. Mind you, this Is no indictment of the beauty contest as a proper outing for pretty girls. It's just that some of the contests, by their names, alone, sound a little silly and perhaps rub off some of the glamor of the really big ones, like the Miss America, Mrs. America, Miss Universe contests and the International Beauty Pageant at Long Beach, Calif. Beauty contests have become good business for the communities and organizations which stage them.

They attract tourists, local audiences and dollars. They are great advertising tie-ins for the automobile industry, the dairy industry, the American farmer. In fact, you name it and there's likely a beauty contest around somewhere. California seems to have cornered the market, however, for offbeat beauty contests. Like the pickle industry which names a Miss Pickle every year.

True, she never seems to have a sour puss, but why a Miss Pickle? It's good business for pickle sales, the beauty contest promoters contend. And by the way, there's plenty of money for the promoters who dream up and organize beauty contests. THE GALS who win these sometimes slightly nutty beauty battles often deserve a better fate. Take Miss Kathy Murphy, of Joshua Tree, MISS CAROLYN JORGENSEN MISS Tsikouris-Jorgensen Miss Carolyn Jorgensen and Anthony Tsikouris are making plans for an early fall wedding. The future bride is the daughter of Mrs.

Carl Jorgensen of Crawfordsville and the late Mr. Jorgensen. Her fiance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tsikouris of Gary.

Both the prospective bride and bridegroom are graduates of Purdue University. Mendell-Hyten a wdale Methodist Church will be the scene of the Sept. 9 wedding of Miss Cynthia Lee Hyten and Jack Edward Mendell. Miss Hyten is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

Gene T. Hyten, 1637 West 73d Place. Her fiance is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E.

Mendell, 5028 Bonnie Brae Street. The prospective bride-groom was graduated from Purdue University where he is a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and Sigma Delta Chi professional journalism fraternity. Locktvood-Cotton Miss Wanda Jean Cotton and William Robert Lock- FURNISHINGS SERVICEMASTER CLEANED ARE Last Longer Look Lovelier Regular, professional cleaning the gentle ServiceMaster way will keep your carpet and upholstery fibers from deteriorating help your home look its very best. We maintain high Service-Master standards in all work we do. Your appointment for an estimate costs you nothing.

Call now! Call: 637-1443 (or FREE ESTIMATES 11 Shannon Driva MISS KAREN MOLLOY Miss Safe Boating a gorgeous blond who won the right to extoll the virtues of a professional football team. There's nothing wrong with (Tower) MISS DIANA FA YE HUBER JEAN daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis P. Cotton, 4731 Bel-lingham Street, East Drive.

Mr. Lockwood is the son of Mrs. Jack Kelly of San Antonio, and Hubert Lockwood of Santa Susanna, Calif. Both the prospective bride and her fiance attended Indiana University Downtown Center. Salkeld-Huber The engagement is announced of Miss Diana Faye Huber and Max F.

Salkeld. The wedding will be held Sept. 15 in Meridian Street Methodist Church. Parents of the future bride are Mrs. Louis A.

Prange, 4708 Southeastern Avenue, and Albert E. Huber, 600 North Alabama Street. Parents of the prospective bridegroom are Mrs. Finley Salkeld of Columbus and the late Mr. Salkeld.

Miss Huber attended Butler University. Her fiance attended the University of Cincinnati. He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. WHY GROW OLD? Pedigo-Ellis Miss Rita Lynne Ellis and Timothy Bryan Pedigo will be married at 2:30 o'clock today in Good Shepherd Methodist Church. Mr.

and Mrs. Roy A. Ellis Tresner-Hamilton Miss Sheila Ann Hamilton will become the bride of Glenn Tresner at 3:30 o'clock today in Mount Olive Methodist Church. Mr. and Mrs.

James R. Hamilton, 6036 Woodward Avenue, are parents of the bride. The bridegroom is the son of Harry Tresner of Paris, 111., and the late Mrs. Tresner. Mrs.

Jack Woodlock will be matron of honor. Best man will be Bill Tresner of Clayton. After a trip to the Ozarks, the newlyweds will live at Clayton. Davis-Stuckey North Tacoma Christian Church will be the setting at 2:30 o'clock today for the wedding of Miss Marilyn Jo Stuckey and 2d Lt. Joseph Michael Davis.

The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ozro M. Stuckey, 8325 Aspen Court. The bridegroom is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Paul C. Davis of Muncie. Honor attendants will be Mrs. Ronald Kerlin of Sepul-veda, Miss Jeanne Cunningham, and James Ro-mack of New Castle.

The bride is a graduate of Ball State University. Lt. Davis is a graduate of East Tennessee State University. His fraternity is Phi Sigma Kappa. He is serving with the United States Army at Fort Benning, Ga.

5 (Thomas) To Be MRS. DAVIS To MRS. Leslie Lynch at 3:30 o'clock today in Southport Heights Christian Church. The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs.

Charles W. Ferguson of Frankfort. The bridegroom is the son of Leonard M. Lynch, 7923 Estelle Street, and the late Mrs. Lynch.

Miss Connie Ruth Med-bourne of Frankfort and David P. Lynch will be honor attendants. Mr. Lynch is a graduate of Manhattan (Kan.) Bible College and is attending Christian Theological Seminary. After a trip to Mackinac Island, the newlyweds will live at 2308 Mulberry Lane, Apt.

C. To Be MRS. PEDIGO of Cumberland are the bride's parents. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.

Robert E. Pedigo, 2805 South Sheridan Avenue. Honor attendants will be Miss Jolene Collins and John Pedigo. Special! $10 Permanent 7 50 IM Prtttia: 1 RKeriditioniDt I 3 VAN'S Beauty Salon OPEN TIL I P.M. 409 Rooievclt Bldg.

ME 5-2391 Comfortably Air Conditiom a "Miss Print" beauty contest. Miss Jan Worrell was the happy winner of this unhappy title. MISS MARY FITZGERALD, who lives in suburban San Diego, won the title of Miss Teen America for her district, but some of the glitter seemed to wear thin when she later was named "Mother Goose Parade Princess." Still, the community of suburban El Cajon sets great store by its annual Mother Goose soiree. Then there's Miss Safe Boating Karen Molloy of Oceanside, and Miss San Diego Charger, Liz Pence, CYNTHIA LEE MISS WANDA HYTEN COTTON wood will be married Sept. 30 in Lynhurst Baptist Church.

The future bride is the Transplanting Hair Better Than Toupee New York (WNS) "I never met a man who was happy about eoing bald," said Dr, Robert A. Berger, associate at tending physician in dermatol ogy at Mount Sinai Hospital, here. "Of course, the best reaction to balding is to accept it as a minor, inconsequential prob lem and to adjust to It," he said. "But today, people seem to feel there is no reason to be bald that something can be done about it." One of the things which can be done is transplantation of plugs of hair from the back of the neck to the top of the head, reported the 35-year-old dermatologist. "SOME PATIENTS require as many as 500 grafts, but the average Is 200 to 300 grafts," Each transplantation session takes from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

About 10 to 20 grafts are put in place. From 5 to 12 hairs grow out of each graft. The cost per ses sion ranges from $5 to $25. Dr. Berger said the grafts are carefully placed so all the hairs grow in one direction forward.

Then the patient Is able to comb back his hair and get more body. "The patients do not grow a full head of hair again," Dr. Berger emphasized. "They look as if they were beginning to grow bald. But very few of them are dissatisfied." He said there are about 10,000 hairs on a person's head.

About 90 per cent are growing and 10 per cent are resting prior to falling out. The normal person loses an average of 67 hairs a day. USUALLY, EVEN a bald person has hair on the back of his head between his ears. This is the hair which Is transplanted to the top of the head. It is not likely to fall out once the transplant takes effect.

"The psychological signifi cance of having growing hair on their heads is very evident," Dr. Berger said. "It has symbolic meaning. "While there is not as much hair as if a man put a toupee on, there are certain advan tages to the transplant procedure. Among them, it doesn't come off, It grows and you can brush it and swim Mold Hipline For Fall Clothes directed and they both worked equally well.

Mrs. Rhoads lost 60 pounds. She actually went from a sie 22 Vi dress to a size 1 2 thanks to Ayds. What do you have to do on the Ayds Plan? It's simple. Ayds contains no harmful drugs.

You take Ayds as directed and it curbs your appetite. You automatically cat less, because you want less, so you lose weight naturally. Money-back guarantee from the makers of Ayds. Month's supply 52.79 11 Gives up diet pills loses 60 pounds Elizabeth Rhoads of Higlilstown, N.J. had been nice and solid all her life.

But 200 pounds at 25 years of age was frightening. And if it hadn't been for Ayds Reducing Plan Candy, she might still be that heavy. Her doctor had prescribed reducing pills, but they made her so nervous, she had to give them up after only four weeks. She also tried all sorts of diets. With her husband In graduate school, they had to live on a slim budget.

Eating became her only diversion. But when she couldn't find a dress to go to her husband's graduation, she knew the situation was desperate. Then she read the story of how Edith Henderson had lost 97 pounds on the Ayds Plan. And she said: "It was the luckiest day of my life." She took both the vanilla-caramel Ayds and the chocolate fudge-type as Mold your hipline for your new fall clothes with this slimming exercise: Lie on your back with your arms out from the shoulder. Bend both knees up By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN you would like to get in shape for Jail clothe and want to lost from IS to to Pounds in the next eight weeks all you have to do is to follow my Beauty Improvement Plan (Bip Kit for short).

The close to your abdomen. Hold them there as you roll from side to side. This is for the upper hipline. Bip Kit gives you menus for 15 days with the calories counted for you. For a Bip Kit send S5 cents plus 15 cents for postage and handling and your name and address with your request to Josephine Lowman, co The Indianapolis Star, with It," he explained.

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