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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 30, 1935
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*' "• i j^n-V.;P. '**" '• A Thought Wine I* a mocker, drink Is ratfnift *ntf whosoever Is deceived Uicrcby la not wise. —Proverbs 20:1. Hope f AIM—Mciim* As.-dM-lixtPil I'rrw (KHA)-'-Moa.m Nfiwnpaper Knlcrprlpc An»_t_ VOLUME 37—NUMBER 15 I__ILI__L I'll! ,-J————•••••^•••••^•^•^^^••••*''' Lnlc Tuesday afternoon your writer made si trip through tha industrial sections of Hope to find out the truth about a certain rumor. The rumor was, that every time a payday roled around at the local plants the managers were disturbed by affcnts of the six Hope liquor stores seeking to collect for whisky sold plant employes on credit. I talked to representatives of the following plants: Bruncr-Ivory Handle company, J. L. Williams & bons, Hope Heading company, Hope Brick company, and Hope Basket company. The rumor is partly correct. I found out this: Two of the six liquor stores have been sending men out to the factories on payday. Ihe plant managers did not tell me that these agents were collecting liquor bills, or that they were soliciting orders for liquor in the future—the plant managers clidnt tell me that—BUT THIS NEWSPAPER SAYS SO—AND ness Thursday, and in portion HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30,1986 No Liquor Sales on Credit — a Warning! IT'S A PRACTICE THAT IS GOING TO BE STOPPED TONIGHT! , t , 4 . . . . It is self-evident that with only two of the six local stores involved the Arkansas package-liquor-store law has been fairly well obeyed here in Hope. This warning is given those two—the Williams store on Walnut street, and the Porterfield store on Second street—that if their agents appear in the vicinity of the local factories on another payday The Star will demand of Governor Futrell and Revenue Commissioner Wiseman the instant cancellation of their licenses. Your writer is no lawyer—but the spirit of the liquor store act seems clear: Solicitation and delivery service are forbidden. The business must be confined strictly to the premises actually operating under license. Collectors can not operate over the city without incurring the suspicion that they are also soliciting. The Star is defending legalized liquor—but under proper regulation. The liquor stores kncny that. And the law is going to be enforced to the last grim letter if this newspaper has to print a thousand names—let alone the two we are printing today. Since the enactment of the law Arkansas has collected $474,000 in liquor taxes for the care of the poor and helpless, for the old-age pension fund, and for other And in order to help the state launch its control with a minimum of trouble from over-drinking The Sta* has in the seven months ending September 30 rejected, $903.42 worth of whisky advertising, That's where the newspaper stands. The law says that a man running a liquor store shall restrict himself solely to the business that comes through, Lawyers may squabble over what the law means— but this newspaper guarantees to take away the license of any dealer selling liquor on credit in Hope. The state has $474,000 tax money at stake. The newspaper by the close of this month will have invested better than $1,000 in rejected advertising. Liquor dealers can either walk the chalk-line of the literal law or lose their individual licenses — A. H. Washburn. , fi ' f - Co-ops Unable to Carry on Without U.S.Aid-Creekmore Association's General Manager Declares Cheap Money Is Vital CAPITAL IS SMALL But Sen. McKellar Charge; Co-op With Making Money Broker's Profit MEMPHIS', Tenn.— (/P)— Testimony that six of the fourteen directors of the American Cotton Co-operative as- ;-oci;itlon arc managers of member associations and have their salaries paid by the ACCA, WHS given tne senatorial subcommittee here Wednesday. E. F. Crcekmore, of New Orleans, general manager of the association, e this--, in*9an»Ji»nJUu.wS!J8Wc< t« cstions by Senator McKctler as he came back to the stand for the third day of the committee's hearing. British and French Agre^ to Act Together by Land and Air Army and Air Chiefs Draft Unified Plan for Mediterranean Action—Italians Push on Into Ethiopia PARIS France -(/Pi-Informed circles said Wednesday that British and French army and'army'air forces are drafting a plan for full war-time cooperation between the two nations in thj^editen-unean. ItalianTAdvancc ® nd wklows of soldicr dcad '° organize ADIGRAT, Ethiopia — (Copyright Associated Press, 9:45 p. m. Tuesday) —Troops of the left and central columns of Italy's northern armies penetrated a short distance deeper into Ethiopia today. Thc high command expressed hope that Makale would fall without a battle. Britain In New Move LONDON, Eng.-(/P)-High authoritative sources said Wednesday that Sir Samuel Hoare, foreign secretary. Intends to sound out other members of the League of Nations as to wnat should be offered Premier Mussolini to Must Keep V. Ai Auld MEMPHIS, Tenn.-(A')—E. F. Creekmore, general manager of thc American Cotton Co-operative Association, (old a semitoriiil committee here late Tuesday that the association would sustain";, "death blow" if the government withdrew its financial support, Creckmore continued on the stand for the second day of a senate subcommittee's inquiry into the financial and membership construction of the cotton co-operatives, which, under fire of private cotton shippers, is seeking to recover $1,000,000 lost in govern- j meiH stabilization operations in 1929- < 30. i he explained that thc old Farm Board furnished §5.000,000 of the ns- •.•cciation's paid-in capital, that it has accumulated $2,000,000 capital and surplus through its operations and has .1 loan of 512.500,000 from the central bank for co-operatives. "1C the government withdrew its investments," Creekmore said, "the association would be left with its 2,000,000 of earned capital and surplus. We could not operate effectively on this amount of money." Crockmore's statement came in answer U> n question from Senator McKellar Democrat, Tennessee, who, with Senator BanWiead. Democrat, Alabama, conducted Tuesday's inquiry. Senator Townscnd, Republican, Dela» ware, third member of the .subcommittee, is expected later. "Let's 1 assume," the senator said, ••that you are put on your own now and that the government did not come to your aid." "If the farm credit act was repealed " 'Creekmore replied, "I think thc cotton shippers (private brokers) w-nild have it their own way. Creckmore explained that the association now bandies about 12 per cent 01 the nation's cotton, und that it could not bandit- anything like that (Continued on page six) . Hoarc will go to Geneva Thursdiiy. Mussolini Speuks ROME, Italy—(/P)—Premier Mussolini summoned the women of Italy Wednesday to fight against the League of Nations' economic sanctions. He created committees of mothers vory family in Ihe kingdom for the execution of the restrictions named under punitive measures. By DcWITT MACKENZIE Associated Press Foreign Staff Thc Italians have not made a devastating military dent in the domain of Emperor Haile Selassie. On all fronts Mussolini's tro-jps have more or less occupied, with little op- pcsition, close to 40,000 square mile, of territory, mostly drifting sands o thc desert. II Dike's empire builders have sciz cd enough sand to make hour-glasse for the egg boilers of the universe fo all. time. Emperor Haile Selassi hasn't tried to stop this appropriate of his sand piles, partly because h never had had much use for the: anvwny. , ., Also the desert is an inhospitabl (Continued on page three) League's Boycott Youth's Suicide Group Reaches 36: Try Laid to Love FLAPPER FANNY SAYF HEC. u. a. P«T. Off, Anglo-French Efforts _to Bring About Peace Fail Completely Geneva. Swil/.crland — (/I 3 ) — The Leuguc of Nations' drive for an economic boycott to cripple the Fascist warfare in Ethiopia gained new strength Wednesday when seven additional countires" pledged themselves to buy nothing from Itnly. These nations bring thc total to 36, are; Canada, Argentina. China, Cuba, Siam, Portugal,. Venezuela. They agreed also not to export certain key products to Italy. Boycott Spreads GENEVA, Switzerland — (/P) — The League of Nations boycott of Italy continued to grow Tuesday night by slow stages, as 29 countries had agreed to buy nothing from Italy. A pledge- to prohibit, exportation to Italy of key products essential for manufacture of armaments also had been accepted by 29 countries. By a process of isolation, the League hoped Premier Mussolini would be forced to sue for peace in Ethiopia. Application of an arms embargo against Italy and removal of any arms embargo against Ethiopia had been approved by 39 countries, and 32 nations bad pledged their readiness to apply financial sanctions against Italy, riving Mussolini no credit whatsoever. Twelve countries had accepted thc project, of mutual assistance to nations which suffer most because of thc ! boycott against Italy. League of Nations officials said they expected many more adhesions to the League plan within the next few days. The League Committee of 52 will meet Thursday to discuss when thc sanctions will be formally made effective'. Jilted in Louisiana Romance, Eugene Jouban Is Today Recovering Police Wednesday linked jilted love with the alleged suicide attempt of Supene Jouban, Louisiana youth, who was found Tuesday morning on the First rrefbylerian church lawn with his throat and both wrists slashed. Torn and crumpled letters were found Wednesday morning in the youth's overcoat, discovered lucked away in a hiding place under the old Hope Fertilizer warehouse building near the church. Jouban, police assorted, was in better spirits Wednesday. He was recovering in Josephine hospital. Hewill probably be released from tha hospital Thursday to be taken to his I home iit DcRidder. La. i An elder brother, J. M. Jouban. ar- j rived in Hope Tuesday night from i DeRidder to attend the bedside. ' The elder brother said that he could i n.'cribo no other reason for his young' L r brother's act than a love 1 affair which had been disappointing. Hi' said that his brother had left Lome early this year with several ! hundred dollars to go to New York. i Recently the younger Jouban return', eel to Louisiana, obtaining a job in I Shrcvcport. He left it and came to i Hope. | The elder Jouban expressed appre- | elation for every act of courtesy i-hown his younger brother. Reward of $100 Is Posted for Arrest of Edwards Negro Killing of Cross Lamb, White«Farmer, Occurred in Hempstead County SERVED IN PRISON Edwards Negro, Axe-Slayer, Was Twice Sentenced to Penitentiary Reward of 5100 was posted her Wednesday for information leading t( the arrest of Sandy Edwards, 03-year old negro, sought in connection will thc slaying of Cross Lamb. 35, whit farmer who was found beaten to deaf early Sunday morning in norther Hempstead county. A personal reward of ?50 was posle by Sheriff Jim Bearden. .The count posted an additional -550 wyard,:th sheriff announced, '' Although Lamb lived across the, 1m in Howard county, the actual kilhn occurred in Hempstead, it was' discov ered later. Lamb was beaten to death late Saturday with an axe. The body was left in a strip of woods, and was dis- ^covcrcd early Sunday morning. According to Sheriff Bearden, the negro took the axe to Lamb's .home nnd attempted to force entrance, but fled when Mrs. Lamb screamed. The last seen of the negro was near Nashville Saturday night. Ho was wearing a blue suit, brown bat, tan shoes, and a heavy mustache. Thc nerro is about 5 feet 6 inches in height, He weighs about 142 pounds, und has two scars over thc right eye. Sheriff Bearden said thc negro had •served two terms in thc slate penitentiary, first being sent to prison from Ouachita county, the second lime from LaFayettc county on a charge of assault with intent to kill a negro woman with an axe. That was in 1931. Bulletins BLYTHEVILLE, Ark. — (ff) — Archie Barnes, 24, was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment Wednesday for the slaying of 16-year-old.C. A. Martin, taxi- cub driver, In a 40-cent holdup for which his father, Frank Barnes, and brother, Bill, have already been electrocuted. ANNAPOLIS, Md. — (/P) — A wieckcd F-4-B type Navy land plane was found in ChcScpcakc bay near the mouth cf the Anapolis harbor. Wednesday and towed • in by a. Naval Academy crew. No trace of pilot or passengers was seen. DOUBLIN, Irish Free State— (ff) —Six lucky Americans held Irish- hospital sweepstakes tickets on Commander Third, the horse that won the Cambridgcshircs at Newmarket Wednesday. Each gets $147,300. Ma Defers Win First Tax Round But State Carries Fig.h Against Sales Tax Offset to High Court LITTLE ROCK -(P?)— Chancellor Frank Dodge held Wednesday that new automobiles arc exempt from thc 2 per cent sales tax when the amount of thc state license fee for a car exceeds the tax levy. The state announced it would appeal to the supreme court, with Chancellor Dodge ordering automobile dealers to continue paying the tax into the Pulaski chancery registry pending the supreme court's action in the case. 4-Motor Bomber of Army Crashes in Test; 5 Hurt Giant Boeing Fighting Craft Falls on Take-Off ' at Dayton, Ohio TWO SEVERELY HURT Army Major and Boeing Company's Chief Pilot Badly Injured DAYT'ON, Ohio—(#>)—A new .Boeng bomber fell at Wright Field Wednesday, injuring five men, two seriously. The giant four-motored plane crashed on the take-off and caught fire. , Those injured seriously were, Major P. P. Hill, chief of the firing division; and Leslie Power, chief pilo of thc..;goeing Aircraft company. Those slightly injured; were, 'Lieu tenant Donald Putt; John Cutting, test observer; and -Mark Googler, Wright Field attache. Ousts Aide With Suns Negro Runs Dowflf; Powell White and;\ Wife on N, Laurel!! Mrs. White May Be Fatally Injured—Husband. Also Badly Hurt NCI Trace of Slayer NASHVILLE, Ark— (/P)—Sheriff C. A. Dildy returned here Tuesday following a hurried trip westward that failed to disclose a trace of a negro sought for thc axe-slaying of Cross Lamb, 35, Howard county farmer. Dildy said the negro, whose identity he said is known, bad bean rc- ! ported seen west of here. Robbery is given by the sheriff as ihe immediate motive of the crime. iTlie nepro struck thc farmer several j times with an axe and then went to ! Ihe Lamb home but fled when Mrs. ! Lamb screamed as he tried to enter 1 the •^»« •» Homestead Exempt From State Taxes ! Mississippi L e g i s 1 a hire Acts Under Threat to , Repeal Sales Tax T IQ 15 a Whoa accounts you're at a loss en.ds u show t> '.ow to Jjua< Peace Efforts Fail LONDON, Ene—(fl j l—Efforts of Anglo-French experts to agree up->n a plan for settlement of the Itulo-Ethi- opian war have failed, it was confirmed officially Tuesday nignl. etaoinsrlshrdlucmfwypc c etaoi g bg On the heels of this disclosure, Anthony Eden. Great Britain's "international commuter," prepared to return to Geneva to push London's determined drive for quick opcralion of sanctions against Italy. But he has no peace schemy to put up to thc League, high sources revealed. Eden, minister for League affairs. will leave tomorrow and Sir Samuel Houre, foreign secretary, will follow referred in the House of Commons wound up with strong indications the British government will not accept any peace scheme not entirely agree- 1 " to Emperor Haile Selassie. ; Mrs. Louise Thaden Stops i Off Wednesday to Visit Miss Beryl Henry I Mrs. Louise McPhetridge Thaden, ! distinguished Arkansas aviatrix, stop' ped off in Hope Wednesday morning I while traveling through by train, to j visit Miss Beryl Henry, city superin- | tendent of schools. Both Mrs. Thaden 'and Miss Henry are natives of Ben| tonville, Ark. i Mrs. Thaden is supervising the in- 1 stalkition of airway markers through Arkan.su.-: for the federal Department •jf Commerce—Arkansas being the j fir.sl of the '18 states lo cbtain a coin! plele "road sign" system for air pilots. Mr:,. Thaden is traveling by train to , San Antjnio, Texas, lo obtain u new 'thip. she having lost one in an ucei- i dent in Kansas. She visited Miss Henry here also in the summer of 1931, flying here on that occasion. [ JACKSON. Miss—(/Pl—Gov. Senncll l Connor goaded a procrastinating state i legislature into action Tuesday, recom- 1 mending repeal of the state sales lax us a lasl resorl for tax relief. "^dressing a joint session of the house and senate, the governor scolded the; lawmaker for their "inactivity" IP c-on.soklering his legislative pro- povils. and particularly criticized failure to enact tax relief measures. , Within 10 minutes the house passed the senate homestead exemption bill ] by the overwhelming vote of 114 lo 3, ' tacking on two minor amendments. The measure raises thc exemption of : hemesteacls from state property taxes i t'r-jMi SI.000 to §2,500, and on land i from 40 to 160 acres. Hammons Fearful of Overconf idence Smackover No "Set Up" Friday Night—Has Won Six in a Row "--v Fear of a let-clown in team play worried Coach Foy Hammons Wednesday as he sent his Bobcat gridsters through practice to prepare them for | a stern battle here Friday night 1 against Smackover High School. 1 "I can't get my boys to realize thc | game is going to be tough," Coach i Hammons moaned. ' "The team is too chesty because ot it.i Nashville victory. They think they can trot out on the field and i win that game Friday night. Unless 'there is a change in mental attitude iwo are- in for a beating," the Bobcat : mrntor complained, 1 "Smackover has a good team. They have scouted us three times and know • cur style cf play. Besides that thc team is made up of veterans who have been pointing for the Hope game all season." Coach Hammons continued. Smackover backfield has tw< Tax Land Titles Held tfo 2 Years Attorney General Rules That Certification Must Be Delayed LITTLE ROCK — (K>) — Attorney General Carl E. Bailey held Wednesday that a new law enacted in 1935 left unrepcaled thc two-year-period for redemption of lands sold to the state for non-payment of taxes. "Lands which will be sold to the state at the sale next Monday are not subject to certification to the state land commissioner until two years hence," Bailey's opinion said. Irate Governor's Funds Are Tied Up I South Carolina Comptroll- I er Won't Recognize Em| ergency Appointees i COLUMBIA, S. C.-(/P)--Gov. Olin Johnson's highway administration struck a legal snag Tuesday in an opinion by Attorney General John M. | Daniel that its claims for funds were i invalid. He advised Comptroller Gen' " Beattie to approve only | >y duly constituted j the state." i ^ o sanction requests) for" funds from Joe Calus of Spartan- rg, executive manager appointed by i when he ousted Commis- . M. Sayer and the state' Commission under a mil- Governor Olin D. Jolinstoii (above), of South Carolina, applied- tactics be learned in the World War to oust Highway Com- iniBsioner Sawyer from office. Baclred by machine guns and national guardsmen, he seized .the state highway department at Columbia. rQ Mrs. Geo. Schooley Stricken Suddenly Succumbs to Heart Stroke at Age 58—Funeral May Be Thursday Mrs. George W. Schooley. 58, a resident of Hempstead ocunty many years, died suddenly at 7 p. m. Tuesday at her home noith of Hope on the Blevins highway. Death was caused by heart disease. Surviving are her husband; six sons, Earl, Vernon, Carroll, William, Frank and Edward, all of Hope; three daughters, Mrs. Walker Chamblcss, of Emmet; Mrs. H. L. Hartsfield, of Downey, Calif.; and Miss Isabelle Schooley of Hope. Funeral services may be held at 10 a m. Thursday with thc Rev. Wallace R. Rogers, pastor of First Baptist church, in charge—but arrangements depended on the arrival of relatives. Active pallbearers: Charles Routon, Claude Taylor, B. R. Hamm, Perry Moses, A. C. Erwin, Jim Bowden. Honor pallbearers; Claude McCorkle. Hollen McCorkle, C'iicc McCorkle, Cecil McCorkle, Thomas McKce. David McKce, Ivan Bright, Aubrey Cox. DRIVER IS SOUGHT Negro Named Ragan Ob-'-^ ject of Wide Police Search 1 ;$ Here Wednesday \^ Mr. and Mrs. Powell White, o£ ,the Hopewell community north of this^, city, were struck and critiically in-n' jured by a negro hit-and-run driyeiR,« near Harris Grocery store, N«ftthV,\, Laurel street, about 9:30 p. m. Tuesday. »)% Mrs White, 68, was given only, a 1 "..;] slim chance to recover Wednesday aik Julia Chester hospital'. She is*SuHer> * ing from' a fractured skull, hemor-; Tillages" TSKthe" bYafii,- *nd. fiOsslblyMft 3 * ternal injuries. ' ' Mr. White, 65, is seriously hurt,but was given a fair chance to recover/< He is suffering from injuries about, the head, face and hands, and possible internal injuries. He also is in Julia Chester hospital. - * s Officers at noon Wednesday had not' located the:negro driver whose name '•"§ is believed to be Ragan. Police said),",, that his home: was at Emmet. Following the accident, Hempstead and Nevada officers searched until 3 a, m. j Wednesday but could find no trace of > the negro. ', Mr. and Mrs. White were walking ( , home from church and, as they crossed ' a street near the Harris grocery store the negro driver rounded a corner and struck them. Witnesses said the ne- gro jumped from the car and fled ' Mrs. Martha Godwin, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. .White, and Mrs John •> Griffin, were walking with the aged couple when they were knocked down by the car, The automobile did not ., strike Mrs. Godwin nor Mis Griffin. An ambulance carried the injyied , to the hospital. ' Stuttgart Renews Sales Levy Fight Merchants Assert They Are Unable to Collect 2 % State Tax, triple-threat, players, King and Priac''. :Thc latter is quarterback and wfelgh.- 178 pounds. He is fast for a big man. , King is a halfback welshing l.tn : pounds and is like a streak reports I reaching Hope say. The teafiW is i dangerous on forward passes and laterals. The team has won six straight i games, losing only to Fordycc in the i season's opener. | Case of Meningitis Reported in Nevada 1 LITTLE ROCK—Dr. W. B. Grayson. stale health officer, was notified Tucs- ! day by Dr. A. B. Dickey, Nevada ' county health officer, that u case of ••pinal meningitis has developed near i Preseotl. Dr. Dickey placed thc pa- 1 tient and all immediate contacts und'.'i' quarantine immediately and will keep do: r.- watch on these who have had i opportunity to contract the disease. I Dr. Graysoii tuid. • C in Kow for Smackover ! SMACKOVER. Ark.—The Smack- jo ver High School Buckaroos, who i have wen six straight games, will get ', a real test when thcy play Coach t oy j Hummon's eleven at Hope Friday night. Hope has been defeated by tl Dorado and Camdcn. while Fordycc dc! featcd Eimckover in its first game, t> ' to C, the only defeat SmackoVL-r bus met. ' A srecial train of five curs will leave Smackover ut 5 p. m. and return after the game. Five hundred persons fr>m Emackover are expected to attend the . game. The 50-piece high school band, under direction cf F. G. Wallick, will a.ecompany the team. Johnson Tuesday took control of §1,871.352 in three banks here. He sent troops to make sure the ousted commission would not have access to i thc funds. It was reported that some expenditures could be made by Calus and his Advisory Board from independent highway funds which were not ; handled through thc comptroller gen- ! eral's office. Governor Johnston concentrated on •finding a valid method of selling cut- , rate licenses. ' The flat $3 fee would apply n all privately-owned cars, now licensed at an average fee of ?6 to ?8 annually, and to trucks of not more than one and one-half tons, a size largely user! i by farmers. Will HollOl' Late . V> 1U ^ Will KOgBl'S IViO 4 l Hungary i-tcrn With Sivugglrrs BUDAPEST— (^(—Hungary, waging a relentless drive on smuggling, .-jen- Unced a Vic'ina merchant to W) days in jail and fined him $132.000 for i smuggling an automobile load of saccharine and mutches. If he docsn t ! pay the fine he niusi serve 36 years , in prison. LITTLE ROCK—Governor Fu trull issued a protlamatiun Tuesday designating next Monday as Will Rogers Day and calling upon all citizens to cbserve the anniversary of the birth of the famous humorist, philosopher and actor, who lost his life in an airplane accident in Alaska three months ago. "The fourth day of November marks Ihe birth anniversary of one. who. though a product of Oklahoma pioneer ings, achieved during a comparatively brief lifetime the distinction of being the most famous private citizen in the world," the governor said. "His life and character is so replete with virtues and deeds suitable for emulation both by the youth und adult citizens of this commonwealth, that LITTLE ROCK—Charging that customers had refused to pay the 2 per cent sales tax, a group of Stuttgart merchants filed suit in Pulaski Chancery Court Tuesday, asking an injunction to restrain Revenue Commis- < isioner Earl R, Wiseman from collect; ing the tax from them and from inter' fering with their business. The suit, challenging constitutionality of the sales tax, was filed by W. E. Albright, Hartz-Thorell Supply company, Independent Oil company, Mences Bros., Fred Wilcox, Duncan Furniture company, Stuttgart Co-operative Buyers association, McCollum Equipment company and C. M. Erwin. The merchants contend that Commissioner Wiseman is attempting to collect Ihe tax from them personally, despite that fact that they were unable to collect the tax from consumers and were prohibied by the sales tax law from absorbing the tax. The commissioner's threats to iasuu warrants requiring the Arkansas county sheriff to sell their property constitute interference with their business, they said. The petition set forth that the Revenue Department is an executive branch of government, which in issuing warrants is attempting to exercise judicial power, in defiance uf the rights of the courts under the constitution. i Attorneys for the state expressed the ! opinion that constitutional issues raised by thc suit already have been decided by the Arkansas Supreme Court in previous cases. InU:nd Puris Trains Sailers for the study of these qualities and us miles Let changes conic. Without changes there is no progress. better in pur own daily lives." anchored in the

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